Questions Asked on
December 26, 2009

  1. Physics

    A race car can be slowed with a constant acceleration of -11 m/s^2 a. If the car is going 55 m/s, how many meters will it travel before it stops? b. How many meters will it take to stop a car going twice as fast? I know you use the equation d = Vit +1/2

    asked by Priscilla
  2. english

    I am working on a crossword puzzle involvin northern climes and the question I have is, what is the foreclosure of academic studies (sometimes associated with a blizzard). The word or phrase is 14 letters long and the 5th letter is and o the 8th letter is

    asked by none
  3. Physics

    You throw a beambag in the air and catch it 2.2 s later. GIVEN: t = 2.2 s vi = 0 m/s a. How high did it go? d = vit + 1/2 at^2 d = 1/2 (9.81)(2.2)^2 d = 23.7402 b. What was its initial velocity? I don't know if im right but to calculate the velocity, can

    asked by Priscilla
  4. cci

    It is stand accounting procedures, or GAAP, to make an adjusting entry to remove the current year’s principle from the long-term liabilities. This entry reduces the long-term liabilities and increases the current liabilities. You are the bookkeeper for

    asked by rafael
  5. English

    1. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Is this a declarative sentence? 2. Which of these is a declarative sentence? a. You will go to swim tomorrow. b. I am hoping to be able to go to swim. Is it a? Thank you so much.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. science

    Trace the nerve impulse, listing the steps in as much detail as possible, from which your brain sends the message to the appropriate muscles to step up one step. Include the steps involved in transmitting the impulse from one neuron to another and then to

    asked by Roxanna
  7. Pre-Algebra B

    The selling price of a bicycle that had sold for $220 last year was increased by 15%. What is the new price? Please answer within 5-10 minutes.

    asked by Elizabeth
  8. English

    I'm confused with imperative sentence. Is " You must go to school right now." a imperative sentence? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. PSAT - Math

    Hello, I am reviewing my psat and looking at the questions I got wrong. I can't understand how to do this problem. Mike and paul left their houses at the same time for a fitness run to the park. Mike ran at an average speed of 7 miles per hour. Paul ran at

    asked by Tiger
  10. algebra

    what is the point of inverse functions? i heard it helps with temperature(Fahrenheit and Celsius) conversions, but i don't understand how it helps and how it is faster than just solving for it.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Algebra

    w+x=32 y+z=8 w+y=22 x+z=18 220w+300(32-w)+400(22-w)+180(8-y)=9280 , w+y=22 I was able to solve for w and y but keep coming up with fractions for x and z

    asked by mike
  12. science

    Specify which muscles are pulling on which bones and what types of joints are involved in stepping up on the step. Next, specify which muscles are pulling on which bones and what types of joints are involved to reach up above your head to the shelf.

    asked by Roxanna
  13. Geography

    Explain five factors that have lead to changing tourist patterns (i.e. growth in this industry) 1) There is only a minor population of MEDC’s which are not employed and a minor population in LEDC’s which are employed and so people tend to work for a

    asked by Numz
  14. Physics

    I have a physics problem and it's below.

    asked by Priscilla
  15. Holidays

    Thanks a lot for helping me with physics and other subjects. Happy holidays and happy new yrs that is coming up very soon. It's good to have a website here here teachers can be very helpful, i appreciate it a lot.

    asked by Priscilla
  16. 12th grade English

    Can you check my essay, it is not done, but I want to see if I'm on the right track? My essay is on Hamlet and the thesis statement: "Domino effect of death" Hamlet: A Chain Reaction of Death In Hamlet, death is seen throughout the play, and is one of the

    asked by Shane
  17. Planning

    1. What are your roles in life? -son -brother -cousin -student -friend -citizen 2. What are your traits that make you dependable? -responsible -reliable -supporter of law and order -friendly -hardworking -calm -dedication -compassion -honest -self control

    asked by John
  18. cci

    Malissa is an accountant. Sometimes printouts of financial statements have errors and are not usable. Malissa doesn't like to waste anything, so she takes the unusable financial statements to her son's day care center to use for drawing paper. Explain why

    asked by rafael
  19. Quick Question

    Regarding the story "The mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee" What would be something represented by the sand? thanks

    asked by John
  20. Math

    My face is red, I'm not a yooungster) but would someone help me to get the least expensive olive oil please?: (Measurements as they appear on the bottles/can labels): (A)3 liters (3 quarts & 5 oz) $28.00 (B)1 liter (33.8 oz) $11.00 (C)25.5 oz (750 ml) $

    asked by Anonymous
  21. 5th grade

    Can you HELP me with a hydroelectric project????????????

    asked by danielle