Questions Asked on
July 14, 2009

  1. chemistry

    disulfur dichloride is used to vulcanize rubber. it can be made by treating molten sulfur with gaseous chlorine: S8(1)+Cl2(g) -----> S2Cl2(1) starting with a mixture of 32.0g of sulfur and 71.0g of Cl2, a.) which is the limiting reactant? b.) what is the

    asked by angela
  2. nutrition and wellness

    HI JISKHA, just got my first course for next year. this is my first writing assignment: Think about your personal food choices: How do you decide what you will eat on a daily basis? What sorts of things influence your decision? What is the most significant

    asked by y912f
  3. fin 200 question

    Jean will receive $8,500 per year for the next 15 years from her trust. If a 7% interest rate is applied, what is the current value of the future payments? Describe how you solved this problem, including which table (for example, present value and future

    asked by meshelle
  4. physics

    a block (mass m1) on a smooth horizontal surface, connected by a thin cord that passes over a pulley to as second block (m2), which hangs vertically. Ignore friction and the masses of the pulley and cord. If m1 = 13.0 kg and m2 = 6.0 kg determine the

    asked by physics
  5. science

    Name five tidal pool organisms and the adaptations that allow them to live successfully.

    asked by jada
  6. High School Math

    I'm reviewing for my final exam can anyone give me some tips on this I know what this means but I just to know someone eles opinion. Thanks Under what conditions might it be appropriate to use the mean? Median? Mode? When the median and mean are

    asked by Selena
  7. Algebra

    In an arithmetic series, the terms of the series are equally spread out. For example, in 1 + 5 + 9 + 13 + 17, consecutive terms are 4 apart. If the first term in an arithmetic series is 3,the last term is 136, and the sum is 1,390, what are the first 3

    asked by Daniel
  8. Ms. Sue

    Say you make the following assumptions: 1. Afarmer lives on 1 hen per day for a year. (2.)1 hen eats 25 grasshoppers per day (3.)1,000 grasshoppers have a mass of 1 kg (4.) 1 grasshopper requires about 30g of soy beans per year (5.) 1 human requires about

    asked by devon
  9. medical terminology

    A pyelogram was performed on a 43 year old male patient. the root word means a. trough, basin, pelvis b.ureter, uretha c. bladder, urine d. kidney,medulla my answer is A. What do you think?

    asked by Stacy
  10. nutrition and wellness

    second writing assignment :) this time i wrote the whole thing, please check it for me: Pick a grocery store, and take notes on how the store is set up, and what factors you see affecting common food selections by the public. my work: There are many

    asked by y912f
  11. 12th grade

    which does suzuki in "hidden lessons" explore more thoroughly, the causes of children's negative or positive attitudes toward nature or the effects of these attitudes?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    If there was a reaction between organic compounds: OH + Cl --> O + HCl, how would I determine which atoms is the nucleophile (O, Cl, or H)? Here is a picture of the reaction: From my understanding, a nucleophile

    asked by Hatala
  13. algebra

    determine the slpoes of the lines padding through these points (3,-1) and (-7,-1)

    asked by jared
  14. sociology

    if united states support capital punishment would be willing t abandon it if convicted murderers could be sentenced to life imprisonment with absolutely no chance of parole? similarly if united states oppose the death penalty would they change their

    asked by pam
  15. Algebra

    Please solve the inequality .04 x + .06(12000-x) >= 650 .04x + 720 - .06x ¡Ý 650 -.02x ¡Ý -70 x ¡Ý -70/-.02 x ¡Ý 3500 I think this is wrong and what is below is correct? Which is right? Thanks! .04x + 720 - .06x ¡Ý 650 -.02x ¡Ü -70 x ¡Ü

    asked by Crystal
  16. Chemistry

    Ok so we had a mass determinations lab in chemistry. We were supposed to use both a triple beam balance scale and an electronic scale to precision. We first weigh our beaker on both scales (i did it on the electronic first), then record the weight. Then we

    asked by Abdul
  17. Physics

    Resolve a displacement of 700 cm into two components along direction lines that lie on opposite sides of the displacement and each of which makes an angle of 30° with the displacement. 404 cm and 478 cm 404 cm each 383 cm and 415 cm 415 cm each

    asked by Jacob
  18. Algebra

    .04x + 720 - .06x > = 650 -.02x = 650 -.02x > = -70 x > = -70/-.02 x > = 3500 Which would be the solution to solve this inequality? .04 x + .06(12000-x) >= 650

    asked by Crystal
  19. Psychology

    How can we, as human service professionals use BATNA to assist our clients?

    asked by Linda
  20. Psychology

    What are the risks and challenges of “all or nothing” advocacy?

    asked by Angel
  21. Psychology

    In what ways can the BATNA approach be helpful when dealing with a powerful negotiator or strong personality, such as an agency or the clients themselves?

    asked by Linda
  22. Psychology

    How can BATNA assist clients in human services?

    asked by Joey
  23. science

    what are three challanges with managing non renewable resources

    asked by shan
  24. Grammar

    Are these sentence's punctuated correctly? In the year 2000, 25,000 cases of breast cancer are anticipated. Peter Preziosi, PhD, CAE, is the executive director of AHDI. It was an exhausting, complicated surgery.

    asked by Austin
  25. Grammar

    Are these sentence's punctuated correctly? Mrs. Smith came to the hospital accompanied by her husband, Mr. Smith, and their youngest daughter. I will keep you informed, Dr. Smith, about Joe's status here in therapy. Terry Brazelton, MD, is an expert in

    asked by Austin
  26. 12 grade economics

    describe four advantages of using price as an allocating mechanism?

    asked by AJ
  27. english220

    I seem to second guess myself all the time...can you help guide me. The question is to locate the thesis statement of the article "A Nation Apart" below is the first two paragraphs of the article. The news from China in recent weeks has been dire. Violent

    asked by jill
  28. Set Thoery

    (1)Given the sets A={a,b}, B={a,b,c}, C= {b,c,d}. which of these sets are: (i) Equal (ii) Comparable (iii) Subset (2) Prove that if A is a subset of B and B is a subset of C then A is a subset of C

    asked by Matrix School 2
  29. Physics

    I've asked a similar qustion earlier and now I think I have drawn the correct free body diagram and go about solving the problem. The only thing is I do not know how to solve it. a block (mass m1) on a smooth horizontal surface, connected by a thin cord

    asked by Physics
  30. math

    what is 758 divided by 34.

    asked by morgan
  31. Math

    Can someone help me with this question? Can a percent of increase be more than 100%? My answer is yes but I am not sure why. Thanks for your help.

    asked by B.B.
  32. math

    Give two example of rates that people commonly encounter

    asked by jessica
  33. math

    x/3 = x+10/6 x=

    asked by chandice
  34. history

    Are these quotes primary sources?Why? It give me pleasure to announce...that the...removal of the approaching to a happy end...We could not wish to see this continent restored to the conditions in which it was found by our forefathers.What

    asked by Monique
  35. primary sources

    Are these quotes primary sources?Why? It give me pleasure to announce...that the...removal of the approaching to a happy end...We could not wish to see this continent restored to the conditions in which it was found by our forefathers.What

    asked by Monique
  36. Math 156

    In which situations is it appropriate to display data using circle graphs? When is it inappropriate to use the data displays in circle graphs?

    asked by Marcus
  37. To Ms. Sue

    How do I calculate how much grain is required to feed you through the chicken you ate for dinner? And is it necessary to really try and calculate it?

    asked by devon
  38. Algebra

    Determine the vertical asymptotes for the graph function: f(x) = 4/x+10 g(x) = x^4 + 2/x h(x) = x^2+4/x(x+5)(x-2) f(x) = x+5/x^2 +4x - 32

    asked by Jessica
  39. physics

    If I send a laser beam in a container of water, (a semicircle shape), the incident ray from laser has to hit the strick flat face of the container at its center. Why? What if the container has plastic wall. Can I ignore the refraction of light through

    asked by Anonymous
  40. prealgebra


    asked by sweetangle
  41. prealgebra

    what is the prime factorization of ? 396

    asked by sweetangle
  42. prealgebra


    asked by sweetangle
  43. prealgebra

    -13s cubed(5s squared-4s+6)

    asked by sweetangle
  44. prealgebra

    a garden center sells shrubs in two different sizes.A small shrub costs 18.00 and a large one costs 32.00. in one day,65 shrubs were sold for a total of 1520.00. how many large shrubs were sold?

    asked by sweetangle
  45. physics

    a = m2^-1 (m1 a) -g solve for acceleartion it's the same post below they cancel out

    asked by physics
  46. prealgebra

    reduce to lowest terms. 72r cubed s to fourth - _____________________ 132r cubed s to the tenth

    asked by sweetangle
  47. prealgebra

    a traffic sign is in the shape of an isosceles triangle. each of the equal sides is 5in.longer than tice the base.if the perimeter is 80in., find the length of the base? whoever helps me can you tell me how to respond i do not know how to respond back to

    asked by sweetangle
  48. prealgebra

    5m 7 __ -___ 8 20

    asked by sweetangle
  49. Man for All seasons

    Heyy!! Do u know anyone living who has said quotes similar to " better a live rat than a dead lion" "i'm just a plain simple man, there's nothing I could do" "if u want to live,just keep out of troubles"

    asked by Me
  50. prealgebra

    a bag contains 6 red marbles, 5 yellow marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 4 white marbles. if one marble is drawn at random from the bag, what is the probability that it will be white? the answer i got is 2 over 11 . is this correct?

    asked by sweetangle
  51. American History

    What does American democracy mean to mean to you as an individual? What are some of the criticism of this style of government?

    asked by Sandra
  52. history

    What effects did the American Antislavery Society have on America?

    asked by Andy
  53. physics

    m2a=m2g-m1a m2a+m1a=m2g a= m2g/(m1+m2) I got this m2a=m2g-m1a m2a + m1 a = m2g-m1a + m1 a m2 a + m1 a = m2g (m2 a + m1 a = m2g(m2 + m1)^-1 = a + a = (m2 + m1)^-1 m2g a + a = (m2 + m1)^-1 m2g 2a = (m2 + m1)^-1 m2g (2a = (m2 + m1)^-1 m2g)2^-1 = a = (2(m2 +

    asked by physics
  54. Algebra

    Determine the vertical asymptotes for the graph function: f(x) = 4/x+10 g(x) = x^4 + 2/x h(x) = x^2+4/x(x+5)(x-2) f(x) = x+5/x^2 +4x - 32

    asked by Jamie
  55. english

    identify the prepositional pharse. vouluntary muscles, which help you move are joined to your bones. ) to your bones C)are joined to your bones d) are joined i think its c.

    asked by henry
  56. literature: short story

    in a "Pair of silk stockings" the silk stockings are a symbol of?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    Here is the problem: Find the missing parts of 1/200. Here are my answers: Percent= 1/2% Fraction= 1/200 Decimal= .005. Is this correct?

    asked by B.B.
  58. math

    Can a percent of increase be more than 100%? Why or why not?

    asked by thomas
  59. Health

    What could be done to slow health care expenditures?

    asked by pj
  60. english

    prepositional pharse: voluntary muscles, which help you move, are joined to your bones. a}to your bones D)are joined i think a

    asked by henry
  61. english

    object of the preposition: A)equal rights C) rosa parks b)important step i think its b. riding the bus one day, rosa parks made an important step toward equal rights.

    asked by henry
  62. Java

    I am supposed to convert a program i already made into a Java console application that uses the Scanner class to read the user's input. This is the code i have that i need to convert. I don't know where to start. Here is the code import

    asked by Thanh
  63. english

    which sentences contain a verb pharse.a) early romans built amazing roads. B)my teacher taught the class origami. d)in his rose period, picasso became interested in circus theme. i think its b.

    asked by henry
  64. Health

    Thank you Ms. Sue

    asked by pj
  65. what is the verb phrase

    what is the verb phrase: picasso has been called the greastest and most influential artist of the twenith century. B)of the twenith century c)has been called D)picasso has been i think its b.

    asked by henry
  66. english

    participal pharse: admired by many other artist,picasso work changed considerably overthe years. B) admired by many other artist. c)over the years d) picassos work .i think its c

    asked by henry
  67. U.S. History 1865

    Did I answer this question right? What factors led to the Western expansion movement at this time? What other factors contributed to the movement? How has the notion of Manifest Destiny shaped the world today? Here is my answer: Fredrick Turner said that

    asked by B.B.
  68. english

    school integration HAD BEGUN in 1954 as a result of the surreme courts decision. prepositional pharse or participial pharse. i think the 2 one.

    asked by henry
  69. english

    the u.s. purchased alaska FROM RUSSIA.A)participal pharse B)prepositional pharse d} verb pharse i think its d.

    asked by henry
  70. chemistry

    a saturated solution of milk of magnesia, Mg(OH)2, has a pH of 10.5. What is the hydronium concentration of the solution? is the solution acidic or basic?

    asked by angela
  71. english

    because people often put thier extra coins in clay jars, they called the jars pygg banks or pyggy bank. a}complex b)compound c}simple d}run on i thinks its compound

    asked by henry
  72. chemistry

    black smokers are found in the depths of the oceans. thinking that the coditions in these smokers might be conducive to the formation of organic compounds, two chemists in the germany found the following reaction could occur in similar conditions:

    asked by angela
  73. Algebra

    Please solve: (x+3)(x-5) < 0

    asked by Audrey
  74. english check

    A)all of the copies has been made b)none of the stores are on my way home. c)most of your friends is waiting for you inside. d)some of the promblems is for you to slove. im not really sure but it might be not sure if wrong please correct.

    asked by henry
  75. english

    one of the drivers in tomorrows car show cant find a)his or her keys or B)its keys. im going for b.

    asked by henry
  76. probability

    the digits 0 to 9 P(obtaining a prime number OR obtaining an odd number) P(obtaining a prime number OR obtaining a number divisible by 4) P(obtainig a number divisible by 4 or obtaining an odd number)

    asked by emir
  77. Algebra

    Find a polynomial function of degree 3 with the given numbers as zeros. -5, sqrt3, -sqrt3

    asked by Breanna
  78. algebra

    (x + 3)(x - 5) < 0 =x * x + x * -5 + 3 * x + 3 * -5 = x ^ 2 + 3x - 5x - 15 = x ^ 2 - 2x - 15 < 0 as two of the terms have a minus sign

    asked by rishabh bhatiya
  79. writing

    My limited subject is The power struggles in a class room. Now how can I get a thesis out of that.

    asked by gnee
  80. Algebra

    factorize x^4 - (x-z)^4

    asked by rishabh bhatiya
  81. Algebra

    Please solve the inequality .04 x + .06(12000-x) >= 650

    asked by Crystal
  82. English IV

    what characteristics do lord randall and edward edward share?

    asked by Demetrious
  83. pre algebra


    asked by sweetangle
  84. pre algebra


    asked by sweetangle
  85. nutrition and wellness

    i'm stuck on this question: After World War II, farming, fishing, and other food production activities became large scale enterprises which caused a decrease in economic development. American diets to become less diverse. the over producing and over

    asked by y912f
  86. nutrition and wellness

    The over-all purpose of a food guide is to separate food into groups. calculate your dietary needs for calories. to be used as a tool to implement healthy dietary guidelines. to give examples of portions for food groups. Computing your food intake means

    asked by y912f
  87. math

    Instead of spending his additional earnings each month, Michael chooses to open a savings account offering 3% interest, accrued monthly. Calculate the amount of money Michael will have in his savings account at the end of each of the following periods. (a)

    asked by Anonymous
  88. INB

    Write a 1050-to 1400-word summary detailing the functions of the world’s major foreign currency exchange markets. Be sure to discuss the positive and negative aspects of using a gold standard. could you please give me a better understanding.

    asked by scooby9132002
  89. Chemistry

    Molecular mass of sugar

    asked by Ann
  90. essay

    What strategies do you use for revising a paper? How do you know when to accept feedback from another source? What makes feedback valuable to you?

    asked by Searcher
  91. English

    1. Colors make up our world. 2. Our world is made up by colors. 3. Our world is made up of colors. (What is the passive form of the active form #1? Is it #2 or #3? Are both grammatical?) 4. Is two-word verb composed of a verb and an adverb? What about a

    asked by John
  92. Chemistry

    In terms of aromatic compounds, how do I determine which pairs of structures are correct representations of resonance forms? For example in these structures: I know there has to be a single bond, double bond,

    asked by Hatala
  93. business

    What is the interrelationship among the four financial statements? What methods are used to analyze an organization's financial condition?

    asked by sandra
  94. English

    1. Blue helps headaches. 2. Blue helps with headaches. (Which one is correct? Are both correct? Which one is a common expression?) 3. What does the color purple do for you? 3-1. It helps me sleep better. 3-2. It helps us sleep better. (Which one isa better

    asked by John
  95. English

    Okay my English teacher set up this assignment to relate a person (needs to be alive) to a character in the a man for all seasons by Bolt. I chose Richard rich, but I am failing to find someone.. any idea of who I can relate Richard rich to?

    asked by JL
  96. English

    1. Do you have the "Monday blues"? 2. Do you have the blue Monday? 3. Do you have Monday blues? 4. Do you have blue Monday? 5. Do you have blue Mondays? (Which one are correct?)

    asked by John
  97. Algebra

    Please Solve: (x+3)(x-5) < 0 I got so far on this and am lost.. (x+3 0) OR (x+3>0 and x-5 and x

    asked by Bonnie
  98. sociology

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of explicitly grounding a legal system in a particular religious tradition? Should the united states attempt t integrate christianity into its criminal justice system, as some conservatives recommend?

    asked by pam