Questions Asked on
May 15, 2010

  1. geology

    How do fosils help in determining the relative age of strata? Are the three different localities around the same relative age?

    asked by Deborah
  2. Chemistry

    "An aqueous sodium borate solution is titrated to the second endpoint with 0.225 mol/l nitric acid in the presence of a suitable indicator. If an average of 12.6mL of titrant are required to reach the second endpoint for a 25.0 mL sample, what is the base

    asked by Stuck
  3. Com 150

    How does the writing process you read about in this class differ from the process you have used in the past?

    asked by jessica
  4. finance

    One year ago, Auto Land issued 10-year bonds at par. The bonds have a coupon rate of 6.5 percent and pay interest annually. Today, the market rate of interest on these bonds is 6.25 percent. How does today's price of this bond compare to the issue price

    asked by Anonymous
  5. algebra

    x^2x-35 x(2x-35) x(x-35) check this for me thank for your help.

    asked by Ashley
  6. chemistry

    how many grams of oxygen is required to produce 2.0 kg of water??

    asked by bob
  7. Finance

    Veggie Burgers, Inc., would like to maintain its cash account at a minimum level of $246,400; but expect the standard deviation in net daily cash flows to be $13,600; the effective annual rate on marketable securities to be 4.8 percent per year; and the

    asked by Hans
  8. physics

    Hi! could anyone help me to solve this problem please. Three point charges are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle as in the figure below. Find the magnitude and direction of the net electric force on the 1.60 µC charge. (A = 1.60 µC, B =

    asked by Chan
  9. relgious education

    For my RE homework I need to write an essay about the differences, similarities between Christianity and Judaism. the teaching and beliefs of the two religions. anyone know of any sites which explain it simply. thanks any help would be great :)

    asked by lou
  10. social

    what is the physical environment at kajuraho at present?

    asked by vineeth
  11. science

    what is the current prouce by a potential difference of 240 volts through a resistance of 0.2 ohms?

    asked by Harry
  12. science

    what resistance would produce a current of 120 amps from a 6-volt battery?

    asked by Harry
  13. math

    Let’s suppose you throw a ball straight up with an initial speed of 50 feet per second from a height of 6 feet. a.Find the parametric equations that describe the motion of the ball as a function of time. b.How long is the ball in the air? c.Determine

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Chemistry

    Could you please explain what makes carbon so special and how its different formations affects its properties. I know its versatile but I don't get the rest. Thank you

    asked by Shelley
  15. relgious education

    do muslims get baptised/christened. ive looked on some websites on one it says they do and on another it says they donot believe in it. im a bit confused. thanks

    asked by Star
  16. Ms Sue-re

    just to say a BIG thankyou to you i was abit confused but what you found was a huge help and helped to clear it are a star! thanks again

    asked by Star
  17. statistics

    Ok, so I'm trying to do this for my exam review. I get some of it, but not all: An electric utility is examining the relationship between temperature and electricity use in its service region on warm days. The utility has bivariate data detailing the

    asked by peter
  18. social studies

    what 2 counties where influiential politicals have lived or currently living in florida,United states of america, north america? i am thinking madison and orange counties

    asked by chidora
  19. Grade 8 Geometry

    to calculate volume you use the formula V= area of b.s.(base area) x h(height) - How can I tell what face is the "base shape", especially with a triangular prism?

    asked by Selena
  20. algebra

    (-3x+4)+(x tothe 2nd power +x-5)

    asked by rory
  21. English

    Can you please proofread this for me.. I'm really bad with grammar. Something that I take a lot of pride in is my passion of giving back to the community. My senior year of high school I was in Leadership, and with the help of my council members we devoted

    asked by Melonie

    A firm uses a single plant with costs C= 160 +16Q +.1Q2 and faces the price equation P= 96 – .4Q. a) Find the firm’s profit-maximizing price and quantity. What is the profit? b) The firm’s production manager claims that the firm’s average cost of

    asked by STARR
  23. history

    Hitler's attacks on Austria and ______ tarted world war 2.

    asked by Bella
  24. maths

    can any one tell me wat are the topics for class 10th maths project for the year 2010-2011.

    asked by prateek nayak
  25. english

    what are the books we have to read for our holiday homework :class10th year 2010-2011

    asked by prateek nayak
  26. Algebra 2/trig

    How would I calculate the following function value? tan = 29degrees 36feet

    asked by Brenna
  27. social studies

    I need to research on this sentence: Canadians are providing aid in the area of education. But I can't find a good website for this sentence. I've also tried typing this sentence on google but it's not giving me a good site. Please help me find a good site

    asked by Mukti
  28. college

    performance appriasal

    asked by Barbara
  29. social studies

    Find me a site for this sentence: a project in which canadians are providing aid in the area of health care or education. I can't seem to find one

    asked by Mukti
  30. Chemistry

    A solution of acetic acid having a concentration of about 0.2M is to be titrated using 0.200M NaOH. Select an indicator for the titration. what salt will the solution contain at the equivalence point? what is the approximate concentration of this salt at

    asked by Alison
  31. Chemistry

    I have a test on monday and I NEED to ace it in order to raise my grade > . < ldsfkjaslkf right now, acids and bases are killing me can somebody help me with these problems? A buffer solution is prepared by mixing the weak base ammonia (Kb=1.77x10^-5) with

    asked by Kimberlee
  32. algebra

    length and width of a rectangle A=198 in width =x length =x+7

    asked by Ben
  33. Chemistry

    What catalysts are used to manufacture sulfuric acid and nitric acid?

    asked by Joe
  34. Accounting

    Case 1. Steve and Linda Hom live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Two years ago, they visited Thailand. Linda, a professional chef, was impressed with the cooking methods and the spices used in the Thai food. Bartlesville does not have a Thai restaurant, and the

    asked by Monica
  35. Chem

    For a titration to be effective, what must be the relationship between the equivalence point and the endpoint?

    asked by Harry
  36. Math

    I am looking for a website or two so that I can help my daughter with her accounting homework. Usually my husband helps her, but he was just deployed to Iraq a few days ago. Can you help me locate some websites? I found a few, but I am not willing to pay

    asked by Mrs. Winters
  37. Algebra

    5-x/x^2-8x+15. can you show steps on how to solve this? thank you.

    asked by Aasthaaaaa
  38. Chemistry

    Two of the questions my teacher put on the review sheet for our Acid/Base test are 1) what is the characteristic property of a buffer solution? and 2) what does a buffer solution contain? i think a buffer solution contains a weak acid and its conjugate

    asked by Alison
  39. Chemistry

    my ap chem teacher has been absent for the past two weeks and part of the notes her sub gave us to copy says that In the equation HC2H3O2 + H20 C2H3O2(- charge) + H3O(+ charge) HC2H3O2 is an acid H2O is a base C2H3O2(- charge) is the conjugate base and

    asked by Mark
  40. stats:find the mean

    please help! i know exactly how to find the mean but i am having a problem finding the midpoints. couldn't get them right :( salary employees 5,001- 10,000 == 16 10,001-15,000 == 15 15001-20,000 == 11 20,001-25,000 == 15 25,001-30,000 == 23

    asked by sha
  41. maths

    1. A cone justs fits inside a cylinder with volume 300cm^2. what is the volume of the cone?Give reasons for your answers.

    asked by Ted
  42. MATHS

    The shape, a cube and a square based pyramid. Both shapes have the same base and the same height. Which expression represents the total volume of this shape? justify your answer. Note:that the pyramid is on top of the cube joined together.

    asked by Ted
  43. Chemistry

    A sample of argon gas has a volume of 715 mL at a pressure of 1.34 atm and a temperature of 144 Celsius. What is the volume of the gas in milliliters when the pressure and temperature of the gas sample are changed to 622 mmHg and 321 K?

    asked by Kelly
  44. the power of art

    If Gianiorenzo Bernini's Apollo and Daphne were to be moved from the Galleria Borghese in Rome where it now stands into the Ufizzi Gallery, the most ideal place to install it would be A anywhere in a gallery, provided it was with other 16th century marble

    asked by karen
  45. French

    is Monaco masculine or feminine? ie le Monaco or la Monaco

    asked by S.
  46. algebra

    4x^3-5x^2-10x-3 divided by 4x+3

    asked by Matt
  47. Philosophy/Social Ethics

    Any guidance as to where find answers to the following questions or any related ones would be super. Would a market for procuring organs lead to commodification of the human body? What do we do when there are not enough organs to meet demand? Do people who

    asked by Herb
  48. Derivative

    What is the derivative of this y= 1/sin^2x - 2/sinx

    asked by Ken
  49. Managerial Economics

    As vice president of sales for a rapidly growing company, you are grappling with the question of expanding the size of your direct sales force (from its current level of 60 national salespeople. You are considering hiring from 5 to 10 additional personnel

    asked by Ariana
  50. Math

    how to find the formula for internet users per subscriber (average) if the internet subscribers (1000s) and internet users (1000s) are 11401 and 67510 respectively.

    asked by JAndu Andu
  51. MATH


    asked by CINDY B
  52. chemistry

    permanganate ion oxidizes hydrogen peroxide to oxygen gas and Mn2+ in acidic solution balance this equation: MnO4- + H2O2 yield Mn2+ + O2 this is what i got 16H+ + 2MnO4- + 5H2O2 yield 2Mn2+ + 8H2O + 5O2 + 10H+ all the atoms and charges are balanced but

    asked by bme1(check my answer)
  53. chemistry

    Which of the following when added to water will cause a significant change in the pH of the solution? 1 NH4HSO4 2 (NH4)2SO4 3 Na2SO4 I believe the answer is 1 & 2. is that right.

    asked by George2
  54. Web Design

    Please advise: While changes in code would be a good reason for a redesign of one's web page, I am stuck on equally important reasons for a redesign.

    asked by Jim
  55. Probability

    Two dice are rolled. Find the odds that the score on the dice is either 7 or 12. A) 7 : 29 B) 1 : 5 C) 1 : 1 D) 19 : 17 I am so lost it isn't funny. I do not know how to figure this out.

    asked by BWB
  56. economics

    How goverment intervention can could improve societys welfare by changing peopple's incentives. What way is the market going wrong? Pollution from auto emissions has reached unhealthy levels

    asked by Nicole Bellino
  57. Geometry

    Lines l and m have an intersection at point O and any reflection in l followed by a reflection in m results in a rotation about point O of 136 degrees. What is the acute angle between l and m? Thank you!!

    asked by DJ
  58. algebra2

    I am taking an online class, and cant understand why when I calculate ona ti84 plus an answer I get decimal answer and my teachers answer is sq root, is there something I am not doing on my calculator? How do I convert.

    asked by jeff
  59. Geography

    can you help me with my 3-D Top map construction Project of a pear island

    asked by Ted
  60. Rephrasing a sentence

    How can I rephrase the following question: How do you measure students’ progress?

    asked by Marcia
  61. 5th grade

    what does it means when they ask you give me a answear in units of multiplication and divisions word problems

    asked by aliha
  62. Math

    Assume that the weight loss for the first two months of a diet program has a uniform distrbiution over the interval 6 to 12 pounds. Find the probability that a person on this diet loses less than 10 pounds in the first two months. Not sure what to do. A)

    asked by bart
  63. Business

    I need to find the ROI and NPV of a $35,000 software installation, which will reduce staff of one at $10 per hour +18% benefits. Money cost are 7% and the system will become obsolete in three years. I have figured the ROI, but am not sure about the 7%

    asked by Cher
  64. Chemistry

    An airplane is pressurized to 650mm Hg, which is the atmospheric pressure at a ski resort at 13,000ft altitude. a. if air is 21% oxygen, what is the partial pressure of oxygen on the plane? b. If the partial pressure of oxygen drops below 100mm Hg,

    asked by Helen
  65. algebra

    I am having a lot of difficulty trying to figure out how to put two math (word problems) questions into an expression. Can someone help me, I can do the rest from there. An explanation on the math formula would be great too. here's the two questions. 1.

    asked by Rick

    Hello, I am wondering what exactly characterizes a polar molecule. Are all polar molecules charged? How do you tell if an uncharged molecule is polar? Thank you so much!

    asked by Bobbi
  67. chemistry

    A 0.26 M solution of a diprotic acid, itaconic acid, has an [H+] of 6.0 10-3 M. What is the value of K1? I got answer like 2.6 10-1 ,I am not realy sure if u help me C5H6O4--> C5H5O4 + H+ K1 is constant

    asked by kelly
  68. Algebra

    55. Find the range of y = 2x + 1. a. all real numbers b. all positive numbers Not sure.. 67. Name the Property: -2 + (10+1) = (-2 + 10) + 1 a. Commutative Property of Multiplication b. Inverse property of addition c. Commutative Property of Addition d.

    asked by mysterychicken
  69. chemistry

    Using data in table below and S °(C2H6(g))= 229.5 J·mol-1·K-1, calculate ÄfS° for C2H6(g) in J·mol-1·K-1. Compound S °, J·mol-1·K-1 Compound S °, J·mol-1·K-1 C(s) 5.69 H2(g) 130.6 I am sorry , last time i did not show my working. thanks for

    asked by write2khin
  70. Grammar and Composition

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME OUT TO DO THIS, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME, PLEEASE! I'VE POSTED IT SO MANY TIMES. THANKS TO ANYONE WHO DOES IT! Desert Island Essay Pre-writing Sheet: Step 1: Choosing a Topic -Bahamas -Caribbean Islands -Adriatic

    asked by y912f
  71. intermidate alegebra

    I need help with two problem please. 4m^+20m+25= over the m is 2. w3+5w^-w=5 Please help me. over the w is three and 5w is 2. so could please help me this had to be done tonight.

    asked by Ashley
  72. ethics

    Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper that formulates your personal code of ethics, using one of the major ethical frameworks as a guide. Include answers to the following questions: o In previous weeks, you examined the professional code of ethics for a field

    asked by jessie
  73. Social Studies

    What are the two strongest and more advanced cultures in Asia?

    asked by Liliana
  74. algebra

    The projected number of men and women enrolled in US colleges, in millions, is modeled in the following formulas: Women: N=0.007x+4.1 Men: N=0.01x +3.9 N represents enrollment, in millions, x years after 1984 (I left this part out last posting). What is

    asked by Rick
  75. psychology

    • Write a 700- to 1050-word paper in APA format describing the five major structures of the brain and each structure’s function(s) in the human body. Be sure to include the following brain structures: o Myelencephalon o Metencephalon o Mesencephalon o

    asked by zdenka
  76. Classroom Rubric

    How many criteria should be included in an classroom rubric? Why?

    asked by Marcia
  77. chemistry

    The particles of which sample of LiCl(s) have the same average kinetic energy as the particles in a 2.0 mole sample of NH3(g) at 25 degrees celcius? a) 1.0 mole @ 75 degrees celcius b) 12.0 mole @ 50 degrees celcius c) 3.0 mole @ 25 degrees celcius d) 4.0

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English Gr.11

    If you have read the Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood then in your opinion who do you think has a better life, the handmaid's or the jezebels? Explain why.

    asked by nono
  79. Chemistry

    The main component of nail polish remover is acetone, which has ∆Hvap= +31.3 kJ/mol. How many kJ of energy will be exchanged between your skina dn 48.9 mL of acetone which have been spilled on you? (density of acetone =0.79 g/cm^3)

    asked by anonymous
  80. stats

    A researcher conducts a t test for dependent means in which it is predicted that there will be a decrease in unemployment from before to after a particular job-skills training program. The cutoff "t" needed is -1.8333. The standard deviation of the

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Chemistry

    A container is filled with 8.0×10^21 O2 molecules at 9 Celsius and 815 mm Hg. What is the volume in mL of the container?

    asked by Sam