Questions Asked on
May 14, 2010

  1. college physics

    A popular daredevil trick is to complete a vertical loop on a motorcycle. This trick is dangerous, however, because if the motorcycle does not travel with enough speed, the rider falls off the track before reaching the top of the loop. What is the minimum

    asked by Adam
  2. chemistry

    Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant for a reaction? 1 The extent of a reaction 2 Whether the reaction is fast or slow 3 Whether a reaction is exothermic or endothermic a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 2 only e. 1 and 3

    asked by Aungsan
  3. Finance

    Newdex has net income of $2,500,000 and 1,000,000 shares outstanding. It needs to raise $3,610,000 in funds for a new asset. Its investment banker plans to sell an issue of common stock to the public for $40 per share, less a spread of 5%. How much must

    asked by Samantha
  4. chemistry(check my answer)

    Which equation describes the relationship between the rates at which Cl2 and F2 are consumed in the following reaction? Cl2(g) + 3F2(g) yield 2ClF3(g) a)-d(Cl2)/dt = -d(F2)/dt b)-d(Cl2)/dt = 2[-d(F2)/dt] c)3[-d(Cl2)/dt] = -d(F2)/dt d)2[-d(Cl2)/dt] =

    asked by eng
  5. Psychology

    Phineas Gage suffered a serious brain injury when a rod went through his brian. The importance of his injury to psychology was

    asked by Jamontrae Ridley
  6. Business

    What are the four elements of a valid contract? Describe the objective theory of contracts. Why do you think the court held that tere was not a valid agreement in the Judge Wood's decision

    asked by Stephanie Walker
  7. science

    what would be the final amount of water in a mixture when 2kg ice at -20 degrees celsius is mixed with 5kg water at 20 degrees celsius? Given:specific heat capacity of ice=0.5/gram degree celsius,specific heat capacity of water=1cal/gram degree

    asked by pramit
  8. Physics

    Two charged smoke particles exert a force of 4.2x10^-2 N on each other. What will be the force if they are moved so they are only one eighth as far apart? F= 4.2x10^-2 N K= 8.99x10^9 e= 1.6x10^-19 Do I solve for r even though they're asking me to find the

    asked by Ali
  9. Math

    Increasing $100 by a certain percent produces the same result as decreasing $300 by the same percent. What is this percent?

    asked by Sammy
  10. Grammar and Composition

    Hi, Can someone please read my huge post below and complete the last part for me (it is to be done by an adult), thank you sooo much!

    asked by y912f
  11. Vectors

    if |x|=2 and |y|=5, determine the dot product between x-2y and x+3y if the angle between vector x and y is 60deg.

    asked by Marie
  12. algebra

    what is 2x^2-2=-5x-1 in standard form?

    asked by forrest
  13. chemistry(check my answer)

    Which of the following will be affected by the addition of a catalyst to a chemical reaction? a)the value of the reverse rate constant, kr b)the magnitude of the equilibrium constant c)the value of the forward rate d)ΔHo e)the value of the forward rate

    asked by eng
  14. Math

    Of all rectangles that can be formed from thirty 4 x 4 squares, the one with the greatest perimeter has a perimeter of -----------?

    asked by Max
  15. Math

    It is a story problem. Courtney has 27 chocolate chip cookies and 36 oatmeal raisin cookies. She needs to arrange them on trays. She doesnt want to combine either type of cookies and she wants the same number on each tray. What is the largest number of

    asked by Josh

    Hello, I am wondering what exactly characterizes a polar molecule. Are all polar molecules charged? How do you tell if an uncharged molecule is polar? Thank you so much!

    asked by Bobbi
  17. chemestry

    Did mass appear to be conserved during this chemical reaction? In other words, did it look like there was more or less mass than what you started with? Simply describe what you saw, not what you think should have happened. Use complete sentences for your

    asked by renise
  18. History

    What was the Liberal Consensus? How did it reflect postwar assumptions about the economy, foreign relations, and America’s position in the world? How do Vietnam and the Great Society reflect the two sides of Liberal Consensus? How do the events of 1968

    asked by Julie
  19. college physics

    Estimate the rotational kinetic energy of Earth, assuming it to be a solid sphere of uniform density.

    asked by Adam
  20. chem

    part 1 When 0.633 g of Ca metal is added to 200.0 mL of 0.500 M HCl(aq), a temperature increase of 103C is observed. Assume the solution's final volume is 200.0 mL, the density is 1.00 g/mL, and the heat capacity is 4.184 J/gC. (Note: Pay attention to

    asked by Anonymous
  21. geometry

    A 25-foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a building. The base of the ladder is 7 feet from the base of the wall. If the top of the ladder slips 4 feet, how many feet will the base of the ladder slide?

    asked by M
  22. science

    which has a lower ph pure water that is hot or pure water that is cold? is it possible for water to be neutralbut have a ph less than or greater than 7.0? how readily an acid donates a hydrogen is a !@#$%^&tion of how well the acid is able to accomodate

    asked by sarah
  23. Vectors

    Determine the angle that vector a= (12,-3,4) makes with the y-axis.

    asked by fergie
  24. Math

    From the ff. account balances picked up from the ledger of Morgan Industries on July 15, 2008, prepare a trial balance in good form Morgan, Drawing Drawing 1, 800 Accounts Payable 38, 000 Land 30,000 Sales Discount 3, 600 Purchase Returns and Allowances

    asked by Alison

    DR Bob, can you go through the steps to work this out please.... how many grams of alcohol with a density of 0.900 g/cm ^3 (cm cubed) will have the same volume as 20.0g of mercury,with a density of 13.6 g/cm ^3 Do you have to find the volume of mercury

    asked by ANDY
  26. health

    List 3 components of the environment Briefly describe the major pollutant in each category and their effect on health Explain how sustainable development affects the environment

    asked by abby
  27. classroom management

    what are some strategies you would share with students who do not know how to cooperate.

    asked by scooby
  28. health

    List 3 components of the environment Briefly describe the major pollutant in each category and their effect on health Explain how sustainable development affects the environment

    asked by abby
  29. English

    How would you put this in your own words. My teacher gave this to us as an example and were suppose to fix it to make it stronger. I deserve this scholarship, because I have the ability to follow through with all the hard work it will take to achieve my

    asked by Courtney

    how many dozens of dust particles are in 2.45 g if each particle has a mass of 2.51 x 10^-4 grams...? I don't have a clue!!!!!! Thanks Andy

    asked by ANDY
  31. classroom management

    what step would you take to ensure all students contribute to and are accountable for their efforts during collaborative learning activities? are they talking like i would go around and ask each memeber int he group if the student worked on it. and have

    asked by scooby
  32. classroom management(last one)

    would you allow students to self-select into teams when assigning collaborative learning activities? why or why not? I say no because the students need to learn how to work with other students. Every student learns differently. What would your criteria be

    asked by scooby
  33. english

    what are the five basic clues or signals that awriter can use yo guide readers through a peice of writing

    asked by rose
  34. science

    I was to classify these elements as metals or nonmetals----iron, cobalt, sodium, oxygen,chlorine, and helium. This is how I classified them. Am I correct? The metals are iron, cobalt and sodium. The nonmetals are oxygen, chlorine and heluim.

    asked by sue
  35. science

    In what form are most elements (in the periodic table) in nature? What does this mean?

    asked by sue
  36. medical science

    How long do numbing treatments for lacerations last?

    asked by jon

    an 56 Fe 2+ particle has how many protons neutrons amd electrons??? 56 2+ Fe Thanks Andy

    asked by ANDY
  38. algebra

    what is the solution of the system of equations? y=4x+1 y=5x-9

    asked by chelsi
  39. chemistry

    Which equation describes the relationship between the rates at which Cl2 and F2 are consumed in the following reaction? Cl2(g) + 3F2(g) yield 2ClF3(g) a)-d(Cl2)/dt = -d(F2)/dt b)-d(Cl2)/dt = 2[-d(F2)/dt] c)3[-d(Cl2)/dt] = -d(F2)/dt d)2[-d(Cl2)/dt] =

    asked by eng
  40. calc

    find the horizontal asymptotes of the curve....? im not sure what to do? thanks y=14x/(x^4+1)^(1/4)

    asked by adam
  41. Spanish

    What exactly are the differences between "por" and "para"?

    asked by Avianna
  42. algebra

    factoring completely, state that the polynomials is prime. x^-16 (x+8)(x-8) not prime. x^-8x+12 x(8x+12) (4x+6) Check these problem me please

    asked by Ashley
  43. Reimbursement Methodologies

    Would someone check my answers please, thanks for any help.. 1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. decrease public hospital costs. B. implement fee schedules. C. implement health care

    asked by Kelsey
  44. statistics

    The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate?

    asked by Jeff
  45. math

    Imagine that you're the manager of the Candle Shop. Figures C-1 contains your records of annual inventory figures for candles. Using the FIFO method of inventory pricing, what is the dollar value of ending inventory if there were 17,000 units on hand on

    asked by tanja
  46. math

    One solar pad can raise water temp 1 degree in 30 min. a second solar pad takes 45 min to raise water temp 1 degree in 45 min. Both machines working together. How long will it take to raise the temp 1 degree

    asked by kayla
  47. Chemistry

    Why is it important for a company manufacturing vinegar to regularly check the molarity of its product?

    asked by Nessy
  48. Physics

    A body moves in rectilinear motion along the x-axis with an acceleration of a = 24 - t - 6 t^2 . Starting with an initial position at the origin (x = 0) and an initial velocity of 4 ft/s to the left (along the negative x-axis), what is the position of the

    asked by Anthony
  49. education

    What is critical thinking?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    you take 2 balls without replacement from the bag, 2 yellow and 7 pink find the expectation and the standard deviation of how many yellow balls you will get

    asked by keisha
  51. chemistry

    What is the carbonate-ion, CO3-2, concentration in a 0.037 M carbonic acid solution? a. 1.2 ´ 10-4 b. 4.2 ´ 10-7 c. 7.6 ´ 10-8 d. 4.8 ´ 10-11 e. 5.2 ´ 10-19

    asked by iby
  52. spanish

    What does Que llevan Los jugadores de futbol? Mean in english

    asked by kk
  53. Social Studies

    South America lies in the blank Hemisphere and the blank Hemisphere at latitude blank and the blank Pole at latitude blank

    asked by Alyssa
  54. marketing

    What are some of the different stages a company goes through when developing its IMC strategy?

    asked by Bri
  55. history

    what is the name of the highest class in the 1880's?

    asked by jessica
  56. 10th grade


    asked by Anonymous
  57. calculus

    Solve the equation (the square root of x+2)+ (the square root of x-2)=(the square root of 4x-2)

    asked by Louise
  58. chemistry

    how many moles of acetic acid are in 15.05mL, 45.13mL, and 75.22mL of titrated vinegar?

    asked by nik
  59. health

    how does technology affect the preservation of confidentiality?

    asked by cortez
  60. 5th grade math

    My class is selling flowers. We want to arrange them so that they are all in equal rows with no row containing different types of plants. Using the numbers from the table provided, what is the largest # of plants we can put in each row? (Marigolds-48 pots,

    asked by Josh
  61. law school

    I need to know what makes judges effective and ineffective? how does gender effect delinquency? Can someone help please

    asked by nett28
  62. economic

    which of the 10 principle do you think play a major role in your decision Provide an example for each about decision making interaction and the working of the economy.Explain how that influences the marginal benefits and marginal costs associated with the

    asked by help
  63. Glaciers

    I am looking for sites that help you answer questions on glaciers and identify parts og glacier

    asked by Wanda
  64. statistics

    A school counselor tests the level of depression in fourth graders in a particular class of 20 students. The counselor wants to know whether the kind of students in this class differs from that of fourth graders in general at her school. On the test, a

    asked by Anonymous
  65. chemistry

    How many kilojoules are released when 90.0 methanol is burned? I know the answer is 1020 kj but have NO idea how to get it, or what I'm doing wrong.

    asked by michelle
  66. Grammar and Composition

    Desert Island Essay Pre-writing Sheet: Step 1: Choosing a Topic -Bahamas -Caribbean Islands -Adriatic Islands -Baltic Islands -Mediterranean Islands -Pacific Islands Step 2: Narrowing a Topic -Caribbean Islands~Barbados~Bridgetown, Barbados -The Island I

    asked by y912f
  67. Algebra

    13. Which relationship would most likely have a positive correlation? a. The amount of memory in a computer, and the number of keys on the keyboard. b. The rate at which a train travels, and the time it takes for it to reach its destination. c. The number

    asked by mysterychicken
  68. reimbursement methodologies

    I read over my answers and re-done them, could someone please check them again for me.. Thanks in advance 1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. decrease public hospital costs. B. implement

    asked by Kelsey
  69. calculus

    Calculate Integrals: x= 2 cos â - cos 2 â -1, y= 2 sin â - sin 2 â? I need the procedure. The answer is: 6ð Thank you!

    asked by Terry
  70. Calculus I Theorem

    I factored and simplified dy/dx of 192x^5 + 96x^3 + 12x all the way down to x^2 = u = (-1/2) and (-1/6). How does the result illustrates part 1 of the Calculus Fundamental Theorem?

    asked by John
  71. World History/Geography

    What are the Major imports and exports of New Zealand?

    asked by Alyssa
  72. geometry

    find the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a 13-gon

    asked by Anonymous
  73. geometry

    How do find the lateral area of a triangular prism?

    asked by Michael
  74. ea

    Q: penn foster examination number 02603600 1. Which learning technique is frequently used in the expository model of teaching? A. Deductive thinking C. Discovery learning B. Inductive thinking D. Knowledge-based learning my Answer..A 2. Which technique is

    asked by Lynda
  75. Chemistry

    9.50mL of .100M NaOH + 8.00mL of .100M of HC2H3O2. Find the pH. Okey this is what I did. 8.00-9.50=1.5mL or .0015L .0015L x .1000 = .00015 moles .00015/(total volume) = .0085714 M -log(.0085714)= 2.0669=pOH 14-2.0669 = 11.933 But I'm getting the feeling

    asked by Amphee
  76. Geography

    Eastern Europe's cultural diversity is the best characterized by the many different: A.political systems present in the region B. languages spoken throughout the region C.styles os clothing worn in the different countries D.economic activities practiced

    asked by Krisi
  77. HIstory

    As international turmoil began to threaten the stability of Europe and Asia in the 1930s, most Americans believed in maintaining the nation’s neutrality and resisted getting involved. Why was isolationism so strong? How and why did this sentiment break

    asked by Julie
  78. History

    What were the specific concerns of American policymakers during and after WWII with regard to the USSR? How did the fear of communism aboard impact American foreign policy in the post period?

    asked by Julie
  79. History

    What was the strategy of containment? Why was it created and how was it originally defined? How did the federal government’s policy of containment change over time? In what ways was containment linked to the new Cold War emphasis on national security?

    asked by Julie
  80. Chemistry

    Need help with #2 & # 3 1. Record the pairs of data for pressure (atm) and volume (mL). Pressure(atm) Volume(mL) 1.000 150 mL 1.154 130 mL 1.364 110 mL 1.667 90 mL 2. Does your experimental data verify Boyle's Law? Explain. 3. What pressure would the gas

    asked by Ashley
  81. History

    How did the fear of communism at home impact American society and American politics? What groups and individuals helped to stoke fear of communist infiltration, and who were their targets? Why did America develop such a conformist culture in the 1950s and

    asked by Julie
  82. History

    Why did the Civil Rights Movement emerge when it did? What tactics did it use, and how did those tactics change over time? What were the consequences for the movement as it incorporated demands for economic and cultural equality?

    asked by Julie
  83. History

    Why did Americans get involved in Vietnam? How and why did our involvement increase? How did each administration justify its involvement and what did each hope to achieve? How does the US’s involvement reflect the post- WWII emphasis on containment,

    asked by Julie
  84. History

    In the 1970s, America faced a number of new challenges to its economic, military, and political supremacy, all of which undermined the self-confidence of the post-WWII period. What were some of these challenges? How did America respond to them? In what

    asked by Julie
  85. History

    In the 1970s and 80s the U.S. witnessed the rise of a new social and political conservatism. What were some of its goals? In what ways was conservatism reacting to what it considered the excesses of the New Deal, the Great Society, and the protest movement

    asked by Julie
  86. physics

    A 100 kg mass starts from rest at the top of an incline plane that makes an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal. There is a coefficient of friction of 0.005 between the ramp and the mass. The mass slides down the ramp and then slides to a stop on a

    asked by Steven
  87. Statistics

    #1- The normal distribution had a mean of 14 and standard deviation of 4. There were 30 people in the study group and the average was expected to be 16. The study was tested at the .05 level of significance. What was the power of the study? 74.2% 80.5%

    asked by David
  88. E=MC^2

    Are there any schools offering British curriculum in USA?

    asked by Joey
  89. college physics

    Tarzan stands on a branch, petrified with fear as a leopard approaches. Fortunately, Jane is on a branch of the same height in a nearby tree, holding a 25m long vine of negligible mass attached directly above the point midway between her and Tarzan. Jane

    asked by Adam
  90. college physics

    A board of mass m and length L is leaning against a wall. The wall is frictionless, and the coefficient of static friction between the board and the floor is µ. Find an expression for the minimum angle β at which the board can be leaned without slipping.

    asked by Adam
  91. college physics

    An airline passenger pulls a wheeled suitcase, exerting a force of 60N, at a 35º angle with the horizontal. How much work does she do on the suitcase in pulling it 45m from a taxi to the checkout counter?

    asked by Adam
  92. college physics

    A truck of mass 9M is moving at a speed v = 15 km/h when it collides head on with a parked car of mass M. Spring mounted bumpers ensure that the collision is essentially elastic. Find the final velocities of each vehicle. Repeat for the case of the car

    asked by Adam
  93. college physics

    The blade in a food processor spins at 1700 rpm. After the machine is turned off, the blade comes to a stop in 3.7s. How many revolutions does it make during this time, assuming constant angular deceleration?

    asked by Adam
  94. college physics

    A surfing physicist paddles out beyond the breaking surf to a deep-water region where the ocean waves are sinusoidal (can obey a sine or cosine function) in shape, with crest 14 m apart. The surfer rises a vertical distance 3.6 m from wave trough to crest,

    asked by Adam
  95. college physics

    A space shuttle is in a circular orbit at a height of 250km, where the acceleration of Earth’s gravity is 93% of its surface value. What is the period of its orbit?

    asked by Adam
  96. college physics

    A 55 kg engineer leaves her office on the 33rd floor of a skyscraper and takes an elevator to the 59th floor. Later she descends to street level. If the engineer takes her office as the zero for potential energy and if the distance from one floor to the

    asked by Adam
  97. Finance

    If the APR on your credit is 18%, what percentage do you pay each month on an outstanding balance?

    asked by Guy
  98. Finance

    What would be the fee for a buyer to purchase 2 discount points on a home with a sale price of $275,000?

    asked by Guy
  99. Finance

    Upon what does your standard deduction depend?

    asked by Guy
  100. Finance

    Jackson finds that his total assets add up to $124,690 and his total liabilities add to $96,800. What is his net worth? - or +

    asked by Guy
  101. Computers/ Bussiness

    Select two organizational departments in a business. · Write at least 200 words in two paragraphs (one paragraph per department) in which you identify the roles of information systems within those two departments. Please be sure to discuss information

    asked by Mike
  102. Vectors

    Cross product of vector: If axb(cross product)=(2,0,1) and bxc= -4,0,-4 solve magnitude of axb times magnitude of b x c |a x b| x|bxc|

    asked by Marie
  103. Physics

    A 5.1 kg bowling ball and a 7.1 kg bowling ball rest on a rack 1.07 m apart. (a) What is the force of gravity exerted on each of the balls by the other ball? (b) At what separation is the force of gravity between the balls equal to 2.0 10-9 N?

    asked by Kelly17
  104. Vectors

    A triangle has vertices A(2,3,7), B(0,-3,4) and C(5,2,-4) A) determine the largest angle in the traingle b) determine the area of of the triangle pls tell me how to solve the problem

    asked by Marie
  105. Finance

    Nine rights are necessary to purchase one share of Fogel stock at $50. A right sells for $4. The ex-rights value of Fogel stock is

    asked by Jerry
  106. childcare

    Please ,I need examples of lesson plan for (preschooler): 1- Select a concept regarding diversity . express your objective(es)in terms of how the children are able to communicate what they have learned at the end the lesson. 2- Plan one long activity or

    asked by Rosa
  107. music

    2. What role did Totalitarianism play in the creation of music particularly in Germany and the Soviet Union during the twentieth-century? Which composers were most affected by totalitarianism? How did affect their lives?

    asked by richard
  108. algebra

    solve (3 + 17) - 2(3-3) + 1000 =

    asked by Anonymous