Questions Asked on
October 12, 2009

  1. Physics

    A person on horseback moves according to the velocity-versus-time graph shown in Figure 2-32. (The vertical axis is marked in increments of 1 m/s and the horizontal axis is marked in increments of 7 s.) Find the displacement of the person for each of the

  2. Physics

    An arrow is fired with a speed of 20.0 m/s at a block of Styrofoam resting on a smooth surface. The arrow penetrates a certain distance into the block before coming to rest relative to it. During this process the arrow's deceleration has a magnitude of

  3. Physics

    how do i write an equation showing that mass as a function of volume for gold? table shows volume (cm^3) 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 mass(g) 19.4 38.6 58.1 77.4 96.5

  4. Math

    Three points D, E, and F are collinear. Is there only one plane that contains these three points?

  5. math

    the position of a body at time t sec is s=t^3 - 6t^2 + 9t m. Find the body's acceleration each time the velocity is zero.

  6. Chemistry

    A solution contains Cr+3 ion and Mg+2 ion. The addition of 1.00 L of 1.55 M NaF solution is required to cause the complete precipitation of these ions as CrF3(s) and MgF2(s). The total mass of the precipitate is 49.8 g. Find the mass of Cr+3 in the

  7. phyisics

    an orangutan throws a coconut vertically upward at the foot of a clif 40 m high while his mate simulaneously drops another coconut from the top of the clif. the two coconuts collide at an altitude of 20 m what is the initial velocity of the coconut that

  8. Biology!!

    I'd like to know, how many chromosomes are there for humans? (Correct me if i'm wrong) There are altogether 46 chromosomes, (or 23 pairs of chromosomes), which includes a pair of sex chromosomes.

  9. 4th grade

    what is the rule for the number pattern 1,2,4,7,11,16

  10. math

    Find (f + g)x, (f-g)x, (fg)x, and (f/g)x and their domains. f(x)=¡î(9-x©÷),g(x)=¡î(x©÷-4)

  11. chemistry

    A rectangular metal bar has a volume of 50.0 inches cubed.The Metal BaR weighs 1.42kg. Calculate the density of the metal in grams per cubic centimeter.

  12. alg

    solve and check solution 12x=11x-5

  13. Math

    What does the representational form of a number mean? For example the representational form of the number 3758.

  14. earth science

    list four methods that modern map-makers use to make accurate maps

  15. College Physics (repost)

    A 4.1 kg block is attached to a spring with a force constant of 550 N/m , as shown in the figure. Find the work done by the spring on the block as the block moves from A to B along paths 1 and 2. W=? How do your results depend on the mass of the block?

  16. Physics

    The water in a river flows uniformly at a constant speed of 2.53 m/s between parallel banks 69.8 m apart. You are to deliver a package directly across the river, but you can swim only at 1.74 m/s. (a) If you choose to minimize the time you spend in the

  17. 4th Grade Math

    Arrays and an expanded algorithm: 23 x 17

  18. probability

    A pizza shop offers nin toppings. No topping is used more than once. What is the probability that the toppings are pepperoni, onions, olives, and mushrooms? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.

  19. Chemistry

    Hi there, I have to create a paragraph discussing 1-pentanol, 1-decanol and 1-butanol in regards to the principles of intermolecular bonding. Which one of the molecules have stronger intermolecular forces and why? Could you give me some pointers or tips

  20. Math

    Pam is taking train from the town of Rome to the town of Florence. Rome is located 30 miles due West of the town of Paris. Florence is 25 miles East, and 45 mies North of Rome. On her trip, how close does Pam get to Paris? My work so far... She's in Rome

  21. chemistry

    Based on position in the periodic table and electron configuration, arrange these elements in order of decreasing E_ i1

  22. physics

    In the high jump, the kinetic energy of an athlete is transformed into gravitational potential energy without the aid of a pole. With what minimum speed must the athlete leave the ground in order to lift his center of mass 2.00 m and cross the bar with a

  23. Math

    Order of Operations... I have a question on my homework... It's order of operations Need specific problems?

  24. design technology

    for my design technology assignment i need to find a product where the designer has thought outside of the box. im not really sure what to do what i thought of was a coca cola can. the designer made it a bright colour to make it more appealing to consumers

  25. Physics

    The water in a river flows uniformly at a constant speed of 2.53 m/s between parallel banks 69.8 m apart. You are to deliver a package directly across the river, but you can swim only at 1.74 m/s. (a) If you choose to minimize the time you spend in the

  26. math

    "which equation models the situation illustrated at the right? Let Q equal the distance across the quarter. there's 4 choices F. 1 2/3 + Q = 2 1/2 G. 1 3/4 + Q = 2 1/4 H. 1 3/8 + Q = 2 1/8 J. 1 3/16 + Q = 2 1/8 the picture is: */r/2hmik9j/4 *tinypic __

  27. physic

    A 660 N cat burglar is supported by cables in the figure below. Assume the angle è of the inclined cable is 36.0°. Find vertical cable? Thank you so much for your help.

  28. Physics

    In an old fashioned amusement park ride, passengers stand inside a 5.0-m diameter hollow steel cylinder with their backs against the wall. The cylinder begins to rotate about the vertical axis. Then, the floor that the passengers are standing on suddenly

  29. Education

    Ms. Sue I really liked the ps2 game Alphabet circus, but it's for ages 2 to 5, and I would like one ages 5 and up, so could you please give me another link to games like alphabet circus. I would really appreciate your help, thanks.

  30. Physics

    Gravitational force of attraction "F" exists between two point masses A and B when a fixed distance separates them. After mass A is doubled and mass B is quarted, the gravitational attraction between the two masses is: Do you add 2 and 4?

  31. pysics.

    What is the minimum work needed to push a 975 kg car 230 m up along a 17.5° incline? Assume the effective coefficient of friction retarding the car is 0.20?

  32. math

    name the digit in the 4321st place of each of the following decimals. ______ 0.142857 0.1234567891011121314....

  33. Physics university

    In a tennis match, a player wins a point by hitting the ball sharply to the ground on the opponent's side of the net. If the ball bounces upward from the ground with a speed of 17 m/s , and is caught by a fan in the stands with a speed of 12 m/s , how high

  34. algebra

    The function p(d)=1+d/33, gives the pressure, in atmospheres (atm), at a depth d in the sea (d is in feet). Note that p(0)=1 atm, p(32)=2 an so on. Find the pressure at 200 feet. Type an integer or simplified fraction.

  35. Calculus

    Which of these rational functions has a ) horizontal asymptote? a slant asymptote? no vertical asymptote? r(x)= 2x-1/ x^2-x-2 = 2x-1/ (x-2)(x+1) s(x)= x^3+27/x^2+4 = (x+3)(x^2-3x+9)/(x-2)(x+2) t(x)=x^3-9x= x(x-3)(x+3)/x+2 u(x)=x^2+x-6/x^2-25=

  36. Physics

    A 2.0 kg mass is moving to the right at 3.0 m/s . A 4.0 kg mass is moving to the left at 2.0 m/s. A) If after the collision the two masses join together what is their velocity after the collision? 3.0 X 2.0 = 6m/s. Is this correct? B)Is this a elastic or

  37. Math Analysis

    4. Find f(x) + g(x) when f(x) = x^(1/2) and g(x) = 6x^(1/2). ===> I got the square root of 7x. Is this right? 16. Find f(x)/g(x) when f(x) = (2x)^(1/2) and g(x) = 2*(sqrt2)*x^(1/3). ===> I got (sqrt2x) / (3*cubertx), but I definitely don't think this is

  38. To Ms. Sue

    The list of conditions: 1.lower taxes 2.higher wages 3.access to healthcare 4.stop unearned benefits access to food 6.low food prices 7.less rent payment Ms. Sue I read through the website you provided for me very carefully. These are mostly the

  39. Social Studies

    What idea did the United States Constitution borrow from the Iroquois League?

  40. to SRA or Mathmate corrected answers for French

    I got the rest execpt this one Marie joue au football. Elle est------. I have been looking in my textbook for the last 20 minutes and still can't find the answer. Can someone please help me!!

  41. trig

    Point P is located at the intersection of a circle with a radius of r and the terminal side of an angle q. Find the coordinates of p to the nearest hundreth. q = -60° , r = 7

  42. Physics

    A 4.1 kg block is attached to a spring with a force constant of 550 N/m , as shown in the figure. Find the work done by the spring on the block as the block moves from A to B along paths 1 and 2. W=? How do your results depend on the mass of the block?

  43. 3rd grade

    darin counted 46 more cars than trucks in parking. there were 29 trucks write an ex pression that shows how many cars were in parking?

  44. Biology

    The absorbance of a protein solution measured in a 1.0 cm cuvette at 278 nm was 1.145. The protein content of that solution, calculated from quantitative amino acid analysis, was 256 micrograms/mL. Calculate the extinction coefficient of the protein in

  45. terms

    what is a word to describe a person who is always moving?

  46. science

    Nikki lives near the deepest ocean trench in the world. What country does she live in?

  47. math

    Kevin makes $5.25 per hour he worked 18.25 hours. What is the best estimate of the amount of money he made? Do you just divide the 2 numbers?

  48. Geography

    Some time ago, I posted up an essay that I had to write but its information was out of my book so i was told to make it in my own words. I have to mail out the exam today and I still havn't gotten anywhere with it!! I've tried to understand each of the

  49. Math

    If two sides of a triangle are proportional to the corresponding sides of another triangle, then the triangles are similar. Is this Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True?

  50. Math

    (1) State the conditions for a singled-valued function of x to be continuous at x = a (2) find the points of discontinuity of the functions (i) x^3 + 4x + 6 / x^2 - 6x + 8 (ii) sec x (3) Differentiate from the first princiaples (i) x^3 + 2x - 1

  51. physics

    when an object is rotating in a circle and the only force is acting on it is friction how is force of friction vector pointing towards the circle because an object in circular motion is traveling in that direction, it's accelerating towards the center of

  52. english

    Which of the following usually gets a source note on the same page it appears? a. Quote b. Photo c. Paraphrased Passage d. Statistics please help me it urgent!! thank you!

  53. Happy Thanksgiving

    I just want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving day:-) Happy thanksgiving day Ms. Sue:-) I hope you have a wonderful day:-)

  54. Biology

    What is the role of oxygen in aerobic respiration?

  55. math

    on earth, in the absence of air, the rock in excersise 13 would reach a height of s=24t- 4.9t^2 meters in t seconds. How high would the rock go? (exercise 13:a rock thrown vertically upward from the surface of the moon at a velocity of 24m/sec reaches

  56. Math

    A quadrilateral is a ____ if and only if one pair of opposite sides are parallel and the other pair of opposite sides are congruent. Choices: Kite, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Square, or rectangle

  57. Algebra

    The (absolute value) x-20 (absolute value) is less than or equal to 6. I did it first with six positive and got x is lesss than or equal to 26. Then I made the six negative and got x is less than or equal to 14. But this is impossible for these to both be

  58. science

    Calculate the concentration M if you have a 0.03mol of NaOH in 22 mL

  59. Accounting 225

    Parker Company uses a perpetual inventory system. It entered into the following calendar-year 2005 purchases and sales transactions:

  60. physics

    a ball is projected with a speed of 20 m/s from a building toward a second building as shown. ignore air resistance and take g = 10 m/s. where does the ball hit and how long is it in the air if the initial angle is 45 degrees with the horizontal?

  61. Social Studies

    What factors were responsible for the growing wealth and prosperity of England in the 17th century This is a question from Crossroads Socials 9 Please help.

  62. Science

    The question is: What would happen if you tested bleach with a pH indicator and why? I know that it would turn out with a pH of approx. 12, but I have no idea why. Help please?

  63. english

    what word is damou when you unscramble it?

  64. Chemistry

    A student finds a medallion which could be made of pure platinium or silver. IN order to find out what the medallion is made of the student takes the medallion to a chemistry lab. The student measures the density of the medallion as follows. The medallion

  65. Physics

    In the dangerous "sport" of bungee-jumping, a daring student jumps from a balloon with a specially designed elastic cord attached to his ankles, as shown in Figure P5.69. The unstretched length of the cord is 28.0 m, the student weighs 680 N, and the

  66. Physics

    A stone, initially at rest, is dropped from the top of a building. On its way down, it passes a window that is 2.52m tall. It takes 0.134 seconds to pass the window. From how far above the top of the window was the stone dropped?

  67. physics

    Two persons start at the same place and walk around a circular lake in opposite directions. One has an angular speed of (1.40 x 10^-3) rad/sec. The other has an angular speed of (3.70 x 10^-3) rad/sec. How long (how much time) will it be before they meet?

  68. math

    what is the greatest common divisor of 12,15

  69. Biology!

    What is the role of bacteria in the making of yoghurt from milk? 1. to make alcohol 2. to make carbon dioxide 3. to make lactic acid 4. to make lactose coagulate I think the answer is number 4, but i'm not so sure.

  70. Science

    What's the step-by-step for 'How To Fin the Mass' of an object?

  71. algebra

    how do I solve 2/y=4/5

  72. math

    Consider the set of northwestern states or provinces {Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta}. If a person chooses one element, show that in three yes or no questions, we can determine the element.

  73. English

    The three gates of the Tower are securely locked by the Chief Warder, and an escort is especially assigned for the ceremony. What is the adverb and what word modifies it and is it an verb, an adjective or another adverb?

  74. Biology!!!

    The female mosquito is an effective vector for malaria. What makes it an effective vector? 1. it has wings 2. it lays many eggs 3. it makes noticeable noise 4. it mates several times I wrote the answer as B, but the answer as told on my assessment book

  75. math115

    find the first and the third quartiles 347,242,146,391,249,567,277,218,319=q1 277,q3 347 find the mean 30,25,33,29,46,31,30,63,41,40,34,30,=36 find the median=30.5 is the mean or the median a more useful represenraion= the mean

  76. chemistry

    If 150.0 Ml of HCL solution are required to react completely with .35 moles of solid NaOH whats the molarity of the solution?

  77. social studies-Sara

    please help me with a few more. Specifically with a group that maybe eats at a certain time or a special person has to prepare it?

  78. morrow

    parallel hierarchies

  79. Creative Writing

    I want to keep my introduction short and simple. So how's this: Has there ever been a time or situation when you had a great amount of emotions going through your head? For me it was the day when my baby sister was born. The memory of that day is so clear

  80. Chemistry

    When the following equation is blanced with the lowest ratio whole number, coefficient the cofficient of CO2 is C4H10(g) + O2 -> CO2(g) + H2O

  81. English

    A special ceremony called The Ceremony of the Keys is performed there nightly. What is the adverb, then what is the word that modifies it and is that word a verb, an adjective or another adverb?

  82. social economics politics

    What are the various methods of maintaining peace and unity in binational, multinational, and multiethnic states? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

  83. Maths

    for y=sin nx 'n' is called the frequency. what effect does 'n' have on the graph ??

  84. Calculus

    Sketch the solution curves for y'=xy How do I sketch this??? Where do I start?

  85. grade 10 science can anyone help me please

    do you any websites that can explain the sesonal varities in cnadaina lakes more better, like when it's like 4 digrees somthing wierd happens, type layers are formed in winter..... i tried looking in the internet but couldn't find it. please help me.

  86. pysics

    A 900 kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has speed v = 60 km/h when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 2.2 m. What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring? I solved this and i had 25826.44629, but i am

  87. math156proportions

    how do I find the value of y in 2/y=4/5

  88. Creative Writing

    ok . here's the 2nd && 3rd paragraph: It was when I woke up that I found out that my parents had left for the hospital. This news was much unexpected and caught me by surprise. Immediately I was filled with pleasure and enthusiasm; I had been waiting for

  89. Physics

    An object travels in a circular path of 5.0 meters at a uniform speed of 5. m/s. What is the magnitude of the object's acceleration? I do not know what formula I am suppose to use!

  90. s.s

    what is the proclamation?

  91. Psy210

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a homework assignment that wants us to identify two major changes or challenges associated with that developmental stage(adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. For each of three

  92. math

    if you invest $7500 in a mutual fund at $34.53 per share, how much profit would you make if the price per share increases to $46.17?

  93. English

    Why and how could I apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: Articles Advertising Media · Conversations

  94. programming

    Please write a program to simulate a game called Battleship. First you need to place ships on an N by N board (1

  95. programming

    Can you help me show the right program to solve for my homework using C++

  96. 6th grade

    How do you know that the particles are moving in a solid?

  97. 3rd grade

    write addition vertically.decide which new groups you will make.then add to see if you are correct. 256+1273_________ a new ten?________ a new hundred?___________ a new thousand?_________ i need answer and explain how

  98. Angles -- Math?

    if there is a hill at an incline of 50 degrees from the it true that at any point on that hill a horizontal "cut" would make an angle of 50 degrees?

  99. To Alyssa

    Alyssa you can go and check out your previous post, I have added to it.

  100. albgbra

    please help me solve this problem.32x^4y^8/6x^6

  101. science

    i am doing a project but i forgot my paper at school and i don't know what to write in my elements of platinum project

  102. Criminal Justice

    I am preparing the DSST (Dantes) examine in Criminal Justice. I had been looking for some practice tests for this examine. The only practice examines I could locate werei in "Rudman's Quesiton & Answers on the Dantes Subject Standardized Test in Ciminology

  103. algbera

    i got 16y^8/6x^6.please tell me if it is right

  104. History

    Could anyone help me write a four paragraph essay with a thesis statement, based on this question?: Louis XIV declared his goal was 'one king, one law, one faith." Analyze the methods the king used to achieve this objective and discuss the extent to which

  105. Geometry

    Will a non-regular acute triangle tessellate the plane?

  106. Math

    If a number works in an inequality that uses less than or equal to, will it still work in all cases if you replace the less than or equal to with

  107. math

    Henry's bus can go just 12 miles on a gallon of gasoline. When he started his vacation, the gas tank of the bus was 5/6 full. Later, when Henry had driven 336 miles, the gauge showed that the tank was still 3/5 full. If his low on gas light will come on

  108. chemistry

    What is the general formula for a hydrate?

  109. Biology

    In a double-stranded fragment of DNA, which of the base pairs would you expect to be most stable

  110. 3rd grade math

    write each addition vertically.decide which new groups you will make.then,add to see if you were correct. 256+1273___________ a new ten?____________ a new hundred?_________ a new thousand?____________ need answers and please explain

  111. Physics

    A projectile is launched at an angle of 6.0 degrees above the horizontal. Which component of the velocity vector remains the same during the flight (neglecting friction).

  112. Biology

    Which of these two molecules is LESS involved in cell communication? Carbohydrates OR Lipids

  113. math


  114. math anaylsis

    when f(x)=x^2 and g(x)=x-3 what is f(g(x))and how do you do it?

  115. Math

    1) Given that f(x,y)=xy/x^2+y^2, hence show that f(xy) = f(yx) 2) use the mean value theorem to determine the value of c, given that f(x) = cos5x

  116. AP Calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find the derivative for: arctan(xy)=1+x

  117. math anaylsis

    when f(x)=x^2 and g(x)=x-3 what is f(g(x))and how do you do it?

  118. science

    Suppose if u were a teacher and you are telling the student to to write about the chemical element .What would you tell them to write about that chemical element?

  119. Last physics question for the night

    A 18000kg airplane lands with a speed of 77 m/s on a stationary aircraft carrier deck that is 115 m long. Find the work done by nonconservative forces in stopping the plane. How do i do this?

  120. Drug Abuse (URGENT)

    What are some non physical effects of marijuana use? I've found lots of physical but I can't seem to find any non physical effects. Can someone help me please. Thanks very much.

  121. algebra1

    are these correct?: 1. To what set of numbers does 7.543 belong? a. rational b. irrational c. integer B--rational 2. Evaluate 10 + .absolute value of 21 + x, -3 if x=9 37? 3. absolute value of -25, - (-32) 57

  122. 3rd grade Math

    Writing in Math - How can estimating help you add two-digit numbers?

  123. U.S. History

    List and dicuss some of the factors that aided European imperalism in the late 1800s

  124. Ap environmental science

    i really need help : thanks using the highest growth rate and beginning with the 1970 population of 584,000 calculate the population of Botswana in 2000 and project it for 2050. use the formula N=N0(zero is the bottom of the N) * e^kt. how many more

  125. Creative

    the level of excitement was getting higher and higher as the day went on. it was just us 4 kids at home waiting anxiously for some news of the baby the day seemed to stretch on forever, ... because there was nothing to do but wait suddenly negative

  126. AP Calculus

    An Initial amount of 100 grams of Thorium-234 decays according to the model: dP/dt=-0.02828P (where t is measured in years). a) Find the equation for the amount of Thorium left after t years. b) Determine the half-life of this radioactive isotope c) How

  127. physics

    You drop a ball from a height of 2.8 m, and it bounces back to a height of 1.0 m. (Ignore air resistance.) (a) What fraction of its initial energy is lost during the bounce? b) What is the ball's speed just as it leaves the ground after the bounce? (c)

  128. physics

    How long will it take a 1920 W motor to lift a 285 kg piano to a sixth-story window 16.0 m above?

  129. Texas History

    How did Native Americans' way of life at the missions differ from thier traditional way of life?

  130. math

    the altitude of a triagnle is 2cm shorter then its base. the area is 15cm squared. determine the base of the triangle.

  131. 3rd grade

    i don't understant how to round to the nearest hundreds

  132. Scientists

    Information on Julie Morgan

  133. Math

    A physical fitness association is including the mile run in its secondary-school fitness test. The time for this event for boys in secondary school is known to possess a normal distribution with a mean of 450 seconds and a standard deviation of 50 seconds.

  134. environmental science

    i really need help : thanks using the highest growth rate of 4.4 and beginning with the 1970 population of 584,000 calculate the population of Botswana in 2000 and project it for 2050. use the formula N=N0(zero is the bottom of the N) * e^kt. how many more

  135. Biology

    1. A famous scientist once said that wherever in the universe life exists, some of those life-forms must be colored. Why would the scientist make such a statement? 2. One of the accessory pigments used in photosynthesis is beta-carotene, a carotenoid found

  136. college: physics

    A 4.00 102-kg piano is being lifted at a steady speed from ground level straight up to an apartment 16.0 m above the ground. The crane that is doing the lifting produces a steady power of 4.00 102 W. How much time does it take to lift the piano?

  137. Physics

    A car can go from 0 - 60mi/h in 3 seconds during free fall. How long will it take for this same car to go from 0 - 4 mi/h? This is hypothetical situation. The answer I have come up with is 0.2 seconds but my homeowrk system says it is not correct. Is there

  138. Finance

    B18) (Default risk) You buy a very risky bond that promises a 9.5% coupon and return of the $1,000 principal in 10 years. You pay only $500 for the bond. a) You receive the coupon payments for three years and the bond defaults. After liquidating the firm,

  139. design technology-ms sue

    thankyou for helping. i have thought of a triangular teabag do you think this is okay ?

  140. social economics politics

    What are the various methods of maintaining peace and unity in binational, multinational, and multiethnic states? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

  141. 7th grade - Social Studies

    how do you think women and native americans felt about not being included under the 14th amendment? how do you think white women felt when former slaves were allowed to vote and they were not? what percent of slaves were not freed after the issue of the

  142. social economics politics

    debate the following proposition: "the countries of india and china have a "right" to pollute the environment until they catch up with more industrialized countries".

  143. Accounting

    Do you help with accounting homework?

  144. social studies

    I have to do this project about culture; and I'm trying to prove the point that different cultures consume and prepare food differently. I said that the Chinese use chopsticks, where we use forks here in America, but I would like to include one more

  145. Partial Derivatives

    How do you take the partial derivative of y = (1200z1z2)^1/2 in respect to z1. Please note z1 and z2 are variables. f'z1 = (1200^1/2)(z1^1/2)(z2^1/2) f'z1 = ?? the answer is... f'z1 = ((1200^1/2)(z2^1/2))/((2(z1^1/2)) but I do not know how to get this

  146. 12th grade

    Need help on the book of beowulf- what it the evil between the two religions christian and pegeon.

  147. science

    Write a systematic method to answer, 'How quickly and how do you produce rocket fuel?' using a boling tube, acid, a balloon, and a measuring cylinder?

  148. Education

    I want to know about educational ps2 games. I tried looking everywhere but was unable to find any. I would like to know about ps2 games which help you learn and spell. List as many as you can, and where I can get them from.

  149. Computer Science

    I am learning in my computer science class about algorithms. My teacher wrote on the board: n= 1 running time= 1 3 1+1= 2 7 1+2= 3 15 1+3= 4 31 1+4=5 63 1+5= 6 127 7 255 8 511 9 1023 10 How in the world does this happen? It has something to do with log n

  150. Socials

    compare figure 3-1, a map of France's physical features, with figure 3-2, a map of France's agricultural products by district. Then comapre both figures with Figure 3-4, a map that shows the standard of living in various regions of France during the 17th

  151. Finance

    The Jacksons, a family of two adults and two dependent children under the age 16, had gross annual income of $68,000 for 2004. Determine their standard deduction, exemption, and child tax credit amounts; as well as their marginal and average tax rates

  152. Physics

    You're lying on a beach. Some distance away, across level ground, is a tall coconut palm. As you watch, a monkey in that tree drops a coconut (from rest) onto hard ground below. The time elapsed from the moment he releases the coconut until it hits the

  153. Drug abuse

    Where can I find benefits of not using marijuana? help please.

  154. Science

    Can you advise me on how to draw electrical circuits for equipment in my room such as my tv and stereo. Thanks

  155. Twilight

    I would like to know everyone's opinion on Twilight. rate from 0 to 5. We are supposed to pick one topic, it can be on anything, so I chose twilight. I just need the average rating,thanks.

  156. 12th grade

    How long did it take the Bill of Rights to come into effect?

  157. math

    I really do not know how to get the answers to these, can you show me on a table form? Thanks 155km to m 2.56Ml to l 155um to mm 1,850nm to mm 1.68Gm to Mm 165pm to nm 2,750u to M 1.5kg to mg I would like to know how to work these out. Thank you

  158. Preschool teacher needs your help... thx alot?

    I am a preschool teacher and my kids are between the ages of 2-4... what art activity could I give them that connects to the letter E....

  159. Human Geography

    I'm doing a research essay that has to prove how the Malthus theory can be applied to the modern world. I need around 5 countries as examples. They can include contradictions and examples of the theory. What are some countries? I can't use India or China,

  160. Math

    How would you simplify (-x^2+2xh+h^2-2x-2h-2x^2+4x)/h ?

  161. terms

    i mean what is another word for a person who is always traveling (im writing about the alchemist and i need a word to describe santiago, a person who is unresting in the whole novel) thanks ms sue!

  162. math

    my dad and I are both unable to get the right answer to this ? -(-7/5)+1/8-2=? I keep getting 1-13/40 but the real answer is -19/40 what are we doing wrong

  163. Algebra

    f(x)=-x^2(x+3)(x-2) What are the x and y intercepts? Thanks!

  164. biology

    nitorgen has an atomic number of 7. which of the following elementshave similair chemical proteries? carbon, neon, phosphorus, or sulfer?

  165. literary

    what is foreshadowing and what is flashback?

  166. writing

    i have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!

  167. English

    I have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!

  168. scientist

    what r the 6 step of the scientific method

  169. movies

    are there any good websites where i can download full movies to burn them on to cd's? thanks

  170. Com /150

    Which article did you choose? Family Ties. What type of introduction does the writer use? What is the impact of that kind of introduction in this essay?

  171. Math

    Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What are the odds against drawing a club and a diamond?

  172. english

    Can you help me answer this question. I am supposed to write an assignment for grade 10 English about a dream I had and an interpretation of it. I am finding it difficult to interpret the dream, any suggestions?

  173. Technology

    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper which addresses how new media technologies impact social and societal issues.

  174. science

    what are the pros and cons of thermal expansion?

  175. math

    thanks Ms Sue how did you change the neg to positive what rule applies ?

  176. math

    Write an explanation of the steps you use to convert a measurement in one unit to a measurement in another. 1) How many picometers are there in a kilometre?

  177. physics

    A sign with a mass of 1000.0 kg is suspended from a wall with a cable that is attached to the wall at a point 3 m above a horizontal beam that causes the sign to be a distance of 4 m from the wall. What is the tension in the cable?

  178. alge

    simplify [2+(-3)]^2

  179. Science

    What's the step-by-step for 'How To Find the Mass' of an object? Example: 1. (Directions) 2. (More of Directions) And so on, thanks if anyone can help! P.S. Were using Triple-Beam Balances' to find the mass if the helps.

  180. history

    how can the internal be defined? Is it essential the land east of the Missippi that was handed over by Great Britain?

  181. world history

    Can you help me with this question because I can't find it anywhere. I searched google but still nothing. Question: What jobs did the second estate have during the french revolution?

  182. Geography

    Alrighty, this is what I got with my essay and I worked really hard! How is it? Until the early 1500’s the Roman Catholic Church was the one who decided all religious matters for the Christian Western Europe. When some Christians started to protest

  183. english

    What further steps does the Count of Monte Cristo take to engineer the downfall of all his enemies?

  184. algebra 2

    Solve each system of equations by graphing : 3x- y=0 and x-y=-2 put it in y=mx+b form first.

  185. Math

    Five friends ate 12-slice pizza. Julie ate twice as many slices as Rich. Jon ate half as many slices as Rich. Jordan and Isaiah together ate half a pizza. Jordan ate one third as many slices as Julie. Isaiah ate the most slices. What fraction of the pizza

  186. English

    Summarize the basic elements of Haydee's story. Why do you suppose the Count of Monte Cristo tells her not to reveal to Albert who the traitor to her father was?

  187. English

    The count Of Monte Cristo What does Noirter reveal to Franz? What affect does it have?

  188. Creative Writing

    ok. so my freewriting and outline is ready. now i just need to think of a good thesis statement. can someone please give me some suggestions

  189. grade 10 science

    i don't get the difference betwwen a littoral zone and a limentic zone. i tried reading my textbook like three times and i still don't get it, i even went to da internet but i still don't get it. please help me. thanks

  190. Science

    Matings between hairless & normal dogs always produce hairless & normal offspring in a 1:1 ratio. In matings of two hairless dogs, hairless & normal dogs are always produced in a 2:1 ratio. How can these results be explained?

  191. history

    who/what were the hurdy-girls

  192. French

    I need help with these four questions It goes with a crossword puzzle Directions: Fill in the blank 1. Jamal a marqué un but! Le score est 1 à 1. Il a ------- le score. (The word has 7 letters) 2. Marie joue au football. Elle est ----------. (The word

  193. physics

    You are explaining to friends why astronauts feel weightless orbiting in the space shuttle, and they respond that they thought gravity was just a lot weaker up there. Convince them and yourself that it isn't so by calculating how much weaker gravity is at

  194. physics

    You are explaining to friends why astronauts feel weightless orbiting in the space shuttle, and they respond that they thought gravity was just a lot weaker up there. Convince them and yourself that it isn't so by calculating how much weaker gravity is at

  195. Science

    14 letter word for "scientists do their experiments more than once so they can reduce the effects of chance errors. This is called conducting _________

  196. Biology!

    Inorganic fertiliser is applied each year to fields bordering a lake. the fertiliser runs off into the lake and causes six changes which altogether make the fish die. 1. aerobic bacteria feed on dead plants 2. algae reproduce faster 3. light cannot

  197. History

    What were some reform proposals and major political developments during the Gilded Age?

  198. algebra

    (3x squared-10x)divided by(x-6)=3x+8+48/x-6. but i have no idea how thaproblem was done. pls show me the steps

  199. Biology!!

    If i do a starch test on a plant cell that comes from a plant exposed to sunlight, which parts of the plant cell will be stained blueblack? 1. nucleus 2. cell wall 3. cytoplasm 4. vacuole I wrote the answer as 4, the vacuole, but the correct answer says 3,

  200. math

    complete the following conversions. 155u to m = *10^-3 1850n to mm = *10^-6 1.68G to M = *10^3 from G to M = *10^3

  201. 6th grade

    How could you identify a pure metal if you have a balance?

  202. Twilight

    I have to do this writing assignment on anyone I want to. I really like Bella from the movie twilight so i am doing this on her. I have to describe her and all. I already know how she is from my point of view, but I would like to know how she is from

  203. Biology!!!

    Which method of birth control prevents the implantation of the fertilised egg? 1. coil (mechanical) 2. condom (mechanical) 3. spermicide (chemical) 4. vasectomy (surgical) I don't get the question. The correct answer was number 1, but shouldn't all the

  204. English / Grammar Check

    Can you please tell me if this sentence is in formal language and the grammar is correct? In the novel Manhattan Transfer, manifestation of the fake social face occurs. The characters use masks, because they have trouble trying to find their real self.

  205. math

    does 10^3 * 10^2 * 10^4 * 10^3 = 10^12

  206. U.S history

    reasons for the growth of imperialism around the world?

  207. Health

    Describe the structures and functions of ribosomes. I need help on writing a short version of this

  208. chem

    An unknown gas Q requires 1.80 times as long to effuse under the same conditions as the same amount of nitrogen gas. What is the molar mass (g/mol) of Q?

  209. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me on this two Chemistry questions...they are from my lab....the lab was on Acids and Bases using Red Cabbage Indicator. Q1- How consistent was the cabbage juice indicator for this lab? Discuss the limitations of using red cabbage

  210. chemistry

    Molecular size in real gases causes positive deviations from the PV/RT ratio of an ideal gas. a. True b. False

  211. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of a mole of glucose, C6H12O6, in grams. Would I just find the GFM, which comes out to 180.0g?

  212. Chemistry

    Calculate the percentage, by weight, of each of the elements (C, H, O) in glucose. C= 40% H= 6.7% O= 53.3% Correct?

  213. chemistry

    Calculate q in J when 2.02 g of ice is cooled from -22.6°C to -73.8°C (cice = 2.087 J/g·K). Do not add units to your answer.

  214. math

    Thomas and Samantha work on weekends and holidays doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. they are each paid by the day, not the hour. they each earn the sme whole number of dollars per day. last month thomas earned $ 184 and samantha earned $ 207. how

  215. math

    how many picometers are there in a kilometre? Is the answer a negative or positive? =10^15 or = 10^-15

  216. Maths


  217. physics

    With what minimum speed must you toss a 160 ball straight up to hit the 15 -high roof of the gymnasium if you release the ball 1.7 above the ground? Solve this problem using energy.

  218. Check!!

    Can someone check whether I put the effects into the right category? Consequences of marijuana use. Physical: rapid heartbeat dry mouth and throat bloodshot eyes Reduced ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination such as driving a

  219. 12th grade Economics

    The chapter states that the elderly population in the U.S. is growing more rapidly than the total population. In particular, the number of the total workers is rising slowly, while the number of retirees is rising quickly. Concerned about the future of

  220. college

    In 1980, Jonathan leased real estate to Jay Corporation for 20 years. Jay Corporation made significant capital improvements to the property. In 2000, Jay decides not to renew the lease and vacates the property. At that time, the value of the improvements

  221. Biology!!!!

    Which blood vessel contains blood that has high oxygen concentration, low carbon dioxide concentration, and high pressure? 1. aorta 2. pulmonary artery 3. pulmonary vein 4. vena cava I wrote the answer as 3, but is wrong. Which one is the correct answer?

  222. physics

    A 710 kg car drives at a constant speed of 23m/s . It is subject to a drag force of 500 N. What power is required from the car's engine to drive the car (a) on level ground? (b) up a hill with a slope of 2.0?

  223. 7th grade

    What part of speech is most in the sentence "Katie is the most beautiful girl in the school"?

  224. physics

    How much work must you do to push a 13 block of steel across a steel table at a steady speed of 1.3 for 3.7 ? what is the Wnet and P?

  225. physics

    What minimum speed does a 150g puck need to make it to the top of a 3.6m -long, 23 degree frictionless ramp?

  226. english

    what are the words when you unscramble them: theeabn and damou?

  227. physics

    An elevator weighing 2400 N ascends at a constant speed of 5.0 m/s. How much power must the motor supply to do this?

  228. Geometry

    If you marked the midpoints of the edges of a cube and sliced off all its corners through the midpoints of its edges, how many and what type of faces would the truncated figure have?

  229. physics

    A 1100 kg sports car accelerates from 0m/s to 33m/s in 13s What is the average power of the engine?

  230. Science

    What is the geographical location of the Marine and Ice Cap Biomes? thanks:)

  231. Psy210

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a homework assignment that wants us to identify two major changes or challenges associated with that developmental stage(adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. For each of three

  232. sociology

    G. William Domhoff's view of the power structure of the United States most closely resembles the analysis of which sociological perspective?

  233. physic

    Hi!Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to move it, as shown in the following figure, where F1 = 439 N(10degree) and F2 = 365 N(30degree). (Assume up and to the right as positive directions.) (a) What is the resultant of these two forces?

  234. Biology

    Which is the most direct way that the carbon in starch stored in cereal grain can be released to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide? 1. grain destroyed by fire 2. grain eaten by birds 3. grain made into bread and eaten by humans 4. grain stored in damp

  235. grade 10 science

    do you any websites that can explain the sesonal varities in cnadaina lakes more better, like when it's like 4 digrees somthing wierd happens, type layers are formed in winter..... i tried looking in the internet but couldn't find it. please help me.

  236. English

    Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids. 5b. Some athletes have took drug tests to prove they are not on steroids A is is this question correct because it is the plural Athletes, tests,are,steroids,

  237. Math - Fundamental Theorem

    We can actually use the Zeros Theorem and the Conjugate Zeros Theorem together to conclude that an odd-degree polynomial with real coefficients must have atleast one real root (since the non-real roots must come in conjugate pairs). But how can we get the

  238. math115

    1. find the median 4,5,6,8,11,17=6 2.find the median and the mean 95,75,76,86,96,71,68,81,95,76,69,82,93,88,94= median 81 mean 83 3. find the mean 13,15,18,18,18,19,22,26,28,33=21 4. find the median 47,25,58,28,67,66=52 1/2

  239. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? I was in Grade One. We went to the pumpkin patch. I got a really big pumpkin. I tripped while carrying it. I bit into the pumpkin. And lost one of my front teeth. Fui en primer curso. Fuimos al terreno de calabaza. Obtuve

  240. 2nd grade english

    i want to write an essay on My Dream House in about 80-100 words please help me