Questions Asked on
October 2, 2009

  1. Physical Sci

    The Dyson sphere is an hypothetical spherical structure centered around a star. Inspired by a science fiction story, physicist Freeman Dyson described such a structure for the first time in a scientific paper in 1959. His basic idea consisted of an

    asked by Rocket90
  2. PHYSICS - plz help

    A house painter uses a chair and pulley arrangement to lift himself up the side of a house. The painter's mass is 69.2 kg and the chair's mass is 24.0 kg. With what force must he pull down on the rope in order to accelerate upward at 0.379 m/s2? The rope

    asked by Anonymous
  3. AP Physics Halley's Comet

    Halley's comet orbits the sun roughly once every 76 years. It comes very close to the surface of the Sun on its closest approach. Estimate the greatest distance of the comet from the sun. Is it still in the Solar System? What planet's orbit is nearest when

    asked by Henry
  4. Medical Physics

    A block is acted on by a force that varies as (2.8*10^4 N/m)x for 0

    asked by Megan
  5. Physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity, at 6400m , above the Earth's surface. Calculate the effective value of g , the acceleration of gravity, at 6200km , above the Earth's surface

    asked by Lea
  6. Physics

    The Russell Traction System To immobilize a fractured femur (the thigh bone), doctors often utilize the Russell traction system illustrated in the figure. Notice that one force is applied directly to the knee, F_1,while two other forces, F_2 and F_3 are

    asked by Jenny
  7. chemistry

    The reaction of chlorine (Cl2) with 1,4-dimethylcyclohexane (show three possible monochlorination products) *what?!*

    asked by Cerise
  8. Ap Physics

    Water skiers often ride to one side of the center line of a boat, as shown in the figure . In this case, the ski boat is traveling at 15 (m/s} and the tension in the rope is 80 N. If the boat does 3600 J of work on the skier in 51.3 m, what is the angle

    asked by Brena
  9. Physics

    A golfer rides in a golf cart at an average speed of 3.10 m/s for 21.0 s. She then gets out of the cart and starts walking at an average speed of 1.60 m/s. For how long (in seconds) must she walk if her average speed for the entire trip, riding and

    asked by Kristina
  10. Calculus

    The limit below represents the derivative of some function f at some number a. State such an f and a. lim x-->2 2^x-4/x-2 f(x)=_______ a=_______

    asked by Z32
  11. math

    A Ferris wheel 28.0m in diameter rotates once every 21.0s. What is the ratio of a person's apparent weight to her real weight at the top? What is the ratio of a person's apparent weight to her real weight at the bottom?

    asked by Confused
  12. Science

    How long would a day be in seconds if the Earth were rotating so fast that objects at the equator were apparently weightless?

    asked by Sandy
  13. Math


    asked by Terri
  14. univ-phys

    Two objects attract each other gravitationally with a force of 2.5×10^-10N when they are 0.22m apart. Their total mass is 4.50kg. Find their individual masses.

    asked by Taylor Rae
  15. statistics

    You forget to set your alarm with a probaility of .3. If you set the alarm it rings with the probabilty of .8. If the alarm rings, it will wake you on time to make your first class with the probability of .9. If the alarm does not ring, you wake in time

    asked by Sharon
  16. statistics

    Two flower seeds are randomly selected from a package tha tcontains five seeds for red flowers and three seeds for white flowers. a.) What is the probability that both seeds will result in red flowers? b.) What is the probability that one of each color is

    asked by Sharon
  17. statistics

    The probability that a certain door is locked is.6. The key to the door is one of five unidentified keys hanging on a key rack. Two keys are randomly selected before approaching the door. What is the probability that the door may be opened without

    asked by Sharon
  18. Astro

    What is the distance in meters from the Earth's center to a point out-side the Earth where the gravitational acceleration due to the Earth is 1/20 of its value at the Earth's surface?

    asked by Ryrya
  19. Physics

    Three objects are connected as shown in the figure below. They move along a horizontal, frictionless surface, and are pulled to the right with a force Fext = 1.3 N. With the three mass values given as m1 = 726 g, m2 = 633 g, and m3 = 782 g. Calculate the

    asked by Sam
  20. Algebra

    Joe's electric made 18 customer calls last week and 25 calls this week. How many calls must be made next week in order to maintain an average of at least 21 calls for the three week period at least __ calls must be made to maintain an average of 21. Is the

    asked by Don
  21. 205

    The Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished "Capital punishment produces a strong deterrent effect that saves lives." Muhlhausen argues that capital punishment should not be abandoned because it deters crimes, saves lives, and the majority of American

    asked by ann
  22. Algebra

    A certain kind of animal weighs about 71 pounds at birth and gains about 2 pounds per day for the first few weeks. Determine those days for which the animal's weighs more than 117 pounds. The animal's weight is more than 117 pounds when the animal is more

    asked by Don
  23. Biochemistry

    Just need help. Question: One strand of DNA is completely transcribed into RNA by RNA polymerase. The base composition of the DNA template strand is: G =20%. C=25%, A=15%, and T=40%. What would you expect the composition of the newly synthesized RNA to be?

    asked by James
  24. chemistry

    2 Mg(s) + O2(g)= 2 MgO(s) ÄH= -1204 kJ How many grams of MgO are produced during an enthalpy change of 96.0 kJ?

    asked by Vanessa
  25. Algebra 1A

    I need help please!!! Translate to an inequality. The average speed, s, was between 130 & 140 mph. Translation 130 ? s ? 140. Thanks

    asked by Paul
  26. accounting

    If total liabilities decreased by $25,000 during a period of time and owner's equity increased by $30,000 during the same period, the amount and direction (increase or decrease) of the period's change in total assets is ________

    asked by lilo
  27. biochemistry

    I just wanted to clarify anwsers. Question 23. Nucleotides contain phosphate groups bonded to the.. A) C3' or c5' atoms B). C3 or C3' atoms C). N1 or N9 Atoms D). C3 or N9 atoms E). C3 or C5 atoms The anwser that I chosen in A. QUESTION 19. When the

    asked by james
  28. Physics

    A particular sprinter reaches a horizontal acceleration of 13.3 m/s2 out of the starting block. The starting block is tilted such that the vertical component of the force which the starting block exerts on the sprinter compensates for the weight of the

    asked by Stephanie
  29. physics

    A power boat of mass 460 kg is cruising at a constant speed of 8.9 m/s. The propeller provides a drive force of 765 N. The driver of the boat shuts off the engine, and the boat coasts to a halt. Assume -- contrary to fact -- that the resistive force due to

    asked by kp
  30. Physics

    The figure below shows a standard man intending to do reverse curls in a gym (standing up with Tension up, weight of arm down and force down). He holds his arms straight, using an overhand grip to hold the bar. If the mass of the bar is given as 146 kg,

    asked by Dean
  31. history

    what are the major differences and similarities between the early northern and southern colonies at either the political,cocial, or the economic level.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science

    It can be shown that for a uniform sphere the force of gravity at a point inside the sphere depends only on the mass closer to the center than that point. The net force of gravity due to points outside the radius of the point cancels. How far would you

    asked by Natsi
  33. physics

    Calculate the speed of a satellite moving in a stable circular orbit about the Earth at a height of 5400km.

    asked by Lea
  34. phys

    a plane travels at 400 mi/r to a city away. Determine the time it takes for the round trip

    asked by roek
  35. 8th grade - science

    the length of a string is known to be exactly 9.84cm. two students measured the string. student A used a ruler marked in centimeters and got a measurement of 10 cm. student B used a ruler marked in millimeters and centimeters and got a measurement of 9.8

    asked by Michaela
  36. Algebra

    You are taking a math course in which there will be four tests each worth 100 pts. You have scores of 99, 94, & 90 on the first three tests. You must make a total of 360 in order to get an A. What scores on the last test will give you an A?

    asked by Pam
  37. Physics

    The standard man in the figure below holds with his left arm vertically a dumbbell of mass M = 5,471 g with the intention to do concentration curls. For the position shown, we consider the following four major forces: the weight of the arm and the tension

    asked by Sam
  38. phys sci..

    A 12.5kg monkey hangs from a cord suspended from the ceiling of an elevator. The cord can withstand a tension of 157N and breaks as the elevator accelerates. What was the magnitude of the elevator's minimum acceleration? What was the direction of the

    asked by Dione
  39. english1A- Need help with my argument/thesis

    This is my introduction... Gender Myths Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish, while others do not. Whatever the case is, there are some people, whether male or female, who dress a certain way, either get mistaken for the

    asked by Kuromi
  40. HIS 115

    Use the information in the Gutiérrez Map to answer the following questions: • How and where are Native Americans presented on this map? • How might have the map’s indication of where Native Americans lived strengthened European claims of

    asked by Latoya
  41. Math 116

    The formula R= -0.075t + 3.85 can be used to perdict the world record in the 1500 meter run, t years after 1930. Determine an inequality that identifies the years in which the world record will be less than 3.4 minutes. Soleve for t. t >__? round to the

    asked by Melody
  42. Physics

    A golfer rides in a golf cart at an average speed of 3.10 m/s for 21.0 s. She then gets out of the cart and starts walking at an average speed of 1.60 m/s. For how long (in seconds) must she walk if her average speed for the entire trip, riding and

    asked by Kristina
  43. Algebra

    A metal stays solid at fahrenheit temperatures below 1710.5 Determine (in terms of an inequakity) thoses celsius temperatures for which the metal stays solid. Use the formula F=9/5 C + 32. The solution set is {C< __ fahrenheit} 1710. Round to the nearest

    asked by Sherry
  44. science

    what is a scientific inquiry?

    asked by Challie
  45. college CRT 205

    Source 1 Title and Citation: Individuals can help reduce child abuse and neglect. Source Citation:Information, National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect. "Individuals Can Help Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect." Child Abuse. Ed. Lucinda Almond.

    asked by Melissa
  46. Physics

    In a historical movie, two knights on horseback start from rest 94m apart and ride directly toward each other to do battle. Sir George's acceleration has a magnitude of 0.22 m/s2, while Sir Alfred's has a magnitude of 0.27 m/s2. Relative to Sir George's

    asked by Kristina
  47. 8th grade science

    the length of a piece of string is known to be exactly 9.84 cm. two students measured the string. student A used a ruler marked in centimeters and got a measurement of 10 cm. student B used a ruler marked in millimeters and centimeters and got a

    asked by Michaela
  48. Advance Biology

    List 5 traits of enzymes.

    asked by Jennifer
  49. Sociology-Citing a Source

    I need help citing a source APA style for my bibliography. My source is a website, an organziations website called FORGE. You might have to check it out to see what im talking about. The part i need to cite is "informatin on Zambia". Its not an article on

    asked by Amy
  50. Physics

    *Can someone please help me with this question. I'm supposed to be studing for a test and I can't seem to figure out this problem at all. I think It's FRICTION, but I'm not sure. **If you flip a coin in the air as you travel in an airplane, the coin keeps

    asked by Amy
  51. science

    I have a science project about extreme habitat comparison.I have to choose two similar organisms that live in the same extreme habitat and compare them to find out how they are designed to survive.Can someone give me a good place to start my research?

    asked by Harley
  52. Algebra 1A

    HELP!!! Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x. The price of an amusement park ticket is greater than or equal to $12. The inequality is _ _ $ _. Simplfy your answer. Put the variable on the left side of the inequality. Than you!

    asked by Sammy
  53. Math

    Assume it takes 180 quarter credits to get a baccalaureate degree. If 1 quarter credit counts for one classroom hour of lecture each week of the quarter and you study 2.5 hours for each hour in class,how many hours must you invest to get a degree? (You may

    asked by Stella
  54. C Programming

    I don't know what to do now. Below is my code I have so far but I have no idea what to do next. Here's the prompt for what the program should do: Welcome to the Weather Balloon Altitude and Velocity Program. Enter the Balloon's Starting Time: 1 Enter the

    asked by gnozahs
  55. Pysical Science

    Mass of C3H8 Reacted with (g) Mass of O2 Reacted (g) Mass of CO2 Produced (g) 44 160 132 250 909 750 400 1,455 1,200 465 1,691 1,395 6. Based on the data in the table, how do you know that carbon dioxide is not the only substance formed in this chemical

    asked by Josh
  56. chemistry

    Calculate (delta)Suniv in J/mol-K for the above process at 298.15 K. Again, balance all chemical reactions using the loweset ratio of whole numbers. 1Fe2O3(s) + 3CO(g)--> 2Fe(s) + 3CO2(g) the standard entopy change is 16.4 J/molK

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Biology

    Are chlorplasts necessary for the reduction of DCPIP? why or why not? and is light necessary for the reduction of DCPIP? why or why not? I

    asked by Lena
  58. math

    Solve the following inequality. Write the answer in interval notation abs value of x+4

    asked by Jenn
  59. statistics

    At a certain college, 15% of the students received an A in their required math course, 10% received an A in their required Chemistry course, 5% received an A in both. A student is selected at random. a.) What is the probability tha he receieved an A in

    asked by Sharon
  60. English

    "Some, when they take revenge, are desirous the party should know whence it cometh. This is more generous. For the delight seemth to be not so much in doing the hurt in making the party repent. But base and craft cowrds are like the arrow that flieth in

    asked by Lena


    asked by NONO
  62. english

    translation for acts like a hotdog

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x. The number of people in the chess club is less than or equal to 14. The answer is ? ? ?. I am lost!!

    asked by Tracy
  64. Medical Terminology

    A patient visits the doctor's office with abdominal pain of two days' duration. Medical history is significant for tonsillectomy and hypertention. The patient denies aclohol and drug abuse. the rectal examination confirms heme-negative stool. Impresion:

    asked by Terri
  65. Algebra

    A car rents for $30 per day plus 23cent per mile. You are on a daily budget of $76. What mileage will allow you to stay within your budget?

    asked by Maxie
  66. Physics

    Two objects are in contact on a frictionless surface. A horizontal force is applied to one object as shown in the figure below. Use m1 = 0.4 g, m2 = 223 g and F = 0.7 N to find the force between the two objects. Thanks

    asked by Britney
  67. statistics

    A person owns both her own business and her own home and purchases a cariety of insurances to protect them. In any one year the probability of an insurance claim on the business is .4 and on the home is .05. Assuming that these are independent events, find

    asked by Sharon
  68. business

    What are some ways in which you may make use of web-based information and guard against plagiarism ?

    asked by laquanda
  69. Algebra

    Solve using the addition & multiplication principles 8x-13

    asked by Don
  70. math

    I have a problem. Conner's age is 4 and josh's age is 12. I need to find out how many years until conner is half of josh's age and I am not sure how to put this in equation form.

    asked by Janice
  71. Health-Care

    Discussion Questions 1. Have you used information technology in your educational program before? Was there any terminology related to use of technology that you found difficult to understand? While taking this course, were there any terms related to the

    asked by roek
  72. maths

    The scale of a floor plan is 1:200 in the scale diahgram, the width of the building is 14cms . Calculate the width of the building in metres The length of the building is 32m. Calculate the lenght of the building in scale diagram in centimetres

    asked by shania d'silva
  73. math

    what is the answer to 4x7-5+2x16-7+89=.......

    asked by doodlebug:)
  74. chemistry

    Calculate the final concentration if 4.0 L of 1.5 M NaCl and 2.0 L of 3.0 M NaCl are mixed

    asked by me
  75. math

    1Approximately 5 out of every 8 students at Kendra's college live on campus. The college has 5,000 students. How many of them live on campus?=3,125 students 2. Solve for the unknown: 2/3/10=1.8/r=27 3. Find the best buy on cashews (1 lb is 16 oz).1 lb 4 oz

    asked by p
  76. businees

    Identify and explain at least three advantages and three disadvantages of the collaborative writing process. In what situations might an individual writing process be preferable?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. author

    I need help writing Introduction on the topic I picked. The topic is Domestic Violence

    asked by Clarissa
  78. Math

    If a number has to be put into standard form from the written, is that in decimals or fractions?

    asked by Fraser
  79. college

    I need help with this one question with two parts... Describe the traditional role of a travel agents and tour operators compared to thier current operation?

    asked by Evey
  80. checking math answers

    1. 3 gal and 2 qt subtracted from 8 gal and 7 qt= 6 gal and 1 qt? 2. 980 cm = 9.8 m? 3. choose a reasbonsible weight for a cow? 500kg? 4. are these numbers perfect triples 8.10.12? no? 5. square root of 49? =7?

    asked by Nashea
  81. math

    By selling a piece of land for $700 a man made a loss of 20%.How much did he buy the land

    asked by dora
  82. Math

    How do i find the domain and range of these functions? f(x)=x+1 f(x)=2/x f(x)=(x+1)/(2x-5) f(x)=sqrt(x+1) f(x)=sqrt(3x-9) f(x)=1/sqrt(x-5)

    asked by .
  83. physical geology

    what are two categories of metamorphic rocks?

    asked by Nashea
  84. English

    Can anyone solve this? My faith promoted me from shepherd boy to army commander. I am a talented musician and poet, my works are written in a famous book. The king was jealous of my success and plotted to kill me. Thanks.

    asked by Riddle Reply
  85. math

    how do i find the number of degrees in the point angle of a {9/2} star polygon

    asked by amy lorette
  86. To SraJMcJin

    Sra I read your post, and yeah I really do not know how to make the accent marks. I have a PC Windows. Can you please provide a chart for me, thanks

    asked by Anna
  87. science

    whice is a chemmical property????? 1; has a melting point of 22 degre cels 2; has a sweet odor 3;makes bubbles when added to vingar 4; disolves in water

    asked by jen
  88. math

    7.Write the ratio of 4 1/3 to 6 in simplest form. 13/3 TO 6/1 8.On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is 9 in. equals 8 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's office if it measures 6 in. long on the blueprint? Give your answer

    asked by p
  89. checking answers for math

    1. 3 gal and 2 qt subtracted from 8 gal and 7 qt= 6 gal and 1 qt? 2. 980 cm = 9.8 m? 3. choose a reasbonsible weight for a cow? 500kg? 4. are these numbers perfect triples 8.10.12? no? 5. square root of 49? =7?

    asked by Nashea
  90. crt

    Over time, non-specialists are usually able to assimilate radically new scientific ideas, even though these ideas may seem strange when they are initially introduced. Such was the case with Newtonian physics; when Newton proposed his ideas regarding motion

    asked by jag
  91. chemistry

    substance A has a boiling point of 80 degrees cel and a denisty of 3.5 g/cc. substance A which one; a; might be an element b; must be an element c; must be a compound d; might be a mixture

    asked by jen
  92. Chemistry

    If molecule of NaCl is heavier than a molecule of NaOH and NaOH is heavier than a molecule of HCl, can you explain the different conductivites you observed for these compounds?

    asked by roek
  93. tax question

    if i earn 12,800 per year and i am paid 12 times per year and i claim 1 exemption and i am taxed by my state at 3% how much is withheld per pay period?

    asked by roek
  94. 8th grade - science

    i have the same problem as before,only 3 more questions about it. please help!! how precise is the ruler originally used to measure the string? explain. what is the length of the string to the nearest centimeter? what is the length of the string to the

    asked by Michaela
  95. language

    A novel differs from a short story because it A. includes a theme. B. comprises rising action, a climax, and falling action. C. is more likely to include subplots. D. is told as a third-person narrative.

    asked by aleis johnson
  96. Math 116

    The length of a rectangle is fixed at 29cm. What withs will make the perimeter greater than 70cm? The width must be greater than __ cm.

    asked by Don
  97. health

    Identify and describe three causes for the increasing costs of health care. What impact does each of these causes have on society?

    asked by lucy
  98. business

    What happens when corporations merge and there are different cultures, how are HR functions resolved?

    asked by Bryan
  99. science

    a train traveling at 100 km/h reduces its speed uniformly to rest in far will it travel in 5 min

    asked by ahsan
  100. calculus

    Find the limit. lim (5u^4+7)/(u^2-2)(2u^2-1) u-->infinity

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Mathematics

    Does anyone know how to type algebra problems in my macbook computer to post to a thread?

    asked by roek
  102. just a ?

    What are some causes of residentail segregation, and are there any solutions?

    asked by Bee
  103. predicting conseqences

    what would be the consequence if Lawndale Preschool is building its new play yard near a busy street

    asked by kolada
  104. Math

    9 - 4 How do you turn fractions like this one into a decimal?

    asked by Challie
  105. To Challie

    Students come to this board to get help from experts. Please do not post irrelevant "answers."

    asked by Ms. Sue
  106. french

    Can someone help me with this sentence? Quelquefois, je me suis senti inadéquate parce que je n'ai pas acquis beaucoup d'expérience en dessin. my teacher circled "n'ai pas" i do not know what is wrong with it:(

    asked by Megan
  107. Calculus

    Find the limit. lim (x+2)/(radical(9x^2+1)) x-->infinity

    asked by Anonymous
  108. algebra

    help with 3 1/4 x X = 3/4

    asked by jaqob
  109. social study

    the problem of marriage

    asked by usman
  110. checking math answers

    1. m

    asked by Nashea
  111. computer business system

    1. A list of context-sensitive commands usually activated by right-clicking a screen item. What's this call? a)option group b)drop-down list c)short-cut menu d)dialog box 2.A small preview image of a graphic is a) picture b) thumbnail c) icon d) pixel 3.Is

    asked by tom
  112. science

    my teacher has set us some science homework which i don't undrestand What is the chemical change when a candle is lit

    asked by bob
  113. grammar

    a series of of bank robberies (have , has) occurred during the past several months

    asked by noor