Questions Asked on
February 16, 2010

  1. chemistry

    1.)An aqueous solution is 34.0% H3PO4 by mass and has a density of 1.207 g/mL. What is the molarity of the solution? AND what is the molality?

    asked by anonymous
  2. english

    i need help. How would you fix these sentences? 3. With machetes, the explores cut their way through the tall grasses to the edge of the canyon. Then they began to lay out the tapes for the survey. 4. The owners of the online grocery store rented a

    asked by tash
  3. Thermodynamics

    A centrifugal pump compresses 3000 liters/min of water from 98 KPa to 300KPa. the inlet and outlet temp are 25°C. The inlet and discharge pipe are on the same level but the diameter of the inlet piping is 15cm whereas that of the discharge piping is 10cm.

    asked by Janus
  4. chemistry

    Given that the specific heat capacities of ice and steam are 2.06 J/g°C and 2.03 J/g°C, the molar heats of fusion and vaporization for water are 6.02 kJ/mol and 40.6 kJ/mol, respectively, and the specific heat capacity of water is 4.18 J/g°C, calculate

    asked by Emily
  5. chemistry

    when aqueous solutions of sodium carbonate and manganese(V) chloride are mixed, a precipitate forms. The precipitate is a compound containing manganese. I have to write the chemical, complete ionic, and net ionic equations for it.

    asked by Lola
  6. MATH

    A radio tower 500 feet high is located on the side of a hill with an inclination to the horizontal of 5 degrees. How long should two guy wires be if they are to connect to the top of the tower and be secured at two points 100 feet directly above and

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  7. math214

    A student asks whether a polygon whose sides are congruent is necessarily a regular polygon and whether a polygon with all angles congruent is necessarily a regular polygon. How do you answer?

    asked by alicia
  8. math 214

    A student claims that if any two planes that do not intersect are parallel, then any two lines that do not intersect should also be parallel. How do you respond?

    asked by alicia
  9. physics 12 - dynamics

    Hi, I'm just confused as to what steps to take in order to solve these problems. If you could please show your steps and method on how to approach these questions to get the answer that would be great. I have the answers to these too, if needed. I want to

    asked by iintense
  10. Physics

    A 3.00 uF and a 5.00 uF capacitor are connected in series cross a 30.0V battery. A 7.00 uF capacitor is then connected in parallel across the 3.00 uF capacitor. a)Calculate the equivalent capacitance of the circuit I think the answer is 3.33 uF.

    asked by ALan
  11. math 214

    Henry claims that a line segment has a finite number of points because it has two endpoints. How do you respond?

    asked by alicia
  12. Physics

    A swimmer runs horizontally off a diving board with a speed of 3.14 m/s and hits the water a horizontal distance of 2.16 m from the end of the board. How high above the water was the diving board?

    asked by Abby
  13. Math

    1. Write the expression as a function of an acute angle whose measure is less than 45. a. sin 80 b. sin (-100) To find the postive acute angle, usually you would subtract 360 from the given measure. Would you have to subtract 45 from the given measure. 2.

    asked by Priscilla
  14. Biology

    24. Characteristics that biologists use to classify organisms are a. convergent evolution, cladogram, reproductive isolation b. reproductive isolation,evolutionary history, shared derived characteristics c. binomial nomenclature, shared derived

    asked by mysterychicken

    the value, v, of a shopkeeper's inventory software program is given by v = 1/2t + 6, where t is the number of years since the shopkeeper bought the program. What is the program worth 4 years after it is first purchased? Plot the point with the given

    asked by Kate
  16. englis

    is this a fragment; The panther lay motionless behind the rock. Waiting silently for its prey

    asked by tash
  17. math214

    One student says “My sister’s high school geometry book talked about equal angles. Why don’t we use the term equal angels instead of congruent angles? How do you reply?

    asked by alicia
  18. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kilojoules) is released on reaction of 4.10 g of Al? Reaction: 2Al(s) + 3Cl2(g)--->2AlCl3(s) Delta H= -1408.4 KJ

    asked by Jackie
  19. geometry

    How do you draw 224 degree angle???

    asked by Elizabeth
  20. physics

    a cat ends up 20m south of an oak tree and his displacement is 5m north of the tree. what is his original position?

    asked by darlene
  21. english

    what does it mean when ur teacher says include a revised and proofread copy

    asked by laura
  22. Algebra

    A rectangle has an area given by A=x^2+7x+2. Find expressions for the possible length and width of the rectangle.

    asked by Kristen
  23. physics

    The electric field at the point and points in the positive direction with a magnitude of 8.00 . At the point and the electric field points in the positive direction with a magnitude of 12.0 . Assume this electric field is produced by a single point charge.

    asked by Adam
  24. Science

    A force of 70.0 N is exerted at an angle of 30.0° below the horizontal on a block of mass 8.00 kg that is resting on a table. What is the magnitude of the normal force acting on the block?

    asked by Dan Sanchez
  25. Global History

    How did military motivies contribute to imperialism? and why did missionaries support imperialism?

    asked by Kevin
  26. Biology

    2. Which statement best explains the effect of resources on population size? a. the exponential growth curve models the effects of limiting resources on population size b. Limited resources decrease the growth rate of population size c. Density-dependent

    asked by mysterychicken
  27. Chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is required to convert 280mL of diethyl ether at its boiling point from liquid to vapor if its density is 0.7138 g/mL? Its heat of vaporization is +26.5 kJ/mol at its boiling point.

    asked by Julie
  28. Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

    How does diet, stress level, and exercise affect the mother-to-be and her offspring?

    asked by lola
  29. enlish

    how would I use the word turbid in a sentence

    asked by bill
  30. Chemistry

    your reactants are an element and compound that is not not a hydro carbon. What type of reaction do you probably have??

    asked by Clark
  31. 12th grade


    asked by Anonymous
  32. hca220

    I have to make a rough draft of my story board but I do not know if I should put pictures or diagrams in my scenarios

    asked by Shahaly
  33. chemistry

    for NaTl, is the unit cell of it based on the repetition of body centered cubic and the holes in this unit cell are octahedral?

    asked by eng
  34. Science

    Why do gas giants have more moons than the terrestrial planets? The gas giants have more moons than the terrestrial planets because of their great masses which result in stronger gravitational fields. Any other info would be appreciated, please tell me if

    asked by Sara
  35. history

    A formal, systematic essay or book on some subject is called a

    asked by nick
  36. Algebra 2

    write as an equivalent expression using individual log of w,x,y,z log(a)[(xy^2w)/z^2]

    asked by Kasey
  37. algebra 2

    how do you graph a polynomial function such as f(x)= 1/10(x=3)(x-1)(x-4)? I know that I need to fing the x intercepts, End Behaviors, and, the turning points but i cannot figure out how to even get thosee. Please help.

    asked by Sgt peppers
  38. Global History

    all men had to do what during military expansion during the Meiji Restoration?

    asked by Nancy
  39. Year 11 maths

    My teacher said If x-2(square root xy)=9-4(square root 2) so since there are two square roots -2(square root xy) equals -4(square root 2) How is this possible, could the values be different and they are not equal.

    asked by Ulyessus
  40. Writing Sentences and paragraphs

    Paragraph 1 Background You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must

    asked by Sassy
  41. Geography

    (continued from yesterday) Eastern Europe. Where on Earth? Sept. 18: Traveled south and arrived today in the town associated closely with Hans Christian Andersen. Weather here a bit rainy, but we're having too much fun to care! (Odense, Denmark?)

    asked by y912f
  42. chemistry

    A gas occupies 10 liters at standard conditions. What volume will it occupy at 20 degrees celsius and 700 torr?

    asked by jake
  43. English

    which sentence is correct? I like to ride my bike IN the park. I like to ride my bike AT the park.

    asked by Happy Face
  44. chemistry

    A 893 g sample of a solution of the solute (CH3)2CO in the solvent C4H8O that has a concentration of 28.6 pph(parts per hundred) by mass (CH3)2CO is available. Calculate the amount (g) of acetone that is present in the sample. Molar Mass (g/mol) (CH3)2CO

    asked by Angel
  45. Chemistry

    What is the volume, in liters, of 5.00 mols of carbon dioxide?

    asked by Tammy
  46. chemistry

    If 2500 ml container is filled with 175 grams of argon at -48 degrees celsius, what is the pressure?

    asked by Bob
  47. Math

    How do the GCF, divisibility and LCM connect to fractions

    asked by hannah
  48. Writing Sentences and paragraphs II

    Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect

    asked by Me
  49. English

    Can you check these sentences for me, please? 1)He is a superstar now and he is slamming (a synonym?) on his guitar. 2)He is responsible for the building (?) of Westminster Abbey. 3)He withdrew from Britain to defend Rome against (or from?) a Barbarian

    asked by Franco
  50. Math

    When dealing with GCF, LCM and divisiability do prime factorization help at all?

    asked by hannah
  51. software

    Why do databases make sharing information more efficient and accurate for multiple users of the same data?

    asked by Susan Wright
  52. College Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is fixed at 18 cm. What widths will make the perimeter greater than 78 cm.? *widths must be greater than __cm. I have been working at this for two hours and even after reviewing my readings I am just as confused as ever.

    asked by Tanya
  53. Math

    Sorry! I have another problem! 4-2y=4y I always get a bit confused if there's a minus sign in front of a number. The book says the answer is 2/3 So what I first did was. 4-2y=4y 4=6y which is 1 1/2, and wrong.?

    asked by Lea
  54. Biology

    29. CFCs are a problem because they a. have been released in large quantities in the past b. break down to reactive free chlorine atoms c. attack ozone molecules in the upper atmosphere d. all of the above D? 10. Ozone depletion in the atmosphere a. leads

    asked by mysterychicken
  55. "u" substitution

    [(x^2-1)/(x)]^2 - [(x^2-1)/(x)] - 2 = 0 I let u = (x^2-1)/(x) so I get u = -1 , 2 my problem is when i plug it back in x^2 - 1 x^2 - 1 -------- = - 1 ----------- = 2 x x How do I solve for X?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Sociology

    Western companies often impose western culture on the country in which the business is launched. Locate an article that contains a similar situation as Wal-Mart and summarize the findings. What is your analysis of the situation? How could this have been

    asked by Michael
  57. thermal energy/science

    on a cold day ,closing the windows keep the room warmer . why i need scientific and i don't know any

    asked by ali
  58. Algebra

    Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 60 mph, train B is traveling at 70 mph. Train A passes the station at 10:15pm. If train B passes the same station at 10:45pm at what time will train B catch

    asked by Tanya
  59. Management

    1. Select a consumer item available today and analyze it using the four Ps of marketing. How do these factors impact consumers? What are some things that influence marketers? What influences consumers to buy a product? 2. Discuss two products with which

    asked by Wallace
  60. math

    What is the value of the 5 in 2.051?

    asked by yaneira
  61. Science

    Identify and describe the 3 main categories of trans-Neptunian objects. The three main categories of trans-Neptunian objects are Planetoids, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort cloud. Planetoids are dwarf or minor planets, natural satellites, and minor bodies.

    asked by Sara
  62. Accounting

    Question #1 (a) I am working on the adjusting balance sheet. I am close to where I need to be in my adjustments and wondering if I am missing a step to figuring a few things out. If money is earned but not unpaid or recorded for salaries, and the next

    asked by Jesse
  63. Science

    Does sugar have evaporation

    asked by Ahmed
  64. physics

    a potential difference of 0.90 V exists from one side to the other side of a cell membrane that is 5.0 nm thick. What is the electric field across the membrane?

    asked by Rony
  65. physics

    What is the force between two charged spheres 1.25 cm apart if the charge on one sphere is 2.50 C and the charge on other sphere is 1.75 X 10^-8 C

    asked by Rony
  66. Science

    rite a theory to explain Uranus's rotation inthe opposite direction. You don't need direct evidence to support it. Provide a reason why you think it is true. Do I just write a guess on why i think it rotates in the opposite direction?

    asked by Sara
  67. English

    I am doing my research paper on Character Anaylsis of Ethan Frome, from the novel "Ethan Frome". I need help with my thesis. This is what I came up with but I don't think its good enough. I was wondering if my thesis statement was okay. A perceptive

    asked by pam
  68. Global History

    How was Nationalism a cause of imperialism? and what was gained economically through imperialism?

    asked by Kevin
  69. English 101, Politics

    This is for my English 101 class, I have to write a 3 page paper. Why did the recent history of liberalism and neoconservatism curiously mirror and parallel the modern African American civil rights movement?

    asked by Megan
  70. Writing

    What is a good way to begin a comparison essay?

    asked by Leslie
  71. calculus 2

    Consider the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the line x = -3. y = x^2 , x = y^2 Find the volume V of this solid. I keep finding the wrong answer.

    asked by angel
  72. Physics

    In a game of basketball, a forward makes a bounce pass to the center. The ball is thrown with an initial speed of 3.9 m/s at an angle of 25 degrees above the horizontal. It is released 0.75 m above the floor. What horizontal distance does the ball cover

    asked by Abby
  73. U.S History

    what was american culture and society like in the 1860s

    asked by Tamara
  74. writing

    Im having troubke coming up with a thesis.I need to compare setting in two different stories.

    asked by Leslie
  75. English

    I beg you all to check these sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow. Thank you in advance. 1) The Anglo-Saxons were organised in clans and had to swear allegiance to the other members as well as to the lord of the tribe. 2) They praised physical courage

    asked by Franco
  76. English

    Purpose of the Olympic medals is to point out the achievements of the athletes. Any other info would be appreciated. I just guessed on this.

    asked by Sara
  77. spelling

    acread can spell what?

    asked by carol
  78. math 214

    A student wants to know what it means for two planes to be perpendicular. How do you respond?

    asked by alicia
  79. math214

    Maggie claims that to make the measure of an angle greater, you just extend the rays. How do you respond?

    asked by alicia
  80. math214

    A student asks what exactly Euclidean geometry is. How do you answer?

    asked by alicia
  81. Chemistry

    The experiment requires 1 mg per ml of iron. what masss of iron (III) nitrate hexahydrate (Fe(NO3) - 6H2O) would you need to dissolve in 1 litre to achieve this value?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. CRT

    View the Vacuum Sales digital story located on the Materials tab of your student Web site for Week Six. Of the two arguments provided in the digital story, which is valid and which is sound? When you are building an argument for an issue that is

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Science Check

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other science posts, thanks :-)

    asked by Sara
  84. math

    Of the 12 full-time mathematics faculty at a high school, five drink coffee and eight do not enjoy teaching 8 a.m. classes. How many faculty both drink coffee AND enjoy teaching at 8 a.m.

    asked by sam
  85. Physics

    In a friendly game of handball, you hit the ball essentially at ground level and send it toward the wall with a speed of 25 m/s at an angle of 39 degrees above the horizontal. (a) How long does it take for the ball to reach the wall if it is 3.7 m away?

    asked by Abby
  86. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with a speed of 9.80 m/s at an angle of 25.0 degrees above the horizontal. If the ball lands at the same level from which it was kicked, how long was it in the air?

    asked by Abby
  87. Physics

    A cork shoots out of a champagne bottle at an angle of 39.0 degrees above the horizontal. If the cork travels a horizontal distance of 1.10 m in 1.40 s, what was its initial speed?

    asked by Abby

    if i lived in olney, MD: should i say that i live CLOSE TO Washington DC OR should i say that i live ABOVE Washington DC OR should i say that i live NEXT TO Washington DC

    asked by Happy Face
  89. physics

    What is the required resistance of an immersion heater that will increase the temperature of 2.00 kg of water from 10.0°C to 50.0°C in 9.0 min while operating at 120 V?

    asked by Machelle Butts
  90. business

    technology manager sharry jones is reviewing a new EMR software program for the hospital where she works, and judges it to be user-friendly than others she has tested. in other words, sharry likes this one's: a. processor b. speed and power c. interface d.

    asked by shay
  91. food preparation terms

    to spread the surface of a food lightly with coating such as butter or egg whites

    asked by Clarissa
  92. physics

    The initial velocity of a 4.0-kg box is 11 m/s, due west. After the box slides 4.0 m horizontally, its speed is 1.5 m/s. Determine the magnitude and the direction of the non-conservative force acting on the box as it slides

    asked by Anonymous
  93. ETH/125

    Find four to six credible Web sites or articles that support, oppose, or present information about bilingualism in education or politics. I just need help knowing where to look...thanks...

    asked by barb
  94. statistics

    The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate?

    asked by Brittany
  95. food preparation terms

    to cause a dry substance or solid ingreient to pass into solution in a liquid

    asked by Clarissa
  96. chemistry

    Looking up the specifications of an oil online, the spec sheet indicates that the specific gravity of this oil is .93. Does this mean that the oil weights .93 grams / 1 cubic centimeter of oil? Thanks

    asked by Chris
  97. Math/Algebra

    An A frame cabin has a triangler front with a base of 30ft and a height of 20ft. If the front is to be glass that costs $3 per square foot, what will the glass cost?

    asked by Jessica
  98. algebraq

    factor the polynomial completely 26xy - 39y - 16x + 24

    asked by Lisa
  99. English

    which sentence is better: Hello, my name is Happy Face. Hello. My name is Happy Face.

    asked by Happy Face
  100. Business Law

    Miguel buys a truck in Texas and then moves to Washington. A year later, he is driving his truck in Oklahoma, and causes an accident by running into another car, whose driver is from Florida. In what states will the other driver be able to sue Miguel?

    asked by Micky
  101. math

    A grocer gets food from three suppliers. They deliver every 5 days, 6 days and 7 days, respectively. All three came today. When will they all deliver on the same day again?

    asked by Jerry
  102. Math

    The week before a big concert, five friends (Alvin, Bert, Chip, Dennis, and Ethan) stood in line to buy tickets. There were other people between them, but the five friends were in line in the order listed above. The line was really long, and they were

    asked by Joe
  103. Physics

    I've been working on this problem for quite some time now and still can not figure it out... Initially, both metal spheres are neutral. In a charging process, 1 × 1013 electrons are removed from one metal sphere and placed on a second sphere. Then the

    asked by Jonathan
  104. College Physics

    What will a spring scale read for the weight of a 73 kg woman in an elevator that moves upward with constant speed of 5.4 m/s?

    asked by Sandy
  105. 1st grade

    what are the characteristic of living thing

    asked by Alnd
  106. English

    What is the actual purpose of the Olympic rings. Isn’t the purpose of the rings to tell everyone that anyone is welcome to join and play from any part of the world.

    asked by Sara
  107. chemistry

    You are asked to prepare 150.0 mL of 3.15×10−2 M AgNO3. 2.) An aqueous solution is 6.40% methanol CH3OH by mass, with d = 0.988 g/mL} What is the molarity of CH3OHOH} in this solution?

    asked by Andrew
  108. science

    what should i wrt about the science center

    asked by Brianna
  109. Psychology

    In organizational psychology, the "Big Five" refers to five general principles to be used when making changes.

    asked by lola
  110. Physics

    I never learned how to do these... An electron moves from one plate of a capaci- tor to another, through a potential difference of 2495 V. a) Find the speed with which the electron strikes the positive plate. Answer in units of m/s. If a proton moves from

    asked by christy
  111. calculus

    A particle moves along a number line such that its position s at any time t, t(greaterthan or equal to), is given by s(t)=2t^3-15t^2+24t+1. A) Find the average velocity over the time interval [1,2]. B) Find the instantaneous velocity at t=2 C) When is the

    asked by john
  112. English

    What is the purpose of the motto of the olympics? The purpose of the motto of the olympics is to describe the great achievements and goals of all the great athletes around the world. Any other info would be appreciated :-)

    asked by Sara
  113. Psychology

    In organizational psychology, the "Big Five" refers to five general principles to be used when making changes. Is there anything missing from these five that would assist in helping make a smooth change? Can you give an example of when you saw your

    asked by lola
  114. math

    ai need to know how to make a array card

    asked by kimbely smith
  115. Global History

    list 3 effects of imperialism on the colonies. tell if each is positive or negative.

    asked by Jennifer
  116. algebra


    asked by josh
  117. accoutning

    What do you debit and credit for the following transactions? 1. Repair parts used during January, $4000. (Hint: Debit this to Repair Parts Expense.) 2. Rent expense for the month of January recorded. However, no cash was paid. A rent payment had been made

    asked by Anonymous
  118. social studies

    why did people ultimately settle in the louisiana purchase?

    asked by Ryaro
  119. english

    how do you fix this? Mother loves to play all our favorite games. Canasta, Monopoly, hide-& seek, and even kick-the-can.

    asked by tash
  120. science

    what does recessive allele mean?

    asked by marisol
  121. Algebra

    Is the following problem correct?: 8 − (2 E 3 − 9) = 8 - (-12) = 20 If not, please explain what the student did wrong?

    asked by keirsa
  122. math

    A box has a volume of 48 cubic cm. A similiar box has volume of 6 cubic cm. what is the scale factor between each box?

    asked by ali
  123. Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

    Describe the many different methods of measuring healthy body weights and evaluate their accuracy. Don't forget to include levels of activity and stress as well as cultural and social influences.

    asked by lola
  124. English

    what the purpose of the olympic torch/flame? The purpose of the olympic torch/flame is to give everyone the strength to protect themselves from danger and help struggle for victory. Can someone please give me a better purpose than this. I tried to fit

    asked by Sara
  125. Physics

    An object with charge qo = 1.5μC and mass 0.7 g starts from rest at the +6V equipotential line. Calculate its change in potential energy and speed when it reaches the +2V line.

    asked by Amy
  126. Geometry

    A pencil can draw a line 36 miles long, according to research. Mickey decided to test that theory and draw his 36 miles in the shape of a square, so he would wind up back where he started. How long would each side of the square be?

    asked by Mia
  127. chemistry

    1.)How many grams would you need of a sample known to be 99.81% AgN03 by mass? You are asked to prepare 150.0 mL of 3.15×10−2 M AgNO3. 2.) An aqueous solution is 6.40% methanol CH3OH by mass, with d = 0.988 g/mL} What is the molarity of CH3OHOH} in this

    asked by Andrew
  128. General Chemistry

    When silver crystallizes, it forms facecentered cubic cells. The unit cell edge length is 409 pm. Calculate the density of silver.

    asked by WisKeyKey
  129. Chemistry

    In the experiment of Nucleophilic substitution reactions: Competing Nucleophiles 1)what would happen if all the solids in the nucleophile medium were not dissolved? How might this affect the outcome of the experiment? 2)Explain the order of elution you

    asked by Jennifer
  130. geometry

    the legs of the isosceles triangle each measure 14in.find the length of the hypotenuse

    asked by maria
  131. Social Studies

    Create a newspaper that reflects life and times during the Victorian era in Canada. (1837-1901) Can someone please give me some ideas of what I can write about? I don't know where to start. Thanks very much for your help.

    asked by John
  132. math

    (-2) x (+6) =

    asked by Koudoutai
  133. Physics

    A bike is hanging from a hook in a garage. You need to consider the following forces. (a) The force of the Earth pulling down on the bike. (b) The force of the bike pulling up on the Earth. (c) The force of the hook pulling up on the bike. (d) The force of

    asked by Max
  134. Chemistry

    If 720 mL of 0.458 M aqueous Ba(OH)2 and 720 mL of 0.431 M aqueous HClO4 are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many milliliters of 0.458 M aqueous Ba(OH)2 remain? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. Ba(OH)2(aq) +

    asked by John
  135. English

    Purpose of the Olympic flag is to bring together all the countries of the world. Does this make sense, and is it good?

    asked by Sara
  136. sociology

    Give an example of social change on the Meso and Macro-levels.

    asked by george
  137. Global History

    How were European nations able to dominate non-European areas?

    asked by Nancy
  138. chemistry

    if 5g of CH3COOH reacts how many moles of CO2 will be produced?

    asked by Grant
  139. math

    what does this sign(^)mean?

    asked by ali
  140. Global History

    How was the West impacted by imperialism? list 4 effects

    asked by Jennifer
  141. science

    what would our lives be like without fossil fuel?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. science

    A race car traveling at +44m/s is accelerated to a velocity of +22 m/s over an 11 s interval. What is the displacement during this time?

    asked by Suzie
  143. Math

    what is higher 50 mL or 5 L?

    asked by math
  144. PHysics

    The vector position of a 3.65 g particle moving in the xy plane varies in time according to the following equation. r1 = At the same time, the vector position of a 5.60 g particle varies according to the following equation. r2 = For each equation, t is in

    asked by engmath
  145. science

    which of the following can reduce biodiversity ? A) divided habiats B) habiat loss C) introduced species D) all of these

    asked by Anonymous
  146. trig

    Solve the triangle given the information:a=3, b=4, ã=40°

    asked by anonymous
  147. English

    Can someone please give me sites to find out the history of the Winter Olympic games. I only need a brief history about it in point form. Thanks :-)

    asked by Sara
  148. Global History

    A rebellion overthew the shotgun and as a result? How did Japanese feel about the impact of the treaty of Kanagawa and others believed what?

    asked by Wendy
  149. HCA/220

    I need help with writing a five words discussed to create a soap note but I don't know how to write a soap note can you please help me. thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  150. 8th grade Math

    In a quadrilateral , angle CAB is divided into two comgruent angles by line AD. What is the measure, in degrees of angle DAB. Angle B and D are 90 degrees. angle C equals 45 degrees.

    asked by Outcast
  151. formation

    an example of back formation is A)persuasive B}Conciliator C}Sensitize D}Escalate

    asked by matty
  152. ancient world history

    what are gargoyles and grotesques?

    asked by ali
  153. i dont know

    What is the capital of the state that shares its long southern border with Texas?

    asked by math
  154. math

    how do I factor these: 1. x^3-3x^2-2x-6 2. x^3-3x^2+2x-6 3. 3x^3+9x^2+2x

    asked by faith
  155. ecology

    examples of how humans have increased their food supply and what effects these methods have on the environment overall.

    asked by jack
  156. calculus

    If: Y(s)=16s2-5s Find Y'(s).

    asked by pete
  157. 5th grade

    About how many centimeters of eding does she need for a ribbon.

    asked by Karen
  158. *Science-Check*-Help

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other previous science posts, thanks :-)

    asked by Sara
  159. Physics

    For constant acceleration, how does the average velocity for an interval compare with the instantaneous velocity at half-time in the interval?

    asked by Lina
  160. Global History

    How did the Alliances lead to world war 1? How did nationalism lead to world war 1?

    asked by Kaley
  161. math

    can prime number other than 2 and5 3 apart? explain

    asked by Praneeith
  162. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of 64.5 km/h (17.9 m/s) in 10 s. Find the distance the car travels during this time.

    asked by lindsey
  163. English

    What makes Anna Quindelen Homeless a good example essay ?

    asked by layla
  164. 1st grade

    where people live

    asked by Anonymous
  165. English

    Purpose of the Olympic medals is to point out the achievements of the athletes and their countries. Any other info would be appreciated. Also, please tell me if this is correct, thanks

    asked by Sara
  166. physics

    PLEASE EXPLAIN A charge moves a distance of 1.7 cm in the direction of a uniform electric field having a magnitude of 200 N/C. The electrical potential energy of the charge decreases by 9.69095 × 10−19 J as it moves. Find the magnitude of the charge on

    asked by Jonathan
  167. Global History

    4 improvements during Meiji Restoration

    asked by Nancy
  168. Chemistry

    What can you conclude about the relationship between colligative properties and the type of ions in solution from the 1.0m HCl(aq) and 1.0m NaCl(aq) solutions?

    asked by Laverne
  169. chemistry

    What quantity of heat is required to vaporize 32.5 g of liquid water at 100°C?

    asked by Emily
  170. Chemistry

    What are colligative properties?

    asked by Laverne
  171. Math

    Whats The Volume Of A Cylinder?

    asked by Janae
  172. trig

    Solve the oblique triangle given the information:a=3, b=4, ã=40°

    asked by anonymous
  173. math

    sin 190 over 20 equals sin 47 over x.

    asked by Diana
  174. Grade 2 english

    What is the hidden word in the letters below:- aeeilnnstv Thanks

    asked by MONA
  175. Physics

    PLEASE HELP WITH AS MANY AS POSSIBLE... I AM TERRIBLY CONFUSED. 1. A charge moves a distance of 1.7 cm in the direction of a uniform electric field having a magnitude of 200 N/C. The electrical potential energy of the charge decreases by 9.69095 × 10−19

    asked by Jonathan
  176. 4th grade

    Four out of five dentist surveyed chose sugarless gum for their patients. If 1000 dentist were surveyed, how many recommended sugarless gum?

    asked by Ana
  177. Physics-energy

    Calculate the thermal energy dissipated from brakes in a 1310-kg car that descends a 13.5° hill. The car begins braking when its speed is 88 km/h and slows down to a speed of 34 km/h in a distance of 0.52 km measured along the road.

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Chemistry

    DrBob222 please help me answer the question that I posted pleaseee, pleaseeee

    asked by Jennifer
  179. logan high school

    The density of copper is 8.95g/cm3 and the density of zinc is 7.14 g/cm3, A sample of a Cu-Zn is 80.5 percent Cu and 19.5 percent Zn What is the density of the alloy?

    asked by mala
  180. math


    asked by KATIE
  181. chemistry

    1.)How many grams would you need of a sample known to be 99.81% AgN03 by mass? You are asked to prepare 150.0 mL of 3.15×10−2 M AgNO3. 2.) An aqueous solution is 6.40% methanol CH3OH by mass, with d = 0.988 g/mL} What is the molarity of CH3OHOH} in this

    asked by Andrew
  182. Math

    How do you solve 4-5x=3+x? I've been able to do other problems like this, but I can't get this one. The way I did it, was like 4-5x=3+x 4-4x=3 but then I get stuck? the book says it's 1/6

    asked by Lea
  183. Calculus

    Suppose that f(x) = (5x + -2)^(1/2) Find an equation for the tangent line to the graph of f(x) at x=1. Tangent line: y=?

    asked by Z32
  184. physics

    A car slows from 22 m/s to 3 m/s with an acceleration of -2.1m/s2. How long does this take?

    asked by Mike
  185. physics

    Initially, both metal spheres are neutral. In a charging process, 1 × 1013 electrons are removed from one metal sphere and placed on a second sphere. Then the electrical poten- tial energy associated with the two spheres is found to be −0.061 J . The

    asked by Tj
  186. math

    teach this problem -2-1*3.2+4.3*(-1.5)

    asked by Anonymous
  187. Global History

    Japan fights an imperialistic war with Russia Called the?

    asked by Nancy
  188. Physics

    A truck moves 70m east, then moves 120m west, and finally moves east again a distance of 90 m. If east is chosen as the positive direction, what is the trucks resultant displacement?

    asked by Chastity
  189. physical chemistry

    for this equation Fe(CN)6 4- + Fe 3+ --> Fe(CN)6 3- + Fe 2+ at 310 K and pH 2 using the equation E = Eo + 2.303 RT/nF log K - 2.303 pH RTh/nF what is h ?

    asked by lucy
  190. Need Help

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

    asked by Devonette
  191. Physics

    Initially, both metal spheres are neutral. In a charging process, 1 × 1013 electrons are removed from one metal sphere and placed on a second sphere. Then the electrical poten- tial energy associated with the two spheres is found to be −0.061 J . The

    asked by Jonathan
  192. reading

    What are some similarities between dally and ponyboy?

    asked by Anonymous
  193. calculus

    find the area of x^2+x+2 and 3x+3

    asked by angel
  194. 6th grade

    i really need to know about gases if anyone's got any ifo please tell me!! Tar mel xx

    asked by mel
  195. Biology

    28. A community located downwind from a power plant that burns high-sulfur coals a. may experience the effects of acid rain b. is safe since pollution from the plant is dispersed by wind c. will experience ozone depletion in the surrounding air d. should

    asked by mysterychicken
  196. 7th grade

    I find myself doing homework and i get it done (well sometimes) but i feel like i should be doing something else what can i do to keep concentrated on the homework?

    asked by Mikiya
  197. chemistry 2

    A gas diffuses only 0.5 times as fast as an oxygen molecule at the same temperature. What is the molecular weight of the gas?

    asked by Bob
  198. math214

    Given three buildings A, B, and C, utility centers for electricity (E), gas (G), and water (W), determine whether it is possible to connect each of the three buildings to each of the three utility centers without crossing lines.

    asked by alicia