Questions Asked on
April 30, 2010

  1. General chemistry

    A solution of LiCl in water is 18.0 wt% LiCl. What is the mole fraction of LiCl?

    asked by gaby
  2. Math

    plot the point given in polar coordinates and find the corresponding rectangular coordinates for the point. (-1 , -3pi/4) I do not understand.

    asked by Abbey(Please help)
  3. trig

    please help me. use trig. identities to find the exact value. tan 25° + tan 5° / 1- tan 25° tan 5°

    asked by ann
  4. college physics

    Sirius is about 9.0 light-years from Earth. To reach the star by spaceship in 10 years (ship time), how fast must you travel? How long would the trip take according to an Earth-based observer? How far is the trip according to you?

    asked by Lanise
  5. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of a stock solution of 2.00 M KNO3 would you need to prepare 250 mL of 0.150 M KNO3? Please show work.

    asked by MEGAN!!!!
  6. dressmaking and design

    A client tries on a skirt you check the side seams they curve toward the back what does this indicate?

    asked by karessa
  7. TRIG

    Use the cofunction of a complementary angle. PLEASE HELP ME! tan θ = cot (30° + 5θ)

    asked by Liz
  8. psychology

    Can I please have some information to help me discuss this question beloww: Analyze at lease two research methods used for uncovering basic emotions

    asked by Rose
  9. chemistry

    A fixed quantity of gas at 27°C exhibits a pressure of 729 torr and occupies a volume of 5.70 L. (a) Use Boyle's law to calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the pressure is increased to 1.75 atm while the temperature is held constant. (b) Use

    asked by chase
  10. science

    if i weigh 100 lbs on earth how much would i weigh on halley's comet?

    asked by makayla
  11. Physics

    When an automobile moves over a wide, closed loop of wire embedded in a road surface, the magnetic field of the Earth within the loop altered? Is a pulse of current produced? Can you cite a practical application for this at a traffic intersection?

    asked by elizabeth
  12. Algebra 2

    Find the solution of the exponential form in terms of logarithms 2^(2x+13) = 3^(x-45)

    asked by Andrew
  13. Chemistry

    I know that benzaldehyde decomposes into benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol via Cannizzaro Reaction.. But, can benzyl alcohol go through a Cannizzaro Reaction to form benzaldehyde and benzoic acid?

    asked by Sarah
  14. chemistry

    magine that you have a 7.00 L gas tank and a 3.50 L gas tank. You need to fill one tank with oxygen and the other with acetylene to use in conjunction with your welding torch. If you fill the larger tank with oxygen to a pressure of 105 atm, to what

    asked by Anonymous
  15. chemistry

    When heated, calcium carbonate decomposes to yield calcium oxide and carbon dioxide gas via the reaction \rm CaCO_3{\it(s)}\rightarrow CaO{\it(s)}+CO_2{\it(g)} How many grams of calcium carbonate are needed to produce 53.0 L of carbon dioxide at STP?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. chemistry-science

    A 500 ml buffer solution contains .2M Acetic acid and .3M sodium acetate. Find the pH of the buffer solution after adding 20 ml of 1M NaOH, what is the pH? (pka = 4.74)

    asked by jess
  17. Economics

    Define table laying and state the importance of table laying

    asked by Dolapo
  18. math

    A straight line AB of length 10 units is free to move with its ends on the axes. Find the locus of a point P on the line at a distance of 3 units from the end on the x axis.

    asked by Edwin
  19. Chemistry

    How many mL of 18 M H2SO4 are required to react with 250 mL of 2.50 M Al(OH)3 if the products are aluminum sulfate and water? How do i solve this?

    asked by Anna
  20. 8th grade

    what it he reason a spoon gets hot when put in a bowl of hot soup?

    asked by Chris
  21. College Physics

    An electron travels at a speed of 0.700c. What is its kinetic and total energy? I got, but this is not right. K , E =3.27×10−14,1.14×10−13 J Thanks for your help

    asked by Lanise
  22. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve 6x=5-9 6x=-4 x=-2/3

    asked by Rose Kendrick
  23. 8th grade

    in sierra leone and liberia, many WHAT have to leave their homes because of civil wars?

    asked by stewie
  24. 8th grade

    30% of the people in kenya suffer from malnutrition because they grow WHAT and WHAT?

    asked by stewie
  25. Parabola Help

    by plotting the graph of parabola y=2+3x-2x^2 which 3 option are true 1) the graph is the same as that of y=6+9x-6x^2 2)the parabola has a minimum point 3)the gradient of the parabola at x=2 is 0 4)the graphy=2+3x-2x^2crosses the x-axis at the same point

    asked by rai
  26. Math

    here are some fractions : 3/9, 8/9, 7/9, 4/9, 2/9, 5/9, 6/9 If I were to put them in the order of the greatest, what order does that mean and how did you work that out?

    asked by Blake
  27. Math

    How do you know which one is the greatest? and why please? 7/8 or 1/2

    asked by Blake
  28. Math

    I need to graph the polar equation 3 + 3cosQ and i need to create a table of values for r and Q. Could someone please explain how I would do this? Thank you!

    asked by Abbey(Please help)
  29. visual images and how to use them

    Logical fallacies tend to be ____________________. nonexistent in visual arguments more common in verbal arguments than in visual arguments and often harder to detect more common in visual arguments than in verbal arguments and often harder to detect

    asked by Christopher
  30. algebra

    Bayside insurance offers two health plans. Under plan a, Giselle would have to pay the first $200.00 or hre medical bills, plus 30% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the fist $210.00, but only 20% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills

    asked by Mary
  31. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution that contains 0.30 moles of KBr in 400 mL of solution. Please show all work

    asked by MEGAN!!!!
  32. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a potassium chloride solution that has a volumeof 400.0 mL and contains 85.0 g KCl? Please show work.

    asked by MEGAN!!!!
  33. Accounting

    How does one determine variance analysis? I am trying to understand this and my text book is confusing me. Also, to determine this, would one find the the answers in the balance sheet or cash flow statement, or from the revenue and expenses?

    asked by Barbie
  34. Math

    so with 4/8 and 7/8is 7/8 greater or less than 4/8 and why?

    asked by Blake
  35. Math

    How do I solve this equation 4n^2-25=0

    asked by Vince
  36. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve this please 5=6x=9 6x=5-9 6x=-4 x=-2/3

    asked by Rose
  37. math (parabola)

    Hi, the question is: Write the equation of the parabola with vertex(3,-1) and x-intercepts 2 and 4. I did this: y=?(x-3)^2-1 How to find the a-value? Many thanks, and I appreciate any answer!

    asked by Me
  38. Science

    How is the kinetic-molecular theory related to specific heat, joules, and calories??

    asked by Jose
  39. EA

    Anyone else working on An overview of teaching techniques study unit???

    asked by liana
  40. Math

    find the solution of the expontetial equation 1+7^(5x)=19

    asked by Andrew
  41. earth science

    which type of mountyain is found on island arcs?

    asked by Marilyn
  42. algebra

    which point is a solution of the inequality y > -3x + 1? a) (2,-1) b) (0,-1) c) (0,0) d) (-12,4)

    asked by ike
  43. algebra

    which point is a solution of the inequality y

    asked by ike
  44. Chemistry

    what particle is emitted from the nucleus during a proton and neutron decay?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. college

    propose a health intervention aimed at eliminating health inequities

    asked by anita
  46. Vectors

    The vector x and y are the lenght of 3units(they both have a magnitude of 3). If the magnitude of( vectorx + vector y)= root 17, determine the magnitude of (vector x- vector y)

    asked by John
  47. Social

    Hi i have 2 weeks to write a paper about anything related to marketing. It has to be 7 pages so I need a good topic and a place to find solid information (our teacher said don't use wikipedia at all because he hates it). I was wondering if you could help

    asked by Jake
  48. Intermediate Algebra

    Used ASCII Character Solve for X 5=6x+ 6x=5-9 6x=-4 x=-2/3

    asked by Rose
  49. Chemistry

    What is the molal concentration of an aqueous calcium chloride solution that freezes at -2.43 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Brooke
  50. Math

    (9/5) log base 5 (x) = -1

    asked by Brendan
  51. Science

    I just learned about binomial nomenclature and taxonomy. Where can I find a database of every single species in the world?

    asked by John
  52. Math

    2^(2x+13) = 3^(x-45)

    asked by Brendan
  53. Trig.

    I really need help so please help. write the first trigonometric function in terms of the second trigonometric function. sec x; tan x

    asked by Theresa
  54. Intermediate Algebra

    How are polynomials factored by grouping? Explain and give example

    asked by Lynn
  55. English 122 Composition II

    Discuss any areas related to citing sources that you find confusing or difficult to understand or apply.

    asked by vickie
  56. health

    not really homework but just not getting answers to all my questions so in short.If an individual suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or other related dementia is content within their environment does that individual have "quality of life" or do you think

    asked by april
  57. statistics

    Why is the population shape a concern when estimating a mean? What effect does sample size, n, have on the estimate of the mean? Is it possible to normalize the data when the population shape has a known skew? How would you demonstrate the central limit

    asked by Amy
  58. statistics

    What do confidence intervals represent? What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision of or narrowing the confidence interval? What percentage of times will the mean, or population proportion, not be found within the confidence interval?

    asked by Amy
  59. Social Studies

    This is kind of a weird question, but, I need to do a Medieval ABC book, and right now I'm at E. And I need to draw a picture for the word. My word is "excommunication". But I'm not sure how I could draw a picture of that?

    asked by Lea
  60. Algebra

    22. State the domain of the function y=3x+2 a. D: Real numbers b. D: x not equal to 0 c. D: x < 0 A? 23. State the range of the function y=2x^2 a. R: y greater than or equal to 0 b. R: x not equal to 0 c. R: y < 0 I'm not sure? 24. Is y=sqrt2x a function?

    asked by y912f
  61. Math

    Solve each equation: 5 over 2x-5 minus 4/5= 1 over 2x-5

    asked by Brian
  62. Math

    Solve each equation: Thank you 5-x over 3 minus x-2 over 4 = 5/12

    asked by Brian
  63. Intermediate Algebra

    How are Polynomials factored by grouping? Explain and give example.

    asked by Lynn
  64. Personal Finance

    Mary and Joe would like to save up $10,000 by the end of three years from now to buy new furniture for their home. They currently have $1500 in a savings account set aside for the furniture. They would like to make three equal year end deposits to this

    asked by amanda
  65. math quick?

    5 over 2x-5 minus 4 over 5= 1 over 2x-5 I have a quick question... what would i multiply by? I know how to do the rest of the problem. Thank you

    asked by Brian
  66. To Writeacher

    Writeacher. Could you please edit this for me, and point out all grammatical errors. Thank you very much in return :-) Mr. Henry Axhelm Math Period 2, Room 107 I teach five classes a day, Not students, just classes. No sense getting involved With their

    asked by Sara
  67. Physics

    How much work (in J) must be done to lift a stack of bricks, which has a mass of 600 kg, from the ground to a height of 15 m? Acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2

    asked by Fallon
  68. Business communication

    How do you write a positive message for a business that is going to have less work days and shorter hours?

    asked by Martha
  69. Physics

    How much work (in J) is done to accelerate a car which has a mass of 3300 kg from a speed of 7 m/s to a speed of 16 m/s?

    asked by Fallon
  70. Human relations

    I need help on OSHA what this organization is for, their duties, who they report too, and what organizations are affected by OSHA. Thanks in advance Do supply resource(s)

    asked by Ravioli
  71. To Writeacher

    I posted this on here before as well, just to heasr from people if it sounds good, but I'd like to get it edited from you. Can you please check to see if my sentences make sense, and point out any grammatical errors. Thank you very much for all your

    asked by Sara
  72. Physics

    A cable lifts a 1200 kg elevator at a constant velocity for a distance of 34.5 m. What is the work done by the tension in the cable.

    asked by Fallon
  73. Math

    how do i solveseparable differential equation 7x−4y sqrt(x^2+1) dxdy=0 Subject to the initial condition: y(0)=−10

    asked by Lana
  74. Physics

    A person pulls a toboggan for a distance of 37.2 m along the snow with a rope directed 25.4° above the snow. The tension in the rope is 84.1 N. How much work is done on the toboggan by the tension force?

    asked by Fallon
  75. Physics

    A 0.0730 kg arrow is fired horizontally. The bowstring exerts an average force of 60.4 N on the arrow over a distance of 0.894 m. With what speed does the arrow leave the bow?

    asked by Fallon
  76. English

    (telephone call) Hello. May I speak to Tony? 1. - Who's calling, please? 2. - Who's speaking, please? (Which one do we have to use? Are both OK?)

    asked by rfvv
  77. math

    How Many pounds of acid per inch? If you have a tank of 51ft long by 4ft 7in wide, and need to fill it to the two inch mark with hydrochloric acid, how many pounds are you putting in it? (Hint 1 gallon of acid weights 9.8 lbs. Nancy 2:28

    asked by Nancy
  78. English

    1. Do you live around here? 2. Do you live near here? 3. Do you live in here? (Are they all grammatical? #1 is the same as #2? #3 is a little different, right?)

    asked by rfvv
  79. chemistry

    you have 2.0 grams of water at 0 degrees Celcius. how many kilojules of heat will freez it?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. college

    explain what happens when i drink and eat chai tea and mixed berry scone. topic is expected to cover activation of visual, taste, olfactory receptors. thirst mechanist, digestion, absorption, effects of increased volume of blood pressure; including effects

    asked by susie
  81. accounting

    The transaction would decrease one liability account and increase another liability account

    asked by kea
  82. trig

    can someone please help me with this problem. i'm doing my review right now and i'm stuck? Find cos(s + t) given that cos s = 1/3, with s in quadrant 1, and sin t = -1/2, with t in quadrant 4.

    asked by donny
  83. econ 460

    1. The demand for a new drug is given by P = 4 – 0.5Q. The marginal cost of manufacturing the drug is constant and equal to $1 per unit. (Prices and costs are in terms of dollars, and quantities are in millions). a. Illustrate on a diagram the following

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    A mixture containing the same number of moles of SO2 and O2 is placed in a 2L container at 900K. The initial pressure is 1.90Atm. A reaction occurs leading to the formation of SO3: 2SO3 + O2 2SO3 After equilibrium is established the TOTAL pressure drops to

    asked by TJ
  85. computers

    I have just started a basic class in programming and I am totally lost. Can someone help me out? I have to write pseudocodes and create flowchart and don't have a clue. I need help with the following: flowchart, pseudo-code, Input and Output variables, and

    asked by Shawn
  86. math

    what is 135/180 as a grade

    asked by katie
  87. science/health

    I need help with a few questions. Please let me know if my answers are correct or not and thank you. 1- The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called? A- neutralization B- metabolism C- anabolism D- catabolism Answer- C

    asked by Anonymous
  88. English

    1. I'd love to introcuce them to you. 2. I'd love to introduce to you them. 3. I'd love to introduce the people to you. 4. I'd love to introduce to you the people. 5. I'd love to introduce the people who are standing over there to you. 6. I'd love to

    asked by rfvv
  89. crt/205

    How will thinking critically influence the way I process information?

    asked by Sarah
  90. chemistry lab

    Insert your values for x, y, z, & n into KxFey(C2O4)z·nH2O and provide the correct coefficients to balance the following equation: ___ Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2·6H2O + ___ H2C2O4 + ___ K2C2O4 + ___ H2O2 ___ KxFey(C2O4)z·nH2O + ___ (NH4)2SO4 + ___ H2SO4 + ___ H2O

    asked by anonymous
  91. Probability

    The public transport system is aware that one person in twenty does not buy a ticket for their trip. The manager decides to challenge 200 travelling people as to charger they have a valid ticket or not. (a) calculate the probabilty that everyone had a

    asked by Anonymous
  92. trig

    please help me. use trig. identities to find the exact value. tan 25° + tan 5° / 1- tan 25° tan 5°

    asked by ann
  93. Role Model

    Hey, I have to do a peragraph on a person whom I consider to be my role model and my role model is my favourite actress Amrita Rao. Can all of you revise it for me? Amrita Rao is my role model because she like me believes in the philosophy that Life is

    asked by Anita
  94. math

    Solve the equation: Thank you 2/y + y-1/3y= 2/5

    asked by Brian
  95. English

    Are there any deeper ideas in Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne? i.e. irony, symbolism, or anything like that

    asked by Matthew
  96. math

    I appreciate your help. This is the last problem that I need help with today. The answer is suppose to be -1/4 3x/x+1=5x over x-1 -2

    asked by Brian
  97. chemistry(check my answer)

    For the cell: C(s) C+(aq) B+(aq) B(s). Metal ______ is the "negative" electrode. is it C(s)

    asked by eng
  98. Biology

    What is an ecological property? Would the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System be an ecological property? Or would the Los Katios National Park be a better option?

    asked by Lola
  99. accounting tutoring

    these guys are very good in accounting tutoring

    asked by Joseph Castillo
  100. Statistics

    Suppose a bag contains 7 red chips, 8 black chips, and 3 green chips. You draw two chips (without replacement) from the bag. Find the probability that you drew a red chip first and then a black chip second.

    asked by Savannah
  101. social studies

    still looking for more psychosocial challenges facing the old age.Or suggest sites for this.

    asked by zurah
  102. math

    can someone help me I am not understandng how to do this; Function k(x) = x+18 Find k(0) k(x) = 6x k(-2) k(5) k(-2) indicated outputs 2 F(x) = 4x - 5x

    asked by arlene
  103. Chemistry

    A zero-order reaction has a constant rate of 3.20×10^−4 M/s. If after 35.0 seconds the concentration has dropped to 9.00×10^2M , what was the initial concentration?

    asked by D.Walker
  104. physics

    A sample of monatomic gas (£^ = 5/3) is expanded adiabatically from an initial temperature, volume, and pressure of 230. ¢XC, 6.00 litres, and 5.00 kPa, respectively, to a final volume of 7.00 litres. (a) What is the final pressure of the gas? (b) How

    asked by sarah
  105. math

    Function k(x) = x+18 Find k(0) k(x) = 6x k(-2) k(5) k(-2) indicated outputs 2 F(x) = 4x - 5x I need help with these can anyone help?

    asked by arlene
  106. Health

    I need help with a few questions. Please let me know if my answers are correct or not and thank you. 1- The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called? A- neutralization B- metabolism C- anabolism D- catabolism Answer- C

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Accounting

    The general manager of a business encounter many types of business transaction provide an example of a transaction?

    asked by Lashun
  108. Music

    I just composed a song and I need it on a music piece. I need help. I can supply the tonic solfa and would only need it in a piece. Thanks.

    asked by Toluene
  109. Math

    What do these factor out too?? (3w^2+w)(-6w-2) (3y^2+y)(6y+2) (6y^2+2y)(-3y-1)

    asked by Michael
  110. algebra

    write a polynomial for the length of the rectangle: area is- 7xto the 4th power minus 14x. the width is 7x.

    asked by Jim
  111. chemistry

    A fixed quantity of gas at 27°C exhibits a pressure of 729 torr and occupies a volume of 5.70 L. (a) Use Boyle's law to calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the pressure is increased to 1.75 atm while the temperature is held constant. (b) Use

    asked by chase
  112. math

    can any one explain why this integral diverges ? integration of [(e^(-sqrt(t)))/sqrt(t)]dt from 0 to infinity thanks

    asked by William
  113. college engineering science

    A shaft which rotates at 300r/min is uniformly accelerated to 600r/min in 15secs.Calculate: (a) The angular acceleration. (b) The angle through which the shaft has turned during the acceleration.

    asked by Ishola
  114. Math

    5 to the second power - (3- 4 to the 3rd)

    asked by christopher
  115. Math


    asked by christopher
  116. Math


    asked by christopher
  117. Organic Chemistry

    Hello there! I having trouble understanding the relationship between dipole moment and the heat of formation. How do these two relate; for instance, in the reduction of camphor to isoborneol and borneol? In addition, How does the dipole moment changing for

    asked by John
  118. Math

    -7/58y times 29y to the 2 power

    asked by christopher
  119. Math

    2x+y x=2/7 y=5/6

    asked by christopher
  120. statistics

    H0: ¦Ð ¡Ü .60 versus H1: ¦Ð > .60, ¦Á = .05, x = 56, n = 80 can someone just explain why alpha is there? Is it used?

    asked by barty
  121. Math

    evaluate the expression 2x-3y-4z x=7 y=-3 z=-1

    asked by christopher
  122. Math

    How do you factor x^3-1? HELP

    asked by Linda
  123. chemistry

    Can you help me with the following: Calculate the pH that results when 25 mL of .1M HCL is titrated with .1M NaOH solution run in from a buret at each of the stages of volume of .1 M NaOH add in 5.0 mL incrememnts beginning with 0 mL of NaOH

    asked by Cathy
  124. math

    (x^6-7x^3+10)/(x^3-2)= Please help I am really lost

    asked by marry
  125. Math

    how i solve this two equations ib order to find alpha and beta 2=cos(alpha)+1.341cos(beta) 2=sin(alpha)-1.341sin(beta)

    asked by mohh
  126. american government

    Consider the phrases “A belief in equal rights has often led to the belief in equality of opportunity;” and “American society does not emphasize equal results or equal rewards;” on p. 141 of the text. Explain these conceptions of equality in 200 to

    asked by laurie
  127. colleg physics

    Sirius is about 9.0 light-years from Earth. To reach the star by spaceship in 10 years (ship time), how fast must you travel? How long would the trip take according to an Earth-based observer? How far is the trip according to you?

    asked by Lanise