Questions Asked on
June 21, 2009

  1. physics

    A piano wire has length L and mass M. If its fundamental frequency is f, its tension is: i got T=(lambda*f)^2m/L, but their answer is 4LMF^2 and i cant figure out how to get that

    asked by sam
  2. math

    The HCF of two number is 145 and their LCM is 2175. If one number is 725, find the other number.

    asked by priya
  3. English

    Can you please proofread this for me. Its just a journal entry that we had to do. Thank you very much!! Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of growing up to become an elementary school teacher. Sure enough that dream still holds true today. I want to

    asked by Molly
  4. chemistry

    Long but quick chemistry lab that I need confirmation on answers? OK so I have this lab that went pretty quick and smooth and I have an online assessment that I needed to put all my figures in. I am all complete but am still having trouble with 1 problems

    asked by Capacino
  5. history

    In the early nineteenth century, Americans sought to resolve their political disputes through compromise, yet by 1860 this no longer seemed possible. Analyze the reasons for this change. we have to write a DBQ for our final in AP US history: I know im

    asked by Andre
  6. psychology

    To learn her psychology terms, Melanie just repeats the terms and rote definition over and over again. This illustrates ____ rehearsal. elaborative eidetic maintenance redintegrative

    asked by David Thomas
  7. science

    how can i concentrate more on the work than getting confused.

    asked by iormares
  8. trig

    I need to find all solutions of the given equations for the indicated interval. Round solutions to three decimal places if necessary. 1.) 3sin(x)+1=0, x within [0,2pi) 2.) 2sin(sq'd)(x)+cos(x)-1=0, x within R 3.) 4sin(sq'd)(x)-4sin(x)-1=0, x within R 4.)

    asked by Emily
  9. math

    show that any positive odd integer is of the form 6q+1, 6q+3 or 6q+5, where q is any positive integer.

    asked by priya


    asked by priya
  11. math

    make v the subject of the formulae: V=2v+3u

    asked by Nabiha
  12. Chemistry

    If you place an aqueous solutions of CuBr2 (which is then Cu(H2O)4 2+) with solid KBr added to it in a hot water bath what do you observe and why?

    asked by Sylvia
  13. U.S. History to 1865

    What are some strenghts and weaknesses of the Confederation Government? Here is what I have: Strengths: Strong Central government. Weaknesses: taxation, trade, military, foreign affairs, very difficult to amend, essentially made the United States into 13

    asked by B.B.
  14. math

    (Default risk) You buy a very risky bond that promises a 9.5% coupon and return of the $1,000 principal in 10 years. You pay only $500 for the bond. a. You receive the coupon payments for three years and the bond defaults. After liquidating the firm, the

    asked by Barbara
  15. HTT 200

    in 200 to 300 words, for which department you would rather work. Which department do you feel is the most important? „h Provide two examples of why it is important to know information about areas other than the one you have chosen.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Communications Theory

    Which of the larger 7 traditions of communication does Gerbner's work fall into?

    asked by Robert
  17. accounting

    Can somebody please explain what this is asking? I do not understand any of this. A firm utilizing LIFO inventory accounting would, in calculating gross profits, assume that : A. all sales were from beginning inventory. B. sales were from current

    asked by Angel
  18. gym

    how can i run faster a not stop every four minutes?

    asked by iormares
  19. Math

    My question is this: Is it reasonable to say that the answer for 63*11 lies between 60*10 and 65*15. To which number do you think the answer is closer? I say it is closer to 65*15 is this right?

    asked by B.B.
  20. Math

    Is 129+17*35/14 =171.50 then when I rounded it to the next whole number I got 172. Is this right?

    asked by B.B.
  21. Math

    Here is the my problem: Pam used front-end estimation and adds 345, 311, 418 as 900+(50+10+20) to get the answer 980. Pat rounds the number and adds 350+200+400 to get 950. Who has the better answer? I say Pam because she is only 6 away from the actual

    asked by B.B.
  22. chemistry

    ok heres my question, nitrogylcerin decomposes: 4c3h4(no5)3 --->12co2(g) +10h20(g)+6n2(g)+02(g) whats is the max pressure that a 10.0L container will be able to withstand if 5.00 Nitroglycerin decomposes at temp of 1250c mm of nitroglycerin =227 g/m i got

    asked by dan
  23. Literature style

    I am writing an essay on The Lottery and need to focus on style in relationship to theme. I am going to do a gender analysis. I know two styles are symbolism and imagery, because I have those accepted by my teacher. I am confused what other styles are

    asked by John
  24. Literature

    How many pages should a good memoir consist of?

    asked by Linda
  25. Math

    The fuel mileage on Ryan's car is 20 miles per gallon. After filling the tank, which has a capacity of 15 gallons, how far can he go before his car runs out of gas? I say 300 miles, is this correct?

    asked by B.B.
  26. Math

    I used front end estimation without adjustments on this problem: 73,811/462=165. Is this right, if not will you please explain what I did wrong?

    asked by B.B.
  27. Math

    I used exact calculations on this problem is this correct or should have I used estimation? This week, the Laketown Cruise Company took its boat on 19 cruises, carrying the boats full capacity of 46 guests on each cruise. If each guest paid $22 admission,

    asked by B.B.
  28. Statistics

    1. The finishing times for the population of all swimmers performing the 100-meter butterfly are normally distributed with a mean ƒÝ of 55 seconds and a standard deviation ƒã of 5 seconds. a.) The sponsors decide to give certificates to all swimmers

    asked by Chad
  29. college

    For a car dealership, what is the fixed factor of production that defines the short run. I think this is the building. Is that correct?

    asked by anonymous
  30. Statistics

    1. The finishing times for the population of all swimmers performing the 100-meter butterfly are normally distributed with a mean ƒÝ of 55 seconds and a standard deviation ƒã of 5 seconds. a.) The sponsors decide to give certificates to all swimmers

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Sci 230

    The biological interrelationship among the life forms in the Galapagos Islands?

    asked by sTARIA
  32. math

    write the prime factorization of 51,051.

    asked by jessica
  33. elementry math

    Show that 1,078 and 3,315 are relatively prime

    asked by chandice
  34. elementry math

    When finding the factors of 841, what is the largest factor you would have to test? What theorem supports this?

    asked by chandice
  35. college

    The economic system of state support of manufacturing and trade, with an emphasis on domestic production for export trade, is known as

    asked by staci
  36. Half-Life

    Can someone please show me a detailed solution to this problem? Thanks. In a first order decompostion reaction, 42.6% of a compound decomposes in 18.5 minutes. How long, in minutes, will it take for only 25.0% of the compound to remain? The answer is: 46.2

    asked by Critical
  37. Math

    Suppose that the weight of tomato juice in mechanically filled cans follows a normal distribution with a mean ƒÝ of 464 grams and a standard deviation ƒã of 8 grams. What proportion of cans contain between 454 and 474 grams of tomato juice?

    asked by Chad
  38. helth

    finding wat the wic program gets their funding.

    asked by Fay
  39. music

    what can i do to blow better on my flute?

    asked by iormares
  40. reading

    i srugle sometimes when i read a easy sentence,but do better when i read in my head. what should i do?

    asked by iormares
  41. Team building and conflict resolution

    You are mentoring a person in another department. This person comes to you and explains that the group she is working with is arguing over procedures employed to accomplish a project. Additionally, the group members do not seem to have much respect for the

    asked by Rene
  42. chemistry

    what are some source errors in my experiment? determine absolute zero. We attached a capillary to a ruler with a thermometer. placed it in water and heated. I recorded and my partner did the readings. source errors: -partner didn't stir the water before he

    asked by dan
  43. Marketing

    Does penetration pricing allow the company to break even through volume or large margin?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. computer

    how can i make a email adress?

    asked by iormares
  45. math

    oh, please help me post a linear programming questiion with solution(graphical)please i need it nao..and i cant find it on the internet thx

    asked by hello
  46. Math

    What is the probability that a random sample of 25 swimmers results in a sample mean of 49 seconds or less?

    asked by Nick
  47. Communications Theory

    Can you give an example of "framing" from the present week's news? What words or images are used to "set" the frame?

    asked by Jamie
  48. history

    What was the role of the Mayflower Compact in creating the New Plymouth society?

    asked by bob
  49. finance

    growth rates

    asked by Heidi
  50. Finance questions

    1) growth rates The stock price of the company is $76 investors require a 14% rate of return on similar stocks If the company plans to pay a dividend of $5.00 next year the expected growth rate of the company's stock price is ______ percent 2) non constant

    asked by Heidi
  51. arithmetic

    How do you find the sum number of an arithmetic sequence? I forgot and my textbook does not explain it well.

    asked by Daniel
  52. college math

    I'm getting ready to take an exam and I have a really hard time with application problems. Is there a way to study for them? thanks

    asked by jill
  53. Statistics

    What is the difference between "resistant to outliers" and "sensitive to outliers"? I can't seem to find these definitions anywhere. Thanks.

    asked by Amy
  54. HSM 270

    What kind of human service program would be appropriate for a domestic violence agency? (The name has to be made up) I have ran out of ideas for this part so if anyone could help me by giving me some ideas that would be fantastic! Thank you ahead of time!

    asked by Anonymous
  55. U S History

    How did human history in North America, from 1500 B.C. to 1500 A.D., differ from the events of Asia, Eurasia, and Europe on humanity during the same period?

    asked by Bradley
  56. IT/Proj Mgmt

    Innovative Systems is ready to get started using the PMI standard. BPP is advising IS on a new project bid. The project involves setting up an automated tracking system for a library. Radio frequency (RF) tags would be attached to each book, and a

    asked by davis
  57. algebra

    solve 14-3x=negative22+6x

    asked by harly
  58. math

    Shella practiced 1-1/2 hours Monday, 3-3/4 hours Tuesday, and 2-1/2 hours Wednesday. What is the total number of hours that she practiced?

    asked by Sandy
  59. math

    Rochelle purchased an appliance that cost $815.56 with interest included. She paid $250 as a down payment and agreed to pay the remainder in 18 monthly payments. What amount will she be paying per month?

    asked by Sandy
  60. math

    Write the following as a common fraction or mixed number. Write your answer in lowest terms. 0.44

    asked by Sandy
  61. math

    Write the following as a common fraction or mixed number. 5.679

    asked by Sandy
  62. math

    Eduando owned 6/7 of a family business. he sold 1/5 of the business to his son. What portion of the business does he still own?

    asked by Sandy
  63. computer

    Describe one technological device in 350 to 700 words. Include the following: When did it come (or will it potentially come) into existence? What scientific or technological reasoning explains how this potential has been (or can be) be reached?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    show that any positive integer is of the form 4q, 4q+2, where q is any positive integer.

    asked by priya