Questions Asked on
January 22, 2010

  1. physics

    A string is wrapped around a uniform solid cylinder of radius r. The cylinder can rotate freely about its axis. The loose end of the string is attached to a block. The block and cylinder each have mass m. Note that the positive y direction is downward and

    asked by Gabe
  2. physics

    A bicycle wheel is mounted on a fixed, frictionless axle. A massless string is wound around the wheel's rim, and a constant horizontal force, F, starts pulling the string from the top of the wheel starting at time t = 0 when the wheel is not rotating.

    asked by Gabe
  3. science

    An athlete throws a basketball through a hoop. The ball leaves his hands at a height of 2.5 m with a speed of 9.0 m/s. Calculate the speed of the ball when it “swishes” through the hoop. The hoop is at a height of 3.0 m and it is 5.0 m along the court

    asked by Jeff
  4. chemistry

    today, i did a lab on the molar volume of hydrogen gas. in this experiment, we poured around 10 mL of hydrocholric acid into a gas collection tube with water and measured the volume of gas to be around 20.9 mL. would changing the molarity of the

    asked by CL
  5. physics please

    there are nearly (pi) x (10^7) seconds in one year. find the percentage error in this approximation, where percentage error is defined as abs value[ (assumed value - true value)/ true value] x 100% to find the true value I did: (365 days/yr) x (24 hours/1

    asked by sam
  6. math

    write and solve an inequalit for the following. Flix Theater has a reduced ticket price for children who are at least two years old but less than 13 years old. The same price is given to seniors who are at least 65 years old. Also model these ranges on a

    asked by Deep
  7. Geometry

    If the length of one base of a trapezoid is 5, the length of the other base is 2x + 7, and the length of the midsegment is 6x – 24, what is the value of x? Show equations and all work that leads to your answer.

    asked by Alyssa
  8. Urgenttt

    hello, how do i delete all the questions i published on jiskha

    asked by Amna
  9. Math

    Unit Rate How do I know what number goes on top and what number goes on the bottom. For example 3 pounds for $1.89

    asked by 6th Grade Math
  10. Geometry

    The shorter leg of a 30 degree - 60 degree - 90 degree triangle is 10. What are the lengths of the longer leg and the hypotenuse, to the nearest tenth. I do not understand these triangles can anyone help??

    asked by Rmz
  11. Literary Analysis and Composition

    Hey, I was trying to figure out some similarities between the Stories Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza and No Gumption by Russell Baker. I got some, but I am supposed to make a four paragraph essay out of it. It would be great if you could list some

    asked by Emily
  12. chemistry

    Chemistry problem: given: serving size 0.5 oz, 4g fat/ serving, 140 mg sodium/serving. a) box has net weight of 8oz how many crackers per box? i got 96. b) if you ate 10 crackers how many ounces of fat are you consuming? i got 0.23 ounces. c) how many

    asked by robynn
  13. chemistry

    Select all substances with an acceptor atom that can hydrogen bond to a hydrogen atom that is part of a polar covalent bond. I2 diiodine HI hydrogen iodide KrF4 krypton tetrafluoride O2 dioxygen C6H6 benzene HCl hydrogen chloride None

    asked by Angel
  14. math

    Two numbers written in a specific order and enclosed in parentheses are called an _____.

    asked by jon
  15. Math

    Find unit rate! I know the answer but how am I suppose show my work to show that it is a unit rate? Question: Five buses leave on a field trip. There are about 45 students per bus. About how many students are on the 5 buses?

    asked by Trinity
  16. Chemistry

    Select all cases where the substance shown has a molecular dipole. CHF3 fluoroform H2NCH2CH2OH ethanolamine CF3CF3 hexafluoroethane CCl2CCl2 tetrachloroethylene (CH3)3N trimethylamine CHFCHF cis-1,2-difluoroethene None

    asked by Angel
  17. Physics

    At a distance of 30 m the noise from the engine of an jet has an intensity of 130 dB. At this level, you will be in pain and your ears will hurt. That's why this intensity is know as the "pain threshold". How far do you have to be from a jet (total

    asked by Intensity
  18. math

    To convert a temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, you can use the formula C =5(F −32),whereC is the temperature in degrees Celsius and F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. How would I use formula to work out the Celsius equivalent of −10◦F.

    asked by Sam
  19. Biology

    1. Homeostasis relates most directly to which of the following ideas? a. interacting systems b. stability c. evolution d. scale and structure I'm stuck between A and B 2. The physician Ronald Ross wanted to find the cause of malaria. Based on his

    asked by mysterychicken
  20. Physics

    A very narrow beam of white light is incident at 47.50° onto the top surface of a rectangular block of flint glass 13.6 cm thick. The indices of refraction of the glass for red and violet light are 1.649 and 1.678, respectively. 1. Calculate dispersion

    asked by Sarah
  21. Physics

    a ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity 'u' from the balloon descending with a constant velocity 'v'.. the ball will pass by the balloon after what time?

    asked by Shoaib
  22. Ap Physics

    On a clear day at the equator with the sun directly overhead, how long would it take to warm 10 kg of water 15 Co if the emissivity of the 1.0 m 2 surface is 1? can someone help me work this out?

    asked by George
  23. physics

    What is the magnitude of the force a +29 \mu C charge exerts on a +3.5 mC charge 35 cm away?

    asked by cach
  24. social studies

    why do you think much of the land settled between 1700 and 1760 was farther inland rather than on the coast

    asked by josh
  25. Algebra

    Paint Town sold 45 paintbrushes, one kind at $8.50 each and another at $9.75 each. In all, $398.75 was taken in for the brushes. How many of each kind were sold?

    asked by Tina
  26. AED 202

    Compose a 1,050- to 1,750-word explanation of the development process. o Present a comparative analysis of the two age groups you have selected. o Clearly define and describe the stages of development the two groups. o Support your visual presentation. o

    asked by Tiara
  27. chemistry

    defie le chatelier's principle and the role equilibrium plays in the reduction of stress

    asked by lala
  28. physics

    Jennifer (mass 58.0 kg) is standing at the left end of a 13.0 m long 594.0 kg cart that has frictionless wheels and rolls on a frictionless track. Initially both Jennifer and the cart are at rest. Suddenly, Jennifer starts running along the cart at a speed

    asked by Matthew
  29. Health Physics

    A machine is used to either do work or to convert energy. To find the efficiency of a machine, one must compare the power input to the machine to the power output of the machine. What does thepower take into account in addition to the amount of work done

    asked by Shannon
  30. organic chemistry

    in figuring the percent yield of isoborneol reduced from the ratio 1:1, i can do the calculations if i could determine this

    asked by melissa
  31. Chemistry

    Select all cases in which the units comprising the solid are best classified as molecules. ScBr3 Fe IF H2S IF5 Kr None

    asked by Angel
  32. math 156

    describe two different ways that you could represent the number 0.80?

    asked by ty
  33. math

    Sandy’s Sweatshirt Shop sells college sweatshirts. White sweatshirts sell for $18.95 each and red ones sell for $19.50 each. If receipts for the sale of 30 sweatshirts total $572.90, how many of each color did the shop sell? Complete by making a table,

    asked by Jen
  34. Biology

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 21. The difference between autotroph and heterotroph is that a. heterotrophs must get energy from sources other than the sun b. heterotrophs can use chemical or light energy sources c. heterotrophs do not

    asked by mysterychicken
  35. algebra

    Soybean Meal Is 16% Protein; Cornmeal Is 8% Protein. How Many Pound Of Each Should Be Mixed Together In Order To Get 320 Lb. Mixture That Is 12% Protein?

    asked by lori
  36. Health Physics

    As a result of doing work, a person supplies a machine with 1100 J of energy in 12 seconds. The machine in turn does work and delivers 900 J of energy in 14 seconds to some object. What is the efficiency of this machine?

    asked by Shannon
  37. Physics

    An ice sled powered by a rocket engine starts from rest on a large frozen lake and accelerates at +42 ft/s2. After some time t1, the rocket engine is shut down and the sled moves with constant velocity v for a time t2. Assume the total distance traveled by

    asked by Candace
  38. calculus

    What quantity of 65 per cent acid solution must be mixed with a 25 percent solution to produce 384 mL of a 50 per cent solution?

    asked by Julie
  39. Physics

    I need help with these two uestions, thanks 1)The man lifts a box that weght 185N. The box is lifted 0.80m. How much work does the man do on the box? 2) 0.180kg ball falls 2.5m How much work does the force of gravity do on the ball? a)44J b) .45J c) 1.76J

    asked by MJ
  40. Geometry

    State a generalization about a rectangle that isn’t true for a parallelogram.

    asked by Rmz
  41. physics

    One atom of Deuterium weighs 2.013553AMU. One atom of Helium weighs 4.002602AMU. In nuclear fusion, the process which powers the Sun and all other stars, 2 atoms of Deuterium are combined to form 1 atom of helium. Calculate the energy released by one such

    asked by robin
  42. Intermediate Accounting

    Can you give me a website or answer this question please. How does a contributory pension differ from a non-contributory pension plan? Thank you

    asked by Josephine
  43. Physics

    I need help with these three questions, thanks 1)The man lifts a box that weght 185N. The box is lifted 0.80m. How much work does the man do on the box? 2) 0.180kg ball falls 2.5m How much work does the force of gravity do on the ball? a)44J b) .45J c)

    asked by MJ
  44. English

    Can you help me correct this phrases 1) Yesterday something really funny and unusual happened to me at the swimming pool 2) I was swimming when I saw a guy that was climbing the diving board's stairs (?). It was very convinced (?) and he jumped the last

    asked by Franco
  45. accounting

    comprehensive problem perpetual In this project, follow the steps of the accounting cycle to process given transactions in a business environment. Then, synthesize special journals, a trial balance, financial statements, and a post closing trial balance.

    asked by calgal
  46. Geometry

    if angle 1= 4x+10 and angle 7= 6x+4 what are the measures of angles 1 and 7, when we know that angle 3= 52 degrees? Angle 1= 10.5 Angle 2= 128 Angle 3= 52 Angle 4= 128 Angle 5= 10.5 Angle 6= 128 Angle 7= 20.6 Are all these angles right?

    asked by Rmz
  47. Math:

    Fred’s net monthly income is $3933.12 Rental: $700 Car Payment: $363.75 Car Insurance: $46.16 Life Insurance: $8793.75 Savings: (Fred wants to save 5% of his monthly income.) Fred estimates that she will need: $100 a month for electricity $240 a month

    asked by BeckyStar
  48. Geometry

    The legs of an ironing board are equal in length and bisect each other at the point where they cross. What generalization about parallelograms ensures that the ironing board will always be parallel to the floor, regardless of the height of the board above

    asked by Rmz
  49. Technology

    Which of the following statements is true about a plumbing system? a. The potable water system carries used water away from the building b. The potable water system carries water that is safe for drinking c. All potable water that enters a building feeds

    asked by y912f
  50. Propagation of error and sig. figs

    I'm really embarrassed to ask this! I knew how to do it before but I forgot after 2 years. I remember learning it for analytical chemistry :( So a basic problem: What is x= a+b+c? given that: a= 100.7 +/- 0.05 b= 0.61 +/- 0.005 c=226 +/- 0.5 OK. My

    asked by Steven
  51. business law

    Would EOE"Equal Opportunity Employment" the same as Affirmative action. I believe that they are not the same and they both have a different purpose and effect. Am i correct

    asked by ann
  52. Biology

    Need help with these two: 26. Why do plant cells contain both choroplasts and mitochondria? a. in the light, plants are photosynthetic autotrophs. In the dark, they are heterotrophs. b. if plants can't produce enough ATP to make sugars during

    asked by mysterychicken

    Why does Shakespeare not tell us what started the family feud?

    asked by tatyana
  54. Biology

    17. Functions of the nucleus include a. directing the function of the cell b. the partial assembly of ribosomes c. storing most of the hereditary information of the cell d. all of the above D? 18. Internal membrances play important roles in protien

    asked by mysterychicken
  55. it210

    Design a program that models the worm's behavior in the following scenario: A worm is moving toward an apple. Each time it moves, the worm cuts the distance between itself and the apple by its own body length until the worm is close enough to enter the

    asked by Bonnie
  56. social stdies

    the two ways that the sea influenced early greeks and thier societies.

    asked by zora
  57. french

    in correspondance to my last post.. i was wondering.. how does one say "you know me better than that!" in french? that's wat i meant when i wrote.. Tu dois me savoir mieux que cela!

    asked by CL
  58. science

    which gas shows the greatest difference in percent between inhaled and exhaled air?

    asked by christy
  59. 7th grade

    i need help on Chemistry and i am in 7th grade i don't know how to do some problems and i would like to know how to translate statements into equation form?

    asked by Hope
  60. algebra

    how do you solve this compound inequality 5>-4x+4 or 9

    asked by Sarah
  61. chemistry

    Select all cases in which the units comprising the solid are best classified as individual atoms. C5H12 C3H6(propene) KBrO3 C3H8 AgNO3 C4H8(cyclobutane) None

    asked by Angel
  62. math

    Give a verbal, visual, numerical, and graphic representation for the idea one-fourth.

    asked by Nicole
  63. Biology

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 17. Functions of the nucleus include a. directing the function of the cell b. the partial assembly of ribosomes c. storing most of the hereditary information of the cell d. all of the above D? 18.

    asked by mysterychicken
  64. History

    In the last decade what social movements have been noted in the United States?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. algebra

    how do you solve 9x+8y=11 for x and y

    asked by Sarah
  66. algebra

    the width of a rectangle is 1 ft less than the length, the area is 6 ft^2, what is the length and width? thank you

    asked by Diana
  67. Health Physics

    As the muscles attatched to the diaphragm pull the diaphragm downward during respiration, what are the muscles doing?

    asked by Shannon
  68. accounting

    What is this asking me to do? "Discuss the quality of the disclosures for guarantees and commitments." "Could these disclosures be improved." What should I be my text is not very clear on the subject? Thank you...

    asked by maryk
  69. Stats

    True or false: The distribution with the largest range necessarily has the largest standard deviation.

    asked by KLM
  70. biology 123456789 123456789 123456789

    how can nitrogenous fertilizers destroy life in streams and rivers?

    asked by Adam
  71. English

    Can you check this paragraph for me, please? 1) A few weeks ago my cousins had an incredible sequence of accidents; he wanted to make a coke for his mother but he couldn't reach the eggs and the flour that were in a very high part of his kitchen's

    asked by Franco
  72. History

    Could someone please help me with this question? What is three federal government strategies for uniting citizens and gaining citizen support for World War I Format? I keep coming up empty handed when I go to find any information. Thanks for your help.

    asked by B.B.
  73. Maths

    Can someone help me with this... Mr and Mrs Lim went shopping with a total of $712.50. After buying some items each, the amount Mrs Lim had left was 4 times the amount she spent and the amount Mr Lim had left was trice the amount he spent. Both of them had

    asked by danial
  74. science

    what gas is removed from inhaled air?

    asked by christy
  75. Health Physics

    Why is the property of energy so important in nature?

    asked by Shannon
  76. Stats

    What is the interdecile range of the following: X Percentile 107 10th 114 25th 118 50th 122 75th 129 90th

    asked by KLM
  77. math

    The mean systolic blood pressure of adult males is normally distributed with a mean of 138 (millimeters of mercury) and a standard deviation of 9.7. What percent of adult males have blood pressure between 161.28 and 164.9?

    asked by Leah
  78. math 156

    If Ellen works overtime on Sunday or Wednesday night and Thursday night, she will earn enough money to buy a tennis racket. Does this give her two or three chances to earn enough money? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by kim
  79. English

    What is the subject? One of the major celebrations during the Chinese New Year is the New Year's reunion dinner.

    asked by Olga
  80. math

    How would you instruct someone to take one-fourth of a pizza if you could not use the word one-fourth?

    asked by Nicole
  81. Communication Language Studies

    a. What role does the hearer play in making sure the speaker's utterance, sound and message is correctly understood? b.Name one strategy the hearer can use to increase understanding. I would appreciate some ideas, but I think the key here is listening and

    asked by Carmin
  82. math

    edurado owned 6/7 of a family business. he sold 1/5 of the business to his son what portion of the business does he still own?

    asked by sunserayer
  83. english gr 9

    Can you please tell me a theme statement for curious case of the missing dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. I have an exam on monday...

    asked by clueless
  84. communication

    how does consumerism affect and impact healthcare? What role does communication have towards this?

    asked by linda
  85. writing

    do movie titles have quotes

    asked by zowy
  86. Math

    Multiply complex conjugates

    asked by Derek Sawyer
  87. science

    what gases are added to inhaled air and then exhaled?

    asked by christy
  88. Health Physics

    As one exhales, what change in energy takes place between the diaphragm and the air in the lungs?

    asked by Shannon
  89. Health Physics

    What must a muscle do in order to work?

    asked by Shannon
  90. Health Physics

    What type of machine are the joints of the human body?

    asked by Shannon
  91. Health Physics

    What is the name of the company that all "good" machines are made of?

    asked by Shannon
  92. Chemistry

    Identify all substances that can be classified as a molecular solid. Rn Zn(BrO3)2 TlNO3 La C2F4 C2F6 None

    asked by Angel
  93. Trig

    in the equation y=acos b(x-h)+k, what exactally does b represent. How is it helpful?

    asked by Kevin
  94. College Accounting

    How do I create a reference page?

    asked by Lynne
  95. College Algebra

    2|4x-4|-4=3 Solve. The solutions are x={_} (Simplify your answers. Type fractions. Use a comma to separate answers.)

    asked by Ally
  96. Physics

    Your dog has been diagnosed with a terminal illness for which there is no cure. The Veterinarian expects that it will live for 1 year before it succumbs to the condition. You have the idea that if you could keep the dog alive a little longer, a cure might

    asked by Jon
  97. Technology

    19. Changing the filter in a furnace or an air conditioner would be considered a. a repair b. a preventive maintenance measure c. an adjustment d. a diagnostic procedure C?

    asked by y912f
  98. 6th /7th grade science

    i have 2 daughters which are in 6th/7th grade, both of them have 1wk left to turn in their science projects.I have been looking with them to find a good one but haven't been succesful,maybe due to this is my first time doing one with them.My income at the

    asked by mary
  99. math

    what is the a b c formula of 7x8=56 and 9x12=108?

    asked by Pam
  100. english

    I have written an essay for my class,and I wanted some one to look it over for me and make any corrections. Thank you:) Mr. Tom Brooks’ narrative tells of a fatal fire in one of New York’s most important shirt manufactures. Yes, fires are very common

    asked by Anissa
  101. science

    How can starch be converted into a polymer

    asked by Arewa james
  102. Public Speaking

    Do you think that we can have to ability to manipulate and control our non-verbal messages?

    asked by Bryan
  103. business

    does the law permit the union or the federal government to impose terms and conditions substantially similar to those enjoyed by similiarly situated workers I believe it permits the Union, am i correct?

    asked by ann
  104. enviornmental issue

    discuss an environmental problem that you feel is significant in your town

    asked by kathy
  105. Health Physics

    As the shape of the diaphragm is changed dueing respiration, what does it possess?

    asked by Shannon
  106. Communication Language Studies

    Is specialist vocabulary necessary, or just the product of history?

    asked by Beth
  107. Health Physics

    What is the purpose of the metabolic process(combustion process)?

    asked by Shannon
  108. Health Physics

    The body can release 20,000 J of energy for each liter of oxygen consumed. How much oxygen must be consumed by the body to release the energy present in a typical 2000 Cal diet?

    asked by Shannon
  109. Chemistry

    Identify all substances that can be classified as an atomic solid. SeF6 C2H4O2 H2C2O4 S8 Ru La2(SO4)3 None

    asked by Angel
  110. biology

    Need Help with these questions If one strand of DNA, had bases ordered ATCCGTC, what would be the bases of its other strand? Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis as to: number of divisions, number of cells produced, number of chromosomes in parent

    asked by kate
  111. math 156

    is this statement (If you lay in the hot sun for 4 hours, you will become sunburned. Nicole is not sunburned. Therefore . . .) considered a affirming, hypothesis or denying conclusion?

    asked by kim
  112. Trig

    Thanks for letting me know about wave seperation. Could you tell me more please. What exactally is meant by wave seperation. Does it mean above and below the midline or does it mean seperation between wave cycles? What does it mean?

    asked by Kevin
  113. math 156

    every square is a rectngle? true r false every rectangle is a square true r false?

    asked by Ty
  114. algebra

    the lenghth of a rectangle is fixed at 20cm what widths will make the perimeter greater than 72cm?

    asked by lori
  115. Math

    11/16-(-3/4)^2 divided by 2/5 ^3

    asked by Josh
  116. english

    Regarding see and saw is this correct? The boys saw the fire trucks across the street. Regarding do and did is this correct? They did their homework everyday.

    asked by jen
  117. algebra

    how do you solve this problem by elimination method 5r-3s=14 3r+5s=56

    asked by Sarah
  118. math

    maria ran the obstacle course each day during her gym class and recorded the follwing monday 51.6sec tuesday 58.6sec wednesday 48.3sec thurday 52.7sec on friday she ran the obstacle course again the mean (average) time for all five days is 52 seconds what

    asked by tamara
  119. algebra

    calculated area of a room is 174.2 square feet and the actual area is 149.6 the question was 'What is the relative error of the area to the nearest ten-thousand?' Im confused about what is relative error and how can i get that?

    asked by sally
  120. english

    i need ideas for making shakepeare's play 'the tempest' more relevant to children. how can i do this? any ideas on changing the concept for a child audience?

    asked by Dee
  121. Health Physics

    The human body is 20-25 percent efficient. In what form is energy lost?

    asked by Shannon
  122. business law

    If a employer gives a reference to another person by stating what you did in you previous postion, could you have a claim of defamation of character or claim of invasion of privacy or a unfair labor practice. I believe it is a defamation of character, am i

    asked by ann
  123. Maths

    Help me pls.. Lili gave 1/4 of her money to Simon. Then Simon gave 1/5 of whatever money he had then to Lili. Later Lili decided to give 1/3 of whatever money she had then to Simon. Finally, Lili had $688 and Simon had $872. How much did Simon have at

    asked by Putri
  124. cook

    what gadgets were used to cook before second world war?

    asked by ah qing
  125. English

    Can you please tell me if all the sentences are grammatically correct? 1) Yesterday something really funny and unusual happened to me at the swimming pool 2) I was swimming when I saw a guy that was climbing the diving board's stairs (?). It was very

    asked by Franco
  126. sci 275

    Post a reflection on your own worldview and compare it with the worldviews presented in the text. Provide examples of the benefits of your view to defend your position.

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Health Physics

    A particular machine has "mechanical disadvantage". What is the purpose of using such a machine?

    asked by Shannon
  128. Math

    How do you solve this? I posted this question last night and someone answered but it wasn't the right answer. I have tried so many times and still can't get the right answer. the right answer is suppose to be 15/2 5/6-1/3+ 7/8/(1/2)^3 Thank you for your

    asked by Mike
  129. Chemistry

    Identify all substances that can be classified as a network solid. SiCl4 Zr Fe2(SO4)3 SiH4 Co(NO3)2 Y None

    asked by Angel
  130. math

    Show that some problems have more than one answer by giving at least two answers to the following problem. What change would a restaurant cashier give someone for $1 if he used no more than four of any coin and no coin smaller than a nickel or bigger than

    asked by kim
  131. math

    If you can cut three logs in six minutes. How many minutes will it take to cut 8? 16 is not the answer.

    asked by kimberly
  132. Math

    How would you explain how to do this problem in words to someone. We have to write it as a journal entry. (-22)-(-17)+5

    asked by Kayla
  133. science

    I added 40 mL of NaOH 1N to rise the pH of 10g teriphitalic acid from 5.3 to 6.3, so if I adde the same 40 mL of NaOH to 12g of the same acid what is the new pH will I have?

    asked by Jack
  134. college algebra

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like.

    asked by Jerry
  135. english

    Can you please tell me if this is correct grammar. --- The boys saw the fire trucks across the street. Also would this sentence be correct-- They did their homework everyday.

    asked by jen
  136. childcare

    one component of a healthy diet is a high amount of A monounsaturated fats. polyunsaturated fats. C grains D sodium the answer correct is D

    asked by Abbie
  137. social studies

    washington commanded the army in this war

    asked by jennifer
  138. Health Physics

    As air moves into the lungs, what does the air possess?

    asked by Shannon
  139. Health Physics

    When work is done by friction, in what form in energy "lost"?

    asked by Shannon
  140. math 156

    give a verbal,visual,numerical,and graphic representation of the idea three-fourths?

    asked by ty
  141. math 156

    name five problem solving strategies that are frequently used?

    asked by kim
  142. ph ycological

    analyze your emotions using theories and concepts you have learned. Be sure to address the biological and cognitive components of emotions and moods. Which physiological (internal and expressive body changes) and cognitive (specific thoughts occurring

    asked by lisa
  143. soc

    how does healthcare view society?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. algebra

    how do you find the domain of the function g(x)=7/2-3x

    asked by Sarah
  145. math

    can u help with a math problem please

    asked by Anonymous
  146. algebra

    I rent out 2/5 of my books, give 3 away, buy 9 and now have 27. How many did I start with - I know it's 35 but I can't make the formula work

    asked by TIa
  147. math

    find the exact values when : x^2+2x >= 5

    asked by Mota
  148. math

    What is original value if the total is 40 and the sale tax is 8.75%? y * 8.75 = 40 is this the setup to solve the problem?

    asked by Kenny
  149. Trig

    In the equation y=4cos 6x, what does 6 represent? In general for the equation y-acosbx, what does b represent?

    asked by Kevin
  150. Biology 123456789 123456789 123456789

    how can nitrogenous fertilizers destroy life in streams and rivers?

    asked by Adam
  151. Math


    asked by Laura
  152. math 156

    give the statement in each sequence of statements: a.1/0.5=2 2/0.5=4 3/0.5=6 4/0.5=8 5/0.5=10 6/0.5=12? b.5x4=20 5x14=70 5x4=120 5x34=170 5x44=220 5x54=270?

    asked by kim
  153. Science

    how does the light of a nephelometer determine the scatter of particles?

    asked by Sam