Questions Asked on
August 6, 2009

  1. A.P. Economics

    8. Which factor of production is represented by each of the following? An office building: An assembly line worker: A tree used to make paper: Unused soil: An artist: A student:

    asked by Ami
  2. Physics

    A proton is at the origin and an electron is at the point x = 0.41 nm, y = 0.36 nm. Find the electric force on the proton. I got 7.529 *10^-11 but it wants the answer for fx and fy how do i get that?

    asked by Josh
  3. A.P. Economics (Please check if I'm right)

    Leaving class today, you decide to start an economics tutoring business. Your first step is to get the two categories of capital. Next you need to obtain the other factors of production. Specifically, what do you need in terms of land, labor, and capital.

    asked by Ami
  4. Physics

    A -3.5uC charge experiences a 13 ihat-N electric force in a certain electric field.What force would a proton experience in the same field? I got -7.28*10^-18 from (1.6*10^-19)(-45.5) I got -45.5 from multiplying 13 by -3.5 What am I doing wrong?

    asked by Josh
  5. chemistry

    10.0 g sample of p-dichlorobenzene, a component of mothballs, is dissolved in 80.0 g of benzene, C6H6. The freezing-point of the solution is 1.20oC. The freezing point of benzene is 5.48oC. The molal freezing –point constant, kf, for benzene is 5.12oC/m.

    asked by Jim_R
  6. chemistry

    What volume (mL) of sulfur dioxide can be produced by the complete reaction of 3.82 g of calcium sulfite with excess HCl, when the final SO2 pressure is 827 torr at 44 degrees celsius?

    asked by Bryan
  7. Physics

    There are two positive charges (+4C on the left and +6C on the right) that are both separated by an arbitrary distance. In order not to experience any net electric force where would you place the third charge. I say to the left of the +4C charge am i

    asked by Josh
  8. algebra 2

    i have a piece of wood 72 inches long i cut it into 3 peices. the 2nd peice is 6 inches longer than the 1st the third id 6 inches longer than the 2nd. write and equation and solve??

    asked by bandit
  9. college

    what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning treatment of muslims and arabic members of society

    asked by tracey
  10. Advanced Math

    Find the area of triangle ABC if B=30 degrees, C=120 degrees, and a=4. absinC 4*4*sin120 16*sin120 13.86 I got it wrong

    asked by Jon
  11. english rules 2 anwers

    idnt know scrabble

    asked by samantha
  12. chemistry

    Equillibrium, an example given by my textbook confused me. First it shows a reaction inside a soft drink: co2(g)-->

    asked by kevin
  13. Math

    Identify the equation of a parabola whose focus is at (5,-1) and whose directrix is x=3. vertex=(-5,-1) p=-6 4p=-24 (x-5)=(-24)(y+1)^2 I got it wrong

    asked by Jon
  14. 11th grade

    Can some one help me and give me the answers for the questions in the book hornbill of the lesson discovering tut: the saga continues?

    asked by hasna
  15. Statistics

    16.1 The police chief wants to know whether the city’s nonwhites feel that the police are doing a good job. In comparison to whites’ evaluations, this information will tell the policy whether they have a community relations problem in the nonwhite

    asked by Lisa
  16. integral

    find the following integral (1) dx/25+(x-5)^2 (2) cos^8xsinxdx

    asked by matrix school 2
  17. MATH Prob.

    How many three-symbol codes can be formed from the letters I, S, P, and Y without repetition?

    asked by Twg
  18. acc 260

    Anne Distagne was the CEO of Linkage Construction Inc., which served as the general contractor for the construction of the air ducts for large shopping malls and other buildings. She prided herself on being able to manage her company effectively and in an

    asked by joann
  19. American Government

    Why should a political system be unitary, federal, or confederal? If the U.S. were to have another constitutional convention, would we keep a federal system or change it?

    asked by Alvin
  20. high school

    what about todays society reinforces american civic values

    asked by felicia
  21. psy230

    select three clusters. in 200to 300 words, explain where you think you fall within the spectrum of each . Of the five clusters, where do you think your personality fits overall?

    asked by trudy
  22. integral

    (1) The region in the x-y plane bounded by the curve y=x^2, the line x=0 and the line x=5 and the x-axis. find the volume generated (2) Assume that a force of (3x^2-x+1)N is pulling an object at each point of the x-axis. find the work done in moving the

    asked by matrix school 2
  23. Math

    How many ways can 9 cars be parked in a row of 9 parking spaces? Answer: 81 ways Is this correct? Thanks for your help.

    asked by B.B.
  24. 9th grade

    What is the value of c in the equation f(c)=0 with the funtion f(x)=9/5c +32

    asked by cassie
  25. Physics

    Take q1=23uC at (0,1), q2=16uC. at (2,0), and q3=? at (2,2). IF the force on q1 points in the -x direction, (a) what is q3 and (b) what is the magnitude of the force on q1? I know a is 16uC For part B I got .067 am I right I am using Coloumbs law

    asked by Josh
  26. Algebra Word Problem Help

    A gardener has 40 feet of fencing with which to enclose a garden adjacent to a long existing wall. The gardener will use the wall for one side and the available fencing for the remaining three sides. If the sides perpendicular to the wall have length x

    asked by Jeanna
  27. history plz help..ty

    Submit a 150- to 200-word response comparing Nixon’s policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Cold war. any info will help. ty

    asked by scooby91320002
  28. math,

    how would i sove this problem? x^6 + 3x^3 + 2 = 0

    asked by chrissy
  29. Advanced Math

    Write an equation of the cosine function with amplitude 2, period pi, phase shift pi/4. y=acosx y=2cos2(x-pi/4) I got it wrong

    asked by Jon
  30. Advanced Math

    Identify the polar form of the linear equation 4x+3y=10. x=rcos(theta),y=rsin(theta) 4x+3y=4rcos(theta)+3rsin(theta)=10 r=10/(4cos(theta)+3sin(theta) I got it wrong

    asked by Jon
  31. physics

    differentiate between Emf and Potential difference Pd.

    asked by matrix school 2
  32. physics

    differentiate between Emf and Potential difference Pd.

    asked by matrix school 2
  33. integral

    find the integral ~(e^x + x)^2 (e^x + 1)dx can you pls explain how it arrive to this? ans = 2e^4x + C

    asked by matrix school 2
  34. MATH Prob.

    A box contains two black balls and three gold balls. Two balls are randomly drawn in succession from the box. a. If there is no replacement, what is the probability that both balls are black? b. If there is replacement before the second draw, what is the

    asked by Twg
  35. Communications

    Consider how free speech supports the right to circulate goods, services, and images in the marketplace. In addition, consider how free speech in advertising has raised concerns about advertising manipulation, especially with regard to children, teens, and

    asked by James
  36. math

    The function f(p) = 2p + 3 represents the amount of time in minutes it takes to wash p pot. what is f(4)

    asked by evan
  37. business

    What monitors would you put in place to ensure that receivables are being collected in a timely fashion?

    asked by april
  38. penn foster

    explain how evalution and management e/m codes are grouped

    asked by jack
  39. Accounting 220

    Linda Fearn asks your help in constructing a Cost-Volume-Profit graph. Explain to Linda (a) how the break-even point is plotted, and (b) how the level of activity and dollar sales at the break-even point are determined.

    asked by mary
  40. Microeconomics: Budjet Constraint

    You have decided to eat sushi for lunch and have a grand total of $20 to spend. Whatever money you have left over from buying sushi rolls will be spent on cans of soda to get you through the rest of the day. Your problem is to choose the best combination

    asked by Johnson
  41. chemistry

    if equal volumes of pH6 and pH7 are added what is the resulting pH?

    asked by Jordan
  42. chemistry

    if equal volumes of solutions having pH6 and pH7 are mixed what is the resulting pH?

    asked by Jordan
  43. Physics Class 11th

    I have read about Translatory Motion it says "It is that motion in hwich body, which is not a point mass body is moving such that all its constituent particles move simultaneously along parallel straight lines and shift through equal distance in a given

    asked by Akashdeep
  44. arithmetic

    the average weight of 20 women is 130 pounds. if the average weight for 3/4 of these women was 140 pounds, what was the average weight, in pounds, for th rest of the women?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. integral

    find the following integral dx/(25+(x-5)^2) yes this.

    asked by matrix school 2
  46. Advanced Math

    Identify the equation of a parabola whose focus is at (5,-1) and whose directrix is x=3. vertex=(-5,-1) p=-6 4p=-24 (x-5)=(-24)(y+1)^2 I got it wrong

    asked by Jon
  47. communications / broadcasting

    Explain in 250 to 300 words how Internet convergence and related issues about privacy protection affect the following aspects of American life: o Education o Business o Families o Government o Relationships with the global community

    asked by James
  48. Communications

    Post your response to the following: Recalling that many people believe their lives are over-commercialized, use the Internet to research action programs or campaigns that are trying to curb the trend toward greater commercialization. Do you believe any of

    asked by James
  49. math

    the function f9b) = 12b + 750 represents the cost in dollars for printing b books with a publish on demand service. what is f 100

    asked by evan
  50. college

    What are some environmental benefits to urbanization?

    asked by Lori Goclowski
  51. 7th grade

    The contest _ea__i_e is tommorow.

    asked by shaun
  52. Class 11th Physics

    I have read about Rotatory Motion it says "It is that motion in hwich body, which is not a point mass body is moving such that all its constituent particles move simultaneously along concentric circles, whose centres lie on a line, called axis of rotation

    asked by Akashdeep
  53. MATH


    asked by NANCY
  54. 12th grade AP Economics

    Why might an economist look at the hundreds of cars moving along an assembly line an say, “ There is an example of scarcity”?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. MATH Prob.

    Jack is taking a four-item true–false test. He has no knowledge about the subject of the test and decides to flip a coin to answer the items. What is the probability that he receives a perfect score? What is the probability on a 10-item test?

    asked by Twg
  56. Communiction/Broudcasting

    describe issues of ownership of the Internet. How are these issues similar or different than the ownership issues related to book and magazine publishing, and television and radio broadcasting? Include a description of the battle over Net Neutrality, and

    asked by James
  57. Communications/Broadcasting

    Identify the major differences between advertising and public relations in 250 to 300 words. Include the public relations and advertising strategies developed by Ivy Ledbetter Lee and Edward Bernays as examples.

    asked by James
  58. math

    the function f(d) = 2d + 5 represents the number of song downloads a person can get for d dollars. What is f(4)

    asked by evan
  59. BIO

    What will be lost if intrusion goes unchecked in the Galapagos Islands?

    asked by Liz
  60. math

    the function f(t) = 15t + 5 represents the amount of time in minutes it takes to write t thank-you notes. what is f(6)

    asked by evan