Questions Asked on
September 1, 2009

  1. algebra

    List all the numbers from the given set that are, a.natural numbers b.whole numbers c.integers d.rational numbers, e.irrational numbers {-9,-4/5,0,0.25,ã3,9.2,ã100}

    asked by Liza
  2. math

    Sara says the number with the most digits is always greatest. Do you agree? Explain.

    asked by karli
  3. biology

    Is sugar polar or nonpolar and why? I think it's nonpolar, but I don't really know why... Please help. Thank you.

    asked by kat
  4. Geography

    What is a geography term that starts with the letter Y that is not a place or river?

    asked by Gab
  5. Chemistry

    A chemist is producing copper(II) chloride using the following reaction: Cu(s) + Cl2(g) --> CuCl2(s) In one reaction, the chemist uses 15.0 g of copper metal and 10.0 g of chlorine gas as reactants. When the reaction reaches completion, 16.0 g of

    asked by Mercedes
  6. Math

    Find the largest angle for which sine and tangent agree to within two significant figures. Express your answer using two significant figures. Answer in radians ?_?

    asked by Anya
  7. 5th grade math

    what is a letter in the alphabet with 3 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles? I think it is X.

    asked by Pat

    Andy Wright,D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred. 1. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but

    asked by Emily
  9. Economics

    1) The long run growth rate of the economy is consistent with: a.An outward expansion the economy's production possibilities frontier. b.A rightward shift in the aggregate demand curve. c.An inward expansion the economy's production possibilities frontier.

    asked by Julia
  10. chemistry

    What does it mean when the sulfuric acid is written ABOVE the arrow in a reaction?

    asked by chrissy
  11. algebra

    k= x/100 _______ (6-x)/100 how to work? what to do next??

    asked by reba
  12. Chemistry

    Usng the following balanced chemical equation, determine the limiting reactant in the reaction between 3.0 grams of titanium and 8.0 grams of chlorine gas? Ti(s) + 2Cl2(g) --> TiCl4(s)

    asked by Mercedes
  13. Algebraic limits

    The limit as x approaches infinity. (1)/(5^x) The limit as x approaches 1. (1-x^3)/(2-sqrt(x^2-3)) Show your work thanks in advance!

    asked by jawn
  14. science

    a block of wood 3.0 cm on each side has a mass of 27 grams what is the density of this block thanks

    asked by shearika
  15. 5th grade

    during an art contest at your school, you and a classmate each won blue ribbons for one-third of the pieces you entered in the contest. You won 2 blue ribbons and your classmate won 3 blue ribbons. Explain how this could be

    asked by Katie
  16. algebra 2

    y=f(x-4)+1 use the graph of y=f(x) shown to skech the graph of the given function ( given graph pionts are -2,3 1,2 and 2,0

    asked by bandit
  17. Chem

    You've just prepared a solution by transferring 20.0 g of glucose into a 1.0 - L volumetric flask, and adding water to the mark. Calculate the concentration of the glucose solution in terms of millimoles/Liter, mg/mL, and % (m/v).

    asked by Britt
  18. Creative Writing

    I have to write a 500-word essay for this topic: Being an only child has more advantages than being one of several children in a family so first i'm doing some freewriting and gatherind ideas. This is what i have so far: „_ An only child has all the

    asked by y912f
  19. Chemistry

    density- 0.818g/mL boiling point- 78.5 degrees C heat of vaporization- 210cal/g a)How much energy, in calories, will be required to evaporate 125.0 mL of ethanol at its boiling point? b)How long will it take to add this energy, if the rate of heating is

    asked by Dana
  20. chem

    if you were to react 14.00 grams of salicylic acid with 8.50 grams of acetic anhydride, what would your theoretical yield be? the reaction is C7H6O3+C4H6O3--> C9H8O4 + C2H4O2 assuming 1:1 ratio.

    asked by lyne
  21. algebra

    how do you solve negative 1 and 1/3f= negatvie 5/9?

    asked by alexis
  22. math

    7y+44=12y+11 solve for y

    asked by Deliah
  23. math


    asked by Deliah
  24. 4th grade math

    What two ways can you write 67,000 in word form?

    asked by Tony
  25. math

    A cyclist leaves his training base for a morning workout, riding at the rate of 18 mph. One hour later, his support staff leaves the base in a car going 45 mph in the same direction. How long will it take the support staff to catch up with the cyclist?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. geography

    Please check this for me: The construction of the Erie Canal was important because it a. linked the Hudson River in New York and the Great Lakes in the Midwest, greatly increasing the trade between the two regions b. helped eastern cities such as Boston

    asked by y912f
  27. algebra 2

    find the expression equivalent to (x-3)^3

    asked by Ashley
  28. math

    round each decimal to the nearest tenth 15.0886

    asked by jadyla
  29. english

    Subject and verb. Their two books are masterpieces. would it be books are or two books are?

    asked by Hunter
  30. english

    Subject and verb. Writing was an outlet for Charlotte and Emily Bronte. Is the verb was ot Writing?

    asked by Hunter
  31. english

    Supbject and verb. Emily was a shy girl. Is it Emily and shy?

    asked by Hunter
  32. English

    Subject and verb. The heroine of the story was a realistic character. I know the subject is heroine but what is the verb?

    asked by Hunter
  33. English

    Subject and verb. The two sisters lived in Yorkshire England. is the subject sisters or two sisiters?

    asked by Hunter
  34. Civics

    Describe how an admendment to the Constitution can be ratified.

    asked by Jennifer
  35. math

    It is 6:45 on Friday evening at the Y;all Come Restaurant. Winnie the waitress approaches the table where the four Martins are studying their menus. Over in the corner, Conrad is reading the comics. One customer gets up to leave. It's Bill who pays his

    asked by Brian
  36. Civics

    In what ways may the Constitution be changed informally?

    asked by Jennifer
  37. Math

    Hello I did my math homework, but I need someone to check if I did it right or not. 1. A = z>=4 B = z-4 4. |-4w + 8| = 28 Answer: -5.9

    asked by Dan
  38. Civics

    How has the system of checks and balances caused the seperation of powers among the three branches of government to become less distinct?

    asked by Jennifer
  39. 6th grade

    boots belonging to their dad does that turn into their dads' boots? or does the apostrophe go their dad's boots?

    asked by A.J.
  40. Preschool dilemma

    Hi, I am a new preschool teacher and would like some ideas on what different types of lesson plans or activities to do or teach on the first week of school... I also would like to know if you have any ideas or activities that I could do with my students

    asked by Marcia
  41. science

    What is meant by saying that a hypothesis must be testable

    asked by neasha
  42. 2nd grade

    I need help whit the syllables.eyelid,slide,line,more,together.Ineed sort the words by the number of sylables.Please helpme to do that.

    asked by jasmine martinez
  43. 7th grade

    how would i put vehicular in a sentence? please help.... it has to be a good sentence to

    asked by jana
  44. 5th grade

    how did the swine flu start

    asked by zikieya
  45. Math

    I need someone to please check my answer for me... add. -1.6 + (-2.3)= the answer I got was -3.9 is this correct? if not could you tell me why and how to get the correct answer..? thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    I need someone to check and go over my answers to make sure they are correct and if not could you go over them with my on why and how to solve correctly?? Thank you much appreciated.. Add. -4/5 + (9/20) = 5/25 1 + (-2) + 3 + (-4) = 10 5/3 + (-4/3) + 5/3 =

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    I need someone to check and go over my answers to make sure they are correct and if not could you go over them with my on why and how to solve correctly?? Thank you much appreciated.. Add. -4/5 + (9/20) = 5/25 1 + (-2) + 3 + (-4) = 10 5/3 + (-4/3) + 5/3 =

    asked by Anonymous
  48. english

    what is the context of the word vigil

    asked by jamia
  49. 6th grade

    How does a scientist choose which type of investigation to use?

    asked by A.J.
  50. Geometry

    find the coordinates of the missing endpoint given that S is the midpoint. Problem: T(-4,3),S(-1,5)

    asked by Amber
  51. linking verbs

    The book A Cricket in Times Square ____________by George Selden.

    asked by Jd
  52. sceiece

    how technology fluine sw played a role in the

    asked by zikieya
  53. math


    asked by shanya
  54. english

    what is the context of chagrin THANK YOU

    asked by jamia
  55. Chemistry

    How many moles of iodine are produced from 7.00 moles of chlorine, according to the equation shown? 3Cl2(g) + 2FeI2(s) --> 2FeCl3(s) + 2I2(g)

    asked by Mercedes
  56. Algebra

    Solution A is 30% acid and solution B is 60% acid. How many gallons of each solution must be used to create a 60 gallon mixute that is 50% acid. I have to set this up as a system of equations, and I thought one system was x + y = 60, but I can't get an

    asked by Dana
  57. science

    Hey, holidays is over. Time to get back to work. whats the answer to this one find the concentration of hcl in g hcl/kg Naoh + Hcl---> b +c 2.991 mol 25.00mL Density=0.952g/ml also Hcl=36.46g/mol I got approx 4.58 x 10^3 g/mol of the top of my head

    asked by Jim_R
  58. math

    write the word form of the number that is 10,000,000 greater than 6,021,849

    asked by Stephanie
  59. accounting

    The balance in the unearned fees account before adjustment at the end of the year is 112,790. Of these fees, 69,735 have been earned. In addition, 13,200 of fees have been earned but have not been billed. Journalize the entry to the adjust the unearned

    asked by natalie
  60. science

    how are a hypothesis and data related ??

    asked by morgan
  61. english


    asked by jamia
  62. linking verbs

    I _________ like I know hem because they ______so real. I _________ sure that almost any child or adult would enjoy this book.

    asked by Jd
  63. Precalculus problems check?

    Did I do these two problems right? P(1-sqrt2) = 8x - 4x^2 P(1-sqrt2)= -4 P(2/x)= 8x - 4x^2 P(2/x) = x-1 I think when the answers are plugged back in, the equation is supposed to equal zero, but I don't get this; however, I always redo each problem with

    asked by Emily
  64. math

    x-2/3x+1,determine the inverse. x= y-2/3y+1 x (3y+1)=y-2 3xy+x=y-2 (where do i go from here if i am going right)

    asked by keisha
  65. Reading

    Has anyone read the book The Cay? What did Phillips mother do when he was offically considered lost?

    asked by Hunter
  66. writing I

    Can you please give me few examples of metaphors and similes about music. I found some online but I want them to be something to do with music (doesn't matter which or what kind). Thank you.

    asked by emmi
  67. math

    subtract. -2/5 - 7/10= I got the answer of 5/10 = 1/2 is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. english


    asked by jamia
  69. Math Word problem

    Can someone please help guide me with this one? I am not good at word problems I think I may be dislexic because sometimes I may add or misread a number incorrectly... Statistics. Beach Channel High School's football team scored one field goal (3pts) and

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math Word problem

    Can someone please help guide me with this one? I am not good at word problems I think I may be dislexic because sometimes I may add or misread a number incorrectly... Statistics. Beach Channel High School's football team scored one field goal (3pts) and

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    the digits of a certain number of 3 arithmetical digits are in arithmetical progression.Their sum is 15.And the number is 129 times the first digit.What is the number??? by using the formula.. please...

    asked by lony
  72. linear programing.

    plant warehouse SUPPLY __________1______2______3_______________ 5 8 6 1 250 3 2 3 2 200 5 3 4 3 200 demand 200 300 150 / oh please how to do this transportation cost problem thank you very much

    asked by prowny returns
  73. english

    how has technology played a role in the swine flu.............................PLEASE answer PLEASE AND THANK YOU

    asked by zikieya
  74. English

    1. What is the checklist for? 1-1. It helps us manage our time. 1-2. It is for managing our time. 1-3. It is used to manage our time. 1-4. We need the checklist to manage our time. 1-5. We need the checklist for managing our time. (Are all the answers

    asked by John
  75. English

    1. Write down your activities. Which are more important? Do them. 2. Write down your activities. Which is more important? Do them. (Which one is right? Do we have to use 'Which are' or 'Which is'?) 3. Summer break is over. 4. Summer vacation is over. 5.

    asked by John
  76. Chemistry II

    What is the molarity of a solution in which 13.7 g of calcium chloride is dissolved in water to a final volume of 750.0 mL?

    asked by Michelle
  77. Calculus

    I'm doing graphs/domain/range of basic functions. I have three questions: How do I find the domain and range of a function? (more preferably range...I'm okay but shaky on domain) Ex: f(x)=1/(x^2) Also, how do you write the domain and range with notation?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Chemistry II

    The mass of a particular gas is 3.562 g. If the temperature of the gas in a 126.4 mL vessel is 97.6oC, and the atmospheric pressure is 752.5 mmHg, what is the molar mass of the gas?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Precalculus

    K(x) = x^2(x^2 + 16), where K(x) = x^2. I got K(x^2) = x^8 + 16x^4. Is this right? Thanks :))

    asked by Emily
  80. English

    I need a character summery of Bella from Twilight. I haven't read the book, don't have time to. quick little things about her really. thanks,

    asked by Matt
  81. english

    What are some ethic principles that should be put in place to ensure how a family works properly? I thought of loyalty and faithfulness but I don't know what else?

    asked by lola
  82. HUM 205

    What are three relationships between the arts of Middle Ages and Early Middle Ages culture? What are three relationships between the arts and Late Middle Ages culture?

    asked by Latoya
  83. General Chemistry

    Calculate the precent error: The density of an aluminum block determined in an experiment was 2.69 g/cm^3. (True value 2.70 g/cm^3.) I keep getting .37% ish

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Biochemistry

    How many millimoles are in 500.0 g of alanine (MW = 89?)

    asked by Emma
  85. algebra 2

    square root of 50 over 9

    asked by brenda
  86. Business

    What is the importance of deep community in business?

    asked by Linda
  87. Biochemistry

    The concentration of cholesterol in blood from a fasting individual is reported as 185mg %, where mg% is mg/100 mL. Convert this concentration to moles/Liter.

    asked by Emma
  88. Chemistry

    How many ml of .050 M NaOH are required to prepare 1500.0 mL of .0020 M NaOH? Please show work, I'm not sure how to do this. Thanks!

    asked by Candace
  89. chemistry

    If a graduated cylinder wasn't calicrated correctly, how would that affect the results of a measurment?

    asked by Bill
  90. History

    Who are the 3 generals from the Roman Empire?

    asked by Martha
  91. biochemstry

    Which of the following substances serves as an intermediate through which all cellular energy sources are interconvertible? acetyl CoA glucose pyruvate citrate

    asked by jeff
  92. math

    Solve for x log5 5x = 2 I do not know how to do this!

    asked by Hannah
  93. 7th grade


    asked by isabel
  94. math

    1) Can someone tell me how the write 4x^3 + y^2 - 4y + 36=0 in standard equation (solve for y and complete the squares). 2) A pencil manufacturer determines that the daily cost c in dollars of producing n dozen pencils is given by c=(n^2/25,000) - (2n/5)

    asked by Chris
  95. chem

    what VSEPR "shapes" and bond angles do you find Toluene

    asked by lyne
  96. chemistry

    Table salt - sodium chloride, one of the most common substances occurring in nature - is best classified as what ?

    asked by amy
  97. chemistry

    in column chromatography in general do polar or nopolar elute first

    asked by seth
  98. check geo

    hi ms.sue About three quarters of the Russia people live: A)on the north european plain B)on the west siberian plan C)along the pacific ocean d)on the south european plain my choice is c.

    asked by henry
  99. Precalculus

    I'm sorry I'm posting so many questions, I promise this is the last one tonight :) The leading coefficient of a cubic polynomial P is 2, and the coefficient of the linear term is -5. If P(0)=7 and P(2)=21, find P(3). I DO NOT understand how to even start

    asked by Emily
  100. Chemistry

    How many ml of .050 M NaOH are required to prepare 1500.0 mL of .0020 M NaOH? Please show work, I'm not sure how to do this. Thanks!

    asked by Candace
  101. UOP-ETH 125

    I am starting the writing process for an autobiographical research paper and was not sure exactlly what the requirements fo writing this form of paper were. Is it supposed to be written like an autobiography, in the first person? What exactlly makes it an

    asked by Rose
  102. science

    list 2 exanples of chemical properties of matter

    asked by kayla
  103. Spanish

    How are the two events different and alike? They seem alike in the way that Cortazar was able to capture the attention of his audiences, both in the train and in Managua. The way he told the stories was done with eloquence. The difference I think, is in

    asked by Gabby
  104. Chemistry

    I am really struggling with this equation question...can someone please help me??? Use the following equation to answer the question... 4Fe(s)+3O2(g)---> 2Fe2O3(g) Heat = -1700kJ How many grams of rust form when 453kJ of energy is released?

    asked by Jessie
  105. college Accounting

    The ledger of Piper Rental Agency on March 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared. Debit Credit Prepaid Insurance $ 3,600 Supplies 2,800 Equipment 25,000 Accumulated

    asked by Michelle
  106. Chemistry

    student perform 2 melting point determinations on a crystalline product. In one determination, the tube contained a sample 1 - 2 mm in height, and the melting point was 141 - 142 ¢ªC. In the second determination, the sample hight was 4 - 5 mm and the

    asked by Christine
  107. music/drumkit

    the first rhythm you learn to play on drumkit

    asked by brooke
  108. spanish grammar

    What's the difference between sino and sino que? Is sino que only if you useuse it with a verb? Can I use, Carmen no dice que quiere ir a la fiesta, sino que quiere dormir. Carmen no est(a) comiendo helado, sino pollo frito. I put the letter that should

    asked by Gabby
  109. math

    What is the pattern here I can't figure it out, 2,3,5,9

    asked by Miriam
  110. Macroeconomics

    Here are my answers and i wanted to check if they were correct to the quiz posted below. 1.a because its a model for the ppf 2.b Just wha thappens when technology is completely ignored 3.a because the model is based off of inputs and outputs 4.c because

    asked by Julia
  111. 9th grade

    can you show me how to work this problem 6x+2=6

    asked by haley
  112. algebra

    14+x2 simplify

    asked by jeremy
  113. info

    How does the author of A Nation Apart organize the information to build his argument?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. college

    How modern civilozation has impacted the spritual lives of the indigenous peples you explored?

    asked by cotton
  115. Literature

    [This activity is from Daphne Du Maurier's short story, The Birds] Du Maurier tells us that the birds are trying to destroy human life, but we never know what is making them do it. Suppose you are a historian at some future time studying this famous bird

    asked by myschic
  116. MATH

    can you figure this out, 1,5,21,85 , ,6741

    asked by Miriam
  117. chemistry

    how many grams of solid NaOH are required to prepare 200.0 mL of a .050 M solution?

    asked by mariah
  118. french

    which verb tense is this elles aient tort

    asked by cara
  119. finance

    (Bond valuation) RCA made a coupon payment yesterday on its 6.25% bonds that mature in 11.5 years. If the required return on these bonds is 9.2% nominal annual, what should be the market price of these bonds?

    asked by ezzard
  120. science

    what is a meteorologist

    asked by kim
  121. math

    Find the slope, x-intercept, and y-intercept for the line 9 x + 10 y + 16 = 0 I found y to be -1.6, the slope to be -.9 and x to be wither 0/9 or -16 but it said i got x wrong

    asked by Allie
  122. French

    Can you please checkt these thanks. Directions: Répondez d'après les indications. 1. Madame Lauzier choisit quelle compagnie? (Air France) Answer: Madame Lauzier choisit Air France. 2. Elle choisit quelle classe? (la classe économique) Answer: Elle

    asked by Lisa
  123. World Civilations

    What are the postive and negative things about china's location

    asked by Chelsea
  124. Pre Algebra

    Solving part of a part. How do you use thermometers to solve fraction problems?

    asked by Luke
  125. chemistry

    What added to MgCl2 + 2H2O will yield Mg(OH)2 + Cl2?

    asked by Anna
  126. college

    solve by the elimination method 4x+8y=8 -4x+y=10 What is the solution of the system?

    asked by Lee
  127. algebra

    I know its true but why? When you multiply a whole number by a whole number the result is a larger number. When you multiply fractions the result is a smaller number.

    asked by Luke
  128. geometry


    asked by Deliah
  129. american literature

    When Jim arrives in Nebraska, he sees “nothing but land: not a country at all, but the material out of which countries are made.” Yet at the novel’s end the landscape is differentiated. It has direction and color – red grass, blue sky, dun-shaded

    asked by Jenny
  130. Chemistry II

    what is the molar mass of a gaseous organic compound with a density of 3.38 g/L at 40oC and a pressure of 1.97 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Math

    What do they call the international hula hoop championships?

    asked by Lauren
  132. college level Macroeconomics

    Here are my answers and i wanted to check if they were correct to the quiz posted below. 1.a because its a model for the ppf 2.b Just wha thappens when technology is completely ignored 3.a because the model is based off of inputs and outputs 4.c because

    asked by Julia
  133. Math

    What do they call the international hula hoop championships?

    asked by Lauren
  134. English

    1. Do first things first. 2. Do the first things first. (Which one is right?) 3. What kinds of health problems does the people in the pictures have? Look at the person in Picture One. He is holding a measuring tape. Doesn't he look heavy? He needs to be on

    asked by John
  135. English

    1. Search the following topics on the Internet, and then fulfill/do the project. Write the addresses of foreign shopping sites after you find them. Chosse the items you want to buy and write down the names and prices. On which item did you spend the most?

    asked by John
  136. Organic chemistry

    is it harder to obtain the magnetic resonance signal of a C-13 nucleus than an H-1 resonance signal at the same sample

    asked by jeff
  137. English

    Student A, you have a violet #4 diagram. Student B, you have a colorless #4 diagram. Color the colorless # 4 diagram violet. [There is #4 in the triangle.] I mean color the # 4 triangle violet? Are you following me? By talking to each other, you should

    asked by John
  138. 8th grade social studies

    explain to me how climate changes had a affect on the changes of culture please!!

    asked by breyanna
  139. 5th Grade English

    Should I capitalize indians in a sentence? Example - The indians live in the southwest. Another one has me confused, I played with Mexican jumping beans. Should I capitalize mexican jump beans? Thanks any help will be great.

    asked by Meghan
  140. 6th grade

    in my workbook it says why do you think earth looks like a blue and white marble from space ? the reason why is because there coler blind PLEASE HELP !!!!

    asked by brittany