Questions Asked on
October 7, 2009

  1. Univ-Phys

    One car has twice the mass of a second car, but only half as much kinetic energy. When both cars increase their speed by 5.0m/s, they then have the same kinetic energy. What were the original speeds of the two cars?

    asked by Taylor
  2. physics

    A 280 kg piano slides 4.3 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. Calculate: (a) the force exerted by the man, (b) the work done

    asked by pauleen
  3. math

    For what values of k will the line 2x+9y+k=0 be normal to the hyperbola given by 3x^(2)-y^(2)=23? Justify your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    Please help me out, I can't figure out the process for answering this question and my TA is of no help, A 0.11- ball is placed in a shallow wedge with an opening angle of 130 degrees,for each contact point between the wedge and the ball, determine the

    asked by Matthew
  5. probability

    A batch of 350 raffle tickets contatins 4 winning tickets. You buy 4 tickets. What is the probability that you have: a.) No winning tickets? b.) All winning tickets? c.) At least one winning ticket? d.) At least one non-winning ticket?

    asked by Sharon
  6. PHYSICS-Net external Force

    1. Two tugboats pull a barge across the harbor. one boat exerts of force of 7.5 x 10^4 N North, while the second boat exerts a force of 9.5 x 10^4 N at 15.0 degrees north of west. Precisely, in what direction does the barge move? 2. A traffic signal is

    asked by Zoomba21
  7. physics

    Blocks with masses of 1kg , 4kg , and 6kg are lined up in a row on a frictionless table. All three are pushed forward by a 50N force applied to the 1kg block. How much force does the 4kg block exert on the 6kg block? How much force does the 4kg block exert

    asked by Kalen
  8. Biochemistry

    What physical properties are different for the isomers of C4H10? Explain.

    asked by Rose
  9. math

    Two circles of radius 4 are tangent to the graph of y^2=4x at the point (1,2). Find the equation of these two circles.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    A young man spent 1/4 of his allowance on a movie. He spent 11/18 of the remainder on after-school snacks. Then from the money remaining, he spent $3.00 on a magazine, which left him 1/24 of his original allowance to put into savings. how much of his

    asked by David
  11. Honors Chemistry

    We did the gold penny lab, where we bathed a copper penny in a hot zinc-NaOH mixture to turn it a silver color, then we heated that in a flame to turn it a gold color. There are two questions that go with this lab that I don't understand, however: 4. Did

    asked by Emily
  12. Math

    In how many ways can a person choose 3 movies to see in a theater playing 11

    asked by Hassan
  13. math

    A long-distance runner runs 3 miles south and then 7 miles east. How far is the runner from the starting point A) 8.616 mi B) 10 mi C) 7.616 mi D) 4.472 mi I think it is eaither A or C but not sure

    asked by badatmath
  14. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 50.0 mL of 0.20 M NH3 (Kb = 1.8x10^-5) with 0.20 M HNO3. Calculate the pH after addition of 50.0 mL of the titrant.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. science

    How are rain,sleet,and hail similar and how are they different?

    asked by tymera
  16. chemistry

    a buffer is prepared by combining 10.0g of NaH2PO4 wiht 150mL of 0.20M NaOH and diluting to 2.0L. What is the pH of the buffer, Ka H2PO4-= 6.2x10-8

    asked by kathryn
  17. Geometry

    Use the Law of Detachment to draw a conclusion. If the measures of two angles have a sum of 90 degrees, then the angles are complementary. measure of angle A + measure of angle B = 90. Could someone help explain the Law of Detachment so I can understand it

    asked by Daphne
  18. Physics

    If a 20 kg object fell to the surgace of the Earth from a height of 30m, what would its final velocity be? (work from the energy standpoint) I know that you said it is F * X and I'm just confused. Can you help me walk through this?

    asked by Kayla
  19. writing - pronouns

    Label the pronouns on upper case, either N for nominative case, O for objective case, or POS for possessive case. Indicate the person of each pronoun, using 1, 2, and 3 to indicate first, second, and third person. 1. Why do you want to go with US? -->

    asked by amber
  20. Geography

    How did geographic features help shape european cultures? Provide examples to support your answers.

    asked by Dana
  21. physics- pls help me

    1. The driver of a car slams on the brakes when he sees a tree blocking the road. The car slows uniformly with acceleration -5.20 m/s2 for 4.45 s, making straight skid marks 62.5 m long ending at the tree. With what speed does the car then strike the tree?

    asked by Dora
  22. chemistry

    a buffer composed of 0.50mol acetic acid and 0.50mol sodium acetate is diluted to a volume of 1.0L. The pH of the buffer is 4.74. How many moles of NaOH must be added to the buffer solution to increase its pH to 5.74?

    asked by millie
  23. physics

    How does one go about solving this? A skateboard rider starts from rest and accelerates at a constant +.50 m/s^2 for 8.4s. What is the riders displacement?

    asked by brad
  24. 2nd grade

    What 2 words make this compound word? The word is cowgirl. Also name two words in the ill family

    asked by mac
  25. physics

    A popular pastime is to see who can push an object closest to the edge of a table without its going off. You push the 100 g object and release it 2.90 from the table edge. Unfortunately, you push a little too hard. The object slides across, sails off the

    asked by Kalen
  26. Math

    Your phone company charges $0.05 per minute for long distance phone calls on the weekend. Write a direct variation model that relates the total cost x to the number of minutes y spent talking on the phone. y=0.05x ?? I don't know how to do this. Please

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    I have a question about incomplete combustions. I think that you can have carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and carbon or some combination of these in the products of incomplete combustions. Is this right? For Pentane, would it be correct to show one

    asked by Anne
  28. Physics

    Two children playing on the beach are pulling on an inner tube. One exerts a force of 45 N [N]. The other exerts a force of 60 N [SW]. What is the net force acting on the tube?

    asked by Molly
  29. physics

    David is driving at a steady 30.0 m/s when he passes Tina, who is sitting in her car at rest. Tina begins to accelerate at a steady 2.70 m/s^2 at the instant David passes. How far does Tina drive before passing David and what is her speed as she passes

    asked by Angela
  30. Government

    how could i explain the unitary, confederate, and federal systems of government in a five hundred word essay

    asked by Travis
  31. reading strategies are these correct?

    1.Which of the following activities would best be suited for scaning? A. Finding answers to the chapter review in history. B. Looking at the article how to invest your money. C.reading the short story the hunters daughter. D. Both A & C. I chose b. 2.All

    asked by larry
  32. Genetics

    Show the F1 and F2 progeny phenotypic and genotypic ratios of the following dihybrid cross involving unlinked purebred Mendelian traits (tall plants, long stems X dwarf plants, short stems) under the following conditions: a. the alleles for tall plants and

    asked by Jenna
  33. calculus

    The limit represents the derivative of some function f at some number a. Select an appropriate f(x) and a. lim (cos(pi+h)+1)/h h->0 answers are f(x) = tan(x), a = pi f(x) = cos(x), a = pi/4 f(x) = cos(x), a = pi f(x) = sin(x), a = pi

    asked by Anonymous
  34. 11th grade Physics

    Two children playing on the beach are pulling on an inner tube. One exerts a force of 45 N [N]. The other exerts a force of 60 N [SW]. What is the net force acting on the tube?

    asked by Molly
  35. math

    how many guests were present at a dinner if every two guest shared a bowl of rice, every three guests shared a bowl of broth, every four guests shared a bowl of fow, and 65 bowls were used together.

    asked by David
  36. Physics

    This is another problem that I need clarification on since no one seems to be of any help at my school, A pulley system is used to lift a 52- crate.Note that one chain connects the upper pulley to the ceiling and a second chain connects the lower pulley to

    asked by Matthew
  37. physics

    you drag a heavy box along a rough horizontal floor by a horizontal rope. Identify the reaction force to each of the following forces: (a) the pull of the rope on a box (b) friction force oin the box (c) the normal force on the box (d) weight of the box

    asked by Sara
  38. english1A- Gender Myths Essay

    Can someone proofread my essay and tell me if it makes sense? I don't want it to sound like I'm going off the subject. Gender Myths (Introduction)Society plays a big role on gender identities. People were always taught to dress and behave according to

    asked by Kuromi
  39. english

    can you please give me an example of an phrase or image that describes and emotional overtone and the message found in the following narrative: from the autobiography: the declaration of independence by thomas Jefferson

    asked by bindiya farswani
  40. Chem

    Determine the percent yeild of: KCl3(s)--> KCl(s)+ O2(g) 2.14g of KCl3 produces 0.67 of O2 I get 123% when the correct answer is 80% My work: KCl3: mm = 122.45, n =0.017 Theoretical yield: .017mol * 32g/mol Pecent Yield: 0.67g/ 0.544g *100% = 123%

    asked by Sara
  41. calculus

    Determine whether f '(0) exists. f(x) = {xsin(10/x) if x can not = 0 0 if x=0

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry- HELP

    Can someone please help me? Are these questions correct...if not any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 1. What salt forms as the result of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid? a. CaCl b. CaHCl c. CaCl2 d. CaOH e. Cl(OH)2 I believe

    asked by Adam
  43. math

    Tanya is 12 years older than leah. Three years ago, Tanya was five times as old as leah. How old is leah?

    asked by cely
  44. math

    An airline passenger feel asleep halfway to her destination. When she awoke, the distance remaining was half the distance traveled while she slept. How much of the entire trip was she asleep?

    asked by David
  45. math

    my P.E. teacher asked the 100 seventh graders in my school if they could swim. Half of the boys and two thirds of the girls said yes. Seventeen boys said no. How many seventh graders know how to swim?

    asked by Karl


    asked by ADAM
  47. spanish sra j mcguin

    can you please look this over one more time not sure if it is en la mejoriamento and is batida brutalamente correct. i am so grateful sam La Bibliografía de Dolores Huerta Dolores Huerta tiene 76 años y tiene problemas de salud. Ella nació en Dawson,

    asked by sam
  48. physics

    A highway curve with a radius of 430 m is banked properly for a car traveling 115 km/h. If a 1550- kg Porshe 928S rounds the curve at 220 km/h, how much sideways force must the tires exert against the road if the car does not skid?

    asked by kevin
  49. physics

    At what altitude above the Earth's surface is the acceleration due to gravity equal to g/128? i did g/128=(G*Earth's mass)/r^2 then solved for r and got 72080960. its within 10% of the correct answer but not correct. what am i doing wrong? (ive already

    asked by jawn
  50. Health (Methods of Knowing)

    Hello, in class we are discussing scientific methods of knowing (tenacity, a priori, etc.) We have been discussing that fact that each is different, and how to approach patient-therapist solutions. My question: what is a unique way of bringing together the

    asked by Rory
  51. college

    Explain atleast three ethical issues within todays business environment that affect your community and organization.

    asked by Kim
  52. Spanish

    Can someone check my work? English: My cousin came over to play. We were running around the living room. My brother and cousin crashed into each other. And my brother cut the corner of his eye open. Spanish: Mi primo vino a casa jugar. Fuimos correr

    asked by Larry
  53. AP BIO

    a student wished to test a sample of organic material to determine whether it was sugar, a dat, or starch. If she could perform only one of the following, which would be the most revealing? 1- test for the presence of carbon and hydrogen in the sample 2-

    asked by bubba
  54. social studies

    Studying South Carolina in the 1600 to 1700s and need physical features, landforms, bodies of water and natural resources such as forests, fish, game, types of trees?

    asked by Cheyenne
  55. English

    I need to make a sentence using the word lechery. I have no idea how to use this word in a sentence so any help would be welcome.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. physics

    We are learning about circular motion, uniform and non uniform. how do you find tension in a string, when the string is attached to a object with mass m and length r? What about if you are swinging it around in a horizontal circle and the string makes a

    asked by Kalen
  57. chem

    If I added 60 drops of water to a beaker and weighed it, and then added another 60 drops of water to the breaker; How would I calculate number of drops per gram. How do I use density to calculate the number of drops per mL?

    asked by lou

    1.What is the function of DNA? 2.Name 3 parts of DNA molecule 3.Describe the shape of DNA molecule

    asked by racheal
  59. probability

    How many different ways can 5 people be seated on a bench?

    asked by Sharon

    This is due at 11 am thanks again Is thetitle correct - any more mistakes - also did not understand your last comment in the betterment - please explain? La bibliografía de Dolores Huerte Dolores Huerta es 76 años y tiene problemas de salud. Ella nació

    asked by sam
  61. Calculus

    Solve the IVP {y'=-(sinx)y + xexp(cosx) y(0) = 1 Please show me step by step. Do I need to find out if this is exact? Do I use an integrating factor?

    asked by Ella
  62. Business

    Fiedler asserts that leader behavior is inflexible and cannot be readily changed. Is this true or false?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. reading strategies

    1.Which of the following activities would best be suited for scaning? A. Finding answers to the chapter review in history. B. Looking at the article how to invest your money. C.reading the short story the hunters daughter. D. Both A & C. I chose D. 2.All

    asked by larry
  64. algebra

    from a base elevation of 6800 ft, a mountain peak rises to a summit elevation of 14478ft over a horizontal distance of 15845 ft. find the grade of peak. the grade of the peak is ___ %

    asked by Kathy
  65. Math

    Asking to describe & correct the error in writing the number 81,700,000 in sci. notation. Standard Form 81,700,00 Product Form 81.7 x 100,000 Scientific notation 81.7 x 10^5

    asked by Hunter
  66. algebra/9th grade

    write the equation in slope-intercept form: 1. 18y+2x-9=0 2. 3x-4y=-8

    asked by hope
  67. English

    I need to compare a modern day popular story to a greek myth.

    asked by Mythology
  68. science

    hey guys, im kinda stuck on my science hw. i don't remember wut condensation is, i think it is when water turns into a water vapor or when ice melts into water.

    asked by A7X a.k.a Aaron
  69. SAT Essay

    is technology a hinderance or an advantage? The lifesyle of people ten years ago is certainly different from their lifestyle now. Although technology may implement "advances" in humanity, is it really all advancement? Technology hinders many benefits in

    asked by Ashlynn
  70. math

    Find the missing numbers and landmarks for the set of numbers 48,50,51,51,57,59,60,63,69,_,76,_

    asked by Connor
  71. math

    How many different ways can 50 players in a marching band be arranged in rectangle arrangemnts?

    asked by Yumi
  72. economics

    After an unexpected increase in the price of oil, the long run adjustment_____ the price level and_____the unemployment rate as they return to original levels. a- decreases, increases b- increases, increases c- increases, decreases d- decreases, decreases

    asked by dave
  73. Science!! Please HELP

    If a population consists of 10,000 individuals at time t=0 years (P0), and the annual growth rate (excess of births over deaths) is 3% (GR), what will the population be after 1, 15 and 100 years (n)? Calculate the "doubling time" for this growth rate.

    asked by Rani
  74. social science

    What are three examples of times when a society lost order and turned to chaos. (could be a city, country, prison setting, etc

    asked by kate
  75. 8th grade

    If t increases by 1 second by how much does the disance change?

    asked by kayla
  76. linear algebra

    I am trying to find the inverse of matrix A but I don't know how to do it with sin and cos. Please help. A=6e3tsin(6t) −6e4tcos(6t) −5e3tcos(6t) −5e4tsin(6t) then A−1=

    asked by Angela
  77. probability

    One ball is drawn from a bag containing 4 green and6 orange balls. Find the probability that it is: a.) green b.) orange

    asked by Sharon
  78. design

    Zigzag machines are divided into two categories?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Cost accounting

    Red River Products uses a normal cost, job order costing system. In the Mixing Department, overhead is applied using machine hours; in Paving, overhead is applied using direct labor hours. In December 2007, the company estimated the following data for its

    asked by Josephine
  80. Math

    A certain type of thermal battery for an airplane navigation device backup power has a mean life of 300 hours with a standard deviation of 15 hours. Assume a normal distribution of backup power device lives. What proportion of these batteries can be

    asked by Anonymous
  81. algebra/9th grade

    decide whether the given ordered pair is a solution of the equation: 1. 3y+12x=-4; (1/5, -35/15): 2. 8-3x+24y=0; (5, 23/24) I think neither of them are. _______ find the x-intercept of the graph of the equation. 3. 13x-24y=-5 --> x=-5/13 4. -14+6y=7x -->

    asked by hope
  82. math

    Explain the difference between the following pairs of geometric figures: a simple closed curve and a nonsimple closed curve a convex polygon and a nonconvex polygon

    asked by thomas
  83. Cost accounting

    Delaware Inc. uses a standard cost system. The company experienced the following results related to direct labor in December 2008: Actual hours worked 49,500 Standard hours for production 46,200 Actual direct labor rate $9.25 Standard direct labor rate

    asked by Danny
  84. Algebra

    Janet left her college campus 2 h after Juanita. They traveled in opposite directions. Janet drove at 50 mi/h and Juanita drove at 62 mi/h. How many hours after Juanita left were the two girls 380 miles apart? My work: 380 = 50(t-2)+62t 380 = (50t-100)+62t

    asked by Claudizzle
  85. english 4

    in the Canterbury tales what does the gold florins represent

    asked by renee
  86. U.S. World History

    I need to compare and contrast the ideas and pilosophies of the Federalists and Antifederalists!

    asked by Terra
  87. reading stratigies

    1.Which of the following activities would best be suited for scaning? A. Finding answers to the chapter review in history. B. Looking at the article how to invest your money. C.reading the short story the hunters daughter. D. Both A & C. I chose b. 2.All

    asked by larry
  88. math

    Give a fact about each of the following points associated with a triangle: a. incenter b. circumcenter c. orthocenter d. centroid

    asked by chandice
  89. math

    If you place one full container of flour on one pan of a balance scale and similar container 3/4 full and a 1/3-pound weight on the other pan, the pans balance. How much does the full container of flour weight?

    asked by David
  90. physics

    (II) A grocery art with mass of 18 kg is pushed at constant speed along an aisle by a force F = 12 N. The applied force acts at a 20-degree angle to the horizontal. Find the work done by each of the forces on the cart if the aisle is 15 m long. Please help

    asked by pauleen
  91. space

    in whgich group are the spheres of earth listed in order of increasing density?

    asked by siah
  92. Social Studies

    What happened to the captured Hessian soldiers?

    asked by Mallory
  93. math

    Help me I am lost? I do not even know where to start: The shorter leg of a 30°–60°–90° triangle is 12. What are the lengths of the longer leg and the hypotenuse, to the nearest tenth?

    asked by jay
  94. bio

    cell's digestive enzymes are enclosed in a membrane-bound organelle how can these molecules !@#$%^&tion in the cell?

    asked by ang
  95. Math

    Find the number of degrees in an interior angle, a central angle, and an exterior angle of a regular hexagon.

    asked by Kay
  96. Science

    Can anyone fill in the blank? An idea that explains the characteristics of living things? (2 words, 10 letters) Type of cell that helps an animal respond to its environment (5 letters) Plants have different types of cells for different _______. (5 letters)

    asked by Matt
  97. math

    is 5 over 8 greater or lesser than 6 over 8

    asked by dante
  98. english

    Find the sentence----------------under the tree. Tom and Jose are. Or. put the toys away

    asked by mac
  99. biology

    if hydrogen flouride (HF) is dissolved in pure water will the pH of the solution be lesser or greater than 7? please explain why? thank you so much ! please i need the answer tonight!!!!!

    asked by heather
  100. algebra 2

    for each function, find an equasion for the inverse. then use composition to verify that the equasion you wrote is the inverse. f(x)=10x-6

    asked by peggy
  101. Chemistry 130

    Can someone please help me with this question? Could freezing point depression be used for substances that are not soluble in water? Please help me....can you explain why? Is there anywhere I can find this information because my chemistry book doesn't have

    asked by Jessie
  102. Biographical sketch- help plzz.

    What is a good way to start off my introduction for a biographical sketch?

    asked by Anna
  103. Cost accounting

    (Comprehensive) Jackson Construction Company uses a job order costing system. In May 2008, Jackson made a $1,650,000 bid to build a pedestrian overpass over the beach highway in Gulfport, Mississippi. Jackson Construction won the bid and assigned #515 to

    asked by Danny
  104. 3rd grade

    What is a compound sentence?

    asked by John
  105. Math

    The mean systolic blood pressure of adult males is normally distributed with a mean of 138 (millimeters of mercury) and a standard deviation of 9.7. What percent of adult males have blood pressure between 161.28 and 164.9?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Earth Science

    Why is the speed of Earth's rotation different at the equator than it is at the poles?

    asked by Jackie
  107. world history

    what created inflation during the war (world war 1) how was money raied to pay for the efforts?

    asked by alisha
  108. algebra

    graph the equation and find the y-intercept. 2y+5x=-6 My question is do I add -5x to both sides first?? how do I start this problem?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Social Studies

    In what state can you find an inland that is lower than sea level

    asked by Cypress
  110. grammar

    Is it grammtically correct to refer to a late person's nationaity in the pat tense e.g My late grandmother was a briton? Or should I say my late grandmother is a briton?

    asked by Iroro
  111. Psychology

    After Jordan Brilliantly performed a challenging and emotionally vibrant violin concerto, the orchestra conductor proudly proclaimed that Jordon was obviously a right-brained personality. what type of explanation is the conductor giving for Jordon's

    asked by shelby
  112. sra J Mcguin PLEASE HELP

    I wrote a paragraph in spanish it is due this monring for somoen reason I cant posit it - it keeps saying if you own a website contact jishka - HELP please Dolores Huerta is 76 years old and has health problems Ella nació en Dawson, New México Cuando

    asked by sam
  113. probability

    How many 3 digit odd numbers can be formed with the digits 1 through 9, if no digits is repeated in any number?

    asked by Sharon
  114. Media Law

    What are the most pressing challenges facing U.S. copyright enforcement interests today in the context of the proliferation of overseas, especially third-world copyright piracy?

    asked by Pamela
  115. Algebra 1

    What is the solution set for an equation in which all numbers work? How big is the solution set for an equation that cannot be solved?

    asked by Wendy
  116. sewing

    for cutting dress fabric its recommended that you use?

    asked by heather
  117. Science

    Trying to be sure that procedure directions for performing my experiment are correct! I'm on step by step experimental procedure for what dogs foods and/or treats does my dog like the best? this is very hard for me to put in to an science expo project

    asked by 6th Grade School Science Expo Timeline
  118. Algebra1

    Jon left his house and headed toward Brandon's house at the same time Brandon headed toward Jon's house. Brandon traveled 50 mi/h and Jon traveled 55m/h. The distance between their homes is 70 miles. How long did they travel before they met? Please help me

    asked by Samantha
  119. science

    hey guys, i need help again. wut iz density?

    asked by A7X a.k.a Aaron
  120. Math

    Two cards are drawn with replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability that the first card is a heart and the second card is a diamond?

    asked by Gerry
  121. Geometry

    The length of a median of a triangle is 36 units. How many units from the vertex is the median?

    asked by JJ
  122. science

    what is an element found in nature? second letter is an a and the last is an l

    asked by haylee bingham
  123. Social Studies

    Natural resources of South Carolina such as forests, fish, game, types of trees?

    asked by Cheyenne
  124. simple subjects,simple predicate

    People come from all over to climb the rocks.

    asked by jasmin
  125. Math

    Can someone please show me how to find an answer for this? I forgot how to add them to get the answer. 2x +12= 6x +4 =

    asked by JR
  126. probability

    Evaluate 8! - 3!

    asked by Sharon
  127. probability

    Two dice can be tossed in 36 ways. In how many of these is the sum equal to: a.) 4 b.) 7 c.) 11

    asked by Sharon
  128. probabilty

    Suppose P(A)= .3, P(B)=.4, and the P(A + B) = .12. What is: a.) P(A/B)? b.) P(B/A)? c.) are A and B independent? Explain your answer.

    asked by Sharon
  129. English

    What is intensive pronoun and what is reflexive pronoun? How are they different? Also, what is indefinate pronoun? Examples? Thanks. =]

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Sra j mcguin

    I will be able to make the changes in about 30 mins my free can you check ur again it is due at 11 today thanks so much

    asked by Sam
  131. MATH

    how does pascals triangle relate to permutation and combination?

    asked by Innayah
  132. Calculus

    [Inverse Functions] f(x)= 5cos(x)sin^(-1)(x) f'(x)=?

    asked by Z32
  133. algebra

    graph the equation and find the y-intercept. 2y+5x=-6 My question is do I add -5x to both sides first?? how do I start this problem? No one has answered this question yet

    asked by Anonymous
  134. FST (functions, stats, and trigonometry)

    what is the equation for the axis of symmetry for the function f(x)=IxI?(absolute value)

    asked by Jared
  135. lenguages

    help word definition word

    asked by Anonymous
  136. science

    What is the actual size of a red blood cell

    asked by Hannah
  137. Clarify (URGENT!!)

    Create strategies and possible dialogue (min. 1 per topic) for communicating in the following situations: Saying no to sexual involvement Discussing whether or not to become sexually active Talking with a partner about using protection Discussing with a

    asked by John
  138. Equations

    Find the slope if it exists. x+5y=10 do I first rewrite it to 5y=x+10 and then what should i do after this?

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Social Studies

    What is the importance of the "plains"?

    asked by Sean
  140. language

    what is a sentence with the word off used as an adverb and another sentence with the word off used as a preposition!!!

    asked by jasmine
  141. Math

    Ok, I got the addition down, I have a few that have subtraction in them: 8x -40=14x +2=

    asked by JR
  142. maths

    use the digits 8,6,1 &4 once each.Arrange the digits to make a 4- digit number.How many different 4-digit numbers can you make that are divisible by 7 with no remainder ?

    asked by mmima
  143. algebra 2

    for each function, find an equasion for the inverse. then use composition to verify that the equasion you wrote is the inverse. f(x)=14.4x

    asked by peggy
  144. college accouting REALLY IMPORTANT PLEASE HELP =/

    On Jan 1, 2009 the following activitis occurred: a) ICDI, a consulting services company, was orgainized and issed 10,000 shares of capita stock in exchange for $500,000 cash. b)UCDI entered into an agreement with a landlord and paid $60,000 or 6 months

    asked by Bel
  145. math

    how do i solve for x ... with excel preferbly. 0=4x^3x2.14x10^-4x^2+2.0x10^-9x-3x10^-11 thanks!

    asked by WILLIAM
  146. Geometry

    AB "union" AC, is a line, what is true about A,B and C

    asked by TJ
  147. math

    find the mode of each set of numbers, 41.43.56,67,69,72 i believe there is no mode for this set of numbers is this correct

    asked by donavan
  148. math

    Round to the nearest ten thousand. Add and compare the answers. 16,250 + 58,351 = round first

    asked by Sasha
  149. math

    What is the difference between convex polygon and non convex polygon

    asked by thomas
  150. algebra

    find the value of y so that the line passing through the two points has the given slope: 1. (6,y), (3/2, 9/5), m=2/3 2. (12,y), (-6,9/7), m=-1/6

    asked by w/e
  151. Algebra

    4x^4-18x^2=0. I have to find out what x equals by factoring. What I did was Factor 2x^2(2x^2+-9)=0 then 2x^2(2x+3)(x+-3), resulting in -1.5 and three. But these answers are wrong according to my book. Can you show me step by step how to do this correctly?

    asked by Katie
  152. Algebra (Different Problem)

    One car traveling at 55mi/h left a certai place 3h later than another car. The second car was traveling in the same direction at 40 mi/h. Inhow many hours ill the faster car ovrtae the other? My work: 55(t-3) = 40t] 55t-165 = 40t -55t -55t -165 = -15t /-15

    asked by Claudizzle
  153. bio

    The change in GIBBS free energy= (total energy change)-(volume change energy) -(entropy change)(temperature)=change in "useful" energy. This is not hw but I need to know what the volume change energy is? thanks

    asked by Alissa
  154. vocabulary

    How can I compound cowgirl

    asked by mac
  155. Calculus I

    Hi, I'm trying to figure this out, but the answer I keep coming up with is incorrect. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. Problem: y=2(6-x^2)^5 I know I'm supposed to use the chain rule, but I'm getting confused.

    asked by Dale
  156. Physics

    Write a projectile motion problem with the initial condition vi=15 m/s at 50° above the horizontal. Solve this problem for ∆x, max height, and time of flight.

    asked by Help
  157. 5th grade

    I am studying South Carolina and information on physical features, landforms, bodies of water?

    asked by Cheyenne
  158. world history

    how did geography help the romans build an empire ?

    asked by kate
  159. algebra 2

    for each function, find an equasion for the inverse. then use composition to verify that the equasion you wrote is the inverse. g(x)=-6x+5 please explain how you got the answer

    asked by math is pointless
  160. probabilty

    Suppose that when a job candidate comes to interview for a job at, say McDonald's, the probability that the candidate will want the job (A) after the interview is .68. Also, the probability that McDonald's wants the candidate (B) is .36. The probability

    asked by Sharon
  161. Integrated computer applications

    How do you enhance the movement of graphic objects and bulleted text in your slideshow?

    asked by paula
  162. world history

    What were the attitudes of france bitain usa toward germnay in the peace conferance? what were the main pooints aginst germnay in the treaty versailles?

    asked by jay
  163. world history

    how was propoganda used in world war 1

    asked by jay
  164. math


    asked by TANYA
  165. human biology

    under what circumtances can a virus be active

    asked by lila
  166. Algebra

    how to plot the equation and find the y intersect of y + x = -10 thank you

    asked by Diana
  167. English

    If I post a few essays on here will someone please check them for me?

    asked by Anonymous
  168. science

    what are nutrients?

    asked by nadene
  169. [math]

    How do I solve this equation algebraically? 1/2x + 2/3 = 1/8x - 3/2 Thank you.

    asked by <3
  170. What does "was but" mean?

    The eminent ammbassador was but an ___(average)___ linguist;yet he insisted in speaking to foreign dignitaries in their own tounges. why is it average? Doesnt was BUT mean opposite?

    asked by Carlito
  171. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of each reactant needed to give 1.5 mol of HNO3 NO2(g)+H2O(l)---> HNO2(aq)+HNO3(aq)

    asked by Sandy
  172. math

    can someone check my answer please? solve using multiplication principle. -4x>1/11 The way I solved it was dividing both sides by -1/4 to isolate x then I simplified left side which is -1/44 simplifying it to -1/11 is this correct or did I miss a step

    asked by Anonymous
  173. vocab

    I need to fill in they missing vowels to this word c__s_n. Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Math

    If ab U ac is a line, what is true about A, B, and C?

    asked by JJ
  175. Algebra

    x^3-3x^2+3x-9=0. My book factors it to x^2(x-3)+3(x-3)=0, but then it magically becomes (x-3)(x^2+3). I have no idea how it became these numbers. Could you explain please? Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  176. HELPPPP!!!!

    One car traveling at 55mi/h left a certai place 3h later than another car. The second car was traveling in the same direction at 40 mi/h. Inhow many hours ill the faster car ovrtae the other? My work: 55(t-3) = 40t] 55t-165 = 40t -55t -55t -165 = -15t /-15

    asked by Claudizzle
  177. spanish sra j mcguin

    Hi -I am suppose to write about a vacation - and have at least ten preterite verbs in it. please look this over for me are the verbs below all preterite and are there any I did not include. also is my spanish grammar correct here is the list tenia viaje

    asked by sam
  178. Science (Chemistry)

    I did not understand the lesson today in my Chemistry I honors class. We went over the Law of Conservation of Mass for roughly 15 minutes and he gave us this worksheet. Could someone please display how to do this, I'll pull a problem from the worksheet.

    asked by Michael Glass
  179. grammar

    Ernesto uses dial soap and colgate toothpaste, even though his wife tries to save money by using generic brands

    asked by james
  180. 4th grade

    what is another way of naming 541,000

    asked by Mario
  181. physical

    explain health

    asked by tushar
  182. Cultural Diversity

    Post your response to the following: If someone made the below statements to you, how would you explain that the statements are misconceptions? Include whether you think most Americans believe these misconceptions, and why or why not.

    asked by jckkoo
  183. 7th grade math

    Solve by applying the counting principal. When using a four number PIN, how many different PINs are possible? a*b*c=___ I need help.. how do I work this? Step by step please.

    asked by Melissa
  184. French

    You're in a bad mood. Answer each question negatively using ne(n')..rien or ne(n')..personne. 1.Tu cherches quelque chose dans le grenier? 1.Non, je ne cherche rien. 2.Tu veux quelque chose? 2.Non, je ne veux rien. 3.Tu achètes quelque chose au

    asked by Anna
  185. world history

    explain the impact of war measures act on life in canada during ww1

    asked by john
  186. 6th grade Reading

    Worksheet for An Ant's Life and The Best School Year Ever Vocabulary im in 6th grade

    asked by Please Help Me I'm 11
  187. science

    Do you think it would have been possible to know that living things are made up of cells without microscopes? Explain your thinking.

    asked by jack
  188. Statistics

    r^2 the corelation squared measures how well the y hat is than just using y bar or the other way around... I don't remeber what r^2 measures I have what it means on my calculator but I still don't understand it My teacher told me it's basically somehting

    asked by Statistics
  189. music

    who wrote the song in movie trailer of the movie '9'?

    asked by A7X a.k.a Aaron
  190. math

    Find the given percent of each number.Show your work. a.25% of 120 b.80% of 120 c.120% of 80 d.70% of 150 e.150% of 200 f.200% of 150

    asked by ..........
  191. FST (functions, stats, and trigonometry)

    but what if the function is moved, then what is the line of symmetry? like (x,y)-> (x+3, y-1)? i understand where the line is visually but i don't know how to write the equation

    asked by Jared
  192. chem

    Why can proteins and carbohydrates be categorized as macromolecules as well?

    asked by me
  193. math

    what is 30 percent of $82,000.00

    asked by nancy
  194. math

    When using a frequency table how do you determine the interval?

    asked by willie
  195. sra j mcguin PLEASE HELP

    hi - I finally got it to post by taking out the first two periods.

    asked by sam
  196. us history

    How did religion influence the development of the British Colonies?

    asked by Ronald
  197. english

    explain which groups of people make up the "britons" and anglo-saxon culture in beowulf

    asked by melissa
  198. english

    explain which groups of people make up the "britons" and anglo-saxon culture in beowulf

    asked by hal
  199. Algebra


    asked by Vincent
  200. art

    wath is art?

    asked by Anonymous
  201. algebra

    is -3.5 a solution ? x >_ 6

    asked by Anonymous
  202. earth science

    how do you draw a landscape region?

    asked by tiffany
  203. excel question

    is it possible to a vlookup on a entire workbook? if so how?

    asked by Debbie
  204. pepper elementary

    Are the highland and Midwest region of the united states similar in climates?

    asked by Christine smith
  205. comp

    i am doing a report for school. and i need 250 words. nut i don't know if wordpad counts the words for me. isn't there a tool that counts the words for you while you type. plz help. thnx....

    asked by elenny
  206. SOCIALS 11

    what was the quote of Sir Edward Grey during the beginning of World War 1?

    asked by anonymous
  207. space

    does taking a photo from outer space help earth spherical shape?

    asked by Anonymous
  208. spanish

    which is the correct subject prounoun for -------eres estudiante.

    asked by Anonymous
  209. science

    is the following true or false the most common kind of precipitation is snow

    asked by tymera
  210. Geography

    Last time I asked this question, I forgot to come back here and check so I'm really sorry that I'm asking again but i need an answer to this!! because this exam was supposed to be due Monday 29. What forms the basis of the Czech economy? a. subsistence

    asked by mysterychicken
  211. eng

    who is wulfings in beowulf

    asked by lala
  212. algebra


    asked by bob
  213. math

    i need help with number patterns 2,10,5,_,_,100

    asked by kylie
  214. math

    what is the number to the nearest tenth 510,000,000 is it 500,000,000

    asked by donavan
  215. math

    what is the answer to 12*n=5*12

    asked by Anonymous
  216. 8th grade literacy

    what is the difference between hype and reality?

    asked by rose
  217. 4th grade

    what is another way of naming 541,000

    asked by Mario
  218. 10th grade

    -8(-3-4 v)+5(5v+2)=-80 solve for v

    asked by Anonymous