Questions Asked on
September 13, 2009

  1. MATHS

    The recipe for mint chocolate ice cream requires 2 1/4 cups of creams for 5 people. You need ice cream for 8 people. How much cream will you need? Please explain,thanks.

    asked by BRENDON
  2. physics

    At t= 0, a particle starts from rest at x= 0, y= 0, and moves in the xy plane with an acceleration ->a (vector) = (4.0ihat+ 3.0jhat)m/s^2. Assume t is in seconds. Determine the x component of velocity as a function of time t. Determine the y component of

    asked by Physics
  3. Chemistry

    Vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin, is essential for human nutrition. It is concentrated in animal tissue but not in higher plants. Although nutritional requirements for the vitamin are quite low, people who abstain completely from animal products may develop a

    asked by Chemistry
  4. chemistry.

    How many sulfur atoms are there in 25 molecules of C4H4S2?

    asked by Cool boy.
  5. algebra 1

    Charles wants to build a vegetable garden such that three sides of the garden are fenced and the fourth side of the garden will be the existing back fence. He has 30 feet of fencing available. Find the dimensions of the garden that will produce the maximum

    asked by sridhar
  6. Physics

    An electron's position is given by r = 2.00t i - 7.00t2 j + 5.00 k, with t in seconds and r in meters. (a) In unit-vector notation, what is the electron's velocity v(t)? (Answer in terms of i, j, k, and t.) (b) What is v in unit-vector notation at t = 2.00

    asked by Ryan
  7. Org. Chem.

    1. Are the following soluble, insoluble, or partially soluble. - Benzophenone in hexane? - 1-octanol in hexane? I think soluble? - 1-butanol in water? in hexane? - methyl alcohol in hexane? I think partially soluble? Please help me and explaining would be

    asked by Chelsea
  8. physics

    A baseball is seen to pass upward by a window 29 m above the street with a vertical speed of 15 m/s. The ball was thrown from the street.After how many more seconds does it reach the street again?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. science

    mosquito larvae can tolerate extremely low dissolved oxygen concentrations, yet cannot survive at temperatures above 25 degrees celcius. how might you aaccoundt for dissolved oxygen concentrations of such a low value at a temperature of 25 degree celcius?

    asked by cara
  10. physics

    A car is driven east for a distance of 50 km, then north for 30 km, and then in a direction 30 degrees east of north for 25 km. Sketch the vector diagram and determine a) the magnitude and b) the angle of the car's total displacement from its starting

    asked by Mallory
  11. art

    Match the artwork with the correct description Woman with Packages Housepainter III First Communion Composition IX Hathor and Sety with Non-Representational B. Representational C. Stylized D. Tromp l'oeil E. Abstract

    asked by mareen
  12. Science

    We did a refraction lab and we used a semi circular prism and through it we shot a light beam in order to find the angle of refraction. Why is it that we used a semi circle and not perhaps a per circle or some other kind of prism? Thanks :)

    asked by Debby
  13. Accounting Math

    Can anyone please show me the calculation for these problems: Burlin Company starts the year with $100,000 in assets and $80,000 in liabilities. Net Income for the year is $25,000, and no dividends are paid. How much is owner’s equity at the end of the

    asked by Peaches
  14. Physics

    A man drops a stone into a water well on his farm. He hears the sound of the splash 3.25 s later. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 and the speed of sound in air is 326 m/s. How deep is the well?

    asked by Sandhu
  15. physics

    The x-component of vector A is -25.0 m and the y-component is +40.0 m. a) what is the magnitude of vector A? b) What is the angle between the direction of vector A and the positive direction of vector x? can you please help me with the steps to

    asked by Mallory
  16. Biology

    1. Which of the following is a biotic factor that might affect the life of a water-dwelling organism? A. Temperature of the water B. Speed of water current C. Pollutions in water D. Bacterial population in water My guess: D? 2. Which of the following

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A heavy piece of machinery is raised by sliding its 12.5 m along a plank oriented at 20 degrees to the horizontal. How high above its original position is it raised? How far is it moved horizontally? Can you please give me the formulas for these? Thank you

    asked by Stanley
  18. science

    I posted this before but i realized i posted somethings that were wrong. mosquito larvae can tolerate extremely low dissolved oxygen concentrations, yet cannot survive at temperatures above 25 degrees celcius. how might you account for dissolved oxygen

    asked by cara
  19. marketing

    what is the decision facing facebook

    asked by daren
  20. social studies: geography

    What feature makes up part of the U.S border with Canada? What feature makes up much of the U.S border with Mexico?

    asked by zak
  21. Graphing on Calculator

    An appliance manufacturer estimates that the profit y (in dolars) generated by producing x cooktops per month is given by the equation y= 10x + 0.5x^2 - 0.001x^3 - 5000 where 0 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 450. Graph the equation. I punched in the equation and I didn't get

    asked by John
  22. Geometry 1

    This is probably quite simple, but I was sick and missed the last few lessons. Anyway, here's the problem: Draw, mark, and label each figure: Rhombus EQUL with diagonals EU and QL intersecting at A. The intersecting at A is what's confusing me--as I said

    asked by Kayte
  23. AP Bio - same question

    My teacher said this is a very hard question, but I'm trying to make an attempts. Can you guide me? A biologist places a plant in a closed chamber. A sensor in the chamber maintains the carbon dioxide level at the normal atmospheric concentration of 0.03%.

    asked by muffy - still stumped
  24. math

    if a recipe calls for 3 1/4 cups of flour, how many cups is 1/4 of this recipe

    asked by proffessor kermit
  25. Math

    First Estimate the answer. Then find the exact answer. Simplify your answer if possible. 9*2/7*8/5/7

    asked by Richard
  26. algebra

    Simplify the following expression 2(3 x - 2)(2nd Power) - 3x (x + 1) + 4

    asked by Pat
  27. accounting

    Determine the missing amount for each of the following: Assets = Liabilities + OE a. x = 250,000 + 780,000 B. 125,000 = X + 39,500 c. 60,000 = 7,500 + x

    asked by Adriane
  28. speech

    Can some one please help me complete PRIMARY SUPPORT and SECONDARY SUPPORT for this speech topic outline? Thesis statement: studying foreign languages has influenced the way i think about people from other countries in 3 main ways..(why?) Primary Support

    asked by Angel
  29. physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 10.0 m/s from the edge of a cliff 59.0 m high. How much later does it reach the bottom of the cliff? What is its speed just before hitting? What total distance did it travel?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. chemistry

    If you had used a different mass of magneisium metal would you expect the empirical formula of the compiund to be the same? explain

    asked by ANON
  31. BOBPURSLEY or anyone

    h t t p : / / w w w . j i s k h a .c o m / d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d = 1 25 2 8 8 8 9 2 9 ok hmmm m2 g = m1 (acceleration radial) so then if this is the correct equation my question... is how do you know when to consider the masses as a system and when

    asked by AP Physics B
  32. science lab

    I got these results from my dissolved oxygen lab: Temperature Dissolved Oxygen in Celcius (mg/L) 17 5.8 21 5.4 23 5.3 27 5.1 I understand that as the temperature increases the dissolved oxygen concentration decreases but i don't understand how to answer

    asked by cara
  33. health

    I am having trouble starting off this essay. Can someone help me?? Write a 700- to 1,050-paper responding to the following: You have recently been employed by a small local hospital as an administrative assistant in the emergency room. The hospital does

    asked by melissa
  34. english

    There are a few questions about the novel The Scarlet Letter that I am not to sure about. Can someone please check them. True of False 1) Chillingworth escaped from Indian captivity by drugging his guards with an herb potion? My answer was true. 2)

    asked by Hannah
  35. Physics urgent help needed!

    Suppose the position of an object is given by ->r(vector) = (3.0t^2*ihat - 6.0t^3*jhat)m. Where t in seconds. Determine its velocity ->v as a function of time t. Determine its acceleration ->a as a function of time t. Determine ->r at time t = 2.5 s.

    asked by How do you do this?
  36. algebra

    elmer burns works for a ready-mix concrete cmpany. elmer receives an order for 3.5 cubic yards of concrete. this mixture of concrete contains sand, cement, gravel, and water, for each pound of water, there are 5 lb of sand, 2 lb of cement, and 6 lb of

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Algebra

    If 3 is the index, and there is no radicand, and inside of that radical is another radical with ten being the radicand, how could the result be 6 as the index with ten being the radicand? I thought you multiply the outer index with the inner one. In that

    asked by Eve
  38. AP Physics B

    can you check my reasoning 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data ok well then... we did a lab were you have a hanging mass attached to a stirng that went through a straw and was attached to a rubber stopper. The lab was to find the

    asked by AP Physics B
  39. geography

    What are the 5 themes of geography?

    asked by Anthony
  40. chemistry

    A sample of C3H8O that contain 200 molecules contains ________carbon atoms??

    asked by Mercy
  41. Physics

    A fire helicopter carries a 615 kg bucket of water at the end of a cable 19.5 m long. As the aircraft flies back from a fire at a constant speed of 40.5 m/s, the cable makes an angle of 35.2o with respect to the vertical. Calculate the force of air

    asked by Luke
  42. algebra

    HOw do I make a table of values for y equals 3/2? Am I supposed to plot 3/2 on the graph and then draw a line? I know on the y side of the table I'm supposed to have 3/2, but I don't understand how to do the table of values.

    asked by Carmen
  43. Geometry

    I need help asap please Which figure above, if any, is topologically equivalent to the given figure? Identify the topologically equivalent figure by letter. A pretzel a.pencil b.pipe, c.trophy

    asked by Jessi
  44. 7th grade history

    Why is history important to be studied? Include 3 events in history as supporting evidence. How are these events relevant today?

    asked by emily
  45. algebra

    1. you randomly choose an integer from 10 to 20. what are the odds that the integer is 15 or less? 2. you toss a six-sided number cube 15 times. for nine of the tosses the number tossed was 4 or more. what is the experimental probability than a number

    asked by lamiya
  46. physics

    hi, if anyone could give me any sort of help on how to solve this problem i would greatly appreciate it. thank you. A 2.66 kg object placed on a frictionless horizontal table is connected to a string that passes over a pulley and then is fastened to a

    asked by miranda
  47. Biochemistry

    A protein molecule in its folded native state has one favored conformation, but when it is denatured it becomes a random coil, with very many possible conformations. What must be the sign of the change in entropy (S) for the change native---> denatured

    asked by Reba
  48. physics

    Each of the four wheels of the vehicle weighs 40 lb and is mounted on a 4in diameter journal. The total weight of the vehicle is 960 lb, including wheels, and is distributed equally on all four wheels. If a force P = 16 lb is required to keep the vehicle

    asked by Jessi
  49. College Algebra

    Solve the system of equations using matrices. If system has no solution say its inconsistent. 6x + y = 5 3x - y + z - w = 8 z + w = 2 Solve the system of equations using Cramers Rule if applicable. 4x + 2y = 8/5 5x - 5y = 5

    asked by coried
  50. MATHS

    Could you please help? The Christmas tree store has a parking lot that will hold 1000 vehicles. 2/5 of the parking spaces are for cars. When you went to buy your tree, there were 200 cars and some trucks in the parking lot. The parking lot was 3/4 full.

    asked by BRENDON
  51. physics

    In the sum A+ B =C , vecto rA has a magnitude of 11.0 m and is angled 32.0° counterclockwise from the +x direction, and vector C has a magnitude of 15.0 m and is angled 18.0° counterclockwise from the -x direction. What are the magnitude and the angle

    asked by kate
  52. physics

    can you walk me through this problem At what distance from the Earth will a spacecraft on the way to the Moon esperience zero net force due to these two bodies because the EArth and Mon pull with equal and opposite forces? mass of earth = m1 = 5.98 E 24 kg

    asked by Physics
  53. grade2

    400 divided by 2?

    asked by anna
  54. 12th grade A.P. Economics

    which of the following is the most essential for a market economy? 1.) functioning labor unions 2.) good government regulation 3.) active competition in the marketplace. 4.) responsible action by the business leaders. I think its choice no. 3, am i right?

    asked by Emma
  55. HCA 240

    Radio Ad: Write a 150 to 200 word script for a radio ad that promotes a healthy musculoskeletal system in old age. Address the risk factors for arthritis, osteoporosis, and injuries from falls. Incorate prevention strategies such as proper nutrition

    asked by C
  56. 10th grade English

    This is my intro for my Julius Caesar essay. _____ represents different characters and qualities in the play. Please check any mistakes or awkward phrases thanks Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare during the Elizabethan era, is one of the most

    asked by Andrew
  57. English

    1. I'd like a large sized cheese pizza. 2. I'd like a large-sized cheese pizza. 3. I'd like a large size cheese pizza. 4. I'd like a large-size cheese pizza. 5. I'd like a cheese pizza, the large size. (Which ones are correct?)

    asked by John
  58. physics

    A block sits against a vertical wall and a 120 lb force P acts diagonally to the left on the block at an angle below the horizontal. Determine the magnitude and direction of the friction force which the vertical wall exerts on the 100 lb block if theta is

    asked by Jessi
  59. MATHS

    Could you please help? The Christmas tree store has a parking lot that will hold 1000 vehicles. 2/5 of the parking spaces are for cars. When you went to buy your tree, there were 200 cars and some trucks in the parking lot. The parking lot was 3/4 full.

    asked by MILDRED
  60. Biology

    1. Are the third-order heterotrophs consumed by gungal decomposers? My guess:Yes? 2. Which of the following fixes atmospheric N2 (nitrogen gas)? A. photosynthesis B. symbiotic bacterianon the roots of legumes C. uv light D. decay organisms E. autotrophs My

    asked by Anonymous
  61. chemistry

    did i do this right calculate the con of cu(nh4)^2+ of solution. Mass of cuso4*5h20=.6000g First i dissolved the sample into 50.00ml of water. I filled up volumetric flask to 100.00 ml mark I then, pipetted 10ml of this sample into a 50.00ml volumetric

    asked by Jim_R
  62. world history

    im writting an eassy and our topic question is " how did the early civilization learn to cope with the complexities of growing civilizaions"?' but i have know idea

    asked by amy
  63. world issues

    i'm having trouble grasping what happened in the Solomon islands 'tensions' could you help me understand the main points/events whatever thanx

    asked by venessa
  64. Repost- Biology

    Will someone please help me out.. I have been posted these questions for 7 hours .. but no one has helped me out..please help me out..I got to figure it out within today..please.. 1. Which of the following is a biotic factor that might affect the life of a

    asked by Anonymous
  65. algebra

    A passenger train's speed is 60 mi/h, and a freight train's speed is 40 mi/h. The passenger train travels the same distance in 1.5 h less time than the freight train. How long does each train take to make the trip?

    asked by Mary
  66. physics

    you are standing on one side of the river. Figure out the width of the river. All calculations have to be made on the side you are standing on. You cant step into the river or cross it. You may use the 2 laws ( sine and cos ). no guessing allowed. has to

    asked by just wondering
  67. Physics

    If the rectangular coordinates of a point are given by (4,y), and its polar coordinates are (r,25 degrees), determine y and r.

    asked by Nakalema
  68. fisica

    como puedo representar un vector en un plano cartesiano a 45 km por hora con un angulo de 45 grados

    asked by karla mendoza peralta
  69. Psychology

    Present a situation in which you acted or reacted ‘mindlessly’ (see web links below), rather than thoughtfully, and which did not turn out well for you. Using the critical thinking concepts discussed in Chapter 1 and concepts of Chapter 8 and/or from

    asked by Brandy
  70. chemistry/physics

    i need to determine how many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in these but they arent just straight elements tehy are singly ionized hydrogen (positive) doubly ionized hydrogen(positive) and singly ionized oxygen (negative) these are my answers,

    asked by Andre
  71. Biology

    Stored energy is stored where in living tissue?? -Ecological pyramids worksheet

    asked by Sam
  72. History

    During the debate over Reconstruction, is it more likely the moderate or radical republicans would gain the upper hand? Are there any sources available that could help me come to a reasonable conclusion?

    asked by Sarah
  73. Business

    How can Seasonal be a weakness for McDonalds company?

    asked by Bryan
  74. physics

    Person X travels from A to B and then back the same route at a constant speed of 50 km/h. Person Y travels the same route to B at half the speed. How fast does person Y have to travel back to make the complete return trip in the same time as person X?

    asked by Kat
  75. math

    My teacher said we are supossed to solve this using systems of equations: Let a, b, and c be real numbers such that a-7b+8c=4 and 8a+4b-c=7. Then a^2-b^2+c^2= ? can someone please help?! i don't know what method to use to solve this or where to start

    asked by chrissy
  76. Math

    a real estate broker earns a salary of & 21,000 plus 2.5% of the value of any real estate sold. Last year the broker earned $ 52,000. What was the total vaule of all real estate sold by the broker.

    asked by Stephanie
  77. social health

    Please take one of the Emotional Intelligence tests at the sites listed below. Reflect on your results and explore ways that you might develop an enhanced emotional IQ. The sites below have informal self-administered surveys that introduce the concept of

    asked by kiny030876
  78. Algebra

    Factor each of following expressions x (4th power) - x (3rd power) - 6x (2nd power (a-b)(2nd power) - (a 2nd power + b) 2nd power

    asked by Pat
  79. writing/language arts

    Hey! I'm supposed to write a 3-4 page essay, describing something or someplace. So I choose my balcony.. I live on the seventeenth floor and using my 5 sense I described it as best as I could :) I was wondering if you would suggest some similes, metaphors,

    asked by lamiya
  80. finance

    Part I: Compute the worth of Arcadia Hospital in 2005 using rules of thumb, adjusted book value, and discounted cash flow valuation (for this final method, use the table provided). Assume the cash flow for 2005 is the same as 2006. 1) Rules of thumb: 2)

    asked by hawaii
  81. Biology

    " Are hunters for or against managing predators?" what does this question mean? What does it mean by managing predator? Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  82. English language learned

    How do the varieties of standards available to teachers provide a focus on high expectations and the motivation needed to tailor instruction to meet the needs of the learner

    asked by Anonymous
  83. geometry

    Can some one please help me figure the angles out? sorry I can't copy and paste the figures... The 17in x 17in square below is given. We have chosen 4 points M, N, P, and Q one on each of its sides as shown in the figure and joint them to obtain a new four

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Algebra

    I need to rationalize the denominator of 2/3 square root of five, (three being the index). My book suggests you should multiply this by 3 square root of 5^2 over 3 square root of 5^2. I thought the numbers that you rationalize the original with should be

    asked by Amelie
  85. science

    Explain and give examples as to how these tenets support science literacy

    asked by Anonymous
  86. english

    I am doing a book report on the book my sister keeper i need to give a description of two characters in the book and also the page number i found it on ??

    asked by bobbie
  87. AP Stats B

    B is the one without calculus I belive... anyways so descriptive statistics I\'m doing the 2004 AP Statisics AP test Section II part A like my teacher gives us old exams and this is one of those questions the question asks for a boxplot there are outliers

    asked by AP Stats B

    What is the noun in Stop it immediately.

    asked by GHINNY
  89. Science

    I need help on one question why is it important to test scientific ideas? plz help and thank you

    asked by Anomynous
  90. question about math (law of syllogism/detachment)

    Does anyone know about the law of syllogism and law of detachment. If so, can you check my work.

    asked by Candy
  91. calculus

    solve for x: a)e^x=5 b) lnx=2

    asked by Reen
  92. math!

    My teacher said we are supossed to solve this using systems of equations: Let a, b, and c be real numbers such that a-7b+8c=4 and 8a+4b-c=7. Then a^2-b^2+c^2= ? can someone please help?! i don't know what method to use to solve this or where to start

    asked by chrissy
  93. math

    can u give me five percentagesx for homework Thanks

    asked by Stephanie
  94. algebra

    I am trying to solve 5x+y=30 - this is what I have completed so far. 5x+y=30 -5x =30-5x y= 25x so the points to plot would be -5,25 ? I do not think is correct - please help

    asked by maryk
  95. Math

    First Estimate the answer. Then find the exact answer. Simplify your answer if possible. 2*1/3*15

    asked by Richard
  96. Math

    First Estimate the answer. Then find the exact answer. Simplify your answer if possible. 9*2/7*8/5/7

    asked by Richard
  97. English

    What is a pivotal event? Please Help!! Thanks!!

    asked by Happy Face
  98. chemistry

    What is the difference between a metal and an alloy?

    asked by Eman
  99. Physics

    Three forces acting on an object are given by F1 = (-8.79i + 8.34j) N, F2 = (7.06i + -3.02j) N, and F3 = (-3.05i) N. The object experiences an acceleration of magnitude 2.26 m/s2. What are the components of the acceleration vector?

    asked by Luke
  100. socio

    what are the consequences of health disparities on everyone

    asked by jamie
  101. US History

    Why is history important to be studied? Include 3 events in history as supporting evidence. How are these events relevant today?

    asked by emily
  102. Social Studies

    What is the mountain range that stretches across west virginia? thnx

    asked by Ella
  103. arithmetic

    man bought portable radios for 600.00. Sold 720 and made 15.00 profit per radio. How many did he buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. marine science

    I have to find the type of organisms that the Black alder (plant) competes with or will displace. I have been googling this forever but I still cannot find the answer. Can someone please help!! Thanks

    asked by Jake
  105. Biology

    hypoxia triggers increased ___ secretion? is it carbon monoxide? or erythropoietin? After oxygen diffuses into pulmonary capillaries, it diffuses into ___ and binds with __? a;interstitial fluid;RBC? b;interstitial fluid;C02? c;RBC:hemoglobin? d;RBC:C02?

    asked by tooots
  106. math

    is 1 a composite number or a prime number?

    asked by Isabelle
  107. Blue laser discs

    How many configurations blue laser discs (standard, physical size, number of layers, capacity, etc) are currently available?

    asked by carmen
  108. Math

    Simplify the following expression 2(2x - 2)2 - 3x(x + 1) + 4

    asked by Pat
  109. law

    Who established the first legal law codes? And in what country?

    asked by anonymous
  110. history

    I have already been to this site and I cannot find an answer to this question.

    asked by Matt
  111. college

    Analyze and post, in 350-700 words, how the human resources assistance plan and aids you have been working on for your final project fit into the company's strategic plan MEDICAL RECORD MANAGER

    asked by tameka
  112. english

    I had to to an exercise on summarizing a paragraph. Can I get an opinion and help revising it. Help me to add what I need and delete what I don't to rewrite it. This below is the summarized paragraph Arizona has become a principal area where drugs are

    asked by tamara jones
  113. MATH

    how do you factor x^6+512?

    asked by Mario
  114. us history

    list some of the advantages of using indentured servants

    asked by claudia
  115. Science Question

    ok i will copy and paste the question here! thnx Using the internet or books, write a summary about 2 ways the surface of the roads have been made safer for car passengers. but the hard bit is i have to write down a rerence of the internet pages i use to

    asked by Abbie
  116. Math

    Evaluate the expression. m/4 if m=1/5

    asked by Anonymous
  117. 8th grade

    on a map I need to lacate Mt.Olympus,Mt.Parnassus,Mt.Pindos and Mt.Helicon all on one Mythology map.

    asked by dana
  118. math

    how do you find the missing lenght of a right triangle if you have 20 on the left side and 48 on the bottom and you need to find the missings number

    asked by susan
  119. English

    I still don't get it, can you give me an example from the Hobbit book, thanks

    asked by Happy Face
  120. crossword puzzles sports

    Is there a website that will help me find words for a "World Sports" cross-word puzzle?

    asked by chris

    I have responded

    asked by AP Physics B
  122. Math

    36/4+5-1+2x3+12/3+1=6 Insert parenthesis and other group symbols.

    asked by Mary
  123. cultural diversity

    when the Scot-Irish immigrated to America did they face prejudice, segregation, racism, or any combinatio of the three?

    asked by linda
  124. French

    I really need your help What English word is similar to adorn? give an equivalent in French to decorate? Give two synonyms in English comprehension? please help and thank you

    asked by NeedHelp
  125. 9english

    This is for anyone who has seen the movie "Remember the Titans". Give three specific examples of the different coaching styles of Boone and Yoast. Three examples per coach. I know that Coach Boone wants everything to be perfect, he's tough,and runs a

    asked by beccaa
  126. crossword puzzle sports

    Words with 8 or more letters Positioned behind the line of scrimmage? Sports shoes?

    asked by chris
  127. health

    Beside cost containment, what are some other advantages for using Outpatient as opposed to Inpatient

    asked by april
  128. Into to LAN

    • Explain how you would create the users for the sales organization unit and how to set up work groups in this particular situation. Keep in mind that you may have to name certain applications and allowable tasks for each individual or job role.

    asked by Jermaine
  129. math-quotient

    Help me please. My mind is mush.... need to find the quotient of: a. 3/4÷-12 b. 5/4÷2 2/3 c. 18 ÷4.6 d. 3.06 ÷0.22

    asked by Christy
  130. us history

    american value that was developed during the enlightment?

    asked by claudia
  131. Poetry

    I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?

    asked by Mark
  132. 9th grade, SOSE

    Was world war two hitlers war?? if so why.

    asked by Lauren
  133. math

    I can understand in my head how to solve it I can't figure it out on paper. Help......I'm sure this will be easy for someone. The Rental Depreciation Problem. The owner of a rental house can depreciate its value over a period of years, meaning that the

    asked by Christy
  134. math

    How do I add the rational expressions 5x/(x^2-16) and 2/(x+4)?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. science

    what is an answer reached at the end of an experiment ?

    asked by cierra
  136. home economics

    what are the careers in home ecomics?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. english

    it is my summary I just need it to be revised

    asked by tamara jones
  138. Algebra

    could you show me how to solve for x it is killing me y/x^2 = b/(a-x)^2

    asked by Algebra
  139. French

    I need to translate this paragraph. Can someone check my work? I didn't write it so I can't just change it to have only words I know so I need help to translate it. Thanks! I would like to travel if I had the time and the money. I would like to see the

    asked by Samantha
  140. social studies

    5 paragraphs on how a city establishes food and water?

    asked by Michael
  141. Physics

    I have no idea how to do this problem At what distance from the Earth will a spacecraft on the way to the Moon esperience zero net force due to these two bodies because the EArth and Mon pull with equal and opposite forces? there\'s no data in the question

    asked by Physics
  142. social studies

    HOW would you analyze 2 kinds of economic systems

    asked by theresa
  143. algebra

    My algebra book says that a^-n is equal to 1/a^n, which is equal to (1/a)^n. Does that then mean that a^n/m would be equal to (a/m)^n? Thank you very much.

    asked by Pascale
  144. Critiical Analysis Form

    September 11, The threat

    asked by Anonymous
  145. home economics

    what is churned food turned into a thick liquid?

    asked by Emily
  146. esl

    is practices (z or iz)

    asked by khin
  147. esl

    is uses z or iz

    asked by aa
  148. History

    What was the United State's roll in the Mexican Independence?

    asked by Matt
  149. math

    find two numbers whose sum is 64 if one of the numbers is one seventh the other.

    asked by chris
  150. math

    if a recipe calls for 3 1/4 cups of flour, how many cups is 1/4 of this recipe

    asked by Anonymous
  151. 9th grade algebra

    (-6)-((-2)-5(2nd power)

    asked by Nuchiie
  152. LANG ARTS

    What is the noun in Stop it immediately.

    asked by GHINNY
  153. world history


    asked by hony
  154. 8th grade

    what are proteins?how are they important to our body/

    asked by juliet
  155. History

    Did congress or the president have more authority with setting policy during reconstruction in the south?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. science

    what movement can you see in a daisy in one sentence?

    asked by anonymous