Questions Asked on
March 4, 2010

  1. Physics

    An empty rubber balloon has a mass of 0.012kg. the balloon is filled with helium at 0 degrees celcius, 1 atm pressure, and a density of 0.179 kg/m3. the filled balloon has a radius of 0.5 m. a)what is the magnitude of the buoyant force acting on the

    asked by Taylor
  2. Physics

    A particle of mass m is shot with an initial velocity vector v i and makes an angle θ with the horizontal, as shown below. The particle moves in the gravitational field of the Earth. (makes a shape of a parabola)Find the angular momentum of the particle

    asked by emath
  3. maths-9th grade

    what do you call a female bug that float

    asked by brandon
  4. Physics.

    The figure below shows an arrangement of 15 identical disks that have been glued together in a rod-like shape of length L = 1.4500 m and (total) mass M = 135.000 g. The arrangement can rotate about a perpendicular axis through its central disk at point O.

    asked by Jake
  5. trig

    What is the projection of (2,6) onto (-1,5)?

    asked by BT
  6. Chemistry

    Br2 + 5F2 --> 2BrF5 How many molecules Br2 react with 1.11 x 10^20 molecules F2? I got 2.21 x 10^47 but I feel that's too big and is most likely wrong. Can someone help me?

    asked by Ana
  7. AP Physics

    A merry-go-round rotates at the rate of.2rev/s with an 80kg man standing at a point 2m from the axis ofrotation. (A)What is the new angular speed when the man walksto a point 1m from the center? Assume that the merry-go-round is a solid 25kg cylinder of

    asked by Justin
  8. Math

    A rocket tracking station has two telescopes A and B placed 1.9 miles apart. The telescopes lock onto a rocket and transmit their anlges of elevation to a computer after a rocket launch. what is the distance to the rocket from telescope B at he moment when

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    In 1909, Robert Millikan performed an experiment involving tiny, charged drops of oil. The drops were charged because they had picked up extra electrons. Millikan was able to measure the charge on each drop in coulombs. Here is an example of what his data

    asked by Syeda
  10. physics

    how far will 350 J raise a 7 kg mass?

    asked by Susan
  11. chemistry

    Calculate the molality of a 2.50 molarity NaCl solution. Density of solution = 1.08 g/ml.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    I am having a bit of difficulty getting the net equation and the net ionic equation and the net ionic equation. I think I have the balance equation right. Thanks in advance for any help. For the acid base neutralization reaction of carbonic acid,

    asked by Amanda
  13. Chemistry

    The esterification of acetic acid and ethanol is given by the reaction below: C2H5OH(aq) + CH3COOH(aq)===>CH3COOC2H5(aq) + H2O(l) When 1.00 mol of ethanol was mixed with 2.00 mol of acid in a 1.00 L flask, 0.86 mol of ester was formed at room temperature.

    asked by Bababab
  14. math

    if 9th term of an A.P is 0.prove that its 29th term is double the 19th term.

    asked by maya
  15. Precalculus

    NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE!! A bacteria culture starts with 2000 bacteria and the population doubles every 3 hours. a) A function that models the number of bacteria after t hours is p(t)=____________? b) The number of bacteria present after 5 hours will be

    asked by jh
  16. Geometry

    Over July 16, 1882, a massive thunderstorm over Dubuque, Iowa, produced huge hailstones. The diameter of some of the hailstones was 17 inches. Ice weighs about 0.033 lb/in^3. What was the approximate weight of these hailstones to the nearest pound? The

    asked by Joy
  17. Chemistry

    In chemistry, for a given substance what information links mass to moles? number of particles to moles?

    asked by Ana
  18. History

    Is this ok? The Industrial Revolution was a period from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century during which major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and transport had a massive effect on the social, economic,and cultural conditions starting

    asked by Ruth
  19. Precalculus

    NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE!! A savings account starts with $600 and pays 5% interest per year, compounded four times per year. a) A function that models the amount in dollars in the bank account after m years is A(m)=____________? b) How much will be in the

    asked by jh
  20. Organic chem.

    I need to find examples of reagents used in performing chemical resolutions of acidic, basic, and neutral racemic compounds. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything... please help.

    asked by Chelsea
  21. Chemistry

    An alpha particle (mass 6.6 x 10^-24 grams) emitted by radium travels at 3.4 x 10^7 plus or minus 0.1 x 10^7 mi/h. (a) What is its de Broglie wavelength (in meters)? (b) Whats uncertainty in its position? for part a I got -3.41 x 10^6 meters which said it

    asked by Samantha
  22. chemistry

    Suppose a solution containing 3.50 g of Na3PO4 is mixed with an excess of Ba(NO3)2. How many grams of Ba(PO4)2 can be formed.

    asked by Kerry
  23. chemistry

    The kinetic energy of a rolling billiard ball is given by {\rm{KE}} = 1/2\,mv^2 . Suppose a 0.17-{\rm kg} billiard ball is rolling down a pool table with an initial speed of 4.5 m/s. As it travels, it loses some of its energy as heat. The ball slows down

    asked by john
  24. MATH


    asked by MIMI
  25. english

    I am trying to find out how many copies of the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley have been sold worldwide or even in Australia. I can't find the statistics anywhere. Can someone please help??

    asked by Nat
  26. Chemistry

    What types of intermolecular forces allow CO2 to dissolve in water? Do CO2 and H20 have a relatively strong or weak attraction?

    asked by Aidan
  27. exprxion

    . Simplify the following expressions points) a. sqrt(20) + sqrt(5) b. (6 + sqrt(18))/6 c. sqrt(9y^4x^0.5)^0.5

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Chemistry

    Can someone please check my work? Which of the four factors affecting reaction rate is most important in each exampel below? Choose from among concentration, temperature, surface area, and catalyst. a. Extra dish soap is added to help cut the grease when

    asked by John
  29. 4th grade

    Megan drew a shape with four sides. Two of the sides are parallel. the other sides were not parallel. What kind of shape did Megan draw?

    asked by anu
  30. english

    what is the adverb in the sentence Women bought out gardening tools and baskets.

    asked by citlalli
  31. physics

    You are designing a game for small children and want to see if the ball’s maximum speed is sufficient to require the use of goggles. In your game, a 15.0-g ball is to be shot from a spring gun whose spring has a force constant of 600 N/m. The spring will

    asked by bill
  32. Macroeconomics

    Show the changes to the T-accounts for the Federal Reserve and for commercial banks when the Federal Reserve buys $50 million in U.S. Treasury bills. If the public holds a fixed amount of currency (so that all loans create an equal amount of deposits in

    asked by Yzenetra Adams
  33. physics

    Water flows over Victoria Falls, which is 128 m high, at a rate of 1.4 x 106 kg/s. If half the potential energy of this water were converted into electric energy, how much electric power would be produced by these falls?

    asked by katie
  34. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent plane (in the variables x, y and z) to the parametric surface r(u,v) =(2u, 3u^2+5v, -4v^2) at the point (0,-10,-16)

    asked by Salman
  35. Physics

    I don't know how to approach this question... Any dielectric material other than vacuum has a maximum electric field that can be produced in the dielectric material before it physically or chemically breaks down and begins to conduct. This maximum electric

    asked by Sandra
  36. Biology

    20. One difference between a gastrovascular cavity and a one-way digestive system is the presence or absence of a. cell specialization b. digestive enzymes c. digestion within body cells d. a moist membrane for nutrient diffusion A? 21. In an open

    asked by mysterychicken
  37. physics

    which is more work pushing with 115N over 15 m or lifting 20N 10meters

    asked by Susan
  38. Time Zones

    Check my work. Calculate the correct time in brackets: 1. 1:00am at 30W = (11:00pm) at 60W 2. 3:00pm at 15W = (1:00pm) at 45W 3. 1:00pm at 120E = (9:00am) at 60E 4. 12:00pm at 15E = (6:00pm) at 105E 5. 11:00am at 15E = (9:00am) at 15W Calculate the correct

    asked by Kelly
  39. Macroeconomics

    An economy is facing the recessionary gap shown in the accompanying diagram. To eliminate the gap, should the central bank use expansionary or contractionary monetary policy? How will the interest rate, investment spending, consumer spending, real GDP, and

    asked by Yzenetra Adams
  40. Chemistry

    Why do we need to use amount in moles to solve stoichiometry problems? Why can't I just convert from mass to mass? I'm not sure how to answer. I think I know the answer and just can't formulate it into words.

    asked by Ana
  41. Physics

    a hoop of radius .5 m & mass .2 kg is released from rest & rolls down an inclined plane. how fast is it moving when it has dropped a vertical distance of 3 m?

    asked by Anonymous

    How many grams of methanol are needed to raise the boiling point of 250 mL of water by 2.7C. The boiling point elevation constant for water = 0.512 C/m. Assume water to have a density of 1g/mL)

    asked by mary
  43. calculus

    There are four integrals: 1) definite integral x/(1+x^4)dx b/w 0_infinity 2) definite integral (x^2)/(1+x^4)dx b/w 0_infinity 3) definite integral (x^3)/(1+x^4)dx b/w 0_infinity 4) definite integral (x^4)/(1+x^4)dx b/w 0_infinity Which of these integrals

    asked by Carmen
  44. math

    how could you find the circumference of many different circles with a calculator without punching in 3.14 for every problem?

    asked by colton
  45. science

    You are given three cups of liquids that look identical. Use the sequence words - first, next, after, and finally - to explain how you might tell whether the liquids are the same or different?

    asked by LeeAnne
  46. chemistry

    120 ml of oxygen is collected at 27degrees C and 740 torr pressure.What is the volume at STP?

    asked by jackee
  47. physics

    if a particle has work of 8J and doubles its speed. how much work it has done? Can we still determine work in this problem without mass

    asked by eng
  48. Biology

    20. One difference between a gastrovascular cavity and a one-way digestive system is the presence or absence of a. cell specialization b. digestive enzymes c. digestion within body cells d. a moist membrane for nutrient diffusion A? 21. In an open

    asked by mysterychicken
  49. geometry

    Right triangle ABC is similar to triangle XYZ because angle B is congruent to angle Y. If angle C equals 33°,what is the measure of angle Z?

    asked by Jesus
  50. 5th grade

    round 3 2/7 and 101.496

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Economic

    Why are current clothing styles generally more expensive than classic styles? a.current styles are better quality items b.classic styles do not change as often c.current styles have less variety d.classic styles are usually on sale i think the answer is d.

    asked by pam
  52. english

    i been stuck on a question for awhile what is the theme of this short story "he-y come on ou-t" i couldn't figure out what is the theme i was wonderin if u can give ideas of what the theme is w w

    asked by needhelpbadly
  53. English

    I need a opening line which will grab my reader's attention right away. Here are some examples: *"I was on fire" *"Everybody lies. cops lie. laywers lie. witnesses lie. victims lie." I can't think of anything. Any suggestions?

    asked by Sara
  54. Statistics

    2. The arrivals of customers at a drive-in banking window are governed by the Poisson distribution. Each customer requires 5 minutes to transact his or her business at the drive-in window. The average customer arrival rate is 10 per hour. A customer

    asked by Jus
  55. History

    This is my introductory paragraph. The Industrial Revolution was a period from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transport had a massive effect on the social, economic and cultural

    asked by Ruth
  56. windows xp

    David, a graphic designer working for a small Internet firm, wants to use his own legacy scanner with a new Windows XP Professional system. A Standard PC HAL was installed during the machine build process. David’s computer is a member of the corporate

    asked by monika
  57. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent plane (in the variables x, y and z) to the parametric surface r(u,v) =(2u, 3u^2+5v, -4v^2) at the point (0,-10,-16)

    asked by Salman
  58. math

    Reasoning: Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word what occurs. Hannah's data has mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?

    asked by Danielle
  59. Accounting

    Rita forms Finch Corporation by transferring land (basis of 125,000; fair market value of 750,000) which is subject to a mortgage of 375,000. Two weeks prior to incorporating Finch, Rita borrows 125,000 for personal purposes and gives the lender a second

    asked by Alison
  60. Economic

    Relative to people at the turn of the nineteenth century, people today spend A.a larger percentage of their income on clothing B. a smaller percentage of their income on clothing C. about the same percentage of their income on clothing D. about four times

    asked by pam
  61. Math

    Hannah and Tyler count the number of times the word what occurs. Hannah's data has mean of 2.7 times. What could Tyler's mean be if his results are similar?

    asked by Danielle
  62. chemistry

    The molecular formula of acetylsalicylic acid is C9H8O4. How many molecules of C9H8O4 are in a 750.0mg tablet of asprin?

    asked by Kerry
  63. computers

    You have been hired by a small company to network six computers in one small office that will be connected directly to the Internet. The company president wants a cost effective solution that will prevent hackers from accessing the gaining access to the

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Statistics

    There are 100 marbles in a bag. 200people are asked to draw a ball. Each marble drawn is put back into the bag before the next draw. 7 people draw red color marbles. How many red marbles are there in the bag?

    asked by Anne
  65. Algebra

    "Write a brief scenario that can be modeled with a linear equation. Summarize a situation modeled by a quadratic equation." Although I understand the difference between the two, I'm having a hard time creating problems that express them.

    asked by Nicole
  66. science

    what land locations around the world have the highest incidences of hurricanes? i need 3 answers by the end of the day!!!

    asked by Eunice Kim
  67. math

    i'm supposed to come up with different questions for 11-12 year olds, 13-14 year olds, and 17 year olds. the topic is the triangular number sequence. any ideas for them?

    asked by alex
  68. Biology

    19. The secondary xylem and phloem form from a. cork cambium b. vascular cambium c. apical meristems d. bark B? 7. A difference between beans and corn during germination is a. the cotyledons are above ground in the bean plant b. the corn shoot is hooked to

    asked by mysterychicken
  69. History

    I live in The United Kingdom. And we do not do grades we do Year. I am in Year 8 in United Kingdom. What is that in the United States? No it is an essay. I have been completing it because it is due for tomorrow. If you can please read it and make

    asked by Ruth

    The new school has exactly 1000 students and 1000 lockers.On the first day all the students meet outside and agree on the following plan: the first student will enter the school and open all the lockers.The second student will then enter the school and

    asked by HALIS
  71. Chemistry

    How much energy will be released when 11.11g of calcium chloride dissolves in 100 mL of water. deltaHf of Ca 2+ (aq)=-543Kj/mol, deltaHf of Cl 1-(aq) = -167Kj/mol CaCl2(s) ==> Ca 2+(aq) + 2Cl 1-(aq)

    asked by Jason
  72. math

    Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Use inductive reasoning to predict the next number in the sequence. 1) 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, . . . 1) _______ A) 43 B) 38 C) 37 D) 36 Indicate whether the sequence is

    asked by Jen
  73. Statistics

    The USDA size standards for eggs are based on weight and are as follows: SMALL: greater than 43 grams, less than 50 grams MEDIUM: greater than 50 grams, less than 57 grams LARGE: greater than 57 grams, less than 64 grams EXTRA LARGE: greater than 64 grams,

    asked by Ion
  74. Survey ?

    Why should people be informed about teen suicide? ( I need like a stong reason It's a survey question that we have to ask different people. Thank you for helping me out)

    asked by Courtney
  75. chemistry

    What is the formula used to solve the problem: How many milliliters of 1.171 M HCl are required to react with 7.69 grams of CaCO3 ?

    asked by Paige
  76. physics

    can someone take me through this vector combination question please an airplane is observed to be flying at a speed of 600km/h. The planes nose points west. The winds velcoity is 40km/h 45degrees west of south. Find the air planes velocity relative to the

    asked by jake
  77. Statistics

    Over a one-year period, it is observed that on approximately five percent of the days, a particular public telephone in a remote part of an airport is not used at all. On ninety-five percent of the days it is used, but the number of users is not known.

    asked by Fran
  78. calculus

    Find an equation of the plane orthogonal to the line (x,y,z)=(-4,-9,9)+t(-8,-1,5) which passes through the point (-9,9,-4). Give your answer in the form ax+by+cz=d.

    asked by zama
  79. English(literature)

    I need help how does mattie feel about ethan ? my answer she develops a romantic passion toward him(book title Ethan Frome I need help with my introduction and thesis please

    asked by JEFF BOMB
  80. geometry

    if the perimeter of triangle ABC is 28 and X,Y,Z are the midpoints of AB, BC, and AC respectively, find the perimeter of triangle XYZ

    asked by Anonymous
  81. physics

    In the operating Room, anesthesiologists use mass spectrometers to monitor the respiratory gases of patients undergoing surgery. One gas that is often monitored is the anesthetic isoflourane (molecular mass = 3.06 · 10−25 kg). In a spectrometer, a

    asked by joshua
  82. health

    Explain why, in terms of job performance and efficiency, knowing medical billing terms is critical for working in the health care field. Respond in at least 150 words and provide specific examples.

    asked by shunta
  83. History

    Can someone please proof read my essay! I am running out of time Please! edit,spell check,grammar please What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was a period from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century where major

    asked by Ruth
  84. Biology--PLEASE just answer this!

    This is literally like my 5th time posting this up. If you can't answer it, just tell me so that it saves me my own time. Thank you 19. The secondary xylem and phloem form from a. cork cambium b. vascular cambium c. apical meristems d. bark B? 7. A

    asked by mysterychicken
  85. 6th grade math

    ok i need to get this problem 9/2m - 8 = - 5.5 + 4m in a way like this 9 + 5k = 45 + 2k operation s 9 5k = 36 + 2k s 2k 3 = 36 d 3 k = 12

    asked by Avril
  86. Statistics

    You are a buyer bidding on a lot of 10,000 uncut diamonds. You select 100 stones at random, sight unseen, from the lot. The average weight is 0.98 ct with a standard deviation in the sample of 0.11 ct. What is the 95% confidence interval for the average

    asked by Fran


    asked by cassandra
  88. history

    How did human history in North America during the period described in the Prologue differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe? Be specific prologue in text book the american nation a history of the united states

    asked by christopher
  89. Finance

    If a person makes $30,000 in 2004 and the inflation rate is 4% annually, how much is this salary worth in the year 2008 (in terms of 2004 dollars)?

    asked by Tyga
  90. Stars and the Galaxies

    if alpha centauri were to all of a sudden disappear, we wouldn't knknow 4 another 4.3 years. How come? Why would this be the case? would this be the case because its really far away from us and it's 4.3 light years away. So if it suddenly just vanished out

    asked by Sara
  91. math

    How do I graph a circle with the center being (0, 5) that passes through (0, -5) and then find area a and circumference?

    asked by karen
  92. History

    Earlier Yesterday. I was talking to Bobpursely,Writeacher,Ms. Sue and more i think. We were talking about my essay what was the impact of the Industrial Revolution. One of you told me to write an outline. Well this is a start. Can you tell me if it is

    asked by Ruth
  93. Economic

    Consumers who can store large quantities of bulk food items can save money by shopping at A. convenience stores. B. warehouse stores. C.large supermarkets. D. discount stores Is it c?

    asked by pam
  94. geometry

    what is the formula for a cylinder

    asked by freddy
  95. human services

    How does the unique realtionship between human service oragnizations and the populations they serve impact ethical decisions? what are some dilemmas that occur in human service organizations? which do you thind has the greatest power to solve or prevent

    asked by sally
  96. math

    L,M,N,O and l,m,n,o are they equal, equivalent or neither? I can not figure this out please help.

    asked by david
  97. chemistry

    calculate the volume of 0.1M NaOH which must be added to 50 mL of 0.1M HCl to give a final solution of pH 6???

    asked by sara
  98. Chemistry

    A 355.0 mL cylinder containing SO3 at a pressure of 0.700 atm is connected by a valve to 0.559 L cylinder containing COCl2 at 380.0 torr pressure. Calculate the partial pressure (atm) of SO3 when the valve is opened. Unit conversion K = C + 273 1 atm = 760

    asked by Luc
  99. MATH214

    If is a line whose equation is y = 2x - 1, find the equation of the image of under each of the following translations: a. (x, y) → (x, y - 2) b. (x, y) → (x +3, y) c. (x, y) → (x - 3, y + 2)

    asked by Rebecca
  100. Probabability

    You are in charge of quality control on a line which fills bottles of soda. The desired gross weight for a 2 liter bottle of soda is 2,160 grams. At the end of each shift you select 12 bottles at random and weigh them. After one month, the overall average

    asked by Jon
  101. biology

    what is the advantage of stopping mitosis in metaphase when the making of chromosomes are being spread?

    asked by Sara
  102. Chemistry

    I have a 1L solution of 0.02M sodium acetate and 0.02M acetic acid. What is the pH after the addition of 0.05 moles of hydrochloric acid? I know this is a buffer question but I have no idea how I am supposed to go about getting the answer... I know Ka

    asked by Alex
  103. math

    an employee pays 250 in taxes during one month. the tax rate is 30% what is her gross pay and net pay for that month i am so confused would i say 250*30%= $75 than add 250+75=$325 Can someone tell me if that is right.

    asked by haleigh
  104. spelling


    asked by Anonymous
  105. Chemistry

    In a titration HCl and NaOH have a 1:1 ratio. Can you still use the formula M1V1 = M2V2 to find the molarity of the NaOH base if we change the acid to sulfuric H2SO4?

    asked by Jimmy
  106. 3rd grade

    If the perimeter of a square 220 centimeter what is the lenght of each side

    asked by mike
  107. chemistry

    how many calories are needed to vaporize 60g of ethly alcohol liquid at its boiling point of 78.4 degress celcius

    asked by geo
  108. physics

    A T-bar tow is planned in a new ski area. At any one time, it will be required, to pull a maximum of 80 skiers up a 600-m slope inclined at 15 degrees above the horizontal at a speed of 2.5 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skiers skis

    asked by bill
  109. Math

    Determine the equation of the graph in the form y = acos(bx). I will try and describe the Graph. -It starts at the origin (0,0) -It has a minimum value of -2 -It has a maximum value of 2. -It has an x-intercept of 90 degrees. -It starts moving downward

    asked by Jill
  110. Physics

    A simplified model for an erythrocyte is a spherical capacitor with a positive inner surface of area A and a membrane of thickness b. Use potential difference of 94 mV across the membrane and a dielectric constant K = 5.0. If the capacitance of the

    asked by Sandra
  111. Chemistry

    A gas sample containing only SO3, CH2O and C2H6O2 has the following mass percent composition: 65.1% SO3 and 8.79% CH2O. Calculate the partial pressure (torr) of SO3 if the total pressure of the sample is 4712 torr. Unit conversion K = C + 273 1 atm = 760

    asked by Luc
  112. physcis

    During a ski race, Kate uniformly accelerated at 3.15m/s^2 for 100meters. She then maintained this velocity for another 100m. she then uniformly decelerated at 6m/s^2 for 2 seconds. she accelerates back to her maximum velocity over the next 200meters in 16

    asked by jake
  113. Statistics

    You are a State Trooper on a roadblock. Since it is New Year’s Eve, you know from prior experience that approximately 5% of the drivers on the road have blood alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.08%. Your portable breathalyzer gives a PASS / FAIL

    asked by Fran
  114. math214

    3-D Shape Assignment Build a three dimensional shape and prepare a set of questions to be presented to the class for problem solving. Questions should encourage students to cover the concepts of perimeter, volume, surface area, number of vertices, faces,

    asked by alicia
  115. Physics

    How will the weight of a 20kg object change in an elevator if the elevator moves downwards with 4 m.s?

    asked by Devan
  116. English

    Can you check these sentences for me, please and help me rephrase some of them? Thank you very much for yesterday's corrections! 1) Catherine is not going to forsake Heathcliff (can you say to separate from Heathcliff). If she did, she believes she would

    asked by Franco
  117. 4th grade math

    write and solve a mixed number word problem

    asked by emily
  118. Psychology 202

    Neurologists involved in animal research studies of cognitive function see analogies in humans that suggest mental exercise reduces loss of brain mass. Which of the following statements describe their findings? (Points :1) Older adults who continue complex

    asked by Melissa
  119. OZONE stuff

    When is the Antarctica ozone hole expected to recover almost completely? How do you know this?

    asked by ANNE, HELP!!!!!
  120. Physics

    What characteristic of water would you be investigating when you place a small drop of water on wax paper and when you try to float a paper clip in water? I know that the paper clip does not float and that the drop of water rolls around on the paper.

    asked by Janet
  121. History

    By the way. The sentences seem long because your box is not long enough. Thesis:If you do not know the impact of the Industrial revolution, you will not understand anything in this essay. This topic is very good to study because you know about the

    asked by Ruth
  122. math

    For my class you have to choose from several different scenarios, make up your own equations from the scenario, and then solve and graph them in excel. I have chosen the following scenario: Evaluate whether a prepaid or monthly cell phone plan is most

    asked by Jessica
  123. Math


    asked by Neah
  124. Chemistry

    You will titrate your weak acid unknowns with a solution of NaOH of about 0.10 mol/L. The lowest molecular weight on the list of unknowns is formic acid, MW = 46.03 g/mol. Your titration volume should be between 10 mL and 50 mL. What are the smallest

    asked by LU
  125. math

    if 9th term of an A.P is 0.prove that its 29th term is double the 19th term.

    asked by maya
  126. English

    1. Sweetheart, did you apply the cosmetics/lotion on your face? 2. Sweetheart, did you wear the cosmetics/lotion on your face? 3. Sweetheart, did you put the cosmetics/lotion on your face? (What about the expressions? Are all expressions grammatical? Do we

    asked by rfvv
  127. Physics

    Can the following equation be used to solve the question? R = ρ L / A ; find L.. or is there another way? Question: A rectangular piece of gold is 2.2 cm long and 2.4 cm wide. How deep is the piece when it displays a resistance of R = 1.06 μω for a

    asked by Sandra
  128. Probabability

    You are given monthly annualized total return data for two mutual funds, A and B. Using linear regression, develop a relationship which gives the annualized return of fund B as a function of the return of fund A. What is the coefficient of determination of

    asked by Jon
  129. Statistics

    A disk drive manufacturer has determined that his product has a “mean time to failure” of 10,000 hours, with a standard deviation of 500 hours. Due to the many factors involved, it is assumed that the time to failure is normally distributed. A network

    asked by Fran
  130. MATH

    there is a triangle with a base of 2.4 m and both sides are 1.7 m. it is a right triangle. what the heck is the answer? i have an answer sheet and i know the answer is 41 but how do you get that answer?

    asked by j
  131. chemistry

    how many grams of solute are in 135 mL of 0.100 M potassium bromide

    asked by Anonymous
  132. As Physics

    Please help me with this calculation __________________

    asked by Susan
  133. Ethics

    What does it mean to have legal corporate social responsibility? Economic corporate social responsibility? Philanthropic corporate social responsibility? Confused!!

    asked by me
  134. HCA/210

    The assignment says to describe 2 approaches to measure patient outcome. I have read the chapter several times and I am still confused. Has anyone taken this class? If so do you know of a website that I could maybe research for more information? Thanks!

    asked by Very Confused
  135. college algebra

    Is x= -2 a solution for this inequality? 4+2 x-7>-4(x-2)-9

    asked by denise
  136. math

    is there a formula for an INFINITE ARITHMETIC series/sequence? i know its not s = a / 1-r.. that's for geometric.

    asked by CL
  137. 6th grade math

    each new backpack at delias bookstore comeswith one free gift.the ber graph below shows the number of differt types of freegifts that wrw placed in 50 different backpacks. NEW BACKPACKS WATER BOTTLE-15 KEY RING -20 DAILY PLANNER - 10 NOTEBOOK - 5 if the

    asked by LOU LOU
  138. french

    what does plus ou moins mean in french

    asked by Anonymous
  139. physics

    can someone please take me step by step on this problem a swimers speed in still water is 1.35m/s if the current speed is 0.60m/s and the river is 106.68 meters wide. how long will it take to cross the river

    asked by jake
  140. social studies

    Describe how the strong united states action taken in grenada was an attempt to redress an earlier American policy failure in cuba.Be sure to include relevant historical details?

    asked by Jessica
  141. Macroeconomics

    The effectiveness of monetary policy depends on how easy it is for changes in the money supply to change interest rates. By changing interest rates, monetary policy affects investment spending and the aggregate demand curve. The economies of Albernia and

    asked by Yzenetra Adams
  142. calculus

    Give the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graph of y=ln(x), the x-axis, the lines x=1 and x=e, about the y-axis

    asked by josh
  143. science

    why is Drosophila melanogaster named so?

    asked by paula
  144. science

    What is the net force of 25n downward and 45n upward?

    asked by Kim
  145. geometry

    angle A, B, C, D are related the measure of anle B is 1/2 the measure of angle A, measure of angle C is the measure of angle B plus 40, The measure of angle D is 1/3 times the measure of angle C, If the measure of angle D is 35 what is the measure of angle

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Physics

    A wheel with an I of 5.00 kg-m^2 starts at rest & accelerates under a constant torque of 3 N-M for 8 seconds. what is the wheel's rotational ke at the end of 8 seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. math

    how do u do two step equations

    asked by Joe
  148. chemistry

    a gas is collected at 740 mm and 23 degrees C. The volume is not measured until the next day when the pressure is 745 mm and the temperature 29 degrees C, at which time the volume is found to be 15.3 ml. What was the original volume?

    asked by john
  149. calculus

    find f' for each of the following where g and k are differentiable functions. F= g{sq.rt. of k(x^2)}

    asked by Anonymous
  150. Math

    What is e^x times e^x?

    asked by Daisy
  151. chem

    calculate the pH for a solution that is made by combining 125ml of 6.0*10-2 M hydroflouric aid with 50 ml of .12 M sodium flouride?

    asked by Nikki
  152. art

    Can some one help me with this art question. Not sure what exactly it is asking for. 1) Look at Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez and describe the formal qualities of this work in terms of its organizing space. Do the formal qualities working together create

    asked by jen
  153. Math

    A large fish bowl holds 4,200 milliliters. Which measure is equivalent? A.4L 200mL B.40L 20mL C.400L 2mL D.40,000l .2ml

    asked by Cameron
  154. Business Information Software

    I know what the phases of SDCL (software development life cycles) are: Systems investigation; Systems analysis; Systems design; Programming; Testing; Implementation; Operations; and Maintenance. But I am confused just who participates in each SDLC phases.

    asked by AMW
  155. physics

    During a ski race, Kate uniformly accelerated at 3.15m/s^2 for 100meters. She then maintained this velocity for another 100m. she then uniformly decelerated at 6m/s^2 for 2 seconds. she accelerates back to her maximum velocity over the next 200meters in 16

    asked by jake
  156. economics

    If businesses believe consumption will increase six months from now, everything else held constant, and they begin to increase investment, what do you predict will happen to aggregate demand?

    asked by brittney
  157. rugby

    hi why is co-ordination inportant in rugby

    asked by reece
  158. US History

    How did Early Human history in North America differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe? AND How were these differences important to the international state of affairs in 1450?

    asked by christopher
  159. math

    respected sir i want to know the table describing the values of angles of trigonometry functions. eg. sin,cos & tan 15,30,45,60,75,90 separately in table format. thanking you! padam singh.

    asked by padam
  160. grammar

    Concentration does not mean think one idea.

    asked by Hassan
  161. Intro to Technology

    a short article of 200 to 300 words in your notebook, including the following information: · What are some uses for CAD in business, industry, or education? · Name two software programs that you could learn to use to create a CAD project. · Describe one

    asked by Eduardo Gonzalez
  162. chemistry

    reagents used to convert thymol to menthol

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Math

    Take an odd digit and use it exactly three times, so that the three digits are equal in value to an even number. ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION CANNOT BE USED! Can you please help me!

    asked by Casey
  164. Math

    How many liters is in 4,200 millilieters

    asked by Cameron
  165. Chemistry

    You will titrate your weak acid unknowns with a solution of NaOH of about 0.10 mol/L. The lowest molecular weight on the list of unknowns is formic acid, MW = 46.03 g/mol. Your titration volume should be between 10 mL and 50 mL. What are the smallest

    asked by LU
  166. 6th grade

    origins of eastern orthodox church

    asked by Anonymous
  167. Math

    At the 2010 Winter Olympics, in Vancouver, BC, Usain Bolt won the 100 meters, finishing in 9.69 seconds (a world record.) What was his speed in miles per hour, rounded to the nearest tenth? (1 meter is approximately 39.37 inches.) State the answer in

    asked by Joey
  168. science

    looking for some adaptations the chinese golden pheasant might have made

    asked by spencer
  169. World History

    How are Muslim women similar and different from Christian women?

    asked by Troy
  170. Statistics

    An American style roulette wheel has individual compartments for the numbers 1 to 36, plus 0 and 00. If the payoff for a single-number bet is 35:1, what is the expected value of the winnings on any single-number bet?

    asked by Jus
  171. english

    A primary concern is the substantial risks to women's health posed by the extraction procedure and the inability to obtain true informed consent from egg donors given the current lack of adequate safety data. can someone please break this sentence up to

    asked by rose
  172. US history

    how is Pickett's charge an example of new tactics?

    asked by rusty
  173. writing

    Iam having trouble coming up with a thesis and Ineed help , the book i read Ethan Frome and the essay topic "How does Mattie feel about Ethan"?

    asked by JEFF BOMB
  174. Math

    If f(x)=7, find: f(10) f(0)

    asked by Anonymous
  175. japan

    How do you say the restaurant is located inside the hotel. れすとらんはほてるのなかです

    asked by luke
  176. english

    what are the possible advantages for whether or not humor is an effective way to package a serious message.

    asked by needhelpbadly
  177. Attn: DrBob222

    A .326L container holds 0.146g of Ne and an unknown amount of Ar at 30C and the total pressure is 627 mmHg. Calculate the moles of Ar present? (I have calculated temp 308K, pressure is 0.825 atm and moles of Ne are .007) Chem - DrBob222, Wednesday, March

    asked by Staci
  178. English

    Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1)In order to reach the branch Lockwood pushed his hand through the window , but an ice-cold hand grabbed his fingers. In vain he tried to release himself from its tenacious grisp, which was

    asked by Franco
  179. physics

    you ca obtain four 20 ohms resistors from te stock room. ow can you aciee a resistance of 50 ohms uder these circumstances

    asked by watever
  180. Physics(Please help)

    What characteristic of water would you be investigating when you place a small drop of water on wax paper and when you try to float a paper clip in water? I know that the paper clip does not float and that the drop of water rolls around on the paper.

    asked by Janet
  181. Baselines

    Which are better longer baselines or shorter baslines for measuring stuff. Can someone please give me an explanation about them, thanks

    asked by Sara
  182. math

    What is the square inches of a 6" circle?

    asked by ann
  183. Fondations of business

    Read the two case studies on pages 233-236 of the text. Answer the following in a 200- to 300-word response: What motivation theories may be found in each case study? Describe the theories found in each case study and cite specific examples. What was each

    asked by Amber
  184. Maathh

    Describe the method of graphing by using intercepts.

    asked by Natalie
  185. spelling


    asked by Analogies
  186. calculus

    find the equationss of both tangenr lines to the curve defined by y=(1/x^2), x cannot equal 0 from the external point P(0,1). I tried but i got one equation. Can you please verify if it is: y=-0.38x-1. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  187. calculus

    Given f(x)=x^2-4 and g(x)=1-x and k(g(x))=f(x) find k(x) and then k'(x).

    asked by Anonymous
  188. Sociology

    What are the two social order views (contrasting) in the movie THE ISLAND (cloning)? Can someone explain to me what social order is

    asked by Tim
  189. human resource

    Is there anyone familiar with course 230/Ethical Issues in Human Services???

    asked by sally
  190. 7th grade

    I need general info on the Versailles Palace in France. I can't seem to find any sites that are easy to understand.

    asked by tyra
  191. math

    what does perpendicular mean????????????

    asked by LOU LOU
  192. Chemistry

    What counts as a conversion factor ?

    asked by Ana
  193. Math

    Find each quotient. A. 7/3 ÷3 1/2 B. 5/6 ÷ -18

    asked by Hanna
  194. math

    A cylindrical can holds three equal-sized balls perfectly. Which is larger, the can's height or the can's circumference? Height Circumference Impossible to tell They are equal My choice would be "Impossible to tell" because I could envision them (1) in a

    asked by M.A.
  195. 6th grade math

    1/3p + 7 = 12 - 2/3p what does P equal first check how Avril did it on her question then check mine

    asked by Spunky
  196. world geography

    how did europe's peninsulas help it expand, considering economics and ideas etc?

    asked by jenn
  197. english

    how does Siddharthas dad change Siddhartha?

    asked by Jade knight
  198. business

    good writing costs companies money,and these cost increase significantly if the communication is ineffective. would computers and software be an additional cost to the company if written communication was poor?

    asked by sharon
  199. 1st grade

    How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would

    asked by Dolly
  200. math

    how many seonds are in 24 hours? and could you show me the work

    asked by Anonymous
  201. English

    I forgot to include these last statements. Thank you very much for your help. 1)He recognized Heathcliff's voice and thought it better (or it was better?) to confess his presence 2) He apoligized for disturbing his sleep and attributed his yell to a

    asked by Franco
  202. To: Ms.Sue

    Ms. Sue, did you read my response for my previous post, I listed some lines, but I don't think they're that good, I want to create a really good one

    asked by Sara
  203. chemistry

    how to make 750ml of 1.5 m solution of naoh

    asked by Anonymous
  204. Math

    would you use centimeter or millimeter for width of your finger

    asked by Kyle
  205. hospitality

    identify the major trans related to diversity and explain their effects on the hospitality industry

    asked by marie
  206. calculus

    find the equationss of both tangenr lines to the curve defined by y=(1/x^2), x cannot equal 0 from the external point P(0,1). I tried but i got one equation. Can you please verify if it is: y=-0.38x-1. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  207. cultural diversity

    this is a group with distinct national origins or cultural patterns

    asked by renee
  208. Social Studies

    How does a town's economic base determine how the community takes shape? Please help me.

    asked by Anon
  209. Probabability

    You walk into a classroom containing 20 other people. What is the probability that at least one of the other people has the same birthday (month and day) as you?

    asked by Sue
  210. Universe and Stars

    As u look at the stars that re beyond and farther away, what occurs to the angle measured at earth? at what point will this method no longer work? Someone please help explain

    asked by Sara
  211. Chemistry

    What are induced dipoles?

    asked by Anna
  212. science

    how are hurricanes paths projected? and i need it before 9 o'clock. i go to the same school as eunice kim

    asked by Evan Tam
  213. honors algebra 1

    if f(x)=2x and g(f(x))=x, find g(x)

    asked by fredrich
  214. math


    asked by sara
  215. math

    a rectangle has a length of 3 yds, 8 in. and a width 2 ft., 3 in. multiply the lenth and width to find the area of the rectangle

    asked by stacy
  216. human services

    Which do you think ahs the greatest power to solve or prevent the delimmnas?

    asked by sally
  217. Math

    96 * .5 + 30 =

    asked by Spunky
  218. math

    6 * 6t^-2 * 6t would be 216/t ? THX!

    asked by Jackson
  219. math

    int 1/ (sq rt (4sec^2 x +4)) dx trigonometric substitution expression: sq rt (x^2-a^2) substitution: x=a sec x identity: sec^2 x -1=tan^2 x

    asked by maggie
  220. science

    how are hurricane paths projected? i need 2 answers by the end of the day!!!!!

    asked by Eunice Kim
  221. math

    ( (-1)^5/(-2)^-3 )^2 THANKS!

    asked by Justino
  222. art 100

    what are the 5 definitions of art

    asked by lisa
  223. math

    3/4 k-1/6=1/2

    asked by Daisy