Questions Asked on
September 9, 2009

  1. Physics

    Two point charges are separated by 6 cm. The attractive force between them is 20 N. Find the force between them when they are separated by 12 cm. (Why can you solve this problem without knowing the magnitudes of the charges?)

    asked by Merideth
  2. Elasticity (Physics)

    A tunnel of length L=150m, height H=7.2m, and width w=5.8m (with a flat roof) is to be constructed at a distance d=60m beneath the ground. The tunnel roof is be entirely supported by square steel columns, each with a cross sectional area of 960 cm^2. The

    asked by David
  3. Chemistry II

    Is iodine (I2) more soluble in water or carbon disulfide (CS2)? Why?

    asked by pasely
  4. Physics

    One of the more unusual of world wonders is the plain of jars in laos. Several hundred huge stone jars, which do not seem to made from rock, are scattered across the plain. The largest of these jars has a mass of around 6.0 x 10^3 kg. Express this mass in

    asked by NoNo100
  5. precalculus

    find the additive inverse of the number 6- pi and -7

    asked by timmy
  6. History

    Why does the Tenth Amendment use the term: reserved, to describe the powers that belong to the people and the states?

    asked by Billy
  7. 7th grade

    What is the definition of the word "hamebells" from the book "The Red Pony" by Steinbeck. I have searched all dictionary sources I could and can't seem to find out anythin on it. Is it, perhaps, a slang word for something else?

    asked by Christine
  8. Physical Science

    If you were to expend 10 Joules of work to push a 1-coulomb charge against an electric field, what would be its voltage with respect to its voltage in its starting position? When released, what will be its kinetic energy if it flies past its starting

    asked by Christina
  9. math-geometry

    how/where would i use incenter, orthocenter, circumcenter, and centroid in real life situations?

    asked by Tina
  10. principles of design

    i don't get the principles of design. what are pattern, rhythm, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, and balence. please help.

    asked by peter
  11. business research

    You conduct a survey of a sample of 25 members of this year’s graduating marketing students and find that the average GPA is 3.2. The standard deviation of the sample is 0.4. Over the last 10 years, the average GPA has been 3.0. Is the GPA of this

    asked by gail
  12. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of water will it take to fill a 2.00 L bottle that already contains 1.87 L of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    Atomic physicists ignore the effect of gravity within an atom. To see why, Calculate and compare the gravitational and electrical forces between an electron and a proton separated by 10^-10 m.

    asked by Kyle
  14. Socials Studies

    How would you interpret this questions? Imagine you could go back to the Canada of 1914. What attitudes would you find most difficult to deal with? Why? I just read about society, the Victorians, rights of women, arts and leisure, and the canadiens.

    asked by Nach
  15. chemistry

    Nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2) react to form ammonia (NH3). Consider a mixture of six nitrogen molecules and six hydrogen molecules in a closed container. Assuming the reaction goes to completion, what will the final product mixture be? number of NH3

    asked by grant
  16. Chemistry

    The ladle at an iron foundry can hold 8500 kg of molten iron; 646 metric tons of iron are needed to make rails. How many ladlefuls of iron will it take to make 646 metric tons of iron? (1 metric ton=1000 kg)

    asked by Anonymous
  17. algebra 2

    If f(3a-1) = 12a-7, what is f(x)?

    asked by tammie
  18. Geometry

    CAN SOME ONE JUST HELP ME HOW TO START IT OF PLEASE.. The foundation for a cylindrical water tank is a cylinder 27 ft in diameter and 3 ft high. How many cubic ft of concrete are needed to build the foundation?

    asked by Emory
  19. math

    of the sixth grade students surveyed,12% bring their lunchs to school. suppose 24 sixth graders do many sixth graders are at the school

    asked by Breire
  20. Human & Social Biology

    (1)Briefly discribe five main ways in which human pollute their. (2)Briefly outline four inportant social problems maybe reduce by a knowledge of biologist.

    asked by Marion
  21. Algebra

    Determine if the relationship represented in the table is linear. If it is linear, write an equation. x 2 5 7 10 12 20 y -3 0 2 5 7 15 A) Linear; y = x - -5 B) Linear; y = -5x C) Linear; y = x + -5 D) Not linear I'm thinking it's C am I correct

    asked by Lisa
  22. Chemistry II

    When dissolved in water, ammonium phosphate would have a value of __________ for i solute.

    asked by Lindsay
  23. Statistics

    You want to compare the quality of several statistics textbooks. (a) Identify two categorical variables and two quantitative variables that you would use to describe textbook quality. Give a reason for each of your choices. So I think for the first

    asked by Samantha
  24. Physics

    A student at a window on the second floor of a dorm sees his moth professor walking on the sidewalk beside the builiding. he drops a water ballon from 18.0 meters above the ground when the professor is 1.00 meters from the point directly beneath the

    asked by Standard C.
  25. Human & Social Biology

    (1)discribe how social biology may help to solve the problem o (a) stravation (b) Poor sanitation

    asked by Marion
  26. Math

    I have $100.00 dollars to spend to buy 100 animals. Cows cost $50.00 each, sheep cost $3.00 each, pigs cost $2.00 each and chicks cost $0.10 each. How many of each do I need to buy to spend $100.00 dollars and have 100 aninals?

    asked by Jack
  27. chemistry

    Bornite (Cu3FeS3) is a copper ore used in the production of copper. When heated, the following reaction occurs. 2 Cu3FeS3(s) + 7 O2(g) 6 Cu(s) + 2 FeO(s) + 6 SO2(g) If 3.88 metric tons of bornite is reacted with excess O2 and the process has an 75.6% yield

    asked by grant
  28. Civics

    Describe how Congress gained power to regulate farm production, child labor, wages and hours, and criminal conduct.

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Algebra

    I thought that numbers raised to the zero power were always one, but my book says 6x^0 is 6. How come? Thanks!

    asked by Eve
  30. Geography

    Essay Topic: Describe the geography of southern South America and how this geography influences economic activity? This is what I've got: Southern south America consists of numerous physical regions with varying landforms, climates, and vegetation. There

    asked by mysterychicken
  31. english

    what branch of government establishes criminal penalties for those who violate a law

    asked by lolly
  32. Management

    determine the placement of departments for a newly designed facility that will minimize total transportation cost using the data

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Algebra

    How is 6y^2(2y^0)^2 equal to 24y^2 as my book says? I got 144y^5 by raising each number and coefficient to the second power and multiplying 36 by 4. Thanks for your help.

    asked by Eve
  34. programming

    write a program that maintains two parallel arrays. after th arrays have been loaded the program should behave as a login screen prompting for username and password. the program should respond three output messages. if username does not match one of the

    asked by vsu1
  35. Chemistry II

    What is the process that occurs when solvent molecules surround a solute?

    asked by Lindsay
  36. Math

    Museum employees are preparing an exhibit of ancient coins. They have 49 copper coins and 35 silver coins to arrange on shelves. Each shelf will have the same number of copper coins and same number of silver coins. How many shelves will the employees need

    asked by Amber
  37. Human & Social Biology

    (1)briefly discribe five main ways in which human pollute their enviroument. (2) briefly outline four inportant social problem maybe reduce by a knowledge of biology (3)discribe how social biologist may help to solve the problem of (A) stravation (b) poor

    asked by Marion
  38. sciece

    compare and contrast deer population growth to human population growth in terms of a. predation and competition and b. speed of population response. I don't understand predation in terms of human population growth (can someone explain please)? I do not

    asked by cara
  39. Math 117

    is a pretzel topologically equivalent to a pencil, pipe,trophy or none of these?

    asked by hannah
  40. grade 7 math

    Calculate the dimensions of a square with each of these areas A. 441 m2 b. 121 m2 c 900 m2 d. 10000 cm2

    asked by michelle
  41. Algebra

    In my history book the expression square root (with a 3 in the nook( around a square root of ten is given. It says it equals the square root of ten with 6 in the nook. However, I don't understand where the six came from. I thought you multiply the two

    asked by Eve
  42. starting music in key stage 3

    when do we use music?? and how do we listen to music??

    asked by abbie
  43. Chemistry

    When dry and empty, a flask had a mass of 27.31 grams. When filled with distilled water at 25.0 deg C, it weighed 36.84 grams. After cleaning and drying, the flask was filled with chloroform and found to weigh 41.43 grams. At 25.0 deg C, the density of

    asked by George
  44. Math

    Asha plans to place vacation photos of her friends on a square bulletin board measuring 72 units by 72 units. a) Which size of phot can be placed without any spaces or overlapping? 10 X 8 6 X 4 5 x 7

    asked by Van
  45. Math

    Multiply and simplify to hours and minutes 4 x (4 h 30 min)=

    asked by Julia
  46. math (how do i solve the last part)

    The functions f and g are defined by: f:x 3x-2 g:x 2x+5 Evaluate:g(-6), fg(3) g(-6)= 2(-6)+5= -7 fg(3)= 3(2x+5)-2 6x+15-2 6(3)+13 = 31 Evaluate f(x)=8, calculate the value of x

    asked by Keisha
  47. Paraphrasing

    I need to pharaphrase this: Almost immediately he (Anderson)began to turn Interface,Inc.(his company)into an enviromentally friendly enterprise. He began by taking steps to reduce the company's waste and conserve energy by recycling.

    asked by John
  48. 11th grade math

    Suppose you earn $7.21 per hour and plan to work "h" hours per week. write an expression using variables that models the amount of money you will earn each week. Then, suppose you earn $10 in tips per week, regardless of the hours you work. How does this

    asked by help
  49. Physics

    How do we know that 6 seconds of uniform acceleration at 60 mph is equivalent to 6 seconds travel at 30 mph?

    asked by sandhu
  50. Microeconomics

    The invention of a machine that increases milk production is discovered. If farmers were to decry the effect of this new technology on the price of milk and lobby government to set the price of milk at the price before the invention, what would be the

    asked by Tony
  51. 3rd grade english

    "Maybe this'll tempt you-lima bean casserole!" said the waiter. I have to find one punctuation error in above sentence if any. Would a comma go after you instead of the -?

    asked by Chris
  52. a ton of calc

    basically, my teacher gave us a bunch of optimization problems and i've been working on them for hours and can't get them. if i could have help with maybe the first four, that would be AWESOME. thanks. 1) find the point on the graph of the function y = x^2

    asked by bleh
  53. social studies

    How did merchants raise the money for overseas trade?

    asked by Vannesa
  54. English - Descriptive Writing

    I have to get a rough draft of my descriptive writing assesement done by tomorrow. Approximately one page long, what can i write about ? I can describe a place, event, object etc. I do have a passion for basketball so i might write about that. Do you have

    asked by PurpleAndrew
  55. history

    Struggling to answer completely and logically, please critique the below: Question: What were the similarities and differences between the five regions of British Colonial America and what factors worked to create a shared “American Identity” by the

    asked by c
  56. English

    1. Here is a checklist and some tips. 2. Here are a checklist and some tips. (Are both grammatical?) 3. Get help from friends. If you ask them, they will help you. You can buy a study book. It will help you too. 4. You need to get help from your friends.

    asked by John
  57. world geography check

    The great rift valley was formedin part by: A)shifting tectonic plates B)erosion by massive glaciers C)wind erosion D)human engineering my choice is a

    asked by henry
  58. 6th grade math

    The area of each square is twice the area of the next smaller square drawn in it. if the area of the smallest square is 3 square cms. what is the area of the largest square

    asked by sai
  59. Geography

    I have to complete this puzzle for my course but I'm really stuck on it; I've done one like this before but I think in this one there might be a typo, but I'm not sure. Anyways: I have been given 6 hints and 10 places and I have to find out which place

    asked by mysterychicken
  60. algebra

    collect like terms 15a + 3b - 9a -7b I come up with 6a + 106 but it just dosen't look right.

    asked by Frustrated
  61. english

    choose an antonym of these words relish purge cowering infamous

    asked by mely
  62. Science

    Describe how a star generates light

    asked by Paxton
  63. 12th grade economics

    what factors change in supply and demand

    asked by angel
  64. algebra

    factorise this expression x2+2x+1 can you please explain to me how to do this one

    asked by lila
  65. science

    Is establishing an open pit diamond mine in the far north (tundra) a sustainable practice or a not a sustainable practice?

    asked by alex
  66. Geography

    Essay Topic: Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop? This is what I have: I think the most pressing problem found in South America is

    asked by mysterychicken
  67. science

    Riddle: I do not have shape or volume. You cannot see me, but I fill any container in which I am placed. I have weight, but you cannot hold me. WHAT AM I? Please help I can't figure this out! :(

    asked by Destiny
  68. math

    In Algebra what exactly is a function?

    asked by Claudia Pantoja
  69. 5th grade math

    divide and simplify 7/18 divided by 14/39 the first step is to change the recipricol which is 14/39 = 39/14 then multiply 7 x 39=273 18x14=252 the answer is 273/252 I am not good at simplifying big numbers can someone please help me?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    Anthony plans to ride 175 km on his bike and Samantha plans to ride 250 km. They both plan to complete their journeys in a whole number of days. a) How many kilometers could each person travel if they both ride the same number of kilmeters each day? b)

    asked by Van
  71. algebra

    Find the domain of the function p(x) =x^2-2x +3

    asked by Frustrated
  72. algebra

    decide whether the pair of lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither? 2x + 3y =6 2x + 3y = 4

    asked by Frustrated
  73. science

    is replacing trees in a forest clear cut a sustainable practice or not a sustainable practice?

    asked by alex
  74. math

    Cloe is eight years less than four times as old as Zeke. Cloe is also three times as old as Zeke. How old is each?

    asked by kelly
  75. Science

    exsamples of the meaning of -Reliability, -Accuracy, -Precision. in a science experiment? thanks

    asked by Adam
  76. math

    Dwayne lent his sister 16 4/5 of a dollar. How much money did Dwayne lend his sister?

    asked by Jan
  77. 9th grade

    what is a landform

    asked by deanna
  78. MGT262

    How to prepare a presentation recommending changes in the current performance appraisal program at StopNShopNow?

    asked by Trisha
  79. Geography

    How does earth's revolution around the sun relate to seasons?

    asked by Kaylee
  80. science

    which soil other than clay soil is better to survive wind erosion?sandy or top soil

    asked by nobody
  81. English

    When do you feel proud of our country? 1. When I see Korean cars on the roads in foreign countries, I feel proud of our country. 2. When I see foreigners wearing traditional Korean clothes on Lunar New Year's Day in Korea. 3. When I see Samsung electronics

    asked by John
  82. math

    the function f and g are defined by f(x)=1/2x+5 g(x)=x^2 Evaluate 1.g(3) 2. f inverse (6) 3.fg(2)

    asked by jane
  83. math (3rd Grade)

    Suppose the scale of a bar graph is 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20. Describe the bar graph that would represent the number 10.

    asked by Yan
  84. MATH 156

    The inside lane in the track is 50m and the outside of the track is 100m 4 lanes are added around the outside of the track shown above. Each lane is 1 meter wide and the lanes are immediately next to each other with no space in between. If Teresa runs once

    asked by Jennifer
  85. disease

    What is a disease caused by Bacilli spores and Flagellated Forms? (Bacilli Bacteria)

    asked by Shanete
  86. algebra

    Write the equation of the given line that passes through (4,-3) and is parallel to the line 3x+4y=8

    asked by shannan
  87. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Read the conversation between Cécile and Pierre and answer the questions below. Départ à destination de Toulouse, vol Air France numéro 6106. Embarquement immédiat, porte 24. Cécile: C'est notre vol.

    asked by Missy
  88. algebra

    1/9 = -z/7. What is z? Does nebody no cuz im helping my friend and im really good bgut i cant remebmer how 2 do it.

    asked by Hannah
  89. calculus

    An open box is to be made. This box is to have a bottom and four sides, but no top. The box is to be made from paper that is 7" by 12". Maximize the volume and find the height.

    asked by calculus
  90. Science

    a few questions; 11 letters. observations involving verbal descriptions. 20 letters. the last one being t. an experiment where only one variable is changed and all others are kept constant. 16 letters. the first being s, the fourteenth being h. An

    asked by Taylor
  91. Chemistry

    Consider the densities of the liquid substances listed. a) How will substance X, a solid, with density of 0.87 g/cm^3, behave when placed in each of the other pure liquids? b) Sketch and label a test tube containing substances A,B,C, and X. Assume that the

    asked by Bobbie
  92. math

    If you earn the grades of 81, 84, 78, 80 in four tests what should your final test’s score be in order to have an average of 81%? .81x400=324 Need a total of 324 pts Test grades so far 81,84,78,80 = 323 324-323=1 You need at least one more point in order

    asked by Anonymous
  93. algebra

    find the slope and the y-intercept f(x) = -4x-9 The slope is the y-intercept is (0, and ?)

    asked by Frustrated
  94. human services

    Why should interviewers or human service managers use open questions most of the time? What happens when the interviewer or manager overuses questions?

    asked by ReeRee
  95. algebra

    solve for X: 3/2 (2-2X) + 4/3/ (6+3X)= 2/5 (10-20X)

    asked by Jen
  96. science

    How do i draw a pulse chart

    asked by toni
  97. 11th grade

    what is the density of an 84.7g sample of an unknown substance if the sample occupies 49.6cm3

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Pre medical science

    what are the working conditons of a pediatrician also advantages and disadvantages

    asked by Daisy
  99. English

    1. Which are most important? 2. Which are the most important? (Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'the' or not?)

    asked by John
  100. World History

    When Henry viii broke away from the Catholic church was his reasoning justifiable? I really need help for this question.

    asked by Candy
  101. elementary

    What is the rule in math?

    asked by jamie
  102. math

    A plan for a bookcase requires three pieces of lumber 3 ft 5 in each long and two pieces of lumber 2 ft 4 in each long. What is the total length of material that is needed for the bookcase?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. 4th grade math

    Identify one way outside of schoo in which you have seen #'s ordered.

    asked by mark
  104. history

    Creat a timeline of the major events in houston's history

    asked by Thanh
  105. college

    Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Compare cost control strategies of employer-sponsored health plans, in which employers buy from insurance companies, to self-funded health plans, in which employers cover costs of benefits. Include the

    asked by Beth
  106. Math

    simplify 5lb 8oz - 2lb 11oz 5lb 8oz -2lb 11oz If I subtracted 1 lb out of 5 that would be 4 lb and 1lb = 16oz so 16+8=24oz 4 lb 24oz - 2 lb 110z 2 lb 13oz is this correct

    asked by Max
  107. history

    Which came first? A. Formation of the french revolution war b.execution of king louis xvi c. American bill of rights years war e. World war 1

    asked by courtney
  108. math

    A pigeon runs into a flock of pigeons and asks their leader what is your number in this flock? The leader replays: I am not suppose to tell you our exact number, but if you take twice our number and add a half of our number and still add another quarter of

    asked by I have a headache
  109. World History

    How did Marin Luther brake away from the Catholic Church?

    asked by Candy
  110. science

    how does the atmosphere spread solar energy over the earth

    asked by renay
  111. adult education

    What number would come after 03-05-40 in a terminal digit filing system?

    asked by Laural
  112. math

    cloe is eight years less than four times as old as zeke. cloe is also than three times as old as zeke. how old is each?

    asked by kelly
  113. Economics

    Using demand and supply analysis, answer the following questions. What are the effects on the exchange rate between the British pound and the Japanese yen from: a. An increase in Japanese interest rates b. An increase in the price of British goods c. An

    asked by Chloe
  114. Economics

    Consider a country that initially consumes 100 pairs of shoes per hour, all of which are imported. The price of shoes is $40 per pair before a ban on importing them is imposed. Use a graph to explain what happens to the price of shoes and the quantity of

    asked by Chloe
  115. math

    As a reduced fraction what is the difference between the value of the mean and the value of the median in the data set below: 8, 11, 3, 5, 9, 7, 12, 13, 5? does this mean to find the mean and the median and subtract? because if it does then the answer I

    asked by Anonymous
  116. science

    is establishing an open pit diamond mine in the far north (tundra) a sustainable or not a sustainable practice?

    asked by alex
  117. Health

    Diseases caused by micrococci

    asked by Shanete
  118. Chemistry

    Are polysaccharides absorbed into the blood directly from the gut without the need for digestion? I think that is true but I can't find it written.

    asked by Sue
  119. Citizenship

    Why was Fair trade set up?

    asked by Quiby
  120. Chemistry

    Is the following statement true? Explain fully. "Any sample made up of only one substance is homogeneous."

    asked by George
  121. Math

    4+square root of 25-4(1)(4) / 2

    asked by James S.
  122. com 140

    Suggest two tips for creating academic documents not mentioned in the resource information. Which guidelines do you think are most important for formatting papers? Which guidelines appear less important to the message of a business document but more

    asked by ashley
  123. Functions

    I have to find the x-intercept. The equation is y=-2((x-4)^2)+1 I have to factor, but I have no idea how to factor this. I really need help on this, please.

    asked by Lucy
  124. algebra

    Determine whether (-4, 5) is a solution of 4x + 8y = 1

    asked by Cassie
  125. social studies

    List the people from most powerful to least: Kings, serfs, tenants, vassals I chose: kings, vassals, tenants, and then serfs.

    asked by Anya
  126. Math

    Lisa cleans a house in 1 hour, it takes Mia three times as long; how long will it take working together?

    asked by Lisa
  127. World History

    (This is no homework question I was just curious) Without the invention of the printing press would the reformation still occurred?

    asked by Candy
  128. Math

    Subtract and simplify to the lowest term: 7 1/9 - 4 2/3

    asked by Anonymous
  129. college biology

    give a liable explanation for food test.... include test for starch,, simple sugar,,, fat and protein ,,,, please include chemistry and chemical equations... thanks ... due tomorrow

    asked by kadian
  130. math algebre2 and trig

    5>4b+9>17 - -

    asked by scott
  131. geography

    what is a landforms

    asked by deanna
  132. ALGEBRA


    asked by BOB
  133. Math (is this correct)

    The functions f and g are defined by: f:x 3x+1 g:x 9-x Determine an expression for the function gf(x) 3(9-x)+1 27-3x+1

    asked by Keisha
  134. us history

    I was working on a US History crossword worksheet titled The English Colonists Arrive. I am trying to find the answer to the sole right to trade in an area. This wksht is due tomorrow.

    asked by JJ
  135. math

    I had to find the GCF of 25 and 52 and my answer is 1... is that correct?

    asked by jackie


    asked by ZARIA
  137. Math (Trigonometry)

    Find csc B when a - 2 and b = 7 (A detailed answer would be really helpful)

    asked by Aerith
  138. biology

    why has surprisingly little use been made of distillation of seawater as a source of driking water in arid areas?

    asked by jaden
  139. 7th grade

    What is a resource and what are some types of resources

    asked by Ashley
  140. physical science

    if a cannon ball and a bowling ball were dropped at the same time from the top of a building, the instant before the cannon ball hit the ground it has greater?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. 5th grade

    correct noun form please. bob know that he had to have the (earth's/earths) smell on him before the (horses/horses') would accept him.

    asked by cody
  142. Algebra 2

    Write in standard form an equation of the line with the given slope through the given point: slope = -4;(2,2)

    asked by Heather
  143. algebra 2

    An accountant is working on projections for his next assignment and finds that the cost to the company, C, can be expressed as |C-20,000|

    asked by help
  144. MATHS

    Could you please check my answer? If the accident happened on the 8th of November and then Trent spent 3 weeks and 1 day in hospital, on what day did he get out of hospital? ANSWER: 30th of November

    asked by MILDRED
  145. math

    functions f(x)=rad. x-9 write the intervals of the functions. How do I put the set of numbers in the form of intervals such as infinity. I solved it and got the answer as this: x < or = 9 (infinity,9] Please help me, I am stuck.

    asked by Caroline
  146. Math

    What are all the multiples of three starting at three ending with 54?

    asked by Delaney
  147. algebra

    The function H described by H(x)=2.75x + 71.48 can be used to predict the height, in centimeters, of a woman whose humerus (the bone from the elbow to the shoulder) is x cm long. Predict the height of a woman whose humerus is 38 cm long?

    asked by Frustrated
  148. algebra

    The width of a rectangle is fixed at 27 cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 96cm?

    asked by Frustrated
  149. 4th grade

    1=? hundreths....not how many hundreths in 1, but how many hundreths is 1

    asked by maggie
  150. algebra II

    I really need help getting an answer to this problem it will be nice if you can show me the steps to get to this answer x^4y^4/x^2y^5

    asked by kate
  151. science

    what is loam soil?

    asked by nobody
  152. computer

    distinguish between computer data represented by the start of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user

    asked by karry
  153. 5th grade

    Make a product to find each product of 2 x 2500

    asked by Megan
  154. math

    32/(4+4)* 2 to the third power-7=

    asked by Allison
  155. health

    please define: Emotional Health

    asked by jeff
  156. Math

    So the ans would be 28-3x.

    asked by Keisha
  157. Math

    The function g and h are defined by g(x) 4x+1/3x-2 and h(x)5x-2 Calculate g(0) 4(0)+1/3(0)-2 = -1/2 Calculate h(1/5) 5(1/5)-2 = -1 Determine the value of gh(1/5) 4(5(1/5)-2) (3(1/5)-2)= 4(-1/-1.4)= 2.85 is this right??

    asked by Keisha
  158. algebra

    write the following where possible as a single number in index form: 2^3x2^4

    asked by brittney
  159. American Government

    Is congress to blame for the 'RED TAPE' in bureaucracy? if so to what extent?

    asked by ggift
  160. American Government

    what are some of the benefits of federal bureaucracy system and some drawbacks to the current bureaucratic system??

    asked by ggift
  161. 3rd grade

    Think about all of the elements that make a good mystery . Create a recipe card that shows the ingredients of a well- written mystery

    asked by Thanh
  162. Anatomy

    I believe this question is True but can't find it in my book: Polysaccharides can be absorbed into the blood directly from the gut without the need for digestion. I have some notes on it, but not that exact thing. Thanks

    asked by Sue
  163. 12th grade

    is there any sites that can you can suggest for an essay that I'm doing on how young people who believe in their words and ideas can change our world?

    asked by michelle
  164. music

    dear guru blue i don't have a music book

    asked by boby
  165. Algebra

    A x B + C = D If c = D what does b = to ?

    asked by Joan
  166. Math Algebra

    -4x(2x - 4) - 3 - 5x

    asked by Benny
  167. World History

    How do catholics gain salvation? How do lutherans gain salvation?

    asked by Candy
  168. art

    i don't get the principles of design.i mean, what does pattern, rhythem, unity, movement, emphasis, and contrast REALLY mean? i am a seventh grader seeking answers and EXAMPLES.

    asked by peter
  169. algebra

    Use the distributive property to solve the equation. 8(w-4)=-32 W= This is how I did it, I don't think it is right. 8(w-4)=-32 8w - 8*4 = -32 w = -24

    asked by Frustrated
  170. math

    Marys birthday is between June 13 and June 23. the date of her dirthday is not an even number. The sum of the digits is 3. When is Mary's birthday?

    asked by austin
  171. Science

    What is an energy production pyramid??

    asked by Elizabeth
  172. home economics

    What r the 10 basic points to think about when planning a meal.

    asked by Hannah
  173. english

    what does perpective means? and what do you have to answer when someone asks what perspective is being described in a sentence?

    asked by unknown user
  174. Math

    Write 8/25 in Decimal (use the prime factorization of the denominator and explain if it repeats or terminates).

    asked by Allison
  175. 3rd grade

    Design an experiment that teacher others how to use a balance correctly

    asked by Thanh
  176. algebra 2

    8x3y-9(x is raised to the third and y is raised to -9. the whole question is encased in a square root symbol with a little 9 in between the signs edges.

    asked by allisa
  177. people

    why does people study social studies?

    asked by shania
  178. music

    in the song dayo, it is part of the_____section of the music sung by____________?

    asked by boby
  179. Math

    You can buy three bottles of dishwashing liquid, each containing 1 pt 5 fl oz, on sale for $2.30. Let say for the same price you can buy a large container holding 2 qt. Which is the better buy?

    asked by Nancy
  180. music

    in the song day-o the song is part of the________ section music and sug by____________? i forgot my music book at school so in HELP PLEASE

    asked by tat
  181. math

    Simplify 6 ft 8in – 2 ft 9in =

    asked by Max
  182. math

    Multiply step by step: 20.45 x 60.34= this may be easy calculating but when I do this by writing out the steps and the problem I keep getting a different answer than what the calculator gives me... what am I doing wrong..

    asked by Anonymous
  183. law studies

    what idea is fundamental to the contemporary concept of criminal justice

    asked by rain
  184. math

    Simplify the expression in 3 steps: 4 / (-2)x -1/2

    asked by Anonymous
  185. math

    simplify: 15/16 - 7/8 x 5/7

    asked by troy
  186. Algebra 2

    Write in standard form an equation of the line with the given slope through the given point: slope = -4;(2,2)

    asked by Heather
  187. science

    can you explain the science of cooking

    asked by Anthony
  188. music

    in the song day-o the song is part of the________ section music and sug by____________?

    asked by boby
  189. math

    regroup 1 ten for ten ones. 68=6tens 8 ones

    asked by Are anna
  190. math

    if i was to draw three circles 1 large 1 med. and 1 small what will be the diameter and the perimeter of those 3 ?

    asked by amanda
  191. math

    2/5x (20 min, 10sec) =

    asked by Anonymous
  192. english

    what is a proper noun

    asked by deanna
  193. law

    what is the cornerstone of the justice anti-drug model

    asked by lolly
  194. Math


    asked by Tomasyna
  195. Spanish

    Where can I find the English translation for Mexican songs? (e.g. Los Laureles, Jalisco) Muchisimas gracias!

    asked by jules
  196. music

    the banana boat song is part of which section in music

    asked by drew
  197. social studies

    who is in charge of the legislative and judicial branch?

    asked by nobody
  198. math

    explain how to write20 over 40 as a unit rate

    asked by devin
  199. history

    how did the military help lead to the american revolution?

    asked by lys
  200. Physical Education

    "what are the properties of space and what is general space"?

    asked by JHORDANA
  201. math

    f(x) = x^4 - 5x^2 - 36 what is the anwer

    asked by rebecca
  202. Algebraic Connections


    asked by ShaGreata
  203. science

    im having a problem right here what exactly is science

    asked by Ashley
  204. health

    do you think depression puts a demand on the healthcare industry?

    asked by april
  205. math

    explain how to write20 over 40 as a unit rate

    asked by devin