Questions Asked on
August 27, 2009

  1. physics

    While sitting on a tree branch 10.0 m above the ground, you drop a chestnut. When the chestnut has fallen 2.0 m, you throw a second chestnut straight down. What initial speed must you give the second chestnut if they are both to reach the ground at the

    asked by jawn
  2. 6th grade math

    A chocolate bar is separated into several equal pieces. If one person eats 1/4 of the pieces, and a second person eats 1/2 of the remaining pieces, there are six pieces left over. Into how many pieces was the original bar divided?

    asked by joey
  3. Computers

    Show what the final output of this function will be. The answer will be in the form x * Z - y Private Function F(x as Int, y As Int, z as Int) If (y = 1) then Return 2 Else Return x * Z - y + F(x-1,y-1, z) End If End Function

    asked by Dave
  4. chemistry

    is the fizz from soda pop a chemical reaction?

    asked by Lucas Hockenbury
  5. Math PIZZAZZZ

    how does a rodeo star get around?? well if you cant give me an answer can you help me. heres the instructions First Simplify the expression below. Then evaluate the expression for the given value or the variable. Find the simplified expression in the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Managerial Econ

    Mirk Labs is a British pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the United States on Zatab (pronounced zay-tab), an allergy medication. The global demand for Zatab is: Qd=15.0-0.2P Where Qd is annual quantity

    asked by DaisyJ
  7. History

    Could someone please tell me if I have answered the question? What were the US cold war policies and practices in international relations in the late 1940s to the mid 1950s? During the late 1940’s and 1950’s the tensions were greater than before

    asked by F8th
  8. Math

    f(x+1)=8x^2+x-3 f(-x)=8x^2+x-3 work: #1 8(x+1)(x+1)+x-3 then FOIL 8(x^2+x+x+2)+x-3 8x^2+16x+16+x-3 *8x^2+17x+13 #2 8(-x)^2-x-3 8x-x-3 *7x-3 I know on the first one you FOIL but im still getting it wrong?? The second one i thought was simple but im getting

    asked by Jeana
  9. 5th grade

    why the climate in the appalachian mountains would be warmer the the rocky mountains

    asked by les
  10. life science

    why is camouglaging an illusion? for example, if you would please google "brimstone butterfly camouglage" [pictures], you will see that these butterflies camouflage and are green, so they look like a leave. so my question, as I stated before, is how is

    asked by lamiya
  11. home economics

    who is responsible for enforcing the food saftey act ?

    asked by hilly
  12. cultural diversity

    Explain the difference between Muslims and Arabs

    asked by kim
  13. 5th grade math-ms sue

    ms. sue*****ann and celia have 5 pens, 18 pencils, anf 22 erasers. If they share them equally, how many pencils will each one have?

    asked by LEXI
  14. Math

    1.Sally age is 12 years plus half her age. How old is she? 2.Given that: 4x-y+9=0 and 3y-2x=7, solve for x.

    asked by Linda
  15. Physics

    Tom the cat is chasing Jerry the mouse across the surface of a table 1.5 m above the floor Jerry steps out of the way at the last second, and Tom slides off the edge of the table at a speed of 5.0 m/s. Where will Tom strike the floor, and what velocity

    asked by Tobin
  16. English

    1. I may wear bright colors in the evening. 2. I may wear bright colored clothes in the evening. 3. I may wear colthes of bright colors in the evening. 4. I may wear bright color clothes in the evening. (Which ones are correct? Do you have some more

    asked by John
  17. Economics

    Select an industry that is affected by the economy, such as the airline, automotive, home building, or technological industry. Keep in mind that you will use the industry chosen throughout the course. „h Find at least two sources to help you answer the

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Maths

    Eleven people, 7 men and 4 women, successfully completed their study at the School of Astronautics. A team of 6 people needs to be selected from them for the next intergalactic travel. In how many ways can 6 astronauts be selected, if at least 2 women and

    asked by MathsHelpNeeded
  19. English

    1. I will go to Haeundae Beach to take a walk at the beach. 2. I will go to Haeundae Beach to take a walk on the beach. (Which preposition do I have to use? At or on? Are both OK?) 3. I will iron my clothes in the bedroom. 4. I will mop the floor and clean

    asked by John
  20. 6th grade math

    Jack went to the store to buy eggs. He thought "i ned enough eggs to last me all week. I eat two eggs for breakfast each day and i need six eggs to give back to my neighbor because i borrowed some." When Jack asked the store clerk for his eggs, he was told

    asked by joey
  21. Managerial Econ

    The Qwik Serve Clinic always has three M.D.s and eight R.N.s working at its 24-hour clinic, which serves customers with minor emergencies and ailments. The clinic has hired an efficiency expert to examine its operations and make suggestions for reducing

    asked by DaisyJ
  22. Economic Theory

    Select an industry that is affected by the economy, such as the airline, automotive, home building, or technological industry. Keep in mind that you will use the industry chosen throughout the course. „h Find at least two sources to help you answer the

    asked by Jocelyne
  23. science

    14 letter word scientists do their experimental tests more than once so hey can reduce the effects of chance errors. This is called conducting ______________.

    asked by mARCI
  24. Physics

    There is a rod that is 55 cm long and 1 cm in radius that carries a 8 uC charge that is ditributed uniformly over its entire length. What would be the magnitude of the electric filed 4.0 mm from the ord surface, not near either? So far I have

    asked by Sammy
  25. Chemistry!

    1) does an increase in temperature increase the rate of bothe exothermic and endothermic reactions? 2) is the reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid self-sustaining? This is for a practical investigation and im battling to find

    asked by Candice
  26. Pre Calc

    Solve the equation on the interval [0,2pi). cos2x=(*2/2)

    asked by Megan
  27. Math

    Given that: 4x-y+9=0 and 3y-2x=7, solve for y

    asked by James
  28. Financial Math

    Sales is 59250 with 100% what is cost of sales: ? with 31.97%, Gross profit : ? with ?%, Personnel Cost : 18486.00 with ?%, Expenses: ? with 10.21%, Direct Operating Profit: ? with ?% what are the values of (?)

    asked by Jamie
  29. Math

    Bill can mow his mothers lawn in 6 minutes. His brother Jim can mow it in 9 minutes. How long will it take them to do it together, if each has his own lawnmower? (record answer in minutes rounded to one decimal place. For example 14.2835 minutes, record

    asked by tiffany
  30. 5th grade -math

    name five fraction numbers between 0 and 1?

    asked by lexi
  31. history

    What were the reasons our forefathers divided the government into the legislative, judicial, and executive branches? How are the three branches of U.S. government supposed to interact? Is the system successful? Why or why not? Are the branches balanced in

    asked by troyer0269
  32. Finance

    Jenning inc. paid out total dividends equal to $ 11,124,200 in 2008. If Jennings reported Retained earnings of $320,868,600 for 2007 and retained earnings of $350,290,100 for 2008, what was Jennings reported net income in 2008?

    asked by Kevin
  33. 5th grade -math

    what is a range?i thought it was 5

    asked by lexi
  34. Algebra

    suppose that A=D+E and that D/A= 0.35 solve for A/E.

    asked by Pauline
  35. MATH

    4x-y+9=0 and 3y-2x=7, solve for y

    asked by jAMES
  36. Bussiness

    ABC Company has 50,000 employees at it headquarters. The company wants to increase employee productivity by setting up internal software application training program for it employees. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software

    asked by Sally

    IN 2008, Variman, Incorportated had Gross Accounts receivable of $2,366,420 and management estimated the Allowance for Doubtful accounts to be $243,520. Compute the ratio of Allowance of Doubtful accounts to Net Accounts receivable for Variman, Inc. for

    asked by MARLON
  38. ALGERA

    Suppose A-D=E, thAt N= 15,200, E/A= .40 and N/E=.25. compute D/A

    asked by KIM
  39. MATH


    asked by JOHN
  40. math

    where is the vertex of the graph of y=x2+6x-2?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Physics

    The freezing point depression of a .100 m solution of NaCl solution is .34C. Calculate the percent dissociation of NaCl.( Kf for water=1.86) Please help

    asked by Sammy
  42. physics

    A car travels 1.72 km in the x direction, then turns left 50.4 degrees to the original direction and travels an additional distance of 1.97 km. Calculate the x component of the car's net displacement. Answer in units of km.

    asked by bubba
  43. math

    (0,-5), m=3/2 a) find the equation of the line b) find three other points that go through the line

    asked by Max
  44. Cultural Diversity

    What was the result of your IAT, and do you feel that the test produced valid results in your case? o In your opinion, is it difficult to accurately measure prejudice? Why or why not? o Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice.

    asked by Jocelyne
  45. ALGERA

    ASSUME THAT S/A= 4.5, D/A= 4.5, N/E= .80 AND A=D+E SLOVE FOR N/S.

    asked by JOHN
  46. Geography

    Topic #3: Economic activities can be grouped by how and if they use natural recources. In a well-written essay, discuss the various levels of economic activities and how they are linked to the use of natural recources. Use examples to improve your answer.

    asked by mysterychicken
  47. World History

    What were the similarities and differences between the five regions of british colonial america and what factors worked to create a shared america identity by the mid 18th century?

    asked by M
  48. Kleeman

    Three less than 4 times the sum of 6 and some number. Let x represent the number. A. 4(6 + x) - 3 B. 3 - 4(6) + x C. 3 - 4(6 +x) D. 4(6) + x - 3

    asked by Bob
  49. MATH

    suzy is ten years older than Billy and next year she will be twice as old as Billy. How old is Suzy now? How old is Billy?

    asked by LaToya
  50. communication

    What is your personal communication style? Why do you think it is important to be aware of your personal communication style in an online learning environment and in your desired profession? What are some ways you can effectively and clearly express your

    asked by Tee

    S/A=7.25 N/S= .12 N/A= ?

    asked by Dean
  52. environmental science

    Please check this: Scientists use statistics to a. graph data b. analyze data c. communicate ideas to each other d. all of the above B ( in my book it says: scientists rely on and use statistics to summarize, characterize, analyze, and compare data.

    asked by y912f
  53. 11th grade-english III

    Write your own journal entry from the perspective of a member of Bradford's colony. What do you think of these unruly pirates? What shocks you the most about these surly characters? How do the manners of the pirates differ from yours?

    asked by Anna
  54. Math

    Simplify this expression: (2/3)^2 x(6xy^-1)^3

    asked by Ashley
  55. biology

    which animals eat butterflies? i know that birds do feed on butterflies even though they are hard to catch, but what else? please tell me any other animals that feed on butterflies. thanks you.

    asked by lily
  56. algebra

    suppose that D+E=A, that N/A=.25 and that D/A=0.15. Solve for N/E.

    asked by dean
  57. Math

    v2-4v-21/3v2+6v * v2+8v/v2+11+24

    asked by Kyra
  58. social studies

    fire and its uses

    asked by josiah
  59. home economics

    what do the lettters HACCP stand for ?

    asked by hilly
  60. home economics

    what responsibilities do the food saftey act have ?

    asked by hilly
  61. College Econ

    There are two types of people. Red's and Blue's. In a given week, Red's can make 5 pieces of clothing or kill 10 buffalo (and all linear combo in between) In a given week, Blue's can make 12 pieces of clothing or kill 4 buffalo (and all linear combo's in

    asked by Nichole
  62. home economics

    my question says : state two responsibilities of the food saftey act then it says : who is responsible for enforcing this act ?

    asked by hilly
  63. Finance

    professional career. Marcia is a trainee for a management position at a large department store, and Phil is an engineer at an electronics firm. Their careers have promising futures, but neither has exceptionally good income protection in the event of a

    asked by Patricia
  64. Math

    Luz Has 7000 boxes and on each one it has 500 lollipops in each one. How Many Are In All The Boxes.

    asked by Luz Alvarez
  65. 4th grade

    what are variable symbols

    asked by Kennedi
  66. math

    Find A U B if A=(5, 15, 25) and B= (10, 15, 20, 25, 30

    asked by Lisa
  67. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Write another word or expression for each phrase below. 1. un vol qui arrive de Paris. Answer: Un vol en provenance de Paris. 2. un vol qui va à Paris. Answer: Un vol à desination de Paris. 3. Un vol qui

    asked by Missy
  68. math

    The sum of my three digit date is 11. My hundreds and tens digits could be the sides of a square with an area of 25 and a perimeter of 20. What year am I?

    asked by Amy
  69. geography

    climate depends on such factors as an area's

    asked by stephanie
  70. science

    Reflect on your own worldview and compare it with the worldviews presented in the text. Provide examples of the benefits of your view to defend your position.

    asked by mike
  71. 4th grade

    What is a region, continent, and hemisphere?

    asked by Parker
  72. social studies

    what si the defonition to duma?

    asked by maddie
  73. Reading

    In Chapter 16 of the book The Cay. How did phillip discover the Cay was recovering from the storm? I have to list 4 things for Landscape, Signial Fire, Water, Food, and Shelter

    asked by Hunter
  74. math

    7.4 x (-5.9)

    asked by Robert
  75. math

    what is the difference between doubles plus one and counting on?

    asked by sierra
  76. HRM

    this is the question...What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodatepeople with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem,and how does the simulation demonstrate these? However, the only part I don't understand is the

    asked by Marie
  77. Math

    f(4b)=4x^2+5x-5 f(x+1)=8x^2+x-3 f(-x)=8x^2+x-3 *I think that the first two use F.O.I.L but i still cant get it

    asked by Jeana
  78. 5th grade


    asked by LEXI
  79. college

    Should the nature of the crime affect the defendant’s opportunity to plea bargain?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. grammar

    in this sentence local government and citizen groups often employ city planners. do you underline local government and citizen for compound subjects

    asked by shante
  81. accounting

    What are the circumstances in which other sections of the statement of cash flows might be important to investors?

    asked by Angel of 8
  82. Grade 6 math

    There are 6 numbers on a cube. Create two columns of numbers. Total of 6 cubes are used. Show all the potential dates in any given month. There is a hint to think of geometry.

    asked by Marie
  83. social studies 7th grade

    School from old times that would hit kids stick if they talked back or out of turn if they had messy work they would hit them

    asked by DJ
  84. History/Social Studies

    I need some help with this question. Why was the location of Rome important to the Protestant Reformation?

    asked by Rae Rae
  85. social studies

    what is the over all California Fall climate?

    asked by alyssa
  86. Social Studies

    To add to the question I posted below there is a hint the hint is who or what lives in Rome. Is the answer Martin Luther??

    asked by Rae Rae
  87. HRM

    this is the question...What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodatepeople with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem,and how does the simulation demonstrate these? However, the only part I don't understand is the

    asked by Marie
  88. social studies

    I redid the answer, and reread the textbook. Can you check if my answer's right. The location of Rome is important to the Protestant Reformation because Rome supported the use of indulgences as a mean to raise money for a massive church project the

    asked by Rae Rae
  89. Biology

    What does orderly structure mean?

    asked by Katlyn
  90. English

    What is the origin of the idiom "I'm all ears"

    asked by Aine
  91. Chemistry

    what is the mass of a sample of material given that a 5.03 g sample occupies 3.24 mL

    asked by Hope
  92. 7th Social Studies

    What school did the teachers hit the kids with a cane when they did not have their notes done or talked out of turn

    asked by katlyn
  93. Trig

    h t t p : / / m a t h c e n t r a l . u r e g i n a . c a / Q Q / d a t a b a s e / Q Q . 0 9 . 9 9 / a n g e l a 2 . 2 . g i f give that picture how do I solve for (h) I know that you you From the diagram tan(3.5) = h/(13 + x) and tan(9) = h/x. Solve the

    asked by Trig
  94. 5th grade

    WHAT IS MY RULE? 3 90 1 4 120 3,000

    asked by ROCHELLE
  95. Oceanography

    Who founded the Alexandrian Library?

    asked by Rissa
  96. HRM

    this is the question...What are some measures a company can take to reasonably accommodatepeople with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem,and how does the simulation demonstrate these? However, the only part I don't understand is the

    asked by Marie
  97. indefinite integrals

    integral from 1 to 0 dx/x^1/2 i am unsure on how to even start would the limit still go to infintiy?

    asked by sonia
  98. MATH

    4(2g+104)-96=504 +6(g-14) solve for g.

    asked by James
  99. Managerial Economics

    Please explain the reasons why Harley Davidson cycle company would want copyrights on the word hog and for exclusive rights to its engine sound

    asked by Anonymous
  100. English

    How would I summarize this news article

    asked by Christina
  101. social studies

    what were the similarities and differences between the five regions of British colonial America and what factors worked to create a shared American identity by the mid 18th century

    asked by C
  102. alegebra 2


    asked by Jay Jay
  103. History

    what were the similarities and differences between the five regions of British colonial America and what factors worked to create a shared American identity by the mid 18th century ?

    asked by C
  104. math 5th grade

    need to round 21,079,000 to nearest 100 thousand

    asked by melanie
  105. Pschology

    What role should the Bible play in discussions about sexuality

    asked by Mary
  106. algebra

    What is the set of numbers belonging to an absolute number

    asked by joseph
  107. fraction

    A and B buy a car.A spends 5/11 of car's prices (a)What is the fraction of B? He paid 25240Rs more than A? (b)What is car's prices

    asked by bk
  108. Math

    Simplify this expression: (2/3)^2 x(6xy^-1)^3

    asked by Ashley
  109. Math

    Can u please guide me on solving these two equations please. Thank You 3.6-7.6 (-8.3)-11.4

    asked by Liz
  110. Social studies

    Do you know any movies and novels related to the sea? Would you like to name them? Thank you.

    asked by John
  111. o-chem

    300ml aq solution of 30g malononitrile extracted w/ether If K = 1.5 what results would be acheived from 3 100ml portions of ether...MORE importantly how do you work the problem..thanks

    asked by reba
  112. English

    What can we do to save seashores and the sea? People polluted the seashores and the sea, so sea animals don't live in the sea. What can we do? 1. We can pick up trash on seashores. 2. We can pick up garbage from the sea. 3. We should not throw waste oil

    asked by John
  113. pre calculus

    im having an brain freeze....i cant remember how to factor..f(x)=2x^2-7x-30..please explain so i can do it on my own

    asked by autiana
  114. English

    1. He is listening to music with headphones. 2. He is listening to music with a headphone. 3. He is listening to music with headsets. 4. He is listening to music with a headset. 5. He is listening to music with headset. (Which expressions are correct?

    asked by John
  115. CACULUS


    asked by RAYMOND
  116. CRT 205

    Taking a position

    asked by Lily
  117. algebra


    asked by Melissa
  118. Math

    M divided by five How would i translate that

    asked by Confused
  119. precalculus

    how do you put this in an diamond problem ... could you please tell me how to do it...2x^2-7x-30

    asked by autiana
  120. math

    The sales representative informs you that there are two floor plans still available, and that there are a total of 56 houses available. Use x to represent floor plan#1 and y to represent floor plan #2. Write an equation that illustrates the situation.

    asked by icegreen
  121. cultural diversity

    What is the diffrence between a muslim and arabs?

    asked by melissa
  122. geometry

    The measure of an angle's supplement is 44 less than the measure of the angle. Find the measure of the angle and its supplement.

    asked by trey
  123. biology

    what is a!@#$%^&tation

    asked by evelyn
  124. English

    Kelp is an uncountable noun. How can we use kelp? I ate a kelp. I ate two kelps. (Are the expressions correct? How can we count 'kelp'?))

    asked by John
  125. Math

    Simplify this expression: (2/3)^2 x(6xy^-1)^3

    asked by Ashley
  126. 10th grade

    explain how to add measurements of segments 18.4 4.7 p to q to s

    asked by elizabeth
  127. integration

    sqrt2 times e^t times t^(1/2) dt bounded between 0 and 1. i tried integration by parts.. but it keeps repeating.. please help. thank you!

    asked by tiff
  128. Yr6 Mini Fete Sponsership Letters

    I can't find a proper writing site for primary students. An example would be useful please. Thankyou. P.SIm preparing the Lucky Dip and we need prizes i don't know which store

    asked by PerplexoPenny
  129. English

    Drivers should not throw antifreezing solutions into the sea. Fishermen should not throw used fishing gears/tackles and nets into the sea. Factories should not throw waste oil into the sea. People should not throw plastic bags and plastic bottles into the

    asked by John