Questions Asked on
March 27, 2010

  1. Buffer solution

    Solve an equilibrium problem (using an ICE table) to calculate the pH. a solution that is 0.205 M in CH3NH2 and 0.110 M in CH3NH3Br. i used th Ka of CH3NH2 and set up the problem as Ka=[H3O][CH3NH2]/[CH3NH3Br], but that was wrong. So i switched the

    asked by Kyle
  2. physics

    A small piece of cork in a ripple tank oscillates up and down as ripples pass it. If the ripples travel at 0.20m/s, have a wavelength of 15mm and an amplitude of 5.0mm, what is the maximum velocity of the cork?

    asked by Edwin
  3. math(advanced algebra&trigonometry)

    the expression cos4x cos3x + sin4x sin3x is equivalent to which one of the following is the answer: 1) sinx 2) sin7x 3) cosx 4) cos7x

    asked by Rony
  4. statistics

    Use the Standard Normal Distribution table to find the indicated area under the standard normal curve. Q1: Between z = 0 and z = 2.24 A1: 0 = 0.5000 2.24 = 0.9875 0.9875 – 0.5000 = 0.4875 Q2:To the left of z = 1.09 A2: 0.8621 Q3: Between z = -1.15 and z

    asked by looking for someone to varify my work please
  5. physics

    A light rigid bar is suspended horizontally from two vertical wires, one of steel and one of brass. Each wire is 2.00m long. The diameter of the steel wire is 0.60mm and the length of the bar AB is 0.20m. When a mass of 10.0kg is suspended from the centre

    asked by Edwin
  6. Pre-Cal

    Express the function in the form f(x) = (x-k)q(x) + r for the given value of k. f(x) = 15x^4 + 10x^3 - 6x^2 + 14 Value of k = -2/3 I do not understand what I am suppose to do!

    asked by Abbey
  7. trig

    Prove that tan4x=(4tanx-tan^3x)/(1-6tan^2 x+tan^4 x) *note: the exponents are just numbers. there are no variables in the exponents.

    asked by Anne

    A steam turbine operates between hot and cold reservoir temperatures of 538.0 ¢XC and 92.1 ¢XC, respectively. If heat is supplied at a rate of 238.0 MW, what maximum amount of power could the turbine deliver?

    asked by melvin
  9. astronomy

    Retrograde motion describes the backward motion of the stars relative to earth

    asked by b
  10. chm152

    Consider the equilibrium of water with gaseous hydrogen and oxygen: Give the value of for this reaction, if it is written as: Choose one answer. a. -7.8 x 10^-16 b. -3.9 x 10^-16 c. 1.3 x 10^-15 d. 6.4 x 10^-14 e. 3.6 x 10^2

    asked by ami
  11. chm152

    When solid NH4HS is placed in a closed flask at 28 C, the solid dissociates according to the equation: NH4HS(s) NH3(g) + H2S(g) The total pressure of the equilibrium mixture is 0.766 atm. Determine Kp at this temperature. Choose one answer. a. 0.147 b.

    asked by ami
  12. Chemistry

    The equation for the complete combustion of ethene (C2H4) is C2H4(g) + 3 O2(g) ==> 2CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) If 2.70 mol C2H4 is reacted with 6.30 mole O2, identify the limiting reagent. show all work.

    asked by Danny
  13. Physics 121

    A bicycle wheel has a radius R = 32 cm and a mass M = 1:80 kg which you may assume to be concentrated on the outside radius. Assume that you apply a force F to a sprocket so that the wheel has an angular acceleration ® = 4:50 rad/s2. A resistive force f =

    asked by claudia
  14. Chemistry

    What is the percent yield if 4.65g of copper is produced when 1.87g of aluminum reacts with an excess of copper(II) sulfate? 2Al(s)+3CuSO4(aq)==>Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3Cu(s)

    asked by Keith
  15. Chemistry

    Predict the products and write a net ionic reaction for the reaction of cadmium chloride and ammonium sulfide.

    asked by Mary
  16. Business Law

    Business Law Exam 210 True Or False questions. 1. Both "commom law: contracts and UCC contracts are subject to the plain menaing rule only if they are simple and plain contracts. 2.when a term in a contract is ambiguos, it is generally interpreted in favor

    asked by Jason
  17. Statistics

    How does the law of large numbers affect you as a gambler in a casino? As the owner of the casino? Why do people still patronize casinos? How is the law of large numbers relevant to healthcare studies?

    asked by Liz
  18. math(advanced algebra&trigonometry)

    A circle has a radius of 4 inches. In inches, what is the length of the arc intercepted by a central angle of 2 radians? which of the following is the answer: 1) 2 radian 2) 2 3) 8 radian 4) 8

    asked by Rony
  19. 7th grade

    If a nickel contains 3.0 gram of copper and 1.2 gram of nickel How many kilograms of copper must be combines with 500 kilograms of nickel to make nickel coins?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    If a nickel contains 3.9 gram of copper and 1.2 gram of nickel How many kilograms of copper must be combines with 500 kilograms of nickel to make nickel coins?

    asked by Heather
  21. physics

    A car initially traveling at 31.0 m/s undergoes a constant negative acceleration of magnitude 2.00 m/s2 after its brakes are applied. (a) How many revolutions does each tire make before the car comes to a stop, assuming the car does not skid and the tires

    asked by Kelsey
  22. Physics

    A small fish is inside a spherical bowl filled with water (n=1.33). The bowl has a diameter of 30cm and the fish is at a distance of 5cm from the surface that separates water and air (ignore the effects of the glass of the bowl). The image of the fish is

    asked by mm
  23. Chemistry

    When you balance equations, do you treat polyatomic ions as one unit or treat the different elements in the ion separately? Because if you treat them as one unit, then what if the elements get separated in the products side of the equation?

    asked by Emily
  24. physics

    Are fat fish more likely to have broad stripes than thin fish? 7. Answers: Yes No 8. Reasons: Some fat fish have broad stripes and some have narrow stripes. 3/7 of the fat fish have broad stripes. 12/28 are broad striped and 16/28 are narrow striped. 3/7

    asked by Gina
  25. astronomy

    The great galaxy in Andromeda has an angular diameter along its long axis of about 5 degree. Its distance is about 2.2 millons light years. What is its linear diameter.

    asked by b
  26. window XP

    Which of the following is true of the Encrypting File System (EFS)? a. The Encrypting File System provides encryption for data files stored locally using the file systems supported by Windows XP Professional. b. If the file owner loses the private key used

    asked by John
  27. window XP

    Windows XP Professional can accommodate the addition and removal of many types of devices. The installation of a device results in the installation of drivers and allocation of resources. Subsequent removal of the device can result in this information

    asked by John
  28. algebra

    A farmer decides to enclose a rectangular garden, using the side of a barn as one side of the rectangle. What is the maximum area that the farmer can enclose with 100 ft. of fence? What should the dimensions of the garden be to give this area? The max.

    asked by Terri
  29. Math

    use the given information to solve the triangle. C= 85 degrees 20' a = 35 c = 50 I know that I have to find A,B,b but I do not know how to do this.

    asked by Mark
  30. algebra

    E = ic sq, solve for c

    asked by Terri
  31. algebra

    give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places (x-5)sq = 18

    asked by Jerry
  32. Calculus

    Use differentials (or, equivalently, a linear approximation) to estimate the given number. sqrt100.4

    asked by Morgan
  33. business

    Complete the table below for both the United Nations and World Trade Organization by providing a description of the Purpose, Major Functions, and Current Members for each organization.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    6x-4y=20 and 4y-6x=-20 What is the solution of the system of equations for this problem? A)A point B)No solution C)Infinitely many solutions

    asked by KiKi
  35. science

    How to find oxidation number on redox reactions

    asked by Gena
  36. science

    I have these pictures and i have to say which gestalt lawis illustrated, i know some of them are examples of figure/ground which is considered a principle but i don't know if principles are concidered laws(laws which includes similarity, continuity,

    asked by Jon
  37. math-multiplying

    3/1 * (6/5) = 3 and 3/5 is this the correct answer?

    asked by KiKi
  38. math

    Bert is planning to open a savings account that earns 1.6% simple interest yearly. He wants to earn exactly $240 in interest after 3 years. How much money should he deposit?

    asked by melanie
  39. college

    Bayside insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A, Giselle would have to pay the first $160 of her medical bills, plus 25% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the first $200, but only 20% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    Mary brought home 1/2 dozen eggs. He accidently dropped the carton on the flor and 1/3 of the eggs broke. How many eggs does she have left?

    asked by Rene
  41. Math

    The radius needed to create a sphere with a given volume V can be approximated by the equation r = 0.6(V)^1/3. Find the radius of a sphere with a volume of 729 cubic meters. Round the answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math

    What is the midrange of {6,7,8,9,10,12,15,15,20,28}

    asked by Hannah
  43. Math

    Solve 9(w-2)=-18 9w-18=-18 9w=0 w=0 Is this correct?

    asked by KiKi
  44. chemistry 121

    Microwave ovens use microwave radiation to heat food. The microwaves are absorbed by moisture in the food, which is transferred to other components of the food. As the water becomes hotter, so does the food. Suppose that the microwave radiation has a

    asked by andrea
  45. math help plz!

    DigiCom wants to drop the effective rate of interest on its credit card by 2%. If it currently charges a nominal rate of 8% compounded daily, at what value should it set the new nominal rate? Note: Please make sure your final answer(s) are in percentage

    asked by Amy
  46. english

    I am trying to do a definition paragraph and was wondering if this would be good on A FRIEND TO ALL topic. please help. A friend to all is essential in all friendships and is someone we can share our thoughts, feelings and gives us support. My opinion on a

    asked by deborah
  47. math

    Solve for the indicated letter c=9d, for d I am not sure I understand this question can someone help

    asked by KiKi
  48. plz help=math

    Early last year, the Zoe Growth Fund ran advertisements in the financial pages of major newspapers. The "ad" had primarily empty space containing the simple message: $20,000 INVESTED IN ZOEINVESTMENT GROWTH FUND IN 1962 WOULD BE WORTH $9.40 MILLION TODAY

    asked by Amy
  49. physics

    Entropy of melting A block of a certain substance (m = 0.3 kg) sits in a cold room at its melting point 170 K. A lab demonstrator supplies heat at a rate of 200 W for 140 seconds by focusing light on the block to (just) completely melt the block. (a) What

    asked by michael
  50. physics

    The diffusion coefficient for calcium ions crossing a biological membrane 10nm thick is 300 micrometers squared/second and the concentration difference of calcium ions across the membrane is 400 mol/m^2 (Molar mass of calcium is 40 kg/mol) Determine the

    asked by Kelly
  51. Math

    Solve the equation: (-3/p+2) = (-8/p-3) Can someone please show me how to do this? I have a whole page of these to do but I don't really know what to do. If I could just see one done, I'm sure I can figure the rest out. Thank you.

    asked by Chad
  52. social studies

    Rhetorical devices on a person idea or ideology

    asked by Reshma Sreehari
  53. Math(Please help)

    use the given information to solve the triangle. C= 85 degrees 20' a = 35 c = 50 I know that I have to find A,B,b but I do not know how to do this.

    asked by Mark
  54. chemistry

    Q.1 What will be the pH at the equivalence point during the titration of a 100 ml 0.2M solution of CH3COONa with 0.2M of solution of HCl?(Ka = 2*10^-5) Q.2 Aniline behaves as a weak base.When 0.1M,50ml solution of aniline was mixed with 0.1M,25ml solution

    asked by gaurav
  55. Spanish

    Rita lleva al aeroporta y tambien lleva a Tomás. I don't understand what is meant by this sentence. Lleva means he or she carries, aeroporta means airport. Is Rita carrying something to the airport? How would I know this? How can she carry Tomás? Thanks!

    asked by Jean
  56. solving polynomial equations

    please help 3(n+1)=5(n-3) thank you

    asked by dan
  57. English

    What do you think about the movie. 1. I thought it was really fun. 2. I thought it was real fun. 3. I thought it was really funny. 4. I thought it was real funny. 5. I thought it was great fun. 6. I thought it was really fun. 7. I think it was a great fun.

    asked by rfvv
  58. science

    Exercise 2. Starting with a hypothetical population of 14,000 people and an even age distribution (1,000 in each age group from 1-5 to 66-70 years), assume that the population initially has a total fertility rate of 2.0 and an average life span of 70

    asked by sarah
  59. English

    How do you pronounce 'Eminem'? Is it a male name or a female name?

    asked by rfvv
  60. English

    1. Why do you not like becoming a journalist? Because I want to become an office worker. 2. Why don't you not like becoming a journalist? Because I want to become an office worker. (Are both questions the same? Are the answers suitable for each question?)

    asked by rfvv
  61. math

    The equation y = -1777x+27153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United States x years after 20000, that is, x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=3 corresponds to 2003, x=5 corrresponds to 2005 and so on. Predict the number of gun deaths in

    asked by KiKi
  62. Chemistry

    A sample of gas exerts a pressure of 5.12 atm. What is the pressure of this gas expressed in torr? (3 significant figures, n.nnEn)

    asked by Monica
  63. math-word problem

    In 1992, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 73.5 years. In 1996, it was 75.7 years. Let E representthe life expectancy in yeart and let t represent number of years since 1992. Fill in the linear function E(t) that fits the data

    asked by KiKi
  64. trig

    (tanx+cotx)over(tanx-cotx)=(1) over sin^2x-cos^2x)

    asked by stacey graham
  65. math

    5x+2y=8 2x+5y=1 is this parallel, perpendicular or niether?

    asked by KiKi
  66. trig

    solve the equation 2 tan^2(theta)sin(theta)-tan^2(theta)=0 interval[0,360)

    asked by stacey graham
  67. chemistry AP

    methyl red has the following color changes red 4.2 -8.3 yellow a)write the ionic equilibrium equation b) If a small quantity of methyl red is placed in a solution with a pH of 4.5 . calculate the approximate value of [In]/[HIn]. What colour would be

    asked by maya
  68. statics

    One force of 10k going NEtowards a point(A) at an angle of 40 degrees another force (F2) going SE from pt(a) at slope of 3,4,5 triangle and F1 horizontal going W towards pt (a) find F1 and F2 i was using force triangle but got off track wasn't able to get

    asked by stacey graham
  69. chemistry AP

    You have to design a buffer based on one of the systems below System 1: HA1 and A1-1 K= 4 E-3 System 2: HA2 and A2-1 K= 5 E-4 System 3: HA3 and A3-1 K= 6 E-5 For the following parts assume that the buffer above in system2 has been constructed with [HA] =1M

    asked by maya
  70. letter format help

    what is the format for an appeal letter for college disqualification.

    asked by jen
  71. math--simplify

    Simplify -9[-15-(45-12)]=

    asked by KiKi
  72. chemistry

    The mercury cell is still sometimes used in industry to prepare chlorine, Cl2, and caustic soda, NaOH. (a)In the first stage of the process a solution of sodium chloride is electrolysed using a voltage of 4.00V. Chlorine gas is obtained at one of the

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Accounting

    At October 31, Nathan Company made an accrued expense adjusting entry of $1,400 for salaries. Prepare the reversing entry on November 1, and indicate the balances in Salaries Payable and Salaries Expense after posting the reversing entry.

    asked by Julia
  74. physics

    In the design of a passenger bus, it is proposed to derive the motive power from the energy stored in a flywheel. The flywheel, which has a moment of inertia of 4.0 x 10^2 kgm^2, is accelerated to its maximum rate of rotation 3.0 x 10^3 revolutions per

    asked by Edwin
  75. Microeconomics

    Consider the market for taxi rides in a particular metropolitan area. a) Suppose that, when the price per mile increases by 40%, total miles demanded falls by 30%. Solve for the price elasticity of demand. b) Is the demand for taxi rides elastic or

    asked by Kelis
  76. physics

    A special prototype model aeroplane of mass 400g has a control wire 8cm long attached to its body. The other end of the control line is attached to a fixed point. When the aeroplane flies with its wings horizontal in a horizontal circle, making one

    asked by Edwin
  77. Microeconomics

    Consider Good E, which, when sold in a particular country, has an equilibrium price = $10.00. The government of that country decided that it doesn’t like that equilibrium price, and so passes a law which prevents the product from selling for $10.00.

    asked by Lacy
  78. Environmental Sci 275

    · Post your response to the following: Reflect on your own worldview and compare it with the worldviews presented in the text. Provide examples of the benefits of your view to defend your position.

    asked by Kay
  79. Psychology

    Which color arrangement wouldcreate the deepest senseof space? A. red,orange,blue B. Green violet, blue C.Yellow, orange,yellow-orange D. Violet, blue-violet, red-violet What are the double split complement colors for blue-green?

    asked by Jake
  80. physics

    An open tank holds water 1.25 m deep. If a small hole of cross section area 3cm^2 is made at the bottom of the tank, calculate the mass of water per second initially flowing out of the hole. (g=10m/s^2, density of water= 1000 kgm^-3)

    asked by Edwin
  81. Statistics for Decision

    Calorie Level Fiber Type High Calorie Low Calorie Totals High Fiber 18 4 22 Medium Fiber 23 6 29 Low Fiber 12 21 33 Totals 53 31 84 1. What is the probability that the cereal would be high calorie? In other words, what is P(high calorie)? 2. What is the

    asked by megan
  82. business

    Explain how these parts of your organizations function, including the virtual communications equipment you use, the types of events—teleconferences, training, routine testing, and so forth–that are carried out via virtual communications and what works

    asked by mesha
  83. macroenconomics

    Between 1968 and 1980, the US economy experienced a slowdown in productivity growth. However, since the mid 1980s, the economy has experienced increases in the growth rate in productivity. Can you give reasons why US productivity growth started to increase

    asked by Ismael
  84. HSM240

    I need an opinion please. My assignment says write 1,750- to 2,100-word proposal paper on a social program that you create. Pretend that you have the power and capacity to create an agency or organization and decide to create a new social program. Can you

    asked by Kim
  85. math-elimination

    3x+4y=5 6x+8y=10

    asked by KiKi
  86. math-word problem

    In 1992, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 73.5 years. In 1996, it was 75.7 years. Let E representthe life expectancy in yeart and let t represent number of years since 1992. Fill in the linear function E(t) that fits the data

    asked by KiKi
  87. chm152

    Consider the following equilibrium: 5.0 moles of are placed in a 10.0 L flask at 200 C and allowed to come to equilibrium. Analysis shows that 1.0 mole of is present in the equilibrium mixture. How many moles of Cl2 are present at equilibrium. Choose one

    asked by ami
  88. English

    Hi, i would like to ask How was Gatsby killed? He was floating in the swimming pool and George Wilson shot him but where

    asked by Ameena
  89. 3rd grade

    if you have a math problem that says which model correctly shows 2/3 of 12 circled? what does it look like?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math(advanced algebra&trigonometry)

    find, to the nearest minute, the angle whose measure is 3.45 radians.

    asked by Rony
  91. microeconomic

    please show me how to calculate price elasticity of demand of $3.00 increase to $3.50

    asked by susie quick
  92. Algebra

    5(r-9)+3>6(r+3)-26 {r/r_____ ______

    asked by Liz
  93. microeconomic

    how to calculate price elasticity of demand of $3.00 to a increase to $3.50 and explain your reasoning and interpret the results

    asked by susie quick
  94. U.S. History

    What was the human hisory between North American Asia Eurasia and Europe before the 1450's?

    asked by Jamal
  95. physics help!!!

    particle 1 of mass m1 = 0.29 kg slides rightward along an x axis on a frictionless floor with a speed of 1.8 m/s. When it reaches x = 0, it undergoes a one-dimensional elastic collision with stationary particle 2 of mass m2 = 0.40 kg. When particle 2 then

    asked by beav
  96. social studies

    what sre the landforms, climate, and vegetation of the baltic coast?

    asked by terry
  97. Compound Interest

    Swan Furnace Cleaners wants to add 0.50% to the effective rate of interest on its credit card. If it currently charges a nominal rate of 4.25% compounded semi-annually, at what value should it set the new nominal rate? The answer for this question is

    asked by Amy
  98. Algebra 1A

    1.You have recently found a location for your bakery and have begun implementing the first phases of your business plan. Your budget consists of an $80,000 loan from your family and a $38,250 small business loan. These loans must be repaid in full within

    asked by Anonymous

    Why do geminal protons that are adjacent to a stereogenic center give rise to two separate signals?

    asked by CAMCAM
  100. soc 402

    What are some of the major causes of illiteracy and how can they be avoided?

    asked by meshelle
  101. College Admission

    I am currently outside USA. Now in Asia we follow the Cambridge igcse curriculum. If I move to USA can I still get into an Ivy League college?

    asked by Amir
  102. Statistics

    A gas station manager thinks the average motorist changes their oil less than the recommended two times per year. In a survey 15 car owners were asked how many times they changed their oil in the past year. Here are the results: 1 1 2 1 2 2 0 1 0 1 2 3 1 3

    asked by Hank
  103. Statistics

    Does setting alpha at .01, rather than at .05, increase or decrease the likelihood of rejecting Ho?

    asked by KLM
  104. paralegal

    What are the similarities and differences of federal and state systems?

    asked by Kelly
  105. Chemistry

    How does the molar mass of molecules affect the boiling points? e.g MOlar masses HI-->127.9 HF--->20.07 HCl---> 36.45 Boling points HI-->-35.55 HF---> 20 HCl--->-114.17 can it be said that except for HF molecule, as molar mass increases the boling points

    asked by LALA
  106. math

    50% of what number is 35 would the answer be .50N=35?

    asked by KiKi
  107. math

    solve the compound inequality 4>-2x+3 or 12

    asked by KiKi
  108. Physics

    A converging thin lens made out of crown glass (n=1.52) has a focal length f=1.0m An identical lens (same radius for the spherical surfaces), made out of a high-index plastic with n=1.70 will be ... A. Converging with a focal length smaller than 1.0 m B.

    asked by mm
  109. Marketing

    There are 1000 students in the University of A. A sample of 10 observations was obtained regarding the rating of the service quality of dining hall. Here is the sample: Observation Rating 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 3 5 8 6 5 7 6 8 3 9 4 10 7 calculate the confidence

    asked by JL
  110. soc 402

    In what ways is the health problem affected by the family, the economy, and the polity?

    asked by meshelle
  111. Math

    Swan Furnace Cleaners wants to add 0.50% to the effective rate of interest on its credit card. If it currently charges a nominal rate of 4.25% compounded semi-annually, at what value should it set the new nominal rate? The answer for this question is

    asked by Amy
  112. physics

    A steam turbine operates between hot and cold reservoir temperatures of 538 degrees celcius and 92.1 degrees celcius respectively. If heat is supplied at a rate of 238 MW, what maximum amount of power could the turbine deliver?

    asked by Mark
  113. Chemistry

    Are the intermolecular forces that are acting ont the molecule HF as follows: dipole-dipole, ionic and hydrogen bond

    asked by LALA
  114. math

    Figure the mean, median and standard deviation for the number of words learned by seven infants. I beleive the mean is 45.5 and the median is 10.The numbers are 10,12,8,0,3,40,and 18.

    asked by Tammy
  115. math

    4,000,000-[(300,000)+x] = 147,000

    asked by gregory
  116. math!

    j=6.50% m=Daily(365) f(effective rate)=? f=(1+i)^n =(1+(.0650/365))^365 =1.067152848-1 =0.067152848 =6.72% i know how to find the "f" but if its j=? m=Quarterly(4) f=3.25% how do i find the "j"???

    asked by Amy
  117. astronomy

    A light bulb radiates most strongly at a wavelength of about 3000 nanometers. How hot is its filament?

    asked by b
  118. astronomy

    Explain the cause of the Earths' season. I need a diagram for my explanation

    asked by b
  119. probability

    what is the chance of getting the same number twice in a row, if there are 1000 numbers to draw from. what is the formula for this?

    asked by steve
  120. math help plz!

    j=6.50% m=Daily(365) f(effective rate)=? f=(1+i)^n =(1+(.0650/365))^365 =1.067152848-1 =0.067152848 =6.72% i know how to find the "f" but if its j=? m=Quarterly(4) f=3.25% how do i find the "j"???

    asked by Amy
  121. business law

    . John, Lesa, and Trevor form a limited liability company. John contributes 60% of the capital, and Lesa and Trevor each contribute 20%. Nothing is decided about how profits will be divided. John assumes that he will be entitled to 60% of the profits, in

    asked by Anonymous
  122. science

    When astronauts travel into space, they can still see Earth and the moon. why is this possible? A. The sun shines in the windows of their space vehicle. B. They view earth and moon through a telescope. C. The sun's light reflects off earth and the moon. D.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Pre-Cal(Please help)

    Use synthetic division to show that x is a solution of the third-degree polynomial equation, and use the result to factor the polynomial completely. List all the real zeros of the function. x^3 - 28x - 48 = 0 Value of x = -4 Please help!!Thank you

    asked by Abbey
  124. physics

    (a) What is the tangential acceleration of a bug on the rim of a 6.0 in. diameter disk if the disk moves from rest to an angular speed of 79 rev/min in 5.0 s? m/s2 (b) When the disk is at its final speed, what is the tangential velocity of the bug? m/s (c)

    asked by Kelsey
  125. trig

    find the exact value given that cosA=(1/3) in quad I, sin B=(-1/2) in quad 4, and sin C=(1/4) in quad 2 tan(B+C) ? At the end of my equation I had (sqrt45/15) over (1-sqrt15/15) , how do I rationalize or did I make an error in calculation

    asked by stacey graham
  126. Astronomy

    The precession of the Earth its causes, and its ramifications

    asked by b
  127. Physics

    An ideal gas is squeezed slowly from state A (pressure-600 kPa, volume- 1 L) to B ( pressure-400kPa, volume- 0.5 L). What is the work done or received by the gas?

    asked by Chris
  128. science

    What is the definition of Gestalt theory, and whats the main facts about it?

    asked by Jon
  129. Physics

    Hey I'm lost on this physics problem can anyone tell me which equations i'm suppose to use in these questions a) A skier inhales a breath of air at Temp-air = 3.9 ¢XC and exhales it as Volume-air = 1.92 liters of air at Temp-body = 37 ¢XC and atmospheric

    asked by Andrew
  130. Math / Algebra

    I would like to know if I got my answer right. I am supposed to find the LCM of 11(t-5)and 55(t-5). I thought that the answer was 11t-55 but I am a little bit lost can you please help me. Thanks

    asked by Learner
  131. Math

    give the domain of the function and identify any vertical or horizontal asymptotes. g(x)= 1 / x-3 + 1 My answer was x = o and y=3 but this was wrong. Please explain!!

    asked by Hannah
  132. Math

    Solve 5/2X + 1/4X = 5/4 +X

    asked by KiKi
  133. Math

    Can someone help me solve 0.7x+7

    asked by KiKi
  134. Astronomy

    Does the = sign in the equation E=mc2 mean that energy and light are equivalent

    asked by b
  135. math!

    Swan Furnace Cleaners wants to add 0.50% to the effective rate of interest on its credit card. If it currently charges a nominal rate of 4.25% compounded semi-annually, at what value should it set the new nominal rate? The answer for this question is

    asked by Amy
  136. Equation

    E=mc2 involves the conversion of matter into energy during the thermonuclear process in the center of stars The equal sign indicates the energy and light are equivalent Is this correct or not?

    asked by b
  137. math-word problem

    Media Services charge $20 for a phone and $30/month for its economy plan. The equation C=30t +20 describes the total cost, C of operating a media service phone for t months. The total cost for 10 months of service is... My answer is $320 for 10 months

    asked by KiKi