Questions Asked on
December 12, 2009

  1. Math- Help!!

    A local tennis pro-shop strings tennis rackets at the tension (pounds per square inch) requested by the customer. Recently a customer made a claim that the pro-shop consistently strings rackets at lower tensions, on average, than requested. To support this

  2. Math-Statistics

    Suppose you want to test the claim that mean is not equal 3.5. Given a sample size of n = 45 and a level of significance of a = 0.10, when should you reject H0 ? A) Reject H0 if the standardized test statistic is greater than 1.96 or less than -1.96 B)

  3. physics

    A steel ball rolls with constant velocity across a tabletop 0.950m high. IT rolls off and hits the ground +0.352m horizontally from the edge of the table. How fast was the ball rolling?

  4. Math-Value of Mean

    A brewery has a beer dispensing machine that dispenses beer into the company's 12 ounce bottles. The distribution for the amount of beer dispensed by the machine follows a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 0.13 ounce. The company can control

  5. Word problem

    Plantets A, B, and C orbit a certain star once every 2, 5, and 12 months. If the three plantes are now in the same straight line, what is the smallest number of months that must pass before they line up again? I do not want the answer, I just do not

  6. physics

    Two rock climbers, Bill and Karen, use safety ropes of similar length. Karen's rope is more elastic, called a dynamic rope by climbers. Bill has a static rope, not recommended for safety purposes in pro climbing. Karen falls freely about 1.7 m and then the

  7. game Theory

    When the McDonald Corporation reduced the price of its Big Mac by 75 percent if customers also purchased french fries and a soft drink, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was hoping the novel promotion would revive its US sales growth. It

  8. 5th grade Math

    Kate is going to carpet her living room floor and drew the diagram shown. (I am not able to submit the drawn diagram. However I will try to describe) The diagram is a rectangle: It is 16 feet at the top showing a right angle at the top left and a right

  9. English

    Do you know about Mark Kastner, a writer? He wrote "Red Wolf Country." If you have some summary about the writer on the Internet, would you let me know about that? (What does 'Country' mean in his book? Does 'country' mean the opposite of 'town' or



  11. Statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example,

  12. math

    how do you find a line perpendicular to another if the given line is in standard form, Ax+By=c? also, i need some help finding a line perpendicular to y=3 and crosses the points (2,4). help plz?

  13. biology

    does the cell theory state that cell come from cells that already exist?

  14. Business Communication

    I have to create a table that lays out a day by day plan to use as a job aid for my employment search, spanning three weeks and I don't understand how to do that. Can you help me?

  15. physics

    A toy car runed off the edge of a table that is 1.225m high. If the car lands 0.400m from the base of the car to fall, a)how long does it take the car to fall 2(1.225)/-9.80=-0.25=0.5s b)what is the horizontal velocity of the car?

  16. Calc

    Express the integral as a limit of Riemann sums. Do not evaluate the limit. ∫_1^3 x/(2+x^5) Ans: lim(n→∞)∑_(i=1)^n ?

  17. Chemistry

    What is the formula of a solid containing carbon that is a) molecular b)ionic c) network covalent d) metallic for these arent there more than one right answers? Also Describe the structural units in a) NaI b) N2 c) KO2 d) Au

  18. Math

    Fred was measuring the height of a building. He stood standing at some distance from the building and measured an angle of 38 degrees to the top of the building. He then walked 100 feet further away from the building and measured an angle of 34 degrees to

  19. math/geometry

    a. Describe the different types of planes of symmetry and axes of symmetry of a regular octahedron. b. How many planes and axes of symmetry does a regular octahedron have? c. Make a sketch and compare the symmetry properties of a regular octahedron and a

  20. statistics

    When red blood cells are counted using a certain electronic counter, the standard deviation (SD) of repeated counts of the same blood specimen is about .8% of the true value, and the distribution of repeated counts is approximately normal. For example,

  21. Statistics

    What is the Spearman-Brown coefficient and its relation to the test and retest reliability?

  22. Maths

    hello how do we convert a number into fraction for example : 1.75 = 7/4 0.111... = 1/9 .001=1/1000 how to solve that? please i need help! Thanks

  23. Sets

    A is a set of all letters in the alphabet and B is a set of vowels in the alphabet. What kind of relationship exists between the two sets? Also, if C is the set of consonants what is the relationship between B and C?

  24. Health Information Technology

    I need help with this problem I can not figure this out I had came up with five different answers and I really would like to get the correct answer. Memorial Hospital currently has 1,850 linear filing inches used. It is projected that over the next 5 to 8

  25. psychology

    I need to write a report using the 12 factors of human strengths. I am snowed in and for some reason my Adobe is silly. Can you tell me the 12 factors??

  26. social studies

    when did the Seminole Wars start?

  27. education

    I'm doing a power point on pre-k classroom. I need help finding a classroom arragment picture. Like how the room needs to be set up before a pre-k room open. I hope this makes sense.

  28. Math

    What's wrong with the argument that the probability of rolling, a double 6 in two rolls of a die is 1/3 because 1/6 + 1/6= 1/3?

  29. chemistry

    If I have 3.5 g/10ml of solute in a test tube, how much solute in g/100ml?

  30. French

    what does Je suis malade un peu, et tres beacoup fatigue mean?

  31. Math

    Which linear technique would be best to solve this problem? 3x/4 + 6 = -12

  32. finance

    I have worked and worked on this problem and came up with 2 different answers for b. and now am unsure of my answer for a. Problem 2: For each journal entry, prepare an explanation of the business event that is being represented: a. Loan payable $57,000

  33. Math

    My teacher asked us to take five photographs and then in each find four mathematical concepts. She wants us to go beyond the basics by not focusing on only shapes. Do you have any suggestions?

  34. hca 240

    these pathogens are responsible for the common flu and cold

  35. Health

    How many times does the heart beat per minute, day, and year?

  36. docial studies

    how did losing the french and indian war affect the postion of the french

  37. social studies

    what are the powers that had claims in noth american in the caribbean? in 1763 what two power dominated in the north america? what natural boundary separted british territory from lousiana?

  38. Math

    For which values is the relationship linear? Tell how you decided. Write the equation for each linear relationship x 5 10 15 20 25 30 y 20 30 40 50 50 50

  39. Pre-Calculus

    Solve for 0¡Üx

  40. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume occupied by 18g of water vapor at 100C at 1 atm. Show calculations

  41. Math

    Suppose that pizzas can be ordered in four sizes(small, medium, large and Illini-size), with three crust choices (thin, thick, and Chicago style), four choices of meat(sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, and none) and two tupes of cheese (regular or double.)

  42. Math

    On a TV game show, the contestant is asked to select a door and then is rewarded with the prize behind the door selected. If the doors can be selected with equal probabiltiy what is the expected value of the selection if the three doors have behind them a

  43. Health

    what is the average of heartbeats per minute, day, and year?

  44. biology

    does the cell theory state that cell come from cells that already exist?

  45. 11th grade

    What were the diverse purposes of England's American colonies and how were these purposes altered in early years of settlement?

  46. Math

    The game of dots is played by rolling a fair die and receiving $1 for each dot showing on the top face of the die. What cost should be set for each roll if the game is to be consdiered a fair game?

  47. AP Government and Politics

    Hi, I have a debate in class about taxes. I have to prepare arguments why we do not need taxes, and create closing paragraph providing ideas why taxes are wrong, unfair, illegal, unconstitutional. Any ideas? thank you

  48. biology

    hey does prokaryotes cells have cell walls

  49. Math

    Which linear technique would be best to solve this problem? 3x/4 + 6 = -12 And which quadratic equation would be best for -4x^2=0 Thanks for any suggestions.

  50. philosophy

    o Which of the Pre-Socratic philosophers had the most compelling ideas? o Briefly summarize the philosopher’s idea or ideas. o Why do you find these ideas compelling? o Include a practical example of one of the philosopher’s ideas in your response.

  51. Human /diseases

    need help with an introduction on overview HIv/Aids

  52. AP English

    I have to write a comparative essay and I'm stuck on something. My topic is to discuss symbolism in Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton and The Story of One Hour by Kate Chopin. I have to explain the similarities between the two books by using symbolism. I chosen

  53. math

    find the product perform in simplified form (2x+1)(3x-2)

  54. algebra

    sqrt x+2-5=0 solve the equation for x

  55. algebra

    sqrt 12x^3 . sqrt 3xy^2 perform the operation and simplify

  56. Algebra 1

    -2x=2y+5 would you add 2x to the other side?

  57. chemistry

    simply by knowing the mass of an object and its chemical identity, one can determine the number of moles of any substance(S). without using any numbers (only units), write a general equation which will convert grams of "S" to moles of "S".

  58. Chemistry

    Below is the question and right after is my work. Problem: Excess fluorine (F2) reacts at 150 degrees C with bromine (Br2) to a compound BrFn (n = variable # i.e. n = 2 = F2). If 423 mL Br2 at 150 degrees C and 748 mmHg produced 4.20 g BrFn, what is n? My

  59. chemistry

    a student named KClO3 potssium chlorine(V) oxide. Explain why the use of the stock system is not correct in this case, and write the correct name of the substance.

  60. geometry

    Find the complement of „£B.

  61. Physics

    0.75 mol of argon gas is admitted to an evacuated 40 cm^{3} container at 40 C. The gas then undergoes an isochoric heating to a temperature of 500 C. Before I forgot to write the the question is What is the final pressure of the gas? *

  62. English

    What is a fictionalized autobiography and a vernacular?

  63. Banking

    Here's a few questions I'm stuck on... What makes a stock liquid? A. the reputation and financial strength of the corporations that issue them. B. the fact that a secondary market exists for publicly traded stocks. C. the fact that they are generally short

  64. Physics

    70 J of work are done on the gas in the process shown in the figure. What is V_f in cm^3 ? I have a graph but I can't post it here. My values are W=70J P=200kPa which is 200000Pa I used the formula W=P(deltaV) then to get deltaV you do: deltaV= W(P) so i

  65. physics =(

    A person on a small, 7.00 meter high, hill aims a water-balloon slingshot straight at a friend hanging from a tree branch 4.00 meters above and 6.00 meters away. At the instant the water balloon is released at 7.00 m/s, the friend lets go and falls from

  66. science

    why are metals rather than ionic solids used in electrical wiring?

  67. English III

    Paine beleives that god will suport the colonies' cause because the colonists?

  68. Math

    Find the line for the above data. X:5,5,7,8,9,11,12,12,14 Y:3,8,5,7,11,10,15,19,20

  69. spanish

    how do you say the state for tourists in spanish?

  70. french

    Just asking one last time for some quick proofreading. I made several fixes and want to know if everything grammatically proper. Thanks for your time. : 1.BORIS:C'était une expérience effrayante. 2.IGOR: Oui. Nous étions muets à l'époque aussi, et

  71. math

    Given the !@#$%^&tion y = log3(x+3)+2, calculate the zero of the function. GIve an exact answer.

  72. geometry

    I am working on a geometry problem where I have to build a mobile of the quad. family. I have to state the properties of each figure. For a parallelogram I have 1. opp. sides are congruent 2. opp. angles are congruent 3. diagonals bisect each other and are

  73. Computer/Excel

    How do I write an IF formula for the following statement? **July’s budgeted expenses are based on the differences between the budgeted and actual expenses for June stored in column D. July’s budgeted expenses will be the same as those for June when the

  74. History

    Why do we need taxes? Could someone tell me in two paragraphs besides that we need it for roads and schools

  75. computers/excel

    How do I write an IF formula for the following statements? **July’s budgeted expenses are based on the differences between the budgeted and actual expenses for June stored in column D. July’s budgeted expenses will be the same as those for June when

  76. english

    Explain how rhythm, rhyme, and other sound effects,alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia,can contribute to a poem's mood.

  77. English

    What does it mean when an author uses a chronological and necessarily episodic structure to keep their main character at the center of all action.

  78. Business/general

    Does the economy have a lot to do with how and what consumers are able to afford?

  79. social studies

    If there is collision between the president and Congress, can Congress restrain the president in foreign policy making?

  80. Marketing

    what is overall effectiveness of a good market strategy?

  81. English

    Is context clues the most valuable vocabulary strategy? Thanks.

  82. spanish II

    How do you say I like the hotel view in spanish?

  83. social studies

    What were the first four European countries involved in establishing colonies in the Americas?

  84. algebra

    Using the Gauss-Jordan method need to determine the coefficients a,b,c of the quadratic equation x=ax squared +bx+c where y is degree of like and x is the percentage of sugar y=5.4 and x=8

  85. Marketing/Business

    What is the effectiveness of a good market strategy?

  86. education

    Write a 350- to 500-word response to the following: You have the ability to choose three or four books for your students. Based on what you have learned in this course, how can you assess the level of bias and stereotypes in the contents of these texts?

  87. geometry

    Why is it impossible for a regular polygon with more than six sides to tesselate the plane? I know it has something to do with the angles, but I'm not sure what to write for this. 3 hexagons tesselate the plane and they have angles at 120, but why can't an

  88. Business Fin

    The market’s required return on Gitche Gumee Oil Company stock is currently 13.8 percent. If the expected return on the market portfolio is 12.6 percent and the risk-free rate is 3.5 percent, what is the beta of Gitche Gumee stock?

  89. Physics

    Two small loudspeakers that are 5.50 apart are emitting sound in phase. From both of them, you hear a singer singing C# (frequency 277 ), while the speed of sound in the room is 340 . Assuming that you are rather far from these speakers, if you start out

  90. Math

    The class average on a math quiz was 74 and the standard deviation was 6.8. Find the z-score for a test score of 82.

  91. Language Arts Extra Credit

    What is llatetpsh unscrambled. I seriously need extra credit

  92. math 9th

    If RS= 20, UT = x + 10, RU = y + 3, and ST = 15, find the values of x and y. x = 10, y = 12 x = 30, y = 18 x = 5, y = 17 x = 23, y = 25 Cant figure this out just explain, try not to give me the answers!!! P.S. you guys and gals are incredible, very nice!!!

  93. social studies

    what are the factors that led to the enclosures in england

  94. algebra - quadratics

    If Terry hiked 0.5km/h faster, he would have taken 1h less to complete a 15- km hike. What was Terry's hiking speed?

  95. English

    1. My grandma started to write history books at age 76. 2. My grandma started to write history books at the age of 76. 3. My grandma started to write history books at aged 76. 4. My grandma started to write history books when she was 76 years old. 5. My

  96. English

    1. We will lead your children to the joys of reading. 2. We will lead your children to the joy of reading. 3. We will lead your children to joy of reading. (Which expressions are grammatical? Are both acceptable?) 4. I learn many things in class from her

  97. English

    1. I will go to a concert this evening. 2. I shall go to a concert this evening. 3. I intend to go to a concert this evening. (What does Sentence 1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?) 4. I will give you the fountain pen. 5. You shall have the fountain pen. 6. He