Questions Asked on
October 11, 2009

  1. physics

    A flock of ducks is trying to migrate south for the winter, but they keep being blown off course by a wind blowing from the west at 6.0m/s. A wise elder duck finally realizes that the solution is to fly at an angle to the wind. If the ducks can fly at

    asked by Angela
  2. math

    A signal is made by placing 3 flags, one above the other, on a flag pole. If there are 8 different flags available, how many possible signals can be flown?

    asked by chandice
  3. math

    If it has been determined that the probability of an earthquake occurring on a certain day in a certain area is 0.05, what are the odds against an earthquake? multiple choice A) 20 : 1 B) 1 : 20 C) 18 : 1 D) 19 : 1 3

    asked by ann
  4. Physics

    The figure shows four electrical charges located at the corners of a rectangle. Like charges, you will recall, repel each other while opposite charges attract. Charge B exerts a repulsive force (directly away from B) on charge A of 3.0 . Charge C exerts an

    asked by Angela
  5. physics

    A metal block of mass m is attached to the ceiling by a spring. Connected to the bottom of this block is a string that supports a second block of the same mass m, as shown in the figure . The string connecting the two blocks is now cut.What is the net

    asked by kam
  6. Statistics

    S2Within" equals: - the sum of squares within each group - the square root of the standard within-group deviations from the mean - the squared variance within groups - the population variance estimate based on the variation within each of the groups.

    asked by Trey
  7. physics

    The treasure map gives the following directions to the buried treasure: "Start at the old oak tree, walk due north for 490 paces, then due east for 120 paces. Dig." But when you arrive, you find an angry dragon just north of the tree. To avoid the dragon,

    asked by Angela
  8. Physics

    A rock is falling towards the Earth. Suppose the action force is the pull of the Earth on the rock. What is the reaction force? I do not know how to find the reaction force.

    asked by Bryan
  9. Physics

    A turtle is moving with a constant acceleration along a straight ditch. He starts his stopwatch as he passes a fence post and notes that it takes him 10s to reach a pine tree 10 m farther along the ditch., As he passes the pine tree, his speed is 1.2m/s.

    asked by BT
  10. Physics

    A test rocket is fired vertically upward from a well. A catapult gives it an initial speed of 80.2 m/s at ground level. Its engines then fire and it accelerates upward at 4.20 m/s2 until it reaches an altitude of 960 m. At that point its engines fail, and

    asked by Becky
  11. Math

    In a certain lottery, five different numbers between 1 and 30 inclusive are drawn. These are the winning numbers. To win the lottery, a person must select the correct 5 numbers in the same order in which they were drawn. What is the probability of winning?

    asked by Matt
  12. Math

    A basketball player with a free throw shooting percentage of 60% gets fouled and goes to the line to shoot two free throws. What are the odds in favor of her making her first shot?

    asked by Jenny
  13. biology

    why do plants produce far more sugar than they need? why do they not stop photosynthesis once immedaite needs are met?

    asked by connie
  14. Math

    using a systems approach to financial planning it is necessary to develop a forma income statement budget forma balance sheet d. all of the above

    asked by Dee Dee
  15. physics

    Two 72.0 kg hockey players skating at 7.00 m/s collide and stick together. If the angle between their initial directions was 120 degrees, what is their speed after the collision?

    asked by davie
  16. Physics

    The mass of Venus is 0.8140 times that of earth, and its radius is 0.950 times that of earth. Calculate the acceleration of gravity at the surface of Venus. Express your answer in g's (i.e. as a ratio to our acceleration of gravity). 9.01×10-1 is the

    asked by Andy
  17. physics

    On a cold winter morning, a child sits on a sled resting on smooth ice. When the 9.10 kg sled is pulled with a horizontal force of 36.0 N, it begins to move with an acceleration of 2.10 m/s^2. The 25.0 kg child accelerates too, but with a smaller

    asked by peter
  18. college physics

    On a cold winter morning, a child sits on a sled resting on smooth ice. When the 9.10 kg sled is pulled with a horizontal force of 36.0 N, it begins to move with an acceleration of 2.10 m/s^2. The 25.0 kg child accelerates too, but with a smaller

    asked by davie
  19. Statistics

    A sociologist interested in cultural differences compared women of two ethinic groups on a Role Approval Index (high scores mean high degrees of approval of one's social role). The results are as follows: Ethnic Group A: N = 15 M= 55 S2 = 6.5 Ethnic Group

    asked by Trey
  20. Statistics

    If the standard deviation of the distribution of the difference between means is .76, what is the t score? - (15 - 23) / 0.76 = -10.53 - (0.76)(15-23) = -8.00 - [(6.5 + 4.5)/2][0.76] = 4.18 - (55 - 51) / 0.76 = 5.26

    asked by Trey
  21. Chemistry

    How many moles of atoms are in 50 atoms Ba? Answer in units of mol.

    asked by josh
  22. Science

    What is the geographical location of lakes and ponds? like the main area that they are in... thanks:)

    asked by Nicole
  23. Physics

    A passenger on a bus moving with uniform velocity lurches forward when the bus stops suddenly. Explain? I do not understand this

    asked by Jim
  24. Chemistry - Urgent

    Determine the mass of 3.16 ×1023 atoms Cl. Answer in units of g. How do you do this? Need to get it done really fast. Thanks for help.

    asked by Jacob
  25. math

    Numbers is a game where you bet $1 on any three-digit number from 000 to 999. If your number comes up, you get $600.00, otherwise you lose the $1. Find your expected winnings if all numbers are equally likely to come up.

    asked by ann
  26. Math

    The systolic blood pressures of the patients at a hospital are normally distributed with a mean of 136 mm Hg and a standard deviation of 13.4 mm Hg. Find the two blood pressures having these properties: the mean is midway between them and 90% of all blood

    asked by Juan
  27. physics

    In the design of a control mechanism, the vertical slotted guide is moving with a constant velocity x'= 15in/s during the interval of motion from x= -8in to x= +8in. For the instant when x= 6in calculate the n- and t-components of acceleration of the pin

    asked by Jessi
  28. college physics

    In the figure below, two point particles are fixed on an x axis separated by a distance d. Particle A has mass mA and particle B has mass 2.00mA. A third particle C, of mass 90.0mA, is to be placed on the x axis and near particles A and B. In terms of

    asked by Jeff
  29. Statistics

    In an analysis of variance, if the null hypothesis is true then: - The research hypothesis is also true -You will need fewer participants for the experiment - There is less variance among the sample means than if the null hypothesis was not true - The

    asked by Trey
  30. Physics

    A motorist drives along a straight road at a constant speed of 16.5 m/s. Just as she passes a parked motorcycle police officer, the officer starts to accelerate at 3.50 m/s2 to overtake her. Assume that the officer maintains this acceleration. (a)

    asked by Becky
  31. physics

    Consider a pair of planets for which the distance between them is decreased by a factor of 5. Show that the force between them becomes 25 times greater.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics

    A 5 N force directed to the west acts on an object for 2.0 seconds. What is the change in momentum of the oject? Would it be 5 X 2?

    asked by Jenny
  33. Statistics

    Cohen's conventions for the t test for independent means are approximately _____ for a small effect size, ____ for a medium effect size, and ______ for a large effect size? - .1, .3, .5 - 2, 4, 6 - .2, .5, .8 - 3, 6, 9

    asked by Trey
  34. Statistic

    Twenty students assigned to an experimental group receive 30 in a control group has a mean of 38 on the test (with an estimated population standard deviation of 3); the control group has a mean of 35 (with an estimated population standard deviation of 5).

    asked by Anonymous
  35. To: Anonymous, Juan, Jenny

    Please do not post several related questions under different names. You're also more likely to receive help if you give us an idea of your thinking on these problems.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  36. physics

    Rubidium forms the postive Rb+ Is this ion larger or smaller then the neutral atom? Explain PLEASE

    asked by trey
  37. physics

    The goliath beetle, can reach a mass of 0.080 kg. Suppose a goliath beetle is placed on a slope that makes an angle of 37.0 degrees with the horizontal. Find the acceleration of the beetle along the slope, assuming the slope is frictionless. If a force of

    asked by lalaglaze
  38. Biochemistry

    The pH of arterial blood is 7.42. When 10 mL of the blood is acidified, 5.91 mL of CO2 is produced. 1) what is the total concentration of CO2 in the blood [CO2]+[HCO3-]? The experimental value for the volume of one mole of CO2 is 22.26 L/mol. 2) What are

    asked by Andrew
  39. math

    Brian O'Reilly earns twice as much each week as a tutor than he does pumping gas. His total weekly wages are $150 more than that of his younger sister. She earns one quarter as much as Brian does as a tutor. How much does Brian earn as a tutor?

    asked by kevin
  40. Physics

    What is an essential characteristic of an object in equilibrium?

    asked by Natasha
  41. Statistics

    Suppose a researcher wants to study the effectiveness of a new reading program for students who have not acquired the necessary reading skills by the time they reach the 8th grade. A randomly selected group of 50 students from a local junior high with poor

    asked by Trey
  42. Math

    Evaluate the limits lim x^3 + 3/ x->¤ 2x^3 + 4x + 1 lim 1 - cosx / x->o x^2

    asked by Beta plus
  43. physics

    A daring ranch hand sitting on a tree limb wishes to drop vertically onto a horse galloping under the tree. The constant speed of the horse is 15.0 m/s, and the distance from the limb to the level of the saddle is 3.50 m. (a) What must be the horizontal

    asked by Becky
  44. Physics

    How am I doing this problem wrong On a strange, airless planet, a ball is thrown downward from a height of 17 m. The ball initally travels at 15 m/s. If the ball hits the ground in 1 s, what is this planet's gravitational acceleration? by definition of

    asked by Physics
  45. Chemistry

    Two iron bolts, one at 100. °C with a mass of 52.8g, the other at 56.0°C with a mass of 66.8g, are placed in an insulated container. Assuming the heat capacity of the container is negligible, what is the final Celsius temperature inside the container (c

    asked by Sheena
  46. math

    Doug had scores of 80, 85, 75, and 80 on his first four exams in a course. a. Find the mean, median, and mode for these exam scores. b. Which “average” would Doug want the teacher to use in determining his grade? c. What score would Doug have to get on

    asked by please help
  47. To Ms. Sue

    list of conditions that might have enabled farmers to support themselves comfortably. list of conditions: 1.lower taxes 2.access for education 3.housing security updates for tractors 5.updated equipment 6.updated clothing 7.more salary Ms. Sue please

    asked by Sara
  48. Statistics

    Consider a study in which the population variance estimate based on treatment group of 14 participants is 8, and the population variance estimate based on a control group of 17 individuals is 9. Compute the pooled estimate of population variance. - 7.25 -

    asked by Trey
  49. Organic Chem Lab

    If I have separate solutions of the compounds benzoic acid and benzaldehyde, and they are spotted on an alumina gel TLC plate and run using CH2Cl2 as the eluant, which compound will have the higher Rf value? Explain.

    asked by Sarah
  50. math

    If r=t/2 and t=w/2, what is (r+w) in terms of t? (A)t (B)t^2 (C)3t/2 (D)5t/2 (e)5t/4 Please show work. Thanks.

    asked by Sarah
  51. US History

    What lasting effects resulted from the Hartford Convention?

    asked by Jessica
  52. Physics

    A table exerts a 1o newton force on a book which lies at rest on its top. The force exerted by the book on the table is? I think the answer is 10 newtons.

    asked by Hannah
  53. Chemistry

    A 27.4 g sample of metal X requires 131 calories of energy to heat it from 10.0◦C to 90.0◦C. Calculate the specific heat of metal X. Answer in units of J/g ·◦ C. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    asked by Randy
  54. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 7.817 × 1023 atoms Ag?

    asked by Jenny
  55. PSY

    A school counselor tests the level of depression in fourth graders in a particular class of 20 students. The counselor wants to know whether the kind of students in this class differs from that of fourth graders in general at her school. On the test, a

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Geography

    I don't understand this question- 22. A peninsula of peninsulas" describes a. the United Kingdom b. Northern Eurasia c. Western Europe d. Germany Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  57. Physics

    A table exerts a 1o newton force on a book which lies at rest on its top. The force exerted by the book on the table is? I think the answer is 10 newtons. Is this correct?

    asked by Hannah
  58. Accounting

    I am having trouble with this problem that is due tonight. Can someone please help!! I am unsure what to do with the information given after the adjusted trial balance. Do I add those numbers into the adjusted trial balance or what do I do with them?

    asked by TinkRose
  59. Physics

    A mass is thrown upwards with an initial velocity of 30m/s. A second mass is dropped from directly above, a height of 60m from the first mass 0.50s later. When do the masses meet and how hight is the point where they meet?

    asked by B
  60. Physics

    An object traveling at 5.0 m/s East has a mass of 6.0 kg. What is the magnitude of the object's momentum? I am not sure what the formula is for this one!

    asked by Jack
  61. physics

    A soccer player kicks a rock horizontally off a cliff 42.9 m high into a pool of water. If the player hears the sound of the splash 3.16 s later, what was the initial speed given to the rock? Assume the speed of sound in air to be 343 m/s.

    asked by Anonymous

    A mass is thrown upwards with an initial velocity of 30m/s. A second mass is dropped from directly above, a height of 60m from the first mass 0.50s later. When do the masses meet and how hight is the point where they meet? I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SHOW THIS

    asked by B
  63. Maths

    Write the first four terms in the binomial expansion of ( 1 + x/2)to the power of 9

    asked by Dakota
  64. physics

    An 8.0 kg bag of coin is being pulled upward by a rope rises 20.0 cm in 0.50 sec, starting from rest. Assuming the acceleration is constant, calculate the net force on the bag. what is the upward force on the bag exerted by the rope?

    asked by lalaglaze
  65. Physics

    A bullet with mass 0.40 kg is fired with an initial velocity of 400 m/s from a gun with mass 5.0 kg. The speed of the reoil of the gun is? Do I have to 0.40 and 5.0 an then divide that by 400?

    asked by Abbey
  66. statistics

    What tools can be used to collect data? What are some of the issues that occur with data collection? Are some tools more appropriate for collecting certain types of data and why?

    asked by MArie
  67. Chemistry

    What is weighted average in chemistry?

    asked by Eman
  68. Geography

    I have to use the given hints to find out what country they're talking about in each hint. 3. "Travled south and arrived today in the town associated closely with Hans Christian Andersen. Weather a bit rainy here, but we're having too much fun to care!" I

    asked by mysterychicken
  69. math

    The Bulb Bargain Problem. Suppose that you are the chief of maintenance for a large metropolitan hospital. You are trying to decide from what company to buy your next 5-year supply of light bulbs. Would you look to the company whose light bulbs have the

    asked by katelynn
  70. physics

    As soon as a traffic light turns green, a car speeds up from rest to 50.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 9.90 mi/h·s. In the adjoining bike lane, a cyclist speeds up from rest to 20.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 13.5 mi/h·s. Each vehicle

    asked by Becky
  71. Math

    Two dice are rolled. Find the odds that the score on the dice is either 10 or at most 5

    asked by Jenny
  72. chem

    When 13 grams of a sample cools from 56c to 34.4cit loses 25.8 Joules of heat. What is the specific heat of the sample?

    asked by Mark
  73. Statistics

    A mathematically defined curve that is the comparison distribution used in ANOVA is called the: - Normal distribution - Chi Square distribution - F distribution - T distribution

    asked by Trey
  74. Statistics

    The ____________ is a hypothesis-testing procedure in which there are two separate groups at people tested and the population variance is not known. - t test for dependent means - t test for a single sample - t test for independent means - t test for

    asked by Trey
  75. Science

    I have a project which is to write elements of platinum and my problem is that i forgot the paper at school, so i want to know what could i write about this element.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. math

    How many games are played in a soccer competition if there are 7 teams and all teams play each other twice?

    asked by jessica
  77. Math

    Faryi averaged 50 mph on trip to visit an amusement park 80 miles away and started with a full tank of gas. Her car usually averaged 25 mph each time she purchased. The gas price $2.65 par gallon when she got home. Calculate Faryi’s time ( in minutes)

    asked by Alice
  78. Physical Science

    What type of simple machine would you use if the trees have lost their leaves and you have a lot of them to collect?

    asked by Suzy
  79. science- physics

    which has the greater momentum when they move at the same speed- an automobile or a skateboard? which requires the greatest stopping force?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Physics

    A ball, dropped from rest, cover 2/7 of the distant to the ground in the last 2 seconds of its fall. From what height was the ball dropped? What was the total time of the fall?

    asked by Robert C
  81. math

    calculate the range, variance, standard deviation, and interquartile range for the data set given {72, 80, 80, 82, 88, 90, 96}

    asked by please help
  82. English

    How does Eliot invent Modernism in Prufrock? I have already read a bunch of internet searches and the only thing that I found was his use of symbolism and images. I don't know if that is right.

    asked by Alex
  83. Math

    If the odds against an event A are 15 to 1, what is the probability associated with event A occurring?

    asked by Juan
  84. math

    Suppose that a given parallelogram is not a rhombus or a rectangle. Which of the following can you conclude about this parallelogram A) It is a square. B) Its angles are not all congruent. C) Its diagonals are perpendicular bisectors of each other. D) None

    asked by chandice
  85. geometry

    How are the radii of 2 two concentric circles related to the distance between them? I tried making an equation using their cirmcumferences but I was way off. All I did was subtract the inner circle's circumference from the outer circle's circumference and

    asked by Jessi
  86. Statistics

    Suppose a researcher wants to study the effectiveness of a new reading program for students who have not acquired the necessary reading skills by the time they reach the 8th grade. A randomly selected group of 50 students from a local junior high with poor

    asked by Trey
  87. college phyiscs

    A car starts from rest on a curve with a radius of 160 m and accelerates at 1.80 m/s^2. How many revolutions will the car have gone through when the magnitude of its total acceleration is 2.20 m/s^2?

    asked by Amanda
  88. math

    Suppose you buy 1 ticket for $1 out of a lottery of 3000 tickets. If the prize for the one winning ticket is to be $500, what are your expected winnings?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    Find the point (x,y) on the unit cirlce that corresponds to the real number t. t= 11 pie / 6 My answer was (1/2 , -sqrt3/2) but my teacher said it is wrong!

    asked by Jake
  90. Calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find the second derivative: 2xy^2=4 (nothing is in parenthesis)

    asked by Tiffany
  91. math

    If the oldest individual in an office is 57 and the range of employee ages is 29, what is the age of the youngest person in the office?

    asked by marie
  92. Socials

    make a list of conditions that might have enabled farmers to support themselves comfortably. This is referring to the revolution in france, and at that point of time there were some farmers who couldn't afford much, in around the 17th century. I really

    asked by Sara
  93. Spanish Stop-motion quote

    Hey guys, I'm making a lego stop-motion movie and I have a Mexican demolition expert character. =) I'll admit, this isn't homework and I havn't taken a Spanish class...but that's why I am asking for help. There are just two lines I'd like him to say in

    asked by Dreskillz89
  94. physics

    If an astronaut dropped a small rock near the surface of Pluto, how far (in m) would the rock fall in 1.1 s? (The mass of Pluto is 2.500×10-3 the mass of earth and the radius of Pluto is 0.18 of the earth's radius.)

    asked by Andy
  95. Buisness

    1. How does Zune HD relate to information technology? 2. How does it improve upon an existing technology? 3.Why is it important for student or buisness and computer students to know abbout this technology?

    asked by Sunnikid
  96. Physics

    A car can go from 0 - 60mi/h in 3 seconds during free fall. How long will it take for this same car to go from 0 - 4 mi/h? This is hypothetical situation.

    asked by Robert C
  97. physics

    for intro in a lab report do u have to write the relevance to the world? ( if yes where would it go , after purpose?)and what would be a good hypothesis in a lab for acceleration due to gravity?

    asked by just wondering
  98. Science

    What happens to the volume of a gas inside a piston if the termperatue does not change but the pressure is reduced?

    asked by Josie
  99. geography

    what do ido next in my presentation cause iv allready done the towns around london and louds of stuff about london pls help me?

    asked by holly
  100. Math

    find the missing length of the right triangle 20 squared + 48 squared= c squared is the answer c=54

    asked by Randi Scruggs
  101. geography

    yes but my partner is going the history and all the things u put on those paragraphs i need facts about the area that surrounds it

    asked by holly
  102. geography

    i live in bracknell near reading and london but i still don't know much about london that's y i was asking u what yr do u teach at school

    asked by holly
  103. math

    solve by the gauss-jordan method x+y+z=6 3x+2y-z=4 3x+2y+2z=11

    asked by Diahann
  104. English

    the role of censorship in schools..?? and need help with thesis statement..plzz help me!!!

    asked by Shelby
  105. Geography

    I've been trying to post this question for an hour but it won't let me because it says I'm posting a website adress. So I'm going to do it in parts... Here are all the hints and all my answers. Can someone please check if they're correct? "Guess where we

    asked by mysterychicken
  106. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? I was in Grade One. We went to the pumpkin patch. I got a really big pumpkin. I tripped while carrying it. I bit into the pumpkin. And lost one of my front teeth. Fui en primer curso. Fuimos al terreno de calabaza. Obtuve

    asked by Larry
  107. science

    What is homeostasis? Which animals have homeostasis? What does it have to do with science?

    asked by dAnIeLlE
  108. physics

    If an astronaut dropped a small rock near the surface of Pluto, how far (in m) would the rock fall in 1.1 s? (The mass of Pluto is 2.500×10-3 the mass of earth and the radius of Pluto is 0.18 of the earth's radius.)

    asked by Andy
  109. psy 210

    what are all the posible answers for the Trait theory and the learning thoery. Located in appedix c

    asked by Martha
  110. Biochemistry

    A person during a 24 hour period produced 1.40 litres of urine containing phosphate at a total concentration of 0.0440 M, at a pH of 6.00. This urine was made in the kidneys by acidifying the phosphate in the glomerular filtrate, which had a pH of 7.40.

    asked by Andrew
  111. Algbera 1

    Need an sample of two step equation word problem.

    asked by alyssa
  112. math

    Suppose that a newspaper published the following in a boxed corner of the want ads section: Should handgun control be abolished? You can call the shots if you participate in our poll tonight. If yes, call 1-900-For-Guns. If no, call 1-900-Ban-Guns. You

    asked by katelynn
  113. Research

    What is the value of knowledge to the following social systems/institutions? -Society as a whole -Private firms -Providers of social services -Policymakers -Nation states -Individual persons Is gaining knowledge by gossip a distinct way of knowing or is it

    asked by Kim K
  114. Chem

    What is saponification? What commercial use does it have?

    asked by me
  115. Algebra 1

    2y/5+5=9 Please solve this problem and show your steps, (like a t-chart.) Thank You!!! :)

    asked by Sunny
  116. geography

    ok i think u have done enough for me thank u so much those websites helped alot i really do appreciate it thanks r u an acctual teacher

    asked by holly
  117. science

    explain why ice is less dense as a solid than as a liquid

    asked by melissa
  118. English

    Literature: Explain how the historical context of a work can impact that work?

    asked by Stacey
  119. Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in 7.72 g Si? Seems easy, but I forgot how to find out. Thanks for the help.

    asked by Niko
  120. Math

    Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What are the odds against drawing a club and a diamond?

    asked by Matt
  121. programming

    Where do i get the info to make flow charts my teacher will not respond to me and I don't know what to do i also need to make a hierarchy chart both items are on currency conversion can anyone help me I cant afford to fail this class and i am headed in

    asked by steve
  122. social economics politics

    what are the various methods of maintaining peace and unity in binational, multinational, and multiethnic states? what are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

    asked by jacob
  123. English

    I am making a mini book and in it i am writing these words: Peninsula,island,continent,island,ocean,seas,rivers,lakes,and glaciers and writing definitions for these words. So I wanted to know what could I put for the title of this mini book.

    asked by Sumaiya
  124. geography

    could u give me some facts about london pls cause im doing a presentation on london and u have to find its location and things like that

    asked by holly
  125. 4th grade

    what are the bodies of water (canada) please list them in the correct order.

    asked by samatha
  126. amer gov

    Choose the poll results for your state. Research and take notes on the polls and the data provided. Then, write down ten results from the polls that indicate something interesting about the relative strength of the parties.

    asked by bill
  127. physics

    A car is able to go from 0 - 60 mi/h in 3 seconds. How long does it take (in seconds) to go from 0 to 4 mi/h?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. algebra

    solve for b when a=55 a=radical sign on 25b

    asked by allan
  129. math

    For a set of scores, will the interquartile range always be less than the range? Explain your answer with an example.

    asked by marie
  130. 3rd grade

    what causes drought

    asked by Vicente
  131. Math

    How much space (in ft³ ) will be taken up by the 458 balloons.

    asked by David
  132. algebra

    how to simplify this question (-m^2n^3)^3

    asked by allan
  133. Creative Writing

    Hi, I have to write an essay on this topic. Describe a person (even yourself) at a time of great emotion; for example, joy, anger, grief, etc. I want to write about the day when my baby sister was born. I haven't done any work yet. i want to do some

    asked by y912f
  134. psy210

    what theory was taken from European philosophy of Existentialism. posible anwsers include: A. Humanistic theory B. learning theory C. psychodynamic th. D. socioculture th. E. Trait th.

    asked by Martha
  135. 12th grade government

    How does the new class differ from more traditional elites in its political attitudes?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. human geography

    what is the diffrence between site and location

    asked by jackie
  137. Math

    Multiply (1-5x³)² I am not sure If I add or multiply the exponents would this be solved as 1-5x^6?

    asked by Jen
  138. chemistry

    what is energy and use the electromagnetic spectrum to explain it.

    asked by jill
  139. geography

    like any interesting facts or info pls

    asked by holly
  140. history

    what are short and long term explanations for the Great Depression?

    asked by j cook
  141. algebra

    what is 22 over 7 times 3 times 4 plus 22 over 7 times 3 to the second power

    asked by jhu
  142. English

    What are five identifiable characteristics of Imagism?

    asked by Lindsey
  143. economy

    what does nominal gdp mean? im not sure if it is adjusted or not for inflation

    asked by j cook
  144. English

    I have to write an essay that has to do with definitions that are arguable. and i cant think of a one. please help me thank you

    asked by Justin
  145. algebra


    asked by allan
  146. science

    what enables meighboring water molecules to hydrogen bond to one another

    asked by melissa
  147. terms

    what is the term for forcing someone to do something like if i wanted to say my mother forces me to play the violin it would be my mother forces to play the violin _______under my will? is that the right expression?____ thanks!

    asked by Ashlynn
  148. science

    what enables neiboring water molecules to hydrogen bond one another

    asked by melissa
  149. social economics politics

    what are the various methods of maintaining peace and unity in binational, multinational, and multiethic states? what are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

    asked by Anonymous
  150. science

    Methylococcus capsulatatus. How is this bacteria spread or passed?

    asked by mary
  151. math

    Thanks ms sue

    asked by anthony
  152. math

    Find (f + g)x, (f-g)x, (fg)x, and (f/g)x and their domains. f(x) = ¡î(9-x©÷), g(x) = ¡î(x©÷-4)

    asked by David
  153. math

    How would you do _______ \/ 388 _____ 6 I need it for a quadratic equation it's ________ -10 + or - \/ 388 ______ 6 ____ the answer is -5+ or - \/ 97 ___ 3 how did they get that ?? any help?

    asked by Someone
  154. English 4

    Why do people still study Giovanni Boccaccio today?

    asked by renee
  155. Science

    My science teacher us us about how our eyes only see the color of something because of the sunlight. and he asks us what is one thing we can really see with our eyes without the sunlight? I tried searching all over google but couldn't find it.

    asked by Jon
  156. Physics

    What do we call the combinations of all forces that act on an object? I really do not know this!

    asked by Jake
  157. premise and conclude

    One might explain the difference in reaction by saying that we naturally respond more strongly to the deaths of Americans closer to home than to those of others halfway around the world. But then consider the fact that, every month during 2001 more

    asked by tommy evans
  158. English

    cesorship in writing for students.. give three points... i only have one..

    asked by Kiran
  159. science

    what is energy,and use the electromagnetic spectrum to explain it.

    asked by Sam
  160. Science

    I can be three different states of matter, but not at the same time. I am necessary for life, but I can also destroy life. I can be under your feet, around your body, or over your haed. What am I?

    asked by Jacob
  161. math

    2 2/3-n=1 1/4

    asked by anthony
  162. math

    Ms sue is it 1 5/12

    asked by anthony
  163. science

    becuase minerals do not come from living things, what are they said to be?

    asked by Anonymous
  164. geography

    i live in england where do u live and im 12 yrs old and in yr 7

    asked by holly
  165. English

    Explain how the historical context of a work can impact that work?

    asked by Stacey
  166. math

    N+3/4=1 1/2 what is the n?

    asked by anthony
  167. geography

    thank you that helped but could u find me some facts pls?

    asked by holly
  168. geography

    i did and iv already got that info so i need diff info

    asked by holly