Questions Asked on
January 20, 2010

  1. Calculus

    A piece of wire 40cm long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into the shape of a square and the other is bent into the shape of a circle. How should the wire be cut so that the total area enclosed is a) a maximum? /b) a minimum? Perimeter of square

    asked by sh
  2. physics

    Vector V1 is 6.4 units long and points along the negative x axis. Vector V2 is 8.9 units long and points at 60 degrees to the positive x axis 1) find x and y components of v1 and v2? 2) find magnitude of the sum v1+v2? 3) find the angle of the sum v1+v2? I

    asked by Matt
  3. chemistry

    The chemical analysis of aspirin indicates that the molecule is 60.00% carbon, 4.44% hydrogen, and 35.56% oxygen. What is the emperical formula for asprin?

    asked by w
  4. Physics

    A stationary billiard ball, mass 0.17 kg, is struck by an identical ball moving at 2.7 m/s. After the collision, the second ball moves off at 60° to the left of its original direction. The stationary ball moves off at 30° to the right of the moving

    asked by Erica
  5. chemistry

    a student mixed a 50.0mL of water containing 0.50 mols of HCl at 22.5 degC with 50.0 mL of water containing 0.50 mol NaOH at 22.5 degC in a foam cup calorimeter.the temp increases to 26.0 degC. how much heat in kJ was released by the reaction? please show

    asked by liza
  6. Physics

    A merry-go-round in the park has a radius of 1.8 m and a rotational inertia of 900 kgm^2. A child pushes the merry-go-round with a constant force of 80 N applied at the edge and parallel to the edge. A frictional torque of 12 Nm acts at the axle of the

    asked by Bell
  7. math

    If 3 different digits represent 3 different letters and each time a letter appears it represents the same digit how do i find the sum of the 3 digits represented? p is not zero. pm pm pm +pm ____ ap

    asked by Janice
  8. chemistry

    The vapor pressure of dichloromethane, , at 0 is 134 . The normal boiling point of dichloromethane is 40. . Calculate its molar heat of vaporization

    asked by josie
  9. 7th grade

    Susan has red, blue, green, and yellow sweaters. Joanne has green, red, purple, and white sweaters. Diane's sweaters are red, blue, purple, and mauve. Each girl has only one sweater of each color, and will pick a sweater to wear at random. Find each

    asked by Kaitlyn
  10. chemistry

    How long would it take for 1.50 of water at 100.0 to be converted completely into steam if heat were added at a constant rate of 24.0

    asked by aamani
  11. chemistry

    How many grams of sucrose would you dissolve in water for a total volume of 500mL to make a 5% solution?

    asked by jami
  12. English 1

    1. In the story, Snow, through the story's first-person narration, the reader comes to understand A. Sister Zoe's opinions about teaching and politics. B. Yolanda's feelings about the world around her. C. President John F. Kennedy's views on Communist

    asked by Steve
  13. Chemistry

    An aqueous CaCl_2 solution has a vapor pressure of 82.1mmHg at 50C. The vapor pressure of pure water at this temperature is 92.6mmHg. What is the concentration of CaCl_2 in mass percent?

    asked by melissa
  14. scientist


    asked by MIKAYLA
  15. Composition

    We all Crave Horror Movies essay by Stephen King What does King mean in paragraph 4 when he says that horror movies are “innately conservative, even reactionary”? What does he mean in paragraph 11 when he calls them “anarchistic, and

    asked by Helen
  16. chemistry

    The reaction of aqueous cobalt(II) iodide and aqueous lead(II) nitrate is represented by the balanced formula equation. CoI2(aq) + Pb(NO3)2(aq) → PbI2(s) + Co(NO3)2(aq) Give the balanced ionic equation for the reaction. Include the states.

    asked by bubble
  17. math

    A worm is at the bottom of a 12- foot wall. Every day it crawls up 3 feet, but at night it slips down 2 feet. How many days does it take the worm to reach the top of the wall?

    asked by ewi
  18. chemistry

    A compound was found to contain 49.98 g carbon and 10.47 g hydrogen. The molar mass of the compound is 58.12 g/mol. What is the molecular formula?

    asked by w
  19. trigonometry

    An airbus A320 aircraft is cruising at an altitude of 10000 m. The aircraft is flying in a straight line away from Rachel, who is standing on the ground. If she sees the angle of elevation of the aircraft change from 70 degrees to 33 degrees in one minute,

    asked by ann
  20. Math

    If (a,-3) is a point on the graph of y=x^2+4x, what is the value of a? so far i have -3=x^2+4x i can do the problem on my graphing calc but we can't use a graphing calc on the test so i need to know how to do it by hand. what do i do next?

    asked by Karen
  21. trig

    Given that sin = 3/5 and lies in quadrant II, find the following value. cos

    asked by will
  22. chemistry

    The pain reliever morphine contains 17.900 g C, 1.680 g H, 4.225 g O, and 1.228 g N. What is the emperical formula of morphine?

    asked by w
  23. chem

    An element has ccp packing with a face-centered cubic unit cell. Its density is 1540 kg/m3 and the unit cell volume is 1.73 x 10-22 cm3. Calculate the molar mass (g/mol) of the element to three significant figures. CCP: cubic close pack

    asked by Sunny
  24. chemistry

    The reaction of aqueous calcium bromide and aqueous lithium oxalate is represented by the balanced net ionic equation. Ca2+(aq) + C2O42-(aq) → CaC2O4(s) Give the balanced formula equation for the reaction. Include the states.

    asked by bubble
  25. MATH213

    6. Explain how you would respond to the following: a. A student claims that 9443/9444 and 9444/ 9445 are equal because both display 0.9998941 on his scientific calculator when the divisions are performed. b. Another student claims that the fractions are

    asked by Rebecca
  26. chemistry

    Using the balanced equation, determine the number of NaNO3 units in the visualization in the reaction. 3Ca(NO3)2(aq) + 2Na3PO4(aq) → 6NaNO3(aq) + Ca3(PO4)2(s)

    asked by eng
  27. chemistry

    if 3.21 mol of a gas occupies 56.2 liters at 44 degrees celcius and 793 torr, 5.29 mol of this gas occupies how many liters under these conditions?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Geometry

    Are three collinear points are always also coplanar points. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  29. chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 12.3 of steam at 121.5 is condensed to give liquid water at 64.5? The heat of vaporization of liquid water is 40.67 , and the molar heat capacity is 75.3 for the liquid and 33.6 for the vapor.

    asked by aamani
  30. biology

    a gene with two dominant alleles that expressed at the same time is- a) codominant b) mutational c) incompletely dominant d) polygenic I know its not c

    asked by christina
  31. chemistry

    a chunk of pure silver has a heat capacity of 42.8J/degrees celsius and a mass of 181g. calculate the specific heat of silver. can you show me how to solve it? please don't just give an answer

    asked by verlee
  32. 5th grade

    what is the superlative of colorful and the comparative of colorful

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Literary Analysis and Composition

    Could you please check my answers? Thanks! 10. Identify how each gerund or gerund phrase is used in the sentence. All units will remain here for processing. (Points: 3) subject direct object predicate nominative X object of a preposition 11. Identify how

    asked by Emily
  34. math

    What strategy did you use in solving this problem? 22. Suppose that you wanted to find the whole numbers represented by each of the letters in the following addition problem: Which problem-solving strategy might be most helpful to you in solving this

    asked by kim
  35. chemistry

    Calculate the molality (m) of CH2Cl2 in a solution generated by combining 846 g of the solute CH2Cl2 with 11.2 L of the solvent ethanol.

    asked by eng
  36. chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 12.3g of steam at 121.5 degree C is condensed to give liquid water at 64.5 degree C? The heat of vaporization of liquid water is 40.67kj/mol , and the molar heat capacity is 75.3 J/(K mol) for the liquid and

    asked by aamani
  37. social studies

    Theodore Roosevelt wanted to build a canal in Central America. Why was there opposition to Roosevelt's plan?

    asked by lara
  38. algebra

    How do I convert the following polar expression to rectangular form? 3 sec (beta) r= ---------------- 4 sec (beta) + 4 [If not clear, the equation is r equals 3 times secant of angle beta divided by 4 times the sec of angle beta plus 4.]

    asked by Priscilla
  39. math

    A farm has 60 cows, pigs, and horses. There are 4 times as many cows and pigs and horses. How many horses are there?

    asked by Logan
  40. physics

    A. A uniform, upward-pointing electric field E of magnitude 3.00~103 N/C has been set up between two horizontal plates by charging the lower plate positively and the upper plate negatively. The plates have length L = 4 cm and separation d = 2.00 cm. An

    asked by Andy
  41. Science

    A 500 mL bottle of water, which is at 25 degrees C, is poured over 120 g of ice at -8 degrees C. What will be the final temperature of the water when all the ice has melted. Assume that container is insulated and does not change temperature.

    asked by Bert
  42. Socials

    What was the NWC made up of? What was the difference between how the HBC and the NWC operated--why was this important? Describe a 'voyageur's' lifestyle. What happened in 1821? The North West Company was made up of Scottish and American capitalists. The

    asked by Sara
  43. biology

    The offspinf of true-breeding parents are called the: a) F1 generation b) f2 generation c) dominant offspring d) recessive offspring I know its not c or d so that leaves me with a, or b.

    asked by christina
  44. Socials

    I am doing a crossword puzzle and I need help on two words. The first one is: Royal documents that set out terms and permission.( 3 words) There are 15 letters and the 7th letter is S. I thought it would be LettersPatent, but that didn't fit. The second

    asked by Sara
  45. 5th grade

    explain how you can tell 31/33 is in simplest form

    asked by cameron
  46. history

    4. The Palmer raids were organized to root out groups whose activities

    asked by Anonymous
  47. HISTORY135

    Describe the social structure and lifestyles of the 1960's Counterculture. How did the Vietnam War influence the Counterculture? Do you think there is a Counterculture today?

    asked by PARADISE
  48. chemistry

    A sample of carbon dioxide has a mass of 47.4 g. How many carbon atoms are present?

    asked by w
  49. Science

    What are The Parts In the Mouth Below the maxilarity teeth look like holes!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Sidney
  50. english

    what similarities do janie from the book their eyes are watching and okonkwo from the book things fall apart posses. what are their differences.

    asked by crystal
  51. Science

    What are watersheds and why should they be protected? What could you do to protect watersheds? I'm supposed to find sthe answer to this, but my textbook doesn't say anything about why it's useful to humans... the only thing that it tells me is that it's an

    asked by Chris
  52. chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 12.3g of steam at 121.5 degree C is condensed to give liquid water at 64.5 degree C? The heat of vaporization of liquid water is 40.67kj/mol , and the molar heat capacity is 75.3 J/(K mol) for the liquid and

    asked by Lauren
  53. geometry

    Suppose you have an equilateral triangle. The area of the triangle is exactly 1200 square centimetres. Now suppose you have twenty of those triangles. It's possible to assemble those twenty triangles into a closed three-dimensional shape, a regular

    asked by carol
  54. 6th grade

    3 students brought collection of cards the mode is 125 the range is 26 what are two possibilities for the number of cards in each stuudent collection

    asked by dakota
  55. algebra

    4x+12>4 and 3x-25>-13 Solution {xIx> ? } I get so lost on these.

    asked by Blake
  56. chemistry

    A compound was found to contain 49.98 g carbon and 10.47 g hydrogen. The molar mass of the compound is 58.12 g/mol. What is the molecular formula?

    asked by w
  57. business

    Are U. S. ethical standards applicable worldwide? Explain your answer and provide examples. What are the consequences of failure to incorporate ethical considerations into global planning, marketing and operations? Conduct research and share real-world

    asked by my
  58. english

    What nursery rhyme character was a "wise galoshes wearing feline" answer has 12 letters.

    asked by steven
  59. Biology

    9. a molecule shaped like a spiral staircase (double helix) is a typical of a. deoxyribonucleic acid b. ribonucleic acid c. carbohydrates d. both a and b D? 10. ATP is important to living organisms because it a. stores hereditary information b. stores

    asked by mysterychicken
  60. English

    Is this thesis statement better . Solving our economical problems of fear and destruction that has been created among gang violence and drug trafficking, is more challenging than society imagine. The topic of the essay : " Gang Violence and Destruction ".

    asked by April
  61. gramar

    please proof read it and i try my best fixing my mistake can you check my puncuation and capitalization. please On April 9 1917 easter Monday,Canadian soldiers in World war I mounted on their most important offensives of the war.Vimy Ridge,a hill in

    asked by anu
  62. english

    in the story the lottery by shirley jackson what is tess symbolic?

    asked by shawna
  63. MAth

    find the next three numbers in the pattern 2/3, 1 5/12, 2 1/6, 2 11/12 _, _, _

    asked by Brittany
  64. kindergarten math

    what does this mean draw a piece of yarn 3 counters long?

    asked by marc
  65. algebra

    what is the largest multiple of 12 that can be written using each digit 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 exactly once?

    asked by kirsten
  66. Chem

    can you show how u got the ansr on this question? a small pebble is heated and placed in a foam cup calorimeter containing 25.0mL of water at 25 degrees celsius. the water reaches a maximum temp of 26.4 degrees celsius. how many joules of heat were

    asked by Ryan
  67. 6th grade science

    darwin found many species of finches in the galpagos islands. How did these different finches species envolve from a common ancestor?

    asked by Amara.P
  68. Language Arts

    Need to create a poster describing the persuasive technique bandwagon. How do I do it?

    asked by Jerry
  69. math

    There is an 8 square box, I have to put the numbers 1-8 in the eight boxes, BUT no consecutive numbers can be by each other, and cannot be by each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. How can the numbers 1-8 fit in there when they can't be by

    asked by Jenna
  70. speech

    it is not the trophy won but the race run that matters-SPORTSMANSHIP

    asked by meena
  71. Trig/Math

    Find all the points having an x coordinate of 2 whose distance from the point (-1,-5) is 5. so far i have 5=sqrt((-1-2)^2+(-2-y)^2) 5=(-3)^2 how do i simplify the rest of the equation so i can find x. do i foil it out? thanks.

    asked by Josh
  72. social studies

    sicial institutions are of the socialization process a enemies b agents c not part d victims

    asked by faye
  73. math

    what do you call a closed figure made up of line segments?

    asked by joseph
  74. Chemistry

    A 71.0 L cylinder containing CH2O at a pressure of 0.550 atm is connected by a valve to 1.50 L cylinder containing N2 at 266.0 torr pressure. Calculate the partial pressure (atm) of N2 when the valve is opened.

    asked by Bob
  75. physics

    A football player runs the pattern given in the drawing by the three displacement vectors A, B, and C . The magnitudes of these vectors are A = 5 m, B = 16.0 m, and C = 16.0 m. Using the component method, find the magnitude and direction è of the

    asked by Brittany
  76. 11th grade

    Base your answers to the following questions using the diagram. The diagram represents R₁ and R₂ connected to constant power source of 40V. A₁, A₂, and A₃ represent ammeters.Find: A1: R1: potential difference:

    asked by Amy
  77. MATH

    Absolute value of x lxl is less than or EQUAL to 7 lxl_

    asked by Chelsea Dunningham
  78. trig

    Prove : (sinA-cosA+1)/(sinA+cosA-1) = (1+sinA)/cosA

    asked by parnas
  79. Georgraphy

    Please help me with these questions: 18. Latin American society is marked by a. large gaps between rich and poor b. great equality of income c. declining population growth d. a growing middle class I think it's A 19. Most of Mexico's people live a. between

    asked by y912f
  80. algebra

    is 2x=7 a. Standard Form b. Slope Intercept form c.not a linear equation

    asked by Derrielle
  81. chemistry

    1)If 746.4 g of a substance is dissolved in 1723 g of benzene solvent, the freezing point of the solution is -9.19 oC. Calculate the apparent molar mass (g/mol) of substance. 2) What mass ( g ) of the solvent water should be mixed with 0.008595 L of the

    asked by bubble
  82. hca210

    In what ways do health care expenses affect an economy? What are the economic advantages to government involvement in health care? What are the economic disadvantages? Do you feel that government involvement has served to increase healthcare costs or

    asked by emeka
  83. math

    If a man is a citizen of the United States, then he was born in the United States. Sam was not born in the United States. Therefore Sam isn’t a citizen of the United States?

    asked by keshia
  84. Research writimg

    Complete an annotated bibliography of the sources you plan to use in your research paper. Answer the following question: What must you do to convert the annotated bibliography to an APA-formatted reference page, due in Week Seven as part of your rough

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    How do you solve this problem. Answer must be simplifyed 4/5+5/6-3/10

    asked by Courtney
  86. Social Studies

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys here could check over If this answer is right. =) Which Term means this? (99)Responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the city A.Civic Duty B. Magistrates. This is the Rome old Goverment Terms

    asked by Marry
  87. 5th grade Math

    Scales and Intervals The table shows the longest rivers in the world 2341 2590 2718 2543 4160 2635 2734 3362 2744 2485 3395 2350 4000 3964 2600 Choose an appropriate scale and interval size for a frequency table that will represent the data. Then make a

    asked by Taylor
  88. Science

    Talking about Yellowstone National Park Native Amiercans referred to Yellowstone as a place where _______________ General _______________ was the first to name many of the geysers Yellowstone is the result of a _______ _________ tat came up from the

    asked by Ime
  89. algebra

    janice noticed that the number of problems she did for homework (x) formed a linear relationship with her quiz score (y). When she did 3 problems she earned a 25% and when she did 8 problems she earned a 60%. Write an equation to represent this situation.

    asked by andrew
  90. challenges in the Classroom

    Respond to the following in 200 to 250 words. In your opinion, what are the most challenging obstacles teachers face when managing the classroom? What strengths do you possess that will help you meet and overcome those challenges?

    asked by Jay
  91. chemistry

    how many molecules of calcium are needed to produce 90.87 moles of carbon dioxide? please explain.

    asked by alex
  92. Math

    I checked the problem but I didn't understand the answer how could you do?, because what happened with the fractions? Estimate the result of the following problem as a whole number: 4 1/43+2 15/16 -1 24/26+ 5 11/12 -3 3/61 Can you explain me, please....?

    asked by Sha
  93. Chemistry

    The mass percent of a three component gas sample is 95.2% PF5, 1.40% C2H2 and 3.40% C3H6. Calculate the partial pressure (atm) of PF5 if the total pressure of the sample is 570.0 torr.

    asked by Katie
  94. chemistry

    A sample of silver chromate (Ag2CrO4) has a mass of 29.0 g. How many CrO42- ions are present?

    asked by w
  95. chemistry

    If a precipitation reaction occurs when a solution of one species is added to a solution of the other, enter the formulas and states of all products. Separate by comma. If there is no reaction, enter the formula and state of all ions in solution. magnesium

    asked by bubble
  96. English

    Mrs Sue, I have to write perssavie essay on fear and destruction in which some common street drug has created among gang violence , schools , families, workforce and institutions with in our community . I am having a hard time developing a thesis statement

    asked by April
  97. Alg II

    I'm working with finding roots of polynomial equations with degrees of 3 or higher. I have the equation r(x)=x^4-6x^3+12x^2=6x-13 I used a graphing calculator to find the real roots of 1,-1 Then I did synthetic using -1, and I ended up with the equation

    asked by Josh
  98. Biology

    4. The difference between an atom and and element is a. an element is made of atoms b. atoms are made of elements c. atoms are held together by covalent bonds d. none of the above C? 6. Which of the following is NOT an organic compound? a. ATP molecule b.

    asked by mysterychicken
  99. social studies

    What is the ancestry of Venezuela

    asked by samantha
  100. college

    Rs 150 will be given to cultivate one hectare of land.A and B can do this work 12 hours.B and C can do it in 15 hours and C and A ca do it in 10 hours.How much each will get if all the three work together?

    asked by Rambabu
  101. Socials

    How did 'Assiniboia' come into being? How did the arrival of settlers threaten the fur trader's way of life? What was the 'pemmican proclamation'--how did this lead to war? What was the result? Who was George Simpson--what did he do for Rupert's Land? The

    asked by Sara
  102. HCA 220

    o Scenario 2: You are an allied health professional working with an orthopedist. You have been working with the patient and need to update the doctor on the reason for the patient’s visit. Begin describing the patient’s concerns. Your classmates may

    asked by Isabel
  103. math

    Are three collinear points are always also coplanar points.

    asked by J
  104. 2nd grade

    lucy's shade is covering nine-twelfths of her window. draw and clor nine-twelfths of a square to show lucy's window.Write te correct fraction

    asked by natalie
  105. physics

    A ball is thrown up with a speed of 30m/s, what is the maximum height reached?

    asked by Andrew
  106. math 156

    Jennifer considered the numbers 4, 24, 44, and 64 and noticed that they all ended in 4 and that they can be divided evenly by 4, leaving no remainder. She concluded that all numbers that end in 4 can be divided evenly by 4. What type of reasoning did

    asked by Ty
  107. math

    Consider the following sums of numbers and how they are formed: 1 odd number } 2 odd numbers 678 3 odd numbers 64748 Predict the following sum and complete the generalization: a. 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 11 = ? b. 1 + 3 + 5 + Á + (2n - 1) = ?

    asked by Ty
  108. 3rd grade

    if a student colored half of a poster, another student colored 1/3 of it, how much is left to color

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Health Care

    How do the human resources laws or health care regulations impact performance appraisals? What are the legal implications a manager must consider when conducting performance appraisals?

    asked by pj
  110. health 2

    Why were human births historically so dangerous, particularly before C-sections were possible?

    asked by yelena
  111. health

    Sexual reproduction allows two individuals to provide DNA to create new beings that are different from whom?

    asked by yelena
  112. IT210

    Describe two things you can do to overcome these difficulties

    asked by Mike
  113. science

    how might research that demonstrates a genetic basis for some aspects of human behavior impact society?

    asked by christina
  114. algebra

    In a particular house,the bedrooms take up 1/3 of the total floor area, and the living room takes up another 1/5.If the rest of the house has an area of 700 square feet,find the area of the living room and area devoted to bedrooms.

    asked by chris
  115. chemistry

    hoose any two temperatures and corresponding vapor pressures in the table given, and use those values to calculate for dichloromethane (in ). () () 263 80.1 273 133.6 283 213.3 293 329.6 303 495.4 313 724.4

    asked by Mariah
  116. Math

    If my monthly mortgage payments for a house that costs $132, 905. The terms of your mortgage are 7%/a compunded semi-annually for 25 years

    asked by Miranda
  117. Planning Again

    Identify the 3 skills acquired in community-based activities. Describe the specific activities that you were involved in that allowed you to develop each of these skills. What does it mean by skills acquired in community-based activities. Please help

    asked by John
  118. Riddle

    If it were 2 hours later than it is right now, it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later than right now. What time is it?

    asked by Steve
  119. Algebra

    Hello, need help in finding the slope for this question(0,-9) and (-4,0) thanks sally

    asked by Sally
  120. math

    One number is 5 more than another number. Four times the larger number plus 3 times the smaller is 97. find the numbers. Show your work.

    asked by allan
  121. Socials

    What do these words mean: country wife, sagamite, margin, philantropist, mercenary. What roles did native women play in the founding of Canada? Country Wife: A wife married "after the customs of the country," which were a blend of both European and Native

    asked by Sara
  122. biology

    The offspinf of true-breeding parents are called the: a) F1 generation b) f2 generation c) dominant offspring d) recessive offspring I know its not c or d so that leaves me with a, or b.

    asked by christina
  123. english

    I really don't know how Slaughterhouse-five and Catch-22 use similar motifs to convey their anti-war message?? I don't understand how their anti-war message is similar if that makes more sense.

    asked by Tyler
  124. 8th grade

    How do you do (3x-4)^2??? This is multiplying polynomials...

    asked by Alyssa
  125. chemistry

    Calculate the volume ( L ) of the solute C3H8O3 and the mass ( g ) of the solvent H2O that should be added to produce 6050 g of a solution that is 1.17 m C3H8O3.

    asked by tea
  126. social study

    what isthe purpose of government?

    asked by rafat
  127. teaching

    Suppose Jack says that if the temperature is below he won’t play tennis. Determine which of the following cases, if any, indicate that Jack did not tell the truth:

    asked by keshia
  128. Planning

    Identify and describe a range of transferable education skills. Criteria #1: List 3 types of skills (Employability) and list examples of each type of skill and give examples of each specific skill. I understand it wants me to l ist 3 types of employability

    asked by John
  129. Geometry

    The sum of the diameters of two circles is 28 inches. One circle has a diameter that is 8 inches longer than the diameter of the other. What are the diameters of the two circles?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. chemistry

    I need help finding the net and total ionic for this reation. i know the steps but i keep getting the wrong answer. Al2(SO4)3 (aq) + 6 NaOH (aq) ----> 2 Al(OH)3 (s) +3 Na2SO4 (aq) Category

    asked by jake
  131. english

    in 1984 the government (big brother)controlled all aspects of life. do you think we need more government in our lives or less.

    asked by jasmine
  132. SOC

    a social institution like health care, how to Compare and contrast on how the theoretical perspectives view the institution of healthcare. Then how does this way of thinking affect the people who are in or part of healthcare? PLEASE HELP I JUST NEED TO

    asked by chris allen
  133. chemistry

    What is the vapor pressure of (in ) at 18.5? Carbon disulfide, , has = 100 at -5.1 and = 28.0

    asked by aamani
  134. pre-cal

    How do I find the domain of the following function algebraically? I can determine it from the graph, but not algebraically.

    asked by Mitzi
  135. college

    what is ADE/CLR?

    asked by Randy
  136. English

    I would like to know which of the following spellings are correct: two grapefruits or grapefruit two kiwis or two kiwifruits Is the plural of fruit and kaki possible? On the basis of your last correction, can you check the rephrasing of this line "Misers,

    asked by Franco
  137. chemistry

    How many moles are there in 4.76e24 atoms Al?

    asked by w
  138. english

    how does raskolnikov, a tragic figure, from crime and punishment serve as an instrument for the suffering of others.

    asked by kelli
  139. geometry

    what polygon has exactly three side of equal lenghth and exactly two angles of equal measure?

    asked by Stevi
  140. math

    Jennifer considered the numbers 4, 24, 44, and 64 and noticed that they all ended in 4 and that they can be divided evenly by 4, leaving no remainder. She concluded that all numbers that end in 4 can be divided evenly by 4. What type of reasoning did

    asked by kim
  141. Science

    l'm sorry l have another question about watersheds >< What can we do to protect the water where you live?

    asked by Chris
  142. com 220

    explains how using statistics, graphs, and illustrations can strengthen our arguments in many different ways. In this case, the author used many different stats. He backed up claims with facts, which makes his argument more convincing!

    asked by luz
  143. maath 116

    3. The linear equation represents an estimate of the average cost of gas for year x starting in 1997. The year 1997 would be represented by x = 1, for example, as it is the first year in the study. Similarly, 2005 would be year 9, or x = 9. a) What year

    asked by Juan
  144. colleg math

    c=2.85n +30.52 where n is the namber of years since1990. a)find and interpret the C-intercept for the line,b)find and interpret the n-intercept for the line,C) graph the line for n ranging from 0 through 20,d)if this trend continues,then in what year will

    asked by Anonymous
  145. math

    In a particular house,the bedrooms take up 1/3 of the total floor area, and the living room takes up another 1/5.If the rest of the house has an area of 700 square feet,find the area of the living room and area devoted to bedrooms.

    asked by chris
  146. Socials

    What was an added bonus of these Europeans conducting trading in Canada? Describe the achievements of either Fraser or Thompson. How did Cook and Vancouver contribute to the history of BC? An added bonus of these Europeans conducting trading in Canada was

    asked by Sara
  147. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue could you please have a moment to look at my other previous question, the one I was having trouble on, thanks

    asked by Sara
  148. acc 260

    Is an accounting professional guaranteed to act ethically just because he or she has completed a course in ethics? Explain your answer. Having nearly reached the end of this course, what do you think you have learned that will help you to act ethically in

    asked by ashley
  149. 8th grade

    how do we learn./

    asked by mat
  150. MATH213

    Write each of the following in the form a √ b or a ⁿ√ b, where a and b are integers and b has the least value possible: a. √242 b. √288 c. √360 d. ⁿ√162

    asked by Rebecca
  151. MATH213

    12. A student argues that a p% increase in salary followed by a q% decrease is equivalent to a q% decrease followed by a p% increase because of the commutative property of multiplication. How do you respond?

    asked by Rebecca
  152. world history

    what contribution did ancient greek civilization make?

    asked by Cinthia
  153. Geometry


    asked by Madeline
  154. 6th grade

    what percent of 97 is 39

    asked by nene
  155. phsyc

    The textbook states that the most significant contribution positive psychology makes to the scientific study of well-being is the assessment of specific strengths. The textbook summarizes positive psychology as being aware that humans are both creatures

    asked by barb
  156. ela

    can you proof read once more please it was grammar worksheet i just corrected but i thought it will lots of mistake that why i gave to you to proofread. tomorrow i have to tell the answers because everyone has some paragraph On April 9, 1917, Easter

    asked by anu
  157. Chemistry

    what is the importance of the weak intermolecular bonding in organic carbon compounds

    asked by Danielle
  158. marketing

    What are some of the different stages a company goes through when developing its IMC strategy?

    asked by robbie
  159. English

    Can you please help me rephrase a poem by Whitman or at least check if my sentences are correct? 1)We were holding each other tightly without ever leaving each other (??) 2) We enjoyed going up and down, making excursions, being powerful (??) 3) We

    asked by Franco
  160. chemistry

    How many moles are there in 23.6g Ag?

    asked by w
  161. galilee college

    a business has tochoose between depositing excessive high revenues in short term interest bearing account or using them to pay of short term debt if you are a financial manager what option would you choose and why?

    asked by shan
  162. algebra

    x^2-7x+3=0 1) exact solutions x=? 2) approx to 3 decimal places x=?

    asked by Diana
  163. Alg II

    I'm working with finding roots of polynomial equations with degrees of 3 or higher. I have the equation r(x)=x^4-6x^3+12x^2=6x-13 I used a graphing calculator to find the real roots of 1,-1 Then I did synthetic using -1, and I ended up with the equation

    asked by Josh
  164. chemistry

    how do you convert? how do you figure out molar masses?

    asked by Zana
  165. HCA 220

    You are attending a wellness conference and one of the exhibitors is a chiropractor in your local area. You are unfamiliar with chiropractic care and want to learn more. Since you are at the conference, the doctor assumes that you have knowledge of medical

    asked by Isabel
  166. 6th Grade Grammar

    Underline the form of to do or to have in the sentence. Today, many do their best to learn about Einstein's work. Also, what does the "to do" and the "to have" mean?

    asked by David
  167. com 220

    Assignment: Incorporating Statistics, Graphs, and Illustrations ... com 220. How does the author of A Nation Apart organize information to build his

    asked by lizbeth
  168. child development

    can you help me find some information on appropriate and inappropriate responses for infants and early childhood? please thank you. i cant find any and i did the assigment wrong. thank you

    asked by scooby
  169. childcare

    Introducing organized sports among young children is not recommended because? A.this excludes the teacher or caregiver from a role in play. B.they lack the necessary physical maturation needed. C.they should be making up their own rules. D.they lack the

    asked by Abbie
  170. 4th grade

    I need to know I good way to do long division. The problem is: It takes 14 oranges to make a small pitcher of juice. Annette has 112 oranges. How many pitchers of juice can she make?

    asked by Katie
  171. algebra

    i hav finals tomorrow in algebra 1 any easy tip i can have to remember iniqualities?

    asked by isabella
  172. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue could you take a moment to look at my previous post, thanks

    asked by Sara
  173. child development

    emotional development in all 5 stages. i can not find it.

    asked by scooby
  174. Public Speaking

    What could be an example for someone coming to the wrong conclusion based on someone's actions?

    asked by Bryan
  175. 4th grade

    spelling rule: for words ending in one vowel and one consonant, - - - - - - the final consonant before adding a,e,i,o,u, or y

    asked by hannah
  176. chemistry

    At what temperature (in ) does acetone have = 102

    asked by aamani
  177. english


    asked by jasmine
  178. arithmetic


    asked by Anonymous
  179. soc

    how is social change approached or dealt with healthcare?

    asked by Anonymous
  180. marketing

    What are some of the different stages a company goes through when developing its IMC strategy?

    asked by robbie
  181. English

    Can some help me find a site that lists the types of heroes in literature? Specifically Tragic and Anti heroes. No Wiki or anything like that please, I need to be able to cite it for my essay. Thank you!

    asked by Joan
  182. Math

    How does x(squareroot)x equal x^(3/2)? I don't understand where the 3 is coming from.

    asked by Stuck
  183. English

    Can I say We alarmed the stingy (mean), the servants and the priests with our forays. Thanks

    asked by Franco
  184. Social Studies

    What Florida County did the seminole indians fight over against the american colonists? A) Seminole B) Highland C) Dixie D) Osceola

    asked by Rachel
  185. Science

    What ar the 4 componets that effect the earths climate? How does Carbon and Nitrate effect humans and the enviroment?

    asked by Ramandeep
  186. Social Studies

    help with this questions What do you think of elementary school social studies texts that are being in todau's classrooms?Have they improved since you a child?How have they changed?what sort of supplemental materials make a difference? help

    asked by Anonymous
  187. 3rd math

    an average porcupine has about 30,000 quills. about how many quills would 4 have? number model_________? answer_______________? thanks!

    asked by pat
  188. effective essay

    what would the writer use for the conclusion on healthful eating?

    asked by veronica gray
  189. com 220

    what is the importance of incorporating statistics, graph and illustration

    asked by lizbeth
  190. 5th grade

    How to figure out if a fraction is in its simplest form.

    asked by Angie
  191. Medical language

    Summarize the processes of blood clotting, immune response, allergic reaction, and hormone release and how are they interrelated.

    asked by Starr
  192. u.s. history

    when did the first outpour of selling take place during the great depression?

    asked by john
  193. math

    If a point on a line is already known, which of the following would be the least needed to create an equation?

    asked by Sarah
  194. HIS125

    What are some federal government strategies for uniting citizens and gaining citizen support for WW I format?

    asked by ggift
  195. Math

    Can you please explain this to me. The problem is 7/16 - 3/20 First I have to find the common denominator which would be 80 How does the 7/16 become 35/80 (where does the 35 come from) How does the 3/20 become a 12/80 (Where does the 12 come from) 35/80

    asked by Liz
  196. marketing

    What are some of the different stages a company goes through when developing its IMC strategy?

    asked by robbie
  197. chemistry

    If sodium iodoacetate is used instead of sodium chloroacetate, how will the rate of reaction be affected?

    asked by anglo
  198. 12th grade

    which of the following contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970's

    asked by science
  199. please help!

    You are 10 m away from a sound source of intensity comparable to the background noise in a very quiet room (20 dB). If you want the intensity in dB to double, you must move to a distance ... A) 100 m B) 20 m C) 7 m D) 5 m E) 1 m the answer is 1 m, but I'm

    asked by dawn
  200. college

    what is ADE/CLR?

    asked by Randy
  201. Art history

    Is it true that renaissance painters used central compositions to produce a more formal setting? I could be wrong.

    asked by AL 87
  202. social studies

    Where did the pickle first originate?

    asked by Daniel
  203. English

    Thank you so much for your assistance with my thesis statement and topic for my persuasive essay. Now, can you tell me if I have answered theses two questions correctly pertaining to my thesis statement " solving our economic problems of fear and

    asked by April
  204. world history

    what ways does increasing presence of technology in society affect the courts and legal systems in the united states

    asked by sharlene howard
  205. marketing

    Who can motivation be use to create a profitable brand

    asked by Luck
  206. 6th grade science

    Ammontie fossils are commonly found in rocks more than 100 million years old. they are not found in younger rocks. what is the reason for this.

    asked by Amara.P
  207. math

    how to round off to nearest million

    asked by bethany
  208. english

    Where should the commas be placed in this sentence? Players came from places such as Red Hill Pennsylvania and Popular Point Manitoba Canada.

    asked by JB
  209. science

    why don't earthquakes form on the san andreas fault?

    asked by Nick
  210. Literary Analysis and Composition

    Please help me out with this question! I am still trying to understand participle phrases. Write the first and last word of the participial phrase. We studied the notes, including all the lectures and outlines.

    asked by Emily
  211. Math

    The digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are repeated in such a way that when the digits repeat the greatest digit is removed: what is the 1111st number in the pattern

    asked by Kelly
  212. algebra 1-2

    The sum of two numbers is 73. Their difference is 21. Find the larger number.?

    asked by Brian
  213. english

    what's a good comparative essay title for catch-22 and slaughterhouse-five?

    asked by Tyler
  214. maths

    what is the nth term of the following sequence: 1, -1/2, 3/4, -15/8, etc

    asked by sarah
  215. Eastern

    Compare and contrast the role of women in 3 of the religon studied and does compare with the of women?

    asked by Martail
  216. math 2

    3x*-150= -282

    asked by Delisa
  217. Art again

    That last answer didn't help. Were the renaissance compositions actually central?

    asked by AL 87
  218. social studies

    what was an assyrian attack like?

    asked by mikayla
  219. science

    what kinds of atoms form the molecules for each element...please help me

    asked by Katherine
  220. math

    the puzzle pieces square centimeters. the puzzle is 115 pieces wide. how many centimeters wide is the puzzle?

    asked by Anonymous
  221. acct

    why is internal control important?

    asked by sue
  222. biology

    how does the use of other organisms help science?

    asked by kimberly
  223. history

    what do they mean by describe the social,composition of the decade of corporate greed

    asked by kristina
  224. math

    what figure has 2 sides that measures 25 feet each and 2 sides that measures 10 feet each?

    asked by danielle
  225. I.T

    what would you need to do in order to legally use the pictures from a websight?

    asked by becky
  226. math

    what is the height of a 15 ft trees shadow?

    asked by kelli
  227. spellin

    late later latest

    asked by Anonymous
  228. math

    blank * (x+5)=x+5 over 2

    asked by Anonymous
  229. math

    how do you calculate 12 2/3 minus5 7/9

    asked by darion
  230. 5th grade


    asked by stacey
  231. math

    thank you

    asked by natalie