Questions Asked on
July 7, 2009

  1. Algebra

    Consider the equation 4x^2 – 16x + 25 = 0. (a) Show how to compute the discriminant, b^2 – 4ac, and then state whether there is one real-number solution, two different real-number solutions, or two different imaginary-number solutions. (b) Use the

    asked by Pamela
  2. Chemistry

    A new potential heart medicine, code-named X-281, is being tested by a pharmaceutical company, Pharma-pill. As a research technician at Pharma-pill, you are told that X-281 is a monoprotic weak acid, but because of security concerns, the actual chemical

    asked by Saira
  3. MATH 156

    Write the numbers in order of increasing size. "can anyone please help me I think the answer is A am I correct? 14) 2.09, 2.9, 2.099, 2.999 A)2.999, 2.9, 2.099, 2.09 B)2.09, 2.9, 2.099, 2.999 C)2.09, 2.099, 2.9, 2.999 D)2.099, 2.09, 2.999, 2.9

    asked by NENAS
  4. grade 11 math

    a uniform-width boardwalk is built around the inside edge of a rectangular parkland that is 10m by 15 m. if the boardwalk takes up 20% of the lot, how wide is the boardwalk to the nearest centimetre?

    asked by steven
  5. Chemistry

    What are the C=C-C bond angles for (Z)-1,2-diisopropylethene, (E)-1,2- diisopropylethene and 1,1-diisopropylethene?

    asked by Alex
  6. Chem

    What 4 quantum numbers describes one of the outermost electrons in a strontium atom in ground state? 5,0,0,1/2 Is my answer correct?

    asked by Lena
  7. Chem

    What are some pros and cons for energy level diagrams and electron configuration diagrams? I was very long for elements like uranium and such but im not sure if those are the types of answers im supposed to be giving. Are there any flaws in the two methods

    asked by Lena
  8. Math

    An asset is purchased for$50,000.It has an estimated useful life of 12 years and a salvage value of $5,000. What is the annual depreciation of the asset using the straight-line method?

    asked by Kara
  9. Biology

    Angiosperms (flowering plants) are the largest Phylum in the Plant Kingdom (Angiospermophyta is also called Anthophyta or Magnoliophyta). These plants have true roots, stems, leaves and flowers. The roots grow into the soil to anchor the plant in place and

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Sociology

    i had to write this paper can I don't if it make sense or have spelling and grammar errors can someone look at it for me please and check my paper please Test your Native I.Q. Click on the link at the bottom of this assignment. After reading the material ,

    asked by Anonymous
  11. algebra

    "Systems of equations can be solved by graphing or by using substitution or elimination. What are the pros and cons of each method? Which method do you like the best? Why? What circumstances would cause you to use a different method? Consider responding to

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Algebra

    Consider the quadratic function f(x) = – x^2 + 10x – 26. Determine whether there is a maximum or minimum value and find that value.

    asked by Laurie
  13. logic and set theory

    describe the venn diagram for two disjoint sets. how does this diagram illustrate that the sets have no common elements? ... im a bit confused, because to me, if the sets are disjoint and hence nothing is in common, it wouldnt be a venn diagram in the

    asked by maria
  14. Chem

    I was asked to fraw the energy level diagram for carbon. Carbon has 6 electrons so would the 2s and 2p orbitals both be half full? 1s = 2 electrons 2s= 1 electron 2p = 3 electrons

    asked by Lena
  15. Algebra


    asked by Kim
  16. English

    Is "Ken" a male or a female name?

    asked by John
  17. MATH 156

    I need help with this question I'm reviewing for my final for next week. Thanks Perform the indicated operation. (84) ÷ [(-1) - (-7)] AND Find the GCF of the numbers using an appropriate method. 240, 10,000, and 4500 AND Write the number in scientific

    asked by NENAS
  18. history

    Should English be declared the official language of the USA? List three effects that you believe such a law would have. Write one paragraph explaining the reason.

    asked by bindiya farswani
  19. health

    hello i was just wondering if u could think of any good ideas for a health poster on how to keep your body healthy. 10/25 marks are for creativity so i was going for something really creative. could u help me think of some ideas?? thanks. :)

    asked by rebecca
  20. human resources 210

    what is the difference between public and private organizations?

    asked by Mike
  21. Math

    a sequence {an} is given by a1 = (3)^1/2 , an+1 = (3+an)^1/2. Show that {an} is monotonic and bounded, and calculate the limit if it exists

    asked by Hannah
  22. science calculation

    You have been asked to complete a screening-level risk assessment in order to compare routes of chemicals exposure and to determine whether the chemical exposure poses a potential health risk. The receptor is a 70 kg man who has worked 8 hours per day as

    asked by Reena! plse help
  23. English

    Does 'plumpy' have the same meaning as 'rough' ex) plympy road, rough road (Are both the same?)

    asked by John
  24. English

    Hi, I need a title for my essay it is about woman being unhappy with their marriages. I wanted to call it dissatisfying Marriages. If you have a better title that you can offer, please do.

    asked by sammy
  25. Algebra

    Simplify (4 – 5i)(3 + 7i) and write the answer in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers.

    asked by Jacinta
  26. Physics

    A student uses a bottle opener to find that a force of 15 N must be exerted to lift a cap 1.4mm. The opener has a velocity ratio of 16 and efficiency of 90% (a) What is the mechanical advantage of the opener? (b) What force is applied to the bottle cap?

    asked by Mohammedabbas
  27. Literature IV

    Ode to the West Wind by P.B. Shelley The poem “Ode to the West wind” praises nature for its A. gifts B. ability to rebirth C. power to recreate D. Both B and C. I chose D. In “Ode to the West wind,” the speaker wants the wind to: A. blow all the

    asked by James
  28. Chem

    Theres this one question in my homework that says that there is an unusual but actual condensed configuration and they said to write it. Which element are they referring to? :S

    asked by Lena
  29. java programming

    could someone help me create a source code that requires you to enter 2 numbers then gets the sum, difference, product and quotient of them after entering

    asked by mark
  30. college

    The Mesopotamians had a generally pessimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this? Use at least one example to illustrate your points. What other features of this culture does the art reveal?

    asked by Tammy
  31. engineering materials

    can someone help me to find some good source about the topic: stress, strain, young's modulus of elasticity and shearing stress? pls. help me. thanks

    asked by Akitsuke
  32. hca 210 question

    There clinical and charting information is reviewed and signed off by the attending or medical director. Can you think of other professionals besides R.N.'s that are also supervised and then to what capacity?

    asked by Meshelle
  33. Chemistry

    Drops of mercury, water and naphtha (lighter fluid) are placed on smooth flat surface. The mercury drop is almost a perfect sphere. The water drop is a flattened sphere. The naphtha however spreads out over the surface. What do these observations tell you

    asked by Mohammedabbas
  34. Microeconomics

    If a monopoly is producing at an output where its average total cost of production is minimized and equals $50 per unit and marginal revenue equals $60, is the monopoly producing at the profit-maximizing output level? Explain why or why not.

    asked by Marilyn
  35. Algebra

    Solve |6x – 7| < = 25 and write interval notation for the solution set.

    asked by Alyssa
  36. Algebra

    Solve |9 – 4x| > 7 and write interval notation for the solution set. A.(1/2, 4) B. (-4,-1/2) C. (1/2, infinity) D. (-infinity U (4, infinity) I say the answer is D..Am i correct?

    asked by Rachale
  37. English

    Can someone tell me what I need wrong please. I use the first 12 line in the poem and my assignment was to, choose one of the following poems to imitate: "Black Hair," p. 68 (first person), "I Knew a Woman," p. 117-18 (first person), “To Aunt Rose,” p.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Algebra

    Follow up to Angie's question? If both sides are not = then why is there an equal sign? And is the answer 2 or both 2 and -1? Thanks!

    asked by Alicia
  39. science

    should humans change their habits so they consume products closer to the bottom of the food chain because it is more efficient

    asked by wandy
  40. Algebra

    Find the zeros of the polynomial function and state the multiplicity of each f(x) = (x^2-5x+6)^2

    asked by Albert
  41. math

    convergent or divergent? a_n = (sin2n)/(1+n^1/2)

    asked by Al
  42. Math

    Here is the question: Is the product of two irrational numbers always an irrational number? Justify your answer. My answer is: No. The square root of two is an irrational number. If you multiply the square root of two by the square root of two, you get two

    asked by B.B.
  43. Math

    Here is the question: Write the following rational numbers in scientific notation. A) 0. 000005 B) 30 million C) 0.036754 D) 24,000,059 My answers is: A) 5 * 10^-6 B) 30 * 10^6 C) 3.6754 * 10^-2 D) 2.4000059 * 10^7 Is this correct?

    asked by B.B.
  44. Algebra

    Find the solutions of the equation 3x^2 – x – 4 = 0.

    asked by Audrey
  45. Math

    if 12v=3w and v is not equal 0 then which of the following is equivalent to 2w-8v ? a 0 b 4w c -6w d 2v d -2v

    asked by Jay
  46. Math

    Consider the quadratic function f(x) = x^2 + 12x + 40. Find the vertex.

    asked by Jessica
  47. Math

    Please help! They are asking for 2 solution sets and I don't know where to start. Thanks in advance! Solve and write interval notation for the solution set. 3 – 8x < –5 or 3 – 8x > 19

    asked by Katrina
  48. Algebra

    Solve the equation. Check all proposed solutions. Show work in solving and in checking. Root3-x = x-1

    asked by Angie
  49. regents

    hi , i need help with preparing for the regents in august .. i would like to know the material on there . does anyone know any websites ? it is for u.s. history

    asked by annaiiz ceballos
  50. Math

    Solve the equation: 4/3-x + 1/x+9 = 5/3-x Check all proposed solutions. Show work in solving and in checking.

    asked by Crystal
  51. Math

    5 3/8; 5 1/4; 7 1/2 How to find the average?

    asked by Betty
  52. micro econ

    Why would a monoply operate where marginal cost is declining?

    asked by anonymous
  53. sociology

    At what age adulthood was loomong?

    asked by pam
  54. sociology

    Do you believe that childhood socialization adequately set that stage for people current roles?

    asked by pam
  55. English

    Please Proofread for Me. If you see any errors please state them. Witnessed a Wrong Incident People today, sometimes witness people during things wrong, but they refuse to tell. Many times, they do not tell because they do not want to hurt the person’s

    asked by Angie
  56. 11th grade

    how to check specific heat of a substance?

    asked by rajul patel
  57. Algebra

    Find the zeros of the polynomial function and state the multiplicity of each. F(x) =(x^2 -5x+6)^2

    asked by Rachale
  58. american literature

    Alexandra's mother goal while living on the praire was to

    asked by Anonymous
  59. general education

    I come at the beginning of end and the end of time. Twice in a week and once in a year.

    asked by Lisa
  60. Math

    Did I do this problem right? Find the following product: ( 1 1/3 + 3 1/2 )(3/4)=? My answer is: ( 4/3 + 7/2)(3/4)= 1 + 21/8= 29/8. Is this correct? Thanks.

    asked by B.B.
  61. sociology

    is there anything wrong with wealthy people spending their money any way the wish

    asked by tiffany
  62. sociology

    How do the lifestyles of today's rich and famous differ from those of the 19th century robber barons?

    asked by tiffany
  63. English

    I finish it but don't know if it is right or wrong: Can someone tell me what I do wrong please. I use the first 12 line in the poem and my assignment was to, choose one of the following poems to imitate: "Black Hair," p. 68 (first person), "I Knew a

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Bus Management & Leadership

    You are the owner and CEO of a brand new Internet access company, known as the XYZ Internet Company. For this assignment, you are to create a Policy Manual for new managers. This manual should provide guidance to the new incoming managers, as they set up

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Psychology

    How can we go about recognizing values influencing biases in order that more open debates can take place?

    asked by Linda
  66. Chem

    Is this a possible quantum number: 3,2,2,-1/2 This is my thikning: n=3 so therefore l = 0-2 so therefore ml could = 2 However, many of my classmates said it was impossible.

    asked by Lena