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May 13, 2010


    This is STOICHIOMETRY. Please i need help in the worst way. I don't understand this at all and it is due tomorrow, please i need someones help !@#$%^&ally understands this. #1.aluminum nitrite and ammonium chloride react to form aluminum chloride, nitrogen

    asked by Jamie
  2. Algebra

    Need help with these: 12. Name the property: 8 + 3.4= 3.4 + 8 a. Inverse Property of Addition b. Associative Property of Addition c. Commutative Property of Addition d. Inverse Property of Multiplication I think the answer is C 16. The standard form for a

    asked by mysterychicken
  3. chemistry

    The solubility product constant (Ksp) for the dissolution of PbSO4 as represented by the chemical equation is 1.7x10-8. PbSO4 (s)= Pb2+ (aq) + SO42- (aq) Calculate the mass (g) of PbSO4 that dissolves in 1100 mL of water.

    asked by andy
  4. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature and pressure, chlorine molecules have an average velocity of 0.0410 m/s. What is the average velocity of sulfur dioxide molecules under the same conditions?

    asked by Kayla
  5. Physics

    The inner conductor of a coaxial cable has a radius of 0.900 mm, and the outer conductor's inside radius is 5.00 mm. The space between the conductors is filled with polyethylene, which has a dielectric constant of 2.30 and a dielectric strength of 18E6

    asked by Physics
  6. Nouns

    Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Would "places" be considered a noun??

    asked by Carlos
  7. chemistry

    how many joules are required to heat a frozen can of juice (360 grams) from -5C (the temperature of an overcooled refrigerator to 110C) the highest practical temperature within a microwave oven?

    asked by Kelly
  8. Vectors

    Using a vector diagram explain why it i easier to do chinups when your hands are 30cm apart instead of 90cm apart. (Assume the force that is excerted by your arms are the same in both cases

    asked by Marie
  9. chemistry

    A 0.010 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid has a pH of 3.70. What is the acid-ionization constant, Ka, for this acid? a. 2.0 ´ 10-4 b. 2.0 ´ 10-5 c. 4.0 ´ 10-6 d. 4.0 ´ 10-7 e. 4.0 ´ 10-8

    asked by zacky
  10. chemistry

    in a 300-500 word essay distinguish between an ionic bond, a covalent bond, hydrogen bond, a single bond, a double bond, and a triple bond. Explain the behavior of the electrons in each type of bond. Give examples of compounds that result from both ionic

    asked by GKMB
  11. physics

    The wavelength of yellow sodium light is 589 nm. What is its frequency? 1 Hz

    asked by Anonymous
  12. How Children learn

    I have most of these answered already. I want to see if I have those right, and if someone can help me figure out the ones I don't have yet. 1)Acording to Jean Piaget,in what is all learning based? A)Sensorimotor Learning MY ANSWER B)Preoperational

    asked by Crissy
  13. 7th grade pre-algebra

    How to write an expression for the perimeter of the polygon. simplify the expression

    asked by Colre
  14. chemisrty

    What is the ratio of the average velocity of hydrogen molecules to that of neon atoms at the same temperature and pressure?

    asked by someone
  15. chemistry

    Which solution would show the GREATEST change in pH on the addition of 10.0 mL of 1.0 M NaOH to 1.0 L of each of the following solutions? a. 0.50 M CH3COOH + 0.50 M NaCH3COO. b. 0.10 M CH3COOH + 0.10 M NaCH3COO. c. 0.50 M CH3COOH. d. 0.10 M CH3COOH. e.

    asked by wite2khin
  16. Nouns

    Reggei bought a computer today at the store for $700. Are the following words nouns: reggei, bought, computer, store,and $700. Do I need to add more or eliminate??

    asked by Carlos
  17. Nouns

    In the United States, cell phones are a very popular item. The nouns in this phrase would be "United States" and "cell phones" but would "item" be considered a noun also??

    asked by Carlos
  18. Nouns

    Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones. In this phrase "life" and "I" are nouns but is "ones" considered a noun also because is used as number or no??

    asked by Carlos
  19. chemistry

    how many grams of silver chloride are produced when 45 grams of calcium chloride react with excess silver nitrate?

    asked by kathren
  20. Physics

    In the process of fluorescence, an atom ab- sorbs a photon of ultraviolet light and emits two or more photons of visible light. Is the reverse process possible? (That is, is it possible for an atom to absorb a photon of visible light and emit photons of

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    rate in simplest form 261 miles in 29 minutes

    asked by sandra
  22. Physics

    suppose the hammer has a mass of 7.26kg, the wire is 1.00m long, and the force keeping the hammer moving in a circle is 7.43 x 10^3N. what will the hammer's speed be when the thrower releases the wire?

    asked by James
  23. chemistry

    Chloroacetic acid has a relatively large equilibrium constant, so at low acid concentrations it is necessary to use the quadratic equation in order to calculate the concentrations of the aqueous species. Ka for ClCH2COOH is 1.4 ´ 10-3. For the problems

    asked by khin
  24. Art

    I have a project and in my instructions it states: * Have a broad area of art selected for your project, for example, architecture, sculpture, film, video art, installation art, performance art, painting, drawing, photography, or Internet art. * Within

    asked by Lola
  25. Physics

    Four charges are located at the corners of a square as shown below. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the net force on charge -3Q and charge 4Q. (sorry don't have picture, but it is of a square with corners -Q, 2Q, -3Q, and 4Q clockwise). I don't

    asked by Sheila
  26. Chemistry

    0.10 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid has a hydronium-ion concentration of 5.0 * 10^-4 M. What is the equilibrium constant, Ka, for this acid? a. 5.0 *10^-2 b. 5.0 * 10^-3 c. 2.5 * 10^-4 d. 2.5 * 10^-5 e. 2.5 * 10^-6 2. (Points: 1) What is the

    asked by wite2khin
  27. physics - magnetism

    A simple generator has a 780-loop square coil 21.0 cm on a side. How fast must it turn in a 0.650 T field to produce a 150 V peak output? I got 6.71 rev/s but that is wrong

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    susan has red, blue, green, and yellow sweaters, joanne has green, red, purple, and white sweaters, diane's sweaters are red, blue, purple, and mauve, each girl ahs only one sweater of each color and will pick a sweater to wear at random what is the

    asked by lisa
  29. Chemistry

    A 0.10 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid has a hydronium-ion concentration of 5.0 ´ 10-4 M. What is the equilibrium constant, Ka, for this acid? a. 5.0 ´ 10-2 b. 5.0 ´ 10-3 c. 2.5 ´ 10-4 d. 2.5 ´ 10-5 e. 2.5 ´ 10-6 2. (Points: 1) What is the

    asked by write2khin
  30. math

    square root of negative numbers?

    asked by s
  31. Skills for the effective teachers aide

    Once again, I have most answered. Want to double check those and I have a few that I need help on. 1)What is active listening? A)interrupting the speaker with questions? B)listening attenintively and asking clarifying questions? MY ANSWER C)listening

    asked by Crissy
  32. chemistry

    how many groups (families) are there n the periodic table how many elements are in your periodic table what is the basic theme of organization in the periodic table

    asked by keisha
  33. math

    Robert's acct p $98.50 has been delinquent for three months. Office procedures charge a 2% service charge after 90 days componded monthly and is added to future bills. What will be the amount owed after nine months? I did $98.50 x 2% = $1.97 $1.97 x

    asked by LASTDAYS
  34. Algebra-Quadratic Applications

    A diver on a platform 40 feet in height jumps upward with an initial velocity of 5 feet per sec. His height in h feet after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+5t+50. What is his maximum height? How long will it take him to reach the surface of the

    asked by chica
  35. chemistry

    Which one of the following mixtures is suitable for making buffers? 1 H3PO4 and NaH2PO4 2 Na2CO3 and NaHCO3 3 NH4Cl and NH3 a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 2 only e. 1, 2, and 3

    asked by zacky
  36. Nouns

    In 1999, John went to Disney world for vacation. In this phrase the nouns would be "john" and "Disney world". But would vacation be considered a noun to??

    asked by Carlos
  37. Chemistry

    When all the following solutes act as acids, the one with the weakest conjugate base is a. H2SO3. b. H2CO3. c. HClO4. d. HClO. e. HF. 4. (Points: 1) A sample of ammonia (Kb = 1.8 * 10^-5) is titrated with 0.1 M H2SO4. At the equivalence point, the pH is

    asked by Iby
  38. chemistry(check my answer)

    Which equation describes the relationship between the rates at which Cl2 and F2 are consumed in the following reaction? a)-d(Cl2)/dt = -d(F2)/dt b)-d(Cl2)/dt = 2[-d(F2)/dt] c)3[-d(Cl2)/dt] = -d(F2)/dt d)2[-d(Cl2)/dt] = -d(F2)/dt e)-d(Cl2)/dt = 3[-d(F2)/dt]

    asked by eng
  39. math

    A company sells model cars, trucks, planes, and boats. Before shipping 18,000 of each product a sample of each is tested. Predict how many of each model are defective given the following results. of 750 cars, 25 are flawed_________________ of 800 trucks, 4

    asked by Cassie
  40. binomial expansion

    how do you expand the following as a series of ascending powers of x upto x^2 using binomial expansion for this function (1+x)^2(1-5x)^14

    asked by mo
  41. statistics

    Perform a two-tailed hypothesis test on the intrinsic variable AND a two-tailed hypothesis test on the extrinsic variable's data using a .05 significance level. Begin by creating a null and an alternate statement. Use Microsoft Excel to process your data.

    asked by Donaldson
  42. english

    keep high aspirations moderate expectations and small needs. whats does this means

    asked by brittany
  43. Grammar

    Tony liked that car at the dealership. The verb in this phrase would be "liked" right becuase is the action that Tony is shownig?

    asked by Carlos
  44. calculus

    determine the seating capacity of an auditorium with 46 rows if there are 18 seats in the first row, 21 in the second, and 24 in the third and so on

    asked by kay
  45. chemistry

    what you would do to prepare 100.0g of a 3.5% solution of ammonium sulfate in water

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    If the pattern of the first letters of MATHMATHMATH……continues to the right, the 1989th letter would be?

    asked by Ladoo
  47. Taxes

    Omar acquires used 7-year personal property for $100,000 to use in his business in February 2008. Omar does not elect 179 expensing, but does take the maximum recovery dedcution. As a result, Omar will have a positive AMT adjustment in 2008 of what amount?

    asked by Heather
  48. Criminal justice system 250

    Why is it important for a security professional to know specifics about the particular target environment to which they are assigned? How can experienced security professionals prepare themselves for challenges and opportunities they have never encountered

    asked by cj
  49. Chemistry

    Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant for a reaction? 1 The extent of a reaction 2 Whether the reaction is fast or slow 3 Whether a reaction is exothermic or endothermic a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 2 only e. 1 and 3

    asked by IBY
  50. Algebra

    43. For every real number x, y, and z, the statement (x-y)z = xz - yz is ________ true a. always b. sometimes c. never No idea.. 45. True or False: All equations give only one number as an output for every input number. False? 46. In which quadrant or on

    asked by mysterychicken
  51. chem

    Ammonium carbonate (solid) decomposes when heated to produce three gaseous products - ammonia, water, and carbon dioxide. 1. Write the balanced equation for the reaction. 2. Suppose that ammonium carbonate is heated to 500 K in a sealed vessel. At

    asked by jake
  52. Finance

    Ezzel Corporation issued perpetual preferred stock with a 10% annual dividend. The stock currently yields 8% and its par value id $1000. What is the stock's value?

    asked by Lizette
  53. 2nd grade

    I want some help writing about an imaginary trip to the moon, what i heard and touched

    asked by anghel
  54. language

    thank you Ms. Sue, my new sentence is Leanna, vacuumed the living room and dusted the knicknaks on the piano. Please diagram the adjective modifiers. Thank you.

    asked by blair
  55. Algebra

    Tara’s website, Garden Edibles, specializes in the sale of herbs and flowers for colorful meals and garnishes. Tara sells packets of nasturtium seeds for $0.95 each and packets of Johnny-jumpup seeds for $1.43 each. She decides to offer a 16-packet

    asked by Susie
  56. Physics

    Please Help! In our everyday environment, diffraction is much more evident for sound waves than for light waves. Why is this true?

    asked by Katie
  57. Short Story

    I have to write a short story, which I've been attempting, and for now, I just want to know if the story is good. Characters: Orson Thompson: character is 47 years old, 5ft 6' tall, with pale green eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He is humble and reliable

    asked by mysterychicken
  58. math

    An advertisement states that 8 thermometers cost $12.42 minus a 3% discount. Dr wants to order a dozen to take advantage of the savings, sales tax is 5% What would the cost be? I divided 8 into $12.42 with $1.55 per thermometer. $1.55 x 12 thermometer =

    asked by LASTDAYS
  59. gat

    a block of metal has the dimensions of 2cm, 2cm,and 1cm. the block has a mas of 400g.what is the density

    asked by gurl
  60. 3rd grade

    What is the key words of the Vowel Pair and the Vowel Digraph?

    asked by Keith
  61. algebra

    I have one more step in my question. I have to Find the value of 10^-2.4 by putting this value in a calculator. I do not have a calculator to do this, can anyone help me out?

    asked by Dani
  62. Chemistry

    Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant for a reaction? 1 The extent of a reaction 2 Whether the reaction is fast or slow 3 Whether a reaction is exothermic or endothermic a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 2 only e. 1 and 3

    asked by Iby
  63. phys101

    please help with heat calculations that include the melting of ice

    asked by kabelo
  64. Math

    Six pipes each having a radius of 0.5 feet are stacked in a triangular pile with three pipes on the ground tangent to each other, two in the next row and one on top. What is the height of the pile. Express you answer in simplest radical form

    asked by Zach
  65. math

    Dr needs 500 needles priced at 2.60 per hundred. If he pays within 10 days, she receives a 2% discount, sales tax 5.5%. What amount would you pay with the discount? My math 2.60 x 500 needles = $13.00 $13.00 x 5.5% = 72cents 13.00 + .72 = $13.72 $13.72 -

    asked by LASTDAYS
  66. economics

    what source of economic groth is reflected in the economy by an increase in productivity without an increase in productivity in land, labor, or capital?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Vectors

    the vector a-5b and a-b are perpendiculat. If vector a and b are unit vectors, then determine axb

    asked by Marie
  68. Science

    What are some examples of solutions and suspensions in our everyday life?

    asked by Pearl
  69. Math

    21. Find the square root ±√121 Is it 11? 28. Use the distributive property to simplify x(4x^2+x+4) 38. 4/5 + 2/10 Is it 3/5 ?

    asked by Samantha♥
  70. algebra

    one clerk can stuff every 30 seconds the 2nd clerk i every 40 seconds. how long will it take them to stuff 140 envelopes

    asked by matt
  71. alegebra

    4m^+20m+25= 4(m+20m+25) over the 4 is two square could you check this problem

    asked by Ashley
  72. reimbursement methodologies

    Can someone please double check my answers. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..Thanks 1. By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. decrease public hospital costs. B. implement fee

    asked by Barb
  73. psychology

    Why is it important to understand the history of abnormal psychology?

    asked by Evelyn
  74. algebra

    find sales tax in your area --(6%). using tax rate, write a linear equation representing the total with tax for a purchase of x dollars. Using this equation to dtermine what the pretax cost of the item is if the total cost is $10.

    asked by sally
  75. U.S. and Global Economics

    (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by K12 Inc.)

    asked by Justin
  76. Chemistry

    Hi I need help with finding the Reduction Half reaction and Oxidation Half Reaction for this: copper(II) acetate reacts with water Cu(C2H3O2)2 . H20 --> Cu^(2+) (aq) + 2(C2H3O2)^(1-)

    asked by Anonymous
  77. physics

    Why can’t you take a photograph of your image in a plane mirror and focus the camera on both your image and on the mirror frame?

    asked by Katie
  78. algebra 1

    alright i have a few questions if its ok..? Simplify: 1. -2√(96a^5) 2.√(x+6)^7 3.√18a^5b * √12ab^3 4.√7/8 5. 2√10/6√50 6.1/3√27+27√1/3 7.Solve: √(2x-7) + 3=8 Thanks so much! really appreciate it!

    asked by Ryan
  79. Math

    Point X is on side BC of rectangle ABCD. If AX = 5 units, XD = 12 units, and AD = 13 units, find the area of ABCD.

    asked by Mary
  80. Geometry

    use 3.14. How much foil is required to cover a rectangular box that is 4in by 8in by 5in?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. physics

    I recently did an experiment where I measured pressure at a few heights. The question I cam having trouble with is how to find the density of the air between the top and bottom. The difference in pressure from the top to bottom is 52.6 torr (692.5 to

    asked by guillermo
  82. Geography

    elderly - Health care[hospitals] -recreation[clubs,parties,bingo] -home care -transportation -55 pluss including services -funeral services -elavators\hrdralic chair lift -basic services -food -handicap parking -discounts -lisence to drive this is my

    asked by anu
  83. math

    a 7 digit phone number has a 3 digit prefix followed by 4 many different phone numbers are possible??

    asked by angela
  84. chemistry

    The solubility of MnS was found to be 0.000963 g per 700 mL of water. Calculate the solubility product constant (Ksp) for MnS. MnS (s)=Mn2+ (aq) + S2- (aq)

    asked by andy
  85. chemistry

    Using data in table below and S °(CaSO4·H2O(s))= 194.0 J·mol-1·K-1, calculate ÄfS° for CaSO4·H2O(s) in J·mol-1·K-1. CompoundS °, J·mol-1·K-1 C(s) 5.69 H2(g) 130.6 N2(g) 191.5 O2(g) 205.0 Na(s) 51.0 Cl2(g) 223.0 Ca(s) 154.8 S(s) 31.8 somebody

    asked by write2khin
  86. E.L.A.

    My teachers aren't allowing to get their website where they post out homework through school? Can you tell me how to get in?

    asked by Nia Weise
  87. calculus I integral

    Is this correct? Evaluate 2x∫1 3t(t^2 + 1)^2 dt u= t^2 + 1 du= 2t dt 1/2du=tdt 2x∫1 3u^2 1/2du 3/2 2x∫1 1/3u^3 + c 3/2 [1/3 u^3] 3/2(1/3(2x)^3) - 3/2(1/3(1)^3) Answer= 4x - 1/2

    asked by John
  88. algebra

    when you are given two equations which are both true,and you are asked to solve for both x and plan to solve this set of equations by substituting part of one equation into the other so you end up with an equation that contains only x's or only y's

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Anatomy and Physiology

    1. Once the synaptic vesticles have fused with the membrane of the axon terminal acetylcholine ______ and calcium ions _____ the synaptic cleft. 2. Binding sites are exposed by the ____ that brings about the release of___. 3. Depolarization of the motor

    asked by Chocho
  90. Social Studies

    I am writing a speech because I am running for student council vice president. The speech is pretty good but I think it needs some humor. Do you have any suggestions? p.s. The voters are in elementary school.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Physics

    what is magnitude of the centripetal if the tangential speed of the car is 2.0m/s and the radius of the wheel is 83m

    asked by James
  92. health information

    how does the national committee for quality assurance use health plan employer data and the information set data? be sure to explain how the information that's collected is used and by whom?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. biology

    Pick one of the multiple choice that best matches the answer. For grasshoppers and locusts to be in the same family they must also be in the same a. order b. group c. genus d. species two members of the same ___ would be most clostly related. a. order b.

    asked by kate
  94. Philosophy

    Which of the following ideas is important in virtue ethics? a) community b) duty c) natural human inclinations d) pleasure is it a???

    asked by Mark
  95. Y

    what is an arrangement of quantities whose positions are based upon the natural numbers

    asked by J
  96. language arts

    What kind of poem is "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox? (lyric, ode, haiku, etc.)

    asked by Lauren
  97. Science

    what is the relative location of the marine biome, specifically the ice cap biome?

    asked by Jeff
  98. English

    For the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee does the Radley place have curtains or shutters?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. 10th grade

    how does annie dillard expreses her analysis for "transfiguration"?what is she mostly talking about?

    asked by jackie
  100. Contemp. World History

    I have to write a paper tonight answering the question: What is the greatest threat to US supremacy today? Its a opinion paper but I need some media sources to back up my argument. I am having a hard time brainstorming ideas and i feel stuck. Any

    asked by Drew
  101. Geography

    What geographic features might create differences in France's and Germany's economies?

    asked by Melissa
  102. Calculus

    How do I evaluate 2x∫1 3t(t^2 + 1)^2 dt?

    asked by John
  103. chemistry ;)

    what are the bond angles and extraction and purification of cinnamaldehyde

    asked by cristal
  104. Finance

    Why do you think the goals of cash management would be different depending on the size of a company?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. algebra

    together, jareds age and his daughters age total 100. but jareds grandfather is 70 years older than him. how old is jareds grandfather?

    asked by karla
  106. algebra

    Review examples 2, 3, and 4 in section 8.4 of the text. How does the author determine what the first equation should be? What about the second equation? How are these examples similar? How are they different? Find a problem in the text that is similar to

    asked by Susie
  107. math

    area of a 7cm. by 7cm. complex figure

    asked by desiree
  108. English: To Kill a Mockingbird

    In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, does the back windows of the Radley's place have shutters or curtains? Another question: In the book on page 71 it says that Jem opened the gate, ran through collards. Did they run through the collards to

    asked by Anonymous
  109. HCA 210

    In a few weeks I have a final paper due. I need to develop a proposal that describes a new health care system using the current U.S. health care system's strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Do you have any suggestions for a new system?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. science

    a girl on stilts weighing 600N applying twice as much force as to boys weighing 600N each sitting down

    asked by sean
  111. Algerba

    4x + 10 = 22

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Biology

    How do you find the genotype on a pedigree chart for a male or female with lung disease?

    asked by Ghordan
  113. Math

    Find 3 coordinates on the circle when the center of the circle is (4, -3) and the radius is 5 Help me!!! Thank you :)

    asked by Carrie
  114. math

    two circles have circumference of 10p cm and 12p cm. what is the difference in their radii

    asked by chido
  115. geography

    elderly on my poster can i put like this... facilities: - Health care[hospitals] - recreation[clubs,parties,bingo] -home care -transportation -55 pluss including services -funeral services -elavators\hrdralic chair lift -basic services -food -handicap

    asked by anu
  116. math

    Please explain how to get the answer. At the animal shelter, 1/3 of the animals are dogs, 2/12 are cats, and 19 are other animals. How many animals are at the shelter? I said 1/3x + 2/12x + 19 = 4/12x + 2/12x = 19= 6/12x = 19 1/2x = 19 x =

    asked by Sonya
  117. Nouns

    Would "spouse" be considered a noun or depends on how it's used??

    asked by Carlos
  118. algebra 2


    asked by Alice
  119. chemistry

    Using data in table below and S °(CaSO4·H2O(s))= 194.0 J·mol-1·K-1, calculate Delta fS° for CaSO4·H2O(s) in J·mol-1·K-1. CompoundS °, J·mol-1·K-1 C(s) 5.69 H2(g) 130.6 N2(g) 191.5 O2(g) 205.0 Na(s) 51.0 Cl2(g) 223.0 Ca(s) 154.8 S(s) 31.8

    asked by zacky
  120. us history

    Explain the pragmatic, political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy.

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Social Studies

    were american diplomats held hostage in the 1980s

    asked by Jesus
  122. Geography

    i have a project it is on urban planning Committee. so i got Elderly . so i have to present my ideas to my classmates and to teacher. iam starting my presentation like this .... my name is anu and my projct is on Elderly . Elderly people will have helth

    asked by anu
  123. math

    What is the linear function for the relation between the number of participants and cost if the cost for 20 students is $600 and $1,000 for 100 students?

    asked by anonymous
  124. Punctuation

    Is there an error in the following phrase that contains the word "boys"? ex. - Junior boys' basketball team

    asked by AL 92
  125. chem

    what are the bond angles and extraction and purification of cinnamaldehyde

    asked by priscilla
  126. Geometry

    I really need to know HOW to solve this. Please-don't even give me an answer, just instructions? Segment AB is a diameter of circle C. If A = (19, 3) and B = (37, 29), what are the coordinates of C?

    asked by Kayte
  127. math

    2 person in a business. first pur $100& gets $120 and second puts $80 and gets $100. Who gains more and by what percentage?

    asked by san
  128. Nouns

    In heaven there are many mansions. Would "many" be considered a noun??

    asked by Carlos
  129. Finance

    In 2008, Glenda had a $97,000 loss on a passive activity. None of the loss is attributable to AMT adjustments or preferences. She has no other passive activities. Which of the following statements is correct? a. In 2008, Glenda can deduct $97,000 for

    asked by Heather
  130. Geometery

    How would I calculate the perimeter of a hexagon (which can be divided into 6 congruent equilateral triangles) which is inside a circle with an area of 314^2 cm? Many thanks

    asked by Nick
  131. human resource

    2.What spiritual purpose do you think they serve for indigenous peoples

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Help: geometry

    The length of the longer leg of a 30°– 60°– 90° triangle with hypotenuse length 4 is _____ I do not understand how to figure this out.

    asked by BWB
  133. Foundations of american education

    How do educational philosophies and theories affect the statement of purposes and goals, curriculum, instruction, and values?

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Math

    I understand how to do these kind of problems except this one. Write the equation that has the given roots. Roots: 3 with multiplicity of 2, -5, 0 with multiplicity of 4. By the way I understood the help that I got earlier, but this problem seems to be

    asked by Jennifer
  135. eNGLISH


    asked by Goldie
  136. environmental science

    Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones

    asked by Anonymous
  137. statistic

    Compute a simple price index for each of the four items. Use 2000 as the base period

    asked by carol
  138. geometry

    how do u solve s=2(6x4)+[2(6)+2(4)]10

    asked by nathan
  139. Algebra 2

    how to simplify algebraic fractions?

    asked by Alice
  140. english

    writing the following sentences correctly. Diving as experts, the bottom of the ocean is a good place for seals to find food. Jogging along a woodland path, Andy spied a moose.

    asked by carol
  141. Math

    Write the equation that has the given roots. Roots: 1 with multiplicity of 2 and -1 How do you figure it out?

    asked by Jennifer
  142. ecology

    the word habitat has a hidden organism in the word what is it

    asked by Anonymous
  143. 6th grade language

    please help.diagram the adjective modifier in this sentence. The red tuplis and yellow daffodils are pretty. thanks

    asked by blair
  144. bio/chem

    how do i make percent solutions w/v starting with pure NaCl and distill water. eg 100ml of a 1% NaCl solution

    asked by Amber M
  145. bsdf

    Give examples of how humans have increased their food supply and what effects these methods have on the environment overall

    asked by fgsdfg
  146. English

    Can you help me word this question, please? I don't want to sound too wordy!! Thank you very much. Could you possibly download the vocabulary activies on literature and the political election on the computer near the door in teacher's room in a folder

    asked by Franco
  147. algebra

    find the LCM of (7 4z), (49-16zsquared), and (7-4z)

    asked by jane
  148. psychology

    interactionism what influence does culture have on personality did you observe a particular culture derived trait which one of the four positions of the nature of traits do you agree with most and why compare and contrast your position against one of the

    asked by Danny
  149. algebra (math)

    h^2-19h+78=0 solve for h

    asked by frances
  150. Nouns

    "plan" is an adjective but when it is written with an "s" as in "plans" is it considered as a noun or no??

    asked by Carlos
  151. English

    What is a reflection of a drawing? Do I write what the people in the drawing are feeling or thinking?

    asked by Anonymous
  152. algebra

    solve x-5/x*x-54 -7x+8/x*x-3x-54 +x-2-x*x+12x+36

    asked by josh
  153. english

    What is the definition of respect

    asked by Cody
  154. Organic Chemistry Lab

    They are asking me to predict the boiling point at pressure of 30 torr. How would I do that? Thanks :D

    asked by Janet :)
  155. algebra

    a/3+a/3-1=a solve for a

    asked by Jamie
  156. English

    I just wrote an essay about how annoying it is when people like to type online "l!k3 tH!$", and I need some ideas on what to title it?

    asked by Katherine
  157. English

    Thank you very much for all your corrections.I still have some queries. 1) Can you possibly e-mail me the vocabulary activities in (on) literature and the recent parliamentary election in the UK you prepared for the fourth class? If you can't, I beg you to

    asked by Franco
  158. science

    7.5 micrmeters will go into 7.5 millimeters how many times?

    asked by jayme
  159. geography

    give what to on myt poster please help me

    asked by anu
  160. find out information about the ocean

    information about the ocean

    asked by sara
  161. english 4

    can i get help on my senoir project? it's about csmetic surgery.

    asked by jessica