Questions Asked on
August 14, 2009

  1. English

    Which of the following is a simple sentence? A. Karen and David arrived at the airport at 3:35 p.m. and took a taxi to their hotel. B. I went to the airport, but I was too late to meet them. C. When I realized I was too late, I called David's cell phone

    asked by mikecardoso123
  2. Marketing Management

    Mass Marketing is dead versus Mass Marketing is still a viable way to build a profitable brand?

    asked by Linda
  3. Trig problem

    What is a coterminal angle with 170 degrees?

    asked by Casey
  4. Help with American History assignment

    Need help with American History. 1. Explain how conflicts and rivalries among European nations both helped and hindered the American struggle for independence. 2. Compare and contrast the British and the American conduct of the war. How did each side

    asked by lilbrens
  5. Algebra

    Please guide in solving the following. I need the steps to order to solve other similar equations. 28-4y=0

    asked by MaryK
  6. Trig problems

    Part 1) Evaluate tan 7.5 Part 2) Evaluate exactly cos (-(45pi(4)))

    asked by Sophie
  7. science

    hi can someone please help me What is the chemical reaction mechanism of ozone depletion thank you

    asked by sam
  8. Web servers

    You work for a small business that sells local artist paintings. You are the Web developer, and system administrator, for the six-person office. The owner would like to begin selling paintings over the Internet. She would like to have: 1. A listing of

    asked by Mike
  9. english

    which is the odd one out socks shoes sandals slipers gloves

    asked by mom
  10. english

    what seven letter one syllable past tense verb becomes a seven letter three syllable past tense verb if you change its fifth letter from H to a T?

    asked by mom
  11. Math

    What is the reference angle for 4400 degrees?

    asked by Paula
  12. Maths

    What is the reference angle for (27 pi)/5?

    asked by Beth
  13. accounting

    The Anderson Company has sales of $4,500,000. It also has invested assets of $2,000,000 and operating expenses of $3,600,000. The company has established a minimum rate of return of 7%. What is Anderson Company's profit margin? 18% 44.4% 20% 80%

    asked by natasha
  14. Alegebra 1

    HELP PLEASE!! Show that Euler’s formula holds for the polyhedra called a right pentagonal prism?

    asked by Christina
  15. english

    what 5 letter word can you add to the begginning or end of the words below to make a familiar word or phrase? white, dish, proof wings, hole ,salt

    asked by mom
  16. Differential Calculus

    you have the expression for dp. q=3, dq=.007*3 Now solve for dp and solve for P at q=3 percentage change in p then is dp/p divided by 100. alright... dp(2q^2-5)^2, dp/dq = 2(2q^2-5) dp = 0.007x3 = 0.021 dp = (2(2(2)^2-5)^2 = (6)^2 = 36 36x0.021 = 0.756

    asked by matrix school 2
  17. N&W

    i have to write a research paper on Diet and Nutrition my thesis statement is, Diet and diabetes are very strongly connected to each other because out of the many aspects we can explore about diabetes diet is the major weapon against this chronic disease.

    asked by y912f
  18. Physics

    Posted by Adam on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 11:08am. In the figure take q1 = 22uC and q2 = 20u. The force on q_1 points in the - x direction, What is the magnitude of the force on q_1? I don't know where to start, can someone help me? Responses Physics

    asked by Adam R
  19. Math values

    The value of cos^-1(-(sqrt3)/2) is what?

    asked by Elle
  20. Math

    The number of accidents that occur at the intersection of Pine and Linden streets between 3 p.m and 6p.m on Friday afternoons is 0,1,2,or 3 with probabilities of 0.84, 0.13, 0.02 and 0.01, respectively. What is the expected value for the random variable

    asked by B.B
  21. Algebra

    Please guide me in plotting the point with the given t-value,6 using v=1/2t+6

    asked by MaryK
  22. Differential Calculus

    Given that p=(2q^2-5)^2. when q=3, it is increased by 0.7%. find the appropriate percentage in p.

    asked by matrix school 2
  23. French

    In french we are discussing how you drop the infinitive ending -er and adding the personal endings (e, es, e, ons, ez, ent) Directions: Catherine and Isabelle live near Paris' they are fourteen years old and are in the same class. They and some friends are

    asked by Missy
  24. writing

    Hi my writing isn't very good Is there a site with exercises so i can improve my writing skills. Like short stuff. I only have 3 weeks till the next term and i don't know how to structure an essay is there a site with some info ? thanks again, Jim

    asked by Jim_R
  25. english

    how was Akbar, mogul ruler, a great Muslim? im writing about how all Muslim are not terrorists. some of them are good and do good deeds.

    asked by bindiya farswani
  26. Math

    Find the domain and range of the function: g(x)=-2[2x]+1 What do those brackets mean? I'm pretty sure it's not a typo or anything because other functions on my work have regular parentheses instead of brackets. Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    How many 4-character license plates are possible with 2 letters from the alphabet followed by 2 digits, if repetitions are allowed? And no repetitions are allowed? Answer: If repetitions are allowed: 26*26*10*10=67,600 No repetitions are allowed:

    asked by B.B
  28. Math

    As the time changes from 4:10 pm to 6:45 pm on the analog clock, determine the change in radian measure of the minute hand.

    asked by Alex
  29. Mathematics

    Solve the following equation for x, where 0

    asked by Nina
  30. MATH

    What is the exact value of cot(5(pi)/6)?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Sci

    What an individual can do to help preserve the diversity of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve? Please help me answer this question.

    asked by Julissa
  32. biology

    Can you give me 2 examples of how the life forms of the Galapagos Islands are interrrelated?

    asked by Kim
  33. english

    figure out what is being described Throw out my outer. Keep my inner.Eat my outer.Throw out my inner

    asked by mom
  34. english

    for each of the following four words,come up with another English word that uses all THE SAME letters but in a different order. The four words you come up will rhyme with one another ONSET NEWS WRONG HORNET

    asked by mom
  35. comp 140

    In this scenario, assume the role of a student. You have read assignment details in your course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how you would approach your instructor versus how you would approach a classmate to receive more

    asked by mandy
  36. Science

    How do astronauts fix things in a space station?

    asked by Jessica
  37. Science HELLLP!!

    How do astronauts fix parts in space?

    asked by Jessica

    Sra, i couldn't find an answer to: How do astronauts fix parts of their station (Please Help me Someone!)

    asked by Jessica
  39. Chemsitry

    Q1. How to find ions of a particular element.. Tell me the methods or procedure to do so? Q2. What are X-rays? Q3. What do u mean by "Irridated with X-rays? Q4. What do u mean by "radiation"?

    asked by Akashdeep
  40. marketing

    What is Viral Markets?

    asked by Tha
  41. Back up

    Which of the following backup types does not alter the archive bit on a newly created file?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. english

    Rearrange the letters in the following phrase to tell what many little children can do better than most adults ROAST MULES

    asked by mom
  43. english

    which is the odd one out socks shoes sandals slipers gloves

    asked by mom
  44. science

    hi can someone please help me. I need a scientific article with an author that is about ozone depletion. I have been looking forever. Please help thank you

    asked by sam
  45. math


    asked by Anonymous
  46. economics

    1. The rationale for punishment and correction comes from A. the social contract theory. B. RawlsÂ’s theory. C. utilitarianism. D. egoism. 2. The two major justifications for treatment and punishment are A. incapacitation and deterrence. B. just

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Trigs

    What is the value of 16^(cos (pi/3))?

    asked by Paula
  48. Differential Calculus

    Given that p=(2q^2-5)^2. when q=3, it is increased by 0.7%. find the appropriate percentage in p. solution dp = 2(2q^2-5) (2dq) dp = (4x(18-5)(0.7%) dp = 4(13)(0.7%) am lost from here is dp=52x0.7/100= 0.364% Responses Differential Calculus - bobpursley,

    asked by matrix school 2
  49. Geometry

    Can some one please help me I'm stuck in this question. Why does a regular pentagon not tessellate the plane?

    asked by Melissa
  50. Art

    Assignment Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 500-800 words (not including references) Points Possible: 125 Due Date: 8/16/2009 11:59:59 PM CT Choose three (3) works of art from three artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era.

    asked by Korrina
  51. vocab

    What is a set of claims intended to support or prove a conclusion?

    asked by Rick
  52. Differential Calculus

    Given that p=(2q^2-5)^2. when q=3, it is increased by 0.7%. find the appropriate percentage in p. solution dp = 2(2q^2-5) (2dq) dp = (4x(18-5)(0.7%) dp = 4(13)(0.7%) am lost from here is dp=52x0.7/100= 0.364%

    asked by matrix school 2
  53. Math

    If sin (Theta Symbol) < 0 and sec (Theta Symbol) > 0, then (Theta Symbol) terminates in what Quadrant?

    asked by Rachel
  54. Math

    What is the exact value of sec (7( pi))/6?

    asked by Mary
  55. Trigonometric Functions

    A 2(pi) cm wire is stretched along a circle of radius 4cm. The degree measure of the central angle subtended by this wire arc is what?

    asked by Julia
  56. fiance

    Collins Office Supplies is considering a more liberal credit policy to increase sales, but expects that 9 percent of the new accounts will be uncollectible. Collection costs are 5 percent of new sales, production and selling costs are 78 percent, and

    asked by nikkitt
  57. Maths

    Find the smallest possible angle in standard position of 4400 degrees.

    asked by Annalee
  58. accounting

    Did Enron’s directors understand how profits were being made in this segment? Why and why not?

    asked by s
  59. solving equations

    I need help understanding the concept of the value of an inequality DQ 2 in week 3 of math 116. any suggestions would be great!

    asked by cassie11
  60. Algebra

    Factoring a quadratic polynomial in two variables 3x^2+17xy+20y^2

    asked by Justwannapass
  61. Algebra

    Factoring a quadratic polynomial in two variables 3x^2+17xy+20y^2

    asked by Justwannapass
  62. General-Education

    Can you explain how the outline can help you avoid fallacy, and is there a chance you will still have fallacies, even with the outline

    asked by rush759
  63. algebra problem

    Find the greatest common factor of the two expressions 18wx^7z^7 and 15wx^3 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by mikecardoso123
  64. Bill wants to buy a pair of pants for 1

    Bill wants to buy a pair of pants for 19.95 and there is a 6.25% sales tax how much will bill pay for the pants?

    asked by mikecardoso123
  65. gen

    Help please.. need 150 words A. How core values of organizations are determined

    asked by troyer0269
  66. Math (Find the Value)

    If 0 < (theta) and cos(theta)=0.5, then what is the value of cos(2theta)?

    asked by Parker