Questions Asked on
April 14, 2010

  1. physics

    Bumpers on cars are not of much use in a collision. To see why, calculate the average force a bumper would have to exert if it brought a 1200 kg car (a so-called "compact" model) to a rest in 15 cm when the car had an initial speed of 2 m/s (about 4.5

    asked by brad
  2. Physics

    As soon as a traffic light turns green, a car speeds up from rest to 50.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 8.10 mi/h·s. In the adjoining bike lane, a cyclist speeds up from rest to 20.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 13.0 mi/h·s. Each vehicle

    asked by Lisa
  3. Physics

    A 225-kg crate is pushed horizontally with a force of 710 N. If the coefficient of friction is 0.20, calculate the acceleration of the crate.

    asked by Nathan
  4. Geometry

    a movie theater sells tickets for $9.00 each. Senior citizens receive a discount of $3.00. One evening the theater sold 636 tickets and took in $4974 in revenue. How many tickets were sold to senior citizens? [Hint: subtract the potential answer.] A. 386

    asked by monique n
  5. Finance

    Zeta Corporation has issued a $1,000 face value zero-coupon bond. Which of the following values is closest to the correct price for the bond if the appropriate discount rate is 8% and the bond matures in 8 years?

    asked by Dantavis
  6. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of an automobile with a mass of 1250 kg traveling at a speed of 11 m/s?

    asked by glenn
  7. Langusge Arts

    Can you find 3 metaphors and 10 alliterations in this poem? THE Witch 1.She comes back night, in fearsome flight, 2. In garments black as pitch, 3.The queen of doom upon her broom, 4.The wild and wicked witch, 5.A cackling crone with brittle bones 6.And

    asked by Ali
  8. Chemistry

    A compound contains only carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Combustion of 0.157 of the compound produced 0.213g CO2 and 0.0310 g H20. In another experiment, it is found that 0.103g of the compound produces 0.0230 g NH3. What is the empirical formula

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    If you start with 1.00 g NaCl and an excess of the other reactants, how many grams of Cl2 will be produced?

    asked by brooke
  10. statistics

    Suppose you want an 85 percent confidence level. What value would you use to multiply the standard error of the mean by?

    asked by cheez
  11. Chemistry-check my work

    The equilibrium constant kc for the equation CS2 + 4H2 CH4 +2H2S at 900 C is 27.8. what is the value of kc for the following equation? 1/2CS2 + 2H2 1/2CH4 +H2S sqr root of 278=5.27?

    asked by Anna
  12. chemistry

    calculate the molarity of 30.0g of NaOH in 350. mL of NaOH solution

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    C7H6O3+CH3OH→C8H8O3+H2O In any experiment, 1.50g of salicyclic acid is reacted with 11.20g of methanol. The yield of methyl salicylate, C8H8O3, is 1.31g. What is the percent yield? From my understanding the equation is already balanced, correct? My

    asked by Molly
  14. chemistry

    If a gaseous mixture is made of 2.41 g of He and 2.79 g of Ne in a evacuated 1.04-L container at 25 degrees Celcius, what will be the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure in the container?

    asked by Leilani
  15. Chemistry

    I'm trying to find the solubility of Ca(OH)2 in .0125 mol/L aqueous NaOH. Here is my data: Vol of solution used per titration: 20mL Conc of HCl: .1201 mol/L Average Titre: 4.71 I need to calculte: 1. the TOTAL [OH-] in the saturated solution of Ca(OH)2 in

    asked by Kristin
  16. college physics

    A fisherman notices that his boat is moving up and down periodically, owing to waves on the surface of the water. It takes a time of 2.70 s for the boat to travel from its highest point to its lowest, a total distance of 0.700 m. The fisherman sees that

    asked by linda
  17. AP Calculus BC

    A cylindrical tank is constructed to have a diameter of 5 meters and a height of 20 meters. Find the error in the volume if: (a) the diameter is exact but the height is 20.1 meters (b) the height is exact, but the diameter is 5.1 meters.

    asked by J'vonte
  18. Chem

    The equilibrium constant kc for the reaction N2(g)+ 3H(g)---2NH3(g) at 450C is 0.159. Calculate the equilibrium composition when 1.00 mol N2 is mixed with 3.00 mol H2 in a 2.00-L vessel. need help setting up the problem

    asked by Anna
  19. Analogy

    Analogy: broom is to sweep AS brush is to _____________ 5 letter word that starts with either scr, spr, str, or thr. I've been trying to figure this out but I can't. I need help.

    asked by Sammy
  20. chemistry

    How many grams of NaCl must react to produce 1.00 g Cl2?

    asked by brigette
  21. chemistry

    which of these salts is least soluble in water? 1. LiCl 2. RbCl 3. FeCl2 4. PbCl2

    asked by alex
  22. Accounting Math

    Please how do i calculate this problem. Your girlfriend just won the Power Ball lottery. She has the choice of $10,000,000 today or a 30-year annuity of $500,000, with the first payment coming today. What rate of return is built into the annuity?

    asked by Sparkle101
  23. Ag. Bio

    This is the hardest question I can't figure out. Thanks =) 31. The word transcribe means "to write out," and the word translate means "to express in another language." Review the meanings of transcription and translation in genetics. How do the technical

    asked by Abby
  24. chemistry check my work

    the equilibrium-constant expression for a reaction is kc= [N2][H2O]2 ---------- [NO]2[H2] what is the equilibrium-constant expression when the equation for this reaction is halved and then reversed? 2NO + 2H2 --> N2 + 2H2O NO + H2 ---> N + H2O N + H2O -->

    asked by Anna
  25. Calculus

    Consider the solid that lies above the square (in the xy-plane) R=[0,2]*[0,2], and below the elliptic paraboloid z=100−x^2−4y^2. (A) Estimate the volume by dividing R into 4 equal squares and choosing the sample points to lie in the lower left hand

    asked by Salman
  26. Chemistry

    When the Kelvin temperature of an enclosed gas doubles, the particles of the gas ____. a) strike the walls of the container with less force b) move faster c) decrease in volume d) decrease in average kinetic energy

    asked by Megan
  27. chemistry

    Kc=5.85x10^-3 at 25 degrees C for the reaction N2O4(g)2NO2(g) fifteen(15.0) grams of N2O4 is confined in a 5.00-L flask at 25 degrees C. Calculate(a) the number of moles of NO2 present at equilibrium and(b) the percentage of the original N2O4 that is

    asked by confused
  28. math please check my work

    a license plate has 2 letters followed by 4 many license plates are possible if the digits and letters can be repeated? f-8 g-92 h-676000 i-6760000 i think it is i(the 4th one) am i correct thank you for helping me

    asked by anna
  29. chemistry

    For a 0.001 molar solution of NH4HCO3, the van’t Hoff factor would be about a. 1. b. 2. c. 3. d. 4. e. 5.

    asked by write2khin
  30. Math

    A supporting wire is to be attached to the top of a 32-foot antenna. If the wire must be anchored 32 feet from the base of the antenna, what length of wire is required? Please explain

    asked by Mala
  31. chemistry

    Trimellitic acid containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen has 51.44% C, 2.88% H, and 45.68% O. It can be obtained by oxidation of coal with nitric acid. A 2.416-g sample of this compound was dissolved in 40.00 g of acetone, producing a solution that boils

    asked by David
  32. French

    What word is NORCETMAIN unscrambled in French?

    asked by Allison
  33. college algebra

    A bookcase is to be constructed as shown in the figure below. The height of the bookcase is 4 feet longer than the length of a shelf. If 20 feet of lumber is available for the entire unit (including the shelves, but NOT the back of the bookcase), find the

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Microbiology- Biology 205

    Can someone please help me with this question.... When you blow bubbles into a glass of water, the following reactions take place: H2O + CO2 --a--> H2CO3 --b--> H+ + HCO3- 1. What type of reaction is a? 2. What does reaction b tell you about the type of

    asked by Jessie T.
  35. physics

    if a super dense material with a refractive index of 1.76 x10^7 what is the speed of light in this material

    asked by paige
  36. calculus II

    (A) 2 students are sharing a loaf of bread. Student A eats half of the loaf, then student B eats half of what remains, then student A eats half of what remains, and so on. How much of the loaf will each student eat? (B) 2 students are sharing a loaf of

    asked by Harold
  37. college

    the inverted image of a light bulb is formed on a screen located 9 metres from spherical mirror.the image is 4 times larger than the light bulb.determine the object distance

    asked by thinkwell mashwama
  38. math

    Liann works in the old time soda shoppe the shop sells shakes. a single shake uses 1/8 cup syrup, a double shake uses 1/4 cup syrup, a tripple milk shake uses 3/8 cup syrup. How many shakes can she make of each with 3 cups of syrup?

    asked by nick
  39. A-Level Chemistry

    How many alcohols (including both structural isomers and stereoisomers) can have the molecular formula C4H10O I know what structural and stereoisomers are but i want to know that whats the method to find the total number of isomers of this compound.

    asked by Areeb
  40. US History

    How did the Missouri Compromise cause the North and South to have even stronger feelings of sectionalism in the United States?

    asked by James
  41. science

    How many calories are absorbed by a sample of water with a mass of 500 grams as it changes from 50°C to 56°C? The specific heat capacity of water is 1.00 cal/g°C.

    asked by sarah
  42. chem help!!

    A sealed cylinder of gas contains nitrogen gas at 1.00 103 kPa pressure and a temperature of 14°C. The cylinder is left in the sun, and the temperature of the gas increases to 51°C. What is the new pressure in the cylinder?

    asked by chandler
  43. trig

    using the fact that 5pi/8=1/2(5pi/8) and the half angle identity for cos to find the exact (in terms of radicals) value of cos(5pi/8)

    asked by charly
  44. accounting

    Exercise 9-13: Accounts receivable turnover L.O. A1 The following information is from the annual financial statements of Lucilla Company. 2009 2008 2007 Net Sales $ 262,000 $ 193,000 $ 245,000 Accounts Receivable, net (year-end) 42,700 40,500 37,200

    asked by bobbie
  45. Statistics

    Which of the following plots is not appropriate for categorical data? a) dot plot b) bar graph c) pie graph d) segmented bar graph e) All are appropriate

    asked by Sam
  46. language could you please check my work

    true(t) or false (f) 1)f reading is not a real hobby 2)f an activity that is done outdoors is not a hobby 3)t photography is a popular hobby 4)t building a cabnint can be part of a hobby 5)f cooking is never considered recreation 6)t model building is very

    asked by marina
  47. Chemistry

    What happens whena nucleus is stabilized by losing alpha particles?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. CDA

    resources, materials, and translation services for families whose home language is other than English. Provide the agency name and contact information.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Chemistry

    C7H6O3+CH3OH→C8H8O3+H2O In any experiment, 1.50g of salicyclic acid is reacted with 11.20g of methanol. The yield of methyl salicylate, C8H8O3, is 1.31g. What is the percent yield?

    asked by Molly

    Internal resistance problem. Suppose that in Figure 3.3, Vo=13V, R1=250kphm, R2=375kohm, and Ri=1.9Mohm. Initially, the voltmeter is disconnected. EXAMPLES: What is the voltage across R2? [Answer: 7.8 V.] What is the voltage across R2 with the meter

    asked by james
  51. chemistry

    The reaction SO2 + 1/2O2 -->SO3 has kp equal to 6.55 at 627C. what is the value of kc at this temperature? how do you set this up?

    asked by Anna
  52. chemistry

    A compressed gas cylinder contains 1.00 103 g of argon gas. The pressure inside the cylinder is 2035 psi (pounds per square inch) at a temperature of 15°C. How much gas remains in the cylinder if the pressure is decreased to 610. psi at a temperature of

    asked by kristen
  53. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared that has [NH3]=1.00M and [Cl-]=0.100M. How many grams of AgNO3 can be dissolved in 1.00L of this solution without a precipitate of AgCl(s) forming? Ksp of AgCl = 1.8x10^-10 Kf of [(Ag(NH3)2)+] = 1.6x10^-7

    asked by Jeannie
  54. Math

    A survey of the 4707 vehicles on the campus of State University yielded the following circle graph. A pie graph is divded like this: 10% motorcycles; covertibles is 15%; 7% vans; 6% sedans; 26% pickups; 36% hatchbacks. Find the number of convertibles,

    asked by bwb
  55. Physics

    What weight of water is required to fill a 80 gallon aquarium? The answer must be in kN

    asked by Ann
  56. Finance

    The Frenall Company just paid a common stock dividend of $4.00 per share. The required rate of return on Frenall stock is 18.4 percent. Due to a major restructuring of the company’s production process, Frenall’s dividends are expected to decline by 25

    asked by Dantavis
  57. Finance

    7. Today you open a bank account and make a deposit of $6,000. Then you make the following deposits: in t=1 you deposit $6,500, in t=2 $45,000, in t=3 nothing, in t=4 nothing, in t=5 $7,000, in t=6 $8,700. You made your last deposit of $34,000 in t=7.

    asked by Dantavis
  58. Algebra

    Use the discriminant to determine the number and type of solutions for this equation x^2-3x+5=0

    asked by Help Please!!
  59. college physics

    Interestingly, there have been several studies using cadavers to determine the moment of inertia of human body parts by letting them swing as a pendulum about a joint. In one study, the center of gravity of a 5.0 kg lower leg was found to be 18 cm from the

    asked by zidd
  60. Ag. Bio

    Been working on this forever... Thanks =) 33. A researcher identifies the nucleotide sequence AAC in a long strand of RNA inside a nucleus. In the genetic code, AAC codes for the amino acid asparagine. When that RNA becomes involved in protein synthesis,

    asked by Abby
  61. marketing

    Describe the model of consumer buyer behavior. you must explain how the process works in the real world. Seclect one of the four factors influencing buyer behavior.

    asked by Kim
  62. math check my work

    a license plate has 2 letters followed by 4 many license plates are possible if the digits and letters can be repeated? f-8 g-92 h-676000 i-6760000 i think it is i am i correct thank you for helping me

    asked by anna
  63. science

    a shell is fired from the cannon. the shell of mass 30kg is shot with an initial velocity of 30m/s. what is the momentum of the cannon just after the shell is shot ?

    asked by chiara
  64. how the earth was made

    Video Guide: How the Earth was Made Section 1: 1. What did James Hutton discover as proof that the Earth was an old Earth? 2. What is the scientific explanation for how the Earth was formed? 3. What did Kelvin not take into account as far as the Earth

    asked by mido
  65. physics

    How much work must be done to increase the speed of an electron from 0.200c to 0.210c? In (MeV)

    asked by Andy
  66. US

    What bold statement was made by the Monroe Doctrine?

    asked by Cory
  67. Chemistry

    Can you draw a structural formula illustrating the complete combustion of ethanol? Please...It is confusing to me!

    asked by Stacey
  68. statistics

    The Colorado State Legisture wants to estimate the length of timer it takes a resident of Colorado to earn a Bachelor's degree from a state college or university. A random sample of 265 recent in-wstate graduates was surveyed (a) identify the varible (b)

    asked by Roosevelt
  69. Geometry

    If the measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is 75 degrees, then what are the measures of the two remote interior angles?

    asked by Ana
  70. 12th grade

    what would be your best advice to a person who wants to learn more about political issues?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. chemistry

    How would you calculate the concentration of an aqueous solution of Ca(OH2)that has a pH of 12.57.

    asked by kia
  72. math

    I just do not understand how to figure this out. Find the number of subsets of the given set. {math, English, history, science, art} Would I do something like this: 1. {} 2. Math 3. English 4. history 5. science 6. art 7. Math and English 8. math and

    asked by Bart
  73. Calculus

    Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x,y)=3x+y on the ellipse x^2+4y^2=1

    asked by Salman
  74. Chemistry

    Need a single reagent that I could use to distinguish NaI from NaNO3. NaOH, HCl, NH4Br, or Pb(NO3)2??

    asked by Nick Bones
  75. Math

    Describe the basic differences between linear growth (a linear model) and exponential growth (an exponential model).

    asked by sammy
  76. chem

    when water is added to solid calcium carbide, CaC2, acetylene gas, C2H2, and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 are produced. how do i write a balanced equation for the reaction.

    asked by herjaz
  77. calculus

    Use an appropriate local linear approximation to estimate the value of Cotangent 46 degrees.

    asked by Marcus
  78. College Chemistry

    How do acids and bases react?

    asked by James
  79. math

    Determine whether the statement is always true, sometimes true, or never true. 3) The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the length of one of the legs of the triangle. Answer choice: a.) always true b.) sometimes true c.)never true

    asked by nicole
  80. 5th grade

    Need help with an analogy. brother : mother fly : _ _ _ _

    asked by Sammy
  81. Algebra

    •How is dividing a polynomial by a binomial similar to or different from the long division you learned in elementary school? Can understanding how to do one kind of division help you with understanding the other kind? What are some examples from real

    asked by Michelle
  82. chem

    when water is added to solid calcium carbide, CaC2, acetylene gas, C2H2, and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 are produced. how many moles of acetylene are produced when 0.50 mole of calcium carbide reacts? can anyone explain this to me please

    asked by herjaz
  83. accounting

    On june 1, coble company ltd borrows $40,000 from first bank on a 6-month, $40,000, 9% note. The note matures on December 1

    asked by sean
  84. English

    Can you help me rephrase first part of the song "Parents just don't understand",please? Thank you very, very much in advance 1) Parents just don't understand that children are going to make mistakes. 2) The song says that once a mother took his child (the

    asked by Franco
  85. physics

    A.An observer moving at a speed of 0.810 c relative to a rod measures its length to be 2.00 m and sees its length to be oriented at 30.0 degrees with respect to the direction of motion. What is the proper length of the rod? B.What is the orientation angle

    asked by Andy
  86. Managerial Economics

    Mirk Labs is a British pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the U.S on Zatab, an allergy medication. The global demand for Zatob is Qd=15.0-0.2P where Qd is annual quantity demanded in millions of units of

    asked by N/A
  87. statistics

    drawer contains 50 bolts and 150 nuts. Half of the bolts and half of the nuts are rusted. If one item is chosen at random, what is the probability that it is rusted or a bolt ? In a study to test whether there is a difference between the average height of

    asked by RAJESH
  88. health

    How do factors in the biopsychosocial model operate when you make a decision that affects your health? Think of examples of when you made either good or poor decisions. The health consequences of your decisions can be minor or major.

    asked by katrina
  89. 7th grade

    How do you build a strong bone from a piece of printer paper and make it hold at least 20kg? I need answer by tomorrow ASAP!!! No websites but just answers. Thanks a lot to whomever answers!!!!! :)

    asked by Shayane
  90. organic chemistry

    What's an equation of the hydrolysis of one ester group in tannins by CaCO3?

    asked by kim
  91. Organic Chemistry

    A student tried to dissolve 5.0 grams of impure acetanilide in 50 Ml of hot water. However was not able to get it to dissolve. Why not? What would you do to get it to dissolve??

    asked by Stephanie
  92. Math

    O God I hate word problems! Is there any mechanical way to memorize word problems? Can anyone just change this Following word prob to equations pls. I can do the rest! Sam invested $4500, part at 7%, the rest at 8 1/2%. After one year, the interest earned

    asked by Me
  93. english

    what are the causes and consequences of the stock market crash in 1929?

    asked by nana
  94. IPC


    asked by jose
  95. chemistry

    how would longer roasting time of green coffee beans effect its caffeine content? why?

    asked by rachel
  96. chemistry

    Someone can help me please? A gas sample weighing 0.528 g is collected in a flask having a volume of 126 mL. At 75 degrees celcius the pressure of the gas is 75 torr. The molecular mass of the gas is closest to which one of the following?

    asked by Diana
  97. Communication English

    stimulus response line theory of communication as a process which can be derived by noise. Do you agree?

    asked by Ibrahim
  98. social studies

    americans are united by their strong belief in basic principles.they believe that people are born with privileges that cannot be taken away from them.these are

    asked by brian
  99. chemistry

    Hi, The question is, using Henry's law constant calculate the amount of Hydrogen Sulphide gas which could dissolve in 500ml of pure water (H20) placed near an active volcano assuming equilibrium conditions and ignoring any reactions with water. The

    asked by Will
  100. geometry

    The area of a decagon is 600 ft2. If the dimensions are reduced by a factor of 4, what is the area of the smaller decagon?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. I need ideas for a Math Project (science related)?

    So I was given a math project in which we need to gather "real world information" and make a scatter plot of the info. With this we must graph a line, parabola and exponential curve of best fit then find those formulas. The math is straight forward but I

    asked by Olive
  102. 7th grade chemistry

    how is calcium sulfate is prepared?what is the chemical reaction of this.

    asked by R.M.Sabarish
  103. microbiology

    A woman brings her 6 month old son to the dr. The chief complaint is a group of lesions on the child's back. In the exam room, a toddler is leaning over playing with the baby who is giggling and appears healthy. The baby was breast fed from birth through

    asked by Christian
  104. Math

    Tim put red, white and blue marbles in a bag. One-third are red, one-fourth are are white and ten are blue. how many of each are in the bag and what color are they?

    asked by Sally
  105. hcr 210

    I have an assignment for week 4 in HCR210 due Sunday. We are to interview small, medium-sized and large medical facilities and ask 13 questions regarding medical/patient records. There are no facilities in my area willing to disclose any information for

    asked by anastasia
  106. calculus

    An open box is to be made from a flat piece of material 18 inches long and 5 inches wide by cutting equal squares of length xfrom the corners and folding up the sides. Write the volume Vof the box as a function of x. Leave it as a product of factors, do

    asked by Julie
  107. Grade 11 Functions

    A rectanguler field with an area of 8000 meters squared is enclosed by 400 meters of fencing.Determine the dimessions of the field to the nearest tenth of a meter

    asked by Grayson
  108. chem

    when water is added to solid calcium carbide, CaC2, acetylene gas, C2H2, and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 are produced. how many moles of calcium carbide are needed to completely react with 5.00 * 10^22 water molecules? can someone explain the steps

    asked by herjaz
  109. biology

    the question is what % of the offspring will be round ? anf the letters are (Rr x rr) and then a square

    asked by sonia
  110. Math

    Flying against the wind, an airplane travels in hours. Flying with the wind, the same plane travels in hours. What is the rate of the plane in still air and what is the rate of the wind? Rate of the plane still in the air= ____km/h Rate of the wind=

    asked by Ericka
  111. Geometry 2

    In the same location at the same time of day, two trees casts a shadow. The 60-ft tree casts a 12 ft shadow, and the other trees casts a 4 ft shadow. How tall is the other tree? A. 20 ft B. 18 ft C. 52 ft D. 76 ft How do I solve this.. Im confused again...

    asked by monique n
  112. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity (mol/L) of Ba2+ when BaCrO4 is placed in a 0.0457 M K2CrO4 solution. The equation represents the solubility process. K(sp)=1.2x10^-10 BaCrO4 (s) Ba2+ (aq) + CrO42- (aq)

    asked by bme1
  113. algebra

    convert the mixed number 145/7 to mixed decimal. round to the nearest hundredth

    asked by Anonymous
  114. chemistry

    When CS2(g) (545.0 grams) and 57.71 grams of H2(g) in a 200.0 L reaction vessel at 961.0 K are allowed to come to equilibrium the mixture contains 2.447 mol of CH4(g). What concentration (mol/L) of CS2(g) reacted? Molar Mass CS2(g) 76.15 H2(g) 2.016 CH4(g)

    asked by andy
  115. chemistry

    When CO(g) (38.11 grams) and 96.48 grams of Cl2(g) in a 140.0 L reaction vessel at 782.0 K are allowed to come to equilibrium the mixture contains 0.4080 mol of Cl2CO(g). What is the equilibrium concentration (mol/L) of CO(g)? CO(g)+Cl2(g) = Cl2CO(g) Can

    asked by andy
  116. math could you please help i don't understand

    in a competition 5 figure skaters will skate in a randomely assigned order. why can't you evaluate the product 5*5*5*5*5 to find the number of possible orders in which the skaters can skate

    asked by ashly
  117. Physics

    An 800.0 kg car containing an 80.0 kg crash dummy is moving at 15 m/s. The car is smashed into a concrete walls and stops in 6.00x10^-2 seconds. What is the change in momentum of the car?

    asked by Michelle
  118. Science

    Show a Venn Diagram comparing velocity and speed.

    asked by Sue
  119. US History/ Ms. Sue

    I am working on a paper that is due this weekend on Jim Crow Laws and was wondering a few things: 1) What were some of the rights that was taken away from the African Americans 2) rights affecting their lives I do have information on Ida B Wells, Booker T.

    asked by Lauri
  120. 7th grade chemistry

    how is potassium sulfate prepared?explain with chemical reaction.

    asked by R.M.Sabarish
  121. chemistry

    All the following species are best described by writing at least two Lewis structures EXCEPT a. O3. b. SO2. c. NO2- d. SO3-2 e. SO3.

    asked by zack
  122. History/ Need fast help

    What were some of political issues that was dealt in the Gilded age? What is the current political issues that is faced today? Are they Similar or different? Explain.

    asked by Mara
  123. Calculus

    Consider the transformation T:x=(41/40)u−(9/41)v , y=(9/41)u+(40/41)v A. Computer the Jacobian: delta(x,y)/delta(u,v)= ? B. The transformation is linear, which implies that it transforms lines into lines. Thus, it transforms the square S:−41

    asked by Salman
  124. math please help i don't understand this at all

    a cylinder is formed by first tapping together the opposite edges of a rectangular piece of paper that is 11 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. if the height of the completed cylinder 8.5 what is its volume?use 3.14 for pie

    asked by me
  125. English

    Hello :) I am teaching English as a foreign language on Friday ( 1st grade of high school, 6th year of learning English) My topic is 23rd century. Ls are listening to 3 different tasks.At the end will be a little discussion on whether it is better to live

    asked by refy
  126. english letter

    Hello everybody! Today a I have to write a complain letter to "my"boss.I should write about my difficulties,and about what's bothering me. In the letter I should propose a solution as well. The situation is: Me(Julie,47 years old)has worked as a secretary

    asked by Lulu
  127. American History

    I am trying to locate some information on American Imperialism that explains social, strategic factors, and economic that played with this role. I have googled american imperialism and found too many sites. Is there a site that is good for the paper I am

    asked by Karyn
  128. chemistry

    why does the volume of a balloon decrease when it is taken outside on a cold winter day?

    asked by carson
  129. Gentics

    Using donor DNA from an E. coli strain of leu+ arg+ trp- you transform a resipient strain that is leu- arg- trp+ and select for leu+. The resulting 100 colonies are then screened for the arg and trp markers and the results are outlined in the table below.

    asked by Jessica
  130. math

    A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travel in three seconds? ___________

    asked by Jameka
  131. latin BASES

    which latin base means head? a}GNO- b}LOC- c}CAPIT d}ROG- p.s.what do u think? i choose c :)

    asked by justin
  132. Math

    Describe how a mathematical function is created. Be sure to include a discussion of dependent and independent variables, and the two sets called domain and range.

    asked by sammy
  133. language please check my work

    -revise the sentence for a clear meaning here is the sentence Surgeons moved around the operating room, skillfully using tools wearing slippers. -the revised sentence Surgeons,wearing slippers,moved around the operating room skillfully using their tools.

    asked by me
  134. english

    In the space provided, write a paragraph of cause and effect. You may use one of the topics below or one of your own choosing. Mention at least three causes and their three effects. friendship as a two-way street television and preschoolers vitamin

    asked by alex
  135. math

    Every time I do this for an assignment I do it wrong. How does this work. Use lattice multiplication to find the product. 222 × 172

    asked by bwb
  136. Discrete Math

    I have a review problem I am having problems with. This is the problem: Be able to show the function, g(x) is O(f(x)) numerically as we have done in class Use the definition of O-notation to prove that 2x^2+3x+4 is O(x^2) (Do not use the theorem on

    asked by Elisabeth
  137. biology

    Can someone please help me with the following question. Thanks! Skin color is not directly tied to race. All humans carry the same genes. Yet why do some races seem to have darker (or lighter) skin tones than others?

    asked by Gina
  138. Finance

    8. Assume you just turned 28. You want to accumulate $3.5 million by your 65th birthday. Beginning next year, you will invest equal amounts each year until your 60th birthday. Your twin brother has the same goal, but he will wait 4 years before making his

    asked by Dantavis
  139. algebra

    Trains a and b are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train a is traveling at 40 mph and train b is traveling at 50mph. Train a passes a station at 12:15 a.m. If train b passes the same station at 12:27a.m. at what time will train b catch

    asked by shana
  140. US History

    How did the Mexican War help expand the sectional divide in the U.S.?

    asked by Cory
  141. spanish

    What does Que vas a hacer en tu viaje mean

    asked by Tami
  142. English

    In Cyrano de Bergerac, Christian's death in Acy iV represents which of the following plot events? a. exposition b.rising action c. climax 4. falling action

    asked by Wendy
  143. College Genetics

    Using donor DNA from an E. coli strain of leu+ arg+ trp- you transform a resipient strain that is leu- arg- trp+ and select for leu+. The resulting 100 colonies are then screened for the arg and trp markers and the results are outlined in the table below.

    asked by Jessica
  144. 5th grade

    what istes can i find info for my teacher on verrazzano

    asked by amelia
  145. calculus

    What is the definite integral from 0 to x of 1/(4 + t + 3t^2) dt? For starters, what is the anti-derivative and how did you find it? I think I could take it from there.

    asked by Gabe
  146. math

    i'm having difficulty understanding radicals.. I don't know how to type the radical sign on here so i'll use parenthesis instead like for instance 17+34 (192)/34 how would u solve that.. also how do u decipher the two multiples of 192 since it's not a

    asked by jerson
  147. algebra 1

    1) Can you write a binomial in standard form with degree of zero? Explain. 2)Canyou write a binomial with a degree of 3? Explain. Can you help me answer this question please.

    asked by marie
  148. Fundamentals of algorithm and logic

    3. Exercise: Peer Reviews of Currency Conversion Test Procedure • Perform peer reviews of two classmates’ Currency Conversion Test Procedures, which your instructor will place in your Individual forum on Day 1. •Complete the Appendix K form for each

    asked by Mr Buckley916
  149. Trig

    Prove the trig identity cos(4x)=2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)

    asked by kristina
  150. Environmental Science

    What is the growth of a city into the countryside around the city?

    asked by Tiara
  151. Marketing

    What marketing segmentation criteria could be used to find a person like your self from a purchased list of names? Assume an ad agency is preparing a marketing campaign for an auto company that is bring out a new car. What kind of marketing mix and

    asked by Jamie
  152. math

    If Titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40 p.m and 2 hours and 40 minutes later it sank, what time did it sink at?

    asked by Annie
  153. Calculus

    Find equations of the tangent lines at all inflection points of the graph of f(x)=x^4 - 6x^3 - 12x^2 - 8x + 3

    asked by Dex
  154. statistics

    at the census bureau web site you can find the percent of adults in each state who have at least a bachelors degree. it makes no sense to find the mean for these data and use it to get a confidence interval for the mean percent U in all 50 states. Why not?

    asked by steven
  155. Math

    Give two examples of linear relationships (they can be from the world of business, science, sports, or other areas). Since their graphs would be straight lines, describe the meaning of the slopes of these lines as they relate to these relationships

    asked by sammy
  156. Literacy

    What damage does a teacher do who assigns a writing assignment but does not grade that assignment with any effective rubric?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Science

    What does the Space Shuttle use to land when returning to Earth ?

    asked by Alisha
  158. please check my work language

    -write the plural for each noun potato-potatoes shoe-shoes auto-autos speech-speeches -describe the kinds of information about words that can found in a dictionary *prononciation *parts of speech *definition and the word *how many syllabuls a word has is

    asked by dena
  159. Oklahoma Indian History

    I have all my information i need to make a good essay on the Apache Tribe. i can't come up with an argrumentive Thesis statement. Help!!!!

    asked by Cindy
  160. math-lost

    List all the subsets of S. You may use "C" for chocolate, "V" for vanilla, and "M" for mint. S = {Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint} I do not understand how to do this.

    asked by Bart
  161. math

    What is the ratio of 2 positive numbers whose product is 2400 at a 2:3 ratio?

    asked by Anthony
  162. 6th grade science

    What is the term for radiation beneath the frequency we can see?

    asked by lesley
  163. Ag. Biology

    I'm stuck on 10 questions on my homework, I'll post them separate. 25. Describe the role of an operon in a prokaryotic cell, and give an example of how an operon works.

    asked by Abby
  164. administration

    What is the effect that scarce resources have on administrative ethics?

    asked by april
  165. religion

    How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

    asked by Nancyg
  166. trig

    suppose that sin(x) + cos(x) = 4/3 a)square this result and find a value for sin(x)cos(x). b)using the result from a) find the exact value of sin^3(x)+cos^3(x). (Hint: Do you recall how to factor x^3 + y^3)

    asked by chris
  167. Science

    Steel wool [iron] is burned in the presence of oxygen in the air and makes iron oxide: is this a combination, decomposition, or replacement reaction?

    asked by Christopher
  168. math

    how do you solve 10square root 9x =60

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Calculus

    The derivative of xCos(5x)

    asked by Anonymous
  170. chemistry

    how many ml of 0.15 NaOH solution are required to neutralize 35.00 ml of 0.22 moles of HCL

    asked by mc
  171. math

    what is the perimeter of a rectangle that measures 27 inches on one side and 56 inches on the other side?

    asked by emily
  172. adult education

    using the half angle method solve the triangle for whick the given parts are a=27 b=21 and c=24

    asked by sam
  173. math

    The value of a "Mint State-63" 1950 Jefferson nickel minted at Denver is 8/7 the value of a 1945 nickel at Philadelphia. Together, the total value of the two coins is $15. What is the value of each coin?

    asked by zach
  174. help plz

    Which word is a synonym of the word evolve? a}recession b}decline c}progress d}retrogression p.s.ive been working on this same question for 1 month todaysthe last day i have can some1 plz just give me the answer plzzz lol btw:who likes boxing?0_o

    asked by justin
  175. English-Your thoughts count

    Is this a good line from the poem Standing Alone by Chase. I can see the flower upon which my life grows, blooming into a rose. Do any of you get an idea of what this line is saying? This line basically compares someone's life to a roses. It tells you to

    asked by Sara
  176. Math

    A population of primates in a certain jungle is doubling each year. Describe how the population increases in size as a function of time. Give some example values for this population over time. Is this a linear or exponential relationship?

    asked by sammy
  177. uhh help

    the legendary king midas was a: a.very beautiful b.very rich man c.very wise man d.very brave man i choose c??

    asked by justin
  178. human resources

    Submit a response recommendation analysis of 200-300 words of how large firms and small firms could utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Provide one example for a large company and one example for a small company of

    asked by robbie
  179. College Physics

    Use the relativistic coordinate transformation (x, y, z, t) − (x′, y′, z′, t′) shown and given below where the latter frame S′, (x′, y′, z′, t′), has a velocity 2.69813 × 108 m/s in the positive direction relative to the frame S, (x,

    asked by Angie
  180. borrowing money

    sherman jones borrows $675 from the REGAL LOAN COMPANY.he agrees to repay the loan in 15 months the interest rate is 23% how much money must sherman pay ???

    asked by nathan
  181. language please check my work

    In 2000 an experimental robot performed operations on the damaged valves of ten patient's hearts. in this true: -robot is a noun -performed is a verb -damaged is a noun

    asked by anna
  182. organic chemistry

    if sodium iodoacetate is used instead of sodium chloroacetate, how will the rate of reaction be affected? explain.

    asked by Melissa
  183. math estimate areas

    estimate areas of parallelogram

    asked by tim
  184. math

    List all the subsets of S. You may use "C" for chocolate, "V" for vanilla, and "M" for mint. S = {Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint} I do not understand how to do this.

    asked by bwb
  185. social studies

    Create an organizer comparing the claims to the Pacific Coast of the Europeans and the Native peoples. What criteris will you use?

    asked by chooey
  186. AED 202

    Describe in 200 to 400 words how you can assess a child’s knowledge on your chosen topic using at least five of Gardner's intelligences.

    asked by Anonymous
  187. math check

    Peform each indicated operation and simplify. Can you please check my answers. Thank you. A)(x^2+2x-3)+ (2x^2-x+1) Answer: 3x^2+x-2 B) (-x^3+2x^2-5)+(x^2-x+6) Answer:-x^3+3x^2-x+1 C) (3y^2-x+7)-(y^2-2x+3) Answer:4y^2-3x+10 D)(2x^2-xy+y^2)-(-3x^2+xy+y^2)

    asked by Lauren
  188. calculus

    If contains the points (4, 19) and (-3, 5), what is the slope of a line perpendicular to ? Enter your answer as a decimal.

    asked by sam
  189. trig

    prove the trig identity cos(4x) = 2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)

    asked by kevin
  190. 9th grade

    The problem solving step that follows the formula

    asked by Chris Conant
  191. 8th grade

    write each radius from the problem situation as a power. radius of 8-inch drumhead: r = radius of 18-inch drumhead: r = radius of 16-inch drumhead: r =

    asked by Anonymous
  192. algebra

    how would you solve this problem.... ã 9x^2 y/32z^2?

    asked by Layla
  193. MATH - Probability

    A commander faces a battlefield mobility situation. He has three feasible routes, R1, R2 and R3. The payoffs of his choice will be determined by weather conditions W1, W2 and W3. The best result is to gain 200 miles and the worst result is to lose 160

    asked by Kali
  194. Physics

    You often see birds resting on power lines that carry currents of 50A. the copper wire on which the bird stands has a radius of 1.1cm. assuming the birds feet are 4.0 cm apart, calculate the potential difference across its body... -------- V=IR R=pL/A

    asked by lauren
  195. Chemistry

    Hi, I was just wondering how you would calculate how much gas would dissolve into 500ml of water and if there was 0.1% of the solute in the atmosphere in grams? Am finding this very difficult! Example: Hydrogen sulphide: molar mass: 34g/mol Water: molar

    asked by John C
  196. Pioneer Foods

    I need some ideas! Describe in detail for at least 3 subject areas how food history and Dutch oven cooking can be used for hands-on instruction and as an extension to in-class curriculum.

    asked by Anonymous
  197. MATH

    a fraction with a denominater in the thousands will always have a decimal form with more decimal places than a fraction with a single-digit denominator. How would I determine if this statement is true or fals?

    asked by DEBBIE
  198. math

    Factor each expression by grouping. Can you please show me the steps on how you get your answer so I know how to do the problem thank you. 9p^2+mn^2+9m+p^2n^2

    asked by heather
  199. math

    Use factoring to solve the equation. (x+6)(x+5)=2

    asked by scott
  200. algebra

    how would solve this math question 5/8x - 6 3/8x = 1 1/2

    asked by devin
  201. Math

    your yard is 72 square feet and twice as long as it is wide.Fencing is sold in lenghts of 4.2 feet, 6.0 feet, 8.5 feet, and 12 feet. If you only want to buy 1 type of frncing, which length is closest to the length you need?

    asked by Illie V.(:
  202. social studies

    why were many children's and adults right hands cut off by agents of king leopold?

    asked by Nicole
  203. help plz:)

    which statement does NOT describe how greek words entered english? a.they have been formed by combining greek elements. b.they have come indirectly by way of latin. c.they have come indirectly by way of german d.they have been borrowed directly from greek

    asked by justin
  204. Health Science

    How might incorporating a fitness plan and a balanced diet positively affect your well-being?

    asked by Tiffany
  205. math

    Write the negation of the following: Every rectangle with four equal sides is a square. A) No rectangle with four equal sides is not a square. B) Every square with four equal sides is not a rectangle. C) Every rectangle with four equal sides is not a

    asked by Bart
  206. language could you please check my work

    answers are on the bottom 1)A person's hobby a.can be physical recreation b.can be mental recreation c.both a and b 2)A good hobby is is a.exciting b.satisfying c.both a and b 3)Some hobbies are a.lifelong b. given up for something more interesting c. both

    asked by anna
  207. Math

    show me the steps to solving this problem? 3k/5+44=12k/25+8

    asked by alice
  208. social studies

    How are judaism and christianity realated

    asked by Porche
  209. Chem

    Can you show me the structural formula, NOT molecular formula for C3H6 = Cl2 (g) - C3H6Cl2 Please...:)

    asked by Stacey
  210. Finance

    SDF Company wants to raise $20,000,000 through issuing preferred stock. The cost of preferred stock is estimated to be 15 percent. If the company wants to issue 1,000,000 shares of the preferred stock, how much should be the promised dividend per stock?

    asked by Dantavis
  211. Math

    find the derivative of 1) y=Ln(9x^2-3).e^(7x) 2)y=Ln((6x^3+x^2-x)/(x-1)(x+1)) please help

    asked by Bababa
  212. trig

    given that tan(x/2)=a. Express tan(x) and sin(x) in terms of a. Hint: use that fact that x= 2*(x/2)

    asked by mary
  213. SCIENCE

    could you please help me on some information about this topic please. Ihave a presentation to do on this and i need scientific research or journals as references to add to my powerpoint. An Investigation of the Impacts of Current on Shoaling and schooling

    asked by piper
  214. 9th grade

    substitution for 5r-s=5 -4r+5s=17

    asked by Anonymous
  215. human growth and development

    Five year old Elbert caught eight colds last year.His doctor would explain that catching eight colds in one year is: A)normal, It's sign that Elbert's lungs are fully developed B)normal.They helped Elbert to build up natural immunities C)abnormal.Elbert

    asked by vedrana
  216. business law

    Please give me some insight on a law hypo...? This is the hypo: Joe received an advertising brochure from X Corp. in the mail. The brochure contained a photo of a Peach 442 computer, and above it the statement, "While supplies last. All Peach computers on

    asked by Emily
  217. Math

    Factor each expression by grouping. Can you please show me the steps on how you get your answer so I know how to do the problem thank you. 9p^2+mn^2+9m+p^2n^2

    asked by Heather
  218. geometry 3

    x^2-13x-30=0 A. -3,-10 B. 3,10 C. -15,2 D. 15,-2 x^+7x-18=0 A. -9,2 B. -6,3 C. -3,6 D. -2,9

    asked by monique n
  219. US History

    What was the Gasden Purchase?

    asked by James
  220. business

    What exactly is a discounted cash flow and how does it work? I overheard a conversation at a coffee house, and could not remember what the person said

    asked by Anonymous
  221. Child Care

    When a child demonstrates an inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if he mastered the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance. in doing this, the teacher is

    asked by Anonymous
  222. sentences

    whats a sentences for they've?

    asked by priscilla Perez
  223. social studies

    why was king leopold's reign described as "legalized robbery"?

    asked by Nicole
  224. Math

    How would you factor this (3x^2+x)+ (3x+1).... Can you please show ur steps on how u get the answer so I understand how to do the problem. Thank You

    asked by Heather
  225. Science

    Where is the large equipment stored for each Space Shuttle mission ?

    asked by Alisha
  226. ALGEBRA

    can someone help me please!!!! (6x^8 - 6)(x^9 - 9)

    asked by GGIFT
  227. dnh

    I'm greater then 15 and less then 40. if you double me i become a number that ends in 0. and a 1/5 of me is equal to five. who am I?

    asked by alj
  228. math

    crazy caps is giving away free caps. they gave away 4 caps in first hour.8 in the second hour. 12 in the third hour. 16 in the fouth hour. how many crazy caps will they give away in the six hour.

    asked by lilly
  229. 8th grade

    how do you solve ths problem?? 78mi on 3gal (find the unit rate)

    asked by Mya
  230. Math

    find the derivative of 1) y=Ln(9x^2-3).e^(7x) 2)y=Ln((6x^3+x^2-x)/(x-1)(x+1)) please help

    asked by Bababa
  231. English

    Can you please check the tenses (and word choice) in the following sentences, please? Thank you very much indeed. 1) In Chapter 2 the Lilliputians are on Gulliver’s body and are inspecting his clothes. 2) They find a very large piece of coarse cloth in

    asked by Franco
  232. CRT 205


    asked by James
  233. science

    a jet is moving 700 per hour south in a wind current that is going 70 km/hr south. what is the velocity of the jet?

    asked by velocity
  234. algebra

    solve for Y y=x+3

    asked by Gailene
  235. social

    what kind of generalized statment for an editorial would i start if i was writing from a perspective of an government official at the time of residential schhols felt that assimilation was the best policy fpor the future of canada

    asked by sara
  236. Physical Science

    if an object has a mass of 615 grams and a volume of 105cm3 is the density 5.86 g/cm3?

    asked by cassie
  237. science

    How do I know which one is a plant and which one is a plant cell.

    asked by christen
  238. Math

    How would you factor this (3x^2+x)+ (3x+1).... Can you please show ur steps on how u get the answer so I understand how to do the problem. Thank You

    asked by Heather
  239. MAth

    how do I find out what percent of a meter is 5 centimeters and what the percent of a meter is 5 millimeters ?

    asked by DEBBIE
  240. algebra

    y>2x+3 or y

    asked by susan
  241. English

    What are five key events that occur during the rising action in Cyrano de Bergerac?

    asked by Robert
  242. English

    How Would you make a one paragraph thesis 3rd person on an architecture career

    asked by Drew
  243. English

    1. To love you and to be loved you is my happiness. 2. To love you and to be loved you are my happiness. (Do we have to use 'is' or 'are'? Which one is correct?) 3. Working hard in the company and playing with others is important. 4. Working hard in the

    asked by rfvv
  244. math

    a database with an availibility of 93.4% is accessed via a network with an availibility of 99.2% on average for how much time in a week would a user be unable to retrive data from the database? i calculated around 12 it right?

    asked by kenji86
  245. Theory of Personality

    i need a fifteen page profile dealing with barack obama and how he relates with each one of these theory. Eysenck's,Allport's,Maslow's,erikson's,Jung's,skinner's,and Bandura's.

    asked by Trinicia
  246. Math Check

    All the directions say for these three problems is multiply and simplify. Are my answers correct? Thank you A)(x^2+2x-3)+(2x^2-x+1) Answer: 2x^3-6x^2+4x B)(x+1)(2x-1) Answer: 3x-1 C)(x-2)(x^2+2x-3) Answer: x^3-7x+6

    asked by Lauren
  247. Ag. Bio

    Last one, thanks for the help guys =) 34. Recall what happens in mitosis and meiosis. Describe how a given amount of a cell's DNA might be alike or different after each process was complete.

    asked by Abby
  248. Chemistry

    What happens to the temperature of a gas when it is compressed?

    asked by Megan
  249. Physical Science

    a player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200 kg hockey puck by 6 m/s in 2 seconds is the acceleration 3 m/s2?

    asked by Derek
  250. Sci 275

    I am not looking for someone to dothis for me but I am asking if someone would be kind enough to read this and tell me if it is right. I have to do a paper on risk assessment and i believe i have hit all the points i am suppose to but can you check it for

    asked by brandi
  251. Math

    Use factoring to solve each equation. (x+6)(x+5)=2

    asked by Scott
  252. Math

    taniqua baked 76 cookies. if there were 19 cookies in each batch, how many batches did she bake?

    asked by Nastascia Paisley
  253. socila studies

    i need more sites on verrazzano

    asked by amelia
  254. math

    solve the equation 5 - √x = 2x^2 - 3

    asked by Luke
  255. Ag. Bio

    =) Thanks 32. How does the possible impact of a chromosomal mutation that occurs during meiosis differ from that of a similar event that occurs during mitosis?

    asked by Abby
  256. social studies

    were the colonists'protest sucessful

    asked by ethan
  257. religeon

    why do hindus believe in reincarnation and christians do not?

    asked by lel
  258. college

    the for value 3/35 of 5/8is

    asked by Anonymous
  259. math

    how many yards are in 3.5 miles

    asked by tylik
  260. Chemistry

    Is xylose a pentose or a hexose?

    asked by Holly