Questions Asked on
December 18, 2009

  1. physics

    What will a spring scale read for the weight of a 50 kg woman in an elevator that moves as follows? (a) upward with constant speed of 3.0 m/s Enter a number.1 N (b) downward with constant speed of 3.0 m/s Enter a number.2 N (c) upward with acceleration of

    asked by kim
  2. Physics

    1) Is it accurate to describe the physical universe as composed of only matter and energy? 2) How is it possible that only 92 elements are found in the natural world but there are millions of different types of molecules? I really have no clue about these

    asked by Hannah
  3. chemistry

    what is the color changes if FeCl3 added with pure aspirin?

    asked by ida
  4. 4 grade

    How many outfit combinations are possible with 1 pair of sneakers, 3 tee-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans? Drawing a diagram might help to illustrate your strategy.

    asked by gianina
  5. chem

    . What effect would vapor condensation in the neck of the 15-mL Beral-type pipets have on the reported molar mass? How large an error might this introduce?

    asked by 3
  6. Literature

    'A symbol is a person, place, or thing, or an event that stands for itself and for something beyond itself as well. What do you think the abalone shells symbolize or represent? Consider how the narrator describes the outside of the shell as well as the

    asked by mysterychicken
  7. arithmetic

    i need help solving this problem: 2.75+.003+.158?

    asked by betsy
  8. English

    1. He has broken the window. 2. The window has been broken by him. 3. The window is broken by him. (Which one is the active voice sentence of #1?)

    asked by rfvv
  9. poetry

    describe what happens at king arthur's court that shows the green knights superhuman qualities

    asked by sam
  10. pre calc

    The Identity Function The Squaring Function The Cubing Function The Reciprocal Function The Square Root Function The Exponential Functional Lo The Natural Logarithum Function The Sine Function The Cosine Function The Absolute Value Function The Greatest

    asked by kim
  11. Physics

    1) A child on a playground swing makes a complete to-and-fro swing each 2 seconds. The period is: 0.5 Seconds 2 Seconds I think the answer is 2. Am I correct? 2) The period of a 440 Hertz sound wave is ___ seconds. 1/440 440 I think the answer is 440. Am I

    asked by Hannah
  12. science

    What is a complex carbohydrate manufactured by plants?

    asked by Damarius
  13. Algebra Word Problems

    A manufacturer has decided to come out with a new and improved toilet. The fixed cost for the production of this new toilet line is $16,000 and the variable costs are $68 per toilet. The company expects to sell the toilets for $154. Formulate the function

    asked by mike
  14. chemistry

    DeltaH and DeltaU are nearly the same in all the following processes except a.F2(g)+H2(g) --> 2HF(g) b.3O2(g) --> 2O3(g) c.CuO(s) +H2(g) --> Cu(s) +H20(g) d.CH4(g) +CI2(g) --> CH3Cl(g) +HCl(g) e.C6H6(s) --> C6H6(l)

    asked by jessica
  15. 9th grade

    During what phase does crossing-over occur? A. prophase I B. metaphase I C. anaphase I D. telophase I

    asked by brit
  16. physics

    What is the distance from the Earth's center to a point outside the Earth where the gravitational acceleration due to the Earth is 1/22 of its value at the Earth's surface? _ m

    asked by asia
  17. Technology

    Please check this for me: 5. The freezing point of water on the Celsius temperature scale is a. 0 degrees b. 32 degrees c. 100 degrees d. 212 degrees A 8. A measurement for a rectangular box is given as 150 cubic inches. This measurement indicates the

    asked by y912f
  18. chemistry

    A 2 x 10^-3 M solution of MnSO4 is gradually made more basic by adding NaOH. At what pH will manganese(II) hydroxide begin to precipitate? [Ksp of Mn(OH)2=2 x 10^-13]

    asked by lauren
  19. Chemistry

    I need some help to draw a Lewis structure for hydrogen cyanide + what is the noble gas?

    asked by Dave B
  20. chemistry

    The addition of a dilute hydrobromic acid would clearly distinguish solutions of a. barium nitrate and sodium sulfate b. lead nitrate and silver nitrate c. mercury(I) nitrate and silver nitrate d. silver nitrate and calcium sulfate e. calcium nitrate and

    asked by Joe
  21. physics

    A bucket of mass 1.60 kg is whirled in a vertical circle of radius 1.30 m. At the lowest point of its motion the tension in the rope supporting the bucket is 25.0 N. (a) Find the speed of the bucket. Enter a number.1 m/s (b) How fast must the bucket move

    asked by asia
  22. french

    essay on mon saison favori

    asked by simran
  23. Geology

    What does it mean to discove a popular geographic feature in my region. Could someone give me some examples of what I should be looking for? The question goes on to ask what major rock type does the feature consist of... I'm confused, please help

    asked by sam
  24. Perimeter of a triangle

    Perimeter of a triangle. The perimeter of the triangle shown in the accompanying figure is 12 meters. Determine the values of x, x + 1, and x + 2 by solving the equation x + (x + 1) + (x + 2) = 12.

    asked by Jone
  25. English

    1. Soy, kimchi, olive oil, lentils and yogurt are the world's five healthiest foods. (Is this statement right in meaning and diction? What is 'soy'? Is 'soy' soy sauce or soybean in the sentence?) 2. Today lunch is free in this restaurant. 3. Today lunch

    asked by rfvv
  26. English

    I'm trying to cite a source within my paper, but I can't remember how. I have to use the MLA style.

    asked by Delia
  27. Proposal letter in APA Syle

    I need help on writing a proposal letter from 700-1,050 words on a New healtch care system with four bullets included. I have no idea of how to do this and it is due Sunday for a final.

    asked by Sonja
  28. Juniors Enligsh 3 Honors

    My online honors class had us read The Awakening by Kate Chopin and the assignment is to answer 15 questions, but I'm having trouble with these last 6. I have an idea about how to answer some of them, but I can't fully articulate an answer. Please help? 9.

    asked by Natalie
  29. French

    How do you say "I'm just kidding" or "I'm just joking" (something along those lines) in French?

    asked by Stuck
  30. Literature

    'When you finish with this section, you will write an observational essay. This essay will be a description of a person, place, or thing you can observe. You'll write using sensory details and perhaps a bit of narrative. Some key elements will be sharp,

    asked by mysterychicken
  31. Algebra Question

    I did a problem and used the substitution method and it took me forever to solve by hand. Is there a shorter way to show how this problem was done. The problem was x+y+z=7,x-y+2z=7,2x+y+3z=15 The final answer came out to be x=4 z=2 y=1

    asked by mike
  32. ABA

    The period of time that elapses between the presentation of a discriminative stimulus (the antecedent) and the display of the behavior is called the "latency period"? Is this question TRue or False... I chose False... am I correct

    asked by Marcia
  33. high school

    Use the digits in the year 2010 and the operations +, -, x, ÷, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial) — along with parentheses, brackets, or other grouping symbols — to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. All

    asked by Sama
  34. Math

    I am to find the area of an equilateral triangle whose side is 5... I know I need to find the highth before I find the area, but I end up with a hight of the square root of 31.25, is this right? if so how do I continue and solve for the area with this kind

    asked by Punkie
  35. science

    explain how the path of an electron differs in Bohr's model and in the modern model of the atom

    asked by spooky
  36. physics

    A 0.150 kg block moving vertically upward collides with a light vertical spring and compresses it 4.50cm before coming to rest. If the spring constant is 54.0 N/m, what was the initial speed of the block? (Ignore energy losses to sound and other factors

    asked by Ramon


    asked by SPOOKY
  38. Finance

    • Write a 200- to 300-word description of the four time value of money concepts: present value, present value of an annuity, future value, and future value of annuity. Describe the characteristics of each concept and provide an example of when each would

    asked by Anonymous
  39. graduation

    One of my really close friend is graduating with a bachelor degree in biology...I was just wondering what kind of things you should say in the graduation card that I just bought..

    asked by johhny
  40. Calculus

    Integrals: When we solve for area under a curve, we must consider when the curve is under the axis. We would have to split the integral using the zeros that intersect with the axis. Would this be for all integrals? What if we just want to "find the

    asked by Jennifer
  41. algebra

    Enrichment Exercise Life Expectancy MAT 116 – Algebra 1A

    asked by C-GUTTER
  42. math

    -1/4x_> -5/8 the solution set is {x:x____ and ____}

    asked by rita
  43. Hospitality: food, shelter, and fun away from home

    Choose three different lodging types and to whom each might cater.

    asked by Stacy
  44. chemistry

    Foe Fe(OH)2, Ksp=8 x 10^-16. What is the molar concentration of OH- in a saturated Fe(OH)2 solution?

    asked by Michelle
  45. Algebra

    Okay, so I am stuck on solving this using the substitution method. The mortgage department of the company is selling two model homes that are located on the same block. The square footage, as well as the type of model, determines the cost of these homes.

    asked by Joanne
  46. Computers

    I have to generate OOP code for a system that tracks my CDs and DVDs. I have gotten through the defining of class and subclass and don't know what to do next. Do I need to create the records and then sort?

    asked by Heidi
  47. english

    can you make sentences for me of: Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved

    asked by anu
  48. Chemistry

    Can anyone explain this question to me? Which of MgCO3, NaOH and Mg(OH)2 can be used as an indicator of halide anions in solution. I don't understand what this means.

    asked by Anna
  49. English

    I need my intro and body paragraph proofread please,for the body paragraph i am supposed to talk about arguments made by the other side and trash it. Imperialism can benefit one’s country. Empires can be built by securing resources; however, the building

    asked by Sam
  50. sociolgy

    It has been said that modernization theory assomes that in backward areas modernity-inhibiting characteristics are dominant. This suggests that the effects of international factors and positive of traditional culture have no bearing on the lack of

    asked by lin
  51. chem.

    Calculate the pH of the following solutions with the given [H*] or [OH] and indicate wheather it is an acid or base: a. [H*]=0.000001 b. [OH]=0.001 c. [H*]=0.00000001

    asked by mary
  52. math

    Write an equation to calculate the fees F when the number of credits n is given?

    asked by Ella Mae
  53. finances

    Where can I find the percentages of uncollectabes for PepsiCo? I have looked at the annual report atleast 20 times. Please Help. Thanks

    asked by carol
  54. Algebra 1A

    1. b.Between the years 1975 and 2000, do women or men have the greater life expectancy? Answer c.Explain using slope: is the life expectancy of men or women increasing more rapidly? Answer 2.Using the given equations above for the life expectancy of men

    asked by C-GUTTER
  55. CIS - Computers

    I am trying to create an function for an excel spread sheet. I'm doing something wrong.. basically it needs to be a (the discounted x the quantity) X sales tax % + discounted price = the total cost... i'm very confused.

    asked by me
  56. business writing

    What type of format do i need to use when writing a business letter in response to a help wanted ad in the paper

    asked by Anonymous
  57. English

    1. Kimchi is rich in vitamins and low in calories. (In this sentence, what is the meaning of the preposition "in"? ) 2. Kimchi is chosen as one of the world's five helthiest foods. (What is the active voice form of this passive voice sentence?)

    asked by rfvv
  58. Business Accounting

    Please how i write this up in a journal entry: The stockholders’ equity section of Joe’s Bistro’s balance sheet on January 1: Common stock $2 par, 2,000 share issued and outstanding – 4,000; Additional Paid-in Capital – 1,600; retained earnings

    asked by Peaches
  59. algebra

    d = D(a + 1) 24

    asked by Jone
  60. Elementary Algebra

    when working the following equation, I came up with 0/4. Would the final outcome be 0? Here is the equation. 2x+3/4, and here is what I came up with.=2x+3/4=0/4=0

    asked by Brian
  61. Algebra 1A

    Enrichment Exercise Life Expectancy MAT 116 – Algebra 1A I need help solving the answers for this assignment

    asked by C-GUTTER
  62. social studies

    Is canada a good place to live? For example does it have good educaion, does it have a good economy where peoples' needs are for filled?

    asked by Lilly
  63. Hospitality: food, shelter, and fun away from home

    When they say "choose 3 different lodging industry", what do they mean?

    asked by Stacy
  64. Algebra Question

    What am I doing wrong I am using the Gauss Jordan method to calculate this answer and some other students are coming up with differant answers. Problem is 3x+y+z=5, x+5y-z=-8, 10x+7y+z=2 My answer is (-6z+3,7z-4 _________, z ( 11 11) Where I have +3 they

    asked by mike
  65. math

    These questions relate to curvature problems. a.Explain why (dÖ/ds) = (dÖ/dt) (dt/ds). b.Explain why tanÖ = dy/dx, which equals (dy/dt) / (dx/dt).

    asked by Mitch
  66. criminal justice

    describe three basic ways in which software designers enable users to enter commands into computers

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Algebra - Middle School

    Use the digits in the year 2010 and the operations +, -, x, ÷, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial) — along with parentheses, brackets, or other grouping symbols — to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. All

    asked by Sama
  68. health

    •What is the Patient Self-Determination Act. How do you think records management procedures have had to respond to this piece of legislation?

    asked by april
  69. Math

    I am to find the area of an equilateral triangle whose side is 5... I know I need to find the highth before I find the area, but I end up with a hight of the square root of 31.25, is this right? if so how do I continue and solve for the area with this kind

    asked by Punkie
  70. math

    wagons retail for $49.97. stores receive the wagons with a 40% profit margin. what is the cost?

    asked by jack
  71. Critical Thinking

    I am not sure how to tell in the opposing views resource center database whether or not a source is marked as an editorial or column. Please help!

    asked by Fawn
  72. math

    You have 75 employees, 1/6th of them retired, and 1/4 of them left the company for new jobs. how many employees did you have in the begining?

    asked by Brian


    asked by SPOOKY
  74. math

    write interval notation ofr the set {x:-4>x>-8}

    asked by rita
  75. French

    What can you find in Santa Claus' bag? descramble "ELASEL" (in french) I need help....

    asked by Samuel
  76. university of phoenix

    describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice

    asked by lori
  77. english

    can you make sentences for me of: Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved

    asked by anu
  78. math

    write the set {x/ x< - 5 in interval notation what is the correct interval

    asked by rita
  79. help

    2x-3/8 less then or equal to-8 or 2x-3/8 greater then or equal to 4 what is the solution of the compound inequality is

    asked by rita
  80. math

    can you help me solve this?. 10>n-1

    asked by william