Questions Asked on
June 1, 2010

  1. Math

    A hat contains 20 names, 9 of which are females. If 8 names are randomly drawn from the hat, what is the probability that at least 6 male names are drawn??????

    asked by Katrina
  2. psychology

    what is the difference between absolute continuity and differential continuity in regards to personality traits?

    asked by sal
  3. Algebra

    Two trains leave Raleigh at the same time, one traveling north, the other south. The first train travels at 50 miles per hour and second at 60 miles per hour. In how many hours will the trains be 275 miles apart?

    asked by Avery
  4. english 10

    Write a prose paraphrase of the poem. There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. This traverse may the poorest take Without oppress of toll; How frugal is the chariot That bears a human soul!

    asked by YELENA
  5. Chemistry 11th

    Solid ammonium nitrate breaks down into nitrogen, water vapor, and oxygen. If there was 300g of the solid and the reaction happened under STP find the total volume of the products. (translating words to eqns., balancing eqns., understanding what STP means)

    asked by Reyna
  6. Chemistry

    Very small crystals composed of 1000 to 100,000 atoms, called quantum dots, are being investigated for use in electronic devices. (a) Calculate the mass in grams of a quantum dot consisting of 1.400 104 atoms of silicon. (b) Assuming that the silicon in

    asked by Anita
  7. Algebra

    A train leaves a city heading west and travels at 50 miles per hour. Three hours later, a second train leaves from the same place and travels in the same direction at 65 miles per hour. How long will it take for the second train to overtake the first

    asked by Avery
  8. Alg2

    A piece of wood discovered in an archaeological dig was found to have lost 62% of it's carbon-14. Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5630 years. Determine it's age.

    asked by Cal
  9. Physics

    At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a force F = (4.0 N) - (2.0 N) + (9.0 N) while the object's velocity is v = - (2.0 m/s) + (4.0 m/s) . What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? At some other time,

    asked by Hariett
  10. Chemistry

    If radon-222 has a half-life of 3.8 days, determine how long it takes for only 1/8 of a sample to remain.

    asked by Joe
  11. Statistics

    For a 10 point quiz, the professor recorded the following scores for 8 students: 7, 8, 3, 9, 10, 6, 8, 5 What is the Mean for this set of scores?

    asked by Jake
  12. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of a solution which contains 1 mole of CaCl2 dissolved in 2000mL of solutions?

    asked by KT
  13. (basic)accounting help plz!

    June 1: Rented office space and paid three months’ rent in advance, $3,000, cheque 601. Ans: Rent expense (DEBIT) Cash (CREDIT) adjustment: a) One month’s rent had expired. i think it will be: prepaid rent (DEBIT $2000) rent payable (CREDIT $2000) CAN

    asked by Thara!
  14. business

    The ______ area of the marketing mix is concerned with decisions about getting the right product to the target market when and where it is wanted. A. Promotion B. Place C. Product D. People

    asked by paul miller
  15. OCHEM

    How would the 1H NMR spectrum of 1,3-dibenzoylpropane differ from that of the product, trans-1,2-dibenzoylcyclopropane? would the chemical shifts of the protons alpha and beta to the carbonyl groups be appreciably different? explain.

    asked by kris
  16. science

    how many joules are required to evaporate 1 gram of boiling water?

    asked by matt
  17. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of 4.56 1023 molecules of aspirin, C9H8O4?

    asked by Anita
  18. Math Graphing

    Graph this: y greater than or equal to 2x-3 2x-2y is less than or equal to 1 2x-2y is less than or equal to 1 2x is less than or equal 2y x is less than or equal y how do u graph this? how to graph x is less than or equal to y?

    asked by Skye
  19. Chemistry

    a student was asked to determine the components of a mixture of potassium bromide (KBr), magnesium hydroxide, Mg(OH)2, and barium sulfate (BaSO4). The mass of the sample of the mixture used was 3.21 g

    asked by holla
  20. chemistry

    how do i write this reaction in cell notation I2(s) + 2MnO4-(aq) + 4H+(aq) → 2IO3-(aq) + 2Mn2+(aq) + 2H2O(l)

    asked by eng
  21. chemistry

    Why is it important for a company manufacturing vinegar to regularly check the molarity of its product?

    asked by Bob
  22. Academic American Government and Economics

    What is the most important issue facing the global economy? Explain the issue in detail and your reasoning for it being so important.

    asked by Crystal
  23. high school chem

    if 150 ml of HNO3 of unknown conceration withmethyl orange indicator present is tritrated with [0.163M]KOH, then the red solution turns yellow after 28.9 ml of the KOH is added. what is the molarity of HNO3 solution.

    asked by jessica
  24. Chemistry

    I have [CoCl4}2 /{Co(h2O)6}2+and add AgNo3 what does silvirnitrate does and how is that consit with Chatelier

    asked by Esperanza
  25. Information Science

    ABC Company has 50,000 employees at it headquarters. The company wants to increase employee productivity by setting up internal software application training program for it employees. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software

    asked by Chris

    what is the pH of a 2.62x10^-1 M NaNO2 solution? NB the pKa for HCN=9.212 12.13 13.42 1.87 8.29 0.58 and also; what is the pH of a 2.62x10^-1 M HCN solution. NB the pKa forn HCN is 9.212. 4.90 9.21 0.58 11.32 13.42

    asked by Lucinda
  27. English

    What is a reflective essay? Could someone write down the outline of a reflective essay for 3 Paragraphs? Also, for the body paragraph do I talk about my personal experience? Is this all, or do I have to anyalysis it? If so, what are some general things

    asked by Amy~
  28. Physics

    A rocket, initially at rest on the ground, accelerates straight upward from rest with constant acceleration 58.8m/s^2 . The acceleration period lasts for time 8.00s until the fuel is exhausted. After that, the rocket is in free fall. Find the maximum

    asked by johnny
  29. chemistry

    A student dissolves 0.550 mol of a nonvolatile, nonelectrolyte solute in one kilogram of benzene (C6H6). What is the boiling point elevation of the resulting solution? in degrees celsius

    asked by Halle
  30. high school chem

    If 250ml of Ba(OH)2 is unknown concerntration with methyl red indicator present is tritrated with [0.325M]HNO3, the yellow solution turns red after 36.4 ml of the HNO3 is added. What is the molarity of Ba(OH)2

    asked by jessica
  31. trig

    Two men on the same side of a tall building notice the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 30o and 60o respectively. If the height of the building is known to be h =120 m, find the distance (in meters) between the two men.

    asked by Bianca
  32. Algebra

    A ship travels from New York to southampton, england at 33 miles per hour. A plane traveling 605 miles per hour takes 104 hours less time to make the same trip. How far apart are the two cities?

    asked by Avery
  33. Bio

    Hi there, could you please help me with the following questions: 1.) How does the Hardy-Weinberg provide a baseline for identifying how populations evolve, as a function of changes in their allele frequencies? 2.) Grey squirrels are predominate since they

    asked by Ira
  34. pre-Algebra

    The Downtown Theater has 1 ticket window. In how many ways can 3 people line up to buy tickets? _____

    asked by peaches
  35. Bio

    Proteins are manufactured from the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in this process, they are modified to

    asked by Barbiie Abreu
  36. social studies

    History of Japan questions? Could someone give some information on the following topics about the history of Japan. Please just write one or two sentences for each. This is not a homework assignment, it's just for my own research. I need answers ASAP.

    asked by Sam
  37. History

    History of Japan questions? Could someone give some information on the following topics about the history of Japan. Please just write one or two sentences for each. This is not a homework assignment, it's just for my own research. I need answers ASAP.

    asked by Justin Bieber
  38. Physics for Life science

    A car is driven at 80km/h on a horizontal road. If the car is now driven up a 10m high rise, what speed would it have at the top of the rise? (Assume that the wheels of the car roll at all times so that it doesn't experience sliding friction; exclude any

    asked by TangenT
  39. HCA 210

    What do you see as the purpose of health insurance? Should there be limits on the amount of health care provided? If yes, what criteria should we use to ration health care? For example: Should personal responsibility for making healthy choices be

    asked by MSepooh
  40. English 11

    what are then meanings of the elements for American Romanticism?? *Love of nature *Supernatural *The exotic *Self-individuals *National Pride *Idealism anyone please help!! or can send me a link where i can find the definitions to theses 7 elements of

    asked by Caitie
  41. geometry

    Circle O has a radius of 8 m and the measure of central angle AOB is 45 degrees. Which of the following could be used to calculate the length of arc AB?

    asked by mimi
  42. business

    2. Individual Assignment: Employee Data Collection Training Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis. • Create

    asked by Lisa

    i have an exam friday and cant figure this question out! What is the pH of a 2.62 x 10 -1 M HCN solution ? NB the pKa for HCN = 9.212. 4.90 9.21 0.58 11.32 13.42

    asked by Lucinda
  44. geometry

    The diameter of circle C is 18 cm. is 60°. Use this information, the diagram, and your experiences in geometry this semester to answer these questions. (Use .) a) Find . Explain. b) Find . Explain. c) Find . Explain. d) Find the length L of . Show your

    asked by Anonymous
  45. business

    You can't qualify for a Home Beautiful credit card until you are 18 years old." Indicate the alternative that both correctly evaluates the sentence and correctly explains the reason for the evaluation. Good you-attitude because it begins with the word

    asked by ms. P
  46. chemistry

    If you start with ten grams of lithium hydroxide, how many grams of lithium bromide will be produced? Round to the nearest tenth. Don't forget the units.

    asked by trcey
  47. MATH

    4. 8 bolts and 6 nuts weigh 138 grams. 3 bolts and 5 nuts weigh 71 grams. Work out the weight of the following:- (a) 4 bolts and 3 nuts (b) 11 bolts and 11 nuts (c) 3 bolts and 3 nuts (d) 1 bolt

    asked by vaNI
  48. MATH

    The last part of a telephone number has four digits, e.g. 7814 1487 2103 2772 The last part of the telephone number can start with any digit apart from zero. The other three digits can be any number. How many four digit numbers are there?

    asked by vaNI
  49. biology

    in testing for starch in a green leaf what effect did the boiling water have on the leaf?

    asked by Mary
  50. chemistry

    I'm starting to learn about colligative properties and i want to know if there are different equations for boiling point elevation and freezing point depression? In the book they give me the equation: (delta)Tb= Kb times molality. But my teacher gave us:

    asked by jenny
  51. Algebra: is this right?

    the amount of money remaining to be paid on a loan, y, is a function of the number of months, x. Suppose that monthly payments of $225 are to be made on an original loan amount of $3,000. Write an expression in terms of x that gives the amount of money

    asked by bart
  52. Physics for Life science

    A boy climbs up an 8.00m high tree. To come back down, the boy slides down along a rope. The coefficient of friction between the rope and the boy is 0.40. What is the velocity with which the boy reaches ground?

    asked by TangenT
  53. Math

    Diameter of a circle is 1.3*10^-12 what is the radius and Find the trinmial parrelgram represents area pf a parrelogram whose base is 3x+2 meters and height is 2x+3 meters find A(3)? Do not understand these what so ever please help me

    asked by Virginia
  54. Algebra

    what is radical 72 expressed in simpilest radical form

    asked by Rikki
  55. Vectors

    Could someone help me solve these system using elementary operations, I am having trouble with both of them. x+y+z =0 x-y =1 y-z =-5 (For the one above the answer is (-1,-2,3) 2x-y =0 2y-z =7 2z-x =0 (For the one above the answer is (2,4,1)

    asked by Darren
  56. science

    How would I scale down an experiment? For example a procedure states that 5.0 g will be made (53% yield) but we want to propose a microscale procedure that would synthesize .120 g. Do I simply divide desired amount of product by the one given in the

    asked by Pegs
  57. Algebra 1

    I'm completeing parts of my homework, and need help checking some of the problems. Could someone tell me if this is right? If it's not could you show me how to work it correctly? I'm not looking for someone to do my work, just show me how. There are no

    asked by Sam R.
  58. chemistry please help!

    How many molecules of hydrogen are produced if 13.05 g of Zn reacts with excess hydrochloric acid equation Zn plus HCL equals ZnCl2 plus H2?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Statistics

    Why do we need to distinguish between strong and weak correlation of data sets using best-fit lines? When a correlation has been established between the two data sets, how is it linked to causality? Please provide examples to support your answer.

    asked by immanuel
  60. Chemistry

    How many moles of ammonium ions are in 0.807 g of ammonium carbonate?

    asked by Anita
  61. dress making

    I need help with Dress making (sewing machines) 04201501 and (introduction to sewing) 04201400. If anybody can help, thank you....

    asked by Nora
  62. trig

    If sec(4 = csc(6 ) and Theta is an angle in radian measure determine m angle theta

    asked by May
  63. chemistry

    world class times in the 100 meters foot race areabout 9.10 seconds. how far is that in miles per hour

    asked by ngugi
  64. physical science,

    the planet jupiter is more than 300 times more massive than earth. However,an object scarcley weighs 3 times as much on the surface of jupiter as it does on the surface of the earth. how can that be? Determine the radius of jupiter in terms of earth radii

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Health

    What is the water testing method like in Canada? Plus, I'd like to know the water standards.

    asked by AL 92

    what is the official bird, flower, and tree for france. I've tried finding sites but its no help. Please help me find sites or give me some helpful

    asked by Rakhi
  67. math

    Math:How could the following information be represented as a ration? Of fifty people interview, none had ever eaten sushi. is it 50:0

    asked by T
  68. sociology

    You are a sociologist who uses the conflict perspective to study various aspects of our society. How do you think you would interpret the practice of prostitution? Contrast this view with the functionalist perspective. Do you think your comments would

    asked by angie
  69. trig

    hi, I have a placement test coming up tomorrow, and I'm pretty confident about all the stuff that's going to be there except trigonometry. I took trig two years back and I understood it very well. But now it's been so long and I can't even remember the

    asked by y912f
  70. business

    allow(s) deposits or withdrawals to be made to and from a bank account automatically (for example, direct deposit or automatic payments). Debit cards Automated Clearinghouses Automated Teller Machines Telephone-banking

    asked by Anonymous
  71. College algebra 116

    Real world problem You are hosting a party at a restaurant. The restaurant charges $150 to reserve the room plus $25 person for food and drink. Write a linear equation representing your total bill based on the numbe of people at your party. If you graph

    asked by sally
  72. sociology

    Of the different forms of social structure described by Durkheim, Tonnies, and Lenski, which comes closest to matching your social setting? Use the following terms in your explanation: status, role, primary group, and secondary group.

    asked by angie
  73. nutrition

    Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, that explains: o What carbohydrates are

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    Please help-I need to give at least three examples of how heat, solutions,equillibrium, nuclear and organic chemistry are interrelated. Thank you

    asked by Aubrey
  75. Calculus

    You are using Newton's method to solve e^x - 2. If you first guess is x1=1, what value will you calculate for the next approximation x2? ...I don't know what Newton's method is, so I looked it up...and I'm still confused. Help plz? Thx

    asked by Anonymous
  76. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue do you think the title, "The Ugly Duckling suits the stoey I wrote about it, it doesn't quite seem to from my opinion.

    asked by Sara
  77. chemistry

    why should you be care when you heat your NacL solution to evaporate the water?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. 4th grade

    how many jets would be needed to carry the passengers on 264 buses

    asked by dashawn
  79. Science

    what is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 7.5 g of magnesium nitrate in enough water to make 25.o mL of solution

    asked by Matt
  80. Computer Science

    What is a database management system? What are it's advantages over conventional file processing system?

    asked by Vince
  81. college

    The total number of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives during the 106th session was 434. There were 12 more Republicans than Democrats. How many members of each party was there?

    asked by Carla
  82. Vector

    2. Determine the Cartesian equation of the plane passing through the point P(2, -1,2) and containing the line r = (2, -1, 4) + f(0, 3, -5).

    asked by Patrick
  83. Edit PLZ

    June: 1)Sold a house and collected a $6,000 commission. Ans: Cash (debit) Commission earned (credit) 2)Sold a building lot and earned a commission, $6,500. Payment is to be received on July 8. Ans: Accounts recievable (DR) comission Earned (CR) 3)Received

    asked by Thara!
  84. math

    24x^4-12x^3+48x^2/-4x=6x^3+3x^2+12x check this for me.

    asked by Keaton
  85. math

    how is the sixth root of 356 related to the eleventh root of 356?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Algebra HELP:(

    The total cost of purchasing from a mailorder catalog, y, is a function of the cost of the items purchased, x. In addition there is a fixed shipping charge of 2.75 per order, and sales tax is 8%. Write an equation that shows the relationship between the

    asked by bart
  87. Algebra2

    It will rain 6 days in May; and will be very overcast 10 days. The other days will be sunny. What is the Probibility of sun? What are the odds of sun?

    asked by NatoshaMarie
  88. chemistry

    According to the IUPAC system what is the following compound: CH=C-CH-CH-CH3 (It is not an equal sign but has three dashes up and down instead of two)

    asked by mary
  89. ECON! Please help!

    Joe: y= 100 (High) prob = 2/5 =25 (medium) prob= 2/5 =0 (low) prob = 1/5 Calculate: 1. José’s risk premium, p, associated with farming and 2. José’s certainty equivalent associated with farming. The village decides to implement an informal insurance

    asked by anonymous
  90. chemistry

    Are molecules with double bonds hard to break apart? if so why/why not

    asked by kelsy
  91. all subjects

    Do all the questions get answered? And everyone receives help or just a selected few?

    asked by Parent
  92. 12th grade

    what tool hellps you create a database

    asked by Joan
  93. Bio

    HIV has become one of the most feared diseases of the world community in the last few decades. Antiviral drugs have been developed that help treat the disease, although no cure has yet been found. Many pharmaceutical approaches are being investigated to

    asked by Barbiie Abreu
  94. microeconomics

    True or False: 1) The macroeconomist studies corporations, like General Motors, while the microeconomist studies the little start-up companies. 2) The ceteris paribus assumption presumes that only one of many things that might affect a variable in the

    asked by anonymous
  95. social studies

    What are the main powers of congress? could it be to vote tax people send people to war ? ? Please HELP! ME

    asked by XAYE
  96. physics

    What is the speed of the bee if it travels 27 cm in 10 seconds?

    asked by maia
  97. Calculus

    Solve the following initial value problem and determine the interval where the solution exists. dy/dt = 2ty^2 y(0) = y_0 Textbook answer is: When y_0 0, then y = 1/(1/y_0 - t^2). When y_0 = 0, then y = 0 When y_0 > 0, the interval where solution exists is

    asked by Mark
  98. business

    Which of the following represents the lowest risk in terms of capital budgeting? Adding to a product line Buying new equipment for an established market Repairing old machinery Introducing a new product in foreign markets

    asked by Anonymous
  99. statistics

    Give one example of when practical significance would outweigh statistical significance? Explain your rationale

    asked by Kim
  100. Algebra

    If the first and third of three consecutive even integers are added, the result is 12 less than three times the second integer. Find the integers.

    asked by Carla
  101. math

    Need help. solve 5 - y/3 for y= -3, 25 - y = 7 3y + 8 = 3, 5 - 3y =7, y/3= -9. Not sure when to use opposite sign or divide to move to other side of equation? 3y + 8 = 3 - 8 -8 3y = -5 y = -5/3 y = -1 2/3 Is this correct?

    asked by joshuah
  102. Vector

    4. A plane has Cartetiar equation 4x - 3y + 6z - 12 =-- 0. a. Determine vector and p.iramqtric conations for this plane. b. Determine the equation of a line that lies in the plane.

    asked by John
  103. English-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue I tried to make this A-Z story modern. Please take a look at it and can you please also edit it by recopying it in paragraph form and inserting in anything I've missed, such as punctuation, grammar, etc. Thanks for all your help:-) The Ugly

    asked by Sara
  104. Alg.1 standard form

    write an equation in standard form of the line containing (-1,1) and (6,-1) (-1,1) (6, -1) --------- (7,-2) -----> m= -2/7 and then u plug it in the point slope form? somehow i feel im doing something wrong...

    asked by Skye
  105. Calculus

    For y=(1/4)x^4-(2/3)x^3+(1/2)x^2-3, find the exact intervals on which the function is a. increasing b. decreasing c. concave up d. concave down Then find any e. local extreme values f. inflection points --- I thought it'd be better to find extreme values

    asked by Anonymous
  106. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue, I have one more A-Z story to go and this I had started on a while ago. I'm pretty sure there aren't that many punctuational or grammatical problems in here; I really don't want you to waste ur time looking through this, but if you can edit this

    asked by Sara
  107. MS.SUE

    Subject American Romanticism what are the meanings of national pride, love of nature, and supernatural??? please help me!!

    asked by Caitie
  108. Drama

    "The best in this kind are but shadows" is

    asked by hello
  109. businsess law

    How would the commerce clause affect american businesses?

    asked by debbie
  110. science


    asked by hanna
  111. Physics for Life science

    The planet Jupiter is more than 300 times more massive than Earth. However, an object scarcely weighs 3 times as much on the surface of Jupiter as it does on the surface of the Earth. How can that be? determine the radius of Jupiter in terms of Earth

    asked by TangenT
  112. define!!

    What does autonomy of the individual person mean??

    asked by Caitie
  113. !chemistry !experiment!

    Design an experiment which is not a tritation, you could use to calculate the percentage of water of crystalallization in NA2CO3.xH20. Need apparatus, detailed method including precutions and assumptions, how the results are recorded and how the percentage

    asked by Cameron
  114. business

    Which of the following statements most represents a drawback to receiving financing through factoring? The business that buys the accounts receivable takes responsibility for collecting them. It’s available to companies who don’t qualify for unsecured

    asked by Anonymous
  115. business

    Equity financing can come through three forms: selling stock, using retained earnings, and investments by venture capitalists. selling stock,issuing bonds,and investments by venture capitalists. issuing bonds, selling stock, and using retained earnings.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Algerbra 2

    1/X +1/x+3=1/2 I don't get LCD/distribution?

    asked by jen
  117. Math

    Hi, any help with this question would be appreciated . The graph of y = −3x2 +6x + 9 is a parabola. Is the parabola u-shaped or n-shaped? How can I tell this from the equation?

    asked by Sam
  118. Communication and Gender Studies

    In modern America, how does society define 'masculine' and 'feminine'? Do these characterizations appear restrictive? If so, how? If not, why not?

    asked by Audrey
  119. statistics

    How can the concept of probabilities be used in the nursing profession?

    asked by cortez
  120. Physics for Life science

    You are on a skateboard of mass 5.00kg with a ball in hands (mass of the ball is 600kg). You throw the ball forward horizontally and find that you recoil back with 2.0m/s. What is the forward speed of the ball? (Use your own mass where needed).

    asked by TangenT
  121. algebra

    write as an algebraic expression. 4 times the difference of a number and 3?

    asked by matt
  122. Geography

    Blizzards happen in the U.S. Northern Plains states, in eastern and central Canada, and in parts of Russia. The blizzards occur: a) because these places are far from the Arctic Circle b) because these places are near the Arctic Circle c) because these

    asked by Mia
  123. Chemistry

    Balance the solutions of Fe2+

    asked by Alleman
  124. businsess law

    Can a single activity be subject to both a civil lawsuit and criminal charges

    asked by debbie
  125. math

    formula for peimeter of cone and semicircle formula for area of cone and semicircle

    asked by Ted
  126. chemistry

    determine the number of grams of solute needed to make 1.05 mole solution of HNO3 in 2.00Kg ofH2O

    asked by raymond
  127. MATH

    When solving for x in the equation 5.2x-0.01< 0.2x+3.6 Is the answer x

    asked by anonymous
  128. chemistry

    Complete and balance the displayed half reaction in neutral aqueous solution taking into account the electrons. Mg(s) → Mg2+(aq)

    asked by andy
  129. chemistry

    calculate Ke for the following(equilibrium concertations given below substances H2(g) + Br(g)=2 Br+heat, N2O4(g) + heat= NO2(G)

    asked by jessica
  130. fluid mechanics

    I have got differential pressure from an inclined manometer to be 2.8kPa and density of the fluid is 784kg/m^3. I need to calculate the manometer datum height. how do i do tht?? i already did it using formula pressure=density*g*h but i want ans to be 0.165

    asked by chika
  131. American Romanicism

    can someone give me an example of supernatural?? Supernatural means something that cant be explained by natural law.

    asked by Caitie
  132. english 3

    is fear an emotion

    asked by katie
  133. Communication and Gender Studies

    In relation to Standpoint Theory in Gender Communication please provide a specific example of how a well-known political figure has standpoints consistent with their supporters in some major ways and explain it from the perspective of standpoint theory.

    asked by Alicia
  134. business

    Trade credit and promissory notes are both examples of which kind of short-term financing? Bank loans Factoring Supplier financing Line of credit

    asked by Anonymous
  135. algebra

    The problem is factoring completely 4xX^2-20x-24 4(X^2-5x-60 4(x-6)(x+1) 12x^2-75 3(X^2-25)=3(X-25)(x+3) Can someone check these problem for me please.

    asked by Betty C
  136. Social Studies

    what are some direct and indirect affects of global warming

    asked by :O
  137. Algebra 2

    Solve for t. P = P(base of 0)e^kt

    asked by Jaycee
  138. math

    i have 100.00 to spend on 100 animals. the chickens are .05 each, the pigs are 5.00 each, and the cows are 10.00 each.

    asked by junebug
  139. marketing

    5) To compete more successfully with its many competitors offering packaged cookies, Famous Amos added its own line of extra chunky premium cookies. This seems to be an effort at: A. Market penetration. B. Product development. C. Market development. D.

    asked by paul miller
  140. english

    i hesitated or i was hesitated

    asked by flame
  141. business

    Which of the following would NOT be an informative or positive message? Summary Procedures Manual Transmittal Direct request

    asked by ana
  142. English

    Can you help me remove the "to be" verbs in this sentence? I need to take out the are, have been, and to be some how. Some of the characters in the book are no exception and they have been brought up since birth to be very reserved.

    asked by Anna
  143. english

    what is wrong with these two parts 1) his tone is triumphing 2) by telling his achievement(am i missing of between telling and his)

    asked by flame
  144. math PLEASE URGENT

    if normal blood cholestrol level is 5.8 mM and a treatment caused a drop of 1.0 mM with a standard deviation of the difference of 2.0 mM what is the minimum number of individuals that should be used in the drug trial to determine whether or not it is

    asked by lou
  145. Managerial Accounting

    Which of the following is a characteristic of ABC? 1. improved financial reporting 2. aid to managers in determining product cost 3. used in place of job or process costing 4. use restricted to manufacturing entities

    asked by Jenny
  146. Math

    What is the gcf of 16 and 30

    asked by Jazleen
  147. physics

    A ball at the top of its drop has 15 J of potential energy, neglecting air resistance, what is the kinetic energy at the bottom of the drop? What is the velocity?

    asked by casey
  148. Algebra2

    find the value of the following expressions; 8! 12!

    asked by NatoshaMarie
  149. social studies

    A _______ uses metal plates and a conducting solution to produce current

    asked by nerd nada
  150. Math

    Find the slope and y intercept. x+y-7=0 I know the slope is -7, but how do I find the y intercept? thanks.

    asked by Joyh
  151. science

    what is a change in position

    asked by hanna
  152. mgt 435

    what is the value of effective communication and working with teams to create positive change acceptable for most stakeholders; thus, reducing the number of people resisting the change process within organizations.

    asked by meshelle
  153. algebra

    8y^3-27 8y(y^2-27) x^2+36= (x+6)(x+6) Facatoring completely are they right. corrected if wrong

    asked by Ashley J
  154. The Battle Cry of Freedom SS

    Where was this song written?

    asked by Skye
  155. sci

    Explain, from a physiological standpoint, how eating disorders may lead to health problems. Give at least three examples to support your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Culture Diveristy

    How has the American history of African slavery influenced our contemporary society? Provide three examples you believe to be most significant.

    asked by sara
  157. children

    What are appropriate social skills?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. chemistry help me please

    What values does STP have for pressure in the units of kPa and atm and mmHg?

    asked by Anonymous
  159. English 11

    What are the 7 elements of American Romanticism??? please answer i need the answer i cant find it any where online

    asked by Caitie
  160. physics

    why is radius of the bob added to length of the string to know the length of the pendulum.

    asked by taker
  161. programing fundamentals

    How to construct a class called Date that has three variables (day,month,year)?

    asked by fillemon
  162. English 11

    In American Romanticism what does Self-Individuals mean??

    asked by Caitie
  163. Math

    really need help!!! solve 25-y=7, 5 - y/3 y= -3 y/3 = -9, 3y + 8 = 3 and 5 - 3y =7

    asked by NaVar
  164. 1st grade

    can you name a story where an animal needs help and no other animal will help them?

    asked by Anthony
  165. IT

    identify at least two data structures that are used to organize a typical file cabinet. why do you feel it is necessary to emulate these types of data structures in a computer program. For what kind of work project would you want to use this type of

    asked by randy
  166. math

    is 3x+2e^(x-1) continuous at x=1?

    asked by jama
  167. SS Civil WAr

    What was 3 inferences about life during the time period of the american civil war? 1. Many people died of wounds and doctors not treating them properly 2. There wasn't much food for them to eat 3. (i'm kinda stuck)

    asked by Skye
  168. Math

    2^(5/2)-2^(3/2) Can someone show me in steps how to do exponents as fractions like in this problem ...thanks

    asked by Mike
  169. science

    what is h202

    asked by john
  170. science

    what can be invented when natural world is applied

    asked by Ivette
  171. science

    what does new technology make it possible to do

    asked by Ivette
  172. socials

    how is groundwater depleted?

    asked by Anonymous
  173. SCIENCE

    why would couples wanna use in vitro fertilization? could ya list down 2 things

    asked by Anonymous
  174. religion

    why do people not believe in the miracles of lourdes

    asked by robert
  175. History

    Who is Loius the 14th??

    asked by Dave Litwizky
  176. physics

    what is equilibrium temperature?

    asked by casey
  177. Managerial Accounting

    Which of the following is not a benefit of implementing ABC:? 1. more accurate cost assignments 2. better cost control 3. cheaper to implement 4. more efficient operations 5. all of the above

    asked by Jenny
  178. math

    square root 4y=10

    asked by Patrick