Questions Asked on
September 10, 2009

  1. Physics

    Two bicyclists, starting at the same place, are riding toward the same campground by two different routes. One cyclist rides 1490 m due east and then turns due north and travels another 1430 m before reaching the campground. The second cyclist starts out

    asked by RE
  2. Math

    A work crew of 3 people requires 3 weeks and 2 days to do a certain job. How long would it take a work crew of 4 people to do the same job if each person of both crews works at the same rate as each of the others? Note: each week contains six work days.

    asked by Nicole
  3. check geo

    when ___ the african slave trade greatly increased. a)AFRICANS BEGAN TO SHIP slaves to europe B)europeans needed more workers in the americas C)isalmic traders replaced europeans traders in western africa D)africans took arabs across the sahara. my choose

    asked by henry
  4. 12th grade LAW

    how do laws increase an individuals freedom in society?

    asked by gale
  5. Trig

    Two observers 1 km apart spot an airplane. The angles of elevation of the airplane from the two observers are 22 degrees 50 minutes and 24 degrees 40 minutes. If the observers and the airplane are in the some vertical plnae, compute the altitude of the

    asked by Trig
  6. algebra 2

    i need answers to the pennfoster book matrices and determinants exam number :00703500. please make sure all the answers are correct. please and THANK YOU (:

    asked by hellomynameis
  7. math

    what is a concrete graph

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math_ Intergers

    On Tuesday the temperature changes -2 degrees F perhour from noon until10:00a.m. the next morning. The temperature at noon on Tuesday is 75 degrees F. A) What is the Temperature at 4:00 p.m on Tuesday? B)What is the temperature at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday?

    asked by DMAR
  9. Psychology - Collective Unconscious

    I'm supposed to make a PowerPoint about the collective unconscious of my culture, but I just don't understand the idea of it. What exactly are some of the collective unconscious symbols?? It didn't really explain it in the textbook...

    asked by Karen
  10. spelling

    What is a synonym for 'patch doll'? (has to have a 'J' sound and 7 letters) Thank you!

    asked by Yan
  11. Physics

    A Canadian goose flew 845 km from Southern California to Oregon with an average speed of 28.0 m/s. How long, in hours, did it take the goose to make his journey?

    asked by Jenny
  12. Chemistry

    I can not determine the answer for this problem...can someone please help me? Determine the number if moles of MgO that form from the reaction of 4.4 moles of O2 in the following unbalanced reaction: Mg + O2 ----> MgO The balanced equation is: 2Mg + O2

    asked by Jessica
  13. Math

    What is the pattern rule 2-22-12-132-122-1342?

    asked by no one
  14. Math

    The amount 116 is 145% of what number? (Write the equation and solve it)

    asked by Anonymous
  15. french

    ex. to study = etudier I need help on: to prefer to like better I need help on: to ask a question

    asked by Alexa
  16. 4th grade


    asked by JUANITA
  17. math

    Solve the equation algebraically. Round the result to three decimal places. log4 x - log4(x-1) = 1/2 I have no idea how to do this. Please help!

    asked by Hannah
  18. Calculus

    a particle starts at time t = 0 and moves along the x axis so that its position at any time t>= 0 is given by x(t) = ((t-1)^3)(2t-3) a.find the velocity of the particle at any time t>= 0 b. for what values of t is the velocity of the particle negative? c.

    asked by Lauren
  19. physics

    The drawing shows a force vector vector F that has a magnitude of 600 newtons. It lies at alpha = 67° from the positive z axis, and beta = 31° from the positive x axis. (that's the diagram given) webassign. (delete this space) net/CJ/p1-39alt.gif (a)

    asked by RE
  20. Algebra

    Solve the inequality and graph the solution. 9(x+2)>9(x-3) my work: 9x+18>9x-27 +27 +27 ____________ 9x+45>9x -9x -9x ____________ 45>0 I found it to come out to 45>0.. but that can't be right. What am I doing wrong?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Spanish Learning Software

    Hello to all. I'm looking to learn Spanish independantly, so I have decided to try some sort of program or course to do it. I've searched on GOOGLE about the best/top Spanish learning software, and I've come across multiple results. Some say differently

    asked by John
  22. Literature

    Make a list of characters from books, movies, or t.v shows that seem particularly real or beleivable to you. You will write a detailed expository essay on the character you choose later on. My list: 1. Harry Potter 2. Pheobe Winterbottom (Walk Two Moons)

    asked by mysterychicken
  23. math

    If you earn the grades of 81, 84, 78, 80 in four tests what should your final test’s score be in order to have an average of 81%? .81x400=324 Need a total of 324 pts Test grades so far 81,84,78,80 = 323 324-323=1 You need at least one more point to get

    asked by Kay
  24. English

    1. This dog is very wild. OK, I'll be careful. That's good. 2. This dog is very fierce. I know, but he will like me. OK. 3. This dog is a little wild. OK, I'll treat him tenderly. Very good. 4. This dog is somewhat fierce. I see, but I will be very

    asked by John
  25. psychology 11

    Dan and maureen are married and have 2 children, ages 7 and 12. Dan coaches Litle League, and Maureen drives the kids to soccer practice. Dan works as a middle manager in a high-tech firm, and maureen is a successful architect. They own their own house, 2

    asked by Kerri
  26. Algebra

    I'm adding 2(radical 50) + 12 (radical 8). I began by breaking the radical fifty into two parts: the radical of 25 and the radical of two. The radical of twenty five can break down into five, and the radical of two stays the way it is. Now it should read 2

    asked by Eve
  27. Geometry

    Find the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 2xR=4.2 ft. Use Pi = 3.14, and round the result to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Jenny
  28. English

    1. I will go to a sports goods store and buy a skipping rope and enjoy skipping rope. 2. Foreigners like to buy Korean souvenirs at a traditional Korean shop. 3. Our anscestors lived in thatched houses long ago. Some noblemen's family lived in Hanoks,

    asked by John
  29. physics

    the number on the left is the displacement, on the right is the vector. The person travelling i order of the numbers ....not sure how to explain this because there are no instructions only a shart with the titles of the categories Steps, Displacement,

    asked by Kerri
  30. math

    Think of a number. Add 17. Double the result.Subtract 4. Double the result. Add 20. Divide by 4. Subtract 20.What's your answer?

    asked by Rebecca
  31. Calc

    what is a derivitive? And how do you get it (f(x)=2x) from f(x)=x^2-3?

    asked by Katie
  32. English/Grammar

    My teacher didn't explain today's lessons about complete and simple predicates and subjects. How do you identiy them and what are they? Please give examples and explain them throughly.

    asked by Marina
  33. AP US History

    "In what ways and to what extent did constitutional and social developmetns between 160 and 1877 amount to a revolution?" That's the DBQ Question I have to answer. Once I get the ideas flowing I'll know how to incorporate the documents. I have an idea for

    asked by AR
  34. check geo

    during the 1800s europeans seeking raw materials and a market for goods A)chose to colonize australia instead of africa B)set up trading posts but did not interfere in african politics C)colonized the entire region except for liberia and ethopia D)focused

    asked by henry
  35. psychology

    Does this sound like a reasonable answer? Here is the question:– Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism. Give an example of reciprocal interactionism (influences among a person, a situation, and a behavior). Provide an example of mechanistic

    asked by holly o
  36. Calculus

    We're doing a lab in my Calc II class and I'm stuck on this question. I tried to do it by looking at instructions for a similar question in the book, but it made me more confused. Here is the question and my work: Find the area of the region enclosed by

    asked by Jenna
  37. Algebra II

    Is 23abc a polynomial? I want to say it is because all it is is multiplication but, I'm not positive. If it is, it would be a constant monomial thought right?

    asked by Rylie
  38. Algebra

    I am trying to figure out how to evaluate 100^-3/2. I'm going by the example (64)^2/3=16. IN the example, 64^2/3 is changed into 64^1/3^2=4^2=16. But I don't get why out of all numbers it is changed into 4^2. I know 16 goes into 64 four times, but why is

    asked by Eve
  39. French HELP

    ex. to study = etudier I need help on: to prefer to like better I need help on: to ask a question please translate these to french

    asked by Alexa

    As you eat ur way through a bag of cookies, you observe each cookie is a circular disk of diamter 8.50+ or - 0.02 cm and thickness 0.050+ or - 0.005cm. Find the avg volume of a cookie and the uncertainty in the volume.

    asked by RAYMOND
  41. chemistry

    For these problem, I know how to solve it, but I have some issues with the formula. I know that, I need to write down the formula first, and then I need to balance the equation, then I can solve it. So, can anyone please check my formula? You don't have to

    asked by hh
  42. Finance

    You belong to an unusual pension plan because your retirement payments will continue forever (and will go to your descendants after you die). If you will receive $30,000 per year at the end of each year starting 25 years from now, what is the present value

    asked by Peter
  43. check geo

    What are the most abundant resources in this region? A)soil and coal B)minerals and soil C)water and soil D)minerals and water my choose is b most europeans who came to africa south of sahara between 1400s and 1700s? A)avoided the african interior

    asked by henry
  44. Math

    Give an ordered pair (a,b) of numbers that satisfy the equation. I got (1,1) but cant i also be (2,4)? I'm not sure how to answer that Also, Write each equation for the vertical and horizontal lines passing through the point (7,-5) in (x,y) - coordinates I

    asked by Chopsticks
  45. math - standard form

    please could you check the first 2 then explain the method on the other 2 1)5.2x10^6 + 3x10^5 5200000+300000=5500000 5.5x10^6 2)4.2x10^5 + 1.28x10^6 420000+1280000=1700000 1.7x10^6 method please 3)6.5x10^-3 - 3.5x10^-9 0.065-0.000000035=0.064999965 how do

    asked by chelsea
  46. Geometry

    Name two different ways to continue the pattern. 48, 49, 50. I obviously know 51 could be an answer, but can't figure out a second way the pattern could be continued. Any help would be appreciated. :)

    asked by Celine
  47. Geography

    Need help with these- 17. The climate on the Caribbean coast of Central America in rainier than the climate on the Pacific coast because the Caribbean coast a. receives moisture throughout the year from the northeasterly winds blowing toward Central

    asked by mysterychicken
  48. 5th grade

    Will someone tell me a webpage my daughter can get help on solving equations, word problems w/ algebraic chains...or for 5th grade math. Thank you

    asked by margaret
  49. math

    A linear system may have a unique solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions. Indicate the type of the system for th following examples by U , N , or I , respectively. 1. 2x+3y=5 4x+6y=10 2. 2x+3y=5 2x+4y=6 3. 2x+3y=5 2x+3y=6

    asked by Anonymous
  50. geography

    the ___- is called the sahel A)steppe north of the kalahari B)tropical area near the equator C)steppe south of the sahara D)desert area west of the sahara my choose is a

    asked by henry
  51. math

    i am a three-digit number. i am made up of three different numerals. i am divisble by eleven.

    asked by bria

    I have a question. I am so lost in algebra and I need to know if 3x^2=5 is quadratic? (That's 3x squared equals 5)

    asked by ggift
  53. physics

    School just started a couple of days ago and we just got our first assignment in my physics 11 class we have to find the displacement ... but i have no idea how

    asked by Racheal
  54. Physics

    It takes you 9.5min to walk with an average velocity of 1m/s to the north from the bus stop to the museum entrance. What is your displacement?

    asked by Anthony Smith
  55. 10th grade History

    What congressmen had sons who fought in the Vietnam War? What were the names of the Congressmen & sons? There were 28 total, 19 who saw combat. I found that info on one web site. I looked through many other sites, and can not find their names.

    asked by John
  56. Algebra

    When you multiply two radicals that are the same number such as 5 and 5, would the result be the radical of 25, or would it be 5?

    asked by Kulah
  57. biology

    Please help. Can you tell me how to find 1. what is the weight of 1 mole of pure sodium (Na)? 2. How many molecules of Na are in 1 mole of Na?

    asked by muffy
  58. math

    Dorthy is 6 years older than Ricardo. The product of their present age is twice what the product of their ages was 6 years ago. How old is Dorthy?

    asked by Noelle
  59. science

    what is gravel soil

    asked by smart
  60. english

    whose job is it to interpret the law in light constitutional safeguards

    asked by giselle
  61. math

    the o.j simpson case is an example of which level of the criminal justice "wedding cake"

    asked by laur

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WAT TO DO AND I AM SO CONFUSED HELP ANYONE PLEASE 4x-5y=-19 2x+17=y what is the solution of the system?

    asked by vera
  63. check geo

    in western africa a ______is welcome after heavy summer rains. A)monsoon B)pula C)harmattan D)wet season my choose is c as one moves away from the equator, climates change from: A)savanna to rain forest B)tropical to steppe and desert C)steppe to wetter

    asked by henry
  64. 10th grade

    reduce each rational expression into lowest terms. 2y+4/3y+6

    asked by Loretta
  65. check geo

    the kalahari desert locaterd in: A)north africa B)southwest asia C)southern africa D)east africa my choose is c africa today has the highest ____ in the world. a)infant mortality and lowest life expectancy B)life expectancy and lowest infant mortality

    asked by henry
  66. rounding

    is 2767 + 7445 = 10,200 by rounding? i got 2800+7400= 10,200

    asked by caroline
  67. check geo

    which of the folowing is not a common element of traditional religious of this region A)a belief in a single supreme being B)a belief in anture spirits C)efforts to convert neighboring peoples D)the honoring of ancient ancestors my choose is b which

    asked by henry
  68. science

    Suppose you are testing the boiling temperature of several liquids. How would you use numbers during your investigation?

    asked by mikayla
  69. algebra

    How do you set this up as an equation? There is a total of 1600 cups and bowls. cups cost 1.90 and bowls cost 2.85. how many of each do you have if the bill was 3430.00. and that includes 105.00 saucer.

    asked by jack
  70. math

    write the following as a mathematical expression, use x for a number. The product of a number and six

    asked by jerson
  71. science

    Do earthquakes affect volcanoes ?

    asked by tinker
  72. Math

    The Sugar Sweet Company is going to transport its sugar to market. It will cost 4375 to rent trucks, and it will cost an additional 175 for each ton of sugar transported. Let c represent the total cost (in dollars), and let s represent the amount of sugar

    asked by Chopsticks
  73. Calculus

    Can someone look over my work and tell me if my steps look correct? I'm trying to correct some problems that looked wrong. Instructions: Find the total areas between the given curves. 1. x= (y^3) and x=(y^2) on the interval [0,1] (integral from 0 to 1 of)

    asked by Jenna
  74. 9th grade

    What is new york's climate?

    asked by ally
  75. Critical Thinking

    How would you re-write the following email so that it follow the critical thinking rules? I don’t have a lot of time to explain but off the top of my head answer is as a reader critical thinking affects me all ways. Not just reading but writing too.

    asked by Elaine
  76. algebra

    Find the slpe if it exist of the line containing the pair of points: (2,3) and (9,-4) I get -7/7 but do I need to change this to -1 and why?

    asked by Help
  77. MATH


    asked by ALAYAH
  78. algebra

    Soybean meal is 18% protein: cornmeal is 9% how many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to ge a 360 pound mixutre that is 13% protein: I get 200 cornmeal 160 soybean meal I think I put this backwards.

    asked by Help
  79. Biology - organic compounds

    A long chain of three or more amino acids is called a what?

    asked by Darla
  80. Math

    A pigeon runs into a flock of pigeons and asks their leader what is your number in this flock? The leader replays: I am not suppose to tell you our exact number, but if you take twice our number and add a half of our number and still add another quarter of

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Pre Calc

    Does this: sqrt 3x-4=(x-4)^2-3 Multiply out to: x^4-16x^3+90^2-211x+173 I then need to put it in the graphing calc and see what the roots are.

    asked by muffy
  82. 4th grade English

    Would building be capitalized when used in a sentence as Empire State Building?

    asked by Tracy
  83. math

    62 cm = ? mm 100 miles = ? kilometers

    asked by stink at measurments
  84. Human Resource Management

    Write a response recommendation analysis of 200 to 300 words of how large firms and small firms might utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Provide one example for a large company and one example for a small company of

    asked by scooby9132002

    how do i solve this linear equation: 3x/4 + 6 = -12 (3x over 4 is a fraction) and this quadratic equation..... -4x squared = 0??

    asked by ggift
  86. algebra 1

    find the values of 'P','Q', and 'R'. (PX+Q)(2X+5)=6Xsquared+11X+R the answer is p=3,q=-2,r=-10. how do I get these answers?

    asked by SIMP( secret important person)
  87. Math Quotations place value

    Good evening, I am not sure if Ross wrote the questions for homework correctly however, I am a little confused as to the difference in hundreds place value vs. hundreths place value is there such a place value as HUNDRETHS? Would HUNDRETHS APPLY TO DECIMAL

    asked by Ross
  88. Math

    What does it mean when my teacher says describe in 5 uses/applications of the concepts of this course?

    asked by Mike
  89. 10th grade math

    How do I factor 4x^2-12x+8? so far I took out the Greatest Common Factor. 4(x^2-3x+2) What next?

    asked by Loretta
  90. science

    what does immense mean?

    asked by tinker
  91. laww helppppppp

    What is the cornerstone of the justice anti-drug model?pick one the increased use of military forces to seal the borders decreased reliance on rehabilitation programs for drug addicts the adoption of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes the

    asked by melissa
  92. geography

    most profits from minning in south africa: A)go to foriegn corporations B)are divided among the workers as bonuses C)are reinvested in the nations economy D)go into a fund to help increase literacy in the nation my choose is c

    asked by henry
  93. geography

    which statement about religion in africa south of sahara is accurate? A)christianity first became part of culture about 150 years ago B)religion is an intergral part of daily life C)islam has not attracted a large following D)it does not include european

    asked by henry
  94. english

    how does the text "lord of the flies" relate to journeys?

    asked by greg

    What are some good topics for a senior project to do?

    asked by JAZ
  96. geography

    the primary type of farming in the region is _____ farming A)commercial B)conservation C)subsistence D)communal my choose is b

    asked by henry
  97. geography

    agriculture conducted on permenent farms A)is rarely practiced in africa south of sahara B)is called subsistence farming C)is rapidly taking the place of commercial farming D)is called sadentary farming my choose a

    asked by henry
  98. geography

    urbanization in africa south of the sahara is : A)not a major factor in political and cultural life B)growing as its slowest point history C)happening faster than anywhere else in the world D)happening more slowly than anywhere else in the world. my choose

    asked by henry
  99. math

    What does it mean when my teacher says describe in 5 uses/applications of the concepts of this course?

    asked by Mike
  100. check geo

    the use of haevy farm machinery tilling and clear cutting: A)allows farmers to reuse thier lands for decades B)causes rain forest to grow back in record numbers C)has been banned in most parts of the region scince 1995 D)causes soil erosuon and

    asked by henry
  101. geo.

    the primary focus in the due process perspective is on what

    asked by kelly
  102. French

    In this: La femme de Jean-Pierre s'appelle Élisabeth. Elle a 39 ans. Elle est enfant unique. Elle a une fille Sandrine (16 ans) de son premier mariage. How is Sandrine related to Jean-Pierre and Élisabeth?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. law

    What is the cornerstone of the justice anti-drug model?pick one the increased use of military forces to seal the borders decreased reliance on rehabilitation programs for drug addicts the adoption of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes the

    asked by kelly
  104. math

    A troop of boy scouts hiked to a camp in the woods for supper.They returned home by a apth across lots,whih was two and a half miles shorter than the road which they went.the scout master said that they had walked 7 miles in many miles they walked

    asked by chris
  105. Math

    I have two algebra equations and I have to solve for x. 2x+3y=78 3x+2y=72 Not sure how to do this. Thanks.

    asked by Sam
  106. government

    I can't seem to figure out where to find the information that I need to answer the following question, "What role should America’s ideals play in its national security policy? Include historical, current, and hypothetical cases in the analysis." Can any

    asked by Brandi
  107. English

    The sentence: 'Not only do dropout rates affect the particular individuals, it also affects society in general. ' For word affect, should it be changed to effect? I'm confused on which word to use. Please help, thanks

    asked by Camille
  108. History

    What was the Jacksonian Era trying to prove and how does it relate to U.S. history? Any help would be greatly appreciated.This is a bonus question that we can earn extra points on.

    asked by Liz
  109. math

    in what table 97 come?

    asked by study song
  110. medical coding

    In the mcc213 health reimbursement class I need to know the pros and cons of treating patients with governmental insurance plans in a facility

    asked by jessica
  111. science

    where can i find a website to show me a compare and contrast of a volcano and earthquake?

    asked by tinker
  112. Computers

    Operator overloading: Array indexing [] – allow for double indexing [][] I'm not sure how to overload the operator[] for double indexing. Please help if you can. Thanks

    asked by Dave
  113. math

    A linear system may have a unique solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions. Indicate the type of the system for th following examples by U , N , or I 7x+3y= pi 4x-6y= pi^2 2x+3y= 0 4x+6y= 0 2x+3y=1 4x+ 6y= 1 x+y=5 x+2y=10 2x-3y=5 4x-6y=10

    asked by Completely lost?!
  114. 7th Grade Math

    {Decimals} Hi, I'm stuck on these problems, and I asked my family members, they don't know, so I've come to you, community! Please help, thanks. Directions: Round each decimal to the underlined place-value position. 4.2974 (seven is the underlined number)

    asked by Dean
  115. Math

    Can somebody give me a good explanation on how to find the Greatest Common Factor on a 6th-7th garde level? Thanks. I was absent yesterday and I have a quiz on this TOMORROW!

    asked by Isabel
  116. Pre-Calculus

    Does this: sqrt 3x-4=(x-4)^2-3 Multiply out to: x^4-16x^3+90x^2-111x+173 Once I know it is multiplied out right then I can continue. Thanks

    asked by muffy
  117. his135

    Explain how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S. o Defend McCarthyism as appropriate or criticize it as inappropriate for the time in which it occurred.

    asked by bamma


    asked by YEISON
  119. algebra

    solve: -0.6x

    asked by Help


    asked by YEISON
  121. algebra

    collect like terms: 19c + 5d -10c -8d it dosent come out right I get 9c + 13d

    asked by Help
  122. Biology - organic compounds

    Give the generalized (reduced) formula for a carbohydrate.

    asked by Darla
  123. algebra

    find the domain of the function g(x) = 2/8-3x I think answer is {x|x=0} but not sure

    asked by Help
  124. 7th grade math

    so i have this graph paper, and I have to draw a scale drawing of my body on it. my teacher said 3 squares is equivalent to 4 inches. so if one of my body parts, for example my head, is not a multiple of 4, how do I draw it on the paper? I hope that makes

    asked by kat
  125. French please help

    conjugate the following verbs; jouer-to play je-joue tu-joues on-?????? manger-to eat on-???

    asked by Alexa
  126. algebra

    find the indicated outputs for f(x = 3x^2 -5x f(0)= f(-1)= f (2)=

    asked by Help
  127. history(social studies)

    What cost the british empire 60 million pounds?

    asked by kay
  128. MGT 307

    How do diversity and indivdidual differences impact your organizational culture? How does an organization’s culture affect its ability to handle change?

    asked by Linda
  129. English

    What is the difference between HUMERUS and HUMOROUS? (Besides the spellings) Thanks!!

    asked by Anonymous
  130. math

    The area of a rectangle is 84 square units. If its length is shortened by 7 units and its width by 2 units a square is formed. Determine the area of the square.

    asked by Mary
  131. biology

    I have some questions that relate to table 2.1 which lists the chemical elements that occur naturally in the human body. Similar percentages of these elements are found in most living organisms. a. In what abiotic (non-life) chemical forms are these

    asked by muffy
  132. Geometry

    Using your calculateor, look at the successive ratios (of the Fibonacci sequence) of one term to the next. Make a conjecture. I don't exactly get what the questions asking. I tried listing the ratios, but I really didn't see any pattern. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Celine
  133. Geometry

    One pattern on my worksheet has angles. The first is 90 degrees, 135 degrees, then 157.5 degrees. I don't really see any pattern. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you so much. :)

    asked by Celine
  134. language

    I am working on placing commas in the correct place. The sentence is: On June 11, 1994 I visited the Empire State Building. It is 1,250 feet tall, 100 feet shorter than the World Trade Center.

    asked by Michael
  135. spanish

    what dose tengo sed puedo ira

    asked by shana
  136. sports puzzle

    I have puzzle to solve on words from the world of sports.Do you know any web or side that can help .

    asked by joseph
  137. Language

    Are the commas in the correct spots? Write me at 57 Bank Street, New York, New York 10014

    asked by Michael
  138. Organizational Behavior

    1500-2000 words Details: You will be a member of the newly-formed project staff team. This team will need to realize process gains within its first three months. You want to help, not hinder, the team's progress, so you decide to do some research upfront.

    asked by Lamar
  139. physical

    Ok, let's say Bob serves the ball to Sally, the ball didn't hit the table but it could've if Sally had let it. Would that be Bob's point of should they just keep playing? (Not for HW, just playing this in class) Thanks!!!!

    asked by anonymous
  140. AP US History

    does anyone know where to find the answers for The American Pageant, chapter 9 study guide?!?

    asked by out of time
  141. science

    is topsoil bad for wind erosion

    asked by smart
  142. art

    i don't understand how rhythm of principles of design works, either

    asked by Isabelle
  143. Social Studies

    1. London has the longest subway. 2. The Pacific is bigger than the continent of Asia. 3. Sunflowers can grow as tall as giraffes. 4. The largest animal is the blue whale. 5. The oldest country in the world is Iran. 6. The smallest country in the world is

    asked by John
  144. SCIENCE

    can topsoil resist for wind erosion

    asked by smart
  145. SCIENCE

    Some student made a terratium out ot the bottom of 2-liter soda bottle.They placeed a layer of gravel on the botton of the bottom of the and the added soil.they sprinkled 1/2 teaspoon of grass seed on top of the soil and added two small plants.Finally they

    asked by PRECILIA
  146. math

    Convert 3214five to base ten

    asked by Noelle
  147. eng

    what is the primary focus of the nonintervention perspective

    asked by mel
  148. geography

    provinces, teritorries, and capitals of each.

    asked by aisha
  149. Math

    What id the decimal value of 0.3%?

    asked by Sarah
  150. math

    The sales tax on an item costing $236 is $28.20. What is the sales tax rate to nearest tenth? Write ratio equation and solve it!

    asked by Carah
  151. pre calc

    what quadrants does the point 2,4 and 0, 3 belong in

    asked by kim
  152. ALGEBRA

    what does it mean to state the solution in the problem if the equation is 2x^2-3x-4=0 (2x squared) and the graph is 2x^2-3x-4??? Can someone explain this to me?

    asked by ggift
  153. Calc

    How do you find the horizontal tangent for the equation f(x)=x^2-3? Algebraically

    asked by Katie
  154. Calc

    How do you find the avarage rate of change for f(x)=1+sin(x) in the interval [0,pi/2]?

    asked by Katie
  155. Calc

    How do you find the lim as x->infinity of (x+sin(x))/(x+cos(x))??

    asked by Katie
  156. law

    according to beccaria, the system can reduce the severity of punishment and it can also do what?

    asked by craig
  157. law

    the u.s congress passed the safe streets and crime control act in 1968, this legislation was used to fund what federal program

    asked by molly
  158. law

    most initial contacts with the criminal justice process are the result of what?

    asked by gabby
  159. eng

    in order to legally arrest someone an officer must satisfy what level of evidence

    asked by paulie
  160. MAth

    what is 3.1 x 10 to the power of 2

    asked by TJ
  161. math

    the freshman class ranges in height from 4'8"-6'. Write a compound inequality for the height of a freshman "f". Then write it as an absolut value inequality.

    asked by help
  162. math

    What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?

    asked by melisa
  163. geography

    most known mineral deposits in the region are located: A)along thepacific coast and south of the equator B)along the atlantic coast and south of equator C)along the pacific coast and north of the equator D)along the atlantic coast and north of the equator

    asked by henry
  164. check geo

    the population of africa south of sahara A)is unevenly distributed because of political borders B)is evenly distrubuted throughout the region C)is unevenly because of european coloization distrubuted because of land and climate D)is evenly distrubuted

    asked by henry
  165. 6th grade

    How are living things, or organisms alike? Living things are.....?

    asked by morgan
  166. science

    Why are cell so small?

    asked by josj
  167. eth 125

    How can the country best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens?

    asked by Jane
  168. Math

    Problem Solving question - place value and exponents. Are 10o and 2o equal? Why or Why not

    asked by Jenny
  169. 4th grade aliteration

    I need an aliteration for cobra

    asked by karen
  170. check geo

    most profits from minning in south africa: A)go to foriegn corporations B)are divided among the workers as bonuses C)are reinvested in the nations economy D)go into a fund to help increase literacy in the nation my choose is c which of the following is a

    asked by henry
  171. science

    outline the separation techniques used in the process: Waste water treatment please help me meg

    asked by meg
  172. english

    i do not no what to do with my year7 class in fansty. please help any on

    asked by ms boots
  173. Geometry

    Find the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 2xR=4.2 ft. Use Pi = 3.14, and round the result to the nearest tenth. would this be 3.14*2*4.2ft?

    asked by Jenny
  174. physics(cross products of vectors)

    How do I perform the right hand rule? I'm confused.

    asked by Nick
  175. math

    Rewrite using the distributive property: 2(3+8)

    asked by jerson
  176. Reading

    what six facts about Tornadoes THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    asked by Kayla
  177. music

    my music teacher said that remember any song that you can my question is which song is easy and nice for school presentation so others can also enjoy please i need help on monday i've presentation .

    asked by study song
  178. Math

    Thank you Bobpursley

    asked by Sam
  179. Com140

    how to create a table day by day job employment search?

    asked by sand
  180. Math

    How many 8 by 12 shelves can u get from a 36 by 56 piece of plywood

    asked by Mark
  181. Chemistry conversions check

    I'm sooooooo not sure if I'm doing this right, but can someone check it please? Thanks :)) 5) Determine the mass in grams of 3.01 x 10^23 atoms of Cl (element) I got 17.5 this right?

    asked by Emily
  182. 7th grade math


    asked by tinker
  183. math

    84% of what number is 100

    asked by thomas
  184. anatomy/biology

    what substance passes through a cell membrane using a solute pump?

    asked by julie
  185. pre calc

    multiply and simplify (5w-radical 3x)^2 sorry my computer has no radical key!!

    asked by Steph
  186. french

    conjugate the following verbs; jouer-to play je-joue tu-joues on-?????? manger-to eat on-???

    asked by Alexa
  187. GRADE 12 LAW

    what is the definition for government intervention?

    asked by gale
  188. Geometry

    draw a plane containing 4 coplanar points A, B, C, and D, with exactly 3 collinear poinys A, B, and D

    asked by Jameisha
  189. algebra

    Use the distributive property to help solve the equation: 3(w-3)=-6 W= ??? I have 3w - 3*3 = -6 then I am lost, could someone explain the steps.

    asked by Help
  190. algebra

    Determine whether (-4,5) is a solution of 4x + 8y =1 I would like the steps so I can practice this.

    asked by Help
  191. algebra

    find the domain of the function P(x) =x^2 - 2x + 3 I don't get at all

    asked by Help
  192. spelling

    What is a chocolate sweet? (has a 'J' sound and 5 letters)

    asked by Yan
  193. Biology - organic compounds

    Coumpounds having the same atoms in the same numerical ratio are called what?

    asked by Darla
  194. introduction to correction

    What do you think were the most significant developments to the penitentiary system during the 1800's?

    asked by Anonymous
  195. math

    Solve for x. In(2x-1) = 0 e^0 = 2x-1 I do not know what to do now!

    asked by Hannah
  196. civic duty

    Who are some people who did not perform their civic duty?

    asked by chris
  197. Expresion and Equations?

    How are they the same? How are they differnt?

    asked by Greeny
  198. -x?

    is -x negative or postive? how do u know? give example

    asked by Greeny
  199. chem

    whats the smallest size container that will hold 500 g of water? 500 g of alcohol?

    asked by jay
  200. chemistry

    What is the empirical formula for menthol when a 0.1005g sample of menthol is combusted, producing 0.28298g of CO2 and 0.1159g of H2O. Thank you!

    asked by hh
  201. Pictures (URGENT)

    I need to draw pictures that represents the weather, for a poster assignment. But I'm having trouble with hot and sunny. what 2 different pictures can i draw to represent them? Also, cold, snowing, and windy. I need 3 different pictures to represent them

    asked by John
  202. government

    does the senate pass laws?

    asked by nick
  203. math

    add write answers in lowest form . 13/18 + 11/18 = 24/18 = 1 6/18 = 1 2/6 is this right?

    asked by p
  204. economics

    out of the $875 billion in circulation, how much counterfeit money is in the U.s.?

    asked by Marina
  205. math

    need to check answers please 9/11-3/11+7/11=13/11=1 2/11 evaluate then to lowest form One task took 7 minutes (min), a second task took 12 min, and a third task took 21 min. How long did the three tasks take, as a fraction of an hour?2/3 find perimeter of

    asked by p
  206. Biology, Burning of sugar..My theory

    Can someone explain why, when sugar is burnt aerobically, it yields more energy than if it is burnt in anaerobic conditions? My thesis is that in aerobic conditions, there is an abundant supply of oxygen which can burn the sugar and thus, creating ATP

    asked by Kim
  207. math

    10 Students in a club . If each student plays the other 9 students once, how many games are played?

    asked by james

    why would you want a teacher to write you a college recommendation? WHAT ARE REASON WHY THEY WOULD BE A GOOD RESOURCE

    asked by JAZ
  209. science and social studies

    who is in charge of the legislative and judicial branch today? AND is topsoil bad for planting?

    asked by nobody
  210. ALGEBRA

    i need help....i need 5 ordered pairs of the following....y = 20 + x/3 how do i do this problem??

    asked by ggift
  211. 6th grade

    The lines of latitude divide the globe into units called what?

    asked by Annie
  212. chemistry

    what is qualitative measurement?

    asked by Anonymous
  213. art

    what is the difference between unity and emphasis?

    asked by Isabelle
  214. Subjects

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what courses in highscool and college course you would reccomend to become a physician.

    asked by Anonymous
  215. math

    I am not grasping how to find LCM can you help me

    asked by p
  216. 7th grade math

    Write a situation that could be modeled with the expression below. 45 divided by 3 minus 2 times 4

    asked by Cassie
  217. math

    LCM OF 35,12,20

    asked by p
  218. algebra

    what is the next number in the following series? 16 21 26 26 12 5 ? hint" just because numbers are used doesn't always mean the relationship between them is mathematical. these numbers spell a word

    asked by trey
  219. Geometry

    The sides of a square each measures 4 ¾ inches. Find the area of the square as a fraction or mix number. (Do not use decimals)

    asked by Rob
  220. psychology

    What can you do with a psychology major besides being a psychologist?

    asked by Anonymous
  221. journalism

    how do u wrote a personality feature

    asked by brianna lanier
  222. psychology

    What is brain plasticity?

    asked by Chris
  223. english

    what idea is the fundamental to the contemporary concept of criminal justice?

    asked by mely
  224. world history

    How can a textbook enhance learing?

    asked by Troy