Questions Asked on
April 24, 2010

  1. chem

    In a solution prepared by mixing CH3OH with H2O the major species pesent are 1. a. CH3+, OH, and H2O 2. b. CH3O, H+, and H2O 3. c. CH3OH and H2O 4. d. CH3OH, H+, and OH I know i have to get an equation having trouble doing that!! please help!!

    asked by Mark
  2. chemistry

    Use the appropriate values of Ksp and Kf to find the equilibrium constant for the following reaction: PbCl2(s)+ 3OH(aq) >> Pb(OH)3 (aq) + 2Cl(aq). ksp for PbCl2 is 1.17*10^-5 kf for complex ion is 8*10^13. anyways...I know that the dissociation of the

    asked by anonymous
  3. Chem

    Balance the chemical equation given below, and determine the number of grams of MgO needed to produce 15.0 g of Fe2O3. _MgO(s)+_Fe(s)->_Fe2O3(s)+_Mg(s) 1. a. 11.4 g 2. b. 3.78 g 3. c. 1.26 g 4. d. 0.0877 g I got equation balanced 3,2,1,3 just having

    asked by Mark
  4. Science 8

    The question is "Explain the difference between a filament and a photophore." I know that a photophore is a machine that an optomitrist uses to find your prescription for glasses, but I am not sure what a filament means. Please Help!

    asked by Maddison
  5. Science/ Biology 8

    There is a question in my science textbook and no where in the textbook can I find the answer- neither can I find the answer on the internet. The question is: "If you shine a flashlight in a dark room and sprinkle talcum powder in front of the flashlight,

    asked by Maddison
  6. physics

    Find the distance (measured in earth radii, RE) from the center of the earth to a point outside the earth where the acceleration of gravity due to the earth is exactly one ninth of its value on the surface of the earth.

    asked by Muhammad
  7. Chemistry

    Hi! So, I thought I was very comfortable with distinguishing among Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis acids and bases. But then, I answered this question wrong and am looking for help because I'm not sure if my "second choice" answer is correct. The

    asked by JL
  8. Chemistry

    Having some confusion with this question....I have the answers, just not able to reach them. A flask of volume 5L is evacuated and 43.8 g of solid N2O4 is introduced at 77K. The sample is then warmed to 298K during which the N2O4 vaporizes and some

    asked by Val
  9. Math

    Q.1)If one zero of the polynomial 3x2-kx-2 is 2 find the other zero.allso find the value of k. Q.2)If sum of the zeroes of the polynomial x2-x-k(2x-1) is 0,find the value of k Q.3)If 2 and 3 are the zeroes of the polynomial 3x2-2kx+2m find the values of k

    asked by stan
  10. Chemistry

    2NO(g) + O2(g) --> 2NO2(g) Derive the theoretical rate law and indicate whether or not this is a possible mechanism for the above reaction: (1) 2NO(g) * N2O2(g) (fast) (2) N2O2(g) + O2(g) --> 2NO2(g) (slow) * indicates equilibrium arrows Thank you!

    asked by Vanessa
  11. Math

    What ratio represents the probability of drawing a red card from a standard deck of 52 cards?

    asked by Dee
  12. MATH

    Please help me with this math problem. 150-4((3+9)/(4-1) X (14-11)^2) the answer is 6, I have tried everything and can not get that answer

    asked by DEBBIE
  13. physics

    A 22 kg sphere is at the origin and a 12 kg sphere is at (x, y) = ( 22 cm , 0 cm) At what point or points could you place a small mass such that the net gravitational force on it due to the spheres is zero? please show all of work...i don't get it

    asked by nimo
  14. Chem

    Given the following hypothetical reaction: 2 E(g) + F(g) + G(g) products. If the rate law is: Rate = k[E]2[F]-1, what is the overall order of reaction? 1. a. zero 2. b. first 3. c. second 4. d. third

    asked by Mark

    You ask a neighbor to water a sickly plant while you are on vacation. Without water the plant will die with probability 0.85. With water it will die with probability 0.55. You are 89 % certain the neighbor will remember to water the plant. You come back

    asked by Janel
  16. math

    A boat's crew rowed 12 miles downstream, with the current, in 1.5 hours. The return trip upstream, against the current covered the same distance, but took 4 hours. Find the crew's rowing rate in still water and the rate of the current... The crew's rowing

    asked by sam
  17. Chemistry

    Which element can form more than one kind of monatomic ion? 1. a. Se 2. b. Sn 3. c. S 4. d. Sr

    asked by Mark
  18. chemistry

    2H2O(l)=2H2(g) +O2(g) the stress is an increase in pressure. If there is an increase in pressure, the reaction would go to the side of fewer moles. Even though the left side has no moles of gas, is the result still shifting to the left

    asked by bme1
  19. Math

    A painter working at 100 feet from the ground, drops his paint brush onto the street below. The function, s(t)=-16t^2+100, gives the height(in feet) of the paint brush as it falls to the ground. The velocity at time t=2 seconds is given by lim

    asked by Abbey(Please help)
  20. algebra

    im bad at rounding number, what is 10.81665383 round to the nearest thousandth

    asked by sam
  21. English

    1. Join one section of the pipe to the next. 2. Join one section of pipe to the next. (Do we have to use 'the' or not? Which one is correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  22. finance

    Brown Enterprises’ bonds currently sell for $1,025. They have a 9-year maturity, an annual coupon of $80, and a par value of $1,000. What is their current yield?

    asked by carmen
  23. Math

    If the area of triangle wxy is 22 square inches what is the area of wxyz

    asked by Garrick
  24. Physics

    A brass wire with Young's modulus of 9.20 1010 Pa is 2.5 m long and has a cross-sectional area of 4.6 mm2. If a weight of 5.2 kN is hung from the wire, by how much does it stretch?

    asked by Max
  25. Science 8- Please Help!

    Is light transmitted through frosted glass? Explain Please!

    asked by Maddison
  26. calculus

    Triangle ABC is an equalateral triangle, with O it's centroid. a) Show that vector OA + vector OB + vector OC = vector 0

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Statistics

    The annual Salary of an electrical engineer is given in terms of the years of experience by the table below. Find the equation of linear regression for the above data and obtain the expected salary for an engineer with 45 years of experience. Round to the

    asked by Jenny
  28. Algebra

    solve by substitution method y=x-4 6x-9y=21

    asked by Anonymous
  29. finance

    Calculate the rate of interest compounded yearly (j) equivalent to 8% pa compounded quarterly. Give your answer as a percentage per annum to 3 decimal places.

    asked by Michelle
  30. MATH

    The 120-foot rope is cut into 3 pieces.The first of rope is twice as long as the second piece of rope.The third piece of rope is three times as long as the second piece of rope.What is length of the longest piece of rope.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. english

    What does this critical lens quote mean? "Man is the only animal that blushes or has need to".

    asked by Jayleen
  32. Trig

    What are some real life applications of logarithims?

    asked by Joe Schmo
  33. physics

    Two parallel wires carry currents I1=100A and I2 (they run in the same direction). The top wire is held in position; the bottom wire is prevented from moving sideways but can slide up and down without friction. if the wires have a mass of 10g/meter of

    asked by lauren
  34. latin

    Looking for Latin version of “History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity.” Marcus Tullius Cicero 106-43 B.C., “Pro Publio

    asked by MP

    "Various theories have been proposed to explain its origin and characteristics, focusing on an assortment of factors, including the social and civic peculiarities of Florence at this time including its political structure and the patronage of its dominant

    asked by Maddison
  36. Data Management gr. 12

    I am so confused about correlation equations. I don't know at all how to use them r= W (x-xXy-y)=Sxy __________________ n *the equation doesnt look exactly like this but it is similar, if i can get any help at all that would be great example question:

    asked by Laurie
  37. Global History

    How was trade important to the economic development of Western Europe, the United States, and Japan during the postwar decades?

    asked by Jayleen
  38. calculus

    Prove that the sum of the vectors from the vertices to the centre of a regular octogon is a zero vector.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Chemistry

    Could someone walk me through this problem? 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 partial pressure of CO2 is .26Torr, temp is 25 celsius, calculate volume of air to prouduce 10g glucose I keep getting confused with thinking: convert 10 g

    asked by Val
  40. HUM/205

    Select one artwork that expresses a human experience you have encountered in your own life.

    asked by Suny
  41. Chemistry

    A solution of vinegar is 4.96% by mass acetic acid in water. Assume the density of the solution is 1g/mL. What is the pH? I have calculated the molar mass of acetic acid to be 60.5

    asked by Mike
  42. Science Grade 8

    The question is: "A flashlight does not lose power as you walk away from it, but as you get farther and farther away, it appears to be less and less bright. Explain" First of all I am BAD at explaining things, and when you don't know the answer it is even

    asked by Maddison
  43. economics

    Given the business situation of Mrs. Acres Homemade Pies (p. 30) and using the economic concepts of supply and demand, explain 1) Discuss what you think will happen to the supply, demand and price of the product in the short-term; 2) Discuss what you think

    asked by April
  44. Business/ Math/ Investment

    I Only Need Question 3. I have completed the rest. I have had several solutions and cannot come up with an answer. Thank you! Envision that you have served as business manager of Media World for over 2 years. You have noticed that for the last 12 months

    asked by Jade
  45. lal

    how to say FUN in a PLURAL way my sentence is fundraising is the easiest and (fun) way in school

    asked by Jane
  46. Science Grade 8

    I know that this seems like a REALLY EASY question, but for some reason I cannot think of anything! 2. What technologies have been developed that use light? This is from a grade 8 textbook, so nothing to technical!

    asked by Maddison
  47. To DrBob222

    Can you please explain thoroughly to me about all this. Why do we criss cross the formulas of compounds? How do we find out which combining capacity to use if there are more than one? Is there a special formula we use to find out or something? I really do

    asked by Sara
  48. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 12.00 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2?

    asked by need help please!!!
  49. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M NH3 with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl? I found their moles= 8*10^(-4)

    asked by help please
  50. gr.8 math

    last year Stephanie was paid a base salary of $12,000/ year plus a commission of 3% on the total dollar value of her sales. She sold $1,120,000 worth of company products. How much did she make?

    asked by cat
  51. Global History

    How was the economic development of western Europe during the Cold War years similiar ro or different from that of Japan?

    asked by Jayleen
  52. Math

    What ratio represents the probability of drawing a red card from a standard deck of 52 cards?

    asked by Dee
  53. Literacy

    what are the components of a successful literacy program?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    Solve for x: (4x + 1)1/2 = 3

    asked by jane
  55. Algebra

    How do you solve and graph these equations? y = 4x + 5 x - 2y = 4

    asked by Liz
  56. economics

    True or false: If the human capital possessed by two workers is nearly the same, their wag rates will be nearly the same. Explain.

    asked by hannah
  57. math

    what is the antiderivative of 1/4sinx+3cosx

    asked by kokou
  58. English

    Hello everyone! Can you write me some ideas about: "Being a surgeon is a stressfull job." i coulkd really use some help and also ideas about solve tis problem=stress. So what could eg a surgeon do to be /more relaxed? thank you!

    asked by Lulu
  59. English

    1. What did you think about the movie? - I thought it ws very sad. I cried a lot. 2. Which did you think about the movie? - I thought it was very violent. 3. When did you think about the movie? - Yesterday I thought about the movie. 4. How did you think

    asked by rfvv
  60. math

    What is the relevance of the order of operations in simplifying a polynomial?

    asked by Sara
  61. world geography

    how did colonialism affect the underdevelopment of Latin America?

    asked by jenn
  62. Math

    For the function x^2 + 2x - 4 , find lim f(h+4) - f(4) / h h-->0

    asked by Abbey
  63. Social Studies 8

    "Various theories have been proposed to explain its origin and characteristics, focusing on an assortment of factors, including the social and civic peculiarities of Florence at this time including its political structure and the patronage of its dominant

    asked by Maddison
  64. chemistry

    Solution A, while in a 1.0 cm cell, has an absorbance of 0.390 and a [Cu2+] = 0.0283 M. Then, 6.57 mL of solution A is diluted with pure water to 100.0 mL. What is the absorbance of this diluted solution? I tried but I still don't get it. Can anyone please

    asked by hongkong
  65. What does PATRONIZED mean?

    Look at above question

    asked by Maddison
  66. Marketing

    the observing method in marketing research

    asked by Luis
  67. Probability

    Probability of drug companies obtainining permission for sale og a drg within 90 days is .75. If a sample of 5 compnanies selected what is the probability that none of them obtaine permission within 90 days.

    asked by Anju
  68. Trig

    What are some real life applications of logarithims?

    asked by Joe Schmo
  69. plants

    there are mechanisms that prevent pollination of one plant species by pollen from another. this would prevent a) the formation of hybrids between the pollen donor and the pollen receptor b) a waste of pollen c) pollen from attempting to develop on the

    asked by serena
  70. marketing

    Several companies use their brand as a competitive advantage. Given your knowledge about the global economy, which brands do you believe have the strongest liklihood of remaining a source of advantage in the 21st century? Why? What effects do you believe

    asked by Diane
  71. Homework ( English)

    i must make a police report of the murder from Patick Maloney the question is; imagine that you are one of the defective who is investigating of Patrick Maloney?

    asked by Paula
  72. College Intermediate Algebra

    Explain the reason to use tradional solving with a quadratic equation with one variable.

    asked by Alyse
  73. Algebra

    y^2 + 1/4 = -y how do i do this??? I'm stuck

    asked by Alyse
  74. pre algebra

    A customer wants to make a teepee in his backyard for his children he plans to use lengths of PVC plumbing pipe for the supports on the teepee and he wants the teepee to be 12 feet across and 8 feet tall how long should the pieces of PVC plumbing pipe be

    asked by Terry
  75. HUM/205

    To what human experience does the work relate? O How is that human experience meaningful to your life? O How does the work express or relate to your human experience? O What social, cultural, and moral values does the work express

    asked by Suny
  76. college math

    Cindy deposited $1,000 in an account that pays 12% interest compounded quarterly. How much money will Cindy have in the account after 7 years?

    asked by patrice
  77. To Writeacher

    Writeacher, I fixed some things in here, but I know that there are still a few mistakes in here. I think it's with the intro and the ending. Could you please check it for me, and tell what I need to do to make it better. I'll keep on working on it, till

    asked by Sara
  78. 8 math

    This year Stephanie's commission rate will be cut to2.8%, but her base salary will be raised to $14,000 per year. Should she be concerned? What would the difference in her salary have been if this pan had been in place last year?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. algebra

    Give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places x^2+18x+81=1

    asked by Denise
  80. Math, 11

    okay so i am trying to model a cubic equation to fit my curve my base curve is specifications: x value-0 to 6.19 amplitude-0.77 amplitude coordinates-3.73,0.77 x intercepts-0,0 and 6.19 , 0 this is my curve and i have to make a equation and include

    asked by Functions
  81. Nutrition

    What is the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. math

    how do i ,prove: 1/(sec x-1) + 1/(sec x-1)= 2cotx cscx

    asked by luis
  83. math

    how do i ,prove: 1/(sec x-1) + 1/(sec x-1)= 2cotx cscx

    asked by luis
  84. BIO.

    What is a karyotype? What type of information can be obtained from it?

    asked by nini
  85. world geography

    how is Central America different from the Carribean? how is it similar? (location, geography, resources, culture, etc)

    asked by jenn
  86. 10th grade Biology

    Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirement of multicellulars like us?

    asked by SAKSHI
  87. English

    Write a passage using rhetorical device on a person, idea or ideology(300 words)

    asked by priyanka
  88. math

    what is x for tanx=2/3 in radian

    asked by kokou
  89. algebra

    Explain how you would find 4 minus 3 5/6.Justify your steps by using a model.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. To Writeacher

    Writeacher I added more at the end, and I fixed some mistakes of mine. I can still feel that there are some awkward places in here, but I can't tell where they are located. I tried to make my ending strong, by speaking from my heart. I wrote what I think

    asked by Sara
  91. Accouting

    I need to prepare a multi-step income statement for Coyote, Inc from a single-step statement. Thuis is the following information that I was given. Net sales $1,833,000 Interest Income 13,000 __________ 1,846,000 Costs and expenses Cost of goods sold

    asked by Sharon
  92. Physics

    3000 Joules of energy in the form of heat are added to a copper block with a mass of 1 kg. What is the blocks temperature change?

    asked by Heidi
  93. chemistry

    when naming alkyl halides with more than one kind of halogen, do u name alphabetically or according to reactivity.

    asked by fen
  94. calculus

    Consider the infinite series of the form: (+/-)3(+/-)1(+/-)(1/3)(+/-)(1/9)(+/-)(1/27)(+/-)...(+/-)(1/3^n)(+/-)... (A) Find x and y from: x(

    asked by Megan
  95. human resources

    challenge facing human resources planning

    asked by allen
  96. algebra

    How do you find any x-intercepts and y-intercepts. If no x-intercepts exist, state this. g(x)=2x^2+3x-1

    asked by DD
  97. geometry

    the ratio of juniors to seniors is 9 to 8, if there are 51 juniors and seniors total, which percent of students are seniors? how do i figure this out?!

    asked by pleasehelp
  98. 6th Grade Science

    How do meteorologists forecast weather?

    asked by David
  99. algebra

    the accumulated value of an investment of $15,00 for 7 years at rate of 4.5% compounded semiannually what will that be?

    asked by Nette
  100. statistics

    The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate?

    asked by Latoya
  101. Jan Mann Opportunity School

    three bases on a tRNA molecule that complement an mRNA codon

    asked by Karina
  102. English

    Hello everybody! I've got some problems with my english homework,and I'd really appreciate our help! My homework is : name a stressfull job eg.:doctor,manager than describe why this job is so stresfull,what can be the causers of sress.Why is this bad if

    asked by Lulu
  103. English

    Can you please check the following sentences, please? Thank you very much. 1) As the letters are written in first-person, they provide different individual points of view on the same event, which can be fully explored. 2) Then, the characters introduce one

    asked by Franco
  104. Math

    how do I write a rule for this function? x: -4, 0, 2, 4 f(x): 4, 6, 7, 8

    asked by Audrey
  105. Accounting

    Target corp is currently seeking additional capital to expand it's operation. Two companies have shown interset. The first company would like to have part ownership. Company 2 would like to provide target with a loan. Write a memo in which you explain what

    asked by Kim
  106. AED

    What are social factors?

    asked by Lola
  107. AED

    What are social factors?

    asked by Lola
  108. Algebra

    solve and graph each function: 2x = 3y y = 2x + 4

    asked by Liz
  109. image editing

    Hi... a huge challenge for me, utilizing the software Photoshop 4, is to balance graphics and text without looking tacky. Any ideas????

    asked by Jim
  110. Psych

    Bipolar 1 disorder and bipolar 2 disorder differ with regards to a.whether they include full-blown manic phases b.whether they develop suddenly at an early age or gradually at a later age i think it is A because I know that type 1 is classified by having

    asked by Sam
  111. English

    1. What do you think about the musical? 2. How do you think about the musical? (#1 is right, but #2 is wrong? Am I right? Why is #2 ungrammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  112. English

    1. This path leads to the main road near the trees. 2. This path joins the main road near the trees. (Are both the same?)

    asked by rfvv
  113. Math


    asked by HelpmeMath
  114. Business Analysis / Investment

    Help! I have had several solutions and cannot come up with an answer. Thank you! Envision that you have served as business manager of Media World for over 2 years. You have noticed that for the last 12 months the business has regularly had cash assets of

    asked by Jade
  115. government

    what can political parties handle better than interest groups? a. raising money b. provide solidary benefits c. create a cleare ideology d. organize people on a large scale

    asked by jaden
  116. Math

    solve for g. 0=2,750,000g - 2,750,000

    asked by John
  117. quick bio question

    What are autosomes?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. spanish

    el camarero te comunica los problemas

    asked by rodney
  119. math

    how do do you find the percentage of $38676?

    asked by jane
  120. Math

    $20768 the percentage for this is 21% please help me through the formula on how this is done get 21%

    asked by jane
  121. maths

    how many is 1kg= how many gram

    asked by cathy
  122. math


    asked by fas'e
  123. Biology Gr. 11

    Indicate how a female could inherit complete red-green colour blindness

    asked by susan
  124. math

    what is x for tanx=2/3

    asked by kokou
  125. math

    0 = x (x - 6.19) (x - s) if you have that, and you wanna find that last zero (root) how do you do it?

    asked by HelpPLZisu!
  126. college algebra

    Explain how to identify intervals on which a function increases, decreases, or is constant.

    asked by jennifer pemasa
  127. integration

    How do you integrate ; ln(lnx) and x/lnx

    asked by michael
  128. science

    what are the pros and cons of laser eye surgery? atleast 5 of each pro and con plz need help urgently thanku

    asked by Navroz
  129. science

    Which would be more liquidlike: magma that flows easily or magma that flows difficult?

    asked by ciara
  130. history

    Why did relations between the superpowers change in the years 1962-75

    asked by max
  131. chemistry

    Explain how the use of masses, while not a component of Boyle's law, is related to the law.

    asked by chase
  132. geography

    These are the two words to describe governments: ruled by____ or_____ Puzzle down 9 letters Thanks

    asked by fko


    asked by fko