Questions Asked on
July 26, 2009

  1. chemistry

    hi kinda stuck :) 100.0 ml of 0.100 M H2NNH2 (kb =3.0 x10^-6) is titrated by 0.200M calculate PH after adding the following volumes of HNO3 a 0 b 25.0 ml c 50.0 ml d 60.0 ml ----------------------------------------- A) N2H4 + HNO3 --> N2H5+ + NO3- .100 0 0

    asked by Jim_R
  2. Pre Calculus

    Radium-221 has a half-life of 30 s. How long will it take for 95% of a sample to decay

    asked by Shellie
  3. Accounting

    Classify the following adjusting entries as involving prepaid expenses (PE), unearned revenues (UR), accrued expenses (AE), or accrued revenues (AR). a. To record revenue earned that was previously received as cash in advance. b. To record annual

    asked by Ashley
  4. Pre Calculus

    Evaluate log b {square root of 10b}, given that log b 2 = 0.3562 and log b 5 = 0.8271 (sorry I had no clue how to type this in math format!)

    asked by Shellie
  5. MATHS

    Could you please explain how to do this question? Thank you very much. Gustav is an untidy man who keeps all his socks loose in his drawer. He has 6 pairs of white socks, 4 pairs of green socks and 5 pairs of black socks. What is the most number of socks

    asked by BRENDON
  6. algebra

    solve by factoring a^2 -121 = 0 (a-11)(a-11) is this correct?

    asked by Maria
  7. World History

    List two ways the Atlantic Slave trade affected Africa.

    asked by Sophia
  8. biology

    How are haploid and diploid cells similar ? thanks again Jim

    asked by Jim_R
  9. history

    how did the pattern of European immigration shift in 1890

    asked by Cheryl Williams
  10. Algebra

    Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms 3x^2-9x+6/10-5x

    asked by Maria
  11. Chem

    When you have carbon monoxide poisoning and you put on a 100% oxygen mask, will the CO react with the O to make CO2 which the body will exhale?

    asked by Lena
  12. World History

    Describe three ways the Church shaped Medieval life.

    asked by Lee
  13. Algebra

    For f(x) = x^3 – 4x – 7, use the Intermediate Value Theorem to determine which interval must contain a zero of f.

    asked by Crystal
  14. Accounting

    Exercise 3-7 Determining assets and expenses for accrual and cash accounting C2 On March 1, 2003, a company paid a $16,200 premium on a 36-month insurance policy for coverage beginning on that date. Refer to that policy and fill in the blanks in the

    asked by Ashley
  15. Pre Calculus

    interest 7%; investment $2000, compounded monthly - how much after 10 years. I am very close on this one but must be missing an important step: A(t) = 2,000(1 + .07/12)^(10)(12) A(10) = 2,000(1.0058)^120 A(10) = 2,000(2.0017 = 4003.4 However the answer is

    asked by Shellie
  16. math

    Solve X + 1/x – 2 ≥ 3 I know you have to subtract the 3 from both sides to get the zero on right of the inequality sign. I don't understand how to make one fraction after I do this.

    asked by Sydney
  17. algebra

    vw-vx+wz-xz x vw+vx-wz-xz ___________ ___________ kv+nv-kz-nz vw+vx+wz+xz find the product and put in lowest terms

    asked by donna
  18. Chem

    stomach wall has a protective lining of mucous that prevent the acid from penetrating the underlying tissues. using asprin too often can damage the stomach wall. Aspirn is a weak carboxlyliic acid with a Ka of 3.2 x 10^-4. HC8H7O2CO2(aq) H^+(aq) +

    asked by Lena
  19. 10th grade english

    Ok, I need help on the book "The Road" By cormac McCarthy. I need to know 3 themes, the plot, the setting and how it affects the story, and Literary devices used in the story! Thanks so much!

    asked by Eric
  20. 12th grade

    Dear Mr. VanYerself: I am interested. The position has requirements that match my abilities. My education meets your requirements. My experience relates to the job description. I believe I will be successful in this position, and I am eager to hear you to

    asked by tamara jones
  21. Statistics

    during the month of July, an auto manufacturer gives its production employees a vacation period so it can tool up for the new model run. In surveying a simple random sample of 200 production workers, the personnel director finds that 38% of them plan to

    asked by Samantha
  22. algebra

    Simplify expression. Assume all variables represent nonzero real numbers. ( (3y^2)/2)^3 I started to reduce but it did not look right.

    asked by Maria
  23. math

    Erika spent 5/6 hr on her computer visiting the history channel and the discovery channel websites. She spent 1/5 hr at the history channel website. How many hours did she spend at the discovery channel website? I came up with 19/30 hr. Am I correct?

    asked by Aleah
  24. math

    For lunch, Jamie bought a 8-inch submarine sandwich. What fraction of a foot was Jamie's sandwich? (1 foot = 12 inches) I came up with 2/3, am I correct?

    asked by Aleah
  25. math

    Isosceles Triangle ABC is inscribed in a circle with radius 12cm. Aide AB is a diameter. Determine the perimeter of the triangle, correct to one decimal place.

    asked by Amy
  26. math

    use the properties of logarithms to write the expression as a sum, difference, and/or constant multiple of logarithms. (Assume all variables are positive.) In 3sqrt t

    asked by Hannah
  27. Communication Studies

    Can people's attitudes be "isolated" by researchers? Can an attitude's contours, influence on behavior, and strengths be accurately measured?

    asked by Michelle
  28. Marine science

    How has the Galapagos Tortoise changed or adapted over time?

    asked by Jack
  29. math

    use the change-of-base formula to write the given logarithm as a multiple of a common logarithm. In 5

    asked by Hannah
  30. History

    Explain why the development of printing was described as a "revolution."

    asked by Jeff
  31. Grammar

    which is the complete subject,simple subject The two-and-a-half-month-old child received 2nd degree burns across the bridge of his nose. simple subject is: received 2nd degree burns :complete subject is two-and-a-half-month-old

    asked by Jordan
  32. Algebra

    For f(x) = x^3 – 4x – 7, use the Intermediate Value Theorem to determine which interval must contain a zero of f. A. Between 0 and 1 B. Between 1 and 2 C. Between 2 and 3 D. Between 3 and 4

    asked by Breanna
  33. Grammar

    Which are the simple subject and the verb? The child was treated with erythromycin. was=verb treated = subject. Cultures were taken of the throat. were = verb cultures = subject She was seen here, stabilized, and transferred to County Hospital. she = verb

    asked by Garrett
  34. Grammar

    re-posting answers to questions... The patient was returned to the recovery room in good condition. verb = returned , subject patient Physical examination showed marked irritability. physical examination = subject verb = showed,

    asked by Garrett
  35. World History

    Compare matrillineal and patrilineal cultures.

    asked by Lee
  36. Business Research

    "What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?"

    asked by Linda
  37. World History

    Compare matrilineal and patrilineal cultures.

    asked by Lee
  38. History

    Identify three reasons why Japan closed its doors to the outside world.

    asked by Zee
  39. algebra

    Simplify the expression. Assume all variables represent nonzero real numbers (x^5)^-10

    asked by Maria
  40. Pre Calculus

    solving exponential equations with exponents on each side 5^x =4^(x+1) They don't have common bases and now I am lost I thought I could just come up with a common base (in this case 20) and change the equation to 20^4x =20^(5x+5) However I am not getting

    asked by Shellie
  41. equations and inequalities

    find the value of x in the equation 2(x-3)+5=(2x+6)

    asked by emma
  42. Grammar

    Lungs were clear with an occasional cough. verb = were,lungs = subject He was discharged on the fourth hospital day. verb = discharged hospital = subject After 24 hours in the hospital he was much improved. improved is a predicate adjective but now is the

    asked by Garrett
  43. math

    wwhat is the answer to x+7y=14

    asked by lex
  44. english

    can someone please write me a story based on a grudge. i will be really happy.

    asked by simmy
  45. Algebra

    Please describe the end behavior of the graph of the function below. f(x) = –2x^5 – x^3 + x – 5?

    asked by Michelle
  46. calculus

    Need help with the following proof: prove that if lim x->c 1/f(x)= 0 then lim x->c f(x) does not exist.I think i need to use the delta epsilon definition i am not sure how to set it up.

    asked by jeff
  47. Grammar

    He was discharged on the fourth hospital day. verb = discharged, he= subject questions hopefully fixed and are correct now... After 24 hours in the hospital he was much improved. improved is a predicate adjective but now is the verb = was and the subject =

    asked by Garrett
  48. History

    Describe how capitalism, agriculture, and industrialization contributed to economics, economic development, regional specialization, and social reform?

    asked by Karl2472
  49. biology

    whats the similarities and difernces between gonochoristic and hermaphroditic ? thanks again Jim

    asked by Jim_R
  50. World History

    Explai three ways the Byzantine Empire influenced later civilizations, including Russia.

    asked by Azeeza
  51. Statistics

    During the month of July, an auto manufacturer gives its production employees a vacation period so it can tool up for the new model run.In surveying a simple random sample of 200 production workers, the personnel director finds that 38% of them plan to

    asked by Samantha
  52. Math

    How do we express this in interval notation? x < 0 or 7 < x < 9

    asked by Beth
  53. history.

    Explain how this involvement impacted the U.S. political climate of the 1950s. Explain how the U.S. became involved in the politics of Southeast Asia.

    asked by scooby9132002
  54. Chem

    I need to find the Kb of Analine. I've been told the ph is 8.81 and that the concentration of the solution is 0.1 mol/L. What would be the equation I'm working with :S ?

    asked by Lena
  55. marine science

    what is the primary consumer that is in the waters off the coast of Peru. I need to know the name and I need to find a picture of it.

    asked by Hannah
  56. algebra

    Solve by factoring x^2 -2x -24=0

    asked by Maria
  57. HSM 240

    I need help to develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage a specific employment position.

    asked by Tina
  58. Accounting

    If a business pays its expenses immediately can they still be accrual basis?

    asked by Ashley
  59. math

    For this problem, 5/x=9/x+8, I came up with 10. Is this the correct answer?

    asked by Aleah
  60. Data Analysis Help

    4. Cells must be __________ and the sheet protected to prevent edits being made to the data. locked secured formatted values 5. To print column and row headings on all pages, set the options in the __________ command in the Page Setup group. Highlight Set

    asked by Bryan
  61. Math

    P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2 combined gas law 1.0atm*0.50L/298K=5.0atm*0.50L/T2 Can you help me to go from this step to the solution?

    asked by Gayla
  62. 10th grade English

    This is my personal reflective essay. Please fix any mistakes or awkward phrases ASAP My body and my mind became lighter than air around me, as I threw myself on a couch where my back enjoyed being at. Released from the monstrous term of school, I felt

    asked by Andy
  63. HIST 108

    Thank you for your help :)

    asked by Crystal
  64. finance

    calculate maximum payout ratio

    asked by Anonymous
  65. English

    Analytical meaning of sub cultural

    asked by Lisa