Questions Asked on
July 6, 2009

  1. math

    why did Simeon Wrench sleep under his car?

    asked by fgytf
  2. Chemistry

    What volume of benzene (C6H6, d= 0.88 g/mL, molar mass = 78.11 g/mol) is required to produce 1.5 x 103 kJ of heat according to the following reaction? 2C6H6(l)+15O2(g)-->12CO2(G)+6H2O(g) :delta:Hrxn=-6278kj

    asked by Gweedo8
  3. Physics

    A particle initially located at the origin has an acceleration of a= 5.00J^ m/s^2 and an initial velocity of v0= 8.00I^ m/s A) Find the vector position at any time t where t is measured in seconds. Find the vector velocity at any time t. b) Find the

    asked by Marie
  4. Economics

    At a management luncheon, two managers were overheard arguing about the following statement “A manager should never hire another worker if the new person causes diminishing returns”. Is this statement correct? If so, why? If not, explain why not.

    asked by Johnny
  5. Math

    Each female of a certain species of fish lays 100 eggs each fall and then dies. If only 30% of these eggs mature to become egg-producing females the next year , then how many egg-producing females will descend from a single egg-producing female 2 years

    asked by Jay
  6. English

    * Even Homer sometimes nods. (Do you know the meaning of theis proverb? Who is Homer?)

    asked by John
  7. Economics

    Engineers at a national research laboratory built a prototype automobile that could be driven 180 miles on a single gallon of unleaded gasoline. They estimated that in mass production the car would cost $40,000 per unit to build. The engineers argued that

    asked by Johnny
  8. chemistry

    Mt. McKinley in Alaska has an altitude of 20,320 ft. Water (enthalpy of vaporization=40.7kJ/mol) boils at 77C atop Mt. McKinley. What is the normal atmospheric pressure at the summit?

    asked by Juggernaut
  9. Math

    A mixture of water and sucrose is 10% sucrose by weight. How many grams of pure sucrose must be added to a 200-gram sample of this mixture to produce a mixture that is 20% sucrose?

    asked by Jay
  10. Chem

    calculate the number of H3O+ and OH- ions in 1.00 mL of pure water

    asked by MisssA
  11. Chem

    How many moles of hydrogen and oxygen are in 2 moles of water? water: h2o # of molecules = (6.022 x 10^23)(2)= 1.2044 x 10^23 # of hydrogen atoms = (1.2044 x 10^23)(2)= 2.4088 x 10^24 # of oxygen atoms = 1.2044 x 10^24 Did I do this correctly? What do I do

    asked by Lena
  12. Chem

    volume = 322 mL temperature = 150 celcius pressure = 175 kPa mass = 0.448 Calculate the molar mass of the gas. First I converted volume to 0.332 L. Second I converted 150 celcius into 423 kelvin. PV = nRt (175)(0.322) = n(8.314)(423) n= 0.016022988 molar

    asked by Lena
  13. MacroEconomics

    A B C D E Automobile 0 2 4 6 8 Forklifts 30 27 21 12 0 If the economy characterized by this production table and curve were producing 3 auto and 20 forklifts, what could you conclude about its use of its available resources?

    asked by John
  14. Chem

    A tank car containing concentrated HCL (molarity 12.1) derails and spills exactly 1500 L of acid. Solid potassium hydroxide is required ot neutralize the spill. (a) Write a balanced chemical equation. HCl + KOH -> kCl + H2O (b) What is the molar ratio

    asked by Lena
  15. chem 2

    I just need help setting up this equation. NH3 is titrated with HCL. Does this mean the reaction is this? NH3 + HCL --> NH4 + CL- ??

    asked by Anonymous
  16. english

    can someone please help me find the story, "The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake" on the internet by giving me a link. from Le Morte Darthur Sir Thomas Malory retold by Keith Baines. it starts with " When King Arthur returned from Rome..." and ends with "My

    asked by y912f
  17. Math

    The population of Bumpton increased by 10% from 1980 to 1990 and decreased by 10% from 1990 to 2000 what is the net percent change in the population on Bumpton from 1980 to 2000 ?

    asked by Jay
  18. math

    Jerry grew 5 inches in 2003, and 2 inches more in 2004 before reaching his final height of 5 feet 10 inches . what percentage of his final height did his 2003-2004 growth represent?

    asked by Jay
  19. com220

    can you help me paraphrase this: Obesity means an excess amount of body fat. No general agreement exists on the definition of obesity in children as it does adults. Most professionals use published guidelines based on the body mass index(BMI), or a

    asked by star
  20. Algebra

    Use synthetic division to find the quotient and the remainder of: (x^3-7x^2+13x+3)/(x-2)

    asked by Alicia
  21. Finance

    . Mr. Kane recently borrowed $15,000 from his Aunt Jemima, and he has promised to pay his aunt $5,000 per year at 15%. How long will it take Mr. Kane to pay off the entire loan from his aunt? 2. You just borrowed $1,000 from Mr. Loan Shark. Mr. Shark

    asked by David
  22. Algebra

    Simplify: 2/x+5 + 4/x+3 times (x+3)(x+5)/(3x+13)

    asked by Chase
  23. Introducing Literature

    The term bibliotheraphy means a. using books to give children insights into life problems a. helping people who can't read. c. using books to solve life's problems d. sharing joy with children My book says; "To help children with life problems, questions,

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Chem

    As a part of a study to see whther just the chloride ion on NaCl accelerates the rusting of iron, a student decided to see whtjer iron rusted in a solution on Na2SO4. The solution was made by dissolving 4.550 g of Na2SO4 in water using 125.0 mL volumetric

    asked by Lena
  25. english

    can you please tell me where did you find the answers to the questions:1)does hipaa affest the patient's access to his or her medical records? if so, ddescribe the eefct and the procedure for obtaining access.2)under what circumstances can personal health

    asked by fee
  26. AP Economics

    Identify land, labor and capital as the three factors of production and give examples. I have explained about land. can someone please help me with labor and capital? please! Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    I am not sure that I answered this question right. A) 3/4 / -12= 3/4 / -11 12/12= 3/4 / - 144/12= 9/12 / -144/12= 9/12 * -12/144= -9/144=-16. B) 5/4 / 2 2/3= 15/12 / 32/12= 15/12 * 12/32= 15/32. Is this correct? Thanks

    asked by B.B.
  28. Chemistry

    What are the energies of the 2 conformations of methylcyclohexane and the 2 conformations of cis-1,3-dimethylcyclohexane? thanks

    asked by Alex
  29. Chem

    Are the followinf true: atomic radii decreases from left to right, across a row atomic radii increases from top to bottom of a column

    asked by Lena
  30. english paper help highschool

    I'm writing a paper on love and I'm comparing boy/girl love veruses family love of 4 different characters. I have a definition for boy/girl love but I can't seem to find a definition for family love. Can you help please?

    asked by anna
  31. Chem

    A -> 3C The molar mass of A is 10.0g/mol If 2.0 grams of A reacts, how many moles of C will be produced? A -------------------> 3C m.mass= 10.0g/mol mass = 2.0 g moles = 2.0 g/10.0 g/mol =0.2 mol moles of c = 3 x 0.2 = 0.6 mol Did I do this correctly?

    asked by Lena
  32. bioloy

    Choose ONE animal species. Your goal is to describe the way in which an evolutionary change might occur for a particular characteristic (trait) of a population of that species as a result of natural selection. The characteristic (trait) could be something

    asked by Kat
  33. Communication Theory

    Identify misuse of language in Charlton Heston's speech from 1999 to Harvard Law School students. Provide specific examples if any exist.

    asked by Michelle
  34. 12th grade Social Science

    Can anyone help me with these questions? How was the culture of the Baby Boom so different from that of previous generations? Why are members of Generation X frustrated with Baby Boomers? What are some of the important impacts of Generation Y on the

    asked by Derek
  35. Chem

    One of my questions asks me to find the volume of neon gas. I thought neon didn't attach with other atoms because it had a full valence shell, how would it form into a gas? What would the formula be? N2, N3 ?

    asked by Lena
  36. Math

    I was to find the sum or difference of each problem: A) 15.6 + 8.305 + 0.4= 24.305 B) 14/3 - 16/5= 20/15 - 18/15= 2/15 C) 20.096 - 42.3 = -22.204 D) -3 1/8 + 4 5/6 = -25/8 + 29/6= -150/48 + 232/48= 82/48. Is this correct?

    asked by B.B.
  37. English

    1. It's your problem, not my problem. 2. It's your problem, and it's not my problem. 3. It's your problem, but it's not my problem. (What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Or do you have another expression which is the full form of #1?) 4. I think the

    asked by John
  38. Chem

    Does electron affintity increase from left to right on the periodic table? And are there any trends for the groups?

    asked by Lena
  39. Chem

    superscript:226 element:Z subscript:29 Whats does the subscript and superscript represent?

    asked by Lena
  40. American History

    Would you say that Amrica's place in the world affairs reflects its economic position. Explain your answer.

    asked by AniaR
  41. Com 150

    CAn someone give me the answers to the comprehensive grammar checkpoint for comp 150.

    asked by lorraine
  42. computer

    why do you think windows is so prevalent?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math

    I had to find the quotient for: 18 / 4.6 and my answer is 3.91 3.06 / 0.22 and my answer is 13.91 is this correct? Thanks.

    asked by B.B.
  44. accounting

    If I needed to find out OR calculate the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the company General Electric (GE), how would I find this information or what is needed from the company financial statements to aid me in coming up with the answer?

    asked by Bulldog 42
  45. comprehensive Gramer

    My new coworker, a Muslim,is actually quite nice

    asked by Sandra
  46. Math

    I don't understand this problem can someone please help me? Make an illustration depicting the number line to find the sum of the following: 1 2/3 + 1 5/6

    asked by B.B.
  47. feasibility study

    hi..can i have a sample feasibility study..i need it..please thanks

    asked by cocobunniesfromhell
  48. NWSS math

    v/v+11 + 1/v+19=1

    asked by Lee
  49. Micro Econ

    Why would a monoply operate where marginal cost is declining?

    asked by anonymous
  50. science

    Consider the following chain of events. Describe in 350-700 words the sensory process that takes place as the scenario unfolds

    asked by marie
  51. science

    which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses

    asked by marie
  52. Healthcare Management

    What are the most important functions of health information management? (thank you in advance for your help)

    asked by Elle
  53. Biology

    Hi Im just wondering what are the similarites and differences between gas exchange and cellular respiration ? similarities: Both are involved in energy production. Gas x supplies o2 to the mito which creates usable energy for the body. differences;

    asked by Jim_R
  54. Research writing

    Can someone help me paraphrase this article.? I am trying to write about how woman should be able to have to same type of jobs that men do. Or does this article even apply?? here is the link :

    asked by WENDY
  55. Calculus (1st Year)

    Solve the integral: S (e^-cosx)(x^2)dx

    asked by Al
  56. Chem

    Hg(CN) I don't know how to name this. I know that Hg is mercury and C is carbon and N is nitrogen.

    asked by Lena
  57. Misc

    Just wondering- people should get their cats 'fixed' so they can't have kittens, but soon won't the cat population die down until there are barely any cats except for strays? I hope this makes sense...I was just wondering thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  58. math

    how to find the LCD for 11x/yz^2, 8x/y^2z? I know the answer is yz^2 but how do you get that. can you plzz plzz explain..... this it is really important..... thnx ...... a lot..

    asked by gagan
  59. sociology

    how can parents help their children prepare for adult roles that are now demanded at an earlier age, but still allow them to experience the freedom associated with childhood?

    asked by pam
  60. Science (Biology)

    What part of the scientific method is this step? The choices are identifies a problem, gather info, state a hypothesis, experiment, observe & record data, or conclusion. Here is the step: Dan timed the eclipse in minutes and seconds. He wanted to see if

    asked by Skylar
  61. english

    creative writing about lost.

    asked by salman