Questions Asked on
August 28, 2009

  1. Math

    How much longer (percentage) is a one-mile race than a 1500- race?

  2. physics

    Vector A has a magnitude of 8.00 units and makes an angle of 45.0° with the positive x-axis. Vector B also has a magnitude of 8.00 units and is directed along the negative x-axis. Using graphical methods, find (a) the vector sum A + B and (b) the vector

  3. biology

    which of the following statements are true there are 2 polar covalent bonds in water there are 3 ionic bonds in water there is 1 ionic and 1 covalent bond in water electrons are less attracted to oxygen than hydrogen

  4. math

    Find the largest angle for which sine and tangent agree to within two significant figures. Please explain ^_^

  5. AP physics

    Suppose a Chinook salmon needs to jump a waterfall that is 1.50 m high. If the fish starts from a distance 1.00 m from the base of the ledge over which the waterfall flows, find the x- and y-components of the initial velocity the salmon would need to just

  6. Literature

    Can someone explain to me what the second paragraph in the Declaration of Independence means? I have to discuss how America today meets the promise of the opening of the second paragraph in the Declaration and how it does not. Thank you. -Writeacher has

  7. 4th grade Language Arts

    Find the complete subject. I put the complete subject in ( ). 1. (Ramon travels) to many countries for his job. 2. (My mother) will meet him at the airport. 3. (He sometimes) stays at our home. 4. (Ramon bought) us presents from Holland last year. 5. (My

  8. Anatomy check

    Just want to make sure I'm correct: The elbow lies (proximal or distal) to the forearm. Proximal

  9. biology

    which of the following has a basic ph lemon juice milk of magnesia tomatoes hydrochloric acid

  10. earth science


  11. biology

    the combinded number of ? will determine the number of electrons in orbital around a neutral atom

  12. math

    Sabrina’s boss state that she will increase Sabrina’s salary from $12,000 to $14,000 per year if she enrolls in business courses at a local community college. What percent increase in salary will result from Sabrina taking the business courses?

  13. maths

    consider the line y=6x-k and the parabola y=x^2 i) for what value of k is the line y=6x-k a tangent to the parabola y=x^2 ? ii) the line y=6x-k intersects the parabola in two distinct places. what is the largest integer value that k can take ?

  14. U.S. History

    Why didn't Britain just raise taxes in England during the French - Indian War?

  15. Physics

    A model rock is shot into the air. Once it starts to fall a parachute is deployed. Draw a free body diagram of the rocket with the parachute deployed ok well there is gravity does the parachute exert a force upward? onto what? what do i call this force?

  16. math

    write a word problem for 1/2 - 2/3 = and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 =

  17. BIS219

    These are the only ones I need help on, Thanks 1. Which of the following statements about information systems is not correct? A. Information systems are concentrated in the IS Department. B. Information systems tend to follow the structure of the

  18. Math

    What is the percent increase in the population for all six inhabited continents from 1950 - 2000? 1950 2000 N.America 221,000,000 305,000,000 S.America 111,000,000 515,000,000 Europe 392,000,000 510,000,000 Africa 229,000,000 889,000,000 Oceana 12,000,000

  19. Science

    You will find 3 of these in ATP. a)hydroxyl group b) amino group c) phosphate group d) carboxyl group

  20. math word problem

    chris has twice as many 1 dollar bills as pennies he has twice as many dimes as he has 10 dollar bills he has twice as many pennies as he has dimes how much money does chris have?

  21. chemistry

    Which type of fat is easier to break down, saturated or unsaturated? Why?

  22. math

    what was the total profit in 2002 for McDonalds

  23. advanced math

    what is 4% of 150?

  24. Statistics

    How is finding the standard deviation a measurement of a data\'s center? my teacher said it measured the center...

  25. Physics

    A car travels east at 82 km/h for 1.5 h. It then travels 30.0° east of north at 113 km/h for 1.6 h. What is the average velocity for the trip? (Magnitude and Direction)

  26. algevra 2

    parallel to y=-5 and through (2/7) I need to find the slope intercept and standard form of this problem. I know this problem was already posted, but I still don't know how to find those two forms

  27. Physics(Please Help!!)

    Make a graph using the measured quantities with radial distance on the x-axis and tangential velocity on the y-axis. Radial distance= 1.85, 1.40, 1.00, 0.80, 0.60, 0.40 Tangential velocity= 1.03, 1.36, 1.91, 2.38, 3.18, 4.79 1) using your knowledge of

  28. biology

    which bond is easily broken

  29. biology

    three and 14c have different number of isotopes of carbon 12c 13c and 14c have different number of electrons protons neutrons

  30. biology

    which of the following atomic numbers indicates the element with the highest valence number 6 8 10 14

  31. history

    map of the pastII

  32. History help

    Could someone please tell me if I have answered the question? What were the US cold war policies and practices in international relations in the late 1940s to the mid 1950s? During the late 1940’s and 1950’s the tensions were greater than before

  33. math- continuance of problem

    Find the largest angle for which sine and tangent agree to within two significant figures.

  34. hhs

    hhs exercise 9.1 time series regression


    If the perimeter of a square is 12 inches wouldn't you just add 12+12+12+12 and get 48?

  36. basic math

    how do i writ 21/100 in decimal form

  37. English Grammar

    As many of you know, I'm an ESL Teacher in Taiwan. I came across a sentence that does not sound right, but I am wondering if it's grammatically correct. "I like to have cats." I've NEVER heard it said like that before, but I cannot think of any reason why

  38. organisation competition & environment

    what are the strength of vanilla accounting ?

  39. Catering

    You're likely to encounter formal service in all of the following settings except which one?

  40. MATH

    Figures that correspond under a translation, rotation, or reflection are said to be translation congruent, rotation congruent, or reflection congruent. Position two congruent figures on a piece of paper to satisfy each combination of congruences listed.

  41. math

    How many rectangles will fit about a point when tessellating the plane? How do you know?

  42. Algebra

    using commutative law, what is the answer to 43+vw ?

  43. HIS

    How are the three branches of U.S. government supposed to interact? Is the system successful? Why or why not? Are the branches balanced in power? Why or why not? How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of

  44. Statistics

    The data set for our course is a sample of a survey conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union (AIU). It is available via the following link: DataSet with DataSet Key which contains the following nine sections of data that will be used

  45. medical

    How ill employees in the medical office have to be trained regarding privacy?

  46. biology

    What two steps are involved in the transfer of information from a gene to the final protein product?

  47. Math

    without finding the exact answer select which of the following numbers is the best estimate of each sum or difference and justify your choices: - 2/3, 0, 2/3 1/9 + 2/5 - 1/3 - 3/4

  48. Financial officer Interview

    1.Briefly describe your current position and its duties and responsibilities. 2.What are the revenue centers for your organization 3.What types of centers (departments) have budgets? 4.How many cost centers are there? Can you give some examples? 5.How

  49. hca 220

    Hospitals are generally categorized as nonprofit, for-profit, or governmental. Identify at least one example of each from your community or state. What are the differences in populations served by these hospitals? Are they urban or rural? Do the services

  50. Financial Matters

    Has anyone been a health care financial officer that can do a interview for me? I just ask some questions and all I need are your answer. But you have to be, or have been a financial health care officer.

  51. General Question

    On a home work assignment it gives the page number and the problems to do followed by E3P. Does that mean every 3rd problem.(It shows 1-26 E3P, but I thought it would be 1,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27) Please help. Thanks

  52. algebra

    parallel to y=-5 and through (2/7) how do i tackle this problem?!?!

  53. algebra 2

    vertical and contains (-4,6) how do i find both slope intercept and standard forms of there.. im lost

  54. algebra 2

    again.. im lost with finding slope intercept and standard form of this equation as well. x intercept =2, y intercept= -4

  55. college-ANATOMY


  56. ENGLISH 2

    What advice should Lena give walter from a raisin in the sun to change the outcome of the novel? i need help with idead so I could write a letter to him?

  57. Math: Permutations and Combinations

    Need a verification: Combinations of n items taken r at a time: C9n,r)= n!/(n-r)!*r! C(8,0) 8!/(8-0)!*(0)! = 8!/8!*0! = 0 or Answer is 0 or 1?

  58. Anatomy check

    I just want to make sure this answer is correct: The stomach is (superior or posterior) to the diaphragm? posterior Thanks

  59. Anatomy check

    Just want to make sure I'm correct: The lungs are (medial or lateral) to the heart. Lateral

  60. Math

    What was the percent increase in the population in S.America from 1900 to 2000? 1900 = 38,000,000 1950 = 111,000,000 2000 = 515,000,000 Can someone please help guide me?? I am not great at percentages.. would I add the three and then divide by 3?

  61. biology

    Read Scientific Inquiry, Controlled Experiments Then and Now, pages 6-7 of your textbook. Start by observing the living species around you. Ever wonder why a pollinator is attracted to a particular flower, or what would happen to predator species if a

  62. HCA 270

    Can anyone help me with this please? What types of cost allocation criterion and methods are available to all healthcare organizations

  63. Math

    find the range 7, 7, 5, 4, 1, 9, 8, 8, 8, 5, 2 I have mixed feelings and responses to this when asking my friends, some people say it is the lowest to highest which is 1 - 9 but then some say that you have to subtract the lowest and highest which is 8

  64. quick science question

    What are some ways in which genetics collect samples to test for disorders?

  65. Science

    The typical ratio for a carbohydrate is a) CHO b) C2HO c) CH2o d) CHO2

  66. Science

    THis is also known as an alchohol. a)hydroxyl group b) amino group c) phosphate group d) carboxyl group

  67. math

    Train A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 60 mph and Train B is traveling 64 mph. Train A passes a station at 7:15 AM. If Train B passes the same station at 7:45 AM, at what time will Train B catch up to

  68. Maths

    How do I work out square roots without a calculator?