Questions Asked on
September 3, 2009

  1. physics

    A charge Q is located inside a rectangular box. The electric flux through each of the six surfaces of the box is: Ö1 = +1480 N · m2/C, Ö2 = +2240 N · m2/C, Ö3 = +4220 N · m2/C, Ö4 = -1780 N · m2/C, Ö5 = -3550 N · m2/C, and Ö6 = -5250 N · m2/C.

    asked by teri
  2. Chemistry

    In one second light can travel 2.998x10^8m. How many inches does light travel in one femtosecond?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Solve the system 6x+4y = 12 9x+6y = 18 If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in the form x=x and y as a function of x x=? y=?

    asked by Jillian
  4. math

    how do I solve this limit (-> is an arrow meaning "heading towards" lim x-> 2 (x-6)^(2/3)

    asked by cara
  5. physics

    A small drop of water is suspended motionless in air by a uniform electric field that is directed upward and has a magnitude of 7840 N/C. The mass of the water drop is 3.84 10-9 kg. (a) Is the excess charge on the water drop positive or negative?

    asked by amber
  6. Physics

    The speed limit in a school zone is 40 km/h. A driver traveling at this speed sees a child run into the road 23 m ahead of hs car. He applies the brakes, and the car decelerates at a uniform rate of 8.0m/s^2. if the driver's reaction time is .25s, will the

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Elementary Math

    The number of days in the month of July 2) A) Constant B) Variable Is it A.

    asked by Lisa
  8. English

    What is a vivid adjective and please give an example

    asked by Fraser
  9. psychology

    when a child repeats a behavior or action simply to observe that action you would not infer that. the child finds the behavior self reinforcing. b. the stimulation of the action is satisfying. c.the stimulation provided by the action is associated with a

    asked by janet
  10. physics

    A small spherical insulator of mass 1.90 10-2 kg and charge +0.600 µC is hung by a thin wire of negligible mass. A charge of −0.900 µC is held 0.150 m away from the sphere and directly to the right of it, so the wire makes an angle è with the

    asked by amber
  11. Physics

    An electric vehicle starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 3.0 m/s2 in a straight line until it reaches a speed of 26 m/s. The vehicle then slows at a constant rate of 1.0 m/s2 until it stops. a)How much time elapses from start to stop? b)How far

    asked by Nick
  12. physics

    The head of a rattlesnake can accelerate 50 m/s2 in striking a victim. If a car could do as well, how long would it take to reach a speed of 78 km/h from rest?

    asked by Nick
  13. Physics

    A bullet traveiling horizontally at aspeed of 350 m/!@#$%^&s a board perpendicular to the surface, passes through it, and emerges on the side at a speed of 210m/s. if the board is 4.oo cm thick, how long does the bullet take to pass through it?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. 5th grade

    name each number in two different ways 90,000,000 40,000

    asked by tre
  15. science

    an experiment where only one variable is changed and all others are kept constant down

    asked by shakayla
  16. health care

    How do regulatory issues affect the supply and demand of health care?

    asked by april
  17. Literature

    Contrasting "The Road Not Taken" and "Stoppinb by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    1.Bacteria that live where most other organisms cannot live belong to the kingdom____________. a)Eubacteria b)Archaebacteria 2.Algae and ameba belong to the____________kingdom. a)plant b)protist I forgot my Science book in school and need help with last

    asked by Mirandha
  19. writing

    How do you include songs in a sentence: Punctuation for the following: It seems only yesterday that she was a little girl in pigtails reciting Mary Mary Quite Contrary and sining Ill never forget it The Farmer in the dell in a funny high squeaky baby

    asked by paul
  20. algrebra


    asked by barbara
  21. US History

    I was looking up the definition for pilgrim and all I found were things saying: a pilgramage for religious reasons. I want the correct definition for a 1600 pilgrim. Would "those who settled in Plymouth, New England" be correct?

    asked by Mimi
  22. Chemistry

    In gas chromatography, what would be the order of the retention times for your mixture (hexane and toluene)? What is the basis for your answer?

    asked by Soojung
  23. physics

    Two identical small insulating balls are suspended by separate 0.23-m threads that are attached to a common point on the ceiling. Each ball has a mass of 8.70 10-4 kg. Initially the balls are uncharged and hang straight down. They are then given identical

    asked by teri
  24. physics

    A small plastic ball with a mass of 7.00 10-3 kg and with a charge of +0.162 µC is suspended from an insulating thread and hangs between the plates of a capacitor (see the drawing). The ball is in equilibrium, with the thread making an angle of 30.0°

    asked by teri
  25. math

    what is the decimal place value for 7.81 with 8 being underlined

    asked by luis
  26. Math

    compare to 1/2 to tell which fraction is greater 8/17 , 13/23

    asked by Carolina
  27. math

    what does a line above pq mean

    asked by melinda
  28. World History

    What were 4 tatics that the ancient Assyrians used to control their empire? I know one is the battering ram because they used that in battle and so people feared them but I can't think of others... Thanks in advance:)

    asked by Nicky
  29. English

    my son has vocabulary words using in sentences, I don't understand these word and their meanings, please, make a sentences using these words please 1. enthusiastic 2. assure 3. peculiar 4. pastel 5. translation 6. insisted

    asked by Ruben S Gagai
  30. Physics

    A 20.0 kg box rests on a table. what is the weight of the box and the normal force acting on it? A 10.0 kg box is set on top of the 20.0kg box. Determine the normal force that the table exerts on the 20.0kg box and the normal force that the 20.0kg box

    asked by claire
  31. MATH

    Solve the equation algebraically for x where 0

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science

    What is the effect of placing an object with a greater density than water in a bucket of water?

    asked by Melissa Corona
  33. Algebra

    When solving a rational equation, why is it necessary to perform a check?

    asked by Denay
  34. 5th grade

    n +37 if n is 16

    asked by davonte
  35. 3rd grade science

    What is the effect of placing an object with a greater density than water in a bucket of water?

    asked by Melissa Corona
  36. 7th grade

    waht is used to mix substances, like a spoon, is two words?

    asked by daniel
  37. Math

    Find the sum of all n exterior angles of a n-sided convex polygon, where n is any positive integer larger than 3. Show all the working details and reasons. I already know that the total is 360 degrees, but how would I use mathematical proof to figure it

    asked by Jerry
  38. English

    1. I don't like to eat junk food. (Is 'junk' waste? What kinds of food are junk food? Would you name them, please?) 2. He is famous for poetry. 3. He is well-known for kindness. 4. He is noted for wealthy. 5. He is notorious for cruelty. (Are they all

    asked by John
  39. science

    what are the challenges of manging your chosen terrestial resource issue?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. 6th grade

    help me get the answer that = 2 but you haave toput the right signs so it gets that number here are the numbers 17 25 30 3

    asked by melanie
  41. science

    What are the differences and likes of vascular and nonvascular plants

    asked by nikolas
  42. English

    1. It's late. You had better go to bed now. (In #1, what does 'It' refer to? Does it refer to 'The time'?) 2. Choose the things which you want to give advice to your partner about, and talk with your partner. 3. When you give advice to the other person,

    asked by John
  43. Precalculus

    Write the simplest polynomial equation with real coefficients having roots -i and 4. I have noooooo idea how to even start this one :( I thought you could start backwards with synthetic substitution but it didn't work. Any help on this is greatly

    asked by Emily
  44. physics B

    A block is given n intial speed of 3.0 s^-1 m up the 22.0 degree plane (a) How far up the plane will it go? (b) How mcuh time elapses before it returns to its starting point? Assume Mu k = 0.17 for (a) a = - (Mu k g cos theta + g sin theta) I got - 5.23

    asked by physics B
  45. Reading: Summary

    Can you help me summarize this article in 2 paragraphs? Ny times website ome mans trash please can you search it and help?

    asked by Mark
  46. algebra 1

    Blue prints allow an area of 20,000 square feet for the playground. the width of the rectangular playground is 80 feet less than its length and its perimeter is 640 freet. what is the length of the playground?

    asked by casey
  47. 4th grade

    round each number to tje place value 195,219

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    A cylinder has a diameter of 6 ft and a height of 3 ft. Find its surface area and volume.

    asked by Karen
  49. physical science

    I was given a diagram in the shape of an "L"-looks like a block letter L--around the perimeter are the numbers 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 2. It says divide this diagram of a piece of land into four lots that are the same size and shape. I have been trying since

    asked by dom
  50. music

    test 00761500

    asked by music
  51. Math

    What are the 6 parent functions? Describe their graphs.

    asked by Herald
  52. english

    hey i am haveing sooooo much trouble with speech writing iv tried and re-writen it so many times. can u help me write a speech on faceing a big challenge. the challenge i was going to use was singing on stage.

    asked by becka
  53. Physics

    (a) If the maximum acceleration that is tolerable for passengers in a subway train is 1.52 m/s2 and subway stations are located 1030 m apart, what is the maximum speed a subway train can attain between stations? b)what is the travel time between stations?

    asked by Nick
  54. MATH


    asked by AJ
  55. physics

    what is the equal and opposite force the force of friction like if a block is at rest on a table static friction is stil exerted by the table onto the block keeping it from moving what is the equal and opposite force of this force?

    asked by physics
  56. Geometry

    The product of two numbers is 30. One of the numbers is r. What is the other number?

    asked by jessica
  57. Economics

    During a year of operation, a firm collects $450,000 in revenue and spends $100,000 on labor expense, raw materials, rent, and utilities. The firm's owner has provided $750,000 of her own money instead of investing the money and earning a 10% annual rate

    asked by John
  58. geometry

    Diagonals of an isoseles trapezoid are perpendicular always,sometimes,or never.

    asked by Shannon
  59. economic

    b) What is the estimated number of cans of tennis balls demanded?

    asked by Nettie
  60. SCI/230

    Describe biological interrelationships among the life forms in Mana's Wildlife Sancutary in India.

    asked by Jessica
  61. writing sentences and paragaphs

    prewrite about your field of study and create specefic job for which might want to apply at particular business

    asked by saral
  62. 10th grade

    How many unit volume cubes of 1cm squared will fit into a 3cm x 4cmx 10cm shape?

    asked by Nicole
  63. Economucs

    Will someone please explain me the self-regulating nature of a marketplace? I read my text but it made me more please help!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  64. 12th grade

    what does the narrative of sojoumer truth take place

    asked by quizzy
  65. Earth Science

    How many liters in 1000cm squared...I just don't get it?

    asked by kim
  66. Math

    Factorize completely 2y squared -11y +15

    asked by Carese
  67. socialstudies

    what is reading goal mean to you ?

    asked by ivana
  68. Physics

    A red car and a green car, identical except for the color, move toward each other in adjacent lanes and parallel to an x axis. At time t = 0, the red car is at xr = 0 and the green car is at xg = 220 m. If the red car has a constant velocity of +20 km/h,

    asked by Henry
  69. Literature

    I need to make a fake letter from Roger [in Langston H's short story Thank You Ma'am] and for that I need to create a fake adress. I need help with this; I looked at the setting described but I'm still stuck. Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  70. literature

    Just as My Àntonia’s setting is initially raw and featureless, its narrative at first seems haphazard: “I didn’t arrange or rearrange. I simply wrote down what of herself and myself and other people’s, Antonia’s name recalls to me. I suppose it

    asked by jenny
  71. Calculus

    Using the first of these limits, find f'(3) if f(x)=4x^2+4x-2

    asked by Z32
  72. Geography

    Can someone please check of my answers are correct? 16. Although most of South America lies within the tropical latitudes a. climate and vegetation differ greatly in the region b. cold ocean currents keep the air cool and dry c. there is little tropical

    asked by mysterychicken
  73. Math

    Solve the equation algebraically for x where 0

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Calculus

    Find the average value of the function on the given interval: f(x) = e^x/5, [0,5]

    asked by Stacy
  75. physics

    Four point charges have the same magnitude of 2.62 10-12 C and are fixed to the corners of a square that is 3.80 cm on a side. Three of the charges are positive and one is negative. Determine the magnitude of the net electric field that exists at the

    asked by amber
  76. 4th grade

    math..need to find out how to write an array for homework

    asked by moni
  77. physics

    A small plastic ball with a mass of 7.00 10-3 kg and with a charge of +0.162 µC is suspended from an insulating thread and hangs between the plates of a capacitor (see the drawing). The ball is in equilibrium, with the thread making an angle of 30.0°

    asked by amber
  78. Solving Inequalities?

    Ive been having problems with this soo... My first problem is this: Solve 2x-4(x+2)-6 < 0 Can someone help me step-by-step figure this out so i can at least finish the ones that are similiar to this one? Thankies

    asked by Chrissy
  79. math

    3x+2y = 0 x-2y = 0 If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in the form x=x and y as a function of x Your answer is x=? y=?

    asked by Jillian
  80. physical science

    I must divide a block-letter shaped L diagram of a piece of land into four lots that are the same size and shape. The perimeter has one number next to each of the 6 sides. The numbers are (clockwise, beginning at the top) 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2. Can you help me

    asked by dom
  81. English

    1. This is a piece of cloth or other material, which you wear over your face. (Is this one correct? Is 'other material' correct?) 2. If I catch some fish, I won't be hungry. 2-2. If I catch any fish, I won't be hungry. (Which one is correct, some or any?

    asked by John
  82. algebraaaa

    A baker needs between 40lb and 50 lb of a sugar mixture that contains ten times as much flour as sugar. what are the possible weights of flour the baker can use

    asked by Jared
  83. English

    Need some feedback if this works as a summary. Thank you. In “Power of Images: Creating the Myths of Our Time,” J. Francis Davis believes communication by images with its voluminous exposure and alluring advertisements, has overpowered what can be

    asked by Marco
  84. Trig Math

    Solve the equation algebraically for x wohere 0

    asked by Anonymous

    Andy Wright,D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred. 1. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but

    asked by Michelle
  86. college: social work

    Please help me come up with an operational concept definition for class participation, and then develop a "group" definition via consensus decision. Response needed in 24 hours. Thanks.

    asked by Butterfly
  87. math


    asked by Anonymous
  88. Literature

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 5. Which of the following statements about Mrs. Jones from "Thank you Ma'am" is true? a. She is able to forgive Roger b. She wants Roger to be her son c. She thinks Roger should earn money for shoes d.

    asked by mysterychicken
  89. Math 117

    A bank teller has some five-dollar bills and some twenty-dollar bills. The teller has 10 more of the twenties. The total value of the money is $850. Find the number of five-dollar bills that the teller has?

    asked by Maria
  90. college math

    Give the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line y = x + 4 and passes through point (0,-1). A) y = x - 1 B) y = x + 1 C) y = -x + 1 D) y = -x - 1 So if passes through point o,-1 does that mean that the answer has to be negative? Answer A

    asked by Ms. Betty
  91. French

    "Charles est un grand homme" means "Charles is a great man," whereas "Charles est un homme grand" means "Charles is a tall man," correct? Merci beaucoup!

    asked by RC
  92. English

    1. A person is drifting on a deserted island. Change this person's thoughts into other words and say them to your friend. 2. The following are about some conditions. Fill in the blanks, and then say as in the example. 3. Think of your life habits which you

    asked by John
  93. Geometry

    Find the slope of the line through the given points(4, -8) and (5, -8) A)-16/9 B)0 C)-16 D) No slope b

    asked by Emory
  94. English

    1. I am late for school from time to time. I will come to school earlier. I will come to school on time. 2. I don't exercise regularly. I will take exercise regularly. I will exercise at times. 3. I don't help Mother clean the house. I will help her clean

    asked by John
  95. algebra review

    find the y-intercept of a line that passes through (2,1) and has a slope of -5. i forgot what equation i have to use to find this out. can someone give me which equation i have to use? or all the equations that deal with slopes please

    asked by trixie
  96. math

    Find the representation of the number 256 in the following bases: a. base six b. base twelve c. base two I get how to write the number of objects as a base(whatever), but I think this is asking me to start from the end number and work backwards. I really

    asked by Lauren
  97. accounting help

    IN 2008, Variman, Incorportated had Gross Accounts receivable of $2,366,420 and management estimated the Allowance for Doubtful accounts to be $243,520. Compute the ratio of Allowance of Doubtful accounts to Net Accounts receivable for Variman, Inc. for

    asked by tiff
  98. Chemistry

    Spanish mahogany has a density of 53lb/ft^3. What is the approximate weight (in pounds) of a piece of mahogany that measured 10in x 12in x 14in?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. math

    s/a=4.5,D/A=4.5, N/E =.80 & A=D+Emsolve for N/S

    asked by kori
  100. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Donnez des réponses personnelles. 1. Tu pars pour l'école à quelle heure le matin? Answer: Je pars pour l'école à sept heure. 2. Tu sors de la maison à quelle heure le matin? Answer: Je sors de la

    asked by Lisa
  101. science

    whats is an organized plan to solve problems

    asked by maya
  102. Materials / Physics

    Find the force required to permanently deform (stretch such that it snaps back to >0.2% longer than original length) a .04 m diameter bar if YS = 1000 MPa.

    asked by Bob
  103. science

    what is 25 science careers with their definitions

    asked by maya
  104. english

    -In light of 9/11, do you think Americans should trade off some of their civil liberties? -Do you think that the right of free speech can or should be traded off to reduce violence in America? -What is free speech? What is symbolic speech? Can you yell

    asked by monica
  105. algebra

    i need help with linear equations...HELP

    asked by jessie
  106. World History

    What did the Egyptians use to stuff the nostrils during The Mummification Process?

    asked by Corene
  107. physics

    A jumbo jet must reach a speed of 360 km/h on the runway for takeoff. What is the least constant acceleration needed for takeoff from a 1.80 km runway?

    asked by mariah
  108. science

    information obtained by the five senses

    asked by janae
  109. physics

    An object falls from height h from rest and travels 0.45h in the last 1.00 s. (a) Find the time of its fall. (b) Find the height of its fall. I've tried multiple times but I cannot get the correct answer.

    asked by Ryan
  110. Science

    Suppose you are testing the boiling temperatures of several liquids. How would you use numbers during your investigation?

    asked by Tony
  111. math

    Ok. So I have a game board with my homework and the numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,15,16,18,20,21,24,25,27,28,30,32,35,36,40,42,45,48,49,54,56,63,64,72, and 81. And the uestion is List 5 multiples of 3 that are not on the game board. Can you help.

    asked by Peyton
  112. Science (Physics)

    A red car and a green car, identical except for the color, move toward each other in adjacent lanes and parallel to an x axis. At time t = 0, the red car is at xr = 0 and the green car is at xg = 220 m. If the red car has a constant velocity of +20 km/h,

    asked by Jeff
  113. algebra review!

    it says write the equation of the vertical line that passes through the point (7,-3). what do i need to start it off? find the equation for the line with undefined slope and passing through the point (-1,-2). what do i need to start that off? what equation

    asked by trixie
  114. math

    can someone please explain this problem? (-> is an arrow) assume that limit x-> 4 f(x)=0 and limit x-> 4 g(x)=3 1. limit x-> 4 (g(x)+3

    asked by alice
  115. History

    What are some good/interesting research paper topics that can be from 1492-1865.Any ideas would be very well appreciated.

    asked by Liz
  116. math

    what is -2+-6*(8-5)=

    asked by shakayla