Questions Asked on
August 23, 2009

  1. physics

    A cylinder that has a 40.0 cm radius and is 50.0 cm deep is filled with air at 20.0°C and 1.00 atm. A 21.0 kg piston is now lowered into the cylinder, compressing the air trapped inside. Finally, a 79.0 kg man stands on the piston, further compressing the

    asked by Jessi
  2. math

    Is this the right way to answer this question? A physics exam consists of 9 multiple-choice questions and 6 open-ended problems in which all work must be shown. If an examinee must answer 7 of the multiple-choice questions and 3 of the open-ended problems,

    asked by sam
  3. AP physics

    Vector A has a magnitude of 8.00 units and makes an angle of 45.0° with the positive x-axis. Vector B also has a magnitude of 8.00 units and is directed along the negative x-axis. Using graphical methods, find (a) the vector sum A + B and (b) the vector

    asked by jackie
  4. human services agency interview

    Can someone direct me in the righ direction I'm not sure where to start. I have to Perform an in-person, phone or online visit to a medical setting, hospice, or school where human services are provided, and interview a human service provider about the

    asked by ReeRee
  5. math 7th grade


    asked by Jarrett
  6. literature

    we read my sister's keeper and one of the questions from our study guide talks about Campbell's dog, Judge in what ways do dogs introduce ideas about loyalty and instincts?

    asked by jenny
  7. Psychology

    I am writing a paper and do not understand part of this question. The question is as stated: Describe the background, theoretical perspective, and contributions to the field of psychology of the person you have chosen. What is meant when I have to describe

    asked by Carly
  8. Mathematics

    Show that 27 x 23^n + 17 x 10^2n is divisible by 11 for all positive integers n. I know that modulos should aid in answering this problem,

    asked by Maximillion Pegasus
  9. art

    How can you use the study techniques recommended for your personality type and strongest intelligence(s) to function best in a distance learning environment? Which techniques can you use to improve less-developed personality areas or intelligences?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    List terms that complete a possible pattern in each of the following. 7,8,15,23,38 ____, ____, _____ I can not figure this out.

    asked by Marcus
  11. math word problem

    If there are 36 different flavors of ice cream and two types of cones are available, how many choices for a single scoop of ice cream on some type of cone do you have? Do i multiply the 2cones*36=72 single scoops

    asked by Heaven
  12. math

    1) 9/7 k + 4/9 = -8 - 3/8 k k=? 2)a x + b = c x + d x=?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. History

    how american cold war and pratices influenced international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s

    asked by Dolores
  14. ALGEBRA 1

    what is 2(x+1)+2=3x-4

    asked by YESENIA
  15. physics

    two airplanes leave an airport at the same time. the velocity of the first airplane is 700 m/h at a heading of 52.2degrees . the velocity of the second is 600 m/h at a heading of 97 degrees . how far apart are they after 3.1 h? answer in units of m.

    asked by bubba
  16. 8th grade science

    How do you do a ball dichotomy?

    asked by Madison
  17. English

    I have a research project and i have a specific topic, but i'm not sure of what to search for. Any suggestions? Research 19th century London. Dickens paints a rather dreary picture of London in the early 1800s. Is his depiction accurate or biased? What

    asked by Jillian
  18. math

    there are 1024 bytes in a kilobyte. write an expression that describes te number of bytes in a computer chip with 'n' kilobytes

    asked by taylor
  19. Chemistry

    What does a high Boltzmann Distribution value indicate??

    asked by Monica
  20. math

    the difference between high and low tides is 19 feet on monday and x feet on tuesday. write an expression to show the average rise and fall of the tide for monday and tuesday

    asked by jen
  21. history (am I correct or on the right track?)

    Describe the social, economic, and political composition of the decade of corporate greed and how it affected the political climate of the 1980s. Ronald Reagan he signed an intermediate nuclear forces nonproliferation treaty. Ronald Reagan used tax cuts

    asked by scooby91320002
  22. Math

    Did I answer this problem right? There are 6 contestants in a singing competition. How many different ways can first, second and third place be awarded? Here my answer: 6![(6-3)!*3]=4*5*6/2*3=20 Is this correct?

    asked by Angel of 8
  23. Math

    There are 8 members on a board of directors. If they musform a subcommittee of 3 members, how many different subcommittees are possible? A)6 B)512 C)56 D)336 My answer is: 336 Is this correct?

    asked by Angel of 8
  24. math

    Howard Hughes attended 6136 shows. Write an expression to represent the average number of shows he attended if he accumulated the record over x years.

    asked by jen
  25. math

    f(x)=8 x^2 + x - 3 f(x+1) *ah i cant get this one please help!

    asked by Jenn
  26. english

    I had to rewrite this paragraph. Did I do it correctly? Excuse me. Whispered five-year-old Claire could I have some chocolate milk? Claire our neighbor was normally very shy; but she recently began shewing more bravery. When Claire began, coming to our

    asked by tamara jones
  27. math

    I'm a bit confused on what the difference is between congruent and parallel. If a line is congruent (same) wouldn't that also make them parallel? like a square has all sides that are parallel but they are also congruent because they are all the same

    asked by sam
  28. Geography

    Five Geographic Themes: What is the place of Moscow, Russia?

    asked by Lauren
  29. english

    Research the British practice of exporting criminals by shp in the 1800s to unsettled lands such as Australia. When did this practice begin and end? Was the policy humane or cruel? How did the transported convicts live in their new homes? Report on your

    asked by Staceee
  30. Circuits/physics

    For the element shown below, v(t)=1/2tVolts and i(t) = 12t-4t^2 Amps. (a) Find the instantaneous power p(t) as a function of time. + v(t) - |------| -----| |----- |------| i(t)----->

    asked by Bobby
  31. Managerial Accounting

    a ski company plan to add five new chai500 a day for the lift. the lifts cost 2 million and to install the lift cost another 1.3 mil.The lift will allow 300 additional skiers on the slopes but only 40 days a year will be needed. The company will sell 300

    asked by Anita
  32. French

    Directions: I wrote a paragraph saying my name, how old I am, my nationality, my hair color, eye color, what I like/not like to do, and 2 things about me. Could you please check my spelling, punctuation, ect.. and could you please give me a letter grade

    asked by Rachel
  33. English

    In chapter 1 of The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, on page 6, what characterization is being used?

    asked by KayK
  34. Business

    What does global implication mean in relation to sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporations, joint ventures and franchises?

    asked by Leigh
  35. social studies quick question

    What kind of clothing to Islamic women wear?

    asked by Chrissy
  36. Math Pre-Calc.

    Determine the domain and range of y= (radical) x-4 y= (radical) x^2-4 plz help me step by step. I just need to refreash my math, but i forgot how to find it

    asked by Soraya
  37. Math Pre-Calc.

    find the intersection between parabola: y=x^2 + 3x - 4 and line: y=5x + 11

    asked by Soraya
  38. math

    george can make a square using 4 pipe many pipe cleaners does he need to make 3 squares and why?

    asked by genia
  39. Math


    asked by Toya
  40. Math

    Solve this equation . 4(x-2)= 4x

    asked by Toya
  41. Math

    Solve the equation . 3(x+1)-5=3x-2

    asked by Toya
  42. Social Studies

    I have to create a peanut butter business using three capitol resources, three human resources, and three natural resources. I do not understand how to do this

    asked by Chessy
  43. social studies

    I have to create a peanut butter business using three capitol resources, three human resources, and three natural resources. I do not understand how to do this I now know what the resources are, but I do not know when they say create a business, what they

    asked by Chessy
  44. grammar

    Ray Bradbury is also a writer of science fiction. what is the subject and the simple subject?

    asked by will
  45. Social Studies

    social studies - Ms. Sue, Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 9:54pm That's how I understand this question. Your daughter needs to briefly describe the business. Then she needs to describe how each of these resources is used. Okay...I am getting this but I still do

    asked by Chessy
  46. math

    I am so confused... what is this question asking me to do? Can someone reword this for me or tell me what I am supposed to do to solve it? Determine whether the triple of numbers can be the sides of a right triangle. 9, 12, 16

    asked by sam
  47. 10th grade

    i need help in common law

    asked by tiffany
  48. Trig....

    use specific triangles and the unit circle to geth the values. tan(5pi/6?)

    asked by Anonymous
  49. business ethics

    explain which moral philosophy yhou feel is best suited for making business decisions and why

    asked by wilma
  50. health care

    what are the three types of nonconfidential information

    asked by Anonymous
  51. economics

    Assume that the economy is already in a recession, and both the President and Congress have decided to do something to restore the economy. Both agree that lowering taxes would not be a good idea, but do believe that it is in the best interest of the

    asked by sharon
  52. math


    asked by jan
  53. math

    ln ((x(x^2+1)^2)/(√(2x^3-1))

    asked by jan
  54. HCA210

    A new proposal for a new health care system

    asked by Samantha
  55. world Literature

    What are the primary aspects of the Renaissance WOrldview? How is it similar or differ from ancient and western worldviews? How is it present today?

    asked by Lee
  56. 12th grade Biology

    How can i describe the science behind IVF?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. economy

    Question 10 (1.00 points) Reference: F11061 Refer to the above diagrams, in which AD1 and AS1 are the "before" curves and AD2 and AS2 are the "after" curves. Other things equal, a decrease in resource prices is depicted by: a. panel (A) only. b. panel (B)

    asked by Anonymous
  58. natural science

    design a creature that would be able to survice without atmosphere

    asked by Anonymous
  59. health

    How might Michael’s or Jennifer’s situation illustrate adjustment? How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth?

    asked by angie
  60. phycology

    Explain how biological influences play a role?

    asked by help
  61. phycology

    Explain how biological influences play a role in BPD?

    asked by help
  62. health

    Healthy Foods, Inc., sells 50-pound bags of grapes to the military for $10 a bag. The fixed costs of this operation are $80,000, while the variable costs of the grapes are $.10 per pound. a. What is the break-even point in bags?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. physical education

    what makes a skilled performer?

    asked by Basille
  64. social science

    True or False Economic liberalism hlods that global interdependence is a logical consequence of the international expansion of capitalism.

    asked by katie girl
  65. science(HELP)

    how do i make this graph? Graphs: Be able to correctly select what type of graph to use, which axis the dependant variable goes on, which axis the independent variable goes on, that every graph has a title and both axis labeled, units shown. HOW DO I SO

    asked by SIMP( secret important person)
  66. science(HELP)

    how do i discuss, analysis and infer using data from a graph? how do i determine the number of significant digits? what are the 2 driving forces of natural selection?

    asked by SIMP( secret important person)
  67. Sociology

    Please help me on this question. I am very stuck! 1. Prepare a chart which compares the basic characteristics of the pure capitalist and pure socialist economic models. Please help me; compare characteristics of pure capitalist and pure socialist. Thanks

    asked by y912f
  68. math

    Find the z-score for the given raw score, mean, and standard deviation. Assume a normal probability distribution score = 15, ì = 16 , and ó = 2 Could you show me how to do this. My instructor has tried but I just don't understand how to do it and I have

    asked by sam
  69. computers

    Carter must inform employees at Benton Industries of the details of the company's annual summer picnic. The best document format for him to use to announce this one event is a/an A. short report. B. block letter. C. memorandum. D. brochure.

    asked by shequlia
  70. Biology

    How does a theory provide a framework for the way scientific investigations are conducted? Identify a theory that served for a time and was then supplanted. Compile what you know about the theory, and the effect of the wrong theory on the way people

    asked by Olivia