Questions Asked on
November 3, 2009

  1. Chemistry

    What is the ionic and net ionic equation for Na2CO3 + 2 HNO3 -> 2 NaNO3 + H2O + CO2 (g) This is what i have so far... Na2(aq)+CO3+H+NO3 -> Na+ NO3+ H2O(l)+CO2(g)... i don't know what to do!!!

    asked by Christina

    a child sitting 1.10 m from the center of a merry go round moves with a speed of 1.25 m/s. calculate the centripetal acceleration of the child and the net horizontal force exerted on the child (mass = 25 kg).

    asked by Sasha
  3. Math

    In 1968, the U.S. minimum wage was $1.60 per hour. In 1976, the minimum wage was $2.30 per hour. Assume the minimum wage grows according to an exponential model w(t), where t represents the time in years after 1960. Find the Formula for w(t) My work so

    asked by SC
  4. physics

    A sports car of mass 950kg (including the driver) crosses the rounded top of a hill (radius = 95m) at 22m/s. Determine a) the normal force exerted by the road on the car, b) the normal force exerted by the car on the 72kg driver, and c) the car speed at

    asked by Sasha
  5. physics

    a .45kg ball, attached to the end of a horizontal cord, is rotated in a circle of radius 1.3m on a frictionless horizontal surface. if the cord will break when the tension in it exceeds 75 N, what is the maximum speed the ball can have?

    asked by Sasha
  6. Physics

    In order to determine the coefficients of friction between rubber and various surfaces, a student uses a rubber eraser and an incline. In one experiment, the eraser begins to slip down the incline when the angle of inclination is 36.4° and then moves down

    asked by Chloe
  7. 12

    The Green Mountain Inn can rent all its 210 rooms when it charges $45 per night for a room, but the manager wants to increase profits. He finds, however, that for each $2 increase in the room rate, 3 fewer rooms are rented. If the cost of cleaning an

    asked by Ak
  8. physics

    A metal can containing condensed mushroom soup has a mass of 269 g, a height of 14.7 cm, and a diameter of 6.79 cm. It is placed at rest on its side at the top of a 3.34 m long incline that is at an angle of 22.4o to the horizontal and is then released to

    asked by Emily
  9. Chemistry

    CaCl2(aq)+ Cs3PO4(aq) ---> Complete the reaction and classify as precipitation or acid/base. Net ionic equation as well. I believe this is a precipitation reaction since there is no H. Believe the products may be CaPO4 and Cs3Cl2? Can someone help explain

    asked by Meaghan
  10. Calculus (derivatives)

    Find the derivative of cos^2(4x)

    asked by Amanda
  11. 6th grade

    a 600 n box is pushed up a ramp that is 2m high and 5 m long, the person is pushing the box at a force of 300 n,what is the efficiency of a ramp ?

    asked by maria
  12. Chem.

    If you had a mixture of benzene, toluene, and m-xylene, what would be the expected order of retention times? Explain. I know benzene would have a retention time of 3 mins, toluene about 4.8 mins, and m-xylene about 5.6 mins, right? Therefore, the expected

    asked by Chelsea
  13. Calculus

    Suppose that a population of bacteria triples every hour and starts with 700 bacteria. (a) Find an expression for the number n of bacteria after t hours. n(t) = ? (b) Estimate the rate of growth of the bacteria population after 1.5 hours. (Round your

    asked by Alex
  14. English

    Hi, so I just need some help with A Christmas Carol Comprehension. Sorry for the amount of questions, but I just copy and pasted the whole thing. I need help because I was absent from school for a while, but my teacher still won't let me have more time on

    asked by John Anderson
  15. Geography

    Where can I find all the information I need regarding a specific North American State? Example: Florida...What is the State motto, flower, capital etc...

    asked by John
  16. science

    a snowball rolls off the edge of a horizontal roof at a velocity of 7 m/s. what is the speed of the snowball 3 s later?

    asked by craig
  17. physics

    two movers have to lift a refrigerator into a truck. one of the movers wants to life the refrigerator vertically, but the other mover wants to roll it up a ramp by applying a force parallel to the ramp. assume the height of the truck is 1.5m, the length of

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Literature

    6. In 'The Necklace', Mathilde seems happiest when a. she recievs the invitation to the reception b. she attends and dances at the reception c. her husband gives her money to buy a new dress d. Mme. Forestier lets her borrow the necklace I'm stuck between

    asked by mysterychicken
  19. chemistry

    What is the density (in g/L) of hydrogen gas at 23.0 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 1670 psi?

    asked by kelsey
  20. maths

    3(2f+4)- expand the bracets

    asked by Georgia
  21. Physics

    A golf club 1.01 m long completes a downswing in 0.25 s through a range of 180°. Assume a uniform (constant) angular velocity, what is the average angular velocity of the club? I don't even know what equation to begin with.

    asked by Kelly
  22. Physics

    A tunnel of length L = 141 m, height H = 6.9 m high, and width 6.0 m (with a flat roof) is to be constructed at distance d = 60 m beneath the ground. The tunnel roof is to be supported entirely by square steel columns, each with a cross-sectional area of

    asked by Ray
  23. Calc

    Newton's Law of Gravitation says that the magnitude F of the force exerted by a body of mass m on a body of mass M is the following. F=(GmM)/r^2 Here G is the gravitational constant and r is the distance between the bodies. (a) Find dF/dr (b) Suppose it is

    asked by Josh
  24. 4th grade

    i have a question on my son homework explain why 36/9 is not a number sentence.

    asked by samie
  25. physics

    A particle at rest undergoes an acceleration of 2.1 m/s2 to the right and 5 m/s2 up. a) What is its speed after 7.9 s? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by naomi
  26. Physics

    When a falling meteor is at a distance above the Earth's surface of 2.78 times the Earth's radius, what is its free-fall acceleration caused by the gravitational force exerted on it?

    asked by Jessica
  27. Physics

    A barge with mass 1.7×105 kg is proceeding down river at 6.1 m/s in heavy fog when it collides broadside with a barge heading directly across the river. The second barge has mass 2.83×105 kg and was moving at 4.2 m/s. Immediately after impact, the second

    asked by Rachel
  28. Calc

    The volume of a growing spherical cell is given below, where the radius is measured in micrometers (1 µm = 10-6m). V = 4/3pi r^3 (a) Find the average rate of change of V with respect to r when r changes from 2. Evaluate your answers numerically. (i) 2 to

    asked by Josh
  29. chemistry

    4.0 gram of ferrous ammonium sulphate, FeSO4*(NH4)2SO4 * 6H2O, is used. Since the oxalate is in excess , Calculate the theoretical yield of the iron complex

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Calc

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 160 ft/s, then its height after t seconds is s = 160t - 16t2. What is the velocity of the ball when it is 96 ft above the ground on its way up? (Consider up to be the positive direction. Round the

    asked by Pat
  31. Chemistry

    Another ionic and net ionic equation that i am having trouble with!!! I need the ionic and net ionic equation KOH+ HBr -> KBr+ H2O

    asked by Christina
  32. Physics

    Four 7.5 kg spheres are located at the corners of a square of side 0.74 m. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the gravitational force on one sphere due to the other three.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. 2nd grade math

    I have fewer ones than tens. The value of my tens is 20. What two numbers can I be?

    asked by Karen
  34. physics

    a ball is thrown upward. its initial verticle component of velocity is 10 m/s and its initial horizontal component of velocity is 2 m/s. what is the ball's speed 10 s later?

    asked by Stephanie
  35. math

    An auditorium has 49 rows of seats. The first row contains 40 seats. As you move to the rear of the auditorium, each row has 3 more seats than the previous row. -How many seats are in the auditorium?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. History

    how do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrilization is affect our interpretation of historical industrialization?

    asked by Mija
  37. Computer Science

    Given that main memory is composed of three page frames for public use and that a program requests pages in the following order. dcbadcedcbae a.) using the FIFO range removal algorithm, do a page trace analysis indicating page faults with asterisks (*).

    asked by Ryan
  38. Math

    Find both square root of 4,900. The first would be 70, but what the second one?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. chemistry

    how to measure the volume of wood chips? (will they float on water re: water displacement, so this would not be a good method to do it)

    asked by marlee
  40. Economics/Math

    In a perfectly competitive industry, the market price is $25. A firm is currently producing 10,000 units of output, its average total cost is $28, its marginal cost is $20, and its average variable cost is $20. Given these facts, explain whether the

    asked by cb
  41. Chem

    How many moles of ions are released when this sample dissolves in water? 3.55*10^18 formula units of Ba(OH)2*8H2O

    asked by Jen
  42. Economics/Math

    Suppose you are the manager of a small chemical company operating in a competitive market. Your cost of production can be expressed as C = 100 + Q2, where Q is the level of output and C is total cost. a. Is this a short-run cost function? b. What is the

    asked by cb
  43. phyics-universal gravity

    A hypothetical planet has a radius 3.3 times that of Earth, but has the same mass. What is the acceleration due to gravity near its surface? (downward)

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Economics/Math

    Suppose there are four firms in a competitive market and that each firm has the following supply function. Supply functions for competitive firms Company Supply Function 1 Q1 = 16 + 4P 2 Q2 = -5 + 5P 3 Q3 = 32 + 8P 4 Q4 = - 60 +10P a. Find the competitive

    asked by cb
  45. Math

    Identify the conic section whose equation is given: x2 + 10x + y2 + 12y = 60

    asked by Chris
  46. biology

    Give four reasons why we need food.

    asked by Stan
  47. Social Studies

    How far is it from Minneapolis, Mn to Machu Picchu, Peru?

    asked by Samantha
  48. Algebra

    28. A gardener measures the tallest of his prize-winning sunflowers and finds that the height is 60 in. The sunflower was 52 in. tall the last time the gardener measured it. Write and solve an equation to find how many inches the sunflower grew.

    asked by Rach
  49. Operating Systems

    What mechanism would you implement in the process scheduler to automate the termination of a job that is in an infinite loop. Take into account jobs that legitimately use large amounts of cpu time for example on finding the first 10000 prime numbers

    asked by Ryan
  50. 3rd grade

    THe Farmer has 20 sheep and pigs. He has 6 fewer sheep than pigs. How many pigs does HE have?

    asked by sue
  51. college

    what are the fallacies if any are in this argument in the border on our backs by roberto rodriguez?explain the nature of the fallacy or fallacies?

    asked by lisa
  52. 12

    a high speed office copier has an initial price of $1800. a service contract cost $270 for the first year and increases by $100 per year thereafter. it can be shown that over x years the total cost of thecopier is given by C(x)=1800+220x+50X^2 When is the

    asked by Ak
  53. 4 grade math

    i need help on this problem. make 36/9 into a false number sentence? please! help me to understand this math problem thank you for your kindness.

    asked by samie
  54. social studies

    I need to fill in 3 blanks to answer the questions what are nonrenewable resources and what are nonrenewable. my choices are oil plants, sun, wind and water For the nonrenewable resources I turned in my paper with oil and water but my teacher marked 1

    asked by lyn
  55. geometry

    What is the relationship between the measure of a central angle of a polygon and the measures of an interior and an exterior angle of the polygon?

    asked by Carli
  56. Life Science

    By living in areas where other organisms inhabit,humans change the environmental conditions for those organisms. Describe two ways humans impact the environment and what the effects are on the earth? Thesse can either be positive or negative. Please answer

    asked by Elizabeth
  57. science

    what is the wavelength of radiation with a frequency of 1.50 times 10^13s-1? Does this radiationhave a longer or shorter wavelength than red light? also... What is the energy of a photon of microwave radiation with a frequency of 3.20 times 10^11 s-1?

    asked by stephanie
  58. Geography

    2. The country in this region that is formed by two main islands is a. New Zealand b. Australia c. China d. Micronesia Not sure about this one.. 3. People in East Asia use terrace farming to overcome the problems of farming in areas where a. there is not

    asked by mysterychicken
  59. phyics-universal gravity

    Calculate the force of gravity on a spacecraft 6400 km (1 earth radii) above the Earth's surface if its mass is 1600 kg.

    asked by DJ
  60. Advanced Math

    Find the maximum and minimum values of f(x,y)=3x+y for the polygonal convex set determined by x>or equal to 1, y>or equal to 0, and x+0.5y

    asked by Briana
  61. English

    1. He has a house. + He lives in the house. 2. He has a house which he lives in. 3. He has a house to live in. 4. He has a house. + He can live in the house. 5. He has a house which he can live in. 6. He has a house to live in. (Are they correct? Does #3

    asked by rfvv
  62. To bobpursley

    You helped me earlier today whith one of these problems... and i have two more...... What is the ionic and net ionic equation? 1. Ca(HO)2(aq)+ Na2CO3(aq)-> CaCO3 -> (s)+ 2NaOH (aq) I don't understand why there are two arrows? This is what i have so far...

    asked by Chemistry
  63. Calc

    The volume of a growing spherical cell is given below, where the radius is measured in micrometers (1 µm = 10^-6m). V = 4/3pi r^3 (a) Find the average rate of change of V with respect to r when r changes from 2. Evaluate your answers numerically. (i) 2 to

    asked by Josh
  64. social studies

    Why does the President as commander-in-chief of the armed forces?

    asked by Kathleen
  65. Psychology

    ''blank'' is one of the most common symptoms of depression in children, occurring in about 80% of clinic-referred youngsters with depression. A Irritability B Anger C Grandiosity D Inattention I believe the correct answer is A. I'm not sure.

    asked by Nia
  66. Chemistry

    What is the ionic and net ionic equation? Ca(HO)2(aq)+ Na2CO3(aq)-> CaCO3 -> (s)+ 2NaOH (aq) I don't understand why there are two arrows? This is what i have so far... Ca+2OH+Na2(aq)+CO3(aq)...

    asked by Christina
  67. chemistry

    which of the following gasses will have the largest volume ( all volumes are measured at the same temperature and pressure) A) 16g of CH4 B) 34g of NH3 C) 44g of co2 D) 64g of SO2 i think the answer is C am i right

    asked by lila
  68. English

    1. I bought the house to live in. 2. I bought the house which I can live in. 3. I bought the house which I will live in. 4. I bought the house which I should live in. (Does #1 mean #2, #3, or #4?) 5. I have a friend to help me. 6. I have a friend who can

    asked by rfvv
  69. Statistics

    h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / y k 3 d 6 t c I'm not sure how to do #3.

    asked by Bob
  70. physics 20

    A speed velocity of a a rocket with a mass of 0.25 kg passes from 15 m/s[up] to 40 m/s[up] in 0.60s. calculate the force of the escaped gasses of the rocket. **** that's what i've done, so far data: m = 0.25kg initial velocity = 15 m/s final velocity = 40

    asked by Adrienne
  71. 2nd grade

    mom weighs 100 pounds her son weighs 450 pounds. how many pounds do they weigh in all?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. science

    The gravitational force of the Earth in relation to the gravitational force of everything else on Earth represents a(n) _____ that causes everything to all toward the center of the earth. Is the answer unbalanced force; balanced force; centrifugal force;

    asked by Ann
  73. Introduction Enngineering

    For what reason did the French Academy of Science create the metric system

    asked by lulu
  74. Anatomy & Physiology

    In the fetus, the organ that is important for the normal development of the immune system is the? liver? spleen? thymus gland? lymph node?

    asked by Nancy
  75. physics 20

    A speed velocity of a a rocket with a mass of 0.25 kg passes from 15 m/s[up] to 40 m/s[up] in 0.60s. calculate the force of the escaped gasses of the rocket. **** that's what i've done, so far data: m = 0.25kg initial velocity = 15 m/s final velocity = 40

    asked by Adrienne
  76. Trig

    A billboard rests on top of a base. From a point level with the bottom of the base, the angle of elevation of the bottom of the billboard is 26 degrees and the top of the billboard is 31 degrees. From a point 21 meters further away, the angle of elevation

    asked by Alexis
  77. Math

    Please help me solve 9(11 - k) = 3(3k-9)

    asked by Miranda
  78. Criminal Justice

    What is your overall opinion on the community era of policing as opposed to past eras and their role in society? What aspects of the previous eras would be beneficial today? Should policing continue with the way it is going; be integrated with past

    asked by jckkoo
  79. calculus 4

    a solid cube, 2 units on a side, is bounded by the planes x=+-1, z=+-1, y=3 and y=5. Find the center of mass using triple integrals.

    asked by john
  80. Economics

    Earl’s production function is f(x1, x2) = x1^(1/2) * x2^(1/3), where x1 is the number of pounds of lemons he uses and x2 is the number of hours he spends squeezing them. His cost function is c(w1, w2, y) = 2w1^(1/2) * w2^(1/2) * y^(3/2), where w1 is the

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Essay for AP English

    Would someone be willing to critique and edit my essay? Thanks so much! PROMPT: Read the two sermons "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" and "Beauty of the World" by Jonathan Edwards. Compare and contrast the rhetorical strategies of tone, lexicon, and

    asked by Emily
  82. World Atlas

    What website can I use to get all the information I need about a specific State (North America)?

    asked by John
  83. college

    what two grievances of the declaration of independence? and how do I state the details of the bill that represents them?

    asked by ckelly
  84. English

    1. He has been working hard on the farm for three hours. 2. He has worked hard on the farm for three hours. (Which one is correct? Are both OK? Which one is commonly used?) 3. They have known each other since they were 13 years old. 4. They have been

    asked by rfvv
  85. Grammar and Composition

    the draft sheet is organized in a confusing way, here's how i filled it: 1. Broad Subject: Phonebook Names 2. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement: John E. Mackintosh 3. Main Idea about This Topic (how do you feel about this topic) (what is your opinion

    asked by y912f
  86. geometry

    I have tried to figure this out, but I came up with two different answers. THe answers I got were 33(first), then 33. What is the rotational symmetrt of a star-like figure, with 24 points? How did youo get the answer so I can understand?

    asked by KAYTLYN
  87. english

    Identify if the word grouping contains sentence fragments, a comma splice, or a run-on sentence, or if the grouping is a complete sentence."Cats, unlike dogs and fond of sitting on laps"

    asked by flojoe
  88. living enviroment

    how do yuh break the the spermatogenesis and get the meaning for example biology bio=life ; logy = study of

    asked by tatiana
  89. algebra

    If a rattlesnake had 44 rattle segments break off in it's life and died with 10 rattles, how many years did it live.

    asked by Zax
  90. Literature

    Need help with this: Write a list of meaningful modifiers and figures of speech used to describe the short story The Birds. ....Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  91. Physics

    Calculate the acceleration due to the rotation of the Earth of a person in a location 26° northern geographical latitude. Use REarth = 3,686 km for the value of the radius of the Earth.

    asked by Nikita
  92. Chemistry

    What is the molecular equation for the reaction between sodium (Na) and hydrochloric acid (HCl)?

    asked by Ton
  93. chemistry

    what mass of NaOH would be dissolved in 1dm3 of water to obtain 0.5 moles of the NaOH solution

    asked by osah felix
  94. 5th grade-math

    Sheila brought $1.95 in coins to spend at the bake sale. Her coins were all in dimes and quarters. The number of quarters she had was two less than the number of dimes. How many of each coin did she have?.

    asked by Javier
  95. science

    What is an axis?

    asked by Cameron
  96. Algebra

    I have to find the inverse function of f(x)=3-4x. I got y=3-x/4 for the function. I then have to plug it back into the function and verify that it is the inverse. So I wrote (3-4(3-x))/4. This resulted in (-3+x)/4=x. I tried isolating it to get x=x but I

    asked by Anneliese
  97. child

    During which phase of purchasing for your preschool program would you most likely purchase child-sized chairs and tables for the eating area? A. The start-up phase B. The supplemental phase C. The follow-up phase D. The replacement phase answer is a

    asked by lisa
  98. Chem.

    how could you use infrared spectroscopy to detect the presence of ethanol in an oxygenated fuel? I think it is either a C-O stretch or -OH stretch, not sure which one? And I know there is more, but I don't know what to say. Please Help.

    asked by Chelsea
  99. Socials

    Who was Madame de Stael? Madame de Stael was a very important person in France even before the revolution. A writer, she was a very respected leader in society. She, like all the other aristocrats, had been forced out of France during the reign of terror.

    asked by Sara
  100. college courses

    Good Morning All! so yesterday i posted something about college that i wanted to know. well, i'm at Georgia State right now. i said i wanted to do something in the designing field. i think that's fine because they have a college of art over here at State.

    asked by y912f
  101. chenistry

    State whether each of these functions is symmetric, antisymmetric, or neither, with respect to the interchange of coordinates 1 and 2: (a) g(1)f(2) b)(r1-r2)e^-br12 where r1 and r2 are vectors describing positions of two points and r12 is the distance

    asked by jeff
  102. Language

    I Have A Big Project And I Need Antynoms For Muzzle(the Device)

    asked by Nate
  103. Science (7th Grade)

    My science teacher is really mean. And if I don't have the following questions done, I have a suspention! Please help!! 1) What discovery demonstrated that atoms are not the smallest particles? 2) Dalton did what to his theory that Democritus did not? 3)

    asked by Alexis
  104. Algebra

    How do you find the zeroes of the 1/2x^3-x? I factoried it so it would be 1/2x(x^2)-x. The one zero would then be zero, which matches with my book's answer. But I have no idea how my book got +/- the sq. root of two for the other one. Can you demonstrate,

    asked by Anneliese
  105. Math

    I have a real big problem. I am not suitable for Algebra! So, could someone please explain how 5x=54+7 equals 4 o.O

    asked by Brookelle
  106. chemistry

    What is the hamiltonian for a Lithium atom?

    asked by jeff
  107. earth

    how Earth would be different today, if it contained no radioactive material

    asked by Lizeth
  108. biology

    examine the intetnet structure of the leaf drawn say how the different layer are suiled for the function of photosynthes

    asked by Stan
  109. Science

    Thanks Bob Pursley!!

    asked by Ann
  110. st. charles borremeo

    maria practiced for 40 minutes on sat. she practiced 10 minutes less in the morning the in the afternoon? how many minutes did she practice in the afternoon

    asked by grace
  111. calculus 4; multiple integration

    Find the surface area of the portion of a plane f(x,y)=2-x-y that lies above the circle x^2+y^2

    asked by john
  112. Algebra

    How do you factor a quartic equation such as 4x^3-24x^2-x+6. Could you break it down step by step? thank you.

    asked by Michael
  113. accounting

    Why is it important to enter employee payroll information precisely?

    asked by angelof8
  114. Biology

    What effect does cooking have on each of the following: a) starch b) cellulose c) butter d) sunflower oil e) liquid protein.

    asked by Stan
  115. pre algebra

    0.85km/s= m/min

    asked by teresa
  116. spanish

    how would you normally say "I have been invited" in Spanish is it "me han invitado a . . ." or "he sido invitado"? thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  117. social studies

    Are wind, water, and sun all renewable rescource

    asked by lyn
  118. Algebra

    (f/g)(-1)-g(3) when f(x)=x^2+1 and g(x)=x-4. I got -1^2/1-4-(3-4), which became 2/-3 + 1. I multiplied the 1 by -3, which resulted in -3/-3 or 3/3. 2/-3+3/3 is 1/3. But my book says the answer is 3/5. Where did I go wrong?

    asked by Anneliese
  119. Anatomy & Physiology

    Excercising muscle will receive more oxygen from hemoglobin than will relaxed muscle because: a)it's PO2 is low b)it's PCO2 is high c)both a and b d)both a and b and its temp is higher than usual

    asked by Nancy
  120. Math

    Is this a quadratic or linear function? Identify the quadratic,linear, and constant terms 3(x-2)^2+12x

    asked by tyler
  121. Grammar and Composition

    here's an assignment that i have to do: Phone Book Character Select a name from the phonebook that makes an impression on you. Examples: Angelic J. Pureheart What kind of impressions might the name Angelic J. Pureheart give you? Would she be a member of

    asked by y912f
  122. Biology

    What effect does cooking have on liquid protein

    asked by TOM
  123. math 115

    - (-4)3rd power + (-3)2nd power - .5 3rd power is 72.875 correct? The 4 is negative because its to the 3rd power, but the negative before it makes it positive, am I right? thanks

    asked by Carina
  124. Math

    Draw Ray SL

    asked by Brandon
  125. Symbolic Logic

    I have to put the following arguments in standard form and wasn't sure if I was doing this correctly... 1. John didn't come home smiling, since if John got the job he came home smiling. But he didn't get the job. so I wrote: If John got the job, then he

    asked by Emma
  126. Math

    I made a mistake when I simplified. Find and explain my mistake. Then complete the problem correctly. Simplify:(3m^7k^-5)^-3 Solution: 3^-3 m^4 k^-8 m^4/3^3k^8 Answer:m^4/27k^8

    asked by James
  127. Algebra

    I had to find the zeroes of (2t-3)/(t+5). I thought one of the answers could be -5, in addition to 3/2. But my book says -5 isn't an answer. Why?

    asked by Anneliese
  128. math

    what is the denominator of 13/107

    asked by cheyenne
  129. Business

    I need a word description of a business scenario, real or fictional,that depicits sole proprietorship.

    asked by Ms. Lisa
  130. biology


    asked by Stan
  131. Biology

    How does bacteria reproduce and how can I show it in a cartoon? In a way that a appropriate? Please help me.. Thank you!

    asked by Gal
  132. Math

    The Political Noise Problem. The amount of background noise is important to television news reporters. One station developed the formula showing the noise level in decibels (N) as it relates to the time after the speaker stops talking in seconds (t). Use

    asked by Confused
  133. Biology

    What effect does cooking have on sunflower oil.

    asked by TOM
  134. Mnagerial Economics

    prepare a brief, with the aid of diagrams how can knowledge of returns to variable inputs assist in decision-making in business

    asked by Melissa
  135. Accounting

    Hi guys, please help me solve this question. Please tell me how exectly should I solved this question. Thanks. On September 1, 2000, ABC Company received an 7000, 12%, 120 day note from a credit customer wishing to extend its repayment period. On october

    asked by Eric
  136. calculus

    Using a double integral, find the volume of the solid that's bounded by the cylinder z=x^2 and below by the region enclosed by the parabola y=2-x^2 and the line y=x

    asked by john
  137. Trig

    How come cosine of 225 degrees is a positive number i thought it was negative because it's reference angle would be 45 degrees below the second quadrant and in a unit circle cosine is just the x value so I thought cosine of something in both the second and

    asked by Trig
  138. Algebra

    I am trying to figure out the zeroes of 2x^2-7x-30. I did this graphically in a way that matched up with the answers in my book, however, I couldn't get it by distributing. I tried (2x+-10)(x+3) but that didn't get -7x in the middle as logic told me it

    asked by Anneliese
  139. finance

    Assume that you deposit $1,104 into an account that pays 7 percent per annum. How much money would be in the account 27 years from today? (

    asked by Anonymous
  140. calculus

    If y = 5x^3 − 10x, determine [dy/dt] when x = 0 and [dx/dt] = −2 . help please ;)

    asked by Mulan
  141. 4th grade

    I have to find the product of 22x11 using an array. Draw a rectangle 22 units long by 11 units wide. Divide the rectangle by tens and ones for each factor. Then complete the calculation.

    asked by amelia
  142. statistics

    For a population with a mean of 30 and standard deviation of 6, describe the sampling distribution of the means for samples of N=9.

    asked by Ashley
  143. health

    Are human service or health care organizations expected to act in a more ethical manner than for-profit organizations?

    asked by Betty
  144. physics 20

    how do you know when the resultant force is = to 0 ? is it when the object is not in motion?

    asked by adrienne
  145. Biology

    In what kind of food is each of the following substances found: a)lactose b)sucrose c)cellulose d)sunflower oil e)liquid protein.

    asked by Stan
  146. health

    if fat people are fat are they born fat or because they eat too many fatty foods?

    asked by ashley
  147. English

    1. Mother Teresa helped many people in India. (In this sentence, what is the part of speech of 'in India?' Is it an adverbial phrase modifying 'helped' or is it an adjective phrase which modifies 'people?') 2. You watched The Matrix yesterday. 3. You

    asked by rfvv
  148. Computer Science-Java

    Hi, I am writing an application class for a Lunar Calendar I created in a service class and I have to make sure it is able to detect that the year entered is not in the range of values(I have done this in the service class using a switch statement) and be

    asked by Lisa
  149. World Geography

    I need help understanding how population pyramids work. I know that the age groups go up and down, and that the gender and how many males/females is at the bottom. How do i figure out what stage they are and where i would place them on the demographic

    asked by Jazmin
  150. child development

    what changes does a child go through their first year of kindergarten

    asked by lisa willaims
  151. economics

    where will i be able to find the % of bank reserve ratio required by banks for each country? all i know is that in uk its 10% and USA there is no limit n the amount you need to keep

    asked by izy
  152. 6th grade language arts

    What is a mood/tone map?

    asked by les
  153. st. charles borremeo

    maria practiced for 40 minutes on sat. she practiced 10 minutes less in the morning the in the afternoon? how many minutes did she practice in the afternoon

    asked by grace
  154. ap history

    how did changes in the size and character of the population affect American social and economic life from 1790 to 1860?

    asked by mary
  155. Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Need help with finding the state capitals of the middle and southern colonies from the 1600's

    asked by Megan
  156. Socials

    Soldiers often react automatically during a battle because of their training. What would happen if they paused to think about what they were doing? I think they would just get shot by their enemies. Is there anything else I can add to that?

    asked by Sara
  157. english

    How do you set up a topic sentence when writing an english paper?

    asked by Angela
  158. health

    1. Describe the interacions change, the global econmy , and modern medical practice on any emerging disease. 2. What is happening in the world toay that can cataclysmically affect public health?

    asked by pj
  159. 9th grade


    asked by trey samuel
  160. Sociology

    What are some manifest and latent functions of a non-profit organization providing resources of accessing benefits and referrals to legal, housing and other social services??? CAN ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS ABOUT THIS!????THANKS A

    asked by Sebrina
  161. Algebra

    describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like. thank you

    asked by Diana
  162. Socials

    Napoleon insisted that the place for women was in the home. How do you think educated women of time would have reacted to this idea. Well, obviously they wouldn't accept this and would stand up for themselves. They would probably have gone door to door and

    asked by Sara
  163. Calculus

    1)Suppose Q = x^3 y^2 . If [dQ/dt] = −1 and [dx/dt] = 2, find [dy/dt] when x = 4 and y = 5 . [dy/dt] =______ 2)Let A be the area of a circle with radius r. If [ dr / dt ] = 2, find [ dA / dt ] when r = 3

    asked by Mulan
  164. Algebra

    How do you find the zeroes of x/(9x^2-4)? I thought the answer would be the sq. root of 4/9, but my book says the answer is zero. Why is this?

    asked by Anneliese
  165. Biology

    Can someone help me. I need to know for nervous tissue, it's defined by ??? I have a worksheet and have gone through all the other ones, but my book or a web site hasn't helped me with finding the nervous tissue. I know the 2 kinds, neurons and glia, but

    asked by Mike
  166. calculus - antiderivative

    can someone help me find the antiderivative of: f'(x) = (x^2-1)/x where f(1)=1/2, and f(-1) = 0 Thanks!

    asked by thomas
  167. math

    the least common multiple of 10,24

    asked by stan
  168. math213

    11. A student reports that it is impossible to mark a product up 150% because 100% of something is all there is. What is your response?

    asked by brina
  169. geometry

    The length of a median of a triangle is 36 units. Describe the location of the centroid on that median using fractions.

    asked by Carli
  170. chemistry

    Calculate the angle which the spin angular momentum of a single electron forms with the z axis in alpha and beta spin states. What are the possible angles of the spin angular momentum for a two-electron triplet state

    asked by jeff
  171. math

    How can you find the percent one number is of another? For example, what percent or 35 is 7? (I think 20%)

    asked by 6 math
  172. precalc

    1. Solve |2x + 5|< 9

    asked by kim
  173. Socials

    would a 17 year old soldier be too young to begin fighting? I think yes, because I don't think that a 17 year old would have much experience about battling. Also family is more important then serving your country.

    asked by Sara
  174. Chemistry

    When combining Ca(OH)2 with Na2CO3 it entraps SO2 out of a gas stream from kiln emissions where ore is processed into nodules. When there is not enough Na2CO3 in this combination, will it not allow the solids to form out and settle?

    asked by Cheryl
  175. 8th grade

    how to model each rule with a table of values and a graph

    asked by yessica
  176. social studies

    what is the job of the president's executive office?

    asked by tereasa
  177. Alegra 2

    Explain the use of the objective quantity in linear programming.Give an example of an objective quantity that you would minimize and an example of one that you would maximize

    asked by Linda
  178. math

    the total cost of hiring a certain plumber is a flat rate of $35 plus $9.50/hr.Write an equation that shows the relationship between the quantities.

    asked by thomas
  179. math

    What are the slope and y-intercept of the graph of the following equation? 1/3x=1/2(y+4) So I used slope intercept formula and rearranged it to be 1/2y=-1/3x+2 then I isolated y by multiplying by the reciprocal and got y=-2/3x+4 is that right?? My friend

    asked by sophia
  180. us history

    i need to write an essay on this and i need some topics analyze the wasy in which the fedral govt sought support ont he home fron tfor the war effort during the 1st world war. so far i have the espionage act and the labor bonds and the Sediton act ....

    asked by Ryan
  181. Grammar and Composition

    'here's an assignment that i have to do: Phone Book Character Select a name from the phonebook that makes an impression on you. Examples: Angelic J. Pureheart What kind of impressions might the name Angelic J. Pureheart give you? Would she be a member of

    asked by y912f
  182. college

    how are peole recognised by theit gendre

    asked by sanam
  183. writing

    how to start an essay about dealing with conflict at work

    asked by grace
  184. hca 210

    what specific services are provided in hospital outpatient, emergency room and private outpatient clinics

    asked by Anonymous
  185. math

    Nicole, how do you combine the r's

    asked by Mike
  186. Math


    asked by Ky
  187. math 115

    evaluate: 30/5x3-2 --------- 2-2/3 ( /= divided by) is the correct answer 16/-4?

    asked by Ariana
  188. SAT score

    bobpursley you were right. i had gotten my scores by email in exactly 21 days, but i hadn't checked it. i got a 1570

    asked by y912f
  189. amino acids

    with amino acid ionisation staes do the r groups/side chains deprotonate first or the nh3+ group im talking about aspartic acid if that's relevant Thank you

    asked by Amelia
  190. science 275

    Where can I find information on how to mitigate a plan for ethanol effect on Atmospheric issues? Just tell me how to do it not do it for me Thank you

    asked by Mary
  191. physics - forces

    Calculate the velocity of a satellite moving in a stable circular orbit about the Earth at a height of 2600 km.

    asked by Shane
  192. science

    How does the concentration of salts in a soil affect potatoes? I need to know a liitle a bit about this to be able to create a hypothesis for my lab report. Thanks

    asked by 1234
  193. biology

    mesaphyll layer palisade and spongy

    asked by Stan
  194. biology

    the guared cell produce an opening called a stom

    asked by Stan
  195. Social Studies

    What is the difference between transnational reproduction and production? What is an example of each?

    asked by Anonymous
  196. SAT

    Does anybody know how long it takes for SAT results to get back to you. I took it on October 10th, and I just wanted to know about when I'll get the scores back. Thanks!

    asked by y912f
  197. math

    simplify the expression by combining like terms r + 2s + 3r

    asked by Mike
  198. social studies

    which province is an island and part of the mainland?

    asked by Linda
  199. algebra


    asked by chelsea
  200. algebra


    asked by Nicky
  201. 6th grade

    what are 2 sets of patterns that may not be part of visual arts ?

    asked by eddie
  202. ideas for an essay

    what can be some strengths and weaknesses in school?

    asked by kim
  203. social studies

    how does the president represent the united states as its chief politician?

    asked by Anonymous
  204. math

    i need a answer to a math problem

    asked by maria
  205. 8th grade

    1 1 1 - . - . - 5 5 2 help me answer this fraction problem

    asked by Rachelle
  206. math

    2/7 = 1.6 --- ---- solve for r very confused 20 r

    asked by Bob
  207. 9th grade

    3 over the square root of 6

    asked by jordan
  208. social studies

    what is the role of the vice pres?

    asked by ria