Questions Asked on
November 27, 2009

  1. math

    What did the electrician say to his daughter when she came home at 2A.M.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    A bicycle is turned upside down while its owner repairs a flat tire. A friend spins the other wheel and observes that drops of water fly off tangentially from point A. She measures the heights reached by drops moving vertically (see figure). A drop that

    asked by Lilly
  3. AP Physics - Static Equilibrium

    A man doing push-ups pauses in the position shown in the figure. His mass is 75-kg. Determine the normal force exerted by the floor on each hand and on each foot. (copy into url bar) a = 40 cm b = 95 cm c = 30

    asked by Phillip
  4. Book Reports

    What is a "Story flag" for a 2nd grade book report?

    asked by Mike
  5. phys

    Consider an antelope being chased by a tiger. The antelope is running at a velocity of 5.21 m/s at an angle 14.3 degree E of S. The tiger is running at a velocity of 11.64 m/s at an angle of 31.4 degree W of S. (Use East as positive x and North as postive

    asked by ami
  6. advanced functions

    An investment pays 8% interest, compounded annualy. Write an ewuatiin that expressed the amount A, of the investment as a function of time, t, in years

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    A certain number when divided by 4, 5 or 7 will have a remainder of 3, 4 and 6 respectively. Find the least possible value of the number. ( L.C.M. of 4, 5. 7) -1

    asked by vanessa
  8. physics

    A 27.0 kg block at rest on a horizontal frictionless air track is connected to the wall via a spring. The equilibrium position of the mass is defined to be at x=0. Somebody pushes the mass to the position x= 0.350 m, then lets go. The mass undergoes simple

    asked by AK
  9. Physics

    A boy is whirling around a stone tied at the end of a 0.71 m long string at constant angular speed of 4 revolutions per second in a plane perpendicular to the ground. The string breaks when it is making an angle of 54 degrees above the horizontal and the

    asked by Lola
  10. Music

    what is baroque music???

    asked by Jane
  11. Math

    I need to write 2 equations that represent the same exponential function with a y-intercept of 5 and an asymptote at y=3. I got y=2^(x+1) + 3 but I don't know how to find the second equation. Can someone please explain this to me. Thanks.

    asked by Jim
  12. Algebra

    Write the standard form of the equation of the parabola whose vertex is 1,2 and passes through the point 0,0. The answer according to my book is 0=a(0-1)^2+2. But which 0 in the equation is the first 0 fromn (0,0) and which one is the second? Thanks!

    asked by Leyla
  13. physics vectors w/angles

    A little girl is riding a sled horizontally in the snow, the combined mass of the girl and sled is 33.4 kg. She is being pulled by her parents. Mom is pulling her with a force of 5.18 N, at an angle of 20.0 degree E of N. Dad is pulling her with a force of

    asked by stacy
  14. microbiology

    The diploid character of eukaryotic cells may mask the appearance of a mutation since... A) this may be a frame shift B) the mutation is often reversible C) the mutation may be palindromic D) the matching chromosomes may carry the dominate gene

    asked by Jen
  15. Geometry

    It takes 69 inches of ribbon to make a bow and wrap the ribbon around a box, as shown. The bow takes 30 inches of ribbon. The width of the box is 11 inches. What is the height of the box? Answer in units of inches.

    asked by Chitra
  16. physics

    A catcher stops a 200km/h pitch in his glove, bringing it to rest in 0.15meters. If the force exerted by the catcher is 803N, what is the mass of the ball?

    asked by Quigley
  17. 2nd grade

    Why can"t we get close to the horizon?

    asked by Luz Veliz
  18. french

    Could you please help me fill in the gaps ma voiture est neuve, ....... est vieille (his) tes habits sont unis, ....... sont fleuris (mine) nos livres sont vieux, ...... sont tout neufs (theres) ma cravate est rayée, ...... est unie (yours) vos plages

    asked by george
  19. child development

    what is considered normal cognitive development at each of the five stages of development: infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence, and late adolescence. do u have any sites i can look at. thanks

    asked by scooby
  20. Math

    I need help,my example: The sales representative say there are two floor plans available 56 total houses. Use x for floor plan 1 and y for floor plan 2 then write an equation that illistrates the situation. So I thought x+y=56, then sales rep. says there

    asked by dee
  21. physics

    find the force and the force direction of a 2x10^-6 C charge that is 3m west of a +5x10^-6 C charge (0.01 N west)

    asked by sammeh
  22. physics

    An object moves with simple harmonic motion of amplitude A and period T. During one complete oscillation, for what length of time is the object's distance from equilibrium greater than A/2? Enter your answer as a formula involving the period. How much time

    asked by Hamp
  23. Navigation

    What is the necessary rate of turn ,for a vessel that moves with a speed of 25 miles per hour to complete a 90 degrees turn ,starting the turn 1 mile prior of the way point of altering course?

    asked by Dimitris
  24. science

    can you give me some facts and info bout how plate tectonics accounts for the features and processes that geoscientists observe in the earth -thank you

    asked by Christina
  25. physics

    find the force and force direction of a 1.0x10^-6 C charge that is 2cm North and 3cm East of a 2x10^-6 C charge

    asked by sammeh
  26. Physics =(

    How do you calculate the uncertainty for the average diameter? I have 3 different diamters, and its average! but i am struggling in calculating its uncertainty. Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  27. History

    What was the most important iron manufacturing center in the south? Why did Utopian societies emerge in the antebellum united states? Unitarians and transcendentalists stressed the goodness of the individual and?

    asked by Eddy
  28. Algebra

    I think the vertex from 1/4t(t-2)^2 is -2,0. But I'm not sure how to get the other vertices, as well as the x intercepts. Can you explain, please? THanks!

    asked by Leyla
  29. Algebra

    I am stuck on this math problem and need help please! Multiply (-4n)^2(3n^4)^2 In multiplication, I am supposed to add the square roots So far I got (16n)(3n^4)^2 I don't know what to do from here

    asked by Jen
  30. Science

    Can you give me some information and facts about the flow of matter and energy in the earth -thank you

    asked by Christina
  31. Reading/English

    In the book Holler if you hear me by Gregory Michie. What are some ways Gregory incorporated power or privilege into the book.

    asked by Amy
  32. Math

    For which real values of x do the following vectors form a linearly dependent set in R3? v1= (x, -1/9, -1/9) v2= (-1/9, x, -1/9) v3= (-1/9, -1/9, x)

    asked by Axel
  33. MATHS

    YEAR 5 Vincent took 1 1/2 times as long as Marcus to finish a school project. If it took them 30 days in total, how much longer did it take Vincent to complete his work? Thank you

    asked by DONNA
  34. chemistry

    can u help me in this question. The rate of appearance of I2 in aqueous solution, in the reaction of I^- ion with hydrogen peroxide, was found to be 3.7*10^-5 mol. L^-1.s^-1 over time interval. 2H^+(aq)+ 2I^-(aq)+H2O2-> I2(aq)+2H2O(l) During the same

    asked by Nifan
  35. math

    1. Suppose you are at the gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation: a) What does the number 3.03 represent? The amount of gas gallons that you pumped b)

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Geometry

    On one side of a scale there are 6 coins, 3 weighing 2 grams each and 3 weighing x grams each. The scale is balanced if 5 coins weighing x grams each are placed on the other side of the scale. How much does each of the unknown coins weigh? Answer in units

    asked by Chitra
  37. math

    you just got home from school and pick up your always use 5 7 and 9 for speedial.the records of those numbers are:5 dialed 6 times.7 dialed 9 times.9 dialed 3 times. which speedial number is the mode.

    asked by laylah
  38. English

    I need to give a 5 minute presentation. Please give me some easy, but interesting topics, something which no one else would tend to do.

    asked by Salman
  39. mental

    Assignment: Health Issue Presentation Develop a presentation for early childhood and middle childhood groups that addresses health issues appropriate for each developmental level. Illustrate a program you believe will raise child awareness of the

    asked by lorraine
  40. Law

    Dr. Bod is operating on Sally, a minor, when he discovers a previously unknown and life thretering tumor that could cause Sally's death within hours. Sally's parents are in the waiting room. Dr Bob should

    asked by Shannon
  41. physics

    A catcher stops a 200km/h pitch in his glove, bringingit to rest in 0.15meters. If the force exerted by the catcher is 803N, what is the mass of the ball?

    asked by Quigley
  42. hcr 210

    How might a invoice confuse the following advance directives within the patient self determination act when distinguishing information as adminstrative or clinical

    asked by lil kim
  43. Geometry

    Assume y varies directly as x. If x = 4 when y = 36, what is the value of k?

    asked by Chitra
  44. Geometry

    From 1989 to 1990, the population of Nevada increased by 1.59 × 105, and that of Maine increased by 28000. In 1990, the population of Nevada was 1206152, and that of Maine was 1233223. If the populations of the two states continue to increase at the same

    asked by Chitra
  45. statistics

    what is 510,000,000 rounded to the nearest 10th or 10%

    asked by Maria
  46. geometry

    brett is using wallpaper to decorate two walls of his bedrroom. each wall is 14 feet by 18 feet. if one roll covers about 27 square feet, how many rolls will brett need to cover both walls? how do u solve it idk

    asked by tiny
  47. math

    (3 + 2(8 + 5 • 2 ÷ 4) – 9) what is the correct answer to this problem I got 59 when i entered it on my sci-calculator But my friend got a different answer of 15

    asked by Anonymous
  48. english

    please give a clue by stating two examples using the story of "a mystery of heroism" that explains why experience based on learning is better than learning through textbooks and lectures.

    asked by bindiya farswani
  49. MR

    How can elimating abbreviations reduce errors

    asked by Colette
  50. Socials-Please Help

    Can someone please go over my posts quickly, I was waiting for a response since yesterday:-(

    asked by Sara
  51. mental

    consider the developmental age group of early childhood and adolescence as defined by text. create a profile for each group,detailing the normal physical development of each group. Documentthe chages from early childhood to adolescence post your response

    asked by lorraine
  52. mental

    health issues presentations

    asked by lorraine
  53. physics

    Consider two vectors where F1 = 31 N, F2 = 67 N,and theta 1 = 240 degrees and theta 2 = 25 degrees, measured from the positive x-axis with counter-clockwise being positive. What is the magnitude of the equilibriant?

    asked by kathy
  54. History

    Which workers were generally better off in America then Europe before 1860? A. unskilled workers. B. skilled workers. C. white collar workers or D. middle managers The use of corporation was important because it provided investors with A Limited Liability.

    asked by Eddy
  55. 8th grade math

    I need to know what two fractions when subtracted equal: 3/5, 1/9, and 3/10 the denominator has to be different and it cant be an improper fraction.thanks

    asked by Mia
  56. Socials-Improved answer

    Write an account of the climbing boy's experiences from his point of view. This is the same question from last day, which I have improved. Please tell me if I could add anything else in it to make it beter,thanks I feel very weak. In this condition, I just

    asked by Sara
  57. Geometry

    A page of a school year book is 8 1 2 inches by 11 inches. The left and right margin are 3 and 2 1 2 inches, respectively. The space between two pictures is 1 4 inch. To fit 3 pictures across the page, how wide should each picture be? Answer in units of

    asked by Chitra
  58. Geometry

    Solve the proportion. x + 7/x + 4 = 7/x − 3 for x. a) What is the larger answer? b) what is the smaller answer?

    asked by Chitra
  59. Socials-Improved answer

    I hope I have improved this answer and made it better. Do you think that this inquest led to improvements in the working conditions for climbing boys? Why or Why not? Yes, for sure improvements were made in the working conditions for climbing boys. The

    asked by Sara
  60. Socials-Improved answer

    The primary source I read was about Griggs, a chimney sweeper and small child who escorted him.The fire had been lighted as early as 2 o'clock the same morning, and was burning on the arrival of Griggs and his little boy at eight. Griggs had no sooner

    asked by Sara
  61. crt

    What factors might contribute to the inclusion of proof surrogates in news stories? What about stereotypes?

    asked by james love
  62. Algebra

    A mt. with the base 11,554 feet below sea level rises 18,403 feet. What is the elevation above sea level of its peak? What is the elevation of the mt's peak?

    asked by matt
  63. child development

    what do they mean cognitive development/ does that fall under the diveristy tab like Attention spans are partly due to differences in temperament or the implications tab which is Change some toys and materials

    asked by scooby