Questions Asked on
September 12, 2009

  1. physics

    you are standing on one side of the river. Figure out the width of the river. All calculations have to be made on the side you are standing on. You cant step into the river or cross it. You may use the 2 laws ( sine and cos ). no guessing allowed. has to

    asked by just wondering
  2. Physics

    A shot-putter throws the shot (mass = 7.3kg) with an initial speed of 15.0 m/s at a 33.0 degree angle to the horizontal. Calculate the horizontal distance traveled by the shot if it leaves the athlete's hand at a height of 2.00m above the ground.

    asked by Jordan
  3. Physics B

    A car slows down from 23 m/s to rest in a distance of 85m. What is its constant acceleration? I got -6.224, but a friend was telling me it's -3.11 and that I had to divide by 2. Why is that?

    asked by Bob
  4. Math

    A farmer with 8000 meters of fencing wants to enclose a rectangular plot that borders on a river. If the farmer does not fence the side along the river, what is the largest area that can be enclosed? Does that mean I have to consider it a triangle?

    asked by muffy
  5. Math

    A boat, whose speed in still water is 2.80m/s , must cross a 280m wide river and arrive at a point 120m upstream from where it starts. To do so, the pilot must head the boat at a 45.0 degrees upstream angle. What is the speed of the river's current?

    asked by Anne
  6. Physics

    A tennis ball is dropped from 1.41m above the ground. It rebounds to a height of 0.932 m.The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .(a)With what velocity does it hit the ground?(Let down be negative.) Answer in units of m/s. (b)With what velocity does it

    asked by sandhu
  7. 9th grade

    Wat is square root spiral

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    A projectile is launched from ground level to the top of a cliff which is 195m away and 135m high. If the projectile lands on top of the cliff 6.9s after it is fired, find the initial velocity of the projectile ((a)magnitude and (b)direction. Neglect air

    asked by Cassandra
  9. Earth Science

    wat is the difference between cooperation and peer review? plz help and thank you

    asked by 2to1tony
  10. physics

    Calculate the acceleration due to gravity on the moon. The moon\'s radius is about 1.74 E 6 m and its mass is 7.35 E 22 kg ok aparently there\'s an easier way to do this I applied Newtons second law in the radial direction net force radial = m (radial

    asked by physics
  11. Statistics

    Assume that the points scored by the winning teams for all NCAA games follow a bell-shaped distribution. Using the mean of 76.5 and the standard deviation of 7, estimate the percentage of all NCAA games in which the winning team scores 84 or more points.

    asked by Shellie
  12. English

    Why deemphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea is unethical practice?

    asked by Jimmy
  13. Physics

    A projectile is launched from ground level to the top of a cliff which is 195m away and 135m high (as shown in the figure ).If the projectile lands on top of the cliff 6.9s after it is fired, find the initial velocity of the projectile a)magnitude

    asked by Jannie
  14. AP bio

    My teacher said this is a very hard question, but I'm trying to make an attempts. Can you guide me? A biologist places a plant in a closed chamber. A sensor in the chamber maintains the carbon dioxide level at the normal atmospheric concentration of 0.03%.

    asked by muffy
  15. algebra

    how do you write and solve an equation to determine the radius of mars the radius of earth is 6378.1 km, which is 2981.1 km longer than the radius of mars

    asked by delisa
  16. biology

    Most automobiles have water-cooled engines. What must be true about a solution that can replace water in the cooling system, such as antifreeze? I know this is the second time I'm posting this question, but it's been hours and still no one's responding.

    asked by lamiya
  17. math

    Shelby can paint a room in 4 hours. Zoe can paint the same room in 7 hours. How long will it take them to paint the room if they work together? If they start 9:30a.m., and want to see a movie that is playing 45 minutes from their house and starting 12:00

    asked by muffy
  18. Number Line

    If an integer a is pictured on the number line then the distance from the point on the number line that represents the integer to the origin is ƒaƒ. Using this idea answer the following. a. Explain why ƒa 2 bƒ is the distance between the points that

    asked by Sue
  19. home economics

    resaerch pictures in books and magasines showing other methods of disposal of fullness

    asked by ash
  20. Math

    An airplane is heading due south at a speed of 590km/h. If a wind begins blowing from the southwest at a speed of 65.0km/h (average). Calculate magnitude of the plane's velocity, relative to the ground. Calculate direction of the plane's velocity, relative

    asked by Anne
  21. economics

    Question 4 (1.00 points) The multiplier effect indicates that: a. a decline in the interest rate will cause a proportionately larger increase in investment. b. a change in spending will change aggregate income by a larger amount. c. a change in spending

    asked by thabo
  22. physics

    we can say that the force of gravity is equal to mass times acceleration were the acceleration is equal to gravity sense gravity is an acceleration because of newtons second law force = mass times acceleration hence Fg = mass times acceleration Fg = mass

    asked by physics
  23. Physics-calc

    Suppose the position of an object is given by ->r(vector) = (3.0t^2*ihat - 6.0t^3*jhat)m. Where t in seconds. Determine its velocity ->v as a function of time t. Determine its acceleration ->a as a function of time t. Determine ->r at time t = 2.5 s.

    asked by Hannah
  24. math

    the length of a rectangle is 5 ft more than twice the width. a)if x represents the width of the rctangle, represent the perimeter of the rectangle in terms of x. b) if the perimeter if the rectangle is 2 ft more than eight times the width of the rectangle,

    asked by anthony
  25. english

    There are a few questions about the novel The Scarlet Letter that I am not to sure about. Can someone please check them. True of False 1) Chillingworth escaped from Indian captivity by drugging his guards with an herb potion? My answer was true. 2)

    asked by Hannah
  26. biology

    1. how do molecules of a polar compound differ from those of a nonpolar compound? 2. What happnens when ionic compounds are mixed with water? 3. what is capillarity? 4. Critical Thinking: Most automobiles have water-cooled engines. What must be true about

    asked by lamiya(again)
  27. Math

    Fred is an old man. He lived one-eighth of his life as a boy, one-twelfth as a youth, one-half as a man and has psent 28 years in his old age. How old is Fred now?

    asked by Demora
  28. English

    Taking a computer home to complete a work-related assignment. Is it ethical or unethical? When an individual takes a job they ensure their employer that they will work their very best, and distribute quality work. By any means the worker is required that

    asked by Jimmy
  29. Managerial Economics

    Textbook authors typically receive a simple percentage of total revenue generated from book sales. The publisher bears all the production costs and chooses the output level. Suppose the retail price of a book is fixed at $50. The author receives $10 per

    asked by Jan
  30. Math

    The officejet printer can copy Sue's dissertation in 18 min. The laserjet printer can copy the same document in 22 min. If the two machines work together how long would they take to copy the dissertation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Sue
  31. math

    soybean meal is 18% protein, and cornmeal is 9% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360lb mixture that is 17% protein. how many lbs should be cornmeal and how many lbs should be soybean be?

    asked by karen
  32. Math

    Suppose that the river was moving with a velocity of 3 m/s, North and the motor boat is moving with a velocity of 4 m/s, East. If the width of the river is 80 meters wide, then how much time does it take the boat to travel shore to shore? What distance

    asked by Chelsea
  33. Managerial Economics

    Help me on this one please? labor usage 3,7,9,11,17,17,20,24,26,28,30 output 1,2,3,5,8,10,15,18,22,21,23 a. does a cubic equation appear to be a suitable specification, given these data? You may construct a scatter diagram to help with this question.

    asked by Jan
  34. Algebra

    How do I find the center and radius of this equation? x^2+y^2+6y+2=0 I don't know how to complete the square for x^2.

    asked by John
  35. Physics

    ok I'll be using a home work problem to ask the question. I'm not asking for help on the question I got the correct answer just need to understand this concept better. Calculate the acceelration due to gravity on the Moon. The moon's radius is about 1.74 E

    asked by QUESTION
  36. Biochemistry

    You wish to measure the change in G°'for the hydrolysis of ATP: ATP ---> ADP + Pi but the equilibrium for the hydrolysis lies so far toward products that analysis of the ATP concentration at equilibrium is neither practical nor accurate. However, you have

    asked by Mallory
  37. physics

    A Hollywood Daredevil plans to jump a canyon on a motorcycle. There is a 15 m drop and the horizontal distance originally planned was 60 m but it turns out the canyon is really 69.6 m across. If he desires a a 3.2 second flight time I've figured out the

    asked by Andy
  38. psychology

    describe neurotransmitters in terms of what they are, their general function within the body, and their impact on behavior. discuss the connection between neurons and neurotransmitters. pick two neurotransmitters and discuss their general functions in our

    asked by jenny
  39. physics

    A Hollywood Daredevil plans to jump a canyon on a motorcycle. There is a 15 m drop and the horizontal distance originally planned was 60 m but it turns out the canyon is really 69.6 m across. If he desires a a 3.2 second flight time a. what is the correct

    asked by Andy
  40. Communication Law Studies

    How might a judge apply the different theories of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression in attempting to stay within the precedents of the rulings of the Supreme Court when attempting to decide a case.

    asked by Katlyn
  41. algebra

    Simplify the expressions. 1. (-6c^2)(2c^2-3c) 2. (-5d-10d^2)(-6d^3) 3. x^3-(4x+3x^2)(x^2) 4. (-8y^2)(3y-4)+6y^2-5y^3 5. (18m/-4n) / (-1/4m) 6. (5x^2) / (2x/15) 7. (-16x+9) / (-4) 8. (-32-4x) / (-8) I don't get how to do these. Please help!! Thanks a lot!!

    asked by lamiya
  42. science

    what is the difference between endangered species and threatened species

    asked by francine
  43. English

    1. He is so kind to help me. 2. He is so kind as to help me. (Which one is correct? Are both OK?) 3. Hanok is a traditional Korean house. 4. Hanok is a Korean traditional house. 5. Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. 6. Hanbok is a Korean traditional

    asked by John
  44. Socials

    what three rules should be applied when using primary source documents to make sure that they are reliable and accurate? Three rules which should be applied when using primary source documents to make sure that they are reliable and accurate are that they

    asked by Rebecca
  45. Law

    I need the Justice mamman Nasir boundary commission report on ondo state and Delta state of Nigeria boundary dispute

    asked by Ajele Seinde
  46. biology

    4. Both photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration are examples of complex metabolic pathways, consisting of many linked chemical reactions that require enzymes to function. Briefly, explain two attributes of enzymes in catalyzing chemical reactions

    asked by lisa
  47. business

    what are the ethical issues relating to production. how do they impact a small business..negative or positive impacts

    asked by Maureen
  48. Earth Science


    asked by 2to1tony
  49. algebra

    The equation y= - 1777x + 27,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United States x years after 2000 that is, x=0 corresponds to 2000, x =3 corresponds to 2003, x = 4, and so on. Predict the number of gun deaths in 2004 and 2008, in

    asked by help, help, help
  50. algebra

    Graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope (1,0) , (-5, -3) -3-0/-5-1 + -3/4 so the slope would be M=-3/4 but how do you graph -3/4? Am I looking at this correctly.

    asked by confused
  51. algebra

    Multiply -5/9 * (6/5) Please show me in steps I understand better this way. Not just the answer

    asked by algebra yuck
  52. algebra

    The equation y= -1777x + 27,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United States x years after 2000, that is x=0 corresponds to 2000, x =3 corresponds to 2003, x=4 corresponds to 2004, and so on. Predict the number of gun deaths in

    asked by Need help
  53. Algebra

    How come (2xy^2)^3 is equal to 8x^3 y-6? I thought that six exponent should be a five since you add them together. So 2 and 3 should be five. But why is this?

    asked by Elisa
  54. Mathy

    On a 14-day vacation, Glenn increased his caloric intake by 1500 calories per day. He also worked out more than usual by swimming 2 hr a day. Swimming burns 666 calories per hour, and a net gain of 3500 calories adds 1 lb of weight. Did Glenn gain at least

    asked by Sue
  55. Socials

    What is empathy? Empathy is identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives is this right , if you think you could add anything else then please do so, maybe your ideas could be useful for me.

    asked by Rebecca
  56. algebra

    solve by the substitution method 9x + 5y = -25 x = 7 - 3y Could someone help with steps here also?

    asked by algebra yuck
  57. algebra

    Help x + 3y =2 (1) x = 9 -3y (2) solve the system of equations

    asked by To Mrs. Sue
  58. physics

    prove the tame taken when a ball is thrown 3 times high and form 60 degree from it's previouse degree of 30 degree

    asked by jhone
  59. math

    janet spent 1/3 of study time on one subject and 2/7 on another subject. what fraction of her study time remains?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Algebra 1 Please bobpursley again

    Thanks to everyone for trying to help me. This is not really a question but an answer to what grade level this promblem is for my son is in ninth grade. Thank You all again

    asked by Mary
  61. chemistry

    I need help converting 294.5nm to cm

    asked by Selenee
  62. english

    what is a direct and indirect support when writing an essay? what makes it direct or indirect?

    asked by steph
  63. Calculus

    I need to find the next 3 terms...but I can't figure out what the rule for this! 3, 5, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 3 3/4, 4 1/4, 3 7/8, 4 1/8... please help! thank you so much

    asked by Farhin
  64. algebra

    One can make predictions for certain events based on a) scientific evidence b) newspaper stories c) frequency of occurence d) personal observation Thank you!!!

    asked by Philine
  65. health

    What is an example of a shift from inpatient to outpatient services?

    asked by april
  66. Earth Science

    can someone help me? wat is the difference between the scientific theory and the scientific law? plz and thank you

    asked by 2to1tony
  67. algebra

    please please explain solve using the addition and multiplication principles 5 + 2x

    asked by algebra yuck
  68. algebra

    you helped me with this earlier I think I got it. 2004 gun deaths would be -1777 x 4 years + 27,153 = 20,045 2008 gun deaths would be -1777 X 8 years + 27, 153 = 12, 937

    asked by algebra yuck(atten Mr. pursley
  69. chemistry.

    They are__________Mol of carbon atoms in 4 mol of Dimedthysulfoxide A: 2 B: 6 c: 8 D: 4 E: 3 My answer is C:8 but can any one help me with the method to show the right answer. 2. There are ___________Sulfur atoms in 25 molecules of c4H4S2. My answer is

    asked by Richard
  70. algebra

    could you help me figure out how to do this find the domain of the function P(x)=^2 -2x + 10

    asked by To Mrs. Sue
  71. Algebra 1

    I had a quiz in math. The problem is: |4.3+(-7.2)| I got the answer 11.5 and my teachr marked it wrong. When she gave us a chance to fix the errors for half credit, I tried it again. But I KEEP getting the same answer. What am I doing wrong?

    asked by Cecilia
  72. Wild Life Biology

    What are 5 different animal behaviors that are instictive? What brings these behaviors out? One is sense. Animals can sense their direction or prey.

    asked by Taylor
  73. AP Bio

    This is the summary formula for photosynthesis: 6CO2+6H20 yields C6H12O6+6O2 Refer to the summary formula for photosynthesis. If you know the number of molecules or moles of any of the reactants used (or products produced), how would you calculate the

    asked by muffy
  74. Algebra

    Simplify a^5 b^3 _______ ab^8 Answer: a^4 b^-5 Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. English

    I'm not sure how to quote a dialogue from a play in my essay. And if it includes a line such as: WALTER(With immense passion) Because it is life, Mama! Do include the part in parethesis?

    asked by Fiona
  76. algebra

    Could you help in the steps to this problem 5/2x + 1/4x = 5/4 + x solve

    asked by To Mrs. Sue
  77. algebra

    Solve and proof for the value of A. 0.3A+(0.2A-0.5)+0.2(A+2)=1.3 I have done this question over and over I keep getting answers like 2 or3.25 but when I sub in thoes answers for A It does not work.

    asked by Kay.
  78. algebra

    I have tried this problems all ways please help simplify 5[-8-(34-49)] I get 5 but that can't be right

    asked by Need help
  79. algebra

    y -3 >-20 The solution is {y|y> ? }

    asked by Need help
  80. business

    what are potential for growth internally and extenally in small business

    asked by maureen
  81. Wild Life Biology

    What are 5 human behaviors that are instictive? What is the stimulus that brings out that behavior? I know that one is laughing. Something funny, surprising, or out of the ordinary can cause this behavior to happen.

    asked by Taylor
  82. history

    What is some things that have happened in the past that has made America the nation it is today?

    asked by Taylor
  83. Algebra 1 Please bobpursley

    This is what the exact paper says Algebra 1 PAP Creature teacher Obj: TLW creat a creature to represent a varable to be used to simplify an expression. Each student must will be assigned a variable ( mine being C): the student is to create a creature to

    asked by Mary
  84. physics

    An object starts falling under gravity from rest. If it completes 9/25 of its journey within the last second. Find the total time taken and the total displacement?

    asked by jojo
  85. algebra

    solve 8x -(5x +4)=5 3x-4 =5 3x-4 +4 =5 +4 3x =9 x =3 is this right????

    asked by To Mrs. Sue
  86. Spanish Help?? (URGENT)

    Alright for an Spanish assignment I must make skit that talks about family. And I need to roleplay this skit infront of the class. The problem is that in the skit I must teach the class about family members ands their relationship. I need to do this in a

    asked by John
  87. science

    what can we do to help animals from dying from pollution

    asked by francine
  88. English

    1. to feel happy because you are with someone, or have something. (What is a suitable English word for the definition?) 2. I am not interested in music at all. 3. I don't take interest in music at all. (Are both the same and grammatical?) 4. I don't spend

    asked by John
  89. Math

    Okay, this isn't really a big question. I know how to do it, there's just one thing I have to make sure of. The problem is: 5x+4y-11x-2y I know I need to combine like terms, but which sign do I use to do that. Like if I want to combine 5x and 11x, do I use

    asked by Cecilia (Again)
  90. algebra

    solve 8x -(5x +4)= 5 The solution is x= 8 is this right

    asked by algebra yuck
  91. MATH Algebra

    find the polynomial for the perimeter and for the area x+6 is listed on top a x is listed on left side of a rectangle

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    Hello, Having trouble with this one... Solve the inequality: (2x-3)(4x)+x^2=>(3x+4)^2 I did 2x-3*4x 9x^2-12x on the left side on the right side: 9x^2+24x+16 I substracted everything on the right side over to the left and made it => zero

    asked by muffy
  93. Math

    (x/(x+8))-(8/(x-8))=(x^2+64)/(x^2-64) Would the answer be no solution? If so, why? Thanks again.

    asked by Sue
  94. Math156

    I can understand in my head how to solve it I can't figure it out on paper. Help......I'm sure this will be easy for someone. The Rental Depreciation Problem. The owner of a rental house can depreciate its value over a period of years, meaning that the

    asked by Christy

    acceleartiononmoon= GMassmoon/radius^2 =G 7.35E22/(1.74E6)^2= G 2.43E10= = 6.67E-11*2.43E10= 1.62 m/s^2 or as a gravitational field constant= 1.62 N/kg I have no idea why you used the mass of Earth. were did you get a = r^-2 Gm from i thought that the

    asked by TO BOBPURSLEY
  96. Earth Science

    wat is the difference between a hypothesis and a question? plz help and thank you

    asked by 2to1tony
  97. Algebra 1

    Each student will be assigned a variable(mine being C) the student is to create a creature to represent that variable. The student must make 10 creatures for the variable. Then the student must make 10 additional creatures to represent that variable

    asked by Mary
  98. math

    x/8+x/12+x/2+28=x ? how to solve this equation? do I have to fine same common denominator?

    asked by Demora
  99. English

    1. I should get going. (Is this correct? What other expressions can we use?) 2. It's about time I move along. 3. It's about the time I move along. (Are both OK? Which one is right?)

    asked by John
  100. Algebra

    Simplify a^5 b^3 _______ ab^8 Answer: a^4 b^-5 Is this correct? {Note: There are no parentheses in either the problem or the answer}

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math156

    make an illustration depicting the number line to find each sum or difference 1 2/3 + 1 5/6

    asked by Christy
  102. MATH Algebra

    How do I find the variation constant and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y =70 when x=7

    asked by Anonymous
  103. MATH

    In a right triangle find the length of the side not given. b=2,c=ã29

    asked by Anonymous
  104. english

    I would love a website where I could put in my own sentence and have all the parts of speech identified!!! Can you help me with this? I have too many sentences to post here for help.

    asked by tiffany
  105. visual

    how colour is form?

    asked by mishka
  106. biology

    what happens if a lysosome bursts in a cell?

    asked by lamiya
  107. Algebra

    Simplify x^5 y^2 * xy^2z^6 I got x^6 y^4 z^6 Is that correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Misc

    Are there any improvments I can make in this paragraph? also i need a word for the place where there is a ----. i can't seem to find a word to put in there: This is a new concept, designed specifically for gaming. It was designed so it could allow people

    asked by mysterychicken
  109. Algebra

    Simplify n^3 ___ n^6 I got n^-3 Correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Wild Life Biology

    Our environment changes rapidly with loss of animal habitat increasing daily. Why might an animal's insticts cost it it's life in this situation? So far all I can think of is the deer that sense a sourse of food on the oppiste side of a road. Which causes

    asked by Taylor
  111. college

    Historical figures and events of Hinduism

    asked by Anonymous
  112. algebra

    For what values of x is the following expression: 1/(x^2-25). How do you solve and determined the undefined value? Thanks!

    asked by Swtpllypb
  113. Wild Life Biology

    Animal Behaviors: If instict is physically based in the brain, and behaviors result from this brain structure, what would you hypothesis happens to the brain during learning?

    asked by Taylor
  114. math

    what characteristics do 8,10,15,26,33 have that 5,9,16,18,24 don't have

    asked by Dee
  115. outer space

    how made the name science

    asked by ran
  116. HRM

    Can someone please give me an example of a training proposal?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Computers-Java

    I am writing a computer program to calculate the number of gallons of water used per day in my household but I want to make sure I am doing the program right. Ex. (toilet usage) # of people in household:5 # of times a person flushes per day:5 # of gallons

    asked by Lisa
  118. biology

    why are there a lot of mitochondria? please help! thnanks!

    asked by lamiya
  119. govermennt

    what district is palm beach?

    asked by smart
  120. algebra

    would the y-intercept for y + x = -5 be (0,5)

    asked by algebra yuck
  121. Earth Science

    an evidence is a material or data that can be measured and tested to verify their prediction so wat is the difference between evidence and scientific inquiry\ plz help and thank you

    asked by 2to1tony
  122. math/chem

    1) 35.72 x 0.00590 2) 0.4832/5.12 3) (6.09 x 10^-1)(9.08 x 10^5) 4) (7.79 x 10^4)(4.56 x 10^3)/ (2.93 x10^3)(3.2 x 10^2) 5) 2.3 x 10^2 + 7.16 x 10^5

    asked by jay
  123. Earth Science

    an evidence is a material or data that can be measured and tested to verify their prediction so wat is the difference to a scientific inquiry plz help and thank you

    asked by 2to1tony
  124. English- URGENT! due date tommorow!!

    my teach gave me a project in which i have to make my own advertisement on a product of my choice. i have no idea what product i shud use!! please help!! The due date is tommorow and i still havent done it!!

    asked by Amy
  125. social studies need Quick help

    does any one know the 6 rivers that flow east of the rocky moutains plesae i cant find this any where

    asked by maf
  126. Math

    I am sorry where did you get a from b=2, c=ã 29

    asked by Anonymous
  127. social studies

    which is closer jordan or italy

    asked by neily
  128. to mrs.sue

    closer to europe

    asked by neily
  129. math

    how do i do the missing factor method to find the quotient of 3/5 divided by 2/3

    asked by Christy