Questions Asked on
December 30, 2009

  1. Technology

    'I posted this question a while back on jiskha. i don't even remember if i got an answer or not. here it is: the montior is a part of the computer that would be considered a(n) a. input device b. processing device c. output device d. memory device i think

    asked by y912f
  2. 12th grade american governmet

    Research Ronald Reagan especially with regards to their foreign policy and foreign involvement during their administration. Identify 3 aspects of their foreign policy or foreign events they involved the US with. for each of the events explain where on the

    asked by Dee
  3. chemistry

    The postulates of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom can be stated as follows: I. The electron can exist only in discrete states each with a definite energy. II. The electron can exist only in circular orbits. III. The angular momentum of the electron is

    asked by anonymous
  4. Technology

    I posted this question a while back on jiskha. i don't even remember if i got an answer or not. here it is: the montior is a part of the computer that would be considered a(n) a. input device b. processing device c. output device d. memory device i think

    asked by y912f
  5. college

    I need help to journalize these transactions for accounting. Samantha purchased inventory costing 125,000 and sold 70% of the goods for 162,500 all purchases and sales were on account She later collected 25% of the accounts receivable Which is the

    asked by Ronnie
  6. 10th grade Literature

    Can someone tell me the Simularitys and Non-simularitys of these too books Baldwins account of the Titanic and Rosenthal's avvount of his visit to auschwitz, Please and thank you

    asked by Amanda
  7. MATH

    McDonalds sells 6 times as many orders of French fries as Harry's Hamburger Hut every day. If both sold 60 more orders McDonalds would sell only 3 times as many fries. How many orders of fries do each sell before and after the increase?

    asked by HEATHER
  8. Econonmics

    Assume that the gross national debt initially is equal to $3 trillion and the federal government then runs a deficit of $300 billion

    asked by Kevin
  9. math

    five forces are acting on a point p they are 60N at 90 degree, 40N at o degree, 80 N at 270 degree, 40N at 180 degree , ad 5o N at 60 degree what is the madnitude and direction of the vectors that would produce equilibrium at point p?

    asked by sara
  10. economics

    As tradition has it, Santa Claus is coming on the 5th of December from Spain to the Netherlands to bring gifts to Dutch children. Help is needed to distribute the gifts for which the Santa Claus committee is hiring helpers, so-called Zwarte Pieten. There

    asked by nate
  11. Social Studies

    What should I put the title for the making of silk? (creative title) plz !!!!!

    asked by Alia
  12. English

    Can you check the following sentences? He asked her to leave him her bus seat/ OR He asked her to leave her bus seat to him He wished they could become friends/OR could be friends/OR make friends? He had many powers such as the ability/OR like the ability

    asked by Alessio
  13. English

    Imperialism can benefit one’s country. Empires can be built by securing resources; however, the building of empires has essentially led to many wars throughout history. Some believe that empires are needed and inevitable. These people would be considered

    asked by jake
  14. English

    what are some bad points about building an empire? i need some points for my essay about what people who support empire building would say and an example of why this is bad. i got (securing natural resource by expansion leading to war), as a point already.

    asked by jake
  15. science

    what type of enironmental change might stop the development of an organic sedimentary rock?

    asked by anthony
  16. English

    i need an argument talking about why building an empire is good, then an argument against it. example( some believe that empires can provide a secure natural resource source, but by taking over others territories it can create war)

    asked by sam
  17. Literature

    Is this alright? Explain why it is important to be able to say what you think. Include details that show how people form their opinions. Support your ideas with examples from Darkness At Noon and Homeless. I believe that it’s important for people like

    asked by mysterychicken
  18. social studies

    can anybody show me a timeline that links from paleolithic times to the chaldean empire? please this is due on monday!

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Accounting

    When you apply the lower- of- cost- or market rule, market values generally refers to. which one current sales FIFO LIFO current replacement

    asked by Ronnie
  20. Literature

    'Explain why it is important for you to be able to say what you think. Include details that show how people form their opinions. Support your ideas with examples from 'Darkness At Noon' by Harold Krents and 'Homeless' by Anna Quindlen.' I reallyyy need

    asked by mysterychicken
  21. English

    this is the start of my second body paragraph, how can i expand it by putting examples? Some people believe that empire expansion is another way to protect a nations culture and religion by expanding, oppressing other cultures. But by expanding you leave

    asked by jake
  22. english

    1. What learning similarities and differences are apparent? 2. What is the important of knowing your learning strengths in addition to those of your classmates? 3. How may this knowledge be beneficial to collaborative work completed in an online learning

    asked by Trina
  23. science

    An object accelerates (changes its speed) only if the forces acting on it in one direction are greater than the forces in the opposite direction, All of the following objects will accelerate EXCEPT? A) a ball striking a wall, in which the force of the ball

    asked by geo
  24. English

    What do you use to do your shopping in England? Plastic bags, carrier bags,tissue bags, paper bags, cardboard boxes What are tissue bags?

    asked by Jutta
  25. English

    Is the root word of leadership a leader?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. german

    Mein Mitbewohner hat alles umgestellt! Gestern waren die Musikbozen hinter (1)_____ Sofa. Aber Jurgen hat sie unter (2)____ Tisch gestellt. Das Telefon war auf (3)_____ Tisch. Aber Juergen hat es an (4)____ Wand gehaengt. Die Pflanze war in (5)_______

    asked by JJ
  27. Social Studies

    Was Andrew Jackson An effective president?

    asked by Nirav
  28. Math 9

    Hi, I'm having trouble understanding inequality like graphing it on a number line. I don't understand the open circle and close circle. Can someone help explain? Thank you

    asked by Lisa
  29. history

    what aspects of ww1 demonstrate democratic ideals and which do not?

    asked by jill
  30. is apple a computer or operating system?

    is Apple a computer or the computers operating system? or Is mac the computer and apple the operating system?

    asked by jerson
  31. English

    1)Animals have the same right to life as humans. Animal testing means to cancel the right to life of animals 2)I use the internet for school research/for homowork/for doing/to do my homework or some school research/to cheat at school/to search for

    asked by Franco
  32. english

    make little words from the word Pomegranate

    asked by urooj
  33. math

    To get an A in history, a student must score an average of 90 on four papers. Scores on the first three papers were 92, 83, and 88. What is the lowest score that a student can make on the last paper and still get an A?

    asked by Jacqueline
  34. Business Accounting

    Given the following data by how much would taxable incoome change if LIFO is used rather that FIFO Beg Inv. 3500 unit at 60 units sold 8100 Purchases 6500 units at 70

    asked by Ronnie
  35. algebra

    Find the product. (n^3)^3 · (n^4)^5 = n____

    asked by yelena
  36. algebra 1

    Simplify the following expression. x^-1 =

    asked by Alie
  37. English

    I hope you could answer some of my questions this time Can you say: I use the Internet to do my homework researches or is it better to say for doing my homework research/for homowork research? After a little period OR after a short time OR after a while

    asked by Franco
  38. gov/pol/diction

    filibustering is that a word?

    asked by jesse
  39. GERMAN

    Wie war das in der Kindheit? 1. Als ich Kind war, ___ ich immer radfahren. will woll wolle wollte wollen 2. Als du Kind warst, ___ du nicht allein über die Straße gehen. darfte durfte darfst durftest dürftest 3. Als Monika Kind war, ___ sie nicht, daß

    asked by JJ
  40. math

    Kelly bought a TV, after a reduction of 15% in a sale, the one she bought cost her £319.60. What wa the original price of the TV? 319.60 x 1.15 = 367.54 would this be right?

    asked by chelsea
  41. english

    Hello! I need differents opinions... Thursday December 24th senate passes health bill. What will change concretely this reform? When you know that the expenses incurred will increase the national debt by 287 billions. You aren't afraid of increasing the

    asked by Marie
  42. english

    make little words frome the word Pomegranate

    asked by urooj
  43. Business Studies

    Why do businesses need to raise finance?

    asked by Remy
  44. business ethics

    explain at lest three issues within today's enviornment that affect your communivty and organization

    asked by tj
  45. Maths

    How do I integrate this: x cubed + 1 --- x to the power of -3

    asked by Dakota