Questions Asked on
November 17, 2009

  1. Medicine

    What's the prescribed drug that calms you down when you are nervous? It starts with the letter V, I can't remember it for the life of me. and no it's not Viagra.

    asked by Ditto
  2. chemistry

    What are the reduction potentials of lithium, sodium and potassium?

    asked by nathan
  3. electrochemistry

    I am soooo confused! I was given this PdCl4^2-(aq)+Cd(s)----Pd(s)+4Cl^-(aq)+Cd^2+ I am supposed to give the 1/2 reaction for The PdCl4^2- My teacher said you could figure out the charges on the atoms by, in PdCl4^2, taking the subscript and mult. by the

    asked by Christie
  4. Physics

    The 3.0 cm-diameter water line splits into two 1.0cm-diameter pipes. All pipes are circular and at the same elevation. At point A, the water speed is 2.0m/s and the gauge pressure is 50kPa. What is the gauge pressure at point B?(pointing toward one of the

    asked by ana
  5. chemistry

    If you are given a 0.32 g piece of sodium metal to react with water, how many moles of HCl would it take to neutralize the sodium hydroxide produced?

    asked by Jim
  6. Physics

    The displacement of a standing wave on a string is given by D=3.6sin(.54x)cos(37t), where x and D are in centimeters and t is in seconds. What is the distance in cm between the nodes in centimeters? Give the amplitude of each of the component waves,

    asked by Tay
  7. chemistry

    If you are given a .26g piece of sodium metal to react compltetely with water, how many moles of HCl would it take to neutralize the sodium hydroxide produced?

    asked by Jmhitt
  8. physics!

    If the speed of a car is increased by 35%, by what factor will its minimum braking distance be increased, assuming all else is the same? Ignore the driver's reaction time.

    asked by sarah
  9. economics

    suppose the income elasticity of demand for toys is +2.00. this means that a. a 10 percent increase in income will increase the purchase of toys by 20 percent b. a 10 percent increase in income will increase the purchase of toys by 2 percent c. a 10

    asked by jones
  10. lee college

    How many bromine molecules, Br2, have a mass equal to 31.8 g?

    asked by gloria
  11. Physics

    A block of wood with volume V floats in water with 0.68V submerged. In oil the block floats with 0.86V of its volume submerged. What's the density of the wood?

    asked by Ray
  12. physics help!!!

    What is the minimum work needed to push a 900 kg car 460 m up along a 17.5° incline? (a) Ignore friction. (b) Assume the effective coefficient of friction retarding the car is 0.30?

    asked by greg
  13. Biology

    Okay, I need help. "If short hair (L) is dominant to long hair (l), then what fraction of the offspring produced by a cross of Llxll will be homozygous dominant? a) 1/2 b) 1/4 c) 1/3 d) none (no change of this offspring) The key says that it's d, but when

    asked by Claire
  14. 6th grade

    The skydiver had fries and a milkshake. Why was he nervous?.

    asked by Girlie
  15. chemistry

    how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

    asked by justin
  16. Calculus

    The volume of a cone of radius r and height h is given by V=1/3pir^2h. If the radius and the height both increase at a constant rate of 1/2 centimeter per second, at what rate, in cubic centimeters per second, is the volume increasing when the height is 9

    asked by jaden
  17. 11th grade

    A diamond contains 0.090 moles of carbon what is the mass of the diamond

    asked by sparkle
  18. Math

    "Mr. Macho, my great dane, ate 125 hotdogs over a five-day period. Each day he atee seven more hot dogs than on the previous day. How many hot dogs did he eat on the first day?" I got 55 hot dogs. Is this right??

    asked by Patricia
  19. AP Chemistry

    A mineral crystallizes in a cubic closest packed array of oxygen ions with aluminum ions in some of the octahedral holes and magnesium ions in some of the tetrahedral holes. Deduce the formula of this mineral and predict the fraction of octahedral holes

    asked by Angel
  20. Physics

    A 4kg and a 2kg block are moving along a horizontal frictionless surface. The 4 kg block is moving to the right with a speed of 6 m/s and the 2 kg block is moving to the left with a speed of 3 m/s. The two blocks collide inelastically and then continue to

    asked by Jon Routh
  21. Physics

    A 10cm times 10cm times 10cm wood block with a density of 700kg/m^{3} floats in water. What is the distance from the top of the block to the water if the water is fresh? weight= density*volume*g weight=700*(0.001)*9.81 weight=6.86newton

    asked by ana
  22. Physics

    A massless string runs around two massless, frictionless pulleys, where one pulley is attached to the ceiling, and the other is suspended with a mass m. An object with mass m = 17 kg hangs from one pulley. A force F is exerted on the free end of the string

    asked by Nikita
  23. Math

    In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many

    asked by Shawna
  24. Physics

    An asteroid revolves around the Sun with a mean orbital radius twice that of Earth's. Predict the period of the asteroid in Earth years. (6.38*10^6 radius) I don't understand how to solve this problem.

    asked by Angel
  25. chem

    why cant the molecule C2H6N exists?

    asked by rose
  26. physics

    A spring has k = 88 N/m. Use a graph to determine the work needed to stretch it from x = 3.6 cm to x = 5.6 cm, where x is the displacement from its unstretched length.

    asked by frank
  27. chemistry grade 12

    Question: Balance the following reactions by the oxidation number method. a) I2 + HNO3 --> HIO3 + NO2 + H2O b) MnO4- + H+ + Cl- --> Mn2+ + Cl2 + H2O I know how to give each atom oxidation number but after i don't know how to apply the method.

    asked by Ron
  28. Business

    Which of the following ratios would be the best way to determine how customers are paying for their purchases? a) Total asset turnover b) Inventory turnover c) Average collection period d) Current ratio I believe it would be the Average collection period

    asked by jessica
  29. chemistry grade 12

    Question: Balance the following reactions by the oxidation number method. a) I2 + HNO3 --> HIO3 + NO2 + H2O so i have N +5 to +4 net charge = -1 I 0 to +5 net charge = +5 i add coefficient where the oxidation number is changing. in this case I2 + 4HNO3 -->

    asked by Ron
  30. Math

    Lisa needs to make 2 times as many tuna as cheese sandwiches and 4 times as many ham as cheese sandwiches. If Lisa makes 56 sandwiches, how many of each of the 3 kinds will she make?

    asked by Karen
  31. Inflection points

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+30x^4–300x^3+2. f(x) has inflection points at (reading from left to right) x=D,E, and F. where D is___, E is____, and F is____. I took the second derivative of the function and got 120x(2x^2+3x-15). From that I set it to

    asked by Kay
  32. language

    what is a compound sentence

    asked by GALE
  33. physics

    A soccer ball kicked with a force of 13.4 N accelerates at 7.8 m/s2 to the right. What is the mass of the ball? Answer in units of kg.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. geometry

    I need to rotate the line the given no. of degrees (a) about the x-intercept and (b) about the y-intercept need to write equation of each image. don't know how to start y = 2x- 3;90degree

    asked by pat
  35. physics

    Two identical cars hit each other and lock bumpers. If a car moving with a speed of 90km/h approaches a stationary car, what is the speed immediately after coupling cars. You use and solve for V: M1V1+M2V2=(M1+M2)V I end up with the following because my

    asked by M. Malone
  36. chemistry grade 12

    Explain why the top of a commercial 1.5 V dry cell battery is always marked with a plus sign.

    asked by Ron
  37. physics

    A small block on a frictionless horizontal surface has a mass of 2.50×10−2 . It is attached to a massless cord passing through a hole in the surface. (See the figure below .) The block is originally revolving at a distance of 0.300 from the hole with an

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    You are selling tickets for a high school concert. Student tickets cost $4 and general admission tickets cost $6. You sell 450 tickets and collect $2340. How many of each type of ticket did you sell? A music store is selling compact discs for $11.50 and

    asked by Liam
  39. Physics

    A uniform horiztonal beam is attached to a veritcal wall by a frictionless hinge and supported from below at an angle theta = 39 degrees by a brace that is attached to a pin. The bean has a weight of 340 N. Three additional forces keep the beam in

    asked by SP
  40. physics

    A cat chases a mouse across a 0.51 m high table. The mouse steps out of the way, and the cat slides off the table and strikes the floor 1.5 m from the edge of the table. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . What was the cat’s speed when it slid off

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    write a quotient that gives the same answer as 4.65 divided by 0.12

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    Two minor league baseball players got a total of 252 hits in the season . Washington had 16 more than Sanchez find the number of hits for each player

    asked by Wayne
  43. physics

    A spring with a force constant of 300 n/m is compressed 5 cm. What is the work done on the spring?

    asked by Student
  44. LANGUAGE Arts

    How to write an expository essay?

    asked by Hayley
  45. geometry

    The trapezoid in Exam Figure 6 has equal nonparallel sides. The upper base is 6, the lower base is 16, and the diagonal is 12. What is the altitude of the trapezoid? Round your answer to one decimal place.

    asked by crystal
  46. science

    Which of the following does NOT describe a suspension? A)particles are soluble B)particles settle out over time C)particles can block light D)particles scatter light

    asked by Katherine


    asked by KIM
  48. Physics1

    Two blocks are initially held at rest on 30° frictionless ramps . The 4 kg block is 1.25 m from the base of the ramp and the 3 kg block is 5 m above the base of the ramp. The two blocks are then released and slide down the ramps and onto a frictionless

    asked by Jon Routh
  49. English

    1. I'm going to try an English club. 2. I am going to join an English club. (When we use 'try' as in #1, what is the difference between 'try' and 'join'?)

    asked by rfvv
  50. chemistry grade 12

    Canada is a major producer of aluminum by the electrolysis of bauxite. However, there are no bauxite mines in Canada, and all the ore must be imported. Explain why aluminum is produced in Canada. Be sure to cite your sources.

    asked by Ron
  51. chemistry grade 12

    Thanks DrBob222 for previous answers. Question: Balance the following reactions by the oxidation number method. a) I2 + HNO3 --> HIO3 + NO2 + H2O b) MnO4- + H+ + Cl- --> Mn2+ + Cl2 + H2O

    asked by Ron
  52. math

    For fall festival, Mrs. Marco bought 6 bags of Golden Delicious apples. She handed out 43 apples and had 5 left over. How many apples were in each bag.

    asked by Mark
  53. ss

    How did the two compromises reached during the Constitutional Convention satisfy competing groups?

    asked by jalen
  54. chemistry

    Bit confused about this question. especially a and b. Not really sure which values to use or how. Thanks! A solution is made by dissolving 1.71g of barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2 (s), in distilled water and then adding more distilled water until the total

    asked by Anonymous
  55. MATH

    How many tiles measuring 10cm x 10cm will you need to cover a bathroom floor that measures 3m x 5m?

    asked by Chelsea
  56. math

    At work one day Erica received 55 packages. Speedy Delivery delivered 4 times as many as Ralph Express delivered while Ralph delivered 5 times more than Send Quick So how many packaged did each service send

    asked by Wayne
  57. Physics

    Determine the work done by a person when lowering an object of mass 2.6 kg by a distance of 2.4 m. The person applies a force Fext such that the object moves with constant speed, i.e., without acceleration,

    asked by Nikita
  58. Physics

    Two people push on a crate. Person 1 pushes in the positive X direction with a force of 25N. The second person pushes in the negative X direction at an angle of 15 degrees below the horizontal with a magnitude of 18.5N the box moves with uniform velocity.

    asked by Scott
  59. Algebra

    (I answered a couple of them but am not confident on my answers, so can you please tell me if my answers are not correct to the ones I answered and for the ones I haven not answered that is because I do not know how to do them. PLEASE HELP!!! This

    asked by LeAnn/Needs turned in within an hour
  60. Finance

    Consider the following projects, for a firm using a discount rate of 10%: project NPV IRR PI A $200,000 12.2% 1.04 B $200,001 11% 1.01 C $60,000 10.1% 1.61 D $(235,000) 9% .95 If the projects are independent, which, if any, project(s) should the firm

    asked by Kaylee
  61. english

    I need help with this question and would really apprecitae it the help What are three feutures of a lyric poem? Explain how "Song Concerning Dream of the thunderbirds" uses these features

    asked by Hana
  62. 6th grade

    The men's outdoor world regard in the high jump 2.45 meters and 8ft 0.5 inches. The women outdoor record in high jump 2.09 meters and 6ft 10.25in How much higher is the men's high jump record?

    asked by car
  63. chemistry

    how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

    asked by justin
  64. geography

    1. Which of the following problems is not a result of Egypt's growing population? A overcrowded cities B emigration of educated professionals to other countries C a diminishing food supply D widespread unemployment Is it D? 2. What is a major reason for

    asked by emily
  65. history

    How did the basic tenets of Lutheranism and Calvinism differ from Catholicism?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. History

    What did Robespierre mean when he stated "Pity is treason" ?

    asked by Dre
  67. college biology

    What does enhance genetic diversity?

    asked by annette
  68. Physics

    Water flowing through a 2.8 cm-diameter pipe can fill a 200 L bathtub in 5.8 min. Flow rate Q = volume/time = speed * cross section area Q=200/5.8=speed*.028....i get 1231.52 or Q=(200/348)=speed*.028...i get 20.52 both are wrong so what do i do? then i

    asked by ana
  69. chemistry

    how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

    asked by justin
  70. science

    Define Osmosis and identify examples in which the human body uses osmosis.

    asked by Tammy
  71. chemistry

    how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

    asked by justin
  72. Geography

    1.How were the traditional Southeast Asian farmers affected by European colonization? A. They became wealthy from the rising values of the cash crops they grew and exported to Europe. B. Unable to compare with large landowners, they were forced to leave

    asked by Jake
  73. physics

    An aluminum saucepan with a diameter of 18 cm and a height of 6.0 cm is filled to the brim with water. The initial temperature of the pan and water is 19°C. The pan is now placed in a refrigerator and cooled to 9°C. Calculate the drop in water level in

    asked by jawn
  74. Chemistry

    What will be the pH of: (a)10.0cm3 of an aqueous solution of 0.001mol dm^-3 nitric aicd, HNO3 (aq)? (b)100cm3 of an aqueous solution of 0.001mol dm^-3 nitric aicd, HNO3 (aq)? (c)0.02mol dm^-3 of potassium hydroxide solution, KOH (aq)? For (a) I got 2, (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Statistics

    Suppose that the average grade for all people who take this course in statistics is 83 with a standard deviation of 3.5. If your particular class has an average of 89, can you conclude that your class is better than average at the 90 percent confidence

    asked by Terra
  76. Physics

    A pendulum consists of an object of mass m = 1 kg swinging on a massless string of length l = 258 cm. The object has a speed of 1.6 m/s when it passes through its lowest point. What is the greatest angle with the vertical that the string makes during the

    asked by Leah
  77. Mathematics

    Eggs cost 90 cents a dozen. Peppers cost 20 cents each An omelette consist of 3 eggs and a quarter pepper what is the cost of ingredients for 8 omelets SHOW ALL WORKING

    asked by Ashley-ann
  78. science

    what are three ways to make a sugar cube dissolve more quickly in water

    asked by Katherine
  79. managerial economics

    The MorTex Company assembles garments entirely by hand even though a textile ma- chine exists that can assemble garments faster than a human can. Workers cost $50 per day, and each additional laborer can produce 200 more units per day (i.e., marginal

    asked by eric
  80. algebra

    Write an algebraic expression for each word expression: 3.8 times a number z

    asked by Anonymous
  81. 10th grade algebra

    the volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is v=1/3LWH. find W if V=500 L=15 and H=4. a) W=25 b) W=20 c) W=18 d) W=15

    asked by allison
  82. Psychology

    Baby Louisa is able to interact with her environment in ways that allows her to adjust her behavior accordingly. For Piaget, Louisa is manifesting

    asked by M
  83. Algebra

    (I got part a and b but not part c. Can you please explain to me how to get answer in c and also if my other answers are correct). 3. You recently started the paperwork to purchase your new home, and you were just notified that you can move into the house

    asked by LeAnn/Needs turned in within an hour
  84. physics escape

    The escape speed from a distant planet is 42 km/s. If the accelaration of gravity on the planet is 11.0 m/s/s, what is the radius of the planet?

    asked by Andy
  85. biology phenotypes

    If the parents are PPLLXppll, then the F1 generation is PpLl. Say that the F1 generation is crossed with PPLL. It would be a cross between PpLl X PPLL. Then what is the F1 generation or in other words what are the different gametes I can use to make a F2

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Geography

    1. All of the following were results of the Meiji reform EXCEPT a. created of the Diet b. institution of a Japanese caste system c. establishment of a new educational system d. construction of the railroads B -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  87. Physics

    A spring has a spring constant of 259N/m. Find the magnitude of the force needed (a) to stretch the spring by 3.54 10-2m from its unstrained length and N (b) to compress the spring by the same amount. N

    asked by Matthew
  88. math

    Is 1/4 of 12 greater than 1/4 of 8? Explain.

    asked by Lisa
  89. Algebra

    (I'm so lost with all this algebra so can someone please help me? I have tried to put some answers in so please tell me if any of my answers are wrong and help with the ones left blank). 2. As you are leaving the community, you notice another new community

    asked by LeAnn/Needs turned in within an hour
  90. Chemistry

    Why is it that identical functional groups on different molecules don't have identical frquencies? Why does the O- H frequency occur at a value higher than the C=bond?

    asked by Kaye
  91. English

    I am going to try an English club. What do you think? - That's a good idea. I think it's a great way to study English. - I hope it works. (1) (What does 'it'(1) refet to? And what is the meaning of 'works'? What other words can we use? What is the meaning

    asked by rfvv
  92. 8th Grade Science

    by stirring a gas in a liquid,its solubility does it speed up or slow down n the dissolving process............PLEASE HELP ITS HARD

    asked by Anonymous
  93. sat essay

    do people have to be highly competitve in ordr to succeed? Today, people keep improving ability to be competitive in order to survive in the sever competition of the society. But does success really require us to be competitive? I don¡¯t think so. People

    asked by jessica
  94. math

    Find the percent using the percent proportion 75 rolls is what percent of 1000 rolls

    asked by steven
  95. math

    5/4x+1/8x=11/8+x solve and simplify the answer x=

    asked by Tedd
  96. Math

    Is this correct? 7x4-(4%2)=26 are the perenthyses in the right places?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. government

    this item can give a president real leverage in influencing congress?

    asked by haley
  98. English

    You know, trash can be useful. - What do you mean? (What is the meaning or use of 'You know'? When do we use? What other expressions can we use instead of 'You know'?)

    asked by rfvv
  99. English

    What makes our earth sick? - Steel cans make the earth sick. - Shampoo makes the earth sick. - Empty bottles make the earth sick. - Plastic bags make the earth sick. - ___________ make/makes the earth sick. (Are the answers all grammatical? What other

    asked by rfvv
  100. physics

    A car has a mass of 1.56 × 103 kg. If the force acting on the car is 6.63 × 103 N to the east, what is the car’s acceleration? Answer in units of m/s2.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. chemistry

    Is the protonated/acidic form of bromothymol blue more soluble in water or dichloromethane?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Physics

    I have a problem where I've solved a and b. I need to solve c. It's a centripetal force problem. So far I have. v(speed)=2.5pi R(radius)=3.5 m(mass)=2 t(time)=2.8 Ac (centripetal acceleration)=17.62 How would I find tension? (Hint: The tension provides Fc)

    asked by Jill
  103. History

    So I am doing a power point assignment for my history class on Needle Distribution Programs and need some help. I need to have what it is, basic background of it,How it is important, and how it is/has changed American history. I have a lot of the

    asked by Emily
  104. Language Arts

    is the phrase( as a matter of fact)a transitional word?

    asked by Ti.ti
  105. math

    Identify the percent,whole , and part in the following 30% of 730 is 219 do not solve for any unknowns Percent= Whole= Part=

    asked by steven
  106. ap world history

    Hi,I have to write an essay for my ap world history class but i am confused on how to write a thesis for it.The instructions are "Compare the diffusion of Buddhism from its origin to the sixth century C.E with the diffusion of Christianity from its origin

    asked by andrea
  107. physics

    The maximum speed that a car can travel around a flat curved road is 18m/s. What would be the maximum speed for that car around a curve with half the radius?

    asked by Ruby
  108. college

    Research the Bacardi website. Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel

    asked by NeNe
  109. AP Physics B

    The college board website only has exams from 1999 to last years. Some how my teach has gotten ahold of the free response questions from like 1980 and he said that they are open to the public and can be found on the internet. I can't seem to find were they

    asked by Jeff
  110. science

    What can particles in solution NOT do because ther are so small

    asked by Katherine
  111. algebra

    how would i figure out a problem like: a^2 + b^2 = 5^2 is there a certain method to figure this out?

    asked by ali
  112. 11 grade algebra

    I buy 20 gallons of gas, 15 premium and 5 regular. Regular gas is 20 cents cheaper per gallon. I spend $42 total; what is the price of each type of gas?

    asked by Norm
  113. physics entry

    A meteor headed straight towards the earth has an approach speed of 2.00e3 m/s at a distance of 7 earth radii from the center of the earth. What will be its speed when it reaches earth a 6.38e6 m(ignore the effects of atmosphere)?

    asked by Andy
  114. chem

    Determine the number of moles of MgO that form from the reaction of 4.4 moles of O2 in the following unbalanced reaction: Mg(s) + O2(g) → MgO(s)

    asked by a
  115. Physics

    An object is placed on an inclined plane which forms an angle B = 18º with the horizontal. An external force F of magnitude 14.3 N is applied to the object. The force F acts in a direction which forms an angle A = 62º with the horizontal. As a result of

    asked by Leah
  116. eco 205

    Assignment locate 3 topics (DONE) how are the ten principals of economics relevant to each case. How do you determine which one? What questions to ask self to determine the answer? Where to look outside the examples shown in class?I did read the lesson

    asked by Mary
  117. math

    Whiche measure best represents data( in my case salaries) mean, median or mode? Thanks

    asked by 1234
  118. physics

    Hi, i really need help with this question. Two identical cars hit each other and lock bumpers. A car moving with a speed of 90 km/h approaches a stationary car

    asked by Axel
  119. Physics

    In a mechanical experiment with an isolated object, only Ekin and Epot of the object change. If the object accelerates from 5 m/s to 10 m/s, its potential energy has? My ans: Potential energy has decreased by a factor of 2 because kinetic energy has

    asked by Nikita
  120. Physics

    When an object slides over a smooth horizontal surface, how does the force of friction depend on the force of gravity on the object?

    asked by Cyn
  121. Functions

    For the function f(x)= 3x-8 / x+5, find: a. f(0) = -8/5 b. f(-1) = -11/4 Correct?

    asked by C.
  122. Geography

    Explain the differences between the inside and outside of a river bend, in terms of both, depth of water, speed of river flow, bed load and features of erosion and deposton on either side of the river at a bend

    asked by Namra
  123. chemistry

    1.00 mole H2

    asked by latisha
  124. Physics

    An object of mass m = 2.7 kg moves with initial speed vinitial = 2.2 m/s, then interacts with its environment, releasing 4.4 J of work. What is the speed of the object after the interaction is completed? My ans: I found KE initially and then subtracted

    asked by Nikita
  125. bio but acting more like math

    okay I am converting some measurements and is 30.16 mm larger or smaller than 27 mm? and then 22.2 mm is larger or smaller than 20.64 mm?

    asked by B
  126. Physics

    A car on a roller coaster has a mass of 9528 kg. The car is dragged up the main hill at an angle of 38 degrees ( above horizontal) for a distance of 182 m to the top of the first hill. What work was done to the car ?

    asked by scott
  127. Math

    Let f(x)-10x-5. Find a function h(x) such that h(h(x))=f(x).

    asked by SC
  128. Science

    Why do human need water?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. science

    My grandson is in 4th grade. His teacher assigned the class to make a container that will keep an ice cube frozen for several hours while inside. Do you have any ideas?

    asked by Nina
  130. Math

    Everyone in Mrs.Bowman's art class has 8 jars of paint except Jerome, who has 10. There are 74 jars of paint in the room. How many students are there in Mrs. Bowman's art class.

    asked by Mark
  131. comm arts

    when do you use homophone besides or except? Ican attend the meeting if it is scheduled any day of the week ..... Friday. What shoul I use. except or besides? Thanks

    asked by david
  132. Math

    What is the perimeter of a rectangle whereby the length is b and the width is 24?

    asked by Marie
  133. math

    copy each table and complete it by using the corresponding equation. y= -x + b X Y 1 0 2 -1 8 -7 10 ? 20 ? 40 ?

    asked by Marie
  134. Physics

    An object of mass 0.7 kg is thrown vertically upwards at a speed of 23 m/s. What is the gravitational potential energy of the object at the highest point of its trajectory?

    asked by Nikita
  135. Functions

    For the function f(x)=3x^2-8x find: a. f(2) = -4 b. f(-3) = 51 Right?

    asked by C.
  136. geometry

    do you know how to unscramlbe MATH words

    asked by stacey
  137. hca240

    What short-term and long-term health conditions are direct consequences of the obesity epidemic? What individual and societal changes can help reverse the obesity epidemic?

    asked by trudy
  138. Physics

    Determine the work done by a person when lowering an object of mass 2.6 kg by a distance of 2.4 m. The person applies a force Fext such that the object moves with constant speed, i.e., without acceleration? My ans: W=F*d F = ma But it's saying constant

    asked by Nikita
  139. Creative Writing

    Which three of these points would be the best to use in my body paragraphs for my essay on Being an only child has more advantages than being one of several children in a family An only child has all the attention of his/her parents He/she is provided with

    asked by y912f
  140. Physics

    A crate on a floor has an applied force 15 degrees below horizontal of 952N The crate moves with constant velocity. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.15. What is the mass of the crate ?

    asked by scott
  141. 12th grade English

    I need to write a one page response essay to the quote "you can no more win a war than you can an earthquake"..........please help! Not good at writing. Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  142. geography

    I can't find any of the answers in the book, could you please help? 1. The landform occupying the center of the triangle that forms the indian subcontinent is the.. A Deccan Plateau B Western Ghats C Indo- Cangetic Plain D Eastern Ghats 2. Which account of

    asked by Erin
  143. math

    75 is what % of 1000

    asked by Tina
  144. algrebra

    2 similar triangles were drawn in a was 1/4 the size of the other.if the measures of the first were 5,6 and 12 the measure of a larger triangle were is A)10,14 and 24 B)20,28 and 48 c)10,28 and 48 d)14,28 and 48

    asked by yeral
  145. maths

    use the substitution method to solve the linear system. 1. 3x=9 -x+2y=9 3x/3 = 9/3 x = 3 -x(3)+2y = 9 -3+2y = 9 2y = 12 y = 6 is (3,6) correct? =========== also, can you please tell me how to solve these? use the linear combinations to solve the linear

    asked by jenn
  146. math

    Juice boxes are sold in packs of 6. Tony brought 5 packs of juice boxes to a party, and Victor brought 4 packs. How many juice boxes are there at the party altogether?

    asked by Talia
  147. math

    How to solve x2-2x-13=0

    asked by staci mae
  148. School

    How can you prove that the equation of any circle with radius (r) and the center at the origin is x^2+y^2=36? Please help!?!

    asked by nick
  149. space

    I can't use wikipedia

    asked by m&m
  150. 7th grade science

    name two scientest who studied inherited genetics and what they used for research and why

    asked by alice
  151. English

    atthew interviews the director of computing services to get information for the company newsletter. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? Writing Editing Revising Planning

    asked by Ray
  152. 10th grade social studies

    How does trade and offering cominly diverse choices INCREASE diversity? Thanks Ms.Sue for answering my last question! ^^

    asked by derek
  153. Statistics

    What are some examples of why research can be interesting and exciting?

    asked by Linda
  154. Finance

    ABC common stock paid $2.50 in divedends last year. Divedends are expected to grow at a 12% aanual rate forever. If ABC current market price is $40.00, what is the stock's expected rate of return(nearest .01%)? I come up with 18.25%, am I correct?

    asked by jessica
  155. History

    List some of the King or Queen that have made a lot of accomplishment during their time.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Statistics

    What are some examples of why research can be boring and tedious?

    asked by Linda
  157. physics

    A box of mass 12.6 kg is pulled to the right with a horizontal force of 14 N. If the box moves to the right with a constant velocity of 1.68 m/s, what is the frictional force acting on the box? What is the coefficient of friction for this situation?

    asked by Alex
  158. Civics

    I have to write a one page report describing the problems associated with urban sprawl. We are watching a video called Sprawling from Grace, which talks about America being so dependent on transportation. We have to use examples from the video as well as

    asked by Bob
  159. Pre-Calc

    Describe the conditions necessary for the two circles, where circle a has a larger radius than circle b, to have no points of intersection, while each circle is entirely in the exterior of the other circle.

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Pre-Calc (Circles)

    Describe the conditions necessary, where circle A has a larger radius than circle B, for the two circle to have no points of intersection, while circle B is entirely in the interior of circle A.

    asked by Anonymous
  161. math

    (transforming Coordinates) I do not understand what a translation is that moves the coordinates of an image to two differents points on a x and y axis

    asked by kurtis
  162. Capitals in Sentences

    For my geography paper I am talking about the diseases of Foot and Mouth Disease, Smallpox, and Spanish Influenza. Throughout my paper I am not sure whether I should be capitalizing these words or keeping them lower case. example sentences below: - This

    asked by Brittany
  163. science

    what is a substance that provides nourishment to an organism

    asked by kylie
  164. addition, subtraction, multipication, and division

    In 25 divided by 5 minis 4 equals 25 where would you put the perethyses to make it true???

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Precalculus

    What is the square root of 2 to the poweer of (1/3)? In order to do the problem, I need this information. We are not allowed to use the calculator so I was wondering what that is, or how to find powers of square roots like this.

    asked by Alex
  166. english

    can you give me a sentence using the word melancholy

    asked by willie
  167. Money and Banking

    Identify at least three problems facing the Federal Reserve in achieving its goals of monetary policy.

    asked by Anonymous
  168. math

    what is the slope-intercept of:y=x-1

    asked by Dylan
  169. Physics

    Another one, sorry! =P This stuff is really confusing.. Why doesn't friction depend on surface area?

    asked by Cyn
  170. math


    asked by Talia
  171. math

    Which measure best represents data... mean, median or mode? Thank you!! :) 1234

    asked by 1234
  172. chemistry grade 12

    Explain why, in redox reactions, the total increase in the oxidation numbers of the oxidized elements must equal the total decrease in the oxidation numbers of the reduced elements.

    asked by Ron
  173. space

    What is the color of the star HD 217107 in the constellation Pisces?

    asked by m&m
  174. science

    i need this questioned answered or... i will flunk out of science HELP ME!!! What are the end products of respiration????

    asked by lendcy
  175. Chemistry

    Why is it that identical functional groups on different molecules don't have identical frquencies?

    asked by Jaqui
  176. maths

    example of a function f:z-->z that is surjective but not injective

    asked by liam
  177. Psychology

    Describe how a person moves through each of the five stages of Levinger’s ABC’s of relationships model. As you write your description, include answers to the following questions: What do you think people look for in the attraction stage? How do people

    asked by Lanie
  178. French

    What is the history of Musee du Quebec and who founded it? thanks:)

    asked by Niki
  179. Math

    How do you put 3/4 in to tenths

    asked by Krazy
  180. algebra

    -6-11x=-136 solve

    asked by hope
  181. math

    can some one remind me how to do the multiplication of 3(1/2) times 5(4/7.

    asked by Anonymous
  182. Science Olympiad

    I don't know if you can help me but i am in science olympiad and i don't now what to bring for the second part of physical science lab. I already tried going on their website so that did not help.

    asked by Anonymous
  183. English

    1. It is not certain if he will come today. 2. It is not certain that he will come today. (Is 'it' a false subject and the if clase or the that clase a real subject?)

    asked by rfvv
  184. 7th grade science

    name 2 scientest who inherited traits

    asked by alice
  185. Algebra 2

    If a circle has the radius of 6 and it is at the orgin, what are seven points on the circle. I already have four and I need three more. So far I have, (6,0) (0,6) (0,-6) and (-6,0). What am I missing. I also can't write any decimals for the points, but it

    asked by sam
  186. 10th grade social studies

    I don't get what "What message do these 2 sources present about the impact of globalization on identity?" means..

    asked by derek
  187. science

    hey i need help[ filling out this sentence..... Solubility is dependent on_______________ and_____________. plese help me thank you

    asked by Katherine
  188. math

    can you explain function tables to me

    asked by brayden
  189. Grammar

    In the following sentence I think ambition is a noun that is an idea. Is that right? The strong supporter of the League of Nations had great ambitions.

    asked by Nick
  190. ALGEBRA

    145.20=6.00+6.00(1+x)/ (.10-x) Solve for X

    asked by Dave
  191. math

    Im greater than 99 but less than 1000, two of my digits that are not next to each other are the same, my tenth digit can't be greater and is more than my hundreths digit. What number am I?

    asked by jessy
  192. HCR 210

    explain how the general duties for handling patient records differ between a records administration and a record technician

    asked by Vicki
  193. economy

    what is the difference between a savings-surplus sector and a saving-deficit sector?

    asked by navid
  194. Business

    How do I calculate data using Excel

    asked by Tammy
  195. 5th grade Math

    If a number has an odd number of factors, why can the number always be represented by the expression n2?

    asked by Meghan
  196. where

    where can i find a science project that is what toothpaste reacts faster with shells?

    asked by vero
  197. 7th grade

    -6d/3 when d=-10

    asked by angela
  198. Algebra

    factor the expression x(a+2) - 2(a+2) i missed this day because i was sick...please explain!

    asked by Jorge
  199. Science


    asked by Jessie
  200. college

    why us an alkene able to from cis/trans isomers but an alkane can't?

    asked by gary
  201. math

    57,59,70,55,70,60,56 find the mean

    asked by Tara
  202. math

    how do you add fractions?

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Earth Science

    What are two forces that cause the Earth's surface to constantly change and what are their effects on the planet? Please help I do homeschooling and I'm super behind in science please answer before 12:00 p.m. on 11-17-09

    asked by A.J.
  204. physics

    -32 50 to vertical coordination

    asked by manuel
  205. 2nd grade

    how does aother properties affect physical property

    asked by carolyn
  206. algebra

    72 students is 90% of how many students

    asked by steven
  207. Math

    If a circle has the radius of 6 and it is at the orgin, what are seven points on the circle. I already have four and I need three more. So far I have, (6,0) (0,6) (0,-6) and (-6,0). What am I missing. I also can't write any decimals for the points, but it

    asked by sammy
  208. math

    do you know place value division

    asked by debbie