Questions Asked on
June 27, 2009

  1. Cost Accounting

    Incomplete manufacturing costs, expenses, and selling data for two different cases are as follows. Case 1 2 Direct Materials Used $ 8,300 (g) Direct Labor 3,000 $ 4,000 Manufacturing Overhead 6,000 5,000 Total Manufacturing Costs (a) 20,000 Beginning Work

    asked by Renee
  2. Reiny (this was the one you helped me with)

    I tried to explain it by using the arrangement of billiard balls, but I guess you don't play pool. let me try to "draw" the billiard balls . . .o . . o o . .o o o . o o o o o o o o o o sum of one row = 1 sum of two rows = 3 sum of three rows = 6 sum of

    asked by Keira
  3. chemistry

    hi, Im not sure how to explain this well but here goes. Im doing a oxidization/reduction reaction to determine the charge of an element. charge is n formula n=a/b Problem: 0.6215 g sample of nickle metal was dissovled in 100.0ml of fe 3+ Note for the

    asked by dan
  4. Cost Accounting

    Case 1 Direct Materials Used $8,300 Direct Labor 3,000 Manufacturing Overhead 6,000 Total Manufacturing Costs (a) Beginning Work in Process 1,000 Ending Work in Process Inventory (b) Sales 22,500 Sales Discounts 1,500 Cost of Goods Manufactured 15,800

    asked by Renee
  5. Math

    A stadium has two sections Tickets for section A cost $a each Tickets for Section B cost $b each Johanna paid $105 for 5 section A tickets and 3 section B tickets. Raiyah Paid $63 for 4 section A tickets and 1 section B ticket Write 2 equations in a and b

    asked by Jayda
  6. English

    * Approach level, On level, Beyond level (What are the meanings of the words? There are English problems with three levels in the text book. Approach level is for the beginners. On level is for the medium-level students. Beyond level is for the high level

    asked by John
  7. math

    Two fifths of the students in a class of 1200 own pc,s, how many students do not own pc's. 2/5 x 1200=480 1200-480=720 is this correct? 30% of the students who own pc's also own play stations, what fraction of the students in the school own play station?

    asked by Jayda
  8. math

    Please advise if my answer is correct in solving this question given? If not please advise what I am doing wrong in the equation..ty :) Write the ratio of 4 1/3 to 6 in simplest form. 4 1/3 = 13/3 = 48 6 = 12/3 = 36 48/36 = 4/3 = 1 1/3

    asked by mkrugler
  9. Dr.Bob - Question

    I'm know I'm interested in the chemistry field. The problem is that I have to further narrow down my field of interest. I was curious to know what type of chemistry did you specialize in in the past. -christina

    asked by ~christina~
  10. carboxylic acid with base

    if a solution contain NaOH and K2CO3 and carboxylic acid like s-phenylalanine, the carboxylic acid will react K2Co3 to produce carboxylate salt why the carboxylic acid don't react with NaOH ? please help me thank you

    asked by samaa
  11. Accounting

    How do you determine the ending work in process inventory, in cost accounting

    asked by Fred
  12. Math (ratio)

    A total of 1200 students attend a top view high school The ratio of teachers to students is 1:30. How may teachers are there at the school? Dont want the ans just the working

    asked by Jayda
  13. accounting

    Marina Sailboats reports income before income taxes of $80,000 during 20x7. If beginning inventory was overstated by $7,000 and ending inventory was understated by $8,000, calculate corrected income before income taxes for the year. (Show your work.)

    asked by James
  14. passing on species

    I have to write an essay. I need some suggests as to where to start or some ideas as to what to write about. The topic is: One main biological objective for any living organism is to continue its species by reproducing and passing along genetic info.

    asked by Liz
  15. math

    Ok Sue i have a it now and i made a note of it so it can help me with others in the future, thanks alot.

    asked by Jayda
  16. Math (bobpursely)

    Given that a*b = ab-b/a Evalute 1)-3+-4*8 is it 32-8/4=6? 2)2*(4*8) is the ans 64? it means ab minus B divided by A

    asked by Kirk
  17. computers

    I'm making a fact sheet and i'm using word 2007 how do i create a heading format after making a top and bottom heading border i can't move the insertion point from the border.

    asked by malone
  18. 11th English literature

    A letter was left off in my previous question, changing the meaning. What is the TONE of ee cummings Anyone lived in a pretty how town and Old age sticks? Examples from poems?

    asked by Laura
  19. Global Business

    I need to prepare a financial overview of my global venture and include a chart that represents the exchange risk for my global operation I'm sort of lost regarding how to start this and what the chart should look like. Can you provide me with some

    asked by kay
  20. Biology

    How does the skin or the integumentary system support reproduction and passing along genes?

    asked by Liz
  21. Statistics

    If a Pearson r is 0.14 between two tests, what is the correlation between the two?

    asked by Lynn
  22. english

    how to write instructions for turning someone into a toad

    asked by tan
  23. English

    1. How much time do you spend in playing games? 2. How much time do you spend on playing games? 3. How much time do you spend on games? 4. How much time do you spend in games? (It is about the use of prepositions. Which preposition should I use? Which

    asked by John
  24. Algebra

    Please Solve: 4-x=-5 I thought the answer was -9 but that doesn't seem to be it. Can someone please help? Thanks! This is what I have: 6. 4-x=-5 The problem to solve is: 4-x=-5 Subtract 4 from both sides x = -9 Then divie by -1 Would the answer be 9? To

    asked by Angie
  25. math

    solve the system of equations for all variables using a matrix x-y-z=1 2x+3y+z=10 x+y-2z=0 can not have fraction

    asked by crystal
  26. Math (Reimy)

    Ok Reimy the question came with the ans x=3 then y=2.2, i made t he mistake and put it to two decimal places not realising tehy sequence is one, i will try to be more careful in the future. How did you come up with 20.25 to divide by 20?

    asked by Keira
  27. For Reimy

    Math (Reimy) - Reiny, Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 4:46pm You are welcome Just as an afterthought... There is also a set of numbers called the pyramidal numbers, they are ... 1 4 10 20 .... Can you figure out the pattern? (Let their name be a hint.)

    asked by Keira
  28. English

    I come from Germany so my English is not the best... I would be really happy, if someone could read and correct this text about private schools.. it's urgend In general I think a private school isn’t a good idea and I really want to query whether the

    asked by Tina
  29. math

    what is the difference between ( and [ in context to solving algebric equation?

    asked by Ted Mosbi
  30. English

    The sentences in each word group below are coherent because they are linked by repetition of the same word, by synonyms and by pronouns. Type the words that tie the sentences together in each group. Each day Gina stuck to her routine. She rose at six

    asked by Lynn
  31. Math

    Use the first five terms of the trigonometric series to find the value of sin pi/12 to four decimal places. a. 0.2618 b. 0.2588 c. 0.7071 d. 0.2648 I got B, is this right?

    asked by Sophie
  32. math (sue)

    can you do one for me as an example pls sue and i can take it from there

    asked by Jayda
  33. Math

    No i cant figure out the pattern that you sent me, also i wanted to know instead of me drawing billiard balls, is there ans easier way for me to figure out the pattern, cause i have to skip 8 and jump straight to 20,so how do i get there without drawing

    asked by Keira (for Reimy)
  34. math

    I need someone to review this and see if it is correct please 1. Suppose you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing community under construction in a different city. a) The sales representative informs you that there are two

    asked by jason
  35. math

    Write 116 2/3% as a fraction or a mixed number. Can I get guidance on the above problem? ty :)

    asked by mkrugler
  36. biology

    How does the circulatory system and the lymphatic system support reproduction and passing along genetics?

    asked by Liz
  37. unknown

    I would like some info on werewolves. I have searched many websites. All I'm looking for is to learn more about them.

    asked by Logan
  38. biology

    how does the urinary system support reproduction and passing on genetics?

    asked by Liz
  39. Science

    What are some of the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteins provide when included in a balanced diet?

    asked by Wandy Hernandez
  40. Gen/200

    How does individual diversity and conflict management relate to teamwork?

    asked by Keysha
  41. Math

    complete the the table below for the !@#$%^&ntion y=20/x^2 for 2< or equal to x < or equal to 7. x 2 3 4 5 6 7 y ? 2.2 1.3 ? 0.6 ? When x=2, then y=4 When x =5, y =0.8 When x=7, then y=0.41 is this correct? The value of y when x=4.5, is the ans=4.4? And

    asked by Keira
  42. mathematics

    How do i caluclate the roots of the equation for: x^2-3x-12=0 (x^2-4)=0 (x+3)=0 x^2=4 x+3+0 x=4 x=-3 Am i on the right path or just way off??

    asked by Mary
  43. math

    How would you teach a second grader how to tell time?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    Ok i may be dense but i don't ge tthe formula cause when i work out 3 } ã(9-4(1)(-12))/2 I get 60 not 57, and i don't understand how you got 9 or 4 either

    asked by Mary
  45. maths

    Given that a*b = ab-b/a Evalute 1)-3+-4*8 is it 32-8/4=6? 2)2*(4*8) is the ans 64?

    asked by Kirk
  46. service marketing you have service marketing by lovelock...lecture powerpoints?

    asked by cocobunniesfromhell
  47. finite math

    find he inverse of matrix A and verify A= 1 -1 2 2 -3 -5 -1 3 5

    asked by crystal
  48. math

    please guide me in writing this ratio to the simpliest form - 3 1/2 to 14

    asked by mkrugler
  49. Math

    A jar of nickels and imes contain $3.30. There are 27 more nickels than dimes. How many of each are there?

    asked by Cindy Nguyen
  50. art

    what are the best trivia related to art?

    asked by grendalyn