Questions Asked on
June 29, 2009

  1. Physics

    A potter’s wheel with rotational inertia of 45 kg m2, is spinning freely at 40 rpm. The potter drops a lump of clay onto the wheel where it sticks a distance 1.2 m from the rotational axis at the wheel’s center. If the subsequent angular speed of the

    asked by Sarah
  2. Physics

    A ladder of weight 200 N and length 10 m leans against a smooth wall with no friction. A firefighter of weight 600 N climbs a distance x up the ladder (x goes from the bottom of the ladder to the firefighter’s feet). The coefficient of friction between

    asked by Sarah
  3. Math

    (Growth of Cells) Suppose that after t hrs, there are p (t) cells present in a culture, where P(t) = 5000e*^2t a) How many cells were present initially? b) Give a differential equation satisfied by P(t) c) When will the population double? d) When will

    asked by Mitch
  4. math...number sequence

    What is the next logical number in the following number sequence? and Why? 5, 8, 14, 26

    asked by M.A.
  5. Physics

    The speed of sound in steel is 5000 m/s. What is the wavelength of the sound wave of 640 Hz in steel?

    asked by Sarah
  6. Physics

    An 8 g bullet is shot into a 4.0 kg block, at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. The bullet remains lodged in the block. The block moves into a spring and compresses it by 9.4 cm. The spring constant is 1000 N/m. What is the initial velocity of the

    asked by Sarah
  7. Creative Writing

    Identify every concrete image within the poem. Remember that a concrete image is one that uses either sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell, so each concrete image should be identified as to which sense it connects to. Then, describe what each of the images

    asked by Fats
  8. macroeconomics

    (1) Population: 250,000 Unemployed: 20,000 Labor Force Participation Rate: 80% (a) How many people are in the labor force? (b) What is the unemployment rate? (2) Not in the labor force: 125,000 Unemployed: 25,000 Employed: 100,000 What is the unemployment

    asked by Mac
  9. maths

    prove that sin A(1+tan A)+cos A(1+cot A)= sec A+ cosec A

    asked by sumayya
  10. statistics

    A person scores 81 on a test of verbal ability and 6.4 on a test of quantitative ability. For the verbal ability test, the mean for people in general is 50 and the standard deviation is 20. For the quantitative ability test, the mean for people in general

    asked by Gregory
  11. 7th grade

    How can you tell if a picture is a primary source document or a secondary source document?

    asked by Lola
  12. chemistry

    The first step of the synthesis is described by the reaction below. When 1.000 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O is mixed with 13 mL of 1.0 M H2C2O4, the theoretical yield of FeC2O42H2O is grams. Fe(NH4)2(SO4)26H2O(s) + H2C2O4(aq) FeC2O42H2O(s) + (NH4)2SO4(aq) +

    asked by evelin
  13. Pre-Algebra

    These are 2 problems that I'm stuck on; I know the answers to them but I just don't know how to find that answer. Can someone please help? 1. The probability that the Lions football team will win the next game is 0.6. What are the odds that it'll win? Ans-

    asked by mysterychicken
  14. ENG 311 Creative Writing

    I am still confuse but this is what I got and I chose poem Snow Day by Bill Collins. Identify every concrete image within the poem. Remember that a concrete image is one that uses either sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell, so each concrete image should

    asked by Fats
  15. Physics

    A PVC pipe that is one meter long is struck and the speed of sound is 345 m/s. What is the fundamental frequency (n=1) of the pipe when: a. The pipe is open at both ends? b. The pipe is closed at one end, open at the other?

    asked by Sarah
  16. science

    a car of mass 900 kg moves at 10 m/s. what is the braking force required to stop the car in a time of 5 seconds?

    asked by anonymous
  17. 7th grade

    "An artists portrayal or a coureur de bois. Many of these adventurers married first nations women and has families. Their children were the metis. The metis learned both french and first nations languages from their parents. They also learned the customs

    asked by Lola
  18. math

    soybean meal is 18% protein; cornmeal is 9% protein. how many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360-lb mixture that is 14% How many pounds of cornmeal should be in the mixture? 200 how many lbs of soybean meal should be in the

    asked by jason
  19. environmental science

    do you believe that humans can harvest the forest resource in an environmental friendly way?

    asked by yolanda
  20. statistics

    On a standard measure of hearing ability, the mean is 300 and the standard deviation is 20. Give the Z scores for persons who score (a) 340, (b) 310, and (c) 260. Give the raw scores for persons whose Z scores on this test are (d) 2.4, (e) 1.5, (f) 0, and

    asked by Gregory
  21. English

    Are critical essays the same as argumentative essays? if not what are they

    asked by Anonymous
  22. science

    if you have two 5 watt bulbs connected in series and then in parellel: a) Which circuit arrangement will give you brighter bulbs? Explain your answer.... b) Which of these arrangements will allow the other bulb to continue glowing if one of the bulbs is

    asked by anonymous
  23. physics

    A magnet is plunged into and out of a coil of wire 2 times per second. This induces 5 volts. a- If the rate of motion changes so that the magnet is plunged in and out 6 times per second, what will be the new induced voltage? b- if the number of coils in

    asked by anonymous
  24. calculus

    is the function f(x)=x^2 increasing on decreasing at x = -1. can anyone please check my reasoning: the value of the derivative of the function at x=-1 is -2, so that means the slope of the tangent line to the graph at that is a negative value so the

    asked by jeff
  25. PSY 210

    paper summarizing each phase of the sexual response cycle for males, females, and commonalities for both males and females. Include a brief description of any sexual dysfunctions which can occur and common methods of treatment.

    asked by Heidi
  26. visual basic 6

    1)with the aid of illustrative examples, differentiate between Input statement and Read and Data statement.

    asked by Thanking you...
  27. physics

    what is the distance traveled by a vehicle in 12 minutes, if it's speed is 35km/h? And the answer I got was 7km but I got it wrong. Please help!

    asked by lily
  28. psychology (information booklet)

    I am required to do an information booklet on Cognitive Development in Childhood by Jean Piaget. What should be put inside this information booklet? Where can I find journals, pictures and other materials regarding this topic on the internet? Your help is

    asked by mic_
  29. psychology (research method)

    I have to do an assignment on financial stress among college students. Where can I find questionnaires and journals on this topic? Are there any free journals that can be accessed online?

    asked by mic_
  30. World Geography

    Nedd Help to pf Study Unit for Exam: # 6618 A _ B _ C

    asked by Moses
  31. college

    i have free topic is have ever done anything that you wish you hadn't done?what happened and how the situation might have been different if you had acted or thought differently. really i don't know,how can i speak because i don't know about

    asked by krishna
  32. algebra

    what is the product of the solutions to the equation x squared minus 15x minus 36 equal -72

    asked by rhonda
  33. Calculus/Logarithms

    Find the derivative of f(x) = (square root of x)(ln x). Using my notes, I came up with f'(x) = (1/2*square root of x)/x The answer in the back of the book says f'(x) = (2+ln x)/(2*square root of x). Can someone please explain how? Thanks.

    asked by Amy
  34. 7th grade

    Look at figure 2.8 on page 40 and answer the following question in complete sentences: Why was water transportation so important in those days? Hint: Would there have been major road ways at that time for horse drawn, or ox drawn wagons? How would all of

    asked by Deja
  35. 12th grade

    How much current flows in a 12 watt rad?io connected to a 120-Volt circuit

    asked by anonymous
  36. math

    8x-(2x+5)=19 The solution is x=4 is this correct?

    asked by jason
  37. math

    x+5y=3 (1) x=9-5y (2) What is the solution of the system? (-3,6/5) is this correct?

    asked by jason
  38. math

    5/8x+1/16x=7/16+x the solution is x=-7/5 is this correct?

    asked by jason
  39. Bio-Chemistry

    The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called what?

    asked by Manyse
  40. micro economics

    Why are the firms in the perfectly competitve markets unable to control the prices of the goods that they produce?

    asked by Marilyn


    asked by MEGHAN
  42. economics

    Suppose that the typical snowboarder/skier visiting Mount Unknown ski resort on a typical day would be willing to pay for lifts up the mountain according to the following schedule. (see graph …url below) 1. Why does the WTP schedule slope downward ? 2.

    asked by Dave
  43. Marketing 230

    How does an organization establish an IMC plan? What are some of the different stages that company goes through when developing their IMC strategy?

    asked by Heidi
  44. Communications

    What are 5 specific learning team goals ,COMM/330 University of Phoenix

    asked by Janet
  45. Statistics

    The assignment is in three parts: 1. An analytic section that you will submit as an Excel spread sheet 2. A PowerPoint presentation of 3 to 5 slides. 3. A narrative section that you will submit as a two to three page Word document First, read the business

    asked by Willie Brown
  46. math

    Use the formula *C=5/9 (*F-32) to find the Celsius temperature (*C) when the Fahrenheit (*F) is 212 *F.

    asked by tara
  47. chemistry

    I had to do this online lab and have a total of 8 questions at the end and I am stuck half way through. Can someone please walk me through the last few question? Here is the Lab and my homework: In this experiment, we will determine the heat of reaction

    asked by Gweedo8
  48. chemistry

    Balance the equation: Note: If a chemical species coefficient is "1" then "1" needs to be entered in the field before that species. MnO4– + H+ + Fe2+ Mn2+ + H2O + Fe3+

    asked by Claire
  49. statistics

    A psychologist interested in political behavior measured the square footage of the desks in the official office of four U.S. governors and of four chief executive officers (CEOs) of major U.S. corporations. The figures for the governors were 44, 36, 52,

    asked by Gregory
  50. 7th grade

    My textbook question is: Please look at page 38, Figure 2.6: "How do historians know Cartier traveled these particular routes? Where might they have found supporting historical evidence. The picture is just a map with the guys travels. (arrows and lines

    asked by Deja
  51. Algebra

    At the beginning of George’s diet, he weighed 212 pounds, and 8 weeks later he weighed 198 pounds. Find the average rate of change of George’s weight. I think its 1.75 but also -1.75? which one could it be? Please help! Thanks!

    asked by Carmin
  52. 7th grade

    In my textbook I am supposed to say if the picture is primary or secondary. (In the descriptionof the drawing, it says "a self portrait by Champlain". This would mean that it is a primary source doc right?

    asked by Lola
  53. physics

    if you have two 5 watt bulbs connected in series and then in parellel: which of these arrangements willa allow the other bulb to continue glowing if one of the bulbs are removed?

    asked by anonymous
  54. math

    solve by substitution 7x+6y=7 x=58-9y What is the solution of the system? (7,-5) is this correct?

    asked by jason
  55. Math

    Can someone please explain this to me: Does |n+m|=|n| + |m| for all integers n and m? If so, give some examples. If not, give a counterexample.

    asked by B.B.
  56. 7th grade

    What is a feature article?

    asked by Let's keep my name a secret
  57. economics

    What can't a perfectly competitive market earn economic profits in the long run?

    asked by Teri
  58. Math

    I need some advice with this problem. Simplify as indicated. State at least one property of multiplication or division that would prove your simplification process correct. A. -(n+4), to eliminate the parentheses. B. 6(-s), to eliminate the parentheses. C.

    asked by B.B.
  59. Vocabulary

    How would you differentiate population and community?

    asked by Lyla
  60. Accounts

    The estimated allowance for bad debts for the month of May using a percentage .5% on the net sales of 97,500. what is the bad debt expense for the month of may. I will like to see the calculation please.

    asked by Peaches
  61. psychology

    Are they any journal articles on a measure of independence and interdependence (Singilis)?

    asked by mic_
  62. social studies

    I need help with a question and that questions is compare the colonial empores of spain, france and England in terms of their settlements, economic structure and political control.

    asked by Cheryl Williams
  63. Grade 7

    What is new france and what is old france?

    asked by Lola
  64. Algebra

    y = f(x – 1) – 2 What does the line for this graph look like? Can anyone show me please? Thanks!

    asked by Rachale
  65. Environmental science

    identifying three fresh and three ocean water resource issues.

    asked by ileana
  66. Creative Writing

    Can you see how I did with my assignment please because I only have 30 min. left before I have to turn it in please so please look at it please. Poem Analysis 1, due Monday, 20 points The Poem Snow Day by Billy Collins Lines 1-5: Snow (taste, touch,

    asked by Fats
  67. math

    -0.4x40} is this correct?

    asked by jason
  68. math

    solve using multiplication -6x>1/13 The solution is < -1/78 is this correct?

    asked by jason
  69. math

    use the distributive property to help you solve the equation 9(w-2)=45 w=7 is this correct?

    asked by jason
  70. math

    solve -16

    asked by jason
  71. math

    find the slope and the y-intercept f(x)=-7x-2 the slope is -7 the y-intercept is(0,-2) is this correct?

    asked by jason
  72. Body Systems/Terminology

    The most serious type of allergic reaction is A. atrial fibrilation B. psoriasis C. anaphylaxis D. lupus

    asked by Anonymous
  73. maths

    solve this problem in number line: 1. (+6)-(-3)

    asked by sara
  74. Algebra

    Please help! I need to simplify this and am confused. (sqrt5 a^7/2)^4 a^3/a^8

    asked by Pamela
  75. adult education

    What is a predicate adjective and how is it used correctly?

    asked by Deb
  76. maths

    prove that _______1______ - ___1___ =__1___ sec x-tan x cos x cos x - _______1______ sec x + tan x

    asked by sumayya
  77. Algebra

    Please simplify sqrt n2+ 12n + 36

    asked by Audrey
  78. Math

    Can someone explain to me how to calculate the following: | -3 - | -7-7||.

    asked by B.B.
  79. statistics

    Payne (2001) gave participants a computerized task in which they first see a face and then a picture of either a gun or a tool. The task was to press one button if it was a tool and a different one if it was a gun. Unknown to the participants while they

    asked by Gregory