Questions Asked on
October 29, 2009

  1. physics

    A boy reaches out of a window and tosses a ball straight up with a speed of 10 m/s. The ball is 20 m above the ground as he releases it. Use energy to find The ball's speed as it passes the window on its way down and speed of impact on the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    While fishing, you get bored and start to swing a sinker weight around in a circle below you on a 0.25-m piece of fishing line. The weight makes a complete circle every 0.50 sec. What is the angle that the fishing line makes with the vertical?

    asked by Sam Line
  3. Chemistry

    A particular metallic element, M, has a heat capacity of 0.36 J*g*K, and it forms an oxide that contains 2.90 grams of M per gram of oxygen. (a) Using the law of Dulong and Petit (Cp x M = 25 J*mol*K), estimate the molar mass of the metal M [Answer: _____

    asked by .
  4. chemistry

    How would you find the empirical formula for this... a substance was found by analysis to contain 20% by mass calcium and 80% by mass bromine. Would it be CaBr2? This is what I did... 50g Ca * 20 mol Ca/801.56g Ca = .499 mol Ca 80g Br * 80 mol Br/6392.32g

    asked by Jamie Marie
  5. Chemistry

    Convert the following into a balanced equation: Liquid disilicon hexachloride reacts with water to form solid silicon dioxide, hydrogen chloride gas, and hydrogen gas.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    Not every molecule with polar bonds is polar. Explain this statement. Use CCl©þ as an example.

    asked by Minny
  7. Chemistry

    A selenium atom (Se) would form its most stable ion by the 1. loss of 2 electrons. 2. gain of 1 electron. 3. loss of 1 electron. 4. loss of 7 electrons. 5. gain of 2 electrons. Help please and tell me how you got the answer. Thanks!

    asked by Randy
  8. Geometry

    Suppose both pairs of opposite sides of a quadrilateral are parallel. Which angles of the quadrilateral must be supplementary? I do not understand what this question is asking and how I should answer. Please help if you can!

    asked by Faith
  9. AP Physics

    your doctor's scale has arms on which weights slide to counter your weight. these weights are much lighter than you are. explain how this works. does this relate to stress/strain?

    asked by clay
  10. math

    Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region enclosed by y=e^4x+3 y=0 x=0 x=0.7 this is my work V = ∫ e^4x dx {between x=0 and x=0.7} = 1/4 e^4x {between x=0 and x=0.7} = 1/4 (e^2.8 - e^0) = 1/4 (e^2.8 - 1) however i am etting the wrong

    asked by sonia
  11. less cliche way to say best of both worlds

    what is a less cliche way to say best of both worlds? Im writing for my college applications

    asked by Ryan
  12. Physics

    A pilot of mass 65 kg in a jet aircraft makes a complete vertical circle in mid-air. The vertical circle has a radius of 1.70 km at a constant speed of 215 m/s. Determine the force of the seat on the pilot at (a) the bottom of the loop and (b) the top of

    asked by Rachel
  13. chemistry

    1. The bombardier beetle uses an explosive discharge as a defensive measure. The chemical reaction involved is the oxidation of hydroquinone by hydrogen peroxide to produce quinine and water: C6H4(OH)2 (aq) + H2O2 (aq) �� C6H4O2 (aq) +

    asked by Mahir
  14. english

    1. Which of the following statements about Saadi's sayings is not true? A) They offer practical advice. B) They use simple language. C) They were composed in a time of chaos. D) They were written for other mystics. 2.What is a rubáiyát? A) a Chinese poem

    asked by TIffany
  15. Literature

    19. Authors use 5 methods of indirect characterization: speech, appearance, private thoughts, actions, and descriptions of how other characters feel about the character. They also use direct characterization, expressly describing what a character is like.

    asked by mysterychicken
  16. AP Physics - Equilibrium

    Describe several situations in which an object is not in equilibrium even though the net force on it is zero. I can't think of a single one. I can think of the opposite (equilibrium with net force not being zero) but I don't get it the other way around.

    asked by henry
  17. science/physics

    A fisherman yanks a fish out of the water with an acceleration of 4.5m/s2 using very light fishing line that has a ''test'' value of 100N. The fisherman unfortunately loses the fish as the line snaps. What can you say about the mass of the fish? (please

    asked by shani
  18. chemistry

    How would you find the empirical formula for this... a substance was found by analysis to contain 20% by mass calcium and 80% by mass bromine. Would it be CaBr2? This is what I did... 20g Ca * 20 mol Ca/801.56g Ca = .499 mol Ca 80g Br * 80 mol Br/6392.32g

    asked by Jamie Marie
  19. calculus

    Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 10 cubic feet per minute. It forms a pile in the shape of a right circular cone whose base diameter and height are always equal to each other. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the

    asked by Ash
  20. cooking class

    i need help unscrambling this word yos its levabira and the second word is power heres da descrpition that came with it a feature which enables a microwave oven to be used for thawing, slow cooking, roasting, baking, and many other purposes. need a answer

    asked by alexander aubin
  21. spanish

    En la 11. ___________ te llamé. De la oscuridad me llamaste. Reconocí tu 12. ___________. Reconociste la mia. “Vente para acá,” 13. ___________. Tape 4, Side B ExaminationRespondiste: “¿Dónde estás, papá? No te 14. ___________ .” “ 15.

    asked by bre
  22. physic

    Hi! could you help me to start this problem becuase I had try so many time and did not get it right at all please. Thank you so much. A rifle with a weight of 20 N fires a 4.0 g bullet with a speed of 260 m/s. (a) Find the recoil speed of the rifle. (b) If

    asked by Chan
  23. chemistry

    A 2.000g sample of magnesium was burned in air to form an oxide. After the product was purified it was found to have a mass of 3.317g. What is the empirical formula for the product? I know how to find a empirical formula, I just don't understand what

    asked by Tatiana
  24. Math

    Suppose that a given quadrilateral is a kite with no right angles. Which of the following is possible? A) The quadrilateral is a trapezoid. B) The quadrilateral is a rhombus. C) The quadrilateral has congruent diagonals. D) None of the above

    asked by Becca
  25. Physics

    An 825-kg race car can drive around an unbanked turn at a maximum speed of 59 m/s without slipping. The turn has a radius of curvature of 135 m. Air flowing over the car's wing exerts a downward-pointing force (called the downforce) of 2700 N on the car.

    asked by Nikki
  26. calculus

    When air expands adiabatically (without gaining or losing heat), its pressure and volume are related by the equation PV^1,4=C where C is a constant. Suppose that a a certain instant the volume is 520 cubic centimeters and the pressure is 99kPa and is

    asked by Ash
  27. calculus

    A particle is moving along the curve y= 3sqrt3x+1. As the particle passes through the point (5,12), its x-coordinate increases at a rate of 3 units per second. Find the rate of change of the distance from the particle to the origin at this instant.

    asked by bre
  28. Physics

    The moment of inertia of an object depends on the shape of the object, location and orientation of the axis of rotation. For a solid disk, when the disk is rotating about an axis that is perpendicular to the disk and passing through the center of the disk,

    asked by Ellie
  29. Math

    A musician plans to perform 4 selections. In how many ways can she arrange the musical selections

    asked by Becca
  30. calculus

    Air is being pumped into a spherical balloon so that its volume increases at a rate of 80cm^3/s. How fast is the surface area of the balloon increasing when its radius is 7cm?

    asked by Ash
  31. Economics

    When comparing firms within a industry, economists often use the productivity as a measure. Discuss the differences and properties of various productivity measures such as average productivity, marginal productivity, and etc. Give some real-world examples

    asked by toni
  32. math

    Two corresponding sides of similar polygons are in the ratio of 8:7. If the area of the smaller figure is 512 square meters, what is the area of the larger figure? A) 3584 m B) 134,217,728 m C) 392 m D) Not enough information given

    asked by jeng
  33. Math

    A small farm field is a square measuring 230 ft on a side. What is the perimeter of the field? If you double the length of each side of the field, what is the new perimeter?

    asked by Becca
  34. chemistry

    26 protons and 24 electrons. write the symbol of ions

    asked by ash
  35. Environmental Science

    In a measurement of precipitation (rainfall), a raingauge with an orifice (collector) area of 30.50 in2 collects 1.30 litres of water over a period of 26 minutes and 45 seconds. Calculate: a. The depth (amount) of rain that fell (in mm). b. The intensity

    asked by Please Help
  36. economics

    A local cable company, the sole provider of cable television service, is regulated by the municipal government. The owner of the company claims that she is normally opposed to regulation by government, but asserts that regulation is necessary because local

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    Object A, which has mass m and a velocity Voi,collides with the Object B,which has mass 2m and a velocity 1/2Voj.Following the collision ,object B has a velocity of 1/4Voi.(a) Determine the velocity of object A after the collision.(b) Is the collision

    asked by Randy

    if i perform this reaction with 25 grams of iron III phosphate and an excess of sodium sulfate, how many grams of iron III sulfate can i make

    asked by EBONY
  39. MICROECON - Perfect Competition

    **Please check and correct my answers! Thank you. There is free entry into the textile industry. Anybody can enter this industry and have the same U-shaped average cost curve as all of the other firms in the industry. a) Suppose the government imposes a $5

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math

    A small can of juice contains 16 fl oz. A large can has twice the base circumference of the first. How much juice is in the large can if both cans are right circular cylinders and the second can is similar to the first? A) 32 fl oz B) 64 fl oz C) 128 fl oz

    asked by jeng
  41. Statistics

    The Internal Revenue Service is studying contributions to charity. The mean calculated from a random sample of 36 returns is $150. Assume that the population standard deviation is known and equal to $20. Construct a 98 percent confidence interval for the

    asked by Joshua
  42. Math

    A tourist in France wants to visit 10 different cities. How many different routes are possible?

    asked by Becca
  43. math

    I need to but exactly 100 farm animals I have $100. sheep cost $0.50, cattel cost $1 and hourses cost $10. i must spend all of the $100 dollors pls explain.

    asked by jakeo
  44. us history

    i need some info about the relationships between the u.s and china how they have changed since ww1 and what the present relationships are

    asked by connor
  45. math

    If f(x)=5cos(2ln(x)), find f'(x). My answer is (-5sinx)(2lnx)+(5cosx)(1/x) I just did the product rule can you verify if this is correct please!

    asked by aman
  46. Physics College

    Experiment in this week (week 8) is to study rotational dynamics. Consider a stainless steel annular disk with an outer radius 63 mm and inner radius 7.4 mm. The mass of the disk is 1340 grams. Keep your answers to at least 4 significant digits. (a) What

    asked by Jessica
  47. math

    An aluminum cylindrical juice can has a height of 4 in. and a radius of 6 in. How many square inches of aluminum are needed to make the can?

    asked by jeng
  48. com220

    ambultory care medical advancements and increasing costs, many health care service or procedure have moved frominpatient hospital setting to outpatient ambulatory care setting. what are main purpose of ambulatory care?do yoy think ambulatory care will

    asked by cindy
  49. chemistry

    How would you find the empirical formula for this... a substance was found by analysis to contain 20% by mass calcium and 80% by mass bromine.

    asked by Jamie Marie
  50. Help on Vectors & Geometry

    (a) Given that A= 3i - j + 2k and B=2i + 3j - k find A x B (b) if A= i + j, B= 2i - 3j + k and C= 4j - 3k find (i) (AxB)x C (ii) Ax(BxC)

    asked by Wellness
  51. human geography

    how can i define human geography,and 3 examples of how human geography affect people around the world,3 types of communities thanks

    asked by Racheal
  52. calculus

    write the expression in the form bi, where b is the real number squareroot-16 squareroot-25 squareroot-3 squareroot-5

    asked by tommy
  53. English

    1. We are living in a world which is full of wonderful things. 2. We are living in the world which is full of wonderful things. (In the sentence, do we have to use 'a world' or 'the world?' What is the difference between them? Do we have to use 'a world'

    asked by rfvv
  54. math

    A spherical tree ornament is to be painted in bright colors. If the ornament has a diameter of 4 cm, how much paint is needed

    asked by Brandi
  55. Trig

    Determine the quadrant in which each lies: sec0

    asked by Jennifer
  56. calculus

    At noon, ship A is 30 nautical miles due west of ship B. Ship A is sailing west at 17 knots and ship B is sailing north at 23 knots. How fast (in knots) is the distance between the ships changing at 3 PM?

    asked by Ash
  57. literature

    what is the sonnet form for John Donne? To my mistess going to bed. Can someone explain what is conceit in this poem?

    asked by no name
  58. physics

    To keep homerun records and distances consistent from year to year, organized baseball randomly checks the coefficient of restitution between new baseball and wooden surface similar to that of of an average bat. Suppose you are in charge of making sure

    asked by Ryan
  59. calculus

    how would i find the deriviative of y= x^ (- square root of 2)

    asked by alison
  60. 5th grade math

    A company spent $100.80 to purchase flyers for their grand opening. The flyers cost between $0.50 and $0.70 each. The price was a multiple of $0.05. The company paid the same amount for each flyer. How many flyers did the company buy? How much did each

    asked by Please Please Help
  61. Communication Studies

    Consider the issue and implications of intentional news media bias. Why are a large segment of the American news media audience either unable or unwilling to be better critical media consumers?

    asked by Carmin
  62. spanish


    asked by BARBARA
  63. business

    Select a management function (planning, directing and motivating, or controlling) and explain how that function relates to business as a whole. Next, select a different function listed by a classmate. Discuss with your classmate how the functions you each

    asked by Anonymous
  64. payroll accounting

    I need the final project in payroll accounting AC 122- 02 AU

    asked by jasmin
  65. math

    A water delivery truck with a cylindrical tank measuring 8 ft in diameter and 8 ft long dispenses water to drought victims in cartons measuring 6 in. × 6 in. × 12 in. How many victims will get a full container of water?

    asked by Brandi
  66. Math

    I just do not understandthe concept of this can some one make it more simple for me to understand? Remove parenthesis and simpilfy its not just this one its the whole understanding thing. 8p+5q-9(8p-8q+9r) I got -72+67q-81r

    asked by Katrina
  67. math

    Use Eulerʹs formula to answer the question. A polyhedron has 36 edges and 21 faces. How many vertices does it have?

    asked by jeng
  68. Physics Gr11 Sound Waves

    At a concert, would the speed of sound be different for different frequencies? Why or why not?

    asked by JOC
  69. chemistry

    If the KmnO4 of the last problem is in 30.30mL of solution what is the molarity (M) of the KMnO4 solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    Determine if the given regular figures form semiregular tessellations. #12) Triangle, decagon, 15-gon

    asked by Brandi
  71. math

    The shorter leg of a 30°–60°–90° triangle is 10. What are the lengths of the longer leg and the hypotenuse, to the nearest tenth?

    asked by marie
  72. Physics

    Does blue light or orange light have a larger index of refraction? Blue light is bent more by a prism than orange light. Does blue light or orange light have a larger index of refraction in glass? A. Blue B. Orange If you know the answer to this, could you

    asked by Jeff
  73. american history

    Discuss the role of northern capital in the development of the New South. How did the rise of industry affect the lives of rural Southerners? Analyze these changes from the point of view of African Americans.

    asked by alex
  74. Math

    At the first tri-city meeting, there are 8 people from town A, 7 people from town B, and 5 people from town C. If a council consisting of 5 people is randomly selected, find the probability that 3 are from town A and 2 are from town B.

    asked by Becca
  75. Environmental Science

    Take the greatest care with your significant digits. If you don¡¦t, this question is not ¡§do-able¡¨. Llyn y Gweision (a Welsh lake) has a surface area of 10 km2. It is fed by two rivers: the Afon Chwefru and the Nant Aeron. The Chwefru has a

    asked by Please Help
  76. calculus

    If 5x^2+3x+xy=2 andy=-12, find y'(2) by implicit differentiation.

    asked by Fran
  77. calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve (y/x+8y)=x^8 +9 at the point (1,10/-79).

    asked by Jenny
  78. math

    can somebody show me how to do this? at what point on the graph of y= 3^x +1 is the tangent line parallel to the line y= 5x -1 ?

    asked by carolina
  79. Extra Information

    Hi, I want to know how important a meeting is between 2 leaders. I know that it is very important, but I want to know in detail. Thank you in advance.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer

    asked by christian
  81. 3 grade

    How many more states are there that border the Great Lakes than there are Great Lakes? List each state and each Great Lake.

    asked by Thanh
  82. algebra 2

    Simplify the rational expression. numerator 3 x to the 2 power plus x negative 10 divided by denominator 3 x to the 2 power negative 2x negative 5

    asked by SaRa
  83. trig

    Express each value as a trigonomic function of an angle in quadrant I: Cot(-660)

    asked by sarah
  84. Calculus

    f(t)= -2te^-t^2, [0,5] Find average value. Attempt: I know that the average value is the integration of f(t) from a to b divided by b-a. I used u substitution to get u= -t^2 and du= -2xdx. I changed the limits of integration to [0,25] and I got integral of

    asked by Alex
  85. algebra2

    What is the slope of the line passing through the points (-3, 24) and (10, -41)? Round to the nearest integer if necessary.

    asked by tttom
  86. Math

    What is the greatest common factor for 28 and 24?

    asked by Momo
  87. English

    This topic is deleting satistical data and examples. original material Water is an important part of the earth.In fact, water is the reason human beings live on the planet.Water is everywhere.It is in the atmosphere, the air that people breathe. it is in

    asked by Taletha
  88. spanish

    En la 11. ___________ te llamé. De la oscuridad me llamaste.

    asked by bre
  89. math URGENT

    okay i need to find the domain and range of this z(x) = ãx^2 - 100 (everything is in the square root) so i think i found the domain i got [-10,10] but i don't know about the range i solved for x and got stuck here x=ãy^2 + 100 helppp pleaseee :)

    asked by lyne
  90. math

    The areas of the faces of a rectangular box are 48 m2, 96 m2, and 288 m2. A second box is cubical and each of its faces has area 16 m2. Find the ratio of the volume of the first box to the volume of the second box. A) 18 : 1 B) 12 : 1 C) 324 : 1 D) 16 : 1

    asked by jeng
  91. 11th grade

    After the Bolsheviks took control of Russia, what did they do to get out of the war?

    asked by Breanna Cummins
  92. 2nd grade

    what solids and liquids used i house

    asked by sammy
  93. Technology i have these labs in technology. and i'm on the first one. here's how it goes: ACTIVITY 1A-DESIGN PROBLEM Background: Technology is the application of knowledge to create machines, materials, or systems to help us make work esasiers, to make life

    asked by y912f
  94. pre calc

    list the positive ientegers between -3 and 7 list the integers between -3 and 7.

    asked by kate
  95. physics

    To keep homerun records and distances consistent from year to year, organized baseball randomly checks the coefficient of restitution between new baseball and wooden surface similar to that of of an average bat. Suppose you are in charge of making sure

    asked by Ryan
  96. Literature

    Can someone please help with this? I have to give an example of an internal foe that General Zaroff, from the short story The Most Dangerous Game and Nat Hocken, from the short story The Birds face and how they resolved their conflict. I can think of

    asked by mysterychicken
  97. pre calc

    use the quadratic formula to solve for x. x^2+2x+5-0

    asked by kate
  98. American Business History

    Write a 2-3 page essay analyzing the Jonathan Prude essay you read in this unit and address the following questions: How do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrialization is affect our interpretation of historical

    asked by marcis
  99. Trigonometry

    State the amplitude of the following functions: a) y = cos theta b) y = 1/2cos theta c) y = -2cos theta

    asked by Brittany
  100. math

    If 7% of people are sick with flu. 80% are sick with regular flu, and 20% with H1-N1. How much less would the 7% be with out including the 20% with H1-N1.

    asked by James S.
  101. Math

    Choose the word "rectangle," "square," or "rhombus" to fill in the blank and make the statement true. (If none of the words can be used, then write "none.") A parallelogram is a __________ if and only if its diagonals are perpendicular bisectors of each

    asked by Becca
  102. writing

    Jim is to James as Betsy is to______________

    asked by George
  103. math

    differentiate from first principles 2x^3 -5 (f(x+h)-f(x))/h i know what it should be but i keep going wrong somewhere thanks

    asked by amelia
  104. pre calc

    find the equation of a circle with. Center (0,0), radius 2

    asked by kim
  105. Environmental Helpp!

    Why would a 1 L bottle of water cost $1.50 whereas 1 L of gasoline currently costs about 90 cents? Discuss our current consumption of bottled water with specific emphasis on its relatively cleanliness compared to tap water, where the water comes from, how

    asked by Please Help
  106. 4th grade

    what are two numbers that have the quotient of 2 and the sum of 14

    asked by nuthing
  107. calc

    integral of 1 to e^4 dx/x(1+lnx) 1+lnx = a => dx/x = da dx/ x(1+lnx) = da/a int of da/a = In(a) =>int of dx/ x(1+lnx) = In(1+In(x)) + C from 1 to e^4 for int of dx/ x(1+lnx) = In(1+In(1)) - In(1+In(e^4)) In(1+In(1)) - In(1+In(e^4)) = -In(5) =~ -1.60944 I

    asked by angela s
  108. Geometry & Vectors

    find an equation for the plane passing through the points Pi(3,1-2), Pii(-1,2,4) and Piii(2,-1,1)

    asked by Beta plus
  109. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?

    asked by Lee
  110. math

    Afarmer must purchase 100 animals. He must spend exactly $100. He must have at least one of each animals. Sheep cost $.50, cattle cost $1.00 and horses cost $10

    asked by amanda
  111. Pre-Calculus

    Sales of ski equipment varies through the year from highs in January & December of $20 million, to a low in June of $2 million. Write a trigonometric function that describes this cycle. Calculate the expected sales for April. I think I got the first part:

    asked by Natalie
  112. criminology

    A local radio station has asked you to participate in an expert panel discussion regarding the role of media in political and terrorism related crimes. Specifically, you have been invited to speak on how the media and modern means of sharing information

    asked by wayne
  113. 10th grade English

    This is my short story essay. I've put some conversations now and then so please take that into account. I would really appreciate if you could fix any mistakes, awkward phrases or even how to make this essay a better writing. Thank You ¡®Honk! Honk!

    asked by Andy
  114. Algebra 2

    Simplify the rational expression. Simplify the rational expression. numerator 4 x to the 2 power negative 16 divided by denominator x to the 2 power negative x negative 6

    asked by SaRa
  115. writing functions

    Identify the writing type or function being discussed: I’ve been assigned to write a paper that describes my favorite place. My teacher wants us to use rich detail and focus only on description. I think I know exactly the place to describe!

    asked by sarah
  116. physics

    A big brass lantern hangs from three chains as shown below. The chain C1 is at an angle of 50.0 deg below the horizontal, while the chain C2 makes an angle of 60.0 deg with the vertical. These two chains join at knot K and the lantern hangs from the

    asked by Ryan
  117. Pre-Clc Calendar

    A bug lives on a corner of a cube and is only allowed to travel on the edges of the cube. In how many ways can the bug visiteach of the other seven corners once, and only once, returning to its home corner only at the end of the trip?

    asked by Ryan
  118. math

    hi, i am in forth grade i need to know what factors means. now for my home work. can you please respond and in a way i can under stand.

    asked by paige

    In the poem by John Donne, To His Mistress Going to Bed. Is the speaker imaging the young lady undressing or is she really undressing in front of him.

    asked by NO NAME

    The poem written by John Donne, is the sonnet form in this poem, (aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii...etc.

    asked by NO NAME
  121. French

    Hi there, could you please see if I have translated the french correctly into english. I was having a bit of trouble. 1.) I think schools should continue to invest money into these programs for the students because through group and team play, students can

    asked by Anonymus
  122. CRT

    Identify at least two arguments in the article. Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. Then, answer the following questions for each argument, making sure to explain how you arrived at your answers. o Do the premises sufficiently

    asked by Gail
  123. math

    Which would be the better buy, a gallon of milk for $3.25 or a 3-liter container of milk for $3? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by jeng
  124. Geograghy

    What are some human featers of Niagara falls canada.

    asked by Em
  125. Math

    I just do not understandthe concept of this can some one make it more simple for me to understand? Remove parenthesis and simpilfy its not just this one its the whole understanding thing. 8p+5q-9(8p-8q+9r) I got -72+67q-81r

    asked by Katrina
  126. Math

    How do you put the numbers 1 to 12 in 12 boxes in the shape of a square so that the numbers along each side add to 26?

    asked by Kristi
  127. Technology

    i'm really not sure about this quesstion. can someone pleeease help me : 1. Using a set of automatic, programmable machines to produce a low-volume of a particular product is known as a. primary processing b. secondary processing c. flexible manufacturing

    asked by y912f
  128. math

    ian multiplied a number by 5. he then multiplied that product by 2. what digit is in the ones place of the final product?

    asked by rehani
  129. American National Government

    Can someone please help with this question? It has three parts to the question. 1.Is it easy or difficult to pass a bill? 2. What are some advantages of passing legislation quickly? 3. What are some disadvantages of passing legilation quickly? I have an

    asked by B.B.
  130. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?

    asked by Lee
  131. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?

    asked by Lee
  132. Economics

    How does inflation influence the terms of trade?

    asked by Lee
  133. Math

    I have to factor this equation, which is a perfect square: 2p^2+4p+1 How do I do this?

    asked by Anya
  134. physics

    Object A, which has a mass m and a velocity Vo(i,) ̂ collides with object B, which has a mass 2m and velocity 1/2Vo(j.) ̂ Following the collision ,object B has a velocity of 1/4Vo(i.) ̂(a)Determine the velocity of object A after the collision.(b) Is the

    asked by Randy
  135. 6th grade math

    how do you estimate a product when multiplying fractions?

    asked by laura roman
  136. math

    If you begin with a right triangle with sides a, b, and c and decrease the right angle so it is an acute angle, how does a2+b2compare with c2 Answer this question for the situation where you increase the right angle so that it is obtuse.

    asked by marie
  137. Physics

    what is the distance if its velocity is 10m/s and the time is 10 seconds

    asked by KiKi
  138. Macroeconomic

    1 An example of an economic aggregate is 2 A business cycle is 3 The topics studdied in acroeconomics include 4 A price ceiling will have no effect if 5 Secular long run growth is 6 The human Development index is

    asked by jasmin
  139. Health-Reimbursment Methologies

    Under Major Medical Insurance, $250.00 Must Be Paid Before The Company Assumes Liability. Who Is Responsible For Paying The $250.00? I think is The A. policyholder. Is this correct. Or B. The insurer. C. The provider. D. The third-party payer? Thx.

    asked by Kim
  140. Statistics

    A large bank believes that one-third of its checking customers have used at least one of the bank's other services during the past year. How large a sample is required to estimate the actual proportion within a range of plus and minus 0.04? Use the 98

    asked by Tommy
  141. Statistics

    A recent study was designed to compare smoking habits of young women with those of young men. A random sample of 150 women revealed that 45 smoked. A random sample of 100 men indicated that 25 smoked. At the 0.05 significance level does the evidence show

    asked by Brenna
  142. math

    5/2 x + 1/4 x = 11/4 +x how to solve this? I get 11/4=11/4+x what steps do I have to take after that.. I would appreciate it if you showed me how to solve the whole equation! (: thnx

    asked by please help (:
  143. com130

    identify two ethical principles that should guide technical communications. Explain each of the principles you chose and provide an example of why each is important.

    asked by Anonymous
  144. Business

    you have been put on the employment screening committe for an all-male law firm. There are two finalists being considered for the position a man a woman.They are equally qualified. What guidelines do you think your committe should follow in selecting the

    asked by Pauline
  145. geography

    what states would you pass through if you wanted to travel by car from texas to California using the shortest route?

    asked by lola
  146. To Kill a Mockingbird

    What are some imagery used in To Kill a Mockingbird? Any examples? Thank you.

    asked by Sara
  147. Trig

    I need help with these kind of problems! Can someone tell me how to work this problem out? Given tan0=2 square root of 5 over 4, and sin0

    asked by Jennifer
  148. math

    find the number of degrees in the point angle of a 92 star polygon

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Math

    Find the slope of the line through the given points. (4, -8) and (5, -8)

    asked by Becca
  150. college

    Whenever Congress has a perceived need for ongoing control of an economic activity, it has tended to creat a: a. regulatory agency b. cabinet department c. presidential commission d. government corporation

    asked by Lee
  151. Algebra

    How come x: -1,0,1,2,3,4 y:-2,1,2,1,-2,6 does not have an inverse? I don't see why you just can't flip the x and y values (for example X:-2, y:-1) and have that be the inverse. Could you explain?

    asked by Molli
  152. algebra

    solve by substitution, 9x+2y=-64

    asked by sonia
  153. Biology

    Why do some cells have a higher concentration of mitchondria in a eukaryotic organism/ What are some examples of these cells? Thanks In Advance

    asked by Tiny
  154. military history

    what is the name of the Marine special forces

    asked by jean
  155. science

    how far will a stone travel if its thrown off a 78.4 meter cliff at 5 meters per second

    asked by jareth
  156. Literature I

    The Dove by Ewan McColl Well the dove she's a pretty bird, and she sings as she flies She brings us glad tidings and she tells us no lies Well she flies in the mountains and the valley so low And if you live peaceful then she never will go Come all you

    asked by Jane
  157. calculus

    find dy/dx x=sin y

    asked by Justin
  158. Grammar and Composition

    I need someone to complete this checklist for me for my essay: Descriptive Essay Checklist Paragraph #1 (Introduction) ___1. Did you use an attention-getting device to make the beginning more interesting? ___2. Do you have a thesis statement that contains

    asked by y912f
  159. MATH


    asked by TATYANA
  160. geometry

    How many liters are contained in a cube with each edge 1 m? a. 0.01 b. 10 c. 100 d. 1,000

    asked by Aleah
  161. geometry

    The perimeter of a square is 12 in. What is the area of the square?

    asked by Aleah
  162. social stuudies

    who is Margaret Mitchell, and what is her connection to the civil war era?

    asked by lilly
  163. Statistics

    how do you find equation of the least-squared line (line of best fit) from 2-vars stats and the correlation?

    asked by Bob
  164. Vectors & Geometry

    Let A= Ai I + A2 J + A3 K and B= Bi I + B2 J + B3 K, prove that A.B = AiBi + A2B2 + A3B3

    asked by Beta plus
  165. Science

    Why is it cooler at the earth survice on cloudy days?

    asked by Bribri
  166. Calculus BC

    Can someone help me differentiate this? f(x)= 2cos(5 ln(x)) So what is f'(x)?

    asked by Karen
  167. 5th grade math

    A company spent $100.80 to purchcase flyers for their grand opening. The flyers cost between $0.50 and $0.70 each. The price was a multiple of $0.05. The company paid the same amount for each flyer. 5. How many flyers did the company buy? 6. How much did

    asked by Please Help
  168. albebra

    c=2*3.14sqare root

    asked by joe
  169. computer

    If you want to multiply the contents of each of the cells in column C by the tax rate that appears in cell A24, use a/an A. relative cell reference. C. filter. B. absolute cell reference. D. 3-D cell reference.

    asked by eleni
  170. English

    Hi we had to write a poem for english class, i was wondering if mine was any good? I also was wondering if the last two lines sounded ok i wasn't sure. Fighting is a major part of the world today Which makes others just want to stay away Stressing the

    asked by Jake
  171. algebra II

    write the sum or difference in the standard form a+bi (2-3i)+(6+5i) (squareroot5-3i)+(-2+squareroot-9)

    asked by tim
  172. economics

    (A) “Market demand for wheat is relatively stable over time but market supply of wheat is very much influenced by the weather. For example, a natural drought decreases the supply of wheat and pushes up its prices while a bumper crop can severely depress

    asked by Yasser
  173. Human Services

    What is the name of a nationally based domestic violence safe house?

    asked by Linda
  174. math

    how do i solve this problem? find an equation for a line that is tangent to the graph of y=e^x and goes through the origin.

    asked by jayla

    Many high-technology companies, like Nortel Networks,Micron Technology and JDS Uniphase, have written down massice amounts of their inventory. For example, Nortel Networks revalued some of its inventory parts at $0, though the inventory intially cost

    asked by LESHIA
  176. math213

    Say you have 12 books, but room to display only 7. I will open this to everyone - how many differnt arrangements are there if the order of the books matters (permutation) and how many if order is of no consequence (combination)?

    asked by brina
  177. Social Studies

    When did the roman empire start?

    asked by Pete
  178. algebra 2

    Simplify the rational expression. numerator 3x negative 21 divided by denominator 49 negative x to the 2 power

    asked by SaRa
  179. algebra 2

    Divide as indicated. numerator 4 x to the 5 power divided by denominator 9 y to the 4 power divided by denominator numerator 2 x to the 2 power divided by denominator 9 y to the 2 power

    asked by SaRa
  180. algebra 2

    Multiply and simplify as indicated. numerator x divided by denominator x to the 2 power negative 2x times numerator 27x negative 54 divided by denominator 15x

    asked by SaRa
  181. algebra 2

    Find the LCD for the following pairs of rational expressions. numerator 8 divided by denominator x negative 13 and numerator 7 divided by denominator x plus 15

    asked by SaRa