Questions Asked on
October 9, 2009

  1. physics

    Is it possible to calculate the torque acting on a rigid body without specifying the origin?

    asked by tom
  2. Math

    -14+26-37-45+56-67-71. ___? i don't know how to solve this so plz tell me this with solution. -12-(-24)+(-36) my answer is 0 but its wrong i cant understand tell me this with solution plz. Thanks

    asked by purplemath
  3. chemistry -drbob222

    I'm not sure if my 1 and 2 are correct, and I don't know how to do 3, 4, and 5. Any help is appreciated! 1) You wish to extract an organic compound from an aqueous phase into an organic layer. to minimizing the number of transfer steps, would it be better

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Chemistry

    What is the percent yield of CO2 if the reaction of 10.0g of CO with excess O2 produces 12.8g of CO2?

    asked by Larry
  5. Chemistry

    Consider the following electron configuration. (σ3s)2 (σ3s*)2 (σ3p)2 (π3p)4 (π3p*)4 Select four species that, in theory, would have this electron configuration.

    asked by Tracey
  6. Chemistry

    If 7.83 g FeCl3(s) is dissolved in enough water to make 2.50 L of solution, what is the concentration of Fe3+ in the solution?

    asked by Kevin
  7. Chemistry

    The kinetic energy of a rolling billiard ball is given by {\rm{KE}} = 1/2\,mv^2 . Suppose a 0.17-{\rm kg} billiard ball is rolling down a pool table with an initial speed of 4.5 m/s. As it travels, it loses some of its energy as heat. The ball slows down

    asked by Katherine
  8. Chemistry

    When 1 mol of a gas burns at constant pressure, it produces 2424 J of heat and does 6 kJ of work. How do i calculate delta E for this problem? I tried q+w but that didn't work for me. I got the answer wrong.

    asked by Katherine
  9. Chemistry

    What is the mass of La2(C2O4)3*9H2O, can be obtained from 650mL of 0.0170 M aq solution of LaCl3 by adding a stoichiometric amount of sodium oxalate. I don't know how to balance the equation for this..i started: LaCl3+ Na2C2O4 -> La2(C2O4)3*9H2O + NaCl

    asked by Sindy
  10. math

    A young man spent 1/4 of his allowance on a movie. He spent 11/18 of the remainder on after-school snacks. Then from the money remaining, he spent $3.00 on a magazine, which left him 1/24 of his original allowance to put into savings. How much of his

    asked by Bob
  11. Alg

    I have to simplify this: (y^(1/4)*Z^4)^(-4/5) My answer: (2z)^(1/2)/4z^4 Correct? Simplify (3-2SQRT2)(SQRT6-5) I have no idea how to foil this one.

    asked by Dan
  12. physics

    A manager of a restaurant pushes horizontally with a force of magnitude 150 N on a box of melons. The box moves across the floor with a constant acceleration in the same direction as the applied force. Which statement is most accurate concerning the

    asked by leslie
  13. physics

    what is the angular speed of Earth around the Sun in radians per second

    asked by craig
  14. math

    A woman 5 ft tall is standing near a street lamp that is 12 ft tall. Find a function that models the length L of her shadow in terms of her distance d from the base of the lamp.

    asked by David
  15. physics

    In a tug-of-war between two athletes, each pulls on the rope with a force of 190 N. What is the tension in the rope?

    asked by chole
  16. Chemistry

    The combustion of benzoic acid releases 26.38kJ/g and is often used to calibrate a bomb calorimete. The combustion of 1.045g of benzoic acid caused the temperature of the calorimeter to rise by 5.985 degreeC.Using the same calorimeter, a sample of 0.876g

    asked by Sindy
  17. physics

    A test car starts out from rest on a horizontal circular track of 80m radius and increases it's speed at a uniform rate to reach 27.78 m/s in 10s. Find the magnitude of the total acceleration of the car 8s after the start. Ok so I know that the total

    asked by Jessi
  18. Math

    Minimizing Sum: Find two positive numbers whose sum is 100 and the sum of whose squares is a minimum.

    asked by David
  19. math

    At a dinner party, every 3 guests used a dish for rice between them; every 4 a dish for broth; every 2 a dish for meat. There were 65 dishes in all. How many guests were there?

    asked by Gabby
  20. System analysis

    suppose a system memory requirement is more than the available memory size. Will call it a software problem although the crisis is with the hardware? Why?

    asked by Beta plus
  21. 4 grade FL social studies weekly

    which explorer landed near Manatee River and then explored La Florida, finally discovering the mississippi river before he died?

    asked by 4 grade FL social studies weekly
  22. Math

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using least common denomonator when adding or subtracting fractions?

    asked by Kara
  23. physics

    Vroom-vroom! As soon as a traffic light turns green, a car speeds up from rest to 50.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 8.40 mi/h·s. In the adjoining bike lane, a cyclist speeds up from rest to 20.0 mi/h with a constant acceleration of 11.5 mi/h·s.

    asked by blair
  24. Math

    Change each repeating decimal to fraction form.0.1515 . . .5.246246 . . .,0.21313 . . .,3.98777 . . .

    asked by Anonymous
  25. socials

    what products were grown in the poorest region of France? Give some reasons why farmers in these regions were poor. I wrote: Products which were grown in the poorest regions of France were corn, wine, and rye. Farmers in these regions were poor because

    asked by sara
  26. french

    Ma famille et moi, nous aimons beaucoup être dehors. Quand nous avons le temps, nous sortons de la maison et nous campons dans les montagnes ou près d'un lac. Il est très important d'avoir tout ce qu'il nous faut* pour camper parce que sinon on peut

    asked by Keyanna
  27. Math

    Maximizing Area: Among all rectangles that have a perimeter of 20 ft, find the dimensions of the one with the largest area.

    asked by David
  28. englishgr9

    if anyone has read the book " The Last Book in the Universe" , i have a question. I forgot the book at home and i have to find quotes from the book to match up with the 7 stages of a hero, but i only need 3 more. 4) The hero must overcome obstacles /

    asked by becca
  29. chem

    NaNO3 + H2O >

    asked by zenda
  30. Huge Math Word Problem

    The owner of a rental house can depreciate its value over a period of 27 1/2 years, meaning that the value of the house declines at an even rate over that period of time until the value is $0. My question is by what fraction would the value of the house

    asked by Anonymous
  31. grammar

    In the following sentence select the compound predicate. We could study coins, see jewels, or examine tools. A. study,see B. could study, examine C could study,see, examine D study, see, examine Which of these is the correct answer. I think its D. I am not

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Use the common denominator method to solve 3/5 divided by 2/3

    asked by Kara
  33. Physics

    Suppose you want to take a chest X-ray with an X-ray source that has a divergence of 2^o . If the film is 1 meters from the (point) source, how big is the spot size at the film in centimeters?

    asked by Kelly
  34. physics

    A person takes a trip, driving with a constant speed of 98.5 km/h except for a 21.0 min rest stop. If the person's average speed is 63.3 km/h, how much time is spent on the trip and how far does the person travel? How much time in hours and how far in km

    asked by Nicole
  35. MATH

    determine if the fraction has a terminating decimal representations. (2^4)x(11^16)x(17^19) ------------------- (5^2) how would I do this?

    asked by Henry
  36. sra J McGuin help please

    Hi - I have about 15 mins to finish htis will you be on while i try to make the changes

    asked by sam
  37. Math

    Use the missing factor method to find the quotient 3/5 divided by 2/3? What is the missing factor method?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    Is it possible for a car to move in a circular path in such a way that it has a tangential acceleration but no centripetal acceleration?

    asked by shawn
  39. Physics

    A hare and a tortoise compete in a race over a course 1.20 km long. The tortoise crawls straight and steadily at its maximum speed of 0.540 m/s toward the finish line. The hare runs at its maximum speed of 9.00 m/s toward the goal for 0.800 km and then

    asked by Chloe
  40. physic

    Hi!Question:Two packing crates of masses m1 = 10.0 kg and m2 = 6.50 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley as in the figure below. The 6.50 kg crate lies on a smooth incline of angle 45.0°. Find the acceleration of the

    asked by Chan
  41. math

    how many significant figures do the following numbers have? 1)0.023 2) 1000 3) 8120 4) 7.991 * 10^10 5) 0.00390 6) 9.010 * 10-2 7) 9.0 * 10^-3 8) 3.4 *10*4 9) 1090.00010. How is 1090.00010 written in scientific notation?

    asked by jo
  42. college

    find an approxiamte value for the rate at which the moon orbits the earth. Assume that the moon's orbit is circular. the distance between the moon and earth is 382,000,000 meters.

    asked by Jazmine Beatty
  43. math

    Sam bought 1 of 250 tickets selling for $2 in a game with a grand prize of $400. Was $2 a fair price to pay for a ticket to play this game?

    asked by Aleah
  44. it programming

    design a program that models the worms behavior in the following scenario. A snake is moving towards a hole. Each time it moves, the snake cuts the distance between itself and the hole by its own body lengthuntil the snake is close enough to enter the

    asked by steve
  45. Algebra

    Could someone please explain to me why the line x=4 is a vertical line. Thank you.

    asked by Terri
  46. statistics

    A certain airplane has two independent alternators to provide electrical power. The probability that a given alternator will fail on a 1-hour fight is .02. What is the probability that (a) both will fail? (b) Neither will fail? (c) One or the other will

    asked by steven
  47. math

    How many batting lineups of the nine players can bemade for a baseball team if the catcher bats first, the shortstop second, and the pitcher last?

    asked by Aleah
  48. Algebra

    plane ascends at a 40° angle. When it reaches an altitude of one hundred feet, how much ground distance has it covered? To solve, use the trigonometric chart. Round the answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Pedro
  49. Math

    Use a different integer 1, 2, 3, or 4 for each of a, b, c, and d in the multiplication sentence a/b x c/d to make the greatest possible product. Where would I put the four integers 5, 6, 7, and 8 to make the greatest possible product? But then how would I

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    A rotating videocamera in the parking garage goes through 4 complete rotations in 3/4 hour. How many rotations will it make in 1 hour? Would this be a two part solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math Word Problem

    At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, Florence Griffith-Joyner ran the 100-meter dash in 10.49 seconds (a world record). What was her speed in miles per hour? (1 meter is approximately 39.37 inches.)

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Alg 2 hon

    An executive flew in the corporate to a meeting in a city 1500 km away. After traveling the same amount of time on the return flight, the pilot mentioned that they still had 300 km to go. The airspeed of the plane was 600 km/h. How fast was the wind

    asked by Suchi
  53. math

    Can someone please help me solve this? What are the odds in favor of drawing a spade and a heart?

    asked by Aleah
  54. math

    would 64974000345 be written 6.4*10^10 or 6.4974*10^10 2) how would you write 7.991*10-10 in scientific notation? 3) does 9.0 have 2 (sf) and 100.0000 have (7sf)?I'm confused about the trailing zeros when it comes to decimal points.These are trailing

    asked by jo
  55. college

    create a table that lays out a day-to-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search, spanning 3 weeks

    asked by Michele
  56. math

    The mean systolic blood pressure of adult males is normally distributed with a mean of 138 (millimeters of mercury) and a standard deviation of 9.7. What percent of adult males have blood pressure between 161.28 and 164.9?

    asked by Aleah
  57. visual basic

    Program that i am having trouble with having hard time how to figure out to assign non-zero digit to a variable! Create a variable first as integer  Assign first non‐zero digit of your V‐number to the variable first 

    asked by vsu1
  58. math

    Estimate the number of personally constructed greeting cards possible at a machine if there are 12 designs, 30 messages, 18 closings, and 10 different paper stocks on which to print the card. Indicate how you made your estimate. How valid was your estimate

    asked by Aleah
  59. English

    When doing a work cited page do you have to put the pages that you used. I already inserted the pages that I used when I sighted in my paper?

    asked by Monica
  60. Math

    For the following equations, write a word problem draw a picture, and find the solution to the equation: 5/12 - 1/3= 1/2 - 2/3=

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    What is the product of (1 1/3+3 1/2)(3/4)

    asked by Tim
  62. Math 1

    Without finding the exact answer, select which of the following numbers is the best estimate of each sum or difference of 2/3, 0, or 2/3. of the problem 1/9 + 2/5 - 1/3 - 3/4. How would you solve this as an estimation?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    Find the point of intersection between y=2-(1/2)x and y=1+ax. (a=alpha sign). You answer will be a point in the xy plane whose coordinates involve the unknown a . I got that which is x=2/(2a+1), y=(1+2a)/(2a+1)

    asked by SC
  64. Corporate Finance

    Nolan is in favor of a share repurchase. He argues that a repurchase will increase the company’s P/E ratio, return on assets, and return on equity. Are his arguments correct? How will a share repurchase affect the value of the company?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math Word Problem

    Let A be the set containing all rational numbers that are less than 5. Is there a rational number q in set A such that all other numbers in set A are less than q? Why or why not?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. economics

    who among the founding fathers is the visionary of industrialization?

    asked by j cook
  67. physic

    Hi!An object with mass m1 = 5.00 kg, rests on a frictionless horizontal table and is connected to a cable that passes over a pulley and is then fastened to a hanging object with mass m2 = 10.0 kg, as shown in the figure below. Find the acceleration of each

    asked by Chan


    asked by HEATHER
  69. science

    what is air? a compound, a mixture, a solution, or an amalgam

    asked by richard
  70. Physics

    A disc of radius 50.0cm is rotating at 120 rpm, and its angular acceleration is 3.00 rad/s^2. Find the magnitudes of the velocity, v, and tangential acceleration, a, of its outer edge.

    asked by Bill
  71. MATH

    If a population consists of ten thousand individuals at time t=0 (P0), and the annual growth rate (excess of births over deaths) is 3% (GR), what will the population be after 1, 15, and a 100 years (n)? Calculate the "doubling time" for this growth rate.

    asked by HEENA
  72. math

    what characteritic do the numbers 8,10,15,26 and 33 have that the numbers 5,9,16,18 and 24 don't have

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Beth/225

    Research Methods Matrix A psychologist is planning to conduct a study that would examine pathological liars and the quality of their romantic relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method

    asked by Anonymous
  74. French

    Translate these sentences in French please. I see you. He sees us. We see them. She sees them. She sees you all. I invite you. I invite him. He invites us

    asked by Keyanna
  75. French

    Give your opinions by answering the following questions in complete sentences in French. Quel est ton sport favori? À ton avis, le tennis est plus intéressant ou moins intéressant que le football? À ton avis, quel est le sport le plus ennuyeux? Pour

    asked by Keyanna
  76. Chemistry

    A 0.1mol/dm^3 aqueous solution of phosphoric (V) acid, H3PO4, is mixed with a 0.1 mol/dm^3 of aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide. Which mixture will form the salt Na3PO4? a) 10cm^3 of H3PO4 with 30cm^3 of NaOH b) 10cm^3 of H3PO4 with 10cm^3 of NaOH c)

    asked by Marrion
  77. Math

    For y = a sin x 'a' is called the amplitude. What effect does 'a' have on a graph ??? Please help if you can .

    asked by Nat
  78. english

    Ranging from the use of pictures at the beginning og wtiting, to the birth of the photonic alphabet.

    asked by Raedena
  79. science please!

    1. Why is the electric potential midway between a dipole equal to zero? 2. How can you identify an equation as being that of a fractal? 3. How does a current carrying wire on top of a magnetized compass needle affect its direction? THANKS

    asked by Dee
  80. math

    1.A box contains four red marbles, seven white marbles, and five blue marbles. If one marble is drawn at random, find the probability for each of the following: a.A blue marble is drawn: ______ b.A red or blue marble is drawn: _____ c.Neither a blue or red

    asked by cindy
  81. Math

    Separate the fractions 2/6, 2/5, 6/13, 1/25, 7/8, and 9/29 into two categories. The two categories are those that can be written as a terminating decimal and those that cannot. I don't understand what a terminating decimal is.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    Without finding the exact answer, select which of the following numbers is the best estimate of each sum or difference of 2/3, 0, 2/3. 1/9 + 2/5 - 1/3 - 3/4

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Science

    For a toy cannon that fires out masses, how will the velocity of a projectile of mass m from the cannon compare to one of mass 2m? [What is the principle behind this since the answer is for mass of 2m a speed of (v/radical 2)] Please help!

    asked by Dee
  84. 4 grade FL social studies weekly

    why did explorers come to the new world?

    asked by 4 grade FL social studies weekly
  85. socials

    develop a hypothesis that could explain why some French farmers were relatively well-off while others were very poor. A hypothesis is a proposed answer,based on actual evidence,to a question. I need help on this thanks:-)

    asked by sara
  86. Math

    Use common denominators to compare the pair of rational numbers of 5/7 and 5/8.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    Is the product of two irrational numbers always an irrational number?

    asked by Sara
  88. Math

    Use a linear model (for example, a number line, a ruler) to compare the pairs of rational numbers 1/4 and 1/6

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    A terminating decimal ends after a certain finite number of decinal places, and does not have to be rounded off. An example would be 378 = 0.875 Your selfterminating decimal fractions are: 2/5, 1/25, and 7/8 So how would I form a conjecture of the

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    A roll of carpet 9 feet wide is 30 feet longer than a roll of carpet 15 feet wide. Both rolls have the same area. Find the dimensions of each.

    asked by Mike
  91. Calculus

    Find the derivative of tanh(e^t)

    asked by Z32
  92. science

    independent variable

    asked by keni
  93. algebra

    I need to solve this using the addition and multiplication principle. 5+8x

    asked by Linda
  94. science

    briefly identifying three fresh and three ocean water resource issues

    asked by Anonymous
  95. critical thinking

    How can I apply critical thinking when evaluating, articles, advertising, media and conversations?

    asked by Bruce
  96. math

    how would I write this in scientific notation 04980000007507 I am getting confused with it all can you help me fine examples with this. thanks also how would I add this up 10^4+10^4+10^3= is it 21000 or 10^11

    asked by jo
  97. Factoring

    x^2+6x=7 i factored it so it's (x+7)(x-1)=0. The answers I got were 7 and 1. Is this correct? Thanks!

    asked by Corinna
  98. language arts

    Can you tell me of any websites that I could practice my grammar skills?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. math

    convert each of the following: . 155km to m . 2.56Ml to l .155uF to mF . 1,850nm to mm . 1.68Gb to Mb . 165pm to nm

    asked by jo
  100. math

    Height: The volume of a cone is 100 in^3. Find a function that models the height h of the cone in terms of its radius r.

    asked by David
  101. math

    This is a confusing problem to me also, can someone please help me? What are the odds in favor of getting at least one head in three successive flips of a coin?

    asked by Aleah
  102. To Ms. Sue

    here is the hypothesis: If farmers could own more plots of land, then they could grow more agricultural products. Sorry if I posted this a bit late. Can you tell me if this is correct, this is all I could come up with ,thanks

    asked by sara
  103. sra j mcguin PLEASE HELP

    Although this was my first trip to another country, I was not scared when the plane took off. I was traveling to where my great grandfather had been born. En ese momento el jet sacado, no tenía miedo. Aunque éste era mi primer viaje a otro país. Viajaba

    asked by sam
  104. sra j mcguin PLEASE HELP

    Era muy emocionado mientras que amé el eschucio de las muchas historias sobre Ismir, Turquía I was very emtional while I was learning the history of my family in Ismir, Turkey

    asked by sam
  105. Math

    Height: The volume of a cone is 100 in³. Find a function that models the height h of the cone in terms of its radius r.

    asked by David
  106. Calculators- memory?

    For the TI-84 plus edition calculators do the programs you created and notes you put on there get deleted once you change the batteries? this is a very urgent question. thank you.

    asked by Gaby
  107. French

    Prepare three groups of statements that compare three things. The sentences may be something similar to this: Music is fun. Tennis is more fun than music. French is the most fun of the three.

    asked by Keyanna
  108. French

    Two questions in French about activities that your classmates prefer or want to do.

    asked by Keyanna
  109. French

    REad the passage below and please answer the following questions. Je n'habite pas dans une grande ville. J'habite à la campagne. La vie à la campagne est très amusante. Je m'amuse beaucoup avec les animaux et avec les activités que je peux faire. Je

    asked by Keyanna
  110. math

    Can someone please help me with this problem also? A study of motor vehicle rates in the 50 states reveals that traffic death rates (deaths per 100 million motor vehicle miles driven) can be modeled by the normal curve. The data suggest that the

    asked by Aleah
  111. English

    Is inricuous a word and if so what is the definition.

    asked by Ashlynn
  112. math

    Can someone help me explain this misconception? A student asks, “What’s wrong with the argument that the probability of rolling a double 6 in two rolls of a die is because ” Write an explanation of your understanding of the student’s misconception.

    asked by Aleah
  113. current events

    what happened on the moon on october 9, 2009

    asked by kim
  114. Biology

    What's the difference between LB "-" and LB "+"?

    asked by Kevin
  115. Math

    Explain why the definition of a fraction restricts the denominator to being a nonzero integer.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math

    Kendra has 4 yards of electrical wiring to use in setting up her science fair experiment. She needs to cut it into lengths of yard. How many pieces will she be able to make from the 4 yards? would this be solved by 4 divided by 3/4?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. physics

    A force of 70.0 N is exerted at an angle of 30.0° below the horizontal on a block of mass 8.00 kg that is resting on a table. What is the magnitude of the normal force acting on the block?

    asked by keisha
  118. Math 1

    Find the solution and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 and 1/2 - 2/3

    asked by Anonymous
  119. French

    I am working on a paragraph and I need help on my introduction. Hi, I'm Lisa, and I love to play sports such as volleyball, and soccer. One sport I don't like is hockey, because I it doesn't really interest me.

    asked by Lisa
  120. Help

    is tutorvista a free website

    asked by Lisa
  121. Help please

    can someone please look at my earlier post on socials, I would like all the help i can get, thank you

    asked by sara
  122. Precalc

    Can you simplify radical 253?

    asked by MUFFY
  123. Political Science

    What does the Federal Reserve have to do with unemployment?

    asked by Kate
  124. Math

    Find each quotient 3/4 divided by -12 5/4 divided by 2 2/3 18 divided by 4.6 3.06 divided by 0.22

    asked by Anonymous
  125. math


    asked by iksha
  126. Physics

    Ok work... work = net force parallel to displacement lets say something was pushed up a ramp at a constant velocity and you were asked how much work was done by pushing the block well the forces parellel to the displacement is the x component of gravity

    asked by Physics
  127. English

    In "The Canterbury Tales" there is a second and third priest as pilgrims. Does anyone know a link that I can find information out about them? Thanks

    asked by Mike