Questions Asked on
October 3, 2009

  1. algebra

    Five times the smallest of three consecutive odd integers is ten more than twice the longest. Find the integers. The sum of three integers is one hundred twenty three more than the first number. The second number is two more than the first number. the

    asked by Selenee
  2. 10th grade English

    This is my essay for the forum that I am attentding in few weeks time. The topic is shown below. Please make any corrections and check any awkward pharses A.S.A.P Thank you Can we balance Economic Growth and Environmental Conservation? Can we balance

    asked by Andy
  3. algebra


    asked by john
  4. math

    Could someone please help me with this problem? The semester point totals of 16 students are listed below. Find the interquartile range (IQR). 787 639 820 677 475 601 531 650 583 684 875 507 599 460 543 490

    asked by Aleah
  5. math

    Suppose that an experiment has four possible outcomes: A, B, C, and D. If P(A) = P(B) = P(C) and P(D) = 2P(A), what is the probability of each event? Is the answer: P(A) = P(B) = P(C) =1/4, P(D) =1/2

    asked by Aleah
  6. Sociology

    What does the metaphor Path in the Snow mean?

    asked by Kelly
  7. Chemistry

    Convert 4.3 kPAxmm^3xs^-1 to mJxs^-1

    asked by Jesu
  8. critically thinking

    paper on drugs

    asked by ann
  9. Math

    Hello, I have trouble doing this problem: Sarah can bicycle a loop around the north part of Lake Washington in 2 hours and 40 minutes. If she could increase her average speed by 1km/hr, it would reduce her time around the loop by 6 minutes. How many

    asked by Stella
  10. UNM

    In an air-conditioned room at 19.0C , a spherical balloon had the diameter of 50.0cm . When taken outside on a hot summer day, the balloon expanded to 51.0cm in diameter. What was the temperature outside? Assume that the balloon is a perfect sphere and

    asked by Monica
  11. english1A - argument/these

    Oh shoot. I keep forgetting to change my Word document to a text document. for some reason it doesn't post here if I don't. My introduction... let's see if this works. Gender myths Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish,

    asked by Kuromi
  12. chemistry

    what it the anaylis of heating copper corbonnate

    asked by lewis
  13. religious education

    i need to write an essay about is religion sexist? i need to include christianity sikh judaism . thankyou

    asked by star
  14. science

    10 plants which are useful? and describe why they are useful. ive looked on google but i can only find aloe vera and sugar cane thanks

    asked by adie
  15. MATH


    asked by kRISTIN
  16. chemistry.

    Calculate the percentage by mass of nitrogen in PtCl2(NH3)2...can anyone help me.??

    asked by Denmark
  17. chemistry.

    The relative mass of aluminum chloride is 267 and its composition by mass is 20,3% Al and 79,7% chlorine. Determine the empirical and molecular formulas of Aluminum chloride.

    asked by Denmark
  18. soc

    What does the metaphor Path in the Snow mean?

    asked by Kelly
  19. math

    if a car has an initial velocity of 103m/s and acclerates at 1m/s for 3 seconds what will its final velocity be

    asked by alex
  20. math

    if a vehicle travels with a constant acceleration of 3km/hr for 5 hours, what was its intial velocity if the final velocity was 100km/hr

    asked by alex
  21. statistics

    Two flower seeds are randomly selected from a package that contains five seeds for red flowers and three seeds for white flowers. a.) What is the probability that both seeds will result in red flowers? b.) What is the probability that one of each color is

    asked by Sharon
  22. statistics

    At a certain college, 15% of the students received an A in their required math course, 10% receieved an A in their required chemistry course, and 5% received an A in both. A student is selected at random. a.) What is the probability that he received an A

    asked by Sharon
  23. English

    What is a marginalized character?

    asked by Monica
  24. Science

    What does life need?

    asked by Emma
  25. Business

    What are the four characteristics of the internal alignment of any compensation strategy?

    asked by Sita
  26. Civics Project

    I have to do a project on facts about the average president. Does anybody have a good web site?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    find the missing length of the right triangle one side is 20 and th other side is 48?? help

    asked by kRISTIN
  28. soc

    What does the metaphor Path in the Snow mean?

    asked by Kelly
  29. English

    In the following viewpoint, David B. Muhlhausen argues that capital punishment should not be abandoned because it deters crimes, saves lives, and the majority of American citizens support its use. Additionally, he maintains that evidence does not support

    asked by ann
  30. English

    My mind flashed back to the day I placed my own son in a rehabilitation program when he was 15. I could feel the heavy, painful ache as I recalled the door with metal bars clanging shut and locking behind me. I felt the same knot in my stomach and the lump

    asked by ann
  31. math

    is the following set of numbers a perfect triple? 13,15,18

    asked by kRISTIN
  32. statistics

    Share the value of the correct region for alpha= 0.05

    asked by MBAhopeful
  33. statistics

    State the value of the correct region for alpha = 0.01

    asked by MBAhopeful
  34. statistics

    A machine used for packaging seedless golden raisins is set so that their standard deviation in the weight of raisins packaged per box is 0.25 ounce. The operations manager wishes to test the machine setting and selects a sample of 30 consecutive raisin

    asked by MBAhopeful
  35. statistics

    A professional basketball player has embarked on a program to study his ability to shoot foul shots. On each day in which a game is not scheduled, he intends to shoot 100 foul shots. He maintains records over a period of 40 days of practice, with the

    asked by MBAhopeful
  36. 8th grade

    Direct Variation: when you have a job that pays an hourly wage, the amount you earn varies directly with the number of hours you work. Suppose you earn $7.10/ hour working at the library.

    asked by Peter
  37. Physics

    At what altitude above the Earth's surface would your weight be three-fourths of what it is at the Earth's surface? Assume re = 6.371 10^3 km.

    asked by Amanda
  38. Pre-Calc

    Here I am again stuck with another geometry type question. Here goes: A rectangle is inscribed between the x-axis and the parabola y=36-x^2 with one side along the x-axis. He drew the picture with the parabola at points (-6,0) (6,0) (0,6) the rectanle is

    asked by MUFFY
  39. Physics

    momentum equals = mass (velocity) yet for problems I end up using this P = m (delta v) what allows us to simply put the delta infront of the v to find the momentum?

    asked by Physics
  40. art

    explain the importance of principles of design in building multistory buildings. cite examples of any two famous buildings of world.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. algebra

    ok im tring to find the slope intercept form of a perpindicular line so i can graph it heres the equation: (-3,1) y=-3x+7

    asked by Blaine
  42. English -- ann

    Your post has been removed. Once you write up YOUR THOUGHTS, please re-post, and someone here will be happy to comment.

    asked by Writeacher
  43. chemistry

    why is iodine dissolved in alcohol and used as tincture of iodine on wounds?

    asked by rudy
  44. Science

    Do you know of a web site that has the geographic locations of these biomes? Tundra Taiga Temperate Deciduous Forest Rainforest Temperate Grasslands Wetlands Desert Streams, Rivers & Estuaries Lakes & Ponds Coral Reefs thanks for the help:)

    asked by Nicky
  45. Geography

    I have to write an essay on this topic: In an essay, discuss the causes of discontent between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events in this drama. Be sure to include dates throughout your essay in order to create a timeline of the

    asked by mysterychicken
  46. 7th grade math

    last weekend,alans basketball team played in a tournament. alan scored 1/5of the teams points,his friend jake scored 30% of the teams points. what fraction of the teams points were scored by alan and jake?

    asked by abby
  47. Physics

    I agree with this and see were it comes from net force = (delta p)/t so momentum is conserved when net force equals zero... net force = (delta p)/t 0 = (delta p)/t however the following is not true 0 = (delta p)/t = P - Po were p is momentum and Po is used

    asked by Physics
  48. english/writing

    The sterotype of the homosexual, particularly the male, is one of promiscuity. Indeed, there is some basis for that sterotype; about half of all white mails in one study reported that they had over five hundred partners. However Riedmann (1995) esimated

    asked by jerson
  49. English

    My mind flashed back to the day I placed my own son in a rehabilitation program when he was 15. I could feel the heavy, painful ache as I recalled the door with metal bars clanging shut and locking behind me. I felt the same knot in my stomach and the lump

    asked by ann
  50. algebra

    im practicing simplifing expressions and have been given (-9a-9)5. should i use disstributing rule if not please explain how i would have to do this problem. thnx

    asked by Kathryn
  51. English

    The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, produced a response among American officials, the media, and the public that is probably matched only by the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Since it is the very nature of terrorism not only to cause immediate

    asked by Mary
  52. Science

    What is the average yearly rainfall for Rivers: Lakes & Ponds: Coral Reefs: Temperate Oceans: ?? thanks:)

    asked by Nicky
  53. 8th grade

    what are the major commercial fish caught in the bahamas and tell where they are caught

    asked by Anonymous
  54. statistics

    Use Bayes' theorem to solve this problem. A storeowner purchases stereos from two companies. From Company A, 250 stereos are purchased and 1% are found to be defective. From Company B, 950 stereos are purchased and 10% are found to be defective. Given that

    asked by rose
  55. math115

    Ms. Jefferson has been given a loan of $20,000 for 1 year. If the interest charged is $800, what is the interest rate on the loan?4% 2.A saleswoman is working on a 6% commission basis. If she wants to make $2,400 in one month, how much must she

    asked by callie
  56. math115

    Steve was charged $75.00 interest for 1 month on a $3,000 credit card balance. What was the monthly interest rate? Give you answer as a percentage, round to the nearest tenth of a percent. 2.5% 2.If $5,600 is deposited into an account paying 5.325%

    asked by callie
  57. Ethics125

    Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity  Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups, the University Library, and the Internet  Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum  Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social,

    asked by KG
  58. medicine

    what will be agood thesie and introduction and coclusion for education .

    asked by debbie
  59. 10th grade english( the kite runner)

    What is a good example of assonance and alliteration from the the runner iin exact quotes?

    asked by Brandon Boardman
  60. artist

    what is the name of the museum where the mona lisa is?

    asked by Selenee
  61. history

    Rank the top five factors you think contributed to the outcome of the Civil War. This my question. 1. 1.The weather we lost more men by the harsh weather. 2.The North had more access to weapons then the south. 3.The south was out number, the north had more

    asked by Sueann
  62. 5th Grade Math

    HELP PLEASE Bar Graph information is as follows: Aquariums At a museum On the left side of graph it shows the name of animals in the aquarium and on the bottom is shows capacity (in thousands of gallons) On the left the animals are as follows: 1.Shark -

    asked by Lost 5th Grader
  63. maths

    find the x-intercept of the graph of the equation: 1. 4x-5y=8 2. 3y-10x=4 answers that I got: 1. x=2 2. -2/5 ___________________________________ find the y-intercept of the graph of the equation: 3. 7-12x=3y 4. 4y+9=5x my answer: 3. 2 1/3 4. 2 1/4 can you

    asked by regina
  64. maths

    in 1992, a software company had a profit of $30,000,000. in 1998, the company had a profit of $210,000,000. find the average rate of change of the company's proft in dollars per year. I have no idea how to this. please explain step-by-step.. thnxx

    asked by regina
  65. Statistics

    For df = 25, determine the value of A that corresponds to each of the following probabilites: a. P(t >- A)= 0.025 b. P(t

    asked by Greg
  66. Statistics

    From past experience, an airline has found the luggage weight for individual air travelers on its trans-Atlantic route to have a mean of 80 pounds and a standard deviation of 20 pounds. The plane is consistently fully booked and holds 100 passengers. The

    asked by JOSH
  67. Statistics

    A simple random sample of 25 has been collected from a normally distributed population for which it is know that o=17.0. The sample mean has been calculated as 342.0, and the sample standard deviation is s=14.9. Construct and interpret the 95% and 99%

    asked by JOSH
  68. MATH

    IS THE SQUARE ROOT OF 21 A) 5 AND 6 b) 7 AND 8 c) 4 AND 5 d) 6 AND 7

    asked by kRISTIN
  69. algebra

    you rollerblade at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. the number of miles m you rollerblade during h hours is modeled by m=8h. do these two quantities have direct variation?

    asked by sheryl
  70. Geography

    22. Most of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula have a a. Mediterranean climate b. humid continental climate c. highland climate d. tundra climate C? 28. Which of the following explains how Czechoslovakia was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    asked by mysterychicken
  71. math

    simplify 10 lbs 28 oz

    asked by kRISTIN
  72. math

    math ? FIND THE VALUE OF 5 - 35,791 a. five hundred b. five thousand c. five thousandths d. not given I selected - b. five thousand correct? or not?

    asked by Ross
  73. MATH

    Find the word form 0.007 a. seven hundredths b. seven tenths c. seven thousand d. not given I selected a. seven hundredths

    asked by Ross
  74. english

    How might you explain to a new student of English what is happening in such sentences as these? Terry is in the library. Terry may be in the library. Terry might be in the library. Terry might have been in the library. Terry could be in the library. Terry

    asked by Sarah
  75. Science

    how does cinder cone volcano flows? please help

    asked by Tony
  76. English1A - need help on argument/thesis

    Can someone help me with my argument/thesis? My introduction... let's see if this works. Gender myths Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish, while others do not. Whatever the case is, there are some people, whether male or

    asked by Kuromi
  77. english

    outline major events and people in your life that helped or hindered you in your educational and personal growth. Describe how they influenced your thoughts, behaviors, values and accomplishments.

    asked by krisha
  78. biology

    the clinitest tablets specifically test for which of the following: starch, hydrogen peroxided, guaicol, peroxidase, or none of the above. Is the answer starch or none of the above?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Chemistry

    Determine the molar concentration of ethanol (C2H6O) in a wine that is 14% ethanol by mass. The density of this wine is 0.93 g/cm^3.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Geography

    These are my already asked questions that I didn't find an answer to [I'm not sure why] Can someone please help with them, because my exam's due monday. 2. How has human settlement affected the natural vegetation of Western Europe? a. People have carefully

    asked by mysterychicken
  81. Advance Biology

    Briefly summarize the differences between the words or phrases in each of the following. A reaction without an enzyme and a reaction with an enzyme.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Chemistry

    Cola contains phosphoric acid, H3PO4. In order to determine the concentration of phosphoric acid in 50mL of Cola, a precipitation reaction with excess silver nitrate was carried out. The product, silver phosphate, was dried and found to weigh 0.0576g. What

    asked by Anonymous
  83. algebra

    you rollerblade at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. the number of miles m you rollerblade during h hours is modeled by m=8h. do these two quantities have direct variation? please help me with this. thank u

    asked by sheryl
  84. math

    3,500 cm2=_____L and simplify 10lbs 28oz

    asked by kRISTIN
  85. maths

    write the equation in slope-intercept form. then graph the equation. 1. 6x-4y=3 2. 2y+5x=10 can you please help me with at least one of them? thanks! also, where it says 'then graph the equation', I know we can't graph here, so you can ignore that. but if

    asked by regina
  86. algebra 2

    The are of a square can be represented by the polynomial 4x^2-16x+16. Find the length of a side of the square in terms of x.

    asked by kimmy
  87. math

    3500 cm2=________L

    asked by kRISTIN
  88. math

    simplify 9qt 9pt

    asked by kRISTIN
  89. 6th grade

    I need simple subject and simple predicate for the following sentence. The first movies were different from today's films.

    asked by Maureen
  90. math

    identify the rate in the following statement 27% of 500 is 135

    asked by kRISTIN
  91. MATH

    hello- The question is round to the digit underlined Add or subtract? 7 is the underlined digit. 7,526-3,861. a. 4,000 b. 5,000 c. 3,000 d. not given

    asked by Ross
  92. MATH

    I THINK a. 4,000 is the answer am I right

    asked by Ross
  93. Science

    What are the dominant plants in the Tundra Taiga: Temperate Deciduous Forest: Tropical Rainforest: Grasslands: Desert: Rivers: Lakes & Ponds: Coral Reefs: Temperate Oceans: ? if you know of a website with the information that would be great!

    asked by Natile Peterson
  94. math

    Suppose that an experiment has four possible outcomes: A, B, C, and D. If P(A) = P(B) = P(C) and what is the probability of each event?

    asked by Anonymous

    Botulism (a toxin produced by bacteria that causes food poisoning) and curare (a natural poison) inhibit the action of acetylcholine. What symptoms would you expect to find in someone exposed to botulism or curare? Provide an explanation for the symptoms.

    asked by Lucy
  96. Sex Ed

    1. Identify different types of media that display sexual images. Videogames Movies Magazines Internet 2. What does the media teach us about women's sexuality? Good looking, slim bodies with huge breasts and angular jawbones and absolutely no hair on their

    asked by John
  97. Genetics

    Can chromosome instability cause an individual to be highly susceptible to cancer?

    asked by Sarah
  98. Chemestry

    A cylinder with a movable piston contains 2.00 of helium, , at room temperature. More helium was added to the cylinder and the volume was adjusted so that the gas pressure remained the same. How many grams of helium were added to the cylinder if the volume

    asked by Monica
  99. Communication Studies

    In the broader non-political sense, can cultural and social conservation of "traditional" beliefs and world views even exist in the mass media dominated world of the 21st century?

    asked by Alyssa


    asked by PHIL
  101. math

    identify the rate in the following statement 27% of 500 is 135

    asked by meia


    asked by PHIL
  103. chemistry

    A 1-L flask is filled with 1.25g of argon at 25C . A sample of ethane vapor is added to the same flask until the total pressure is 1.45amt .What is the partial pressure of argon, Par, in the flask?

    asked by Monica
  104. Physics

    What is the maximum speed with which a 1070 kg car can round a turn of radius 80 m on a flat road if the coefficient of static friction between tires and road is 0.80?

    asked by Jennifer
  105. math

    find the numerical deriviative of the given function at the indicated point. use h=0.001. is the function differentiable at the indicated point? 4x- x^2, x=0

    asked by joclyn
  106. Math

    How would you write 90cm in scientific notation? 9.0 * 10^x

    asked by Anonymous
  107. english1A- need help with my thesis

    Ok I think I was going the wrong way with my Gender topic. I think I should write about how times have changed and society evolved, women and men do not perform their traditional roles as they use to and do not dress the same as they use to. And women go

    asked by Kuromi
  108. statistics

    For the following data independent samples, could the null hypothesis that the population means are equal be rejected at the 0.05 level? Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 15.2 10.2 14.9 11.5 12.2 12.1 13.0 13.1 15.0 8.5 10.8 11.5 14.6 8.1 10.7 6.3 9.7 10.9

    asked by Jo
  109. Math 156

    Determine whether the sets are equal only, equivalent only, both equal and equivalent, or neither equal nor equivalent {3,15} and { 3, 1,5}

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Statistics

    Safety researchers, interested in determining whether the occupancy of a vehicle might be related to the speed at which the vehicle is driven, have observed the following speed (mph) measurements for two random samples of vehicles. Alone With Pass 64 44 50

    asked by Jo
  111. social studies

    write an essay on: "Descendants of A frica slaves have experienced a higher standard of living if they had been born in Africa" .How true is this statement?Elaborate.

    asked by anisha
  112. math117

    Multiply (1-x)(9-8x) the answer that I came up with is (x-1)(x-8) can some help me and if I am wrong help me to solve

    asked by help
  113. Planning

    Negotiation/Delay/Refusal Skills - Assignment There are many ways to say “no” to pressure from a dating partner or peer. Some of the ways to do this are listed below. For each skill, write a "pressuring statement" or one for all of them, followed by a

    asked by John
  114. Algebra 1: Problem Solving

    What is the number of degrees in the measure of the larger of two supplementary angles if the ratio of their measure is 4:5?

    asked by Thea
  115. Math

    The distance that light travels in 1 year (a light year) is 5.88 x 10^12 miles. If a star is 2.4 x 10^8 light years away, what is the distance to that star in miles? How would you even begin the problem?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. social studies

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3

    asked by tammie
  117. math

    I don't understand this calculus problem at all. can someone show me step by step? Find all values of x for which the function is differentiable

    asked by alison
  118. Math

    ???? divided by nine equals ten. also... eighty four divided by ???? equals forty two.

    asked by Anonymous
  119. science

    Question: what do you think will happen to the rate of reaction if the concentration of enzyme is increased to five drops?Predict what thte rate would be for 5 drops. Answer:Roughly, the rate doubles when the concentration of enzyme doubles. Since the data

    asked by sammi
  120. social studies and language arts

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3

    asked by tammie
  121. Travel and Tourism

    I need help with this one question with two parts... Describe the traditional role of a travel agents and tour operators compared to thier current operation?

    asked by Evey
  122. Spanish 1

    what is "Trescientos"?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. CRT 205

    your response to the following: Of the two arguments provided in the digital story, which is valid and which is sound? When you are building an argument for an issue that is significant to you, do you think it is more important to be valid or sound?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. social studies

    what are the different agencies which govern tourism in jamaica

    asked by amarion

    The floor of a rectangular room is to be tiled with 1/3 foot square tiles along a 10 5/8 foot wall. How many tiles will be needed along the wall?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. MATH

    A rectangular field is to be enclosed with 1200 ft of fencing. If the length of the field is 40 ft longer than the width, then how long is the field?

    asked by Marie
  127. calculus

    evaluate if possible the function at the given values(s) of the independent variable. Simplify the results. f(x)= square root x+5 (a) f(-4) (b) f(11) (c) f(-8) (d) f(x+deltax)

    asked by kim
  128. MATH

    Joan can mow a 10-acre field in 5 hours. How long would it take her to mow a 3.8-acre field?

    asked by SUE
  129. Math

    How would you write 90cm in scientific notation?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. math

    Determine whether there is a one-to-one correspondence between the two sets. {Mon, Tue, Wed} and {Oct, Nov, Dec}

    asked by Anonymous
  131. history

    What is socialism?

    asked by matthew
  132. Pre Calc To Reiny - Follow up on Pre-Calc Answer

    Pre-Calc - Follow-up for Reiny - MUFFY, Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 10:27pm I wasn't sure if you would notice my question since it is so much later so I re-sent this as a new question. Please let me know if I shouldn't do that. I understand how you got a

    asked by MUFFY
  133. science

    what are place to find the element ununbium or copernicium

    asked by dave
  134. science

    what are the common place copernicum or ununbium are found in

    asked by dave
  135. optimization

    While searching for the minimum of ƒ(x)  [x2  (x  1)2][x2  (x  1)2] 1 2 1 2 we terminate at the following points: (a) x(1)  [0, 0]T (b) x(2)  [0, 1]T (c) x(3)  [0, 1]T (d) x(4)  [1, 1]T Classify each point. AND 3.17. Suppose you are a fill-dirt

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Math

    find the x-intercepts by factoring g(x)=x^4-27x I'm really confused. All I can think is to factor out one x, but that only makes the x-intercept 0 and the answer is supposed to be 0 and 3. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

    asked by Sami
  137. AP World History

    Okay I have no idea how to group the documents without summarizing them individually in my DBQ essay. My essay prompt is that I have analyze the responses to the spread of Buddhism in China and add an additional document. Plus I need help with my thesis:

    asked by Deanna
  138. Math

    The distance that light travels in 1 year (a light year) is 5.88x10^12 miles. If a star is 2.4x10^8 light years away, what is the distance to that star in miles? Answer in standard notation. I put the answer 141120000000000000000 miles and it says I'm

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Biology

    Which part of the neuron stores neurotransmitters? My answer was the dendrite filaments. Is this correct?

    asked by Jake