Questions Asked on
December 31, 2009

  1. math

    a polyhedron has 36 edges and 21 faces, how many vertices does it have? thank you

    asked by Kay Kay
  2. Physics

    A boy throws a 4-kg pumpkin at 8m/s to a 40kg girl on roller skates, who catches it. At what speed does the girl then move backwards?

    asked by Aly
  3. lore

    During the Moors invasion into Spain, did some of the Moors convert to some Spanish religions? what were some of these religons

    asked by jake
  4. Sciece

    What is the pronunciation rebus for nitrogen?

    asked by Rachel
  5. physics

    A fire helicopter carries a 640 kg bucket of water at the end of a 20.0 m long cable. Flying back from a fire at a constant speed of 40.0 m/s, the cable makes an angle of 42.0° with respect to the vertical. Determine the force exerted by air resistance on

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    Each letter of the alphabet is a written on a separate piece of paper and placed in a box. Find the probability of a drawing a vowel a,e,i,o,u or a letter in the word sum. Thank you

    asked by Kay Kay
  7. Literature

    2. In a play, when the protagonist encounters an obstacle, a. the exposition begins b. the climax begins c. conflict occurs d. the denouement occurs Not sure...? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  8. Physics

    Approximately 4 x 10^9 kg of matter is converted into enery in the sun per second. Express the power output of the sun in watts.

    asked by Aly

    What christmas word can you make out of COCUTOKITEER

    asked by JESSICA
  10. Literature

    B.C wrote R.T.P. and H.H. what that mean?

    asked by Coroline
  11. Literature

    What are some key passages in 'The Miracle Worker' that reveal something important about the characters of Annie Sullivan or Helen Keller? I'm not sure, please help... Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  12. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 90k-g barbell from the floor to a height of 2/2 m in 0.6 s. What was his average power output during his lift? Sorry I wrote it wrong the first time!

    asked by Aly
  13. Math

    Why are bacteria bad at math

    asked by Kayla
  14. Statistics

    A random sample of size 20 from a normal population will sample mean 42 and sample standard deviation of 6 . To test the hypothesis the population mean 44 at 5% level of significance , find the p-value and comment

    asked by Mrs. Lakshmi
  15. Physics

    A man drinks a bottle of beer and proposes to work off it's 460 kj by exercising with a 20-kg barbell. If each lift of the barbell from chest height to over his head is through 60 cm and the efficiceny of his body is 10 percent under these circumstances,

    asked by Aly
  16. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 90k-g barbell from the floor to a height of 2/2 m in 0.6 s. What was his average power output during the life?

    asked by Aly
  17. chemistry

    can you explain me how to do this question. any help would be much appreciated. 1) If 0.025 mol of COCl2(g) is placed in a one liter container at 400c, 16.0% of the CoCl2 is dissociated when equilibrium is established. COCl2(g)-> Co(g)+Cl2(g) calculate the

    asked by hrithik
  18. Math

    Ms. Pecho currently owes $637.50 in simple interest on a loan of $2500 at an annual interest rate of 17%. How long has she had the loan? How do you figure out this problem? I am not merely looking for an answer, I would like to know how to do it to know if

    asked by Rose
  19. German rules for JJ

    Many of your questions had to do with CASES; in German there are three genders (masculine, feminine and neutral) and the CASES for them are as follows: MASCULINE: nominative - DER Vater ist groß the father is big genitive - der Hut DES Vaters ist neu the

    asked by E.G.
  20. chemistry

    hi i have difficulty in this question.any help would be much appreciated. 1) a mixture of 0.0080 mol of So2(g) and 0.0056mol of O2(g) is placed in one liter container at 100K. when equilibrium is established, 0.0040 mol of So3(g)is present

    asked by hrithik
  21. english

    i am learning english at the moment Six hundred years ago, Sir John Hawkwood arrived in Italy with a band of soldiers and settled near Florence. He soon made a name for himself and came to be known to the Italians as Giovanni Acuto. does [made a name for

    asked by english
  22. Business

    I have to do a 10 to 15 powerpoint presentation describing the evolution of business. I have to include Feudalism, mercantilism, capitalism, commerce, property right, and the industrial revolution.I have to provide examples and appropriate visual to

    asked by Elaine
  23. Literature

    I math::7D=1W 7 days=1week Question: Literature "S.W." and "C" are both F.T.

    asked by Coroline
  24. English

    Can I say "I use the Internet for cheating the answers from a site"? Can you correct it for me please?

    asked by Jutta
  25. Statistics

    I am trying to work a case problem, I have to take a group of numbers and using the data by product line, there is three different products lines, I need to compile a breakdown of sales by product then give a total of all three. then I need to find the

    asked by Nancy
  26. history

    Western companies often impose western culture on the country in which the business is launched. Locate an article that contains a similar situation as Wal-Mart and summarize the findings. What is your analysis of the situation? How could this have been

    asked by stacii
  27. English

    this is an intro for an argumentative essay, the thesis for the essay is supposed to be that empires are bad..i need help in bringing that out better ( will be forever happy if it rewritten) empires are needed and inevitable. These people would be

    asked by jake
  28. chemistry

    what is the difference between qualitative property and quantitative property?

    asked by su
  29. Statics

    An ace,king,Jack of Clubs or Queen of Diomonds Occure While Drawing aCard frrom a Deck of Well-Shuffeled ordinary Deck of Playing cards Find the Probability?

    asked by Hafiz
  30. Physics

    A man skis down a slope 120 m high. If 80 percent of his initial potential energy is lost to friction and air resistence, what is his speed at the bottom of the slope?

    asked by Aly
  31. p

    If a lightbulb uses 60 watts of power. If the light bulb is run for 5 hours everyday of a 30-day month how much energy did the lightbulb use? Answer in k Wh.

    asked by Aly
  32. college essay topic

    what can be my topic for this college essay? Write an essay about yourself and the events in your life which have made a difference in the way you view yourself and others.

    asked by kim
  33. english

    Is it correct to say He became too tired to carry his friend on his rope and decided to cut it 1)Though with a broken leg he managed to arrive at the camp by moving his hands and knees OR is it OK to say with his hands and knees. Could you omit by before

    asked by Franco
  34. Technology

    I need help with these two questions: 1. Sheet metal and copper piping are examples of a. natural resources b. industrial products c. consumer products d. standard materials I think it's either B or D 2. Which of the following would be considered part of a

    asked by y912f
  35. Physics

    A car travels 15 miles east in 34 minutes. what is the velocity in miles per hour?

    asked by Aly
  36. Algebra

    Hello, can someone check my answers to the following Algebra questions 1. (2y)(-2)= My answer - 2 * -2 = 0 Translate 2 and 3 into an euation 2. Four less than the quotient of x divided by 2 is 8. My answer - (x * 2) -4 = 8 3. The sum of two consecutive

    asked by Tamir
  37. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 1500 kilogram object moving at 25 m/s?

    asked by Aly
  38. Physics

    The potential energy of a golf ball in a hole is negative with respect to the ground. Under what circumstances (if any) is the ball's kinetic energy negative? It's rest energy?

    asked by Aly
  39. 8th grade

    Ms Pecho currently owes $637.50 in simple interest on a loan of $2500 at an annual interest rate of 17%. How long has she had the loan. This is his problem and I have no clue how to help him but I do know the answer he came up with is 18.77. That seems

    asked by Rose
  40. English

    What is the difference between these two sentences: A person who helps others A person who helps the others??? Which of the two is correct? A person who likes working so much Or A person who likes so much working??

    asked by Wilma
  41. math

    If the counting numbers are arranged as shown, under which letter will the number 88 appears? THANK YOU. A B C D E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    asked by Carolyn
  42. English

    i require assistance in proofreading and editing this paragrpah please: Some people believe that empire expansion is another way to protect a nations culture and religion by expanding, oppressing other cultures. But by expanding you leave your culture and

    asked by jake
  43. Math

    I posed a problem and no one helped me to see how to solve the problem. I don't want you to give me the answer, I want to know how to arrive at the correct answer. Again, Ms. Pecho currently owes $637.50 in simple interest on a loan of $25oo at an annual

    asked by Rose
  44. english from great 1

    make little words from word pomegranate 15 words

    asked by urooj
  45. Physics

    what is the velocity of an object which moves from a position x=9 meters to a position x=8 meters in a time of 3 seconds

    asked by Aly
  46. chemistry

    i have difficulty in this question. any help would be much appreciated. 1)CO(g)+2H2(g)->CH3OH(g) at 225c, K is 10.2 liter^2/mol^2. what concentration of CH3OH(g)is in equilibrium with CO(g) at a concentration of 0.020 mol/liter and H2(g) at a concentration

    asked by hrithik
  47. math

    Amy paints a house in 4 hours and Thomas paints the same house in 6 hours. How long will it take to paint the house together?

    asked by maria
  48. English

    Which word is correct in the sentence? Gail arranged the bookshelf (as or like) her mother asked her to.

    asked by Rika
  49. science

    what are the components of electromagnectic field?

    asked by anna
  50. science

    What is a term for a group of interbreeding organisms living in the same area?

    asked by lynda
  51. MATHS

    1) given that x= log(small5)3 + log(small5)4, find algebraically the value of x 2)a mug of tea cools according to the law T(small t)= T(small 0)e to the power^-kt where T(small 0) is the initial temp and T(small c)is the temp after t minutes. all temps are

    asked by Mr in need of help!
  52. social studies

    The president of the United States is elected by the electoral college. What type of system is this?

    asked by ashley
  53. government

    was ronald reagan considered strong or weak on foreign policy?

    asked by diana