Questions Asked on
August 26, 2009

  1. check geo

    a system in which monarchsd or lords gave land to nobles in return for pledges of loyalty was known as: A)industrial capitalism B)communism C)the middle Ages D)feudalism my choice:b

    asked by henry
  2. English

    I am reading "rise of the image culture: Re-Imagining the American Dream" by Elizabeth Thoman. The link to the article can be found by googling "rise of the image culture" Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Marco
  3. Organic Chemistry

    The solubility of a compound is 59g per 100mL in boiling methanol and 30g per 100mL in cold methanol, whereas its solubility in water is 7.2g per 100mL at 95C and 0.22g per 100mL at 2C. Which solvent would be better for recrystallization of the compound?

    asked by John
  4. Physics

    a mass (m1) on a smooth horizontal surface, connected by a thin cord that passes over a pulley to a second block (m2), which hangs vertically. If the acceleration is .098 m/s^2 and m1 is 1.0 kg how much must m1 must be to keep it at this acceleration I got

    asked by Physics
  5. Ecnomics Answer check

    I had asked this question earlier and Ms. Sue had helped me with one. I have tried the other two...will you please let me know if I'm on the right track???? Thank you Explain how each of the following people would talk about scarcity and trade-offs. a) The

    asked by Ami
  6. Science

    what variables can affect the sprouting of a bean seed?

    asked by Madison
  7. Physics AP C

    Two trains, each having a speed of 22 km/h, are headed at each other on the same straight track. A bird that can fly 60 km/h flies off the front of one train when they are 70 km apart and heads directly for the other train. On reaching the other train it

    asked by Steven
  8. Economics

    The Qwik Serve Clinic always has three M.D.s and eight R.N.s working at its 24-hour clinic, which serves customers with minor emergencies and ailments. The clinic has hired an efficiency expert to examine its operations and make suggestions for reducing

    asked by Matty64
  9. Geography

    I have to write a short essay for this topic: Compare and contrast the various sources of energy. This is what I have, but the only problem is I don't think this is comparing and contrasting. I'm just giving the facts out. Can someone please help me by

    asked by mysterychicken
  10. Physics

    Bob heads out into a lake at an angle of 47 degrees with respect to the shore. If his boat is capable of a speed of 2.9 m/s how far from the land will he be in 3 min. and 24 sec.? Answer in units of m.

    asked by bubba
  11. English

    Let's play the Word Relay Game. Look at the arrow. The first word on the ribbon is 'fish',and the second word on the ribbon is 'home' as you can see on the page. You shoud make a new word starting with the last letter of the previous word. What do you have

    asked by John
  12. 3rd grade

    My daughter has a math problems that reads. Steve's birthday is between May 9 and May 23. The date of his birthday is not anodd number. The sum of the digits is 9. When is Steve's birthday?

    asked by Shonda
  13. algebra 2

    what does it mean when they say tell wheather the equation represents direct variation. if so then give the constant of variaton the problem is: 2y-5x=0

    asked by bandit
  14. Intro to Psychiology 1

    Which one of the following statements about the gate-control theory is true? A) Pain impulses create a gate leading to the brain. B) The brain is capable of generating pain on its own. C) The gate closes when pain messages go to the brain. D) Damage to

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    Look at the picture. You may have a starfish on the bottom left. You may have a sea horse on the top right side. Do you have six small fish on the top left? You may have a big carp at the bottom of the picture. No, I don't I have a sea turtle at the

    asked by John
  16. Physics

    what is tan^-1(62.5/358.25) =

    asked by Chris
  17. math

    define and identify types of sets define and identify types of real numbers and their properties

    asked by lisa
  18. history

    C/C between american slavery and encomienda system. The encomienda system was a form of land ownership set up after 1492 to divide both the lands and peoples of the New World into workable pieces that were run by Spanish settlers. This system was abused.

    asked by veronica
  19. Geography

    I have to write a short essay for this topic: Describe the various types of forest vegetation. Make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants. This is what I have: Forest vegetation grows on every continent except Antartica and there are

    asked by mysterychicken
  20. algebra 2

    the varible X and Y vary directly. write and equation that relates x&y. then find x when y=-4 x=-20/3, Y= -15/8

    asked by bandit
  21. math

    how do you do equations with variables on both sides?

    asked by Kerri
  22. Accounting

    How would I journalize the following statement: Paid July rent for Office, $2,000.

    asked by Shalanda
  23. College Algebra

    The function f is one to one. Find its inverse. f(x) = 8x^2 - 9, x>=0

    asked by coried
  24. College Algebra

    Solve the equation. e^5x = 2 a. 2/5 e b. in2/5 c. 5 in 2 d. in5/2

    asked by coried
  25. Physics

    a plane travels 1.3 km at an angle of 28 degrees to the ground, then changes direction and travels 6.8 km at an angle of 20 degrees to the ground. A) What is the magnitude of the plane's total displacement? answer in units of km. B) At what angle above the

    asked by bubba
  26. HELP - math

    8+4*2+7/3=20 Where do I place parentheses to make this equation correct?

    asked by aly
  27. math

    What is the expanded form of : 2,430,090?

    asked by theresa
  28. AP Physics

    While exploring a cave, a spelunker starts at the entrance and moves the following distances: 75.0 m north, 250 m east, 210 m at an angle 30.0° north of east, and 150 m south. Find the resultant displacement from the cave entrance. I know I have to use

    asked by Annamaria
  29. Economics

    Mirk Labs is a British pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the United States on Zatab (pronounced zay-tab), an allergy medication. The global demand for Zatab is: Qd=15.0-0.2P Where Qd is annual quantity

    asked by DaisyJ
  30. Biology

    What does biology translate into Greek?

    asked by Bethany Diehl
  31. Math/Science

    I'm working on a worksheet, measuring in metric units. The task is to change each measurement to the given unit. For example, 43km 14m to kilometers. How do I come up with the answer. Thank You Easton 7th Grade

    asked by Easton
  32. Math/Science

    The capacity of a beaker is 150mL. How many beakers can be filled from a 4L container?

    asked by Easton
  33. Spanish

    Any body translate these words?? edificio viejo enfermo caliente cansado alli maestro

    asked by Easton
  34. Science

    What is the conductivity of STAINLESS STEEL?!?!? PLZ help me because I've been searching for DAYS and I really need that fact! Thanks Allie

    asked by Alison
  35. math

    if rs=3x+1, st=2x-2, and rt= 64. find value of x. find rs. find st.

    asked by jj
  36. math

    if rs=8y +4, st =4y,and rt=15y-9. find value of y. find rs, find st, find rt

    asked by jj
  37. Oceanography

    What are the 5 sub disciplines of Oceanography and what does each study? *Does anyone know a link i could find this?

    asked by Rissa
  38. geometry

    Two consecutive angles of a parallelogram have measures 2(x+12) and 2(5x+6) respectively. Find the measures of the angles.

    asked by jessica
  39. Pre Calc

    Use the Leading Coefficient Test to determine the end behavior of the polynomial function. f(x)=-3x^3-3x^2-2x+1 ?????????????

    asked by Megan
  40. Geography

    I have this really hard puzzle that i need to solve for my class but I'm having a hard time. Can someone please help me? I've been given a list of places and a list of hints and I have to find out which place fits the hints that are given. The places are:

    asked by mysterychicken
  41. math


    asked by Help!
  42. Word Problem

    The surface area of a balloon is given by S(r) = 4(pie)r^2, where r is the radius of the balloon. If the radius is increasing with time t, as the balloon is being blown up, according to the formula r(t)=4/5t^3,t>=0, find the surface area S as a function of

    asked by coried
  43. english

    What happens to a seed after you put it in the soil?think of few verbs to describe the different things that happen to a seed .

    asked by mariya
  44. Science

    Scientists performed an experiment to determine whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. They took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. The mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard

    asked by Nina
  45. adult education

    explain how you selected organization contribute towards professional knowledge and abilities?

    asked by sonia
  46. math

    define a set

    asked by lisa
  47. Algebra

    The function f is one to one. Find its inverse. f(x) = 8x^2 - 9, x>=0

    asked by coried
  48. Math

    Factor into polynomials with integral coefficients: 6x^2+13x+6

    asked by Ashley
  49. music

    my music homework says fill in each blank so that the duratons are equivalenti don't get it

    asked by mason
  50. statistics

    3 In 1999, a sample of 200 in-store shoppers showed that 42 paid by debit card. In 2004, a sample of the same size showed that 62 paid by debit card. (a) Formulate appropriate hypotheses to test whether the percentage of debit card shoppers increased. (b)

    asked by marie
  51. math

    Mary's birthday is between June 13 and June 23. The date of her birthday is not an even number. The sum of the digits is 3. When is Mary's birthday? explain how you figure the problem

    asked by Shonda
  52. Math

    how many centimeters are in a meter?

    asked by Easton
  53. Math

    seven times a number is equal to 12 more than 3 times the number

    asked by Davarius
  54. check geo

    The ancient formed city states that were independent but shared common: A)monarchy B)enemy to the north germanic invaders c)language and culture d)desire to dominatetrade on the mediterranan sea. my choice is d.

    asked by henry
  55. check geography

    the ____ was an age of exploration and artistic acheivement: A)reformation B)revolution C)renaissance D)romance my choice is c.

    asked by henry
  56. Personal Finance Concepts

    After a protracted legal case, Joe won a settlement that will pay him $11,000 each year for the next ten years. If the market interest rates are currently 5%, exactly how much should the court invest today, assuming end of year payments, so there will be

    asked by Anonymous
  57. 5th grade

    what is the opposite of a compass

    asked by maria
  58. business

    How can financial managers budget for unforeseen events that require large capital outlays

    asked by april
  59. Pre Calc

    Solve the equation on the interval [0,2pi). cos2x=(*2/2)

    asked by Megan
  60. math

    Duane has four dimes, half as many nickels as dimes, and three times as many quarters as nickels. How much money does Duane have?

    asked by Deja
  61. Physics

    I'm stumped on what formula to use for the following question. A 1.5V battery does 4.5*10^2 J of work in 120s. Calculate the current through the battery Calculate the number of elementary charges that pass through the battery. I've been trying to figure

    asked by Kate
  62. Managerial Economics

    If all assumptions of perfect competition hold, why would firms in such industry have little incentive to carry out technological change

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Social Studies

    I need to find and label the largest sheep herding area in Argentina and provide the name of it.

    asked by LD
  64. Geography

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 21. How do people survive living in harsh enviroments such as the desert? a. by adapting and making changes to their enviroment b. by moving to more hospitable areas c. by not altering the natural

    asked by mysterychicken
  65. Physics

    A truck travels beneath an airplane that is moving 100 km/h at an angle of 49 degrees to the ground. A) how fast must the truck travel to stay beneath the airplane? Answer in units of km/h The answer I got was 65.6 km/h, but i just wanted to make sure

    asked by bubba
  66. pre-algebra

    I need to know about box and whiskers

    asked by Sarah
  67. English

    1. There is a codfish on the top left side. 2. There is a codfish on the top left. 3. There is a codfish at the top left side. 4. There is a codfish at the top left side. 5. There is a codfish at the left top. 6.There is a codfish at the left top side.

    asked by John
  68. biology

    I' like to know about names of the common plants and fish or animals in the sea. Would you name common names and let me know a good website where I can learn those names with pictures?

    asked by John
  69. professional and abilities

    how this knowledge and these abilities can impact your career success.

    asked by sonia
  70. math

    how do you solve this equation: 12n=9(n+10)

    asked by Candy
  71. Math

    What do I do if zero is in a fraction?

    asked by Leigh
  72. math

    8+4*2+7/3=20 where do I put parentheses to make this correct?

    asked by aly
  73. Geography

    I need to know what the worlds smallest and largest nations are.

    asked by mjson
  74. math

    how do u equal $0.55 with two coins without useing a nickel and us coins

    asked by victor
  75. 6th grade

    how do you write eight and four hundredths in standard and expanded form?

    asked by milande
  76. algebra

    my teacher wants us to do problems 1-99 in our books, he wrote it on the board like this; "EEO #1-99" what dose EEO mean?

    asked by nikki
  77. writing

    how to write a full-sentence outline on teen violence cause

    asked by Anonymous
  78. 9th grade biology

    a fatty acid with the maxium number of hydrogen atoms possible is

    asked by miraj
  79. maths

    november 1976 paper 1 number 4

    asked by myeeko
  80. social psychology

    ways in which prejudice can be manifested

    asked by Thandy
  81. Algebra 2

    How many subsets of set T have 2 elemnts if set T has 5 elements?

    asked by Kenneth
  82. technology

    Find the necessary equipment from online vendors to upgrade the computers. submit a cost report, a list of hardware/software needed, and a labor estimate for upgr

    asked by shon
  83. Math

    ( the I is the absolute value marks) I12(-8)I

    asked by Kate
  84. geometry

    Two consecutive angles of a parallelogram have measures 4(x+5) and 2(3x+20) respectively. Find the measures of the angles

    asked by jessica
  85. Com 220

    I'm looking for an answer to my question. If I had an answer I would have asked in the first place

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Intro to Psychiology 1

    Tabitha is 18 yrs old and from a small and friendly Alabama town where people wave to each other and will stop to help someone in need. She has a scholarship to study medicine in Florida, and her parnets are driving her to school. Passing through Miami,

    asked by Anonymous