Questions Asked on
April 18, 2010

  1. general physics

    Determine the minimum gauge pressure needed in the water pipe leading into a building if water is to come out of a faucet on the twelfth floor, 38 m above that pipe.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physic

    A roller-coaster car has a mass of 500 kg when fully loaded with passengers. The car passes over a hill of radius 15 m, as shown. At the top of the hill, the car has a speed of 8 m/s. What is the force of the track on the car at the top of the hill?

    asked by yusra
  3. chemistry

    Which of the following atoms is paramagnetic? Zn, Sr, Kr, Te, Ca? How do you tell if the atom is paramagnetic or not?

    asked by Danielle
  4. trig/math

    3. Draw vectors u and v tail-to-tail so that they make a è-degree angle. Draw the vector u − v, the third side of the triangle, and check to see that it points in the right direction. (a) Solve for cos è using the SSS version of the Law of Cosines,

    asked by sarah
  5. Mathematicas

    Sam and Susie are twins. Sam has as many brothers as he has sisters. Suzie has at least 1 sister, and twice as many brothers as sisters. How many kids are in the family altogether?

    asked by Nina
  6. Gen Chemistry

    What is the balanced chemical equation for the galvanic cell reaction expressed using shorthand notation below? Al(s)|Al3+(aq)||Ni2+(aq)|Ni(s)

    asked by Bab aba
  7. physics

    a bullet of mass 20g traveling horizontally at 100m/s embedded itself in the center of block of wood mass 1kg which is suspended by a light vertical string of length 1m. calculate the maximum inclination of the string to the vertical

    asked by la roux
  8. physics

    If you tried to smuggle gold bricks by filling your backpack, whose dimensions are 63 cm*29 cm*20cm, what would its mass be?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    Write and balance the chemical reaction when gaseous carbon monoxide reacts with hydrogen gas to form gaseous methane (CH4) & liquid water

    asked by Tracey
  10. 12th grade life orientation

    identify 1 enviromental or human factor that causes ill health,accident,crises within south africa

    asked by loyd
  11. chemistry

    What [I] should be maintained in KI(aq) to produce a solubility of 2.0×10−5 mol PbI2/L when PbI2 is added? i did...x^3 = 2.0*10^-5 but that didn't work out too well. help?

    asked by anonymous
  12. chemistry

    to clean a clogged drain, 26 g of sodium hydroxide is added to water to make 150 ml of solution what are the pH and pOH values for the solution?

    asked by Caitlin
  13. College Algebra

    help in solving log7 (1/49) = x

    asked by Lisa
  14. pyschology 1

    How would you use classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning to improve your academic performance? Give one example for each type of learning.

    asked by lily
  15. physics

    Two disks are mounted (like a merry-go-round) on low-friction bearings on the same axle and can be brought together so that they couple and rotate as one unit. The first disk, with rotational inertia 3.30 kg·m2 about its central axis, is set spinning

    asked by william
  16. APChemistry

    Hi What is the netionicequation for NaOBr disolving in watr? Thanks!

    asked by Kiki
  17. home economics

    How many types of kitchen do we have in Home Economics

    asked by Godswill
  18. life orientation

    enviromental factor that causes ill health,accidents,crises?

    asked by karabo
  19. geometry

    For each of the following, tell how many noncongruent triangles PQR fit the given description, and find the size of angle Q. Make a separate diagram for each case. (a) p = 3, q = 5, angle P = 27 degrees (b) p = 8, q = 5, angle P = 57 degrees (c) p = 7, q =

    asked by john
  20. Acoustics: Noise Vibration and Noise Control

    Helicopter Noise Transmission It is planned to introduce a regular helicopter service from a helipad at ground level in a hospital premises. There will be four arrivals and four departures per day but never more than one arrival and one departure in any

    asked by Chris
  21. physics

    When a 0.045 kg golf ball takes off after being hit, its speed is 35 m/s. A)How much work is done on the ball by the club? B)Assume that the force of the golf club acts parallel to the motion of the ball and that the club is in contact with the ball for a

    asked by Will
  22. biology

    Comparisons of amino acid sequences from different organisms often shed light on the evolutionary divergence of related species. Would you expect all of the proteins of a given set of living species to show the same degree of divergence?

    asked by B
  23. physics

    two parallel conductors are located one above the other, with both carrying currents in opposite directions. As a result they repel each other. is the upper conductor in a stable state of levitation? b) Now we reverse one current so that the two conductors

    asked by sammy
  24. english

    create a 10-15 slide presentation comparing and contrasting the roles that ethics and laws play within organizations.

    asked by shauntae
  25. Trigonometry

    How do I solve these? 1) 2sinxcosx-cosx=0 2) cos^2(x)-0.5cosx=0 3) 6sin^2(x)-5sinx+1=0 4) tan^2(x)+tanx-12=0

    asked by .
  26. Algebra

    I am having to graph this linear equation. y=-2x+4 This is what I know. The y-intercept is 4 and the slope is -2. So I would start at the y-axis at 4, then would I go down 2 units and over to left one or go up 2 units and to the right one. Don't know how

    asked by Carrie
  27. Chemistry

    A 45 g sample of a ketose with a general formula CnH2nOn gives 18.45 liter of CO2 at 27C and 2 atm and 27 g of water when burned. If 1.204 x 10 23 molecules of this ketose weigh 30 g, what are its molecular and structural formulas ?

    asked by Esmeralda
  28. Chemistry-Rates of Reaction

    A chemist wishes to determine the rate of reaction of zinc with hydrochloric acid. The equation for the reaction is: Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq) ---> H2(g) + ZnCl2(aq) A piece of zinc is dropped into 1.00 L of 0.100 M HCl and the following data were obtained:

    asked by Juggy
  29. help plz

    does any1 no how to cut songs on itunes?

    asked by recher
  30. math

    how can you tell whether 78 divided by 2 is greater than 30 without dividing?

    asked by jared
  31. math

    Find the probability of at least one birthday match among a group of 48 people.

    asked by Kimberly
  32. Algebra

    Write an equation of the line satisfying the given conditions. Parallel to the line y=-5x-6 and a y-intercept of -2. Would it be: y=-5x-2 The slope stays the same due to it being parallel and the only thing that changes is the y-intercept and that would be

    asked by Carrie
  33. consumer math grade 12

    jesse buys a 150 000 house and will make a 30 000 down payment the bank will charge him an interest rate of 5% with the mortgage amoritized over 15 years determine the monthly mortgage payment

    asked by jodi jerome
  34. history

    I don't understand "What is the Third Estate?" by Abbe Sieyes. I am supposed to answer some questions on it, but i don't know how i can do that when i am not sure what he is saying.

    asked by blue
  35. Maths

    Two bike riders X and Y both start at 2 pm riding towards each other from 40 km apart. X rides at 30 km/h, Y at 20 km/h. If they meet after t hours, find when and where they meet.

    asked by Sindy
  36. chemistry

    What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy the n=4 shell?

    asked by Danielle
  37. 6th grade math HELP

    You have a triangle that measures 180 degrees. AB is 4 units. the measure of BC is 5 units. The measure of CD is 12 units. What is the measure of DE and how did you get that answer?

    asked by Rachael
  38. physical

    An airplane travels 80 m/s as it makes a horizontal circular turn which has a 0.8 km radius. What is the magnitude of the resultant force on the 75 kg pilot of this airplane?

    asked by yusra
  39. Physic

    A person weighs 872 N in air and has a body fat percentage of 20.7%. a. What is the overall density of this person's body? b. What is the volume of this person's body? c. Find the apparent weight of this person when completely submerged in water.

    asked by Ann
  40. Physics

    In a physics experiment, Wendy immersed a copper of mass 300g in 100 degree C in boiling water and left it there for several minutes. She then transferred the cube to 0.2 kg of water at 10 degrees C. The final temperature of the mixture was 21 degrees C.

    asked by Samantha Chow
  41. Chemistry

    An electrochemical cell is based on the following two half-reactions: Ox: Sn(s)--> Sn^2+(aq, 1.70 M)+ 2e Red: ClO2(g, 0.220 atm)+e --> ClO2^-(aq, 1.80 M) Compute the cell potential at 25 C. I think I'm supposed to use the Nernst Equation for this, but I do

    asked by Kyle
  42. biology

    The endocrine system.. A- affects only the reproductive system B- releases substances into the bloodstream C- competes with the nervous system to send signals D- fights with the antibodies preoduced by the immune system

    asked by Taylor
  43. Accounting

    The Rebecca Company acquired merchandise inventory costing $10,000 on September 1. The company will not pay for the inventory until October 1. This transaction will affect the Rebecca Company by increasing the Merchandise Inventory account by $10,000 and

    asked by Pat
  44. algebra I

    determine which real number corresponds to the situation. The record high temperature for a date is 97.9 degrees above 0. what is the corresponding number for this sentence?

    asked by marilyn
  45. Managerial Economics

    . Remox Corporation is a British firm that sells high-fashion sportswear in the United States. Congress is currently considering the imposition of a protective tariff on imported textiles. Remox is considering the possibility of moving 50 percent of its

    asked by JO
  46. chemistry

    An 85.0-N backpack is hung from the middle of an aluminum wire, as the drawing shows. The temperature of the wire then drops by 20.0 C¡ã. Find the tension in the wire at the lower temperature. Assume that the distance between the supports does not

    asked by zuta
  47. biology

    When TSH reaches a very high level, What does it do? A- causes TRH to be released B- causes thyroxine to be released C- turns off TRH production D- turns off thyroxine production E- turns off TSH production

    asked by Taylor
  48. chemistry

    what is the relationship between pH and [H+] - if i diulted 1.00M solution of NaOH enough would it eventually become acidic?

    asked by sarah
  49. science

    Feedback inhibition means that an increase in a substance will what?

    asked by Haley
  50. Life orientation

    Recommendations on how to address enviromental problems

    asked by Sonwabile
  51. Linguistics

    1. Wanted: Man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.” 2. “What looks better on a handsome man than a tux? Nothing!” These sentences may be lexically or structurally ambiguous. Paraphrase each in two ways.

    asked by ang
  52. science

    WHich of the following systems will the endocrine system use to send any of it messaqges? THe circulatory The immune The reproductive The excretory

    asked by Haley
  53. reading and language

    what is plain folks, name calling, bandwagon, testimonial,and loaded terms. thank you and aply fast.

    asked by marinda
  54. tips

    i am going to take tcap tis week and i need some tips to do my best. i need as answers as as possible because i need all the help i can get. thank your for your help

    asked by kevan
  55. math (pre-calc)

    Solve for x: 1. 3^2x+3^x+1-4=0 2. log3(x=12)+log3(x+4)=2 3. lnx+ln(x+2)=4 4. 3*4^x+4*2^x+8=0

    asked by Rony
  56. Bronx

    How can I describe the history of the bronx in NYC by mentioning the Yankees and the old Yankee Stadium?

    asked by AL 87
  57. History

    I'm writing a paper based on the life of General Douglas MacArthur; however, I'm having trouble figuring out how to outline my report. My question is, how should I outline my report?

    asked by Anthony
  58. electricity

    Electrons are emitted from a conductor when the conductor is: A. Exposed to weak light B. cooled rapidly c.bombarded by high-speed electrons d.subjected to a small voltage

    asked by Bren
  59. chemistry

    DrBob222 - for molar mass do you use significant figures? If so would the answer be 0.05 (3.55/65.39)3.55 has 3 SF's correct?

    asked by Tracey
  60. accounting

    Ms, Sue can you help me?

    asked by trinity
  61. Chemistry

    DrBob222 - can you set up the equation for the volume problem, i don't have a clue... Is this Charles Law? I know how to change C to K you add 273, but I don't know what figures go where in this formula PV=nRT......

    asked by Tracey
  62. financing

    A firm has a current assets of $800,000, current liabilities of $600,000. The firm uses $200,000 of its cash balance to pay off a current liabilities. Calculate the current ratio before and after this transaction.

    asked by ann
  63. Math

    Multiply. Use the partial-products algorithm. 87 x 65 Not sure how to use the partial-product algorithm.

    asked by Jake
  64. Manangerial Econ

    You manage a U.S. based company that makes #2 pencils that sell in a highly competitive market (your pencils are considered a standardized commodity by your customers). Your marketing data predicts that in the upcoming year overall industry production will

    asked by Shawn
  65. Managerial Econ

    Chevrolet just announced a new incentive program that provides either $5,000 cash back or zero percent financing for up to seven years on Chevrolet Silverado pick-ups. How do you think the bottom line of Heartland Chevrolet in Liberty, MO will be impacted

    asked by Shawn
  66. Math

    Laura invested her savings in two investment funds. The that she invested in Fund A returned a profit. The amount that she invested in Fund B returned a profit. How much did she invest in Fund B, if both funds together returned a profit?

    asked by Jason
  67. 12th grade

    in 15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or enviroment problem impact on the community.

    asked by loyd
  68. Finance

    If a firm is expected to have a profit margin of 8 percent but trades at a price –to –sales ratio of 25, what inferences would you make?

    asked by Adrienne
  69. Chemistry

    Why is it not a good idea to use an antacid routinely? (two reasons)

    asked by Emily
  70. 12th grade

    find the max and min values of f(x,y)= 3x+y for the polygonal convex set determined by x ¡Ý 1, y ¡Ý 0, and x+ .5y ¡Ü 2

    asked by Bri
  71. music help PLZ

    i am on windows media player tryin to make a mix cd. i made a playlist but i wanna cut some parts into smaller pieces like if i only want a certain part of the song then it will continue to the next song does any1 no how to do that ..Like how to cut the

    asked by becca
  72. Chemistry

    A 45 g sample of a ketose with a general formula CnH2nOn gives 18.45 liter of CO2 at 27C and 2 atm and 27 g of water when burned. If 1.204 x 10 23 molecules of this ketose weigh 30 g, what are its molecular and structural formulas ?

    asked by Esmeralda
  73. physics help please!!!

    A venturi tube is measuring the flow of water; it has a main diameter of 4.1 cm tapering down to a throat diameter of 1.8 cm. If the pressure difference is measured to be 67 mm-Hg, what is the velocity of the water? Please help step by step!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  74. general physics

    If wind blows at 30 m/s over a house, what is the net force on the roof if its area is 300 m^2 and is flat?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    the lions gate bridge in vancuver BC, is a suspension bridge that spans 1516m. Large cables are attached to the tops of the towers, 50m above the road. the road is suspended from the large cables with small vertical cables, the smallest one being 2m. find

    asked by Navroz
  76. Physics Gr.11

    Frank stands at the base of a building. He throws a 0.12kg rock straight up at a speed of 28m/s so that it rises to a maximum height of 12m above the top of the building and then falls straight down on the roof of the building. a) What is the height of the

    asked by NINI
  77. college physics part 2

    the activity of a sample of carbon has one-eighth of the initial activity. carbon-14 has a half-life of 5730 yr. how old is the sample in yr?

    asked by Mimi
  78. math

    the quotient of 794.1 divided by 7.61, expressed to two decimal places is

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Environmental Science

    how does carbon move from the atmosphere to the biosphere

    asked by Livie
  80. Algebra1

    I am solving for linear equations and I'm wondering if I did Step 3 right.. 3x-y=8 x-y=8 Step 1 3x-y=8 3x-y+y=8+y 3x=8+y 3x/3=8+y/3 x=(8+y/3) Step 2 3(8+y/3)-y=8 8+y-y=8 8+2y=8 8+2y-8=8-8 2y=0 2y/2=0/2 y=0 Step 3 x=8+y(0)/3 x=2.6

    asked by Samantha
  81. physics

    What must be the pressure difference between the two ends of a 1.4 km section of pipe, 22 cm in diameter, if it is to transport oil (rho = 950 kg/m^3 ,eta = 0.20 Pa*s) at a rate of 780 cm^3/s? Please explain step-by-step.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. SPANISH- helpp!!

    does this skit sound right gramatically? (introduction to cooking show) (Hueste): Hola y bienvenido a _____________ programa de cocina! Hoy, nosotros se cocinará un plato estupendo – la quesadilla. Cocinero ________ nos enseñará a cocinar la

    asked by NEEDSHELP(:

    does this commercial sound right gramatically? ¿Quién quiere las galletas maria? Que hago! Que hago! las galletas maría son un aperitivo ideal para personas de todas las edades. Saben muy bien y no tienen tanta azúcar como otras galletas. las galletas

    asked by NEEDSHELP(:

    ¿Qué quieres para beber? BATIDO DE FRESAS! Quiero beber batido de fresas! Batido de fresas es un gran sabor y bebida saludable. Copas cinco porciones de fresas batido sería igual de 5 porciones de frutas todos los días necesarios. Bebe esto con

    asked by NEEDSHELP(:
  85. Physics

    Sorry, another question. A camper van with a mass of 2500kg has a maximum driving force of 2650N. The camper van drives along a straight, level road at a constant speed of 90 kilometres per hour. At this speed, air resistance is 2000N and the frction

    asked by Eloise
  86. College Algebra

    Quadratic Function problem: When a certain drug is taken orally, the concentration of the drug in the patients bloodstream after t minutes is given by C(t)=0.06t-0.0002t^2, where 0 ≤ t ≤ 240 and the concentration is measured by mg/L. When is the

    asked by Meredith
  87. Algebra

    Need help with these 3, with work shown please--- 30. A block of ice loses one-third of its weight every hour. After 2 hours, the block weighs 40 pounds. How much did the block of ice weigh to begin with? 48. Does the Commutative Property apply to this

    asked by mysterychicken
  88. 12th grade life orientation

    15 lines critically discuss 5 ways based on crises in which the human or enviroment problem imqacts on the community

    asked by loyd
  89. math

    how to draw a triangle that is perpendicular, what type of traingle is it?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. College Algebra

    When a certain drug is taken orally, the concentration of the drug in the patients bloodstream after t minutes is given by C(t)=0.06t-0.0002t^2, where 0 is less than or equal to "t" which is less than or equal to 240 and the concentration is measured by

    asked by Meredith
  91. Accounting (ACC/230)

    Can someone please explain to me what the effective tax rate says about a company and means for a company? I am lost.

    asked by TinkRose
  92. science

    does the pumping of a soap dispenser have anything to do with boyles law?

    asked by bob
  93. math

    factorise 7x^2 - 19x + 10 13x - 20 - 2x^2 28n - 10 + 6n^2 please can you show me the method thanks

    asked by tom
  94. science

    is a burning candle living matter?

    asked by courtney
  95. 6th grade science (physics)

    explain Newton's 1st law in relation to forces, balanced forces and unbalanced forces

    asked by Brandon
  96. algebra 1


    asked by alicia
  97. 6th grade science (physics)

    explain and describe Law of Universal Gravitation in relation to force, mass and distance

    asked by Tyler
  98. Math

    On th decibel scale, the loudness of a sound, in decibels, is given by D=10log(I/I0), where I is the intensity of a sound barely audible to the human ear. If the intensity of a sound is 10^11I0, what is the loudness in decibels? (please note the I0 is

    asked by Help!!
  99. 6th grade science (physics)

    explain and describe Newton's 1st law and as it applies to forces, balanced forces and unbalanced forces

    asked by Brandon
  100. ged

    The task of economic policy is to create a prosperous America. The unfinished task of prosperous Americans is to build a Great Society. Our accomplishments have been many; these tasks remain unfinished: 1) to achieve full employment without inflation; > to

    asked by terchelle
  101. geometry

    Its center at O = (0, 0), the unit circle x2 + y2 = 1 goes through P = (1, 0). The line y = 0.6 intersects the circle at A and B, with A in the first quadrant. The angles POA and POB are said to be in standard position, because their initial ray OP points

    asked by sarah
  102. algebra, please help!


    asked by alicia
  103. Algebra


    asked by Elizabeth
  104. math

    Find the angle formed when [3, 4] and [−5, 12] are placed tail-to-tail, then find components for the vector projection that results when [3, 4] is projected onto [−5, 12]

    asked by John
  105. geometry

    i want to know what is quadrilaterals

    asked by shanika
  106. math

    Sam owns a triangular piece of land on which the tax collector wishes to determine the correct property tax. Sam tells the collector that “the first side lies on a straight section of road and the second side is a stone wall. The wall meets the road at a

    asked by sarah
  107. CRT/205

    I am having trouble with my home work assignment. My question for you is: I am supposed to outline the premise's of each argument. But I am confused about how to locate the premise? This is my argument: since it is very nature of terrorism not only to

    asked by Nikol
  108. College Algebra

    Can we try this again? I already posted this question and thank you for responding but I just don't understand. I am posting it again because I need to clarify that I have formulas my professor has us use but since I've never come across a problem like

    asked by Meredith
  109. physics

    A stairwell is supported by two circular steel rods at one end. The other end supported above. The two steel rods are subjected to a total load of 12,800lbs. The rods are 24 ft long and E=30*10^6 psi. Select the rod based on the following specs. The rod

    asked by stacey graham
  110. physics

    Find moment of Inertia Ix and Iy for the built up steel beam. The 1"x32"plate is centered on the wide flange web together with the 2"x16" plate. The steel beam is a W18x71 (Area=20.8in^2 diameter=18.47 tw=0.495 Ix= 1170in^4 Iy= 60.3in^4) To get better

    asked by stacey graham
  111. Spanish

    I need to create a sentence to tell the following people's opinions. Tu / que / es aburrido(a) Yo / Que / es emocionante Nosotros/ que / es important para la ciudad. Los maetros/ que / es interesante Mi amigo(a) / que / es divertido(a)

    asked by Leah
  112. poetry

    what are four items is the highwayman wearing in the poem the highwayman by alfred noyes?

    asked by john
  113. chemistry

    is there a chemical reaction that is used in everyday life that can go wrong? like lets say you add too much or one of the chemicals

    asked by lila
  114. math


    asked by Skyla
  115. math

    On a test, Abbey had 75% of the problems right. If she had 48 problems correct, how many questions were on the test?

    asked by linda
  116. science

    is the weight of an object the same at any point on the earth

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Western Civilization to 1648

    1. Discuss how Alexander the Great created an empire in which Greek civilization flourished in the midst of many diverse cultures. 2.Discuss how the Greek city state developed in the farmework of larger word dominated by Persia. 3. Discuss the political,

    asked by Prince
  118. Calc

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward from the roof of 48 foot building with a velocity of 32 ft/sec, its height after t seconds is s(t)=48+32t–16t2. What is the maximum height the ball reaches?

    asked by Adam
  119. math


    asked by Skyla
  120. Spanish

    how would you answer this question with affirmative commands and a direst object pronoun? Leo el libro de la historia de Oaxaca? Visito los museos? Compro la chaqueta? Escribo cartes? Compro el video sobre Monte Alban?

    asked by Leah
  121. math


    asked by Skyla
  122. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard cell potential for each of the following electrochemical cells. Ni^+2(aq)+Mg(s)--->Ni(s)+Mg^+2(aq) I used the e cell values from the back of my book. They are: Ni^+2(aq)+2e--->Ni(s) E^0= -0.23 V Mg^+2(aq)+2e--->Mg(s) E^0= -2.37 I did

    asked by Eddie
  123. physics

    a cliff diver falling at 9.8 m/s2 takes 1.5 seconds to hit the water. How high is the cliff?

    asked by Whitney
  124. Physics

    Mammals that depend on being able to run fast have slender lower legs with flesh and muscle concentrated high, close to the body. On the basis of rotational dynamics, explain why this distribution of mass is advantageous.

    asked by Ava
  125. chemistry

    what is the volume occupied by 0.118 mol of helium gas at a pressure of 0.97 atm & temp of 32 C? R= 0.0821 L atm/mol K

    asked by Tracey
  126. Biology

    Elaborate on the role that isomers and functional groups could have lead to the creation of life. Cite one example using a functional group of your choosing

    asked by Angela
  127. MATHS


  128. French

    Can someone proofread this? Here is a paragraph about the poem "L'horloge." My professor grades very strictly for conjugation/agreement, spelling, gender and using the correct word. Any help would be great, thanks! ! A mon avis, le poeme "L'hologe" par

    asked by A
  129. Algebra

    Find the center and radius of the circle. x^2+(y+7)^2=4 I know that the formula for the center at the origin x^2+y^2=r^2 Very lost. Need Help!

    asked by Carrie
  130. Biology

    Explain how the potential energy of carbon and its ability to tetramerize lead to the development of macromolecules

    asked by B
  131. Spanish

    I cannot understand the difference between a direct and indirect object pronoun in spanish. It has been bothering me that I can't get this. I usually understand it when I read a sentence with them, but have trouble when trying to write them.

    asked by Ari
  132. physics

    An 75 kg quarterback jumps straight up in the air right before throwing a 0.43 kg football horizontally at 11 m/s. How fast will he be moving backward just after releasing the ball?

    asked by Sandra
  133. biology

    How has the origination of macromolecules contributed to organismal development?

    asked by Angela
  134. physics

    A 50 g ball of clay traveling east at 3.5 m/s collides and sticks together with a 50 g ball of clay traveling north at 2.0 m/s. What is the speed of the resulting ball of clay?

    asked by Sandra
  135. English

    Can you check the adjectives in the following sentences, please? I really don’t know if you can use them in English. I wonder if you could possibly help me make a list of clothes which are “fashionable” at the moment in the USA. Thank you very much

    asked by Franco
  136. science

    Find the resultant of vectors angle A of magnitude 10units in the direction N40E and angle B of magnitude 8units in the direction S30E.

    asked by KAFAYAT
  137. IT 242

    Design a WAN Develop a plan to set up a wide area network based on the scenario presented in Appendix A. Your plan must include the following: o An overview of the company and its needs o A logical network drawing for Acme to depict the recommended WAN o

    asked by Ronda
  138. math

    solve quadratic equation by factoring 5x^2-6x-11=-3

    asked by jerson
  139. college algebra


    asked by lorraine
  140. math (find my grade)

    1% of my grade 82% 4% of my grade 76% 2% of my grade 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 82% could you please find my average. thank you!!!!

    asked by rosie
  141. Chemistry

    A sample of Helium occupies 200 L at 30ºC under a pressure of 970 torr. What is the volume it occupies at standard temprature and pressure (STP)?

    asked by Lynn
  142. Science

    Whats an example of product? Definition: the substances produced in a chemical reaction

    asked by Christina
  143. french

    If I was using "Notre classe de francais" as the subject, would I say "Notre classe de francais venons d'aller au zoo de San Francisco" or would I conjugate "venir" differently? Merci!

    asked by amanda
  144. Math

    Suppose you play a game in which two fair standard dice are rolled. If the numbers showing on the dice are different, you lose $2. If the numbers showing are the same, you win $2 plus the dollar value of the sum of dice. Complete the next table, in which

    asked by Hannah
  145. Calculus

    "Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the given equations about the indicated lines: y = 2x^2 y = 0 x = 2 About the line y = 8"

    asked by Stuck
  146. math

    Can someone assit me with my two math problems Assume that the salaries of elementary school teachers in the united states are normally distributed with the mean of 36,000 and a standard deviation of 6,000. What is the cut off salary for teachers in the

    asked by Tasha
  147. physics

    A spherical balloon has a radius of 6.76 m and is filled with helium. How large a cargo can it lift, assuming that the skin and structure of the balloon have a mass of 950 kg? Neglect the buoyant force on the cargo volume itself.

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Science

    What are some examples of precipitate? Definition: an insoluble solid formed in a liquid solution as a result of some chemical reactions

    asked by Christina
  149. math

    An auditorium has 30 rows with 10 seats in the first row, 12 in the second row, 14 in the third row, and so forth. How many seats are in the auditorium?

    asked by mary
  150. Social Studies

    Congressional committee must pass along every bill to be debated and voted on by the other members of their respective houses. Is this true or false?

    asked by Shadow
  151. science

    what are some ideas for a compound machine for my 7th grade invention project that can be useful in people's daily lives

    asked by Danae
  152. Math-Algebra 1

    simplify √10/49 + √5/2 + √2/5

    asked by Skye
  153. science

    A stairwell is supported by two circular steel rods at one end. The other end supported above. The two steel rods are subjected to a total load of 12,800lbs. The rods are 24 ft long and E=30*10^6 psi. Select the rod based on the following specs. The rod

    asked by stacey graham
  154. English

    GuruBlue, thank you very much for telling me about popular clothes in America. What does the word "bill forward" mean? Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes in describing clothes? I'm typing you the sentences again. Thank you in advance. 1)I

    asked by Franco
  155. 8th grade history

    Why did British colonies in north america put aside their differences to make Canada?

    asked by Amy
  156. 12th grade

    Solve this quadratic equation b2 - 10b plus 25 equals 0

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Chemistry

    What is the amount in moles of 3.55g of zinc(Zn)

    asked by Tracey
  158. chemistry

    Calculate the molar mass of baking powder (NH4)2CO3

    asked by Tracey
  159. chemistry

    What is the volume occupied by 0.118 mol of helium gas at a pressure of 0.97atm and a temperature of 32 degrees celius? R=0.0821 L atm/mol K

    asked by Tracey
  160. statistics

    2. The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate

    asked by phoenix
  161. us history

    by the 1820s and 1830s american migrants had settled as far west as what river valley?

    asked by dyyyyddee
  162. world geography

    following the breakup of the Soviet Union, whatare some of the major problems faced by many of the new countries

    asked by lisa
  163. us history

    by the 1850s and 1860s new migration had spread settlements to the middle section of the country including most notably the state of?

    asked by dyyyyddee
  164. Operations Management

    A job has a normal time of 12 minutes a performance rating of .80, and an allownmce factor of 20 percent of job time. The standard time for this job in minutes is: A. 11.52 b. 12 c. 14.4 d. 15

    asked by Anonymous
  165. chemistry

    a gas has a volume of 2 liters at 323 K and 3 atms. what will the new volume be if the temperature is lowered to 273 K and the pressure is lowered to 1 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. us history

    contemporary historians view turner's thesis that the frontier experience was a homogenizing one in american history as an exaggeration of its actual effects and influence. true or false....

    asked by dyyyyddee
  167. math

    I'm completely lost withhow u solve this quadratic equation using the square root method 6x^2=1

    asked by Jason
  168. Chemistry

    what mass of 12% solution can be produced from 60 grams of sugar?

    asked by Deb
  169. Math


    asked by Angelica
  170. Us history

    Based on the above stages, discuss what fredrick jackson turner asserted about each group's importance and relevance to the moving frontier including what their critical contributions were, or lack there of ,to the development of the american civilization.

    asked by dyyyyddee
  171. help please, math.

    (-7+p)(8+p) I don't understand this at all.

    asked by Angelica
  172. physic

    An object attached to the end of a string swings in a vertical circle (R = 1.2 m), as shown. At an instant when ƒá = 30„a, the speed of the object is 5.1 m/s and the tension in the string has a magnitude of 20 N. What is the mass of the object?

    asked by yusra

    in response to the sheer size of american cities, the combination of urban political machines and "bosses" emerged to reveal a new form of politics in late 19th century america, discuss the relationship between the political machines and their bosses with

    asked by dyyyyddee
  174. physic

    A 4 kg object is attached to a vertical rod by two strings, as in the figure. The object rotates in a horizontal circle at constant speed 6 m/s. Find the tension in (a) the upper string and (b) the lower string.

    asked by yusra
  175. geography

    vehicles equipped with a high horse power motor use more fuel than most motors.what does the federal government impose on these vehicles?

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Algebra

    Find the center and radius of the circle. Equation: x^2 + (y+7)^2=4 Formula for center at the origin is x^2+y^2=r^2 Is this what I use and how do I go about this?

    asked by Carrie
  177. Chemistry

    21.46 mL of Iodine I2 was standards with 0.1004 g sample of ascorbic acid. At the blue starch end point, what is the molarity of the iodine I2 solution?

    asked by Pierre
  178. Physics

    Tony, a 110 kg football player has a fever of 39 degrees C. What mass of water must evaporate from his body to cool him to 37 degrees C?

    asked by Samantha Chow
  179. math, answer please!

    I don't understand how you do these 2 problems. (p-7)(p+8) & (-7+p)(8+p)

    asked by Angelica
  180. English.

    What am I suppose to do? I chose House M.D. as my show. I don't understand what this assignment is asking exactly. Essay Assignment (Essay 2) Now that you have summarized a television series, go back and examine the characters. How does the television show

    asked by marie
  181. S.S

    Is the Renaissance the beginning of the Modern Age?

    asked by Eliza
  182. 3rd grade

    In a box of colored pencils, there are 5 fewer red pencils than green pencils. Use[] to stand for the number of green pencils. Write an expression that represents the number of red pencils in the box.

    asked by Anonymous
  183. 8th grade

    What were the massachusetts fighting for?

    asked by PRINCESS
  184. Physics

    a basketball player is trying to make a half-court ump shot and releases the ball at the height of the basket. assuming that the ball is launched at 51 degrees, 14 m from the basket, what speed must the player give the ball?

    asked by JJ
  185. S.S

    What did Europe begin in the mid-1400s?

    asked by Eliza
  186. Perimeter

    Draw a figure with a perimeter of 24 squares, using 21 squares

    asked by Jhon
  187. answer please!!!!! Math

    I'm having trouble with these 2 problems. (-7+p)(8+p) & (p-7)(p+8)

    asked by Angelica
  188. biology

    The regulation of temperature in the body is a good example of a... A-hormone-receptor complex B-prostaqglandin C-feedback mechanism D-exocrine gland

    asked by Taylor
  189. Physics Gr.11

    How much farther does a free falling object fall in 10 seconds than in 1.0 seconds? (divide one distance by the other to get the ratio)

    asked by NINI
  190. physics

    A stairwell is supported by two circular steel rods at one end. The other end supported above. The two steel rods are subjected to a total load of 12,800lbs. The rods are 24 ft long and E=30*10^6 psi. Select the rod based on the following specs. The rod

    asked by stacey graham
  191. physics

    Does a free falling object have a velocity of zero? If it does then is it zero for the initial velocity or the final velocity?

    asked by bob
  192. Perimeter

    Draw a figure with a perimeter of 24, using 11 squares

    asked by Jhon
  193. 2nd grade

    i am a number between 60 and 70. if you keep subtracting tens from me you reach 2. what number am i

    asked by Anonymous
  194. Geometry


    asked by Skyla
  195. algerbra

    a car rents for $30 per day plus 18cent per are on a daily budjet of 75$.What milage will allow you to stay within your budjet.

    asked by renee
  196. Algebra


    asked by Patricia
  197. Global Studies

    Should the United States pursue the expansion of the National Missile Defense systen (SDA or Star Wars) to protect against a possible nuclear attack?

    asked by LaT
  198. chemistry

    45.0 ml of 9.0x10 the negative 2m hno3

    asked by jenifer
  199. geometry


    asked by zues
  200. APChemistry

    Hi If I had 40 mL of 0.1 M HOBr and mixed that with 10 mL of 0.5 M Ca(OH)2 how would I go about calclating the pH? (i don't know if titration is right because equivalence, halfway pts, etc.. are not specified).. Thank you very much.

    asked by Kiki
  201. algebra


    asked by Kharla
  202. physics please help

    Find Beta and Gamma for an electron that has a kinetic energy of 6.00 keV. gamma = KE/MoC^2 + 1 Beta = 1/gamma^2 + 1 gamma = 1.011723381 Beta = 1.9769592 I am getting gamma right but I am getting Beta wrong what I'm I doing wrong??

    asked by Andy
  203. Algebra, please help!


    asked by Kharla
  204. algebra

    8/5 * -8/7)= how do you solve? multiply 8*8=64 and 5*7?

    asked by marilyn
  205. physics

    A helicopter hovering above a forest fire dumps a large bucket of water. How far does the water fall during the third season?

    asked by bob
  206. biology

    Who are the messengers of the endocrine system? A- neurotransmiters B- hormones C- sweat D- glucose E- impulses

    asked by Taylor
  207. biology

    Can someone please list a few ideas to conduct an experiment on how the surface area affects the reaction rate. Hydrochloric acid can be tested as a catalyst with what sort of objects?

    asked by michael
  208. global issues

    Can you give five arguments with sufficient support as to whether the united States shoud pursue the expansion of the National Missile Defense systed to protect against a possible nuclear attack?

    asked by LaT
  209. CheMistry

    A stock solution was prepared by dissolving exactly 0.4000 g of pure ASA (180.16 g/mol) in 10.00 mL of NaOH and heating the solution to a gentle boil. After cooling to room temperature, the solution was poured into a 250-mL volumetric flask and diluted to

    asked by ChEm
  210. chemistry

    Saturated solutions of each of the following compounds are made at 20 degree Celsius. Which of the solutions will form a precipitate upon heating? a. NaCl b. Na2SO4 c. Li2CO3 d. sucrose Since water heats at 100 degree Celsius here are there solubility

    asked by Anonymous
  211. APChemistry

    If you have CL2 + H2o ---> H+ + Cl- + HOCl and you are given [HOCl] = 0.06 M and you have to find pH.... can you assume that [HOCl] =[H+] = 0.06 M since H+ and HOCl both have a coefficient of 1? Thank you

    asked by Kiki
  212. Chemistry

    The solubility of borax is directly proportional to temperature. Therefore, the sign of H is A. negative B. positive C. unknown with the given information

    asked by Roxy
  213. help with algebra


    asked by Elizabeth
  214. APChemistry

    If you have CL2 + H2o ---> H+ + Cl- + HOCl and you are given [HOCl] = 0.06 M and you have to find pH.... can you assume that [HOCl] =[H+] = 0.06 M since H+ and HOCl both have a coefficient of 1? Thank you

    asked by Kiki
  215. APChemistry

    If you have CL2 + H2o ---> H+ + Cl- + HOCl and you are given [HOCl] = 0.06 M and you have to find pH.... can you assume that [HOCl] =[H+] = 0.06 M since H+ and HOCl both have a coefficient of 1? Thank you

    asked by Kiki
  216. biology

    What glands are responsible for maintaining thyroxine levels?

    asked by Taylor
  217. physics

    How center mass affects an arrows distance traveled (include source)

    asked by jon
  218. physics

    Frank stands at the base of a building. He throws a 0.12kg rock straight up at a speed of 28m/s so that it rises to a maximum height of 12m above the top of the building and then falls straight down on the roof of the building. a) What is the height of the

    asked by bob
  219. Algebra (College)

    I need to divide this polynomial synthetically. I think I did it right, but can someone confirm if my answer is right or wrong? Polynomial: x^4 - x^3 + x^2 - x + 2 Divisor: x-2 My answer: x^3 + x^2 + 3x + 5 + 12 (remainder) ---- x-2

    asked by Sarah
  220. chemistry

    If the stockroom fails to dry the KHP to remove the waters of hydration, the student's calculated concentration for the standardized base will be (low, high, or unaffected) A drop of NaOH is hanging from the buret tip before the titration of KHP. Once the

    asked by help
  221. Chemistry

    What does equivalence point mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  222. biology

    which of the following hormones helps the immune system fight off infections? A- PTH B- thymosine C- aldosterone D- GHRH E- GnRH

    asked by Taylor
  223. english

    i don't get how to write a motivator for an expository essay?

    asked by martha
  224. College Algebra

    I need to divide this polynomial synthetically. I think I did it right, but can someone confirm if my answer is right or wrong? Polynomial: x^4 - x^3 + x^2 - x + 2 Divisor: x-2 My answer: x^3 + x^2 + 3x + 5 + 12 (remainder) ---- x-2 ( the x-2 in my answer

    asked by Sarah
  225. business

    1.Following is the projected net income stream associated with the use of Zartek technology. (Note: this net income stream does not take into account that Zartek’s owners invested $2,000 to develop Zartek in Year 0.) Globus Maximus Enterprises would like

    asked by Gerald
  226. apchemistry

    If you have CL2 + H2o ---> H+ + Cl- + HOCl and you are given [HOCl] = 0.06 M and you have to find pH.... can you assume that [HOCl] =[H+] = 0.06 M since H+ and HOCl both have a coefficient of 1? Thank you

    asked by nina
  227. Physics

    A F-14 (mass 2 tonne) aircraft lands on an aircraft carrier. It must reduce its velocity from 130kmh to rest. If the grappler hooks can exert 75 000N of tension, what time will it take to bring the plane to a stop?

    asked by Anonymous
  228. chemistry

    0.1276 of a monoprotic acid (molar mass 110g/mol) was dissolved in 25ml of water.The pH of the solution was found to be 5.87 after the addition of 10.0ml of 0.0633 M NaOH.The Ka of acid is.......................

    asked by tete
  229. physics helpppp

    Figure 10-35a shows a disk that can rotate about an axis at a radial distance h from the center of the disk. Figure 10-35b gives the rotational inertia I of the disk about the axis as a function of that distance h, from the center out to the edge of the

    asked by andy
  230. Chemistry

    What is the molar concentration of 4% (w/v) CH3COOH? Hence calculate the expected titre of 0.1M NaOH solution when reacting with 5.00mL if vinegar.

    asked by Stae
  231. physics

    Hi! could any help me please, thank you. 1.An object is placed 17.8 cm from a first converging lens of focal length 13 cm. A second converging lens with focal length 24 cm is placed 10 cm to the right of the first converging lens. (Take the direction to

    asked by Chan
  232. accounting

    I'm having trouble computing the accured salaries for appendix e of an assignment can you help. The accured slary for the month is 280 and the salary expense is 560

    asked by trinity
  233. Physics

    Please help me... :( There is a moving bowling ball on the track. A student says, "After the ball is thrown horizontally on the wooden track with horizontal velocity v and zero angular velocity, the translational kinetic energy of the ball remains

    asked by Eddy
  234. Chemistry

    How long must a constant current of 50.0 A be passed through an electrolytic cell containing aqueous Cu2+ ions to produce 3.00 moles of copper metal?

    asked by Bab aba
  235. English

    Thank you for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences, too? Thank you very much in advance. 1) Go straight on (but not go straight on Crown Street?) but go along Crown Street. 2) Where is cinema in Crown Street and how do I get (can I use

    asked by Franco
  236. chemistry

    what is the relationship between reaction rate and shape of equilibrium graph in relation to concentration vs time?

    asked by sarah
  237. english

    Please help me with this exerciese: fill in the gap with one appropriate preposition :The teacher …… whom I’ve heard so much, gave an extremely interesting lecture. I don't know what should be used? "of" or " about"?

    asked by hong
  238. chemistry

    i have nooo idea how to name organic compounds or how to draw the condensed formula. the stuff in the book is not really clear. help!!!

    asked by lorena
  239. Physics

    A spacecraft launches a probe at a constant speed. A day later, the probe returns at the same speed. Did the probe have to burn any fuel?

    asked by Eloise
  240. cook

    what is the A.S.A cuz i need to find out what it/they do

    asked by mathew
  241. accounting

    I'm preparing a finacial statement worksheet.

    asked by trinity
  242. economics

    o Describe the roles of government bodies that determine national fiscal policies.

    asked by Anonymous
  243. Chemistry

    How much would 3.45* 10^21 C12H22 O11 molecules weigh

    asked by Abigail
  244. chemistry

    If 0.385 g of gas occupies a volume of 200 mL at -73 oC and 750 torr, what is the molecular mass of the gas? a) 21.4 b) 32.0 c) 44.0 d) 48.0 Someone can help me this answer please..?

    asked by Susie
  245. Math

    This is regarding direct variation. y varies directly as the square of R. If y = 128 when R = 8, find y when R = 5. Another one I cannot figure out: If x varies directly as y, and x = 32 when y = 8, find x when y = 10 Help!

    asked by Mike
  246. Geometry

    a room is 18 feet long and 14 feet wide with walls 10 feet high. If one can of paint covers 450 square feet, how many cans of paint would be needed in order to paint the four walls?

    asked by Ana
  247. Accounting (ACC/230)

    Where would "asset impairment and store closing charges" appear on a multiple-step income statement? I am not quite sure if it goes under operating expenses or other income and expenses. Could someone please clarify this for me?

    asked by TinkRose
  248. algebra

    What was the percentage increase from 22762 to 38139

    asked by Amanda
  249. science and writing

    I need help to write a thesis that related to different side effects for different cosmetic surgery

    asked by Hieu
  250. Accounting

    E4-1 The trial balance columns of the worksheet for Briscoe Company at June 30, 2008, are as follows. BRISCOE COMPANY Worksheet For the Month Ended June 30, 2008 Trial Balance Account Titles Dr. Cr. Cash $2,320 Accounts Receivable 2,440 Supplies 1,880

    asked by trinity
  251. find my grade average

    -10% of my grade *82 -20% of my grade *100% *100% *100% *100% *100% *100% *100% *100% *82% -30% of my grade none -40% of my grade *76% reply as soon as possible. thank you!!!!

    asked by magy
  252. Sci 275

    Fianl project: Mitigation Strategies and solutions on huma population

    asked by Anonymous
  253. math

    the line passing through (7,y) and (1,0) is parallel to the joining line (4,4) and (-2,1) find y

    asked by Anonymous
  254. Strategic marketing problames

    Identify ONE product you think is high margin. State why you think this product is high margin and provide examples from the book to support your argument. Post all answers in the area below.

    asked by william sexton
  255. Algebra 1 HELPPP!

    simplify √10/49 + √5/2 + √2/5

    asked by Skye
  256. math

    what is the unit rate of 2 for $4.98

    asked by Joe
  257. college physics

    What is the heat capacity of 20.0 kg of silver? kcal/K

    asked by max
  258. strategic marketing

    Calculate the retailer margin as a percent of costs and also the retailer margin as percent of sales. Selling Price = $46; Cost = $23; Margin = $23

    asked by william sexton
  259. physics

    A rigid container of nitrogen gas (N2) at 24° C contains 440 L at a pressure of 3.5 atm. If 26.6 kJ of heat are added to the container, what will be the new temperature of the gas? ° C

    asked by milo