Questions Asked on
August 30, 2009

  1. Physics Problem

    A runner hopes to complete the 10,000m run in less than 30 minutes. After exactly 27 minutes, there are still 1100m to go. The runner must then accelerate at 0.20 m/s^2 for how many seconds in order to achieve the desired time? I get 80.9 but I know that

    asked by Zack
  2. Economics

    Describe a specific event that would make each of the following happen to a production possibilities graph. (a) a point moves down to the (b) the frontier shifts to the right:

    asked by Anonymous
  3. biology

    most of the total mass of a plant comesfrom which source? Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Water Hydrogen Is is carbon dioxide?

    asked by casey
  4. pre calc

    an earth satellite in circular orbit 1250 kilometers high makes one complete revolution evry 90 min. What is it linear speed? use 6400 kilometers for the radius of the earth.

    asked by gab
  5. physics

    You and a friend each drive 50.0 km. You travel at 90 km/h; your friend travels at 95.0 km/h. How long will your friend wait for you at the end of the trip?

    asked by Michelle
  6. Chemistry

    The freezing point depression of a 0.100 molality solution of NaCl(aq) solution is 0.34 deg C. Calculate the % dissociation of NaCl(aq) (Kf for water = 1.86 deg Cm^-1)

    asked by AJ
  7. check geo

    which part of europe has advanced communications and transportation system? A)eastern europe B)western europe C)all of europe D)southern europe my chioce is c

    asked by henry
  8. Math


    asked by Jillian
  9. English

    1. He built a house with straw. 2. He built a house with straws. 3. He built a house with wood. 4. He built a house with woods. 5. He built a house with brick. 6. He built a house with bricks. (Which one is right? Do I have to use a singular form or plural

    asked by John
  10. science

    h t t p: / / tinypic . co m/r/f2vw1w/3 In the link above (take out the spaces) there is supposed to be a picture representing a foodweb. 1. Which letter is the producer? Is it A? 2. I'm not sure what B and C would represent? A. producer B. primary consumer

    asked by casey
  11. Chemistry

    What is the theoretical yield of p-bromotoluene (C7H7Br) from reacting 1.5 grams of toluene (C7H8) with an excess of bromine and an iron catalyst? Please help

    asked by Carrie
  12. science (symbiotic relationships)

    A female moth deposits her eggs and pollinates a flower at the same time, The moth larvae hatch and feed on come of the seeds developing within the flower. This symbiotic relationship is an examples of a. parasitism b. mutualism c. commensalism d.

    asked by anna
  13. trig

    Find cos(a=b). sin a = 3/5, a lies in Quadrant II, and cos b = 5/13, b lies in Quadrant I.

    asked by Michael
  14. check geo

    abstract painting and geometric design are examples of: A)realism B)impressionism C)romanticism D)modern art my choice d the maastricht treaty was an agreement among: A)all european nations B)western european nations C)eastern european nations D)europe and

    asked by henry
  15. 7th grade math

    A splice uses 24 cm of rope when two ropes are tied together What basic fraction is this of a 300 cm rope

    asked by Anonymous
  16. How to study lecture notes

    I know this seems like a silly question, but this is my first time taking a big lecture class (200-500 students). I take really detailed notes and our professor provides us with lecture outlines but I don't really know how to go about studying these

    asked by Kinley
  17. science

    A female moth deposits her eggs and pollinates a flower at the same time, The moth larvae hatch and feed on come of the seeds developing within the flower. This symbiotic relationship is an examples of a. parasitism b. mutualism c. commensalism d.

    asked by anna
  18. Chemistry

    How do I calculate how much sodium bicarbonate I need to neutralise 1L of 18M sulphuric acid?

    asked by Gille
  19. physics

    A runner hopes to complete the 10,000m run in less than 30 minutes. After exactly 27 minutes, there are still 1100m to go. The runner must then accelerate at 0.20 m/s^2 for how many seconds in order to achieve the desired time?

    asked by perry
  20. Literature

    In "The Birds", ((Short story by Daphne du Maurier))what is the weather like during the autumn before the attack, and what does this signify? a. the cold autumn signifies that nature is frequently harsh and dangerous b. the cold autumn signifies that

    asked by mysterychicken
  21. Literature

    Can someone check if these are correct? 1. Buddy's friend is comforting like an old sweater = simile 2. The trees' cried echo through the forest = personification 3. Their affection for each other is an oasis of kindness = metaphor 4. Queenie, the dog,

    asked by mysterychicken
  22. bio/science

    Which of the following would be the best advice for the farmerof this land: h t t p ://tinypic. c o m /r/smydsg/3 (take out spaces) a. replace your current crop with a potato crop b. replace your current crop with a corn crop c. replace your current crop

    asked by casey
  23. check geo

    on ______ foods are raised without chemical fertilizers and pesticides A)farm cooperatives b)collective farms C)state farms D)organic farms my choice is d

    asked by henry
  24. Math

    Bridget has a limited income and consumes only wine and cheese; her current consumption choice is four bottles of wine and 10 pounds of cheese. The price of wine is $10 per bottle and the price of cheese is $4 per pound. The last bottle of wine added 50

    asked by Andrew
  25. alegrebra

    . Suppose you are at the gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation:  a) What does the number 3.03 represent?

    asked by wanda
  26. algebra

    Bayside insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A, Giselle would have to pay the first$70 of her medical bill, plus 30% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the first$250, but only 25% of the rest.For what amount of medical bills will plan B

    asked by saw
  27. science: check my answers please

    h t t p: //tinypic . co m/r/309lnac/3 1. The population growth exhibited by population A to the right is what? Is is exponential? 2. Population B reaches its carry capacity at about what size? a. 0 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 e. 2000 Is it 1500? 3. The plateau

    asked by maggie
  28. Statistics

    A study has shown that the thickness of sheet steel follows an approximately uniform distribution from 20 to 50mm. What is the probability that a sheet of steel chosen at random will be between 20 and 30mm?

    asked by David
  29. accounting

    9-3 The differences in accounting for an activity in an internal service fund rather than in the general fund may be striking. A school district establishes a vehicle-repair shop that provides service to other departments, all of which are accounted for in

    asked by brandee
  30. check geo

    since the fall of communism some eastern european have: A)taken steps to return to a cummunist system of government. b)had difficulty adapting to free market system. c)cleaned up thier enviornment promblems D)all of the above my choice is d state farms in

    asked by henry
  31. check geo

    the european union requires its members to : A)limit and clean up enviornmental pollution B)pay high tariffs C)cease industrial production D)limit enviormental pollution my choice is d

    asked by henry
  32. algebra

    how to solve this: a/a-1 - a-1/a = 4

    asked by Brian
  33. math

    Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers. 13, 5, 12, 16, 7, 14, 7, 3, 10, 7 i don't know how to figure it out can you help please. thanks

    asked by scooby91320002
  34. current event

    what is a current event in 5th grade.what do i do ,and how do i start it.

    asked by sam
  35. dog groomer

    what are some potential legal or ethical issues that would pertain to the dog grooming business?? I have ask google and ask on the net and maybe it's a diffucult question because I could find nothing on the net pertaining to this question can you help?

    asked by lisa
  36. Algebra

    What would the domain of p be in p(x)=x squared-2x+10? I believe that it would be x squared+10 solved but I am not sure how to get the domain.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Geometry

    Could you please help me with this and could you tell me how you figured it out. Thanks. Directions: In the figure, XP and XT are opposite rays and XQ bisects angle PXS. For each situation, find the value of x and the measure of the indicated angle.

    asked by Alex
  38. 9th grade

    what are the 2 driving forces of natural selection?

    asked by jessica
  39. math

    A baker needs between 40 pounds and 50 pounds of a flour-sugar mixture that contains ten times as much flour as sugar. What are the possible weights of flour the baker can use?

    asked by jessica
  40. geometry

    A, B, C and D are collinear, points c x y z are collinear, AB = BC = CX YZ, AD = 54, XY = 22, and XZ = 33 i need help ho to figure this out

    asked by pat
  41. Calculus

    I need help with this integral. w= the integral from 0 to 5 24e^-6t cos(2t) dt. i found the the integration in the integral table. (e^ax/a^2 + b^2) (a cos bx + b sin bx) im having trouble finishing the problem from here.

    asked by Bobby Smith
  42. english

    Tell us why you want to work for Chuck E. Cheese's?

    asked by latasha
  43. check geo

    in which fields do europeans work today? A)heavy duty and mining B)farming and heavy industry c)shipping and transportation d)manufactoring, service and technology industries and agriculture my chioce d

    asked by henry
  44. check geo

    what has caused the destruction of about 80 percent of polands forests? A)farming collectives B)acid rain C)global warning D)timber harvesting my choice is d

    asked by henry
  45. physics [vectors]

    The concept i get, but somehow i just can't execute this problem, please help me! You are given vectors A = 5.5 6.2 and B = - 3.7 7.4 . A third vector C lies in the xy-plane. Vector C is perpendicular to vector A and the scalar product of C with B is 19.0.

    asked by lina
  46. geometry

    a. If BC = 2x + 1, CD = 3x - 4 and BD = 22, find the value of x. b. Using the value of x, find BC and CD.

    asked by rachel
  47. Physics

    You can use any coordinate system you like in order to solve a projectile motion problem. To demonstrate the truth of this statement, consider a ball thrown off the top of a building with a velocity v at an angle è with respect to the horizontal. Let the

    asked by Annmay
  48. algebra

    For this problem a/a-1- a-1/a=4 . Is the answer a=1 1/2. I solved it by multiplying a(a-1) both side as suggested by bobpursley. thanks

    asked by Brian
  49. English

    The Novel : The Great Gatsby "The beauty and splendor of Gatsby's parties masked the innate corruption within the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character." The

    asked by Hannah
  50. Math

    asked by Jillian
  51. math

    use the remainder theorem an the factor theorem to determine whether (y-3) is a factor of (y4+2y2-4).

    asked by Malcolm
  52. math

    mary's birthday is between june 13 and june 23. the date of her birthday is not an even number. the sum of the digits is 3.when is mary's birthday?

    asked by bryce
  53. English

    1. You may have six mullets at the middle left. 2. You may have six mullets on the middle left. 3. You may have six mullets in the middle left. 4. You may have six mullets at the left middle. 5. You may have six mullets on the left middle. 6. You may have

    asked by John
  54. algebra

    Two angles are complementary.The sum of the first angle and half the second angle is 82 degrees. Find the measures of the angles. What is the measure of the smaller angle? What is the measure of the other angle?

    asked by saw
  55. geometry

    if ab=bc=cx=yz,ad=54,xy=22,and xz=33 how do i find the indicated lenght

    asked by pat
  56. dog grooming

    how would you stop someone from sueing you over a potential legal or ethical issue?

    asked by lisa
  57. eng vocab: attitude

    i need an example of attitude in literature

    asked by gab
  58. algebra

    trains a&B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. train a is traveling at 60 miles per hour and train b is traveling at 70 miles per hour. train a passes a station at 3:15a.m. if train b passes a station at 3:45a.m., what time will train b

    asked by anonymous
  59. math

    1. The equation, in general form, of the line that passes through the point (3,4) and is perpendicular to the line 5 x + 5 y + 9 = 0 is Ax + By + C = 0, where a=? b=? c=? 2.The equation of the line that goes through the points ( -9 ,-6 ) and ( -6 ,-3 ) can

    asked by Allie
  60. Economics

    Discuss each statement from the standpoints and possibilities of BOTH equity and efficiency. B."When workers are laid off, they should be able to collect unemployment benefits until they find a new job." help me please! THank you.

    asked by A-tan
  61. Geometry

    Draw and label this figure: Point C and line r lie in M. Line r intersects line s at D. Point C, line r, and line s are not coplanor

    asked by Taylor
  62. English essay

    Sorry, I haven't written an essay in a long time. I'm studying for IGCSEs. How can I improve this essay? After visiting Asia for the first time in 2006, I noticed how hard life was for people with disabilities. Unlike in the developed world, people with

    asked by Gabby
  63. science

    how early south africans incorporated the stars into their world, explaining how they used the stars to mark seasons and events and retelling some legends and stories linked with specific stars and constellations

    asked by navi
  64. statistics

    A consumer research organization is attempting to determine whether there is any difference in mpg for fully loaded 22-foot trucks leased from three companies, A-Haul, Bertz, and Glyder. Five of these trucks are rented from each company. Each truck is

    asked by Josephine
  65. Physics

    Two points in the xy plane have cartesian coordinates (4.6,-10) and (-10,3.2) I found the distance to be 19.68 but i need to find the angle between the line connecting the two points and the x-axis (measured counterclockwise from the x-axis) within the

    asked by bubba
  66. French part 2

    Could you check these please thanks Directions: Choose the correct verb to complete each phrase. Here are the verbs you can choose: passer, enregistrer, sortir, remplir, servir, choisir, and attacher. 1. -------- une place coté couloir. Answer: Choisir 2.

    asked by Lauren
  67. French part 3

    Could you please check these thanks Directions: Indicate whether each of the following statments is true or false. 1. Il faut passer par le controle de sécurité avant le vol. Answer: vrai 2. On peut laisser ses bagages à main dans le couloir pendant le

    asked by Lauren
  68. ext english

    i had to make a poster about othello which was fine but after that we have to write a 1-2 page critique about it. i know to talk about why i used certain things and if it works or not. but i don't know how to start it of and how to put the ideas together

    asked by Jessica
  69. english

    Is this correct for Simple subject and predicate? A young boy was riding a donkey down the road. Boy was riding?

    asked by Hunter
  70. English

    would this be correct then? The ship/ is "home" for many travelers.

    asked by Hunter
  71. o-chem

    30g malononitril in 300ml water, soluabiltity 20g/100ml in ether...13.3g/100ml water. what weight recovered by 3 100ml extractions using ether..i need to work??

    asked by reba
  72. Management

    What is changing in the competitive environment and how so? Provide examples from your experience or observations.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. social advocate

    discuss the role of the lobbyist as a social advocate

    asked by Anonymous
  74. HCA 220

    How are blood clotting,immune response,allergic reaction and hormone release interrelated?

    asked by Jessica
  75. English

    The guide's loud voice interrupted Connie's thoughts. would it be guide's voice?

    asked by Hunter
  76. Math

    I need help with the first and third quartiles of 15,17,19,22,23,27,31,36,43,44,48,54,57 is the answer 20.5;46 or 20.5;48

    asked by Leigh
  77. Chemistry

    When salt is spread on snow covered roads at -2 deg C, the snow melts. When the same amount of salt is spread on snow covered roads at -30 deg C, nothing happens. Explain.

    asked by AJ
  78. science

    Which would be a pair of ecological equivalents? zooplankton andsea anemone salmon and seagull rattlesnake and desert rat elephant and hyena zebra and wild horse

    asked by kaley
  79. algebra

    n+5=5+n? commutative, associative, and identity properties

    asked by jade
  80. Science

    What order polynomial should I use when registering a image?

    asked by Lisa
  81. grammar

    I'm not sure if the following sentenced are correct with the grammar: 1.Here (is/are) Janice and Jessie. 2. The anguish of the victims (has/have) gone unnoticed. 3. Neither of the lawyers are/is willing to take the case. 4. Each of those dresses is/are

    asked by aveena
  82. Algebra 2 PAP

    Solve for r: V=(1/3)pie r squared h

    asked by John
  83. science

    h t t p : //tinypic. com /r/29za2co/3 In the diagram on the link,what numberof paramecium best represents the carrying capacity of the environmentfor the population shown? a. 200 b. 500 c. 600 d. 900 e. 1000 Is it 900?

    asked by maggie
  84. Statistics

    is the standard deviation a measure of the center or distribution... my teacher told me center i read the article and i\'ve been lead to believe its a measure of the distribution not the center... if it is a measure of the center how is it? I think it\'s a

    asked by Statistics
  85. Chemistry

    Student in O-Chem Lab conducts a melting point experiment with an unknown compound and observes a melting range of 210 – 218C. Is this a typical range for a melting point? If not, what range would be typical? For this question, does it mean an unknown

    asked by Christine
  86. math am i correct

    evaluate [-14] is the answer 14?

    asked by scooby91320002
  87. math

    Multiply (4)(-3/2)

    asked by scooby91320002
  88. science (please check my answers)

    h t t p: //tinypic . co m/r/309lnac/3 1. The population growth exhibited by population A to the right is what? Is is exponential? 2. Population B reaches its carry capacity at about what size? a. 0 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 e. 2000 Is it 1500? 3. The plateau

    asked by maggie
  89. religion

    Gnostic claim Jesus could not have been human because all humans are evil what would the christian response be

    asked by sandy
  90. Calculus

    I need some help understanding this limit formula, could someone please explain how to solve for f(x)=x^2+1 using this formula: (f(x+Δx)-f(x))/(Δx)

    asked by Christian
  91. business law

    Explain that distinction of "interactive-passive" test of jurisdiction.

    asked by Eddie
  92. Biology

    I have to come up with a theoretical experiment that would test whether the consumption of a certain food, i.e. strawberries is related to having a healthy heart. My plan was to measure the health of a person's heart prior to the study through EKG, cardiac

    asked by Biologygeek
  93. Geometry

    Planes A and B intersect in line s. PLane C intersects A and B, but does not contain s. Draw and label the figure

    asked by Taylor
  94. science

    What are the living and nonliving factors that contribute to or are affected by energy conservation?

    asked by Crystal
  95. check geo

    global warning increases when _____ are trapperd in the atmosphere: A)oxygen atoms B)minerals C)greenhouse gases D)meltwaters my choice is c or a

    asked by henry
  96. Biology

    Read Scientific Inquiry, Controlled Experiments Then and Now, pages 6-7 of your textbook. Start by observing the living species around you. Ever wonder why a pollinator is attracted to a particular flower, or what would happen to predator species if a

    asked by Samantha
  97. History

    What are the imports and exports of Bosnia

    asked by Diondrea
  98. work relations

    How do you create trust and respect in communication with clients and staff?

    asked by ReeRee
  99. Criminal Law

    Max and Rich go hunting. They both know the area where they are hunting, and they separate to hunt from different positions. They are both wearing bright orange hats and vests as per hunting regulations. Max sees something moving in the brush. He does not

    asked by Vonsell
  100. English

    I have a hard time with making sentence fragments into complete sentences. Using this example-To get to the hospital quickly.

    asked by tamara jones
  101. biology

    a k selected population is characterized by a. extensive parentalcare b, many offspring in one reproductiveperiod c. large eggs d. high death rate e. short life span Im stuck between a and c Please help!

    asked by anna
  102. Macroeconomics

    How does the existence of money affect efficiency and equity, stability and growth?

    asked by Liz
  103. Art

    How does Neoclassicism, Impressionism, and Abstract Expressionism reflect their era and culture?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. French

    could you please check these thanks. Directions: Indicate whether each of the following statements are true or false. 1. Avant de monter en avion, on passer par le controle de sécurité. Answer: Vrai 2. On sert un repas pendant un vol transatlantique.

    asked by Lauren
  105. English (Reading)

    My question has to do with the book, The Secret Life of Bees . . . . My teacher wants us to list three ways the main character (Lily) changed throughout the book. I've already come up with two ways (the way she views her mother and the way she handles

    asked by Myriah

    Social change and behavior can happen rather quickly or slowly. For example, what was deviant or unusual years ago may be considered normal or acceptable today (i.e., piercing or tattoos) or once was normal is now not (i.e., smoking in restaurants).

    asked by Brenda
  107. ENGLISH


    asked by Anonymous
  108. english

    The face of the statue looked just like Connie's face. Would the Simple Subject be statue and the Simple predicate be looked? or would the Simple subject be face of the statue?

    asked by Hunter
  109. English

    If I have to draw a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate. would this be correct? Star travelers/live on their spaceships?

    asked by Hunter