Questions Asked on
June 6, 2010

  1. physics

    a 2kg car moving towards the right at 4 m/s collides head on with a 8 kg car moving towards the left at 2 m/s and they stick together. After the collision, the velocity of the combined boides is

    asked by Mary
  2. Algebra 2 Honors

    Find all solutions if 0 degrees is less than or equal to x and x is less than 360 degrees. 2 sin^2(x)+ sin(x)=1

    asked by Christine


    asked by Noor
  4. Algebra 2 Honors

    Find the exact value by using an appropriate sum or difference identity. cos(165) degrees

    asked by Christine
  5. Algebra 2 Honors

    what is the exact value of tan375degrees

    asked by Haley
  6. college

    Karen must choose a number between and that is a multiple of 3,4,9. Write all the numbers that she could choose. If there is more than one number, separate them with commas.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra 2 Honors

    sin 2x(cot x + tan x) = 2 (verify the identity)

    asked by Christine
  8. Healthcare Finance

    Assume venture healthcare sold bonds that have a ten year maturity a 12 percent coupon rate with annual payments, and a $1,000 par value. A. Suppose that two years after the bonds were issued, the required interest rate fell to 7 percent. What would be the

    asked by Lashunta Battle
  9. Physics

    a kid slides down an icy hill starting from rest. At the top his gravitational potential energy is 500J. His kinectic energy at the bottom will be? After reaching the bottom he then continues sliding up another icy slop on the other side, when he finally

    asked by Mary
  10. early childhood

    What is the most important factor in encouraging social development in children?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. UncG

    A 1300 kg sports car accelerates from rest to 90 km/h in 7.4 s. What is the average power delivered by the engine?

    asked by kendra
  12. Mathamatics

    A ship is due south of a lighthouse. It sails on a bearing of 72* for 34 km when it is then due east of the lighthouse. Choose the one option which is closest to the distance (in km) of the ship from the lighthouse when it lies due east of the lighthouse.

    asked by JAndu
  13. History

    What were the main conflicts between Native Americans and the US government during the time of westward expansion? I need a list of the various clashes between our government and the Native Americans roughly around the time of 1860-1910....i've found a

    asked by Alexa
  14. science

    The earth's differentiation and size were significant factors for life on Earth because Earth's composition and gravitational attraction _____. A-keep the moon and sun in orbit B-keep people grounded C-helped to create and retain Earth's atmosphere

    asked by Taylor PLEASE URGENT!!!
  15. chemistry

    a solution consisting of 5.0 gm of an organic solute per 25 gm of CCl4 boils at 81.5 degree celecius .what is the molecular weight of the solute? If the boiling point is 76.8 degree celecius and Kb of CCl4 is 5.02 .

    asked by heba
  16. English

    I am writing an essay based whether non fiction can equal or surpass fiction. I chose to write that non fiction can equal fiction and my 3 support aruguments it that they both have a purpose, both contain fictional elements(specifically conflict) and they

    asked by Alicia
  17. Chemistry

    What volume (mL) of the solute ethanol should be combines with 2.44L of the solvent H2O to prepare a solution that is 8.03m ethanol?

    asked by Lisa
  18. language

    What is Man vs. Circumstances??? Thanks to those who answer!!!!!

    asked by urgh!!! :(
  19. chemistry

    CoSO4 + KI + KIO3 + H2O  Co(OH)2 + K2SO4 + I2 2KI yield I2 + 2e 2KIO2 10e yield I2 are there 10 electrons being transferred or just 5 only

    asked by eng
  20. chemistry

    The electrochemical cell described by the balanced chemical reaction has a standard emf (electromotive force) of 0.27 V. Calculate the equilibrium constant (Kc) for the reaction at 298 K. Round your answer to 3 significant figures. H2O2(aq) + 2ClO2(g) →

    asked by its me
  21. chemistry

    Enter the formula and state of the major species that result when a few grams (about 0.01 mol) of each substance is added to 100 mL of water. When appropriate use water to form species such as the hydronium ion. Separate multiple species by commas.

    asked by Judy
  22. business

    You work as the manager of the second largest bank in your region of the United States. The bank's top management team has asked you to present an overview of how the current economy and financial changes have impacted your business and what changes must

    asked by emily
  23. maths

    the national history museum has collected 125 dinosaurs. george has collected 3/5 of this amount. how many dinosaurs has george collected?

    asked by lavina
  24. Chemistry

    I am really stuck on these so will try and explain further and use dots. 1. I have come up with normal heptane on this but not sure .......CH3...CH3 .......|.....| CH3-CH-C-CH2-C-CH2-CH3 ....|....|...| ....CH3..CH2.CH2 .........| .........CH3 In the first

    asked by mary
  25. chemistry

    1. name this compound ..........CH2CH3 ........../ hydrocarbon hectagon shaped ring ..........| ..........CH3 CH2CH3 are to the right of the "up/down" line on the right side of the hectago with the CH3 directly under the bottom point 2. name this compound

    asked by mary

    adverbs often answer the questions where, when, how, how often. its true

    asked by Noor
  27. Statistics

    An auditor reviewed 25 oral surgery insurance claims from a particular surgical office, determining that the mean out-of-pocket patient billing above the reimbursed amount was $275.66 with a standard deviation of $78.11. (a) At the 5 percent level of

    asked by Robert
  28. writing skills

    a sentence that has an original statement with quotation marks may also have a comma. true

    asked by Noor
  29. 8th grade science

    how do ear defenders work with the big idea energy transfer

    asked by sam
  30. Math

    Graph linear inequality y

    asked by Bob
  31. business

    Tomlinson, in Cultural Imperialism: a Critical Introduction, London: Pinter Publishers, 1991, suggests that certain dominant cultures threaten to overwhelm other more vulnerable ones. He argues that cultural imperialism gathers in a number of fairly

    asked by Angel
  32. ecology

    In what ways can nature restore a damaged ecosystem?

    asked by Amber
  33. Accountng

    A property was purchased for $2,400,000 with a land value of $400,000. The property was placed in service on March 15the, 1999. using MACRS, calculate depreciation at the end of one year

    asked by sam norton
  34. history

    THese events in english history were similar in that they all

    asked by Anonymous
  35. English

    By fictional elements i mean , Setting, Character, Conflict, Symbol, and Point of View and theme. But i am focusing strictly on conflict.. other than that does the rest of it make sense?

    asked by Alicia
  36. ethnic studies

    what is a good definition for individual discrimination?-...... I am trying to contrast it from institutional discrimination and I am finding it to be complicated, Thanks

    asked by rose
  37. science

    what is a calcite test? please help thank you

    asked by ST
  38. 9th grade

    how do you show contrast in a visual essay ?

    asked by Lucy
  39. science

    How can motion be important to me and my parents using words, graphs, diagrams or equations; being able to translate them from one representation to another?

    asked by john
  40. Math 116 please help soon

    The function H described by H(x)= 2.75x + 71.48 can be used to predict the height in centimeter of a woman whose humerus ( the bone from the elbow to the shoulder) is x cm long Predict the height of a woman whose humerus is 36cm long

    asked by Taffany
  41. math

    graph the inequality on a plane 2y-3x>6

    asked by shane
  42. chemistry

    The electrochemical cell described by the cell notation has a standard emf (electromotive force) of -0.68 V. Calculate the value (kJ) for the standard free energy change of the cell. Round your answer to 3 significant figures. Pt(s) l MnO2(s) l MnO4-(aq),

    asked by me
  43. English

    What would be your response to this article? In the aftermath of September 11, we have an experienced strong emotions for our country: fear, outrage, grief, astonishment. Our media portray the disaster as a tragedy that has happened to our nation, and that

    asked by Kayla
  44. college chemistry

    density of sulphur

    asked by Mary
  45. Math 116

    -2x>1/9 The solution set is {x|x_ _}

    asked by Taffany
  46. Chemistry Help!

    calculate the specific heat of a metallic element if 314 joules of energy are needed to raise the teperature of a 50.0g sample from 25C to 50C. i'm not sure if you use the Q=(s)(m)(delta t) equation or not since it asks for the specific heat not the

    asked by Ashley
  47. Vitality obstacles

    What are the best strategies to overcome these barriers that prevent an aspect of the Vitality concept? 1) I have too many jobs to do around the house. 2) I don't know how to cook. 3) I don't have time to sit down to eat three meals per day. 4) I am not

    asked by AL 92
  48. algebra

    How does: (k(k-1))/2! * (1/k)^2 simplify into: (1- (1/k))/2! Could you show me step-by-step? thanks.

    asked by mike
  49. 6th grade

    how do you determine an interval in a set of data?

    asked by Makenna
  50. Pharmacy

    which of the following would be considered a primary source of information? a. an original report b. an index c. an abstract d. a consumer website I think it might be (a) but i'm not too sure

    asked by Mary
  51. math


    asked by LOUIS
  52. Business

    Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word (3 to 5 pages) paper in which you analyze at least seven of the forces and trends from the list in the table shown above. Your analysis must include economic as well as legal and regulatory forces. The other five are your

    asked by Alley
  53. HRM 240

    I am having trouble even starting this assignment. i hav no clue what to do!! Can someone plase help me out? Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper recommending to a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies be implemented. Include points

    asked by
  54. Business

    Using knowledge gained from this course and previous coursework, conduct an internal and external environmental analysis for your proposed business. Using the information obtained from this analysis, as well as the lessons learned from the Considerations

    asked by Alley
  55. math

    Okay I got this question on a test. I am not sure what I am supposed to do here. Can you show me how I would go about solving this. A basketball player can jump 33in vertically. Find his hang time. Round to the nearest tenth. Thanks

    asked by jose
  56. math 116

    In 1995 the life expectancy of a male in a certain country was 70.98 years. In 2002 it was 73.4 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1995. The liner function R(t) that fits the data E(t)= _t+_

    asked by Taffany
  57. algebra

    can you show me how to log 36=x

    asked by jay
  58. Math 116

    The width of a rectangle is is fixed at 23cm what lenths will make the permeter greater then 94cm?

    asked by Taffany
  59. Economics

    Do government statisticians calculate GDP by simply adding up the total sales of all business firms in one year

    asked by Beverly
  60. Project

    What is it when you put shampoo on your hair and then you _______ to create foam?

    asked by Amy~
  61. math

    Solve the following systems of equations x+8y=4 (1) x=9-8y= (2) what is the solotion to the system

    asked by Taffany
  62. algebra

    factor completely 25c^2-81

    asked by dina
  63. Science

    I have to compare and contrast the difference between a service current and a wave.

    asked by Brooke
  64. math

    Be sure to show the calculations that helped in your decision-making. A manager at Strateline Manufacturing must chose between two shopping Alternatives; Two-day freight and five-day. Using five-day freight would cost $135 less than using two-day freight.

    asked by shkoder
  65. Art

    Could someone please help me with this? I do not know much about art. What kind of elements of architecture relates to specific aspects of Buddhism? Thanks.

    asked by B.B.
  66. Chem

    Why is a blimp less dense than the surrounding in air?

    asked by S.S
  67. soc

    1)While it is rare, sometimes folkways can be laws. is it True or False? 2)Sanctions are always punishments for breaking norms. Is it true or false? 3)When change is brought about through movements such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Suffrage

    asked by mas
  68. Math

    solve for x: (Square root of 5x-6)=x

    asked by Briana
  69. Math

    How do you find the vertical and horizontal assymptotes of the graph of the rational function? f(x)= 3x^2-5x+2/6x^2-5x+1 f(x)= 2x+3/(ãx^2-2x+3)

    asked by Dave
  70. math


    asked by shane
  71. college physics

    As your bus rounds a flat curve at constant speed, a package with mass .5 kg, suspended from the luggage compartment of the bus by a string 45 cm long, is found to hang at rest relative to the bus, with the string making an angle of 30 degrees with the

    asked by Anonymous
  72. English

    1. He knows how to dance Samba. 2. He knows how to dance samba. (Which expression is right? Do we have to capitalize 'samba' or not? Thank you.)

    asked by rfvv
  73. college physics

    A small mass M and a small mass 3M are 1.00 m apart. Where should you put a third small mass so that the net gravitational force on it due to the other two masses is zero?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. business

    How do I suggest the need for affirmative action to a company for a homework assignment?

    asked by Kassandra
  75. english

    what are the simlarites between "War Party" and "Thunder on Sycamore Street"

    asked by jessica
  76. math

    i need Help i have no idea how to simplify this expression! x/x+5 + 7x+10/x^2+5x

    asked by Summer
  77. chemistry

    HCl (aq) + Cu (s) + HNO3 (aq) yield CuCl2 (aq) + NO (g) + H2O (l) do i say that HNO3 is oxidizing agent or just N+5 is the oxidizing agent

    asked by eng
  78. trig

    Regarding the trigonometric series, Why does cos start with a 1 and why are the powers of x even numbers Also for sin, why does sin start with an x and why are the powers odd?

    asked by Jake
  79. algebra

    2 sqrt of 12 time sqrt of 6 12*6 2*36*2 12 sqrt 2 check this problem for me please.

    asked by Keaton
  80. business

    how did manufactures become vunerable to offshore outsourcing?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Social Studies

    Over the centuries, Ethiopian christians; a. remained isolated b. absorbed many traditions c. converted to Islam d. sent missionaries to other states

    asked by bolla piggsvin
  82. algebra

    x^2+4x-5 over 5x-5 time 5x over/x+5 X(x+1)/1x-6*5x/x+5 this is far as get I can not seem where else to go

    asked by Ashley
  83. health service manager

    What are some of the operations mangement practices that can help bring manufacturing back to the U.S? How can a focus on quality improve manufactoring?

    asked by Leslie
  84. Poetry

    Summer Colours by Fenny Sterenborg Long curls lightest blond like silver and gold in the saffron sun Summer dresses cool white show lots of skin golden brown Painted toenails fierce red in summer shoes walk by and catch eyes green and blue behind black

    asked by John
  85. Chemistry

    A 2.28 m solution of the solute formic acid dissolved in the solvent H2O is available. Calculate the mass ( kg ) of the solution that must be taken to obtain 12.40 mol of formic acid. Correct Answer = 6.01 Molar Mass (g/mol): HCO2H 46.03 H2O 18.015 Density

    asked by Fred
  86. chemistry

    If 890 mL of 0.236 M aqueous NaI and 0.560 mol of liquid Br2 are reacted stoichiometrically according to the? If 890 mL of 0.236 M aqueous NaI and 0.560 mol of liquid Br2 are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many moles of

    asked by Judy
  87. chemistry

    If 600 mL of 0.283 M aqueous NaBr and 15.9 L of gaseous Cl2 measured at STP are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many liters of gaseous Cl2 measured at STP remain? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. 2NaBr(aq) +

    asked by Judy
  88. Algebra 2 Honors

    The amount of light emitted from a battery indicator bulb pulses while the battery is charging. This can be modeled by the equation y = 60+60sin[(pi/4)t] , where y is the lumens emitted from the bulb and t is the number of seconds since the beginning of a

    asked by Christine
  89. english

    i would like some help with sentence structure

    asked by iyonna


    asked by Noor
  91. English

    Can you tell me of my corrections are ok? Thank you a lot in advance! 1.I explained to Fred how to get there so that he wouldn’t get lost. 2.I explained him (or to him) how to get there. 3.Imagine/Supposing you were in a wood during a storm, what would

    asked by Franco

    calculate the delta h for the reaction 2C+2H--> C2H4 C+O2--> Co2 delta h= -393.5 C2H4+ 3O2--> 2CO2+ 2H2O delta h= 1410.9 H2+ 1/2 O2--> H2O delta h= -285.8 2CO+ O2--> 2CO2 delta h= -566.0 do you flip the first two equations and times the first and third one

    asked by Anonymous
  93. chemistry

    If 600 mL of 0.283 M aqueous NaBr and 15.9 L of gaseous Cl2 measured at STP are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many liters of gaseous Cl2 measured at STP remain? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. 2NaBr(aq) +

    asked by Judy
  94. US History (AP/CC)

    WWII What caused the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor? Like what was their maine reason to get America involved in the war? confused on this question...all the help is appreciated =] thanks!

    asked by Alli
  95. chemistry

    What is the mass of 1 mL of water at 4 deg Celsius?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. chemistry

    What quantity of ice at 2 deg Celsius can be melted by 100 J of heat?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Infomerical

    In an infomerical do I talk about how the product works? Like the steps.

    asked by Amy~
  98. Math

    A survey was made of 200 students to study their use of the public library system. The findings were as follows: 60 used the Reader’s Guide. 28 used both the card catalog and the information booth. 68 used the information booth. 83 did not use the

    asked by Abby
  99. biology

    true or false soil in the taiga has a top layer of rich humus and a deeper layer of clay.

    asked by nene
  100. mathamatics

    what is the value of X and Y for following simultaneous equations, X + Y = 3 2X - Y = 9

    asked by JAndu
  101. mathamatics

    what is the length ( in m, correct to 1 decimal place) of a rectangle field with sides 55m and 72m long.

    asked by JAndu
  102. Economic

    1) GDP does not include intermediate goods because a. that would understate the true size of GDP. b. intermediate goods are not useful to consumers. c. that would count the value of intermediate goods twice. d. intermediate goods are not valuable. 2) The

    asked by Bob
  103. US History (AP/CC)

    How did the Congress first respond to the unexpected fall of France in 1940? a-revoke to all neutrality laws b-pass a conscription law c-enact a new neutrality law enabling the Allies to buy american war material on a cash and carry basis d-call for the

    asked by Alli
  104. bus/210

    Describe at least three types of business organizations that you are familiar with or that you would like to know more about. How is each one advantageous to the business owner?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    Appendix D Landscape Design Landscape designers often use coordinate geometry and algebra as they help their clients. In many regions, landscape design is a growing field. With the increasing popularity of do-it-yourself television shows, many homeowners

    asked by ryan
  106. vectors

    Find the distance between the parallel line and plane: l: r=[2,0,1] + t[1,4,1] pi: 2x - y + 2z = 4

    asked by Abigail
  107. science

    Describe the path of blood through a bird's circulatory system. Start with the right side of the heart. Also explain where the blood picks up oxygen and where it releases the oxygen to the bird's body.

    asked by stephania
  108. Accounting

    Can anyone help me with writing a book report for Accounting. It is due on Tuesday, it can pertain to anything in accounting. TIA

    asked by Gloria
  109. Chemistry

    At a particular temperature, k=1.6x10^-5 for the reaction 2SO3(g)=2SO2(g)+ O2 If 4 mole of SO2 and 2 mole of O2 are placed into a 2.0 L flask, calculate the equilibrium concentration of all the species. Thanks.

    asked by Amphee
  110. english

    I doing a research paper on "obesity" where can I find credible resource for my paper.

    asked by John
  111. Math

    I need help with this equation, I am really bad at fractions. m^2 - (49/2 * m)= 1/2

    asked by Punkie
  112. Physics

    In both cases an applied force of 100N accelerates block A which weighs 100N. In which case is this acceleration greater?

    asked by Sandy
  113. Math157

    Find the mean of the data. { 4, 5, 7, 10} Round to the nearest tenth A)6.5 B)6 C)5.3 D)6

    asked by Raven
  114. Math157

    Find the mode for the given data. { 1, 3, 4, 10, 14} A)4 B)6.4 C)3 D)none

    asked by Raven
  115. Math157

    Find the range of the data set. {14, 28, 63, 41, 50, 70} A)56 B)84 C)41 D)42

    asked by Raven
  116. algebra

    sin(270 degrees - theta) = -cos(theta)

    asked by Sandy
  117. Math

    I need help with this equation, I am really bad at fractions. m^2 - (49/2 * m)= 1/2

    asked by Punkie
  118. GRAMMAR

    she is spending money like she have plenty. 1)change the words like to as if, and have to has 2)the word is should be are 3)the word have in the sentence should be has 4)there ara no errors in this sentence my answer is #1

    asked by Noor
  119. Math need help asap

    In 1995 the life expectancy of a male in a certain country was 70.98 years. In 2002 it was 73.4 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1995. The liner function R(t) that fits the data E(t)= _t+_

    asked by Taffany
  120. math

    10.5 is 14% of x

    asked by stella
  121. Chemistry

    what is the theoretical value for the M of acetic acid in vinegar if the vinegar is 5% acetic acid by a % mass value. Additional info: the experimental M of the acetic acid in vinegar is 0.80M Thank you!!

    asked by Lolo
  122. business

    What is the relationship between ethics and the law? Can an action be unethical but not illegal? If so, explain how and give an example

    asked by Angel
  123. 3rd grade math

    show me the perimeter using grip paper

    asked by galo
  124. GRAMMAR

    the city council are meeting on tuesday night to discuss the new playground. 1)the word discuss should be discussed 2)the verb are should be is 3)the word council should be councils 4)there are no errors in the sentence. my answer is #2

    asked by Noor
  125. chemistry

    calculate the ph of a 0.18 M NH4CL and0.18 M NH4OH.(Kb=1.0x10^-5)

    asked by heba
  126. statistics

    The flower peddler has red flowers with five petals each and white flowers with eight petals each. He has a total of 11 flowers with a total of 76 petals. How many red flowers are there and how many white flowers?

    asked by P
  127. trig

    find the exact value by using the appropriate half-angle identity: sin(5pi/12)

    asked by Sandy
  128. Grammar

    Does this make sense Put your head under the shower

    asked by Amy~
  129. math

    julie and brandon cut lawns for their neighbors to earn money to a local charity. they thought that the customers should pay 20$. however, sevral customers offered a different pay plan and asked the students to chose. julie and brandon have to decide which

    asked by patti
  130. trig

    solve for x if x is in radians. cos2(x) + 4cos(x) = -3

    asked by Sandy
  131. Math

    I need some help solving for x... It says to slove 7x+x(x-1)=0 It also asks for the x intercept

    asked by Punkie
  132. Video Please HELP!!!

    I used a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS to take a video. And it wouln't open on my laptop. I made changes to the video like cuttin the beginning on the camera before trying to open it. Is there a way I could open it?? It saids that the file has an extension).THM)

    asked by Amy~
  133. geometry

    Find theta when given AB=10cm(chord) radius=10cm

    asked by Kutlo
  134. 7th grade

    I need help with these math problems. a + 8 b + a ba b divide a 3b 48 divide b a - 3 a times 0 4a - b 5 + b - 3 b divide a = 8 4b - 30

    asked by Alisha
  135. Statistics

    A coin was flipped 60 times and came up heads 38 times. (a) At the .10 level of significance, is the coin biased toward heads? Show your decision rule and calculations. (b) Calculate a p-value and interpret it

    asked by Robert
  136. chemistry

    what is the theoretical value for the M of acetic acid in vinegar if the vinegar is 5% acetic acid by a % mass value. Additional info: the experimental M of the acetic acid in vinegar is 0.80M Thank you!!

    asked by stacey
  137. math evluating expressions

    I have problems that I need help with can someone help me please? n divide 4 + l ml + n n divide ml n + 3 times 2 ml - 3 5m lm 2l divide m 1,221 divided x, for x = 37 63 divided p, for p+ 7

    asked by Alisha
  138. english

    Can anyone tell me the tone of this poem? THE INVADING SPRING - Phoebe Hesketh Man has fenced the wilderness back in the hills; Tamed in the town he walks on concrete blocks; And in the park his heart with pleasure fills - But not at Wordsworth’s

    asked by rachel
  139. Business

    What are some of the operations management practices that can help bring manufacturing back to the U.S?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Chemistry

    describe what holds a molecule together internally versus what holds different molecules together as solids and liquids

    asked by Ashley
  141. writing skills

    an appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and it's usually set off with commas. false

    asked by Noor
  142. economics

    Find the optimal crude oil allocation in the preceding example if the profit associated with fiber were cut in half, that is, fell to $.375 per square foot

    asked by Jelly
  143. home economics

    what are the different brands of packaged soups?

    asked by aj
  144. English 10 HELP

    The Dream Keeper Bring me all of your dreams, You dreamers, Bring me all of your Heart melodies That I may wrap them In a blue cloud‑cloth Away from the too‑rough fingers Of the world. Discuss how certain elements are repeated to make a

    asked by Ariel
  145. Credit Cards

    What are some credit card names? Such as Master Card and VISA. I need to know three more. Thanks

    asked by Amy~
  146. accounting edit plz

    June: 1)Sold a house and collected a $6,000 commission. Ans: Cash (debit) Commission earned (credit) 2)Sold a building lot and earned a commission, $6,500. Payment is to be received on July 8. Ans: Accounts recievable (DR) comission Earned (CR) 3)Received

    asked by Thara!
  147. physics

    Do any of these five objects move in similar ways? Which ones? What do they have in common? -Oscillating pendulum -dynamics cart rolling up and down an incline -student jumping into the air -mass oscillating at the end of a spring -ball tossed into the air

    asked by chris
  148. Math 116

    Search Results for "The equation y=-1777+27153 can be used to predict the number y gun deaths i the United States x years after 2000, that is x=0 corresponds to 2000 x-3 corresponds to 2003 x=6 corresponds to 2006 and so on predict the number of gun deaths

    asked by Taffany
  149. Credits

    At the end of a video sometimes their are credits: What are some of the credits: Like Directed by: Photos taken by: Voice:

    asked by Amy~
  150. AED 200

    Does anyone know of any good sites that can help me with my paper on, Has Student Fund-Raising Gone Too Far?? I have 1000 words already need 750 more and I am stuck like Chuck. Any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Jessica
  151. accounting help plz

    Sent a cheque for $40 to help sponsor a local road race to aid the poor. (This is not to be considered an advertising expense, but it is a business expense.) Cheque 616. i knoe that Cash is Credit BUT im not sure what EXPENSE is Debit?

    asked by Thara!
  152. science

    explain that rocks are made of minerals and over years break into smaller pieces to become soil. how should i explain please help thank you

    asked by ST
  153. Mathamatics

    This question concerns the straight line that passes through the points (−1, 3) and (2, −6). Choose the three true statements from the following. Options A) The gradient of the line is 3. B) The gradient of the line is −3. C) The gradient of the line

    asked by S Rey
  154. General Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution produced by dissolving 61 g of KNO3 in a 100 mL volumetric flask?

    asked by kaley
  155. chemistry

    What is the Tm of acetylsalicylic acid and salicylic acid?

    asked by Lynne
  156. Mathamatics

    Solve the following equations: x^2 = 108 (Give your answers correct to one decimal place.)

    asked by JAndu
  157. History

    What is the Dakota War of 1862 so important?

    asked by Theo
  158. math

    . A class elects two officers, a president and a secretary/ treasurer, from its 12 members. How many different ways can these two offices be filled from the members of the class?

    asked by Wendy
  159. hca 210

    So in a couple weeks I have to do my final project it has to be about : Develop a unique proposal that describes a new health care system. Consider the current U.S. health care system’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Was just wondering if someone

    asked by you know me...
  160. com 220

    ok so for my final essay I have chose to write about teenage pregnancy but Im a little confused as to which direction I want to go on my paper...any suggestions? I was leaning more towards the education about teen pregnancy how little education there is

    asked by you know me...