Questions Asked on
May 20, 2010

  1. physics 6a

    A potential difference of 4.75 kV is established between parallel plates in airf the air becomes ionized (and hence electrically conducting) when the electric field exceeds 3.00×106 V/m, what is the minimum separation the plates can have without ionizing

    asked by Sally
  2. Chemistry help please!

    -Suppose K= 4.5x10^-3 at a certain temperature for the reaction : PCl5 PCl3+ Cl3, what must be the concentration of Cl2 under these conditions? -Chromate ion, Cro4^-2, is used as a qualitative test for lead(II) ion, forming a birght yello precipitate of

    asked by Ashley
  3. Physics

    your electronics friend needs a 20-ohm resistor but has only 40-ohm resistors. He tells you that he can combine them to produce a 20-ohm resistor. how?

    asked by Meg
  4. Chemistry

    What are the equations for the following? Positron emission from silicon-26 and Sodium-22 undergoes electron capture I really don't get it Thank you

    asked by Aubrey
  5. Algebra102

    A standard deck of cards is shuffled and one card is drawn. Find the probability that the card is red or a jack.

    asked by NatoshaMarie
  6. chemistry

    The question is how many kilojoules are required to melt 24g of ice at 100 degrees celsius? Can you please correct me if im wrong. ( Which I'll probably will be ) I did: 24 x 333= 800kj

    asked by evelyn
  7. Healthcare Finance

    Suppose the hospital pays out $300,000 in dividends. A stockholder receives $10,000. If a stockholder's tax rate on dividends is 15 percent, what is the after tax dividend?

    asked by Lashunta Battle
  8. chemistry

    What type of intermolecular forces would you expect to find between molecules of H2O? of BrCl? of hexane (C6H14)?

    asked by Ariana
  9. m/c

    Every night before closing, the night manager counts the amount of money in the cash register. The amount of money in the cash register is an example of what level of data? a) interval b) nominal c) ratio d) ordinal

    asked by Thara!

    IN THIS EXPERIMENT YOU FILL A PREFROM WITH WATER AND PUT A DRINKING STRAW INTO THE PREFROM AND USE CLAY TO SEAL THE OPENING. It is important to recall that when you first tried it, you were unable to drink, but a small amount of water entered the straw.

    asked by POPCORN
  11. English

    My class and I have to write a a-z story. It can be about anything. A-Z means that each sentence has to start with each diff letter from the alphabet. So the first sentence would start with A; second sentence would start with B, etc. I want to do a story

    asked by Sara
  12. 10th grade

    the circle is circumscribed by the pentagon as shown (not drawn to scale). If QZ=10, YX=9, XW=9, UW=17, and SU=10, find the perimeter of the pentagon.

    asked by josh
  13. science

    a balloon contains 30.0 L of helium gas at 103 kPa. What is the volume of the helium when the balloon rises to an altitude where the pressure is only 25.0 kPa?

    asked by Brad
  14. English

    ;A; Help writing a "topic sentence" about the dominican republic food?&& iwould need help on more of my essay .__. unfortunately theres no comment back button so idont know how i can do that either.

    asked by Danii

    solve the equation 2 sec x- tan x = cot x for the interval 0 to 360 please:)

    asked by HELPPPP
  16. chemistry

    Aluminum nitrate and ammonium chloride react to form alluminum chloride, nitrogen, and water. what mass of aluminum chloride is present after 43.0 g of aluminum nitrate and 43.0 g ammonium chloride have reacted completely? Please Help

    asked by amanda
  17. math just need someone to check and make sure this

    The Office Jet printer can copy Janet's dissertation in 10 min. The Laser Jet printer can copy the same documents in 8 min. If the two machines work together, how long would they take to copy the dissertation? 10*8=80 80/18= 4.4 so it would take 4 min. is

    asked by Marie
  18. Chemistry Help!!

    Determine triangle H when 10g of HN3 are reacted in the following reaction: 4HN3 + 2NO2 arrow pointing > 2H202 + 7N2 (note: triangle Hf for HN3 = +267.1 kJ Equation? Answer? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  19. human growth and developmnet

    Perry ages 80,tends to put lot of salt on his food even when the food has already been salted during cooking.What is the most likely reason for Perry's increased desire for salt? A) older adults require more sodium,which makes him crave salt. B)Parry has

    asked by vedrana
  20. eco

    Imagine that you are a business owner Choose whether to hire a new person in the marketing department or upgrade your computer system Each choice requires the same amount of investment?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Algebra102

    A pair of dice is rolled~ A possible event is rolling a multiple of 5. What is the probability of the complement of the event? A. 2/36 B. 12/36 C. 29/36 D. 32/36

    asked by NatoshaMarie
  22. Honors Chemistry

    "Would it be possible to have an addition polymer synthesized from a monomer that has only single bonds? Why or why not?" ==> I know that an addition polymer can only be synthesized from a monomer that has double bonds, but my textbook did not explain why.

    asked by Emily
  23. algebra 1

    one side of a triangle is 2cm shorter than the base The ofther side is 3cm longer than the base what lengths of the base will allow the perimeter to be greater than 19 cm?

    asked by Sulynn
  24. Physics

    (1)A motorist is traveling at 15 m/s when he sees a deer in the road 44 m ahead. If the maximum negative acceleration of the vehicle is −6 m/s2, what is the maximum reaction time of the motorist that will allow him to avoid hitting the deer? Answer in

    asked by oh you know
  25. Chemistry

    (True or False) Wax is nonpolar, yet it exists as a solid at room temperature. Its solidity is best explained by the presence of dispersion forces.

    asked by Ariana
  26. Math

    What is the equation for lateral area of a rectangular prism?

    asked by Arleen
  27. chemistry

    Which half-reaction represents reduction? Choose one answer. a. Cu → Cu^+2 + 2e- b. Fe^+2 → Fe^+3 + 1e- c. Ag^+1 + 1e- → Ag d. Al → Al^+3 + 3e-

    asked by Tim
  28. Chemistry

    What mass of methane must be combusted to produce 1.00 x 10^3 kJ of heat? could someone write the equation and the answer? Thank You.

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Biology

    How have guppies adapted over time to their freshwater environment? thanks:)

    asked by Rebekah

    A baby bounces up and down in her crib. Her mass is 13.5 kg, and the crib mattress can be modeled as a light spring with force constant 682 N/m. If she were to use the mattress as a trampoline—losing contact with it for part of each cycle—what minimum

    asked by gill
  31. algebra


    asked by billy
  32. algebra

    / - WRITE AN EQUATION TO FIND X I'M LOOKING FOR THE DEGREE OF THE TWO ANGLES /(2X+12) a ------------- / / (6X+16) b ---------------- /

    asked by billy
  33. Chemistry (Making sure

    For how many kilojoules are required to change 44.0g of ice at -12.0 degrees C to water at 85.0 degrees C? Would this be correct: Step 1: (2.10 J/g degrees C)(44g)(12 degrees C) = 1108.8J = 1.1088kJ Step 2: (44g)(1mol/18g)(6.01kJ/mol)= 14.6911kJ Step 3:

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    The side lengths of a right triangle are each an integral number of units. If one of the legs is 13 units, what is the perimeter of the triangle? Thanks ~Zach

    asked by Zach
  35. algebra

    Solve 2x -4y =-4 and 2x-2y =0

    asked by Anonymous
  36. algebra

    5/y-3=y+7/2y-6+1= an equation with extraneou solution. I need help with this problem

    asked by angelia
  37. English

    Can you check these sentences for me? Thank you in advance. 1) Eveline belongs to a collection of fifteen stories which was completed in 1904, but not published until 1914, under the title “Dubliners”. 2) As the title suggests, the stories are set in

    asked by Franco
  38. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. I hope you can look at them as well. 8) The second theme, epiphany, describes a sudden revelation in the everyday life of the characters due to (or caused by?) a trivial gesture, an external event or a bad

    asked by Franco
  39. define!

    i did one of this online test...but i neva got the mark yet...but wat does, ""Question Scoring: disabled until after Due Date """

    asked by Thara!
  40. posting box

    only half my box comes up

    asked by kathy

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 1- sin x = 3 cos^2 x over the domain 0 degrees to 360 degrees

    asked by HELPPPP
  42. race and ethnicity

    what can be the best way to explain the differences between exclusion and segregation??- Thanks

    asked by rose

    4cos(x) 5=6sec(x)

    asked by HELPPPP
  44. World History

    The military conquest of the assyrians were made possible by their A. powerful navy B. Efficient military organization and warlike spirit C. alliance with Egypt D. Country's natural barriers, which protected them from invasion by outsiders The famous

    asked by Amber
  45. math

    How do you find the discount of Regular Price $38 Discount 10%

    asked by penelope

    Okay, my teacher showed me in class this container. It had a balloon in the shape of a hand attached to the rim of the jar and hanging upside down. There was little drops of water in the jar, and my teacher said this was a good observation. She told me to

    asked by ~anonymous
  47. Economics

    What will be the outcome to global economics and the condition of man given increasing global birth rates and why?

    asked by kaley
  48. Algebra number patterns

    Predict number in pattern

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math help please!!!

    Factor completely 3p^2q + 9p^2q^2 - 12p^2q^3 I have done the following: 3p^2q(1+3q-4q^) but then i get stuck..not sure if that's the final answer..

    asked by help
  50. algebra

    I am not sure how to multiply and simplify this problem: Sqrt 50 * Sqrt 54

    asked by Kat
  51. math

    Train A is 12 mph slower than train B. Train A travels 230 miles in the same time it takes train B to travel 290 miles. Find the speed of each train.

    asked by Marie
  52. chemistry

    An equilibrium mixture contains N2O4, (P= 0.30 ) and NO2 (P= 1.1 ) at 350 K. The volume of the container is doubled at constant temperature. Calculate the equilibrium pressure of when the system reaches a new equilibrium. Calculate the equilibrium pressure

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Kaplan university

    describe how something is learned using classical conditioning. Be sure to identify the unconditioned stimulus, the conditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, and the conditioned response. For the second example you will use the theory of operant

    asked by Amber
  54. history

    What social, political, and economic changes pulled the North and the South farther apart? What was the final determining factor that led to Southern secession? What social and economic changes discussed in previous chapters fueled sectional conflict?

    asked by Gail
  55. History

    What is a more formal and polished word for split? In this sentence: The issue of imperialism split the Americans during the...

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Algebra

    9x + 2 = 13 divided by 5

    asked by AJ
  57. trig

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 4 cos x + 5 = 6 sec x over the domain 0 degrees which is less than or eaual to x which is less than 360 degrees

    asked by Clarkney
  58. trig

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 1- sin x = 3 cos^2 x over the domain 0 degrees to 360 degres

    asked by Clarkney
  59. trig

    ind, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 4 cos x + 5 = 6 sec x over the domain 0 degrees

    asked by Clarkney
  60. Math

    What's the formula for this (x+a)^n were x is a variable a is a constant and n is some power that can change example (x+5)^2 (x+5)^3 (x+5)^4 what's the general formula?

    asked by Susan
  61. geometry

    ABC is an isosceles triangle inscribed within a circle of radius 4,such that side BC passes through the center.What is the length of the arc segment AC?

    asked by Amanda
  62. English

    Thanks for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences too? 1)Particular attention is paid to the analysis ad recollection of the impressions that an outside event causes in the inner world of the characters. 2) The facts are presented from

    asked by Franco
  63. N/A

    I'm just needing a question to be ask: If you were head of health informaton management department at a hosptial later an FBI agent came to you with a search warrant and place it in your hand. And he ask to speak with you about the hopital's health

    asked by CC
  64. english

    iNeed help getting a 200 word essay done TONIGHT. I'll be away from the computer for about ten minutes because ihave to pick up pans for a tres leches cake that i have to provite with the essay. Its on the dominican republic foods. =___= as in the last

    asked by Danii
  65. math

    Train A is 12 mph slower than train B. Train A travels 230 miles in the same time it takes train B to travel 290 miles. Find the speed of each train.

    asked by Help Me Pleeease
  66. Physcial Science

    What are the significant similarities and differences between AC and DC? What determines which is better for a particular application?

    asked by John
  67. chemistry

    how much will be produced from 45.0 grams of nitrogen gas?

    asked by cassie
  68. math

    Algebra For questions 1-5, find the value of the variable. 1. x = (1 point) 2. y = (1 point) 3. x = (1 point) 4. x = (1 point) 5. (1 point) x = , y = , b = 90 x = , y = 3, b = 95 x = , y = 2, b = 90 x = , y = , b = 130 In Exercises 6-8, decide whether the

    asked by Sasha Z.
  69. math

    A square has a perimeter of 24cm. If a diagonal line is drawn through the square in such a way that two identical right triangles are produced, what is the length of the diagonal line?

    asked by Linda
  70. Math

    A square has a perimeter of 24cm. If a diagonal line is drawn through the square in such a way that two identical right triangles are produced, what is the length of the diagonal line

    asked by Jackie
  71. Math

    A ship carries exactly 10 different signal flags. If each possible combination and ordering of 4 of these flags connotes a specific message, how many signals can be sent with these flags, taken 4 at a time?

    asked by Felicia
  72. Math

    Estimate the number of personally constructed greeting cards possible at a machine if there are 12 designs, 30 messages, 18 closings, and 10 different paper stocks on (1 + 1)n, which to print the card. Indicate how you made your estimate. How valid was

    asked by Felicia
  73. History/English

    Is the world polarized used correctly: The issue of imperialism polarized the Americans during the late 19th and early 20th centuries over different beliefs...

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physical Science

    What do atoms forming the two bond types have in common(an ionic and covalent bond)?

    asked by John
  75. happyday!

    May many blessings shower down upon all those who are getting their diplomas. For those of you who are not there as of yet, the fulfillment that you feel on one day validates all of the assignments that you have done. I am walking down the aisle to get my

    asked by CongratsGrads!
  76. crt 205

    Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: • Articles • Advertising • Media • Conversations

    asked by holly
  77. math

    What is the coefficient of the term of degree 4 in this polynomial?4x8 + 5x4 - 2x3 + x2 - 1

    asked by jj black
  78. math 116


    asked by tony r
  79. math 116


    asked by tony r
  80. algebra

    2y+1/y^2-Y-6= 2y+1/(y+2)(y-3) check this

    asked by Keaton
  81. teacher aide

    What type of teaching uses formal lectures?

    asked by shelia
  82. algebra

    One paving machine can surface 1 km of highway in 6 hours. Another can surface 1 km of highway in 8 hours. how long would it take to surface 1 km of highway with the two machines working together?

    asked by Steven
  83. hcs514

    Can the formal and informal organization coexist within the same organizational structure? Why or why not?

    asked by kisha
  84. Algebra

    Thhe members of a soccer team are to share the $540 cost of a banquet. When 5 students are unable to attend the cost per student was $1.50 greater. How many students attended the banquet?

    asked by Steven
  85. poetry

    After completing the required readings for this week, discuss how you see the theme of creating art developing in the different stories and poems.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Algebra

    An elevator went to the do of a 180m building, stayed for 1 minute, then came down. The total time was 3.5 minutes. If the speed of the elevator when it went up was 1 m/sec less than when it came down, find both speeds (up and down).

    asked by Steven
  87. Geometry

    Hi, For one part of my problem I have had to find the equation of a straight line that passes through two points, I have done this but now i need to determine whether a new point lies on this line by using the equation from the first part, how would I do

    asked by Rich

    I am having a hard time understanding key points to write my essay on. Can I get some opinions on why it is important to speak your mind?

    asked by Amber
  89. geometry

    ABCD is a square with area =625 in square. The circumfrence centered in circle is circunscribed by ABCD. Find the approximately value of the shaded area. Use pie = 3.14

    asked by Sonia
  90. Chemistry-Is this correct?

    The concentration of NaOH is normally in the range of 3-6 M when they peel potatoes and soak them in a solution of NaOH , remove them and spray them off. If I have 45.7 mL of 0.500M of H2SO4 required to react completely with a 20.0 mL sample of NaOh. What

    asked by Sara
  91. Math

    I'm doing homework and stuck on this question: What percent of 3 1/3 is 3?

    asked by Leah
  92. Algebra II

    Growth and Decay Dave bought a new car 8 years ago for $8400. Tobuy a new car comparably equipped now would cost $12,500. Assuming a steady rate of increase, what was the yearly rate of inflation in car prices over the 8-year period? Is there an equation

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry

    Calculate (triangle H) for the complete combustion of 10.0g benzen. Equation? and could someone give me the answer?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. science


    asked by eddie
  95. chemistry

    when you are given two half reactions and you are told to calculate net E^O, would you find the voltage for each reaction and subtract the two to get the answer?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. calculus

    Let be a function that satisfies

    asked by m naveed
  97. math

    what is x + 4= 16

    asked by cece
  98. Math 12

    The mean and standard deviation of a set of data are two measurments that describe the data. A certain student has written 8 out of 10 unit exams, which are equally weighted. The student misses the ninth exam and receives a score of 0. However, for the

    asked by Leigh
  99. Math

    integral [((log(1+x))/(1 x^(2)))] .... limits: [0,1]

    asked by Lalo
  100. Chemistry

    Is the formula for benzene : C6H6 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. To Danii

    I cannot read your 11:55 post. Can you repost it here?

    asked by Jen
  102. English

    I'm writing a report by interpreting myself as a Jew during the holocaust and I have to write a journal entry about 8 to 10 sentences describing the time spent on the way to my concentration camp. I was wondering, how far it was from Holland to Auschwitz?

    asked by Jennifer
  103. Geometry

    I need to find the dimensions of this rectangular prism. It has a volume of 108 cubic inches. The length and width of the base are identical. The height is half of the length. Can you help explain how to do this given this information?

    asked by Brett
  104. Geometry

    A rectangular prism has the following characteristics. It has a volume of 71 cubic inches. The sum of the three lengths is 14. The width is 2 less than the length. The length is 5 more than the height. What are the dimensions of this rectangular prism?

    asked by Brett
  105. Geometry

    We have a triangular prism that has the following characteristics. It has a volume of 360 cubic inches. The base of the triangle is twice the height of the triangle. The difference between the height of the prism and the height of the triangle is 4 inches.

    asked by Brett
  106. Geometry

    Need help finding dimensions of a triangular prism. It has a volume of 900 cubic inches. Two of the dimensions are consecutive even numbers. Two of the dimensions are multiples of 5. All the dimensions are less than 16, but greater than 6. All lengths are

    asked by Brett
  107. 5th grade

    How do you do double dight divison

    asked by Jade
  108. math

    a vending machine takes only nickels and dimes. there five times as many dims as nickels in the machine. the face value of the coins is $4.40. how many of each are there?

    asked by sally
  109. Growth

    When do girls stop growing? Also, if a family memeber had a late growth spurt would it be more likely that their child also have a late growth spurt?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. math(answer quick!)

    _____________figures are two-dimensional figures what is in the blank?

    asked by da
  111. 7th grade

    what is 1.4 to the 11th power

    asked by Emma
  112. algebra

    We just learned equations & inequalities today and im so confused on how to do it!will someone help me??? -5 + 2 < -2

    asked by Megan
  113. physics

    You are shining ultraviolet light on a gas of an unknown element. You know that an electron starts in a ground state with an energy of -19.10 eV. The electron absorbs a 4.00-eV photon. The electron immediately drops to an intermediate energy state Einter

    asked by Brianna
  114. English

    Thank you for your corrections.Can you check the very last sentences of the day, please? 1) The sound of the music coming from the street organ triggers Eveline’s flashback to the night of her mother’s death. 2) On her mother’s deathbed Eveline

    asked by Franco
  115. Science

    Is this correct? The Energy Transformation of a Slingshot: elastic Potential-Kinetic-Potential

    asked by Chris
  116. geometry

    Draw two parallel lines on your paper. Locate four points on the paper each an equal distance from both lines. Describe the figure you get if you continue to locate points each an equal distance from both lines

    asked by lori
  117. typhoid

    How can I describe typhoid fever and its effects on the health of others?

    asked by AL 92
  118. English

    Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences too? 1)Particular attention is paid to the analysis ad recollection of the impressions that an outside event causes in the inner world of the characters. 2) The facts are

    asked by Franco
  119. 5th grade math

    what is 6 m and 80 cm in decimal form? is it 6.08m?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. calculus

    f'(x) < 0 if |x| < 1 And apparently this means f is decreasing on (-1, 1). I don't understand this. I know f'(x) < 0 means the function is decreasing. But I don't understand the absolute value. It means I can put -1 or 1 inside, but wouldn't it still be 1

    asked by Kelly
  121. Math

    Mrs.Ryan gave her class cupcakes. She gave half the class yellow, a third of her class chocolate and the remaining students vanilla. If 5 students got vanillia how mny students are in the class? How many got yellow? Chocolate?

    asked by YArmainee
  122. Math

    Oliver is chossing 3 of his 4 hats to take on vacation ?????

    asked by Sara
  123. chemistry

    at a deep-sea station 200m below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, workers live in a highly pressurized environment. How many lites of gas at STP must be compressed on the surface to fill the underwater environmen with 2.00 x 10^7 of gas at 20.0 atm? What

    asked by Billy
  124. Clarification

    I don't get this statement. "Most cases (of typhoid fever) in developed countries are imported from endemic countries."

    asked by AL 92
  125. social studies

    What is another name for the equator?

    asked by joshua
  126. Algebra 1

    Hello. Can someone check my answers to the following Factor each of the following 1. a^2 - 9 My answer a^2 - 9 = 0 (a - 3)a + 3) 2. 4a^2 - 4a+1 My Answer 4a^2 - 4a + 1 = 4a^2 - 2a - 2a + 1 = 2a(2a - 1) - 1(2a - 1) = (2a - 1)(2a - 1) 3. 72 - 22x + x^2 My

    asked by Tamir
  127. business

    what factors will impact your pricing strategy.

    asked by jun jun


    asked by DEEDEE
  129. Science

    Is this correct? The Change of energy of a Slingshot: Elastic Potention-Gravitational potential-potential?

    asked by Chris
  130. Chemistry

    How are the three types of intermolecular forces similar? How are they different?

    asked by Ariana
  131. m/c

    A researcher is hired by a company to ascertain the morale of company employees. The company employs over 10,000 employees. The researcher takes a random sample of 237 employees, interviews each sampled employee, and uses the information to project the

    asked by Thara!
  132. Math (trig)


    asked by Kate
  133. algebra

    y/4+2y=2y^2/4 check this

    asked by Keaton
  134. ELA

    Website For Grammar Lessons 6th grade????....

    asked by Alina
  135. Trig

    Find three additional polar representation of the point (-3, pie over 6) given in polar coordinates,using -2 pie

    asked by Sasha
  136. M/C

    Which level of data has an absolute zero? A) nominal B) ratio C) ordinal D) interval IS IT (B)

    asked by Thara!
  137. social studies

    Definition of Horse Canal

    asked by joshua
  138. English

    I'm doing a Spanish assignment but theres no need for any spanish words, so i'll call it an English paper. I'm doing a research project on the dominican republics food and drink but idont know how to start off my 200 word essay that's due tomorrow o__o

    asked by Danii
  139. math

    3/2y-3/2y+4 could you help me please

    asked by Keaton
  140. M/C

    A researcher studies the effectiveness of managers at a small company containing 46 employees. The researcher interviews every employee, gathers data, analyzes the data, and writes up a report of her findings for company management. Company management uses

    asked by Thara!
  141. math

    3/2y-3/2y+4= Can someone please help with this problem

    asked by Keaton
  142. Math

    Give four word problems making and organizing list

    asked by Shelly
  143. m/c

    Which of the following refers to when a researcher gathers data from a sample and uses the statistics generated to reach conclusions about the population from which the sample was taken? inferential statistics holistic statistics conclusive statistics

    asked by Thara!
  144. math

    how do u find the volume?

    asked by alissa
  145. chemistry

    what volume of HCl gas is needed to neutralise 50 ml of 0.1M NaOH at stp?

    asked by boond
  146. exploration

    What untaped wealth does Nicaragua have? Can you help me answer this question please? yhank you

    asked by natalie